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How Athletes Avoid Food Boredom When Eating Clean
Athletes experience food boredom eating large amounts of the same thing daily. Learning how to make healthy food taste amazing can prevent diet blahs.

How Athletes Avoid Food Boredom When Eating Clean
Athletes experience food boredom eating large amounts of the same thing daily. Learning how to make healthy food taste amazing can prevent diet blahs.

What Beer Ingredient Helps Reduce Belly Fat?
Beer may contain the ingredient shown to reduce body fat, but drinking it will not achieve results. What is the compound and how does it work for fat loss?

Food Quality and Not Calories is What Counts
Quality food intake over counting calories has become the best way to lose fat and gain muscle. Can we still reach our goals? Research says yes!

How Much Protein Should I Eat for Optimal Fitness?
Protein is an essential macronutrient for muscle growth and function. Do you know the requirements for optimal fitness?

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Why Peanut Butter Is the Favored Sports Superfood
Peanut butter is a favored sports superfood with superior health benefits. Read why eating peanut butter will help achieve your best healthy body.

Green tea: A Potent Antioxidant
Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage in the body. Green tea provides health benefits and aids in weight loss.

Beans: Heart Health and Brain Superfood
Beans provide soluble fiber, antioxidants and protein. Black beans improve brain function and all beans help reduce cholesterol and heart disease.

10 'Superfoods' to Eat Daily for Optimum Fitness
Certain foods are so nutritious they rise above the rest. Try eating these 10 foods on a daily basis for nutritional balance.

Olive Oil: A Heart Healthy Fat
Olive oil is a MUFA and healthy dietary fat that protects the heart against disease. Olive oil has antioxidants that provide health benefits.

Yogurt: Cream of Calcium and Good Bacteria
Yogurt is full of probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system and bone-building calcium. Yogurt boosts immunity and protects against disease.

Apples: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Apples contain antioxidants that protect our cells and reduce risk of disease. Apples help with weight loss. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Cinnamon: The Healing Spice
Cinnamon is a power healing super spice with anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal properties.Cinnamon is linked to improved blood sugar.

Blueberries: A Top Antioxidant
Blueberries contains the highest antioxidant rating and important to eat daily to guard against disease and urinary tract infections.

Broccoli:  The Anti-Cancer Antioxidant King
Broccoli is a powerful antioxidant shown to fight off cancer and a top superfood. Broccoli boosts the immune systems and provides health benefits.

Ground Flaxseeds: Healthy Fats and Fiber
Flaxseeds contain strong antioxidants and fiber. Ground flax protects the body against cancer and inflammation. Great source of fiber and fatty acids.

Oats:  The High Fiber Super Food
Oats are a superfood to eat daily and linked to reduced heart disease, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

Why Eating Fat Keeps You Healthy
Eating fat is not the problem. Healthy fat plays an essential role in optimal fitness and should be consumed daily. Read on!

Athletes Can Get Ripped Without Drastic Methods
Athletes have used unsafe practices to get lean and muscular. Research shows healthy methods can achieve better results for sports and bodybuilding.

How Does Vinegar Reduce Body Fat?
Vinegar has numerous health benefits but does it really burn fat? Find out more on the ingredient that causes fat loss and how it works.

What Newbies Need to Know About Getting Lean
Getting lean and muscular is a great goal and doing it right is the best way to achieve success. Just starting out? Read what you should know and why!

Why Athletes Still Choose White Rice Over Brown
Athletes and lifters prefer white rice over brown to supply energy and maintain muscle. Their reasons are sound and may surprise you. Read on!

Science Now Says White Potatoes are Healthy
White potatoes have been mashed enough and new research says they are part of a healthy diet. Baked or boiled, learn how to eat the spuds and enjoy the benefits!

Creatine: One of the Muscle Building Favorites
Creatine supplies energy to our cells, enhances muscle building and strength.

Vitamin D: Sunlight in a Supplement
Vitamin D may improve athletic performance in vitamin D-deficient athletes.

Caffeine: Natural Metabolism Boost
Caffeine boosts metabolism, enhances exercise performance and mental focus.

Fish oil: Improved Neuromuscular Performance
Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Improved Neuromuscular Performance.

BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids): May Help with Exercise Recovery
Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have an important role in protein synthesis, muscle building and exercise recovery.

5 Supplements Shown to Improve Your Fitness
Supplements are not created equal to enhance performance, cut fat, and build muscle. Read why these are the most popular before you buy!

7 'Bad Rap' Foods That Are Actually Healthy for You
Nutrition information changes daily causing us to eliminate healthy foods from our diet. Are you still banning bad rap foods proven good for you?

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

100 Calorie Superfood Snacks Made Quick and Easy
Looking for quick and easy superfood snacks? These simple 100 calorie nutrient-dense snack ideas are just what you need to stay healthy!

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Is Fasted Cardio Really Better for Fat Loss?
Fasted cardio is a theory claiming to maximize fat loss. Before you exercise on an empty stomach, read what is really recommended.

Juniper is a medicinal plant used as a diuretic to remove excess water from the body.

Horsetail is a strong herbal diuretic just as effective as prescribed medication.

Parsley is a natural diuretic that increases urinary flow rate and removal of excess water from the body.

Green Tea
Green tea is a strong antioxidant and has significant diuretic potential.

Dandelion stimulates the body to make urine and eliminates excess water.

Herbal Remedies for Retaining Water
Bloating can be helped naturally with herbal diuretics. Herbs can increase urine volume and flush water from the body.

3 Vegetables Made Healthier When Cooked
Certain vegetables require heat to release trapped nutrients. Consider cooking these three veggies to enhance antioxidant value and optimum nutrition.

Science Backed Nutrition Guide for Contest Prep
Ready to take your fitness to the competitive stage? Science has provided a sound nutrition guide for competitve success!

Dark Chocolate Improves Exercise Performance
The chemical compounds in dark chocolate greatly improve our athletic performance. Want a better workout? Eat at least 70 percent dark!

The Stress, Cortisol and Fat Connection
Chronic stress and cortisol release can hinder your ability to lose fat. Could this be the reason you are not reaching your fitness goals?

The Ergogenic Effects of Tongat Ali
Tongkat Ali has been shown to cut fat, increase muscle and enhance libido in men and women. Could this be the new herb improving your overall fitness?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Workout
With all the options, post workout food selection can seem overwhelming. Take all the guesswork away and use these meal ideas and snack tips!

Study Favors Whey Protein over Soy for Muscle
A recent study shows whey protein more effective than soy for muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Read why whey is superior and how our muscle benefits.

Studies Favor BCAAs for Cutting Diets
BCAAs stimulate muscle growth and fat loss. Research now says they help during cutting diets and intense exercise. Could they improve your fitness?

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

What Your Poo Says About Your Athletic Performance
Your poo tells a lot about your health, how to feel better, and improve your athletic performance. Before you flush, take a look!

TeaCrine Found Effective for Athletic Performance
Recent TeaCrine research claims to increase our energy and motivation to exercise. Science may have struck gold with this supplement!

Are Supplements Right for Me?
Are you confused about taking dietary supplements? Are they really necessary or just a waste of money? Read why they may be right for you?

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Slow Cook Your Way to a Fit Body
Crock pot cooking remains the hot trend to plan and prep healthy meals. Grab a few recipe ideas and start slow cooking your way to a leaner you!

How much Does Alcohol Affect Fitness Goals?
Alcohol may be fun with friends but not so much with your fitness. Just how much does it affect your fitness goals? Read on!

Alcohol Suppresses Fat Burning
Alcohol is linked to suppressed fat burning using alcohol for fuel instead of stored fat.

Alcohol Lowers Testosterone?
Drinking higher doses of alcohol is linked to reduced testosterone.

Drink More, Eat More
Alcohol is linked to appetite stimulation and overeating.

Alcohol Creates Restless Sleep
Drinking alcohol is linked to restless sleep and decreased muscle recovery.

Alcohol Contains Empty Calories
Alcohol contains empty calories, is absent of nutritional value, and is 7 calories per gram.

Self-Made Bodybuilding Diets Come with Health Risks
Self-made bodybuilding diets are linked to nutrient deficiencies and adverse effects from over supplementation. Is your DIY diet safe?

A 3500 Calorie Deficit Burns a Pound of Fat, Right?
Burning 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat is not exactly true. There is more to that fat burn and science explains why.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Science Reviews Popular Bodybuilding Supplements
Bodybuilding supplements are growing as an important part of a training program. Research has been lacking until now. Check out the supplement review.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Training for My First 5K: What Do I Eat?
Sign up for a 5K race to kickstart your fitness program. The right foods and motivation will set you in motion toward reaching your goals!

Onions Have High Concentrations of Quercetin
Onions contain high concentrations of quercetin with a superior antioxidant rating linked to helping exercise induced inflammation in the body.

Apples Contain Lots of Quercetin
Apples are a significant source of quercetin with abundant antioxidant benefits for muscle recovery.

Berries: Reduce Exercise Induced Inflammation Naturally
Berries contain high levels of quercetin to reduce inflammation in the body naturally. Quercetin in berries is a good antioxidant for muscle recovery.

Broccoli Contains Quercetin: A Superior Bioflavonoid
Broccoli contains high levels of quercetin with antioxidant capabilities. Linked to reduced cancer risk and helps with muscle recovery.

Quercetin is a Powerful Antioxidant
Did you know quercetin rich foods can help with muscle inflammation and workout recovery? Want pain relief? Eat an apple!

Foods to Relieve Your Menopause Symptoms
Staying fit can feel difficult through menopause. Eat foods to help with symptoms and maintain a leaner you!

Protect Your Bone Health with High Calcium Foods
During menopause our bones need to be protected with calcium rich foods and vitamin D. The RDA for calcium is between 1000 to 1200 milligrams daily.

Eat Healthy Fats for Mood Swings:
Omega-3 fats and vitamin B help to ease mood swings related to menopause. Eat fatty fish and flaxseed to relieve menopause symptoms.

Increase Fiber to Reduce Weight Gain
Increase fiber to reduce weight gain during menopause. Fiber helps maintain healthy bodyweight during menopause.

Include Mediterranean Foods to Reduce Hot Flashes
Mediterranean foods have shown to reduce hot flashes during menopause. Fruits, vegetables, olive oil and red wine are among Mediterranean food choices

Energy Drinks, Athletic Performance, and Safety
Energy drinks are a popular way to keep us alert and boost our workouts, but are they safe for athletic performance and our health? Read on!

Preventing Insulin Resistance is the New Fitness Trend
Preventing insulin resistance is growing as the top fitness goal over weight loss. A recent study shares why and what you need to know!

Pack Up Healthy Food for Your Child Athlete
Child athletes are involved in intense sports and require great nutrition. Are you ready for an active day? This read is for you!

Nutrition vs. Exercise: 80% Nutrition Wins
Nutrition and exercise play vital roles in our fitness, but which is more important? This common question is answered!

NSAIDs Linked to Heart Attack and Stroke
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen may not be your best choice for pain relief. Recent research explains why!

Can Hair Analysis Improve My Fitness?
Can hair analysis tell me what foods are best for my body and fitness? Before handing over your locks, you will want to read this!

Natural Bodybuilding and the Male Competitor
Bodybuilding is a competitive sport but also a lifestyle. Read what this natural bodybuilder does to maintain his body year round!

Bran Muffins are a Sweet Cheat Meal
Bran muffins make a great sweet cheat meal to satisfy cravings while providing high fiber and antioxidants.

Cheat Meals You Can Feel Good About
Looking for healthier versions of coveted cheat meals you can feel good about and still stay fit? Use these guilt-free modifications!

Pasta is a Highly Desired Cheat Meal
Pasta is a highly desired cheat meal made healthier using whole wheat noodles high in fiber and antioxidants.

Create a Healthy Pizza for a Cheat Meal
Pizza is a favorite cheat meal that can be made healthy, satisfy cravings, and maintain a fit body.

I Want French Fries!
French fries are a cheat meal favorite and sweet potato fries are a healthier option full of fiber and antioxidants.

Pancakes are a Morning Favorite Cheat Meal
Pancakes are a morning favorite cheat meal and made healthier with whole wheat to provide high fiber and antioxidants.

Chocolate Makes a Great Cheat Meal Snack
Dark chocolate makes a great cheat meal snack to enjoy guilt free full of antioxidants that provide health benefits

Wine is Included as a Cheat Treat
Red wine in moderation can be a wonderful cheat treat full of antioxidants and helpful for digestion.

Burgers Rank High on the Cheat Meal List
Burgers rank high on the cheat meal list and made healthier with lean beef or turkey and whole wheat bun.

Granola Makes a Great Breakfast Cheat Meal
Granola is a great breakfast cheat meal full of good carbs and healthy fats.

Chips are a Craved Cheat Meal
Chips are a craved cheat meal and can be made healthier by using baked tortilla chips instead of fried.

Milk Protein Superior for Muscle Growth
Science shows milk protein superior for lean mass, fat loss and strength gains. Could a glass of milk be our best recovery drink for muscle growth?

Carbohydrates - The Energy Food
Carbohydrates get a bad rap but are an essential macronutrient. If you want optimal fitness, don't ditch the carbs!

Ganga and Weight Gain:
Marijuana may be linked to weight gain, increased abdominal fat, and increased HDL cholesterol.

Weed and Workouts:
Smoking weed alters responsiveness and sensory awareness. Weed and workouts do not mix.

What is Marijuana?
Marijuana comes from a plant, contains THC and CBD which bind to receptors in the brain and body.

How Cannabis Works in the Body:
Cannabis affects the endocannabinoid system controlling appetite, immune function, stress reactivity, pain sensation, and motor function.

Marijuana Linked to Increased Abdominal Fat
Marijuana is controversial with pros and cons toward health. Are you curious how it affects athletic performance and overall fitness? Read on!

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Sports Nutrition
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Sports Nutrition
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Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
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16 Strategies to Stay Lean For Social Events
Staying lean during social events is possible if you apply some food snob strategy. Party coming up? Try some of these tricks to stay on track!

Tips for Building Muscle on a Budget
You can gain muscle on a budget. Learn tips and tricks on the best foods to purchase on the cheap to cut fat and gain lean mass!

Water is Essential for Optimal Fitness
Water is an important part of keeping hydrated, detoxed, and fit. Want to stay lean and reduce bloat? Bottoms up!

Water for Weight Loss
Water has been linked to weight loss and boosts metabolism. Water decreases appetite and helps portion control. Replace soda for water and coffee.

Water Reduces Belly Bloat
Drinking water reduces belly bloat through improved digestion, sodium reduction and flushing toxins. Water removes retained body water.

Water for Digestion
Water helps with digestion, relieves constipation, and flushes toxins.

Water for Glowing Skin
Water hydrates skin, relieves dry skin, and promotes glowing skin. Healthy skin comes from drinking water. Drink plenty of H2O for healthy skin.

How Much Water?
How much water to drink and why is explained. The RDA for water listed. Most of our water intake comes from drinking plenty of water and some food.

When Juicing Goes Wrong - Hyperoxaluria
Juicing can have pros and cons. Are you aware of dietary hyperoxaluria from your green blends? Juice smart and be healthy.

Orthorexia: Taking Clean Eating to an Obsessive Level
Orthorexia can occur when obsession of food purity is the focus instead of eating healthy. Shocking, but clean eating can become unhealthy!

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

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Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays
Drop the fear of weight gain and stress this holiday. You can stay healthy following these Holiday Survival Tips and feel good with your choices.

How Food Guilt Affects Our Fitness
Food guilt keeps us from getting fit and feeling happy and confident. Read how to move beyond this cycle to achieve a healthy fitness lifestyle!

High Protein Diets Safe for Resistance Trained Men
High protein diets are under constant debate. Recent research is debunking old claims supporting more is better for resistance training. Read on!

Hidden Drugs Found in Xtreme Fat Burner Capsules
Buying over the counter supplements is not always safe. What are the hidden ingredients in these fat burners you should not be taking.

More Bad Gut Bacteria: More Cravings for “Bad” Foods
Bad gut bacteria is linked to craving unhealthy processed foods.

Strategies to Improve Gut Bacteria for Permanent Weight Loss
Gut bacteria can be improved through healthy foods, probiotics, and avoiding antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Gut Bacteria Can Influence Being Far or Thin
Gut bacteria is either good or bad making you fat or thin. If you are not leaning up, it may all be in your gut. Read on!

More Bad Gut Bacteria: More Fat
Bad gut bacteria feeds fat. The more gut bacteria in your body the more fat cells and stores you will have.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates
Carbs aren't created equal and the difference is eating real food vs. fake. Are you consuming the right kind of carbs to fuel a lean and healthy body?

How Baking Soda Can Improve Athletic Performance
Did you know baking soda is one of the leading supplements to enhance athletic performance? The answer to better workouts may be in your pantry.

Green coffee extract
Green coffee extract is a fat burner ingredient from unroasted coffee beans, contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine linked to increased fat burning.

Green tea extract
Green tea extract is a fat burner ingredient containing caffeine and catechins linked to increased fat oxidation.

Caffeine is a common ingredient in fat burners and linked to increased metabolism, fat burning, and improved athletic performance.

Yohimbine HCL
Yohimbine HCL is a fat burner ingredient linked to adverse side effects. Studies do not support Yohimbe for fat loss.

Theobromine is a fat burner ingredient coming from cocoa beans. Similar to caffeine but does not have scientific backing for fat loss.

Should I Take Fat Burners for Better Results?
Fat burners are popular but are they right for you? Read about the pros and cons before giving them a try.

Eliminate or Reduce Alcohol:  This is a Tough One
Eliminating alcohol will enable you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Pack Food for Work:  Keeps You on Track
Packing food for work keeps you on track with healthy eating and fitness goals.

Cook in Bulk:  Try the Crockpot
Crock pots simplify bulk cooking and keep you on track.

Create a Plan to Reach Your Fitness Goals
Trying to achieve a leaner you? Start with 5 things you can change or do right now to reach your goals!

Food Journal:  Honesty Begins Here
Keeping a food journal is a great accountability tool to help reach your fitness goals.

Eat at Home:  Saves Money and Your Waistline
Eating at home ensures healthy food, fitness goals and saves money.

Coffee Enhances Mental Focus
Coffee improves mental focus for a more effective workout.

Coffee Improves Athletic Performance
Coffee and caffeine improve athletic performance during workouts.

How Coffee Can Improve Your Fitness
Coffee is a natural stimulant shown to improve our health and fitness? Grab a cup and enjoy 6 reasons it will benefit your body!

Coffee Prevents Disease
Coffee contains antioxidants that help fight disease.

Coffee Reduces Muscle Pain
Coffee reduces exercise induced muscle pain during workouts.

Coffee Boosts Metabolism
Coffee and caffeine boost metabolism and improve fat burn during workouts.

Are Cheat Meals Good or Bad?
Cheat meals are a debated subject in fitness but there are some advantages. Are you cheating yourself by not indulging?

Dried Fruit for a Healthy Hike
Dried fruit is a durable healthy snack for hiking and is a great way to fuel your body on the trail. Dried fruit promotes optimum fitness for hiking.

Plan Your Food Before the Hike
Power your hiking experience with the top snacks for the trail. Check out the best foods to pack for your trek and for optimum fitness.

Energy Bars are Popular but not Created Equal
Energy bars are great for hiking but select an all natural bar made with minimal ingredients for the best nutrients to fuel the body and on the trail.

Tuna with Whole Grain Crackers: a Perfect Hiking Meal
Tuna kits are a healthy hiking meal, are portable and full of lean protein and sodium to fuel the body.

Nut Butter with Whole Grain Crackers for the Trail
Nut butter is a great healthy snack for hiking full of healthy fats and protein for fuel and recovery.

Turkey Jerky is Portable Protein for Hiking
Turkey Jerky is durable, portable protein for hiking. Turkey jerky restores sodium, balances electrolytes and fuels the muscles during a trail trek.

Nuts and Seeds for Energy
Nuts and seeds are easily packaged and provide excellent nutrition that will fuel an all day hiking trip. Nuts are a superior snack on the trail.

Pretzels Balance Electrolytes
Eating pretzels during a hike helps restore sodium lost through sweat and balance electrolytes. .

Trail Mix is the Coveted Hiking Food
Trail mix tastes great is good for you and the coveted food of all hikers. Trail mix is high in nutrients and supports optimal fitness on the trail.

Water is Essential for Hiking
Water is necessary during hiking, keeps the body hydrated and cool during hot weather. Drink plenty of water throughout the hike for optimal fitness.

Granola is Great Hiking Food
Granola is a great hiking food, easily portioned and enjoyed on the trail. Granola provides energy for hours and a perfect grab and go snack.

How to Eat Right to Lose Weight
Are you eating right to burn fat and lose weight? This simple and healthy food guide will help you achieve results!

Half Marathon Training Nutrition Guide
Are you training for a half marathon? Food intake is vital to your success and this nutrition guide will take you from start to finish!

Diet Mistakes Men Make Trying to Gain Muscle
Men work hard to build muscle but diet mistakes keep getting in the way. Avoid the blunders and get on track to lean mass gains!

Diet Mistakes Women Make Trying to Gain Muscle
Women want muscle definition but continue making diet mistakes that prevent results. Avoid the food pitfalls and apply solutions for lean mass gains.

Athletes' Risk for Dehydration and Hyponatremia
Dehydration and Hyponatremia can occur during prolonged exercise and endurance athletes are at increased risk. Are you taking steps to avoid both?

Why Restricting Calories May Not Be Healthy
Calorie restriction and VLCD diets are popular but may not be the healthiest choice for weight loss. Our body needs more than 500 calories per day.

Real Butter
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition.

Egg Yolks
Sports Nutrition.

Full-Fat Dairy
Sports Nutrition.

Full-Fat Foods are Better For You
Full fat foods are not the demon bad guys anymore. Eating the real deal is not only healthier but part of a lean diet. Pass the butter!

Eat for Athletic Performance
Are you struggling with what to eat before your workout? Learn the best foods for athletic performance and grab some great pre-workout meal ideas.

Lean Up with Celebrity Nutrition Tips
Who doesn't love to get celebrity fitness tips? Get motivated and learn what these experts are doing to maintain a lean physique!

I Can’t Eat “Bad” Foods Anymore

Organics Provide Better Nutrients
Organics do not have better nutrients than conventional foods.

Eating after 6pm Makes Me Store Fat
Eating after 6pm has shown to have positive health benefits.

Wheat is Evil
Wheat contains gluten protein beneficial for a healthy diet. Gluten free is essential for celiac disease but not others.

Fruit is nothing but Bad Sugar
Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. Fructose is shown to not have adverse health effects.

6 Clean Eating Myths Debunked
When it comes to what's healthy, there are a lot of opinions and myths out there. Here are 6 clean eating myths you shouldn't fall for.

I Need a Juice Cleanse Detox
Juice cleanse detoxes are not needed for health benefits and a current medical study links them to renal failure.

Are You Eating for Muscle?
Eating for muscle is an important part of working for that muscle. Avoid these common food mistakes and apply the solutions for muscle definition.

Optimal Fitness Takes Tossing the Food Myths
Are you confused about all the macronutrient food myth hoopla? Read why proteins, carbs, and fats are important for optimal fitness!

What Fitness Pros Eat to Look Lean
You don't have to be a fitness model to look like one, but you can steal a few of their tricks. Eat your way to a beach ready body in no time!

Why You May Need More Calories
Calories play a large role in optimal health and reaching fitness goals. It could be you may need more calories, and here are the reasons why.

Build a Better Body with Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk helps with muscle growth and athletic performance. Nothing fancy required for a superior recovery drink. Pass the carton!

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Resolve to Get Fit and How to Make it Happen
Looking athletic is possible for everyone. Are you ready to get results? The following tips will help you get fit and unleash your inner athlete!

Is Calcium Really Thumbs Down for Improved Bone Density?
Does calcium improve our bone density? The news was wrong and this article has called them on the carpet. Read on!

Research Supports Nutrient Timing for Muscle Growth
Nutrient timing has shown beneficial for muscle growth. Natural bodybuilders are using it and so can you for improved lean mass.

Can I Decrease Fat Stores with Sesamin?
Struggling with fat loss? Sesamin is linked to cutting fat and superior health benefits. Eating sesame seeds may just give you a fat burning boost!

Why Studies Favor Eating Protein All Day Long
Studies say to eat protein all day, not just at dinner for fat loss and muscle growth. Want results? Are you beefing up breakfast with protein?

Studies Confirm Irisin Hormone Released During Exercise
Irisin hormone released during exercise found to increase our fat burning cells. Want to decrease those fat stores? Time to hit the gym!

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

12 Surprising Ingredients in Your Protein Bar
Protein bars are popular but besides whey protein, what are the other weird ingredients we are often confused about? Are they really healthy or not?

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition.

Synbiotics: Studies Reveal Women Lose More Fat than Men
Synbiotics are shown to cut fat and improve BMI especially in women. Read the recent research and how they may help you achieve faster results!

The Neurological Benefits of Muscle Building Creatine
Recent studies have shown creatine to have neurological health benefits! Read how this suppplement is not just for muscle but improved brain power!

Why Abs Can't Always Be Made in the Kitchen

Research Says More Salt Could Be Better
Research now says salt recommendations are wrong and low salt diets are linked to heart disease. Is more salt healthy or not?

Sports Nutrition Diet You Can Do
Sports nutrition is simple, effective, and for everyone physically active. Apply the following strategies and eat right to achieve your best body!

Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy and Look Amazing
Eating healthy plays a vital role in how we look and feel. See how the food we eat helps us achieve great health and the amazing body we are striving for!

How Can They Have a Fit Body and Not Me?
Why do others get fit so easy and I stay the same? Am I the only one struggling with fitness results? These common questions are answered!

Tired of Aches and Pains and Taking a Look at Glucosamine
Glucosamine is a chemical surrounding our joints and may help with joint pain and arthritis. How effective is glucosamine for post workout pain?

When We Cause Metabolic Damage and How to Fix It
Fitness Competitors and Mainstream Exercisers are Strugging with Slowed Metabolism and Can't Lose Fat. What Happened and How Can it Be Prevented?

Study Finds Montmorency Cherries Benefit Muscle
New studies show Montmorency cherries help preserve muscle and reduce soreness after intense workouts. Want healthy muscle? Eat some cherries!

Beer Ingredients Found Similar to Sports Drinks
Grabbing a cold beer during heated outdoor workouts may be more than instinct. Could science be revealing a new sports drink?

Not Losing Fat? Sometimes Food Is Not to Blame
Losing fat is a struggle and you are beyond frustrated. Consider the food may not be the problem but these not-so-obvious reasons. Read on!

Speed Up the Fat Burning Process
Want to increase your metabolism? Certain foods have been proven to stimulate our bodies to burn more fat. Check out the list and feel the burn!

Hot Peppers
Red hot peppers are among the top 10 foods that increase metabolism to burn fat faster.

Low-fat Dairy and Yogurt
Low-fat dairy and yogurt contain calcium and probiotics shown to increase metabolism and signigicantly aid in weight loss around the middle.

Apples boost metabolism and discourage fat stores on the body.

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds are linked to elevating metabolism to burn fat faster and keep it off.

Fatty Fish
Fatty fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids linked to a significant increase in metabolism.

Green Tea
Green tea contains caffeine and antioxidants proven to boost metabolism and increase fat loss.

Caffeinated coffee boosts metabolism, increases energy expenditure, and contains antioxidants linked to faster weight and fat loss.

Cold Water
Cold water boosts metabolism and aids in fat loss.

Whole Grains and Lentils
Eating whole grains speeds up metabolism and increases energy production which leads to overall weight and fat loss.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Foods for Menopause
Menopause symptoms can be reduced by eating specific foods. Improve hot flashes, libido, nights sweats, mood swings and weight gain with food.