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Creating Measurable IEP Goals for ADHD Students
If you are developing ADHD IEP goals for special needs students you must also provide ways to measure the success of those goals—Learn where to start.

Characteristics of Deafness and Hard of Hearing
Recognizing the characteristics of deafness and hard of hearing disabilities in students can be difficult—Learn some of the signs and how you can help

Classroom Management Strategies
The items in this category describe successful strategies to help with effective classroom management. Using them will improve instructional time, increase on task behavior and minimize difficult or disruptive behaviors.

More Uses for Clothespins in Your Special Education Program
Clothespins can be useful for administrative tasks such as taking attendance and collecting homework, as we can see in this example.

Create a Warm and Non-Threatening Classroom Environment
Wondering how you can create a welcoming, non-threatening classroom environment for your students everyday? Here are 10 easy ways you can start today!

Special Education Terminology: Not Just Modifications
Special Education Modifications, Accommodations and Strategies are terms to get familiar with — especially when it comes to IEP and program delivery.

Letter Reversals: Is It a Sign of a Dyslexic Child?
Letter reversals by kids often have parents and teachers wondering if it is a sign of dyslexia or learning disability — Find what the research says.

Counting Mats to Teach Division to Students with Diasabilities
Division mats are excellent tools for building understanding of division, a difficult operation for children with disabilities to understand.

FBA -- Analyzing Your Data and Information
The Functional Behavior Analysis ends by analyzing the data and deciding what reinforces the problem behavior, so you can chose a replacement behavior.

How to Assess reading and use Running Records
Running records. Assessing reading with running records. Running record samples. Running record worksheets.

Reading 101 for Special Education
Reading 101 focuses on component skills in reading such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, decoding skills, fluency, word recognition and finally the many skills needed for comprehension, including identifying types of writing for reading, sequencing, recall, drawing inferences and identifying literary elements.

Reading Disability Check List for Parents
This checklist of reading behaviors helps parents identify their children's reading strengths or reading needs, in order to seek special education services.

Social Skills Lessons. free resources. Behavior resources
Social Skills lessons and strategies.

Social Skills Lesson Plan - What is a Friend?
This lesson plan launches a unit on friendship with reading from Friendship According to Humphrey. Using a student friendly story engages students.

Free Lesson Plans for Special Education
Free Lesson Plans-L. Special Education.

Recruiters from Districts and States Around the Country are Looking for a Few Good Men and Women to Teach Special Education
Recruiters from around the country were looking to meet potential employees. Page 7.

Assistant Education Commissioner Joseph Fisher of the Tennessee Department of Education at the 2010 CEC Convention in Nashville.
Tennessee Assistant Commissioner of Education for Special Education Joseph Fisher stops to say hello at the 2010 National Convention of the Council on Exceptional Children. Page 6.

Assistant Commissioner of Education Joseph Fisher, directs the special education offices of the Tennessee Department of Education.
Assistant Commissioner of Education Joseph Fisher stops to say hello and share Tennessee's need for special education teacher.

Dr. Margaret McLaughlin, recipient of the CEC Outstanding Leadership Award, talks to admirers.
Dr. Margaret McLaughlin, recipient of the CEC Outstanding Leadership Award, talks to admirers. Page 4.

Students from North Eastern Illinois University at the 2010 National Convention of the Council on Exceptional Children
A group of students from North Eastern Illinois University in Chicago stop to say hi after the first day of the convention of the Council on Exceptional Children in Nashville, April 2010. Page 5.

Winona State University Students from Minnesota Stop to Say Hi to Jacqueline Mault, CEC president.
A student group from Winona State University in Minnesota stop for a picture with CEC president Jacqueline Mault at the 2010 National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin board ideas that support instruction and create a learning environment

Shoebox Centers
Centers that fit in a shoebox. Special Education.

Worksheets for Back to School. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas
Back to School worksheets. Free worksheets. Mother's Day Worksheets, Father's Day Worksheets, Theme Worksheeets.

Inclusion to Engage Students with Disabilities in General Education
Inclusion covers resources that help general education and special education teachers work together to provide instruction across abilities and disabilities, foster positive learning environments and generally support the success of children, both typical children and children with special education challenges.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Information for professionals dealing with autism spectrum disorders, including diagnosis, treatment, applied behavior analysis, social skills instruction, language development, supporting speech and language development and other topics of interest to the professional.

Art Projects for Fine Motor Skills and Following Directions
Art projects provide fun ways for students to develop fine motor skills and create a product they can proudly take home to Mom. Even Teens enjoy them,

Games Students with Disabilities Play
Games are a great way to provide students with practice in math skills, reading skills and social skills while engaging them in a fun activity.

Mothers Day Activities for Students with Disabilities
Mothers Day projects motivate students with disabilities to use fine motor, writing and direction skills in order to create something for Mom.

Special Education
Special Education.

Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration in the Special Education Classroom
Celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday becomes an occasion to have fun, follow directions, build word families and enjoy some word fun.

10 Tips to Support Children with Language Processing Delays
Learn what language processing delays are and how to support the children who have them with this list of ten strategies.

Verbal Behavior Analysis Help Children With Language Deficits
VBA or Verbal Behavior Analysis, is an intervention for children with language deficits based on the work B.F.Skinner, in his book Verbal Behavior.

How to teach the letter K. The letter k worksheets
How to teach the letter k the letter k worksheets

Free Phonics Worksheets: The Letter K
Free Phonics Workseets, the letter K

Worksheets and Activities for the Letter K
The letter k worksheets and phonics activities.

The Letter K worksheets
The letter k phonics worksheet. Special Education.

The Letter K Picture Match
The letter K picture and word match.

The Letter T worksheets
The letter T phonics worksheet. Special Education.

The Letter T Picture Match
The letter T picture and word match.

Free Phonics Worksheets - The Letter T
The Letter T free phonics worksheets

How to teach the letter T The letter t worksheets
The letter t worksheets and how to teach the letter t

Letter T Worksheets and Activities
The letter T worksheets and phonics activities.

Grammar worksheets
Editing worksheets and printables.

A Free Printable Puzzle of an Inner Tuber
Simple cutting puzzles give students and opportunity to building cutting and fine motor skills while teaching them to use their visual senses to assemble the puzzle.

Editing worksheets. Daily edit worksheets
Learn how to edit with these daily edit worksheets. Grammar worksheets.

Grammar worksheet
Grammar worksheets to learn to edit. Daily edit worksheets.

Grammar Worksheets
Editing and grammar worksheets. Special Education.

A Summer Puzzle of a Sandcastle
Simple cutting puzzles give students and opportunity to building cutting and fine motor skills while teaching them to use their visual senses to assemble the puzzle.

Grammar worksheets
Daily edit worksheets. Special Education.

Primary Math Skills for Special Education
Mathematic skills for primary students and low functioning children with disabilities focus on counting, number sense, one to one correspondence, and the operations of addition and subtraction.

A Simple Cutting Puzzle of a Sailboat
Simple cutting puzzles give students and opportunity to building cutting and fine motor skills while teaching them to use their visual senses to assemble the puzzle.

Spelling and writing activities
Spelling and writing activities. How to teach spelling.

Special Education Acronyms and Glossary. Special Ed acronyms.
Special Education Acronyms. Special education glossary. Special ed acronyms.

Back to School Management Resources
These back to school resources will help a special educator or full inclusion teacher/partner prepare to have a productive, smooth running classroom.

ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis is the only research based educational strategy recommended by the centers for disease control.

The Big Snow
Special Education.

Choose Your Book
Choosing picture books with strong language and repetitive patterns strengthen your students language development.

Deciding How Your Students Will Participate
Choosing the method to have your students will participate will depend on your students' strengths and needs.

A Christmas Story from Uganda--An African Celebration of a Favorite Holiday
Sekukkulu, or Christmas, is celebrated in Uganda by dressing up, worshiping at church, and feasting on traditional banana and chicken meals, created with love and celebrated for days.

Spring - a Unit in Science and Literature for a Self Contained Program
The Spring Unit is designed to help students in self contained classrooms to build vocabulary, teach about the change of seasons and their relationship to the solar system, and natural changes that follow each season.

Place Value and Decimals
Using the free printable template for place value gives students practice in reading, writing and reciting multiple digit numbers with decimals.

Intraverbals - Verbal Behavior for Social Interaction
Intraverbals -- the final or crowning use of language in Verbal Behavioral Analysis, intraverbals are those interchanges that involve talking about something not present.

Procedural Safeguards -- The Notice of Procedural Safeguards Informs Parents of Their Rights
Procedural Safeguards describe the process for special education students and their parents as well as their rights in the process, and must be given to every parent every year.

Social Skills Lesson Plan: The Movie How To Eat Fried Worms
This lesson plan uses the movie

Attention and Attending is the First Preacademic Skill
Attending, or sitting in instructional settings and paying attention to the teacher, is a skill that young children with disabilities often need to be taught.

Fine Motor Skills for Special Education Early Intervention
Fine motor skills, the ability to manipulate a pencil, scissors or other tools, are critical to develop in young children for school success.

Happy Stakeholders in Special Education
Stakeholders are those with something at stake in the success of a special education student and program, which include parents, children, general education teachers and administrators.

Cartoon Strip Social Interactions
Cartoon strip social interactions are cartoon strips that visually support students as they learn to interact in socially appropriate ways.

How to Play Baseball - a Social Skills Lesson Plan
A Lesson on How to Play Baseball as part of a social skills unit to support appropriate social interactions.

A Level System Supports Positive Behavior
A weekly level system for behavior management provides an age appropriate instrument to help middle high school students monitor their behavior.

Behavior Management versus Classroom Management
behavior management classroom special education discipline positive reinforcement structure seating environment

Summer - a Science and Literature Unit
The Summer Unit is part of a four part

Christmas Writing Worksheets (Print PDF and See All Worksheets Below)
Acrostic poem worksheets for christmas. Writing worksheet.

Christmas Writing Printables to Format Christmas Writing
These writing templates will help your students start their writing in an enthusiastic way that will draw on their highest skill level. We include some writing prompts to help!

Christmas writing worksheet. Candy Cane Acrostic Poem.
Acrostic poem worksheets for christmas. Writing worksheet.

Christmas Writing Worksheet (Print PDF and See All Worksheets Below)
Acrostic poem worksheets for christmas. Writing worksheet.

Christmas writing worksheet (Print PDF and See All Worksheets Below)
Acrostic poem worksheets for christmas. Writing worksheet.

Christmas Writing Journal (Print PDF and See All Worksheets Below)
Christmas writing worksheets. Special Education.

A Printable Edit Mark Table
A Edit Marks Table that teaches students how to use editing marks as they self correct or edit peers work.

Wrap Back Board with Felt or Tempo Loop
Mounting the fabric to which your Velcro will attach and remounting the board.will prepare your story board for use to support instruction.

Use the Finished Board
The now portable story board, with a gold frame and some pizzaz, can be used on an easel or on the chalk ledge of your whiteboard.

Christmas Writing Worksheet (Print PDF and See All Worksheets Below)
Acrostic poem worksheets for christmas. Writing worksheet.

Find a Frame
Finding an old picture frame and re-purposing it to support instruction.

A Seating Plan for Individualized Instruction
A resource room or a self contained classroom where most instruction is individual needs to create spaces for three or four different kinds of activities: Whole group, individual instruction, independent work and perhaps learning centers. It needs to create space for small group instruction as well room for teacher’s aides to sit near individual students to provide support.

A Floor Plan for a Self Contained Classroom
A resource room or a self contained classroom where most instruction is individual needs to create spaces for three or four different kinds of activities: Whole group, individual instruction, independent work and perhaps learning centers. It needs to create space for small group instruction as well room for teacher’s aides to sit near individual students to provide support.

Positive Behavior Support: Plan to Avoid Negatives
There are multiple forms of positive behavior support that will create a positive learning environment and minimize the need for discipline.

George Washington's Three Cornered Hat
Dot to dots of George Washington to support counting and skip counting.

Abraham Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat
A dot to dot of Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat to support skip counting from 1 to ten and ten to 100 by tens.

Counting and Cardinality Resources
Resources to support counting practice

Valentines Art Lesson Plan
This page provides the templates for the art project written by Stephanie Geider.

The Heart Shape
The template for the heart. Special Education.

The Leaf Template
The leaf template for the differentiated art project for Valentines Day from Stephanie Geider.

Multi-Sensory Instruction in Math for Special Education
Here is where to find a variety of multi-sensory approaches to instruction in math for students who struggle to build a strong foundation for math.

Monster Math -- Multiplication and Division Word Problems
Monster Math worksheets provide fun but structured practice in solving word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

More Monster Math for Multiplication and Division Word Problems
Monster Math worksheets provide fun but structured practice in solving word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Pick a Pumpkin Cutting Activity
A free printable for a Jack-O-Lantern Cutting Activity

Cutting Jack-o-lanterns on a Wall
A cutting activity for Halloween.

Monster Math -- More Halloween Word Problems
Monster Math worksheets provide fun but structured practice in solving word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Monster Math Word Problems - Free PDFs for Halloween
Monster Math worksheets provide fun but structured practice in solving word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Jingle Math Uses Christmas Themes to Teach Problem Solving
Jingle math uses Christmas Counters to help students build problem solving skills.

Christmas Presents for Jingle Math
Christmas Presents for Jingle Math

Christmas Elves for Jingle Math
Visuals and math

Candy Canes for Jingle Math
Candy Cane for Jingle Math. Special Education.

Christmas Stockings for Jingle Math
Christmas Stockings for Jingle Math

Resources and Activities for Easter
Crafts, dot to dots, lesson plans and other resources for the Easter season.

Halloween Resources for Special Education and Inclusion Classes
Halloween resources for teachers in special education and full inclusion classes are pulled together here to make your holiday planning easy.

Dot Art for Valentines Day
Bingo dot art for Valentines Day supports students hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Valentine's Day Resources for Special Educators
Resources for Valentines Day, activities, lesson plans and worksheets.

A Cutting and Coloring Easter Bunny Activity
Free printable worksheets for a cutting activity of an Easter Bunny.

Third Grade Dolch High Frequency Cloze Activity Sheets
Cloze Activities for Dolch high frequency third grade words.

Free Printable Worksheets for Dolch High Frequency Words
Dolch High Frequency Word cloze activities across all grade levels.

Special Education
Special Education.

A Simple Christmas Board Game
This Christmas game is a platform for helping students build math and social skills. I offer suggestions for aligning the game to math and social skills.

A Social Skills Game for Making Requests
A social skills game making requests.

The Sandlot and Problem Solving
A lesson plan using the movie

Self Monitoring Behavior Checklists
Behavior Self Monitoring Checklists, Behavior Worksheets

Making Requests Cartoon Strips Help Students Learn Social Interactions
Comic Strip Interactions help students learn to make social exchanges.

The Sandlot - Making Friends, a Social Skills Lesson
A lesson plan to practice initiation, discuss friendship and the personal qualities of character that we can emulate.

The Sandlot and Growing Up
A lesson plan that uses the movie

Social Skills for Special Education Students
Resources for Social Skills Training including book reviews, curriculum reviews, a unit plan on friendship,

A Social Skills Unit on Friends -- Helping Students with Social Skills Deficits Build Relationships
This Social Skills Unit identifies skills to build relationships between children with social deficits and typically developing peers.

Create Tools to Take With You
A toolkit of free printable resources that can be used by a substitute teacher

An Award for Good Students
A blank award form makes it possible to recognize good behavior.

A Half Sheet Record Sheet for Student Work
This simple form can be run in the morning and used to record student assignments.

A Structured Substitute Report
A substitute teachers report supports success in a classroom.

Behavior Contracts and Management Documents
Free printables for behavior contracts and behavior monitoring tools.

Behavior and Classroom Management
Behavior and classroom management are two challenges any teacher must overcome in order to help students be successful. These resources offer lots of information for the special educator.

Free Worksheet Activities for the Letter A
Free activity worksheets for the letter A.

Tools For Applied Behavior Analysis
Resources, including definitions, are gathered together to make them easily accessible to teachers. From definitions of ABA, reinforcement, discrete trial training to forms for collecting data are gathered together in one spot. There are free printable forms for gathering data for frequency, duration and trial by trial record keeping.

The Four Seasons - A Science, Literature and Social Studies Unit
These the Four Seasons Unit includes stories, activities and free printable resources you can use in your self contained program.

A Halloween Cat Dot to Dot Supports Counting to Twenty
A free printable pdf of a dot to dot of a Halloween cat.

A Witch Dot-to-Dot for Counting to Ten
Free printable dot to dot of a witch for Halloween

A Dot to Dot of a Ghost that Goes to Ten
A dot to dot of a Ghost from one to ten.

A Jack-o-Lantern Dot to Dot to Ten
A dot to dot to ten of a Jack-O-Lantern

An Elementary Home Note for Behavior Monitoring
A home note program that gives parents a daily read on students' behavior and performance can help keep communications between school and home open.

A Home Note for Secondary Students
A home note program for secondary student is a vital part of a behavior contract.

Hundred Charts Teach Skip Counting and Place Value
A paper hundreds chart you can reproduce offers students lots of ways to learn number theory, skip counting and place value.

A Hundred Chart for Skip Counting by Five
A hundred chart with blank spaces for the fives, to help support skip counting by fives.

A Hundred Chart for Counting by Tens
A hundred chart with blanks for the tens helps students practice by tens.

Symmetrical Graphing Puzzles Introduce Graphing Ordered Pairs
Ordered pair puzzles can help your students practice identifying x y coordinates and have fun.

An Ordered Pair Puzzle of a Rocket
An ordered pair puzzle of a rocket

An Ordered Pair Symmetrical Puzzle of a Tree.
A simple symmetrical puzzle of ordered pairs

A Color Classroom Behavior Chart Using Clothespins
A behavior management tool that supports students across abilities.

Decide on How the Board Will Be Used
How you plan to use the token board will influence it's design.

Choose Your Token Image
Choose an image that will motivate your student to do the best possible work possible.

Print, Laminate and Mount your Tokens and Token Board
Print, laminate and mount the tokens on the token board and prepare to reinforce appropriate or acceptable performance.

A "Cutting Windsock' to Support Fine Motor Skills
A free pdf cutting worksheet for your early intervention or primary program.

A Fourth of July Fireworks Cutting Puzzle
A cutting puzzle in which a girl and her dog enjoy the fourth of July fireworks

A Fife Player for the Fourth of July Cutting Puzzle
A cutting puzzle of a fife player for the Fourth of July.

A Preschool Cutting Project that Creates a Picnic Plate
A cutting project where students choose picnic food, color it, cut it out and paste it on a paper worksheet

An Easy Chicken Dot to Dot
This easy chicken dot to dot, counting by ones to ten or tens to 100, provides counting practice.

A Calf Dot to Dot for Counting by Ones and Tens
A dot to dot of a calf for counting practice by one and tens.

A Gosling Dot to Dot for Counting
A dot to dot of a gosling for counting and skip counting practice.

Easy Cow Dot to Dots
Dot to dots of a cow, counting by one to ten and by tens to one hundred.

Easy Sheep Dot to Dots
An easy dot to dots of a sheep in two formats for students with emerging math skills.

Easy Dot to Dots of a Pig
An easy dot to dot of a pig, counting by ones to ten and tens to one hundred.

A Duckling Dot to Dot for Skip Counting
A duckling dot to dot counting by ones and tens.

A Pig Dot to Dot for Counting by Ones and Tens
A dot to dot of a piglet for skip counting to ten.

Cutting Activities to Support Fine Motor Skills
Cutting is an invaluable

A Pirate Ship Dot to Dot
Dot-to-dots for skip counting by 2's and 5's

A Pirate Hat Dot to Dot to Support Skip Counting
A pirate dot to dot that supports skip counting.

A Jolly Rogers Dot to Dot
A dot to dot of a pirate flag for 2's and 5's skip counting.

A Dot to Dot of a Mystery Animal in a Bush
A dot to dot that reveals a bear in the bush.

A Dot to Dot of a Tent
A dot to dot of a girl in a tent.

A Dot to Dot of an "Old Boot"
Dot to dots of an old boot for a camping unit

A Dot to Dot of a Campfire
A dot to dot of a campfire. Special Education.

Make the Hat Wearable
Adding elastic or doubling the hat and stapling, will make the hat wearable.

Add a Feather to Finish Your Hat
The finished Hat includes a feather.

Stencil or Cut and Add the Jolly Rogers.
Stencil the Jolly Rogers. Special Education.

Trace and Cut the Foam or Paper
The students will trace and cut the pattern from the foam or construction paper.

Create Your Pirate Hat Template
Use the pdf provided to create a cardboard template.

Trace and Cut the Hat
Tracing the pattern and cutting the black foam or paper.

Text Mapping to Build Skills for Understanding Text
Text mapping is a strategy to help students understand the format of text, while at the same time getting information and understanding the author's intent.

Decide on the Text Elements that You Will Include
Deciding the focus of your instruction helps decide on which text features to have your students map.

Model and Put your Students to Work
Model how to create the text map before your put your students to work.

ABA - Teaching Verbs to Children with Autism
Using pictures and starting with receptive discrete trials, your can build speaking and writing skills for children with late language development.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education from About.com
Special education terminology, careers, strategies and free printable materials make teaching students with disabilities easier. Find ways to support students with special education services in pre-academic, behavior, math and language arts here.

Beyond Behavior Management - A Classroom Culture
Creating a classroom culture goes beyond classroom management, to think about ways to create creative, productive students who are self directed.

Positive Behavior Support
Positive Behavior Support can eliminate the need for

Jobs in Teaching Special Education
Special Education teaching jobs require certification, which may require a special bachelors or masters degree. Some states offer emergency certification.

Goal Setting Worksheets (Printable) for Teachers
This straight forward goal setting worksheet is accompanied by guidelines for writing and understanding goal setting.

A Graphic Organizer for Setting Goals
A goal setting worksheet in the form of a graphic organizer that will help students understand and remember the steps for meeting goals.

Framing Goals for Classroom Success
This structured goal setting worksheet has a spot for one academic and one behavioral goal.

TSS -- Therapeutic Support Staff or One to One Aide
A TSS or Therapeutic Support Staff, is one of several jobs in special education that does not require a college degree. A TSS is also a one to one aide.

The 44 Phonemic Sounds in English for Spelling
This article lays out the 44 phonemes (word sounds) and their various spellings to help you support decoding and spelling skills.

Including Gifted Students in a General Education Classroom
Gifted students offer challenges to general education teachers that can be met with flexibility and challenging them to use skills in new and unique ways.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Behavior and Classroom Management
Classroom management and discipline. Behavior modification. Classroom rules and routines. Behavior interventions.

Special Education For Early Intervention - Preschool Students
Resources and information for the professional working with preschool early intervention programs including lesson plans, free printables, cutting and fine motor activities and themes for programming.

Secondary Special Education Resources
Resources for special educators working in secondary settings, such as middle school and high schools.

Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
Tips for to help classroom teachers understand the challenging behaviors presented by some children in Special Education in positive and proactive ways.

The Function and Meaning of Behavior
The function of a behavior is critical for understanding how the behavior is being reinforced. It also provides a means to replace the behavior.

Back to School Resources
A complete back to school toolkit including seating charts, rules, routines, and other strategies for a successful year in your classroom.

Special Ed Glossary Special Meanings for Special Education
This glossary provides the special education specific meanings for Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, antecedent, adaptation, modification,and much more.

Replacement Behavior - Approaches to Problem Behaviors
A replacement behavior is the behavior which will replace the target, or problem behavior, and will have a similar consequence or reinforcer.

Align - a Verb Used to Describe Relationships

Helping Children Who Are Chronic Liars Learn to Tell the Truth
Strategies for students with chronic lying problems, either as part of their disability (Emotionally and Behaviorally Disabled) or an acquired problem.

Response Cost in Behavior Management
Response cost, the removal of reinforcement for infractions of school rules, can be an effective tool to reduce undesirable behaviors of some students.

Reading and Writing Strategies for Students with Disabilities
Reading and literacy interventions for language delayed students. How to teach reading.

Rhyming words, word families, word walls, worksheets
Rhyming words, word families, sight words, worksheets and word wall resources. Dolch sight words to improve reading strategies.

Handling Difficult Behaviors in Children
Some advice for dealing with difficult behavior from former Expert, Sue Watson, that helps maintain perspective as you employ behavior interventions.

Common Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia
Students with dyslexia may require accommodations in the classroom to help them succeed. This checklist can help teachers and parents target accommodations.

Behavior contracts, behavior modification strategies
Behavior contracts. Behavior modification. Helping students with behavior and emotional disabilities.

The Special Education Resource Room
The resource room is not a place so much as an approach, removing a child for periods of instruction individually or in small groups to focus attention.

Mild Intellectual Disability, MID/ Mild Mental Retardation
Mild Intellectual or Cognitive Disabilities has replaced the designation formerly Mild Mental Retardation, and is found in children with IQ's of 50 to 70.

Learning disabled checklists
Checklists for the classroom. Learning disabled checklists. Special educatioon checklists

Special Education Resources
Special Education Resources for special education teachers, such as curriculum, materials and other resources that help teachers support student success.

Classroom Strategies For Special Education
These many strategies provide support for students with IEP's in self contained, resource and inclusion classrooms to support appropriate function.

Creating Behavior Goals for Early Intervention Programs
Early intervention behavior goals explicitly names the replacement behavior, setting goals to reduce the target behavior and increasing the new behavior.

Classroom Essentials for the New Special Educator
First time teachers need to spend some time creating the environment, the structure and the strategies that will build classroom success.

Classroom Management Routines for Special Education
Establishing and teaching routines is an effective way to begin the school year, to effectively structure the school day and create an orderly environment for teaching and learning.

Routines - Effective Classroom Management
Routines are essential for a well run, well organized classroom. Teaching those routines helps your students use their and your time wisely.

Dyslexia for Special Educators
Articles in this category help unlock the cluster of challenges faced with people struggling with dyslexia, difficulty with using text in everyday life, both reading and writing.

Text Features to Navigate - Table of Contents, Glossary and Index
The table of contents, the index and the glossary are text features that help students navigate a text, predict the content and better understand it.

Text Features in Non-Fiction Informational Texts
Text features help students understand non fiction informational texts.

Reading Interventions
Reading interventions. Helping reluctant readers. How to teach reading.

Reading Checklists
Reading checklists. Reading checklists help to determine if your child is at risk of having a reading disability or dyslexia.

Photographs and Illustrations to Support Reading Comprehension
Helping students understand how pictures and illustrations provide insights into the content of texts helps struggling readers to master content.

Using Titles and Subtitles to Support Comprehension
Titles and subtitles are text features authors use to structure the content of non-fiction. Learning to use them is the foundation of good comprehension.

Predictions to Support Reading Comprehension
Students with dyslexia frequently have trouble making predictions which increase reading comprehension and retention of details.

Cognitive or Intellectual Disabilities

Down Syndrome Characteristics
Down Syndrome, once known as Mongolism, is the result of a chromosomal aberration that impacts physical conformation, muscle tone and cognitive ability.

Improving Student Behavior With Behavior Contracts
A behavior contract is a useful tool for focusing a child on replacing inappropriate behavior as part of a Behavior Intervention Plan.

Disabilities Identified in Special Education
Disability and disorders defined for special educators, parents and general educators, as well as strategies for supporting these students special needs.

Dyslexia - Difficulty with Print Material
Dyslexia is difficulty with reading, but manifests itself across many different skills clusters, including comprehension, memory, decoding and writing.

Learning Disabled
It would be a difficult task to find a classroom in North America that did NOT have a child with a learning disability, 10% of the general population are learning disabled. Several interesting articles with useful strategies for parents and teachers who deal with the LD child. Learning disabilities affect many areas of academic development, receptive and expressive language, language processing, immature social/emotional development. Many times the learning disable child falls through the cracks of the education system, find out how to prevent that from happening to your child and student.

Teaching the Life Skills in Special Education
Life skills are skills that will support student's independence in the community and help them find true quality of life after graduation.

Teaching a Child with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome students present one of the most common and visible forms of cognitive disability, but are pleasant and productive students with the right support.

Identify Letter Blends - Teaching Dyslexic Students
Lesson plan for children with dyslexia in early grades to teach and reinforce letter blends at the beginning of a word, which includes a bingo game.

Maintaining and Managing Important Relationships
Special education teachers do not work in a vacuum, but need to maintain and manage their relationships with parents, general education teachers, inclusion partners and administrators.

Resolving Conflict and Disagreements
Strategies are explored to resolve conflicts between important stakeholders in the special education program: parents, para-professionals and administrators.

Successful Parent Teacher Conferences for Special Education
Planning for an effective parent teacher conference is a great way to guarantee a strong collaborative relationship that will support success.

A List of Typical Special Ed. Accommodations
This list provides a plethora of ideas to help student with disabilities succeed. Many of them provide structure and organization to support success.

Physical education for Special Needs Students
Physical education and the student with disabilities: How to integrate the student into a general education physical education class to meet his/her needs.

Should You Become a Special Education Teacher
Examining your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you enjoy, will help you decide if you are suited to this fast growing job of special educator.

Dolch Sight Words for Kindergarten to Third Grade
Dolch sight words and wordwall flashcards. Use these most frequently used words to help children improve vocabulary.

Testing and Assessment in Special Education Overview
This overview briefly describes all the kinds of formal and informal assessment used with special education students for identification, assessment and evaluation.

Word Families to Support Decoding Skills in Children with Disabilities
Word families help students build word recognition and to generalize decoding skills. These free printables offer word family word cards.

ABBLS - The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills
The ABBLS is an observational inventory that assesses language and functional development in children with autism spectrum disorder and pervasive developmental disorders.

Scaffolding - A Instructional Strategy of Instructional Delivery for Special Education
Scaffolding is a term used to describe building , step by step, approximations of the skill you want a student to learn in order to achieve mastery.

Academic Life Skills - Skills that Support Success at School
Academic Life Skills are those skills that a child needs to be able to benefit from a structured education setting, even in a self contained program.

Resources to Support Emerging Language and Literacy
Young children with disabilities need lots of visual support to succeed at literacy. The articles in this category provide lots of resources, including printables, to help your students develop strong skills.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Bedtime at the Nut House - More Fun with Books
Using fun books with cadences like Bedtime at the Nut House by Eric Litwin is a great way to structure some of your group time in a self contained or primary program.

Special Education
Special Education.

Shaping - a Teaching Technique from Behaviorism
Shaping is a teaching technique developed by behaviorists in which successive approximations are accepted and reinforced until reaching skill mastery.

Shaping Behavior with Applied Behavior Analysis
Shaping is a tool used in Applied Behavior Analysis to support appropriate behaviors by successively reinforcing approximations of he desired behavior.

Task Analysis - the Foundation for Successfully Teaching Life Skills
A good task analysis is critical for teaching students with disabilities all of the steps required to complete tasks we often take for granted.

Antecedent -- a Specific Meaning for Applied Behavior Analysis
The Antecedent is the event that occurs just before a behavior. It is important for teachers and Behavior Analysts to decide if the antecedent has a causal relationship with the behavior.

IEP Behavioral Documents -- FBAs and BIP
When preparing an Individual Education Plan, you need to write and FBA (Functional Behavior Analysis) and a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) that identifies problem behaviors, their functions and the strategies you will pursue to improve behavior.

ABC - Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence
ABC, or Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence is an acronym used in Applied Behavior Analysis to help professionals focus on these important components of behavior.

Resources to Support Secondary Students With Disabilities in General Education Plans
Resources to support students with disabilities to succeed in content area general education classes.

Reading English Language Arts for Secondary Students
Resources to support disabled readers in middle and high school.

Math Resources for Secondary Students with Disabilities
Resources to support disabled readers in middle and high school.

Transition Support
Articles that help you understand how to support students with disabilities as they prepare to enter the workforce and live independently.

Behavior Contracts, Behavior Incident Reports
Behavior contracts for students with behavior disorders or disabilities. There are problem solving worksheets (

Behavior Intervention Plan - Definition
A BIP or Behavior Intervention Plan described briefly

Fine Motor Skills: Activities and Resources
Resources to build fine motor skills, including free printable worksheets.

Extended School Year Services for Special Needs
ESY, or Extended School Year, is additional instructional support for students with disabilities, required by the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

Developmental Reading: Skills for Content Reading
Developmental read is a an instructional approach that helps children with specific learning disabilities and dyslexia access content area text.

Proximity as a Means of Behavior Management
Proximity: behavior management tool. A teacher uses their presence to control behavior. By standing close by, a teacher signals a student to attend.

Differentiating Instruction
Strategies and techniques that help include a spectrum of abilities in a single classroom, from the very gifted to the most intellectually or behaviorally challenged.

Inclusion - Both Practice and Educational Philosophy
Inclusion is both an educational practice and an educational philosophy which places students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Lesson Plans for Eid al Adha--a Muslim Holiday Celebration
These lesson plans cover a week for the festival of Eid al Adha, a celebration of the obedience Abraham. It falls at the end of the Hajj or pilgrimage.

Reading Level - Special Ed Reading Benchmarks
These reading readiness checklists are designed to help special educators screen students for further evaluation through Informal Reading Inventories.

Printable Word Families for Teaching Reading
Word families and rhyming words help students with reading disabilities recognize patterns and predict word sounds for decoding.

Improving Reading Fluency Tips (For Dyslexic Students)
Strategies and tips for teachers to implement in the classroom to help students with dyslexia improve reading fluency skills.

Response Cost - Consequences in a Behavior Modification Program
Response cost is a way to apply consequences for unacceptable behavior to a reinforcement system.

Topography of Behavior - An Objective Description
Topography is the way in which behavior is described in an objective, non-emotional way in order to address challenging or inappropriate behavior.

ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (also known as No Child Left Behind) to answer problems.

Special Education Law
Articles that describe Federal Law in the United States that define the rights of special education students and their families.

Instructional Strategies and Lesson Plans
This category includes strategies for supporting instruction in special education and inclusion settings, as well as lesson plans for both inclusion and self contained programs.

R Controlled Vowel Words for Word Study
R controlled vowel worksheets. R controlled vowel word wall words. Word study for r controlled vowels

Miscue Analysis for Diagnosing Reading Skills
Miscue analysis is a diagnostic form of a running record that includes classifying the kinds of mistakes or miscues the student makes in order to provide appropriate interventions.

Word Family Ladder Games for Short A's
Word Family Ladders, like a bingo game, can give your students lots and lots of practice in listening for initial sounds and reading words.

504 Plans for Students with Dyslexia
Students with dyslexia may be eligible for accommodations in school under Section 504 which will provide support without actually having an IEP.

Alphabet and phonics worksheets
Free worksheets. Alphabet and phonics worksheets. Free.

Learning the Digraphs in Spelling and Sounds
Consonant digraphs, created when two letters make a third sound, such as ch or sh, should be taught to students both for spelling and decoding.

The Inclusive Classroom Best Supports Student Success
Inclusion is the practice of placing students with disabilities in a general education classroom as much as possible, and is considered

Reading Rubric to Help Develop Reading Skills
A Free Printable Rubric to assess a student's reading progress with attention to reading behaviors as well as reading accuracy and comprehension

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Self Care Skills - Life Skills for Independent Living
Life Skills for students with disabilities are skills that will help them live independently, and need to start with grooming, feeding and toileting.

What Belongs in an Individual Education Program?
Exceptional students require an Individualized Education Program, or IEP. If your child requires classroom accommodations, here's what you need to know.

Printable I Can Read it levelled readers
Dolch readers, free I can read it booklets to print. Help children learn to read.

Teach Reading with Free Printable "I Can Read It" Books
These two I Can Read It books provide decodable practice in two free printable pdf's that you can print and use with your students.

IEP - What Is an Individual Education Program?
The IEP or the Individual Education Plan is prescribed by the Individuals with Education Plan and lays out the way the district will provide services.

Mainstreaming for Least Restrictive Environment
Mainstreaming as the means of providing LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) has been replaced by inclusion as the preferred strategy for LRE.

ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder a Behavioral Disorder
ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a diagnosis that manifests itself in children with argumentativeness and refusal to participate.

An IEP - Definitions and Important Information
What is an IEP? A description of the IEP process, the IEP content and how an IEP is used with students with disabilities, including across settings.

9 Tips for Teaching Vocabulary to Students with Dyslexia
Students with dyslexia may have a hard time learning new words, or recognizing words already learned in print. Teachers can help increase vocabulary skills through multisensory and other classroom techniques. Tips for teachers.

Reading Comprehension - Tips for Teaching to Students with Dyslexia
Reading comprehension is an essential skill in both learning to read and in life-long learning. Tips and suggestions for teachers to help improve reading comprehension in students with dyslexia.

Review of Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom edited by Richard T. Boon and Vicky G. Spencer
This review describes Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom, a resource especially useful for the general education partner, but with lots of evidence based ideas for successful inclusion.

Activities to Practice Decoding Skills for Reading
Learning reading decoding skills can help improve reading fluency and reading comprehension in children with dyslexia. Tips, suggestions and activities to help teachers teach students skills in recognizing sounds and sound blends, using context to understand word meaning and understanding the role of each word in the sentence.

Matching Counters to a Counting Template
Understanding one to one correspondence often means lots of practice with tangible items, which these counting templates provide.

Printable Worksheets for the Alphabet
Alphabet worksheets. Printing worksheets. Handwriting.

Teaching Responsibility as a Social Skill
Creating responsible students by creating an environment that encourages students to own up to their responsibility for their own behavior.

Positive Narration
Positive Narration is a whole group strategy to support positive behavior.

Modification -- Specially Designed Instruction to Meet Intellectual and Developmental Needs
Modifications are forms of specially designed instruction (SDI's) that change the content, expectations or level of a student's participation in the general education curriculum.I'

A Lily of the Valley Dot to Dot for Counting to 120
A Dot to Dot of a Lily to support counting to 120

A Daffodil Puzzle for Counting to 85
A Dot to Dot of a Lily to support counting to 120

A Tulip Dot to Dot Puzzle for Counting to 120
A dot to dot of tulips to support counting to 120.

Spring Flower Dot to Dots to Support Counting to 120
A Dot to Dot of a Lily to support counting to 120

Building a Social Skills Curriculum
Building a Social Skills Curriculum requires a blend of emotional literacy, social communication skills, modeling appropriate social interactions and practice.

10 Inclusional Steps for the Gifted
Gifted students in the regular classroom. The inclusional model, how to teach gifted students. Teacher strategies.

Social Skills Lesson on Friends -- Build a Friend
This is a brief lesson for the social skills unit on friends, involving labeling hands, head and feet with the social skills that a friend builds.

Ten Frame Number Practice
Free worksheets using ten frames help your students practice counting and visualizing numbers to ten.

Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Children
Curriculum based assessment (CBA) evaluates goals that come directly from the curriculum that a child is mastering.

Math Activities for Counting to Twenty
Templates for counting to twenty with missing numbers.

Characteristics of Learning Disabilities
Characteristics of Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Relating to Difficulties with Spatial Orientation
Spatial and body awareness deficits for learning disabled students, including definitions of proprioceptive and vestibular issues.

Receptive Language - Help for Language Deficits
Strategies to support language deficits - receptive. Special education support for comprehension and language difficulties.

Inside Mathematics -- a Best Practices Website for Math
A website sponsored by a foundation from Silicon Valley creates a great resource for special and general education teachers to support math skills.

Anecdotal Records as a Foundation for Behavior Intervention
Anecdotal records may be insufficient to validate teaching strategies or instructional methods, but can provide valuable information when evaluating problem behaviors.

Visual and Perceptual Learning Disabilitiy Characteristics
Visual and Perceptual deficits in learning disabled students.

Gifted in the Regular Classroom
Gifted kids in the regular classroom? You need to get started with project based learning.

Rational Numbers - Fractions, Ratios and Decimals
This article addresses introducing rational numbers to give students with disabilities a firm foundation and strong understanding of fractions, percents and ratios.

Teaching Reading Comprehension to Dyslexic Students
Students with dyslexia often have problems with reading comprehension and need extra assistance from teachers. The National Reading Panel provided in-depth information on how teachers can help students increase reading comprehension.

Graphic Organizers in Special Ed Classrooms
Graphic organizers are great tools for students with learning disabilities and those requiring visuals for conceptual understanding. Find the right worksheet for your lesson and print it out.

Social Stories or Social Narratives
Social narratives are stories that include pictures (especially of the child for whom it is being used) and

Speech and Language Disorders - Special Education
Best practices and recommendations for special education teachers with students with speech and language disorders.

Attention Seeking Behavior in a Student
Attention seeking behaviors and interventions. Intervening with the attention seeking student.

What You Need to Know About Autism
Autism best practices. Teaching an autistic student.

Planning Behavior Modifications for Autistic Students
How to plan behavior modifications for autistic or severely disabled students in the classroom.

Individual Education Plan - IEP - Sections
The sections of the Individual Education Plan explained so you can complete these section of an IEP.

IEP's Individual Education Plans
Writing a consistent and detailed IEP can be made easier with helpful tips to IEP development. Know what is involved in the development of your childs IEP and how to be part of the team.

IEP Goals
IEP goals -- how to write effective IEP goals as well as samples of goals in academic, behavioral and life skill areas.

Technology for Special Education
Assistive and adaptive technology for special education. Text to speech software.

Special Education 101 Glossary and Definitions
Special Education 101. The basics of special education and what you need to know. What is special education? How to become your child's advocate.

Free Printable Worksheets
Free printable worksheets, including reading, phonics, writing and math.

Mathematics for Special Educators
Resources for the special education teacher to help students with math deficits succeed in the general education, using the Core State Curriculum Standards to define the skills needed for functional and educational success.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder classroom resources.

Children with Asperger's Syndrome, Children with Autism
Find out what you need to know to better understand children with Autism and children with Asperger's.

graphic organizers
Graphic organizers, printables, worksheets, blackline masters for the learning disabled students.

behavior strategies
Behavior strategies, behavior contracts, handling all behavior types. Classroom management. Behavior support.

Tip a Week
Tip a Week includes short

Seating Charts for Different Classroom Management Styles
Different seating arrangements fit different instructional styles and purposes, explained with suggestions to modify classroom environments to facilitate instruction and student engagement.

Back to school resources
Back to school resources. Free printables and classroom resources.

Special Education Organizations and Groups
Community Organizations that support parents and teachers of children with special needs. Groups that provide support for academic giftedness, learning disabled, autism, hearing impaired, visual impairment, developmental disabilities, emotionally disturbed. Workshops and seminars for interested individuals involved in the design and delivery of a special education program.

Project based learning
Project based learning. Project based learning research and project ideas. PBL. Teacher strategies.

Bingo Dot Marker Printables
Bingo Dot Marker printables are designed to support instruction in social studies and science curriculum.

End of the Year Resources
Resources for the end of the year, to help a special educator close out one school year and help their students transition successfully to the next school year.

Assistive Communication
Augmentative and Alternative Communication vendor sites

Dolch Word worksheets
Dolch worksheets. Wordwall worksheets.

Free Graphic Organizers
Free graphic organizers. Special Education.

Homophone Worksheets
Homophone and Homonym worksheets.

Teach reading with mini booklets. I can read it printable books.
Mini I can read it booklets to print. Teach reading to young children with these free printable booklets.

Math Goals for IEP's Based on the Common Core State Standards
Math goals for IEP's based on the Common Core State Standards

Free Printable Dot to Dots
Printable dot to dots to use to support teachings skip counting, often seasonal or theme based.

Social Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Resources to teach social skills to students with autism spectrum disorders.

Preschool Early Intervention Units
Units adapted for the needs of students in preschool early intervention program, especially for Extended School Year (summer) programs

Pre Academic Skills for Preschool Early Intervention Programs
Activities to lay the foundation for later academic success.

Art Projects for Preschool Early Intervention Programs
Art projects to support early intervention themes and units.

Intermediate Math for Special Education
Instructional support for math with intermediate or secondary students with disabilities.

Autism Information
Articles that provide broader information about students with autism spectrum disorders.

Math Foundational Skills and Early Intervention
Foundational skills for success in mathematics for students with disabilities.

Grammar Help
Grammar help and grammar tutorials. English grammar.

Sign language resources
Free sign language font, deafness resources.

Assessment in Special Education
Special education assessment tools, resources, diagnostics and evaluations.

Behavior and emotional disabilities.
ADD, ADHD, behavior difficulties in the classroom. Behavior resources.

Gifted Education
The Gifted Student unique abilities require many creative approaches to their academic program. Giftedness can appear in conjunction with other educational and emotional needs.

Multiple Disabilities
multiple disability multiple disabilities helping students with multiple disabilities

Physical Disabilities in the classroom
Physical Disabilities in the classroom and how you can support these students.

Speech and Hearing disabilities.
Speech and Hearing Disabilities. Aphasia, aphaxia resources for speech and hearing disabilties.

Careers and preparation in Special Education
Articles about career opportunities in Special Education help explain the requirements for teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists as well as for para-professionals such as therapeutic support staff and classroom aides. There will also be discussions of the challenges and personal characteristics that make for successful and happy professionals.

Special Education
Special Education.

Christian Cutting Puzzle for Easter
These religious Easter puzzles for parochial and home schools, provide fine motor practice and tell the story of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection.

Special Education
Special Education.

Special Education
Special Education.

Christmas Worksheets & Graphic Organizers
Christmas worksheets and Christmas graphic organizers

Using Behavioral Objectives in IEP Goals
Developmental Disabled behavior objectives, plans and strategies.

Strategies for Teaching Reluctant Readers
Supporting readers at risk with suggestions for teachers, including lessons and activities.

Write Strong IEP Goals to Improve Work Habits for Kids
Writing IEP goals to address executive functioning delays and improve work habits.

Teachers' Tips for Inclusional Classroom Management
Discipline and behavior checklist for the inclusional classroom.

Cursive Writing for Learning Disabled
Teaching cursive writing to learning disabled students. Reasons why learning handwriting may be easier for special ed students.

All About Pen Scanners: Scanmarker, IrisPen, ReadingPen, C-Pen
With the explosion in wireless technology, scanning pens have become powerful tools. Learn about everything from Pen scanners like the Iris Pen.