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What Is Eccentric Muscle Contraction?
Eccentric muscle contraction is weird, it increases tension on a muscle as it lengthens, braking the motion. Yet it builds power in sports, see why.

Five Exercises You Must Do
Here are my picks for the top five exercises that every athlete must do to stay strong and prevent many common sports injuries.

Stretching to Reduce Back Pain
This back pain stretching exercise program can help reduce back pain and prevent some back injuries.

Back Pain Stretching - Cat-Cow for Back Pain Stretching
This simple back pain stretching exercise, sometimes called the cat - cow stretch, gently stretches the muscles of the low back and helps realign the spine and pelvis and reduce minor back pain.

Back Pain Stretching Exercises - Spinal Twist Stretch for Back Pain Stretching Exercises
The spinal twist stretch for back pain should be done carefully and slowly.

Back Pain Stretching Exercises - Knees to Chest Stretch for Back Pain Stretching Exercises
Bringing both knees to the chest is a simple lower back stretching exercise that releases pain and tension in the back as it stretches the hamstrings.

Hip Opener and Lower Back Pain Stretching Exercises
Chicago Bears cornerback Devin Hester demonstrates a simple stretching exercise that opens the hips and stretches the muscles of the hips, groin and lower back. Page 4.

Back Pain Stretching - Prone Back Extension Back Pain Stretching Exercises
This simple back pain stretching exercise, the prone back extension, gently stretches the muscles of the low back and helps realign the spine and pelvis and reduce minor back pain.

Calf Pull - Standing AchillesTendon Heel Stretch
This simple stretch, sometimes called the Achilles tendon stretch, stretches the tendons and muscles of the calf.

Stretching Exercises for Soleus and Calf Muscles
Calf pain can have many causes, including tight and weak muscles or injury. This stretching program can help reduce calf pain and prevent calf strain.

Calf Pull - Standing Soleus Stretch
This simple stretch, sometimes called the Achilles tendon stretch, stretches the tendons and muscles of the calf.

Calf Pull - Full Body Calf and AchillesStretch
This is a more advance way to stretch the back of the entire lower leg including the calf, Achilles and hamstrings.

Calf Pull - Foam Roller Exercise for the Calves
The foam roller not only stretches muscles and tendons but it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue.

10 Benefits of Treadmill Workouts
Running purists may eschew the treadmill, but there are some reasons a treadmill workout may be right for you.

Core Exercise - Alternating Superman for Ab Strength
The best way to do the alternating superman exercise as well as 5 mistakes to avoid while doing ab exercises. These tips will help your core strength.

Achilles Tendon - Heel Stretch
Learn how to safely perform a standing Achilles tendon and heel stretch

Prevent ACL Injuries With This Strengthening Routine
Use this ACL Injury Prevention Program to strengthen the muscles that support the anterior cruciate ligament and decrease the risk of ACL injuries.

Best Barefoot Running Shoes
Top Picks for Barefoot Running Shoes. These minimal and barefoot running shoes are the most popular among experienced barefoot runners.

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Home workout warm up
Why you need to warm up, even if you are doing a quick home workout.

Home Workout - Step Ups
Sports Medicine.

Dumbbell Push-Pulls
Add dumbbells to your push up for a great combination exercise.

Sports Medicine
Walking lunges, with our without weights, are a simple way to boost power and lower body strength.

Jumping rope provide a simple cardio exercise you can do at home
Use a jump rope to boost your cardio workouts at home.

Side Planks
Sports Medicine.

What Is Muscle Strength and How Is it Measured?
Muscle strength is measured by the most weight it can lift or force it can exert. Find out what determines this and how yours can be tested and improved.

How to Warm Up Before Exercise
This simple skip with a twist exercise engages the muscles of the core as well as the upper and lower body in a gentle and rhythmic warm up.

Gear reviews and advice
Gear reviews and advice. Sports Medicine.

Sports Injuries - User Advice
Sports Injuries - User Advice. Sports Medicine.

What is an Adhesion?
What is an adhesion? This is internal scar tissue that keeps organs, muscles and tissues from moving normally. Find out more about this condition.

5 Ways to Reach Your Peak Athletic Performance
Take these 5 steps to reaching your athletic potential. Learn what may be holding you back from getting to that next level.

What Is a Ligament?
A ligament is a band of fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone or bone to cartilage and supports and strengthens joints.


Sports Medicine Associations and Organization Listings
Links to the leading authoritative bodies and associations in the field of Sports Medicine.

Rowing Injuries
Rowing Injuries. Sports Medicine.

Workout Routines and Exercises for Sport - Sample Workout Routines and Exercises for Sport
Get expert advice about workout routines and exercises for better sports performance, injury prevention and recovery.


Supplements | Performance Enhancing Drugs
Information, descriptions and research about performance enhancing drugs, and practises including steroids, designer drugs, THG, blood doping and why many are now banned by international sport federations.

Sports Medicine Basics and Fundamentals
If you are looking for Exercise Basics these links can help you with skills training tips, anatomy physiology biomechanics cardio and strength training workouts, flexibility programs and fitness assessment protocols.

Sample Swim Workouts for training, fitness, racing and general water sport and activities & swim help for all levels of swimmers

Job Boards
Information and links to jobs in sports medicine, exercise science, health promotion, fitness, health science, athletic training and related fields.

Sports Medicine Quiz - Sports Medicine
Test Your Sports Medicine Knowledge, from your Guide

Energy Bars, Gels, Protein Powders and Supplements
Information, research, product reviews and tips for athletes using energy bars, gels, protein powders and other supplements for performance.

First Aid and Rehab Supplies - Braces, Wraps, and Icing
Information and links to first aid and rehabilitaion products and supplies. Wrapsm ice packs, bandages, braces and more.

Recipes for athletes. If you are looking for some energy food snacks and recipes from high protein to high carbs, here are some ideas.