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Career Lesson from Dodgers’ Manager Dave Roberts
Career Lessons from New Dodgers' Manager Dave Roberts

4 Career Lessons from Cavaliers' Coach Tyronn Lue
Tyronn Lue's Path to an NBA Head Coaching Job - and What You Can Learn from It

Career Lessons from Stephen Curry
Studying Steph Curry's Career for Tips that Can Help Yours

Athletic Director Job Description Profile
A look at a career as an athletic director at the high school or college level.

Athletic Trainer Career Profile
A profile for a career as an athletic trainer, including a look at responsibilities, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.

Sports Scout Job Description
A profile of a career as a sports scout, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.

Sportswriter Job Description and Career Profile
Sports writer job description includes an outline of the career, positives and negatives involved, requirements of for the sports writer, and links to job boards

Sports Management and Marketing Education Requirements
Education requirements for various positions in sports marketing and management, including master's programs

What to Do After Attending a Professional Conference
Tips for leveraging conference attendance once you get home: engage via social media, connect on LinkedIn, write about the conference, read others' recaps

Advice for Sports Industry Newcomers
StubHub's Gabby Duno Turner offers advice on interviewing and other career topics.

4 Career Lesson's from Oregon Coach Mark Helfrich
Oregon Football Coach Mark Helfrich's Career Path Provides Lessons on Developing a Career in Any Field

4 Career Lessons from Steve Kerr
Career Lessons from Warriors' Coach Steve Career

Career Opportunities in Sports Working for Non-Profits
Learn about starting a sports career at a non-profit in this interview with Casey Miller of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) .

Career Lessons from Baseball Analytics
Bill James is a name synonymous with baseball analytics - and nearly every MLB team has been influenced by his work.

Career Lessons from Charles Woodson
A Look at Charles Woodson's Great Career - And The Lessons You Can Learn from Him

Who Should You Follow on Twitter to Learn about the NBA?
Key NBA related Twitter accounts to develop industry specific knowledge

What Does a Student Manager Do?
Interview with Andrew Heinlein, student manager for the men's basketball team at Santa Rosa Junior College, on the role and day-to-day responsibilities.

What Do Recruiters Want? You Might Be Surprised
Survey of recruiters reveals tips for job seekers

Welcome to Sports Careers!
Are you interested in sports careers? Read all about sports careers, advice, and resources here on this site.

Think Like an Entrepreneur (and Other Tips) to Launch Sports Career
Sports Careers Advice: Leverage the Internet, Leverage Student Status, Be an Entrepreneur, Blog/Create Content, Check out Twitter Chats

Real Estate and Your Career: Why It Matters
Exploring the topics of real estate and careers - 4 ideas to consider

NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow
Once you start following these sources, what's next? I'd start by looking at who they follow, as it might give you other leads on NBA information.

Career Library: Susan RoAne's How to Work a Room
Highlights from latest #CareerLibrary recommendation - Susan RoAne's How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections - in Person and Online

Career Library: Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!
#CareerLibrary Recommendation: Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!

Can Passion Propel You to a Career in Sports?
Sports Careers Advice about Passion, featuring Adam Braun and Mark Cuban

5 Simple Pieces of Advice for Graduates
5 Tips for Graduates: Old School Behaviors

Career Library: Amy Jo Martin's Renegades Write the Rules
#CareerLibrary Series continues with Amy Jo Martin's Renegades Write the Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate

Who Becomes Commissioner of a Sports League?
New Canadian Football League Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge Talks about His Career at Stanford Sports Innovation Conference

6 Ways High School Students Can Prepare for Careers in Sports
Advice for High School Students Considering #SportsCareers

What Does a Publicist Do?
An interview with Jerica Williams, Founder of JACE, who explains the role of publicist.

Sports Business Watch: Women in Sports Media
A summary of recent stories that highlight the role of women in sports media coverage.

Sport Sales Combine: Your Ticket to A Sports Sales Career
Inside Look at Sport Sales Combine - An Interview with Bob Hamer, Former Phoenix Suns VP of Ticket Sales and Service

Want to Work in Sports Media?

What You Need to Know About Sports Internships
Learn about sports business internships in this interview with Ryan Morse who completed multiple internships and shares the process of landing internships and maximizing their value.

What Can You Learn from Bill Belichik?
Career Lessons from Bill Belichick - And How They Can Help Your Career

Pro Sports or Collegiate Athletics? An Interview with Dave Jaeger
Sports Careers Interview IMG

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Sports Career
Six ideas to improve your cover letter targeted to a sports career. Learn about what to include in a cover letter and how to stand out.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Sports Agent Job Profile
A job profile of the position of sports agent offers ideas for preparing for this career, getting started in this career, responsibilities of the job.

Sports Professional Offers Tips for Buiding Your Early Career Resume
Neil Horowitz, a young professional in the sports industry, offers tips for building your early career resume.

Women In Sports: The Latest
Learn how the roles of women in sports are changing.

Career Library: Gary Vaynerchuk's #AskGaryVee
Gary Vaynerchuk's #AskGaryVee deserves a spot in Your #CareerLibrary

Writing about Sports as Side Gig
Editor for SBNation site shares insights into writing about sports.

Try These Approches for Realistic Career Resolutions
Use these tips to create realistic career resolutions.

Behind the Scenes of Publicizing Manchild Documentary
This interview with Publicist Jerica Williams describes what it was like behind the scenes of the 'Manchild' hoops documentary.

Succeeding in Sales: What You Need to Know
Find out what you need to know about succeeding in sales from this interview with Sports Sales Professional Ken Lipsky.

What I Learned on the Way to 3,000 Twitter Followers (Part 2)
Take your Twitter game to the next level with these tips.

Sports Business Pro Started Career as Student Manager
This interview with Vincent Accardi, director of corporate partnerships at Stonybrook University highlights the power of the network you can start developing as a college student.

2 Key Pieces of Career Advice and Why They Matter
How Being Yourself and Being Adaptable Are Both Good Traits in Developing Your Career

Career Advice from USA Basketball's Men's National Team Director
USA Basketball Men's National Team Director Sean Ford reflects on his career starting as a student manager at Villanova.

Career Insights from "Father of Basketball Analytics"
Dean Oliver, often referred to as the

Career Library: The Brand You 50
A look at Tom Peters 1999 book The Brand You 50 and how it still rings true today

Working In Minor League Baseball - An Insider's Perspective
Interview with Sonoma Stompers GM and Chief Operating Officer Theo Fightmaster about what it's like o work in minor league baseball.

Can a Career Coach Help You Launch a Sports Career?
Learn how a career coach can help you launch your sports career in this interview with Matt Crevin, founder of Voice of the Box, a career coaching firm.

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Graduate Degree in Sports
What questions should you ask yourself and a school before applying to a graduate program in sports management? Find out in this interview with Dr. Brian Turner.

Sponsorship Professional Offers Career Advice You Can Use
An interview with Kevin Cleary, Sponsorship Manager at Nestle, discussing sports careers.

How to Prepare for Social Media Careers in Sports
Read on to find sports careers advice from Oakland Raiders Social Media Coordinator Rebecca Corman.

Pieces of Interviewing Advice Students Have to Hear
There are many things you can do to prepare for a successful interview. Follow these steps to ensure your candidacy.

Is Your Smartphone Holding Back Your Career?
In any career, time management is a key to success. However, your phone might be stopping you from advancing your career.

Recap of SEAT in San Francisco
SEAT Conference explores the intersection of sports, entertainment, and technology. Here is a summary of why you should attend.

What Can You Expect to Learn from a Sports Internship?
Internships Can Teach Valuable Lessons. Recent Interns Share Their Post-Internship Insights.

NFL Careers Information: Job Opportunities/ Internships
NFL careers are possible even if you've never played football. Internships are great ways to pursue these careers.

Career Advice from Next Generation of Sports Leaders
Early Career Sports Professionals Offer Advice on What They Have Already Learned about the Sports Industry

TED Talks to Inspire Your Sports Career
Ted Talks Expose You to New Ideas - and Can Boost Your Career

Sales: How to Start a Career
Starting Your Career in Sales Requires Finding an Industry You Are Passionate About - and Identifying the Right Firm

Sports Industry Leaders Who Engage With You On Twitter
Finding Sports Industry Leaders Who Interact On Twitter

Sports Schools List (Including Colleges / Universities)
Links to colleges and universities that provide sports management programs. Programs include associate degrees, undergraduate majors and minors, graduate programs, and law school programs. List is broken down by state.

verywell. Sports Careers.

Career Lessons from USA Basketball Rio Olympic Team
Learn from the Best: USA Men's Olympic Team Heads to Rio

What Can You Learn from Pete Carroll?
Career Lessons from the Seattle Seahawks' Coach Pete Carroll - And How They Can Help Your Career

The Biggest Mistake You Are Making on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Invitations and a Common Mistake Users Make

5 Tips for Great Informational Interviews
5 Tips to Make Your Informational Interview a Success

Back to School: What You Can Do to Prepare for Careers in Sports
Career Planning at the Start of the School Year - How to Set Yourself up for Success

Student Manager: Path to a Career in Sports Business
A look at how being a student manager in the athletic department can start a sports career

Career Lessons From The NBA Finals
2016 NBA Finals Offer Lessons For Your Career

Career Library Recommendation: The Only Rule Is It Has To Work
#CareerLibrary Selection: The Only Rule Is It Has To Work, Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

University of San Francisco Sports Management
An overview of the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program, which caters to working professionals.

Job Profile: Youth Sports Official/ Umpire
Information on working as a youth sports official or umpire. This article includes a description of the job, ideas on getting started, approximate pay, benefits, and challenges.

3 Free Resources for Your Sports Career Search
3 Free Resources to Learn about and Secure a Career in Sports

School Just Start of Sports Career Preparation
In sports careers, higher education is just part of preparation. It is important to find out-of-school activities to build your resume.

Career Lessons from Warriors Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala's NBA Career Has Lessons For Your Career

8 Summer Activities for Students Who Want Careers in Sports
8 Tips for Having a Productive Summer

Tips from Career Panel at Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Career Panelists offer advice on landing a job in sports

4 Lessons from Klay Thompson's Career
Golden State Warriors Guard Klay Thompson's Career Has Lessons for You and Your Career

Career Library: Chasing Perfection
Andy Glockner's NBA Book Chasing Perfection Is An Excellent Addition to Your Career Library

5 Career Lessons from Bruce Bochy
A Look at Three time World Series Champ San Francisco Giants' Manager Bruce Bochy as a Career Role Model

4 Questions You Should Never Ask
Questions to avoid or ask in a different way

Career Lessons from Draymond Green
Draymond Green's Career Has 3 Key Lessons for Your Career

Career Library: Brands Win Championships
Jeremy Darlow's Brands Win Championships Is a Key Addition to Your Sports #CareerLibrary

Spring Is the Time to Plant Internship Seeds
8 Easy Tips to Help You Land an Internship

Job Description: Sports Information Director
Sports Information Directors publicize the accomplishments of their school teams or league

Overview of Sports Broadcast Jobs
An overview of the many job positions needed to present a typical television or radio broadcast of a sporting event.

4 Career Lessons from Youth Baseball
Youth Baseball Is Fertile Ground for Career Lessons

4 Career Lessons from Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson's Rise to One of the Most Prominent Voices in Sports Holds Lessons for Your Career

4 Career Lessons from Jay Wright's Career
4 Career Lessons for You from Jay Wright's Career

Prepare for Job Interview Like It Is Game Day
Preparing for Interview Is Similar to Preparing for the Big Game. Putting in the Time Will Make the Difference.

What I Learned on the Way to 3,000 Twitter Followers (Part 1)
How to Use Twitter for Professional Development? What I Found on Way to 3000+ Followers (Part 1)

4 Career Lessons from Nick Saban
Nick Saban's Career Was Not a Smooth Ride to the Top. What Career Lessons Can You Learn from Him?

Seton Hall Sport Management - Stillman Sport Management Program
Thanks in part to its prime location, Seton Hall University's Center for Sport Management in the Stillman School of Business is an attractive option for sports career preparation.

4 Career Lessons from Tom Coughlin
Examining Tom Coughlin's Career for Lessons You Can Use

Job Opportunities in Fantasy Sports Growing
A look at some of the job opportunities available working in fantasy sports.

Sunny San Diego Offers a Top Sports MBA Program
San Diego State University offers students a chance to earn a master of business administration degree with a concentration in sports.++++Article updated by Rich Campbell

Sports Career Opportunities Overview
An overview of the $213-billion sports industry along with a listing of the many varied job opportunities working in sports.

4 Career Lessons from Peyton Manning's NFL Career
Peyton Manning's Hall of Fame Quality Career Has Lessons for You

"Best of" Lists Can Become a Career Resource
A Look at How

8 Reasons Sports Business Professional are Thankful to Work in the Industry
8 Reasons to Be Thankful You Work in the Sports Industry

A "Bad" Team Can Be a Great Place to Start Your Sports Career
Looking for entry level jobs

LinkedIn: Your Career CRM
Companies Use CRM to Deepen Relationships - You Should Be Using the Same Approach to Identify Career Opportunities

5 Twitter Tips for Boosting Your Career
A Quick

Profile of NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and His Organization
Profile of National Football League Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and a look at the NFLPA and career opportunities with the organization.

Career Profile: Fitness Trainer
A Look at Careers in Fitness and Personal Training

They Literally Wrote the Book on Sport Marketing
Why You Should Add Mullin, Hardy and Sutton's Sport Marketing to Your #CareerLibrary

Sports Business Watch: ESPN Layoffs
How the Recent Round of ESPN Layoffs Is Reverberating throughout Sports Business

Personal Branding: Lessons from Charles Barkley and Bill Simmons
Media Personalities Charles Barkley and Bill Simmons Are Case Studies on Personal Branding

Important Information About Sports Internships
Student Reflects on What He Learned from Sports Business Internships

Career Tips from Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Career Panelists offer advice on landing a job in sports

Career Lessons from Chip Kelly
NFL coach's rise from relative obscurity to household name has implications for your career

Sports Announcer - Job and Career Profile
A look at the sports announcer career with ideas on preparation, career paths, and industry expectations.

How to Write a Sports Career Resume
In the highly competitive field of sports careers, it's important to write a resume that stands out from the crowd. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that goal.

Five Tips for Undergrads Seeking Sports Career Job
Five ideas for finding that first job in your sports career path after you graduate from college.

Career Library: An Influential Book on Influence
The #CareerLibrary series continues with Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice

Why Grades Matter - Even If Employers Say They Don't
Do Grades Matter to Employers? Sports Careers.

So You Want to Be a Major League GM?
The role of general manager is changing in sports. This article explains how and why.

Analytics Revolution Impacts All Facets of Sports Industry
Innovation Enterprise Sports Analytics Summit shines light on emerging analytics trends

4 Ways Informational Interviews Can Help You Find a Career
Informational Interviews Can Help You Identify Career Opportunities. Read How:

4 Career Lessons from Frank Gifford
NFL Player and Broadcaster Frank Gifford's Career Offers Valuable Lessons

Career Opportunities for Women in Sports Business on the Rise
One year after Becky Hammon hired as assistant coach of Spurs, what has changed?

What You Can Learn from NFL Commissioner about Career Search
NFL Commissioner started his career with a cover letter inquiring about a job at the NFL offices. What can you learn from his example? Quite a bit.

Want to Be a Sports Entrepreneur?
Practical Advice for #SportsBiz Entrepreneurs

Technology Providers and Sports Careers
Technology Is Creating New Sports Careers Opportunities

4 Career Lessons from Parkour
Business and Career Lessons from Parkour

Leveraging Online Courses for Developing Sports Careers
How Taking Online Courses Can Help You in Pursuit of Sports Careers

How to Win the Interview
6 Interviewing Tips: Do Your Homework, Dress for Success, Answer Their Questions, Ask Your Questions, Close Strong, Follow Up

How Your Klout Score May Impact Your Career
Insights on how social scoring sites like Klout are changing the career landscape

Career Library: Stand Out
#CareerLibrary: Dorie Clark's Stand Out

#SportsBiz Watch: NFL Draft
The NFL Draft and Career Opportunities

Virtual Reality: The Future of Sports Training?
Virtual Reality for Football Training - The Future Is Now

Sports Biz Watch: College Hoops Coaches Carousel
College Basketball Coaches and the NBA

4 Tips for Graciously Declining a Job Offer
4 Tips for Turning Down a Job Offer - And Why It Is Important to Handle It Professionally

16 Reasons to Attend #SSAC16
16 Reasons to Attend Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Spring Cleaning: Your LinkedIn Profile
Spring is a great time to review and update your LinkedIn profile

Career Lessons from NCAA Tournament Icon
Rollie Massimino's career peaked thirty years ago with an NCCA title, but continues to offer valuable career lessons for sports business professionals

Preparing for Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Career Panel Preview

How to Use LinkedIn for Networking
Using LinkedIn to Research Industry Contacts


Want to Work in Sports? Stop Being a Fan!
How Attending Events Can Help You Start a Sports Career

Why Charles Barkley Is Wrong About Analytics
Charles Barkley Bashes Analytics - Why He Is Wrong

5 Career Tips for Students Returning to Campus
5 Practical Tips to Execute on This Semester to Prepare for Careers After Graduation

8 Reasons the New College Football Championship Is Important
The Business Side of the First College Football Championship Game

4 Career Lessons from Stuart Scott
Reflections on the Career of ESPN's Stuart Scott

5 Career Lessons from Jim Harbaugh
5 Career Lessons Taken from the Career of Football Coach Jim Harbaugh

Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke
A profile of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke

Auburn Football Coach Gene Chizik
A profile of Auburn football coach Gene Chizik

Braun Racing Crew Chief Zipadelli
A profile of NASCAR SPRINT Cup Team Braun Racing's crew chief Scott Zipadelli

Cowboys Stadium
A stadium-design profile of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. The $1.15-billion Cowboys Stadium was completed in May 2009. Page 10.

Cowboys Stadium
A stadium-design profile of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. The $1.15-billion Cowboys Stadium was completed in May 2009. Page 7.

Cowboys Stadium
A stadium-design profile of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. The $1.15-billion Cowboys Stadium was completed in May 2009. Page 5.