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$1 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
$1 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 13.

$2 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
$2 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 14.

$3 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
$3 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 15.

$4 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
$4 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 16.

$5 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
$5 U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 17.

10¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
10˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 9.

15¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
15˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 10.

U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamped Envelope
U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamped Envelope. Page 18.

30¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
30˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 11.

5¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
5˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 6.

50¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
50˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 12.

6¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
6˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 7.

8¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
8˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 8.

Error 4¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
Error 4˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 5.

2009 Love Commemorative
2009 Love Commemorative. Stamps. Page 15.

2009 Wedding Cake Stamp
2009 Wedding Cake Stamp. Stamps. Page 16.

2009 Alaska Commemorative Stamp
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives

2009 Anna Julia Cooper Commemorative
2009 Anna Julia Cooper Commemorative. Page 18.

2009 Bob Hope Commemorative
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 14.

2009 Priority Mail Stamp - California Redwoods
2009 Priority Mail Stamp - California Redwoods. Page 6.

2009 Civil Rights Leaders Commemorative Stamp Pane
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 11.

2009 Edgar Allan Poe Commemorative Stamp
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 3.

Flags of Our Nation Series: Kentucky - Missouri
Flags of Our Nation Series: Kentucky - Missouri. Page 19.

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Lawyer
2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Lawyer. Page 8.

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Politician
2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Politician. Page 9.

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the President
2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the President. Page 10.

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Railsplitter
2009 Lincoln Bicentennial - Lincoln the Railsplitter. Page 7.

2009 Miami University Commemorative Stamped Envelope
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 12.

2009 Express Mail Stamp - Old Faithful Geyser
2009 Express Mail Stamp - Old Faithful Geyser. Page 5.

2008 Oregon Sesquicentennial Stamp
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 4.

2009 Year of the Ox Commemorative Stamp
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives. Page 2.

1¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exhibition Stamp
1˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exhibition Stamp

2¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
2˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 2.

3¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
3˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 3.

4¢ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
4˘ U.S. 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp. Page 4.

Buying and Selling Stamps
Information on buying and selling stamps, including approvals, auctions, stamp circuits and ebay.

History of Philately
History of stamps and stamp collecting.

Organizing Your Stamps
How to organize, display and present your stamps.

2009 Simpsons Issue
2009 Simpsons Issue. Stamps. Page 34.

Angel with Lute
Angel with Lute. Stamps. Page 31.

2009 Classic Television Commemorative Panel
2009 Classic Television Commemorative Panel. Page 24.

Edward Hopper Commemorative
Edward Hopper Commemorative. Stamps. Page 23.

Flags of Our Nation Series: Montana - North Dakota
Flags of Our Nation Series: Montana - North Dakota. Page 20.

Gary Cooper Commemorative
Gary Cooper Commemorative. Stamps. Page 26.

Gulf Coast Lighthouse Commemoratives
Gulf Coast Lighthouse Commemoratives. Page 22.

Hanukkah Commemorative
Hanukkah Commemorative. Stamps. Page 32.

Hawaii 50th Anniversary of Statehood Stamp
Hawaii 50th Anniversary of Statehood Stamp. Page 21.

Nature of America: Kelp Forest Sheet
Kelp Forest Sheet. Stamps. Page 28.

Kwanzaa Commemorative
Kwanzaa Commemorative. Stamps. Page 33.

Madonna and Child by Sassoferatto
Madonna and Child by Sassoferatto. Page 29.

Richard Wright Commemorative
Richard Wright Commemorative. Stamps. Page 13.

Supreme Court Justices Pane
Supreme Court Justices Pane. Stamps. Page 27.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Strip
Thanksgiving Day Parade Strip. Stamps. Page 25.

Winter Holidays Block of Four
Winter Holidays Block of Four. Stamps. Page 30.

The Topical Stamp Collection: Simple Yet Satisfying
The topical stamp collector, who has his own piece of the philatelic pie, is passionate about his collecting, but can be the target of predators.

Politically Correct Stamps
One of stamp collecting’s benefits is learning about history. But some believe that some of that history should be ignored -- or erased.

Back of Book Stamps
Back of book (BOB) stamps are those that don't quite fit into the category of regular postage, but are interesting philatelic items to collect.

Videos Now Guide and Entertain Stamp Collectors
Through philatelic offerings on YouTube viewers can learn about stamp collecting or simply be entertained by videos of the hobby’s storied history.

What Made the Golden Age of Stamp Collecting Golden
While hardcore stamp collectors say every age is the golden age for the hobby, one period stands out as the time interest in stamp collecting surged.

Be a True Stamp Collector
You may well consider yourself a stamp collector. But are you a true stamp collector? A quick look at this list provides you with your answer.

A Current Want List is a Must for the Stamp Collector
The new stamp collector’s want list of stamps for his collection will change over time as his collection -- and his philatelic knowledge -- grows.

2009 Wedding Rings Commemorative
2009 Wedding Rings Commemorative. Page 17.

Many Stamp Collectors Enjoy Deltiology
Many stamp collectors also enjoy the hobby of deltiology, or postcard collecting, for the variety of subjects beyond basic greetings.

Stamps on eBay: Good for Stamp Collecting?
Stamp collectors can come out ahead buying and selling on eBay. But stamp dealers must adapt to this relatively new market and adapt.

Stamps’ Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder
The enjoyment of stamps' beauty can be had simply, whether via available free images or in the stamps you add to your collection.


How to Identify Your Stamps
How to identify your stamps.

The Sun Never Sets on Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogs
Though much more than just stamp catalogs, the Stanley Gibbons company has published books that have guided stamp collectors for well over a century.

Commemorative Stamps
Commemoratives are by far the most popular type of stamps with collectors. They are the short-lived stamps that can bring history to life.

Number of Rock 'n Roll Stamps Grows
The tone of stamp collecting is changing as entertainers -- especially rock musicians -- now appear regularly on worldwide new issues.

Beware Co-opted U.S. Themes and Manufactured Collections
Legit stamps of value don’t come in fancy pre-fab albums touted as heirloom quality, with

One Needn't Be an Old-timer to Collect Stamp World's Old Stuff
Real stamp collectors are children of the golden age of the Thirties through the Fifties; a time when philatelic history was made.

Review: A History of Britain in Thirty-six Postage Stamps
British postage stamps’ place in the country’s history is provided by Chris West in his book A History of Britain in Thirty-six Postage Stamps.

No Science to Pricing Philatelic Covers and Postal History
Lacking a definitive guide, prices for philatelic and postal history covers are often arrived at by collectors and dealers following instinct.

The Stamp Collector vs The Philatelist
The stamp collector and the philatelist, while in the same ballpark, are on different teams. The defining factor separating them is seriousness.

Fairs and Expos Offer Stamp Collecting Opportunities
World's fairs and expositions have historically been responsible for creating some of the most exciting collectibles for stamp and cover collectors. From the Columbian Exposition in 1892 to the 1939 NY World's Fair and beyond, collectors of fair and expo items have a rich field to mine.

Learn the Rules of Condition Before Playing the Stamp Game
The new or inexperienced collector may overlook one of the hard and fast rules of stamp collecting: always purchase a stamp in the best condition available. While there are different standards for each collector, those who want their collections to have value and decent resale value can't ignore the condition of the stamps they buy and add to their collections.

One Stamp Collector’s Beginnings
Most stamp collectors have similar beginnings. It is the direction we choose after some time in the hobby that makes us unique.

Stamp Collecting – Stamp Values, Storage & More
Learn about stamp collecting, rare stamps, stamp values and proper stamp storage. Find places to buy stamps online and stamp dealers.

Are Young Turning Their Backs on Stamp Collecting?
Stamp collecting needs an infusion of the young to stay strong. But can the hobby attract them while pop culture offers all of its temptations?

Stuck with Self-Stick Stamps
Self-stick adhesive postage stamps hold problems that earlier generations did not have to contend with, including difficulty in soaking and mounting.

Styles of First Day Cover Collecting
Suit yourself by collecting the type of first day cover you enjoy most and build a collection that has solid value and special meaning to you.

Sometimes the Old Ways of Stamp Collecting are Best
The single country stamp collection focuses on one area, is finite and manageable, and offers collectors the desirable goal of completion.

George V -- The King of Philately

Being a Stamp Collector
Look beyond media stereotypes to see what real stamp collectors are like, and to find your place in the stamp collecting world.

Philately and Photography Work Together for Good
Great photographers of America deserve to be honored on stamps. Although their work has appeared on stamps, they are more than just a sum of their images. Their contribution to culture and society deserves philatelic recognition.

Caring for your Stamps
How to care for and protect your stamps.

Finding Other Collectors
Ways to find other collectors to share your love of philately. Including online forums, local and national stamp clubs, as well as organizations devoted to special topics in philately.

Finding Stamp Values
Finding out how much your stamps are worth.

Stamps as an Investment
How stamps can be part of your financial planning.

Famous Personalities Add Excitement to Stamp Collecting
Famous personalities both collect and appear on stamps, giving a shot of glamor to the sometimes overly conservative hobby of stamp collecting.

The Internet Humanizes Collectible Postal History
Those pieces of postal history in stamp collectors’ albums may have more history -- and value -- attached than has been previously recognized.

A Dealer Said My First Day Covers Are Worthless: Why?
Know what first day covers (FDC) are to avoid collecting those that don't measure up to the standards of the philatelic community.

What Are Collectible Stamp Covers?
Many intermediate collectors, comfortable in their stamp collecting, find adding covers to their philatelic collections comes naturally.

Philately Lets Stamp Collectors Set Their Own Goals
In stamp collecting no one but you decides what is enough to make a collection, though you must have the right items to call it complete.

Collectors Put Their Own Art on First Day Covers
Collectors of Artcraft first day covers were shocked to find that the line has been discontinued. But there are many options for obtaining FDCs.

Women in Philately Have Noteworthy History
Women now appear on stamps with the same frequency as men. This equality is as it should be, but collectors might wonder why it took so long.

Women In Philately Have Noteworthy History (Part II)
Part II of Women in Philately... looks at how some unusual women found a place in a hobby that seemed an exclusive boys club for too long.

How to Buy Gifts for Stamp Collectors
Buying gifts for the stamp collector can be difficult. Here are suggestions for gifts that will be much appreciated by your stamp collector.

Review: American Astrophilately - The First 50 Years
David S. Ball's American Astrophilately: The First 50 Years is everything the collector of U.S. space covers could want and more.

Add Collateral Material to Stamp Collections and Exhibits
Make your stamp collection stand out and tell a deeper story than it can through stamps alone by adding collateral material to it.

Altered Covers Present a Danger for Stamp Collectors
Knowing what a philatelic or postal history cover is will give you the confidence to buy these items without worries about their authenticity.

Waiting for the First U.S. Stamps Postmasters Created Their Own
Postmaster Provisional stamps are a fascinating part of U.S. collecting, though their rarity means that most collectors can only enjoy them from afar.

The Famous Artcraft First Day Cover Cachet is No More
Shock waves were created with the announcement that the Artcraft brand of cachet -- well-loved by first day cover collectors -- was being retired.

So You Want to Collect Airmail
The exciting history of the airmail comes alive through stamps and covers of the past and present that are highly prized by aerophilatelists.

Stamp Collectors Change with The Times
The Golden Age of Stamp Collecting, the '30s, was an age of turmoil for the real world, as it slipped slowly but inevitably into WWII and its horrors.

Philatelic Covers vs Postal History, Pt. 1
Some collectors enjoy made-up philatelic souvenirs of an event, while others find satisfaction only through collecting true postal history.

Not Your Grandpa’s Philately
There is no denying that stamp subjects have changed over the years. But the desire to have a unique and personal collection remains.

How to Collect Pricey Stamps on a Budget
If you’re frustrated that the stamps you want to collect include many high-priced items, you may be surprised to find there are budget alternatives.

Historic January Rich with Stamp Connections
Science, space exploration, personalities, and world history having a January connection are all represented on stamps of the U.S. and the world.

Don’t Let Stamp Collections Turn Friends Against You
A stamp collection that has emotion attached -- especially an inherited one -- can cause problems for buyer and seller alike.

Friends and Stamps are Gained Through Letter Writing
Stamps on mail are becoming a rarity, though renewed emphasis on letter writing may partly solve the problem of those who like to collect used stamps.

Keep Your Stamp Storage Items in Good Condition
There is a nostalgic aura to stamps in an antique album. But the possibility of decaying paper and worse puts valuable philatelic material at risk.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Stamp Dealers Put a Friendly Face on Collecting
For some being a stamp collector isn’t enough; they want to be around stamps 24/7. And the best way to do that is to become a stamp dealer.

Stamps and Newspapers Exist Together
If you want your topical stamp collection to tell a story add covers that let the stamps speak of their purpose and history.

Stamps’ First Job is Carrying the Mail
Stamp collectors wondering where their stamps have been before they wind up in their albums can sometimes find an answer on the stamps themselves.

Study Stamps and Covers Before Buying
More can go wrong on a postal history or philatelic cover than on a stamp. Examine those larger philatelic items for faults carefully before buying.

Time Honored Stamp Auctions Yield Treasures
At some point in your stamp collecting you’ll find that better stamps and covers you need are found not on eBay, but at a real-life stamp auction.

Penny Black - The First Postage Stamp
Britain's Penny Black, the world's first stamp, signalled a revolution in postal service and communication, the Uniform Penny Postage system.

Known for their place on first day covers, the artful and informative cachet also notes first flight mail, and philatelic and historical events.

The Magic of Stamp Valuation
If you want to buy a stamp, chances are great that others do too. Make sure your good purchasing practices will pay off when you want to sell later.

Man of Many Stamps: Abe Lincoln
Although George Washington may claim more U.S. stamp issues, Abraham Lincoln may resonate with stamp collectors more than any other subject.

France, Birthplace of Philately and Aviation
From the world’s first balloon flights to balloon post during the 1870 Paris siege French aviation is well documented on postage stamps.

Stamps and the Mail: Changing Times and Rate Changes
Stamp collectors interested in postal systems keep a record of progress with their collections featuring rate change covers and stamps.

Be Considerate to Other Stamp Collectors
Stamp collecting is a hobby for your individual enjoyment. Still, it’s to your benefit that your stamp collecting impacts others positively as well.

Stamp Collectors Travel Railways to Futurama and Space
From railway mail to stamps commemorating space travel, the years bracketing WWII offered philatelic variety and a snapshot of America.

Interesting Youth in Stamp Collecting Is Your Job
If young stamp collectors don't join the hobby, there's a danger your collection could lose value in the future due to lack of interested buyers.

How to Sell Your Stamps on Ebay
Ebay makes it easy for stamp collectors to sell their stamps and covers themselves, but rules must be followed to find success.

The Centerpiece of an Airmail Collection
The Siege of Paris ballon monte mail, carried out of the surrounded city by balloons, 1870-71, produced the first systematic airmail postal history.

High Flying Frenchmen on Stamps
Twentieth-century​ French aviation offers collectors an exciting topical collecting opportunity with many commemorative stamps and covers.

Stamp Dealers in Philatelic History, Part II
While stamp dealers have become less visible through selling via the Internet, they are now using new technology to get closer to collectors again.

Fun Entry to Stamp Collecting Through First Day Covers
First day covers (FDC) are popular souvenir items featuring a stamp and related artwork on an envelope with a cancel noting

Basics of Buying Gifts for Stamp Collectors
It is doubtful you know what your stamp collector would like as a gift. And buying him actual stamps just asks for trouble. So here's what you do.

Collect Stamp Images or the Real Thing
Stamps, made of paper, won't last forever. And as digitization of art and collectibles grows, collecting stamps' images may become an accepted option.

Philately Means Serious Stamp Collecting
Philately is the large umbrella that covers stamp collecting, while implying a collector engaged in more serious study of his stamps and covers.

Become a Stamp Specialist in One Easy Lesson
No one can take in the whole of philately. And so collectors become specialists, limiting themselves to a single area of stamp collecting.

Make Money With Your Stamps -- And Keep Your Collection
The ease of selling stamps online means you can turn your extras into cash. But be a responsible seller and only offer good quality to your buyers.

Coil Stamps See Many Different Uses
The humble coil stamp, in its role as a mail workhorse, provides many different varieties and usages to keep a collector busy with possibilities.

The History and Future of the Inverted Jenny Stamp
The Inverted Jenny reprint is a nod to philatelic history. And the USPS added 100 error errors for lucky collectors to find for a possible jackpot.

The Commonwealth & British Empire Stamps 1840-1970
For collectors of stamps of the U.K. and the British Empire there is The Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840 - 1970 by Stanley Gibbons.

Where We are in the World of Stamps
With stamps as his inspiration, the collector is a citizen of the world; though it's a world, like the real one, that he must meet on its terms.

The Year of the Penny Black Stamp
You don’t need a copy of the expensive Penny Black stamp to enjoy the history and lore behind the coveted world’s first postage stamp.

Stamp Show Attendees Can Get Better Deals
Large stamp shows offer better quality stamps than the norm, with the option of buying from multiple dealers a feature making the trip worthwhile.

Review of The Error World - An Affair with Stamps by Simon Garfield
The Error World - An Affair with Stamps by Simon Garfield pulls no punches in author's personal story of how his stamp collecting addiction hurt him.

Blue Mauritius - The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps
Blue Mauritius - The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamps

Once Stamp Collectors Got Free Stamps from Friends, Family
It used to be stamp collectors got stamps from the mail of friends, neighbors and associates. But with meters and permits taking over this has ended.

Stamps on Envelopes: Save Them for the Future
It's a rare hobby where something described as used can have a good valuation. But used stamps, especially saved on cover, exemplifies that category.

Arrangement of Stamps Can Be a Personal Thing
If you are not a traditional stamp collector you may be one of the interesting types that populate the hobby, giving it vitality and zest.

USPS Says They're Done: "No More Stamps For You!"
To cut costs the USPS says it will stop issuing stamps and ask their customers to ink a new deal every time they mail: with their fingers.

Philatelic Mysteries Abound
If you think you know why stamp collectors favor certain areas, think again. Sometimes collecting interests are mysterious and indefinable.

Herman Herst's Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting
Herman Herst's

Interesting Stamp Collections Include Authentic Pieces of History
There are covers full of history that can add an authentic touch to a modern stamp collection.

Stamp Dealers in Philatelic History, Part 3
In the course of doing business every stamp dealer has produced pieces of philatelic and postal history that have found their way into collections.

Stamp Dealers in Philatelic History, Part 1
In the process of selling stamps and covers to collectors stamp dealers create their own collectible pieces of postal and philatelic history.

Early Focus on Premium Stamps Sent Prices Up
Stamp condition, the engine that drives the valuation of stamps, was unimportant to collectors of earlier days, who took stamps as they came.

Stamped Mail Replaced Pre-Adhesive Covers
Stampless covers were the rule in the posts for centuries before the introduction of the Penny Black stamp and the uniform postage system.

Getting a Charge Out of Your Stamps
Stamp collecting, known as a quiet hobby, is paradoxically full of excitement for the collector. Especially when he gets down to serious stamp buying.

Considering the Spacefiller Stamp
When a stamp collection nears completion and only the rare and expensive remain to be added, acquiring cheap spacefiller stamps is one option.

Mail Experiments Attract Stamp Collectors
The experiments involved in postal improvements may produce no benefits for mail carrying, but often involve items of interest to stamp collectors.

Elvis Returns to Senders on a New Stamp
The new Elvis stamp makes his fans happy, but may not be a big seller at the post office, which now suffers lack of mailers and purchasers of stamps.

Bogus Stamps of an Inherited Stamp Collection
Inheritors who receive an unexpected low offer for a stamp collection can make them unjustifiably suspicious of the dealer and the hobby in general.

How the Greatest Generation Found Philately
Along with victory in WWII, The Greatest Generation also brought home a new-found interest in the world, which they exercised in stamp collecting.

Stamp Printing Methods Change with the Times
Times change and the art and design of stamps must change with them, though many traditional collectors will bemoan new stamp subjects and art.

Areas of Stamp Collecting Become Less Relevant
A number of obsessive stamp collecting pursuits, once more popular than today, include specialty areas that are sometimes misunderstood.

The Civil War Produced Stamps Only for Use by The South
Although never recognized by the U.S. government, the Confederate States of America moved the mails in the South during the Civil War.

Introducing War Into Your Stamp Collection
While many world conflicts and battles are commemorated on postage stamps, peace is a much rarer topic to be found noted philatelically.

The Story a Stamp Tells May be Wrong
Sometimes stamps and covers get it wrong, with information or features that are in error historically. This does not, of itself, make them valuable.

A Few Cases of Stamp Fraud
The unscrupulous are adept at taking advantage of collectors with fakes and forgeries. You have to beat them by being aware of their frauds.

Soaking New Style Stamps Can Ruin Them
As the USPS turns to self-adhesive stamps exclusively, many collectors turn their backs on U.S. new issues as they mourn classic style stamps.

The First US Rocket Mail Pointed the Way to the Future
Stamps have been on mail carried by rockets and spacecraft for over a century, leaving a philatelic record for space stamp and cover collectors.

Ways of the Postal History Collector
While stamp collectors and postal history collectors share philatelic concerns, they are more accurately defined by their differences.

Bring Your Stamp Interest Back with a Space Topical Collection
Starting a topical collection like the conquest of space as a sideline to your regular collection can instill new life into your philatelic pursuits.

Stamp Collecting in the Media Spotlight
Stamp collecting emerges from the shadows once again as philatelic philanthropist Bill Gross pays $51,000 for Inverted Jenny reprint sheet.

Bring Your Stamp Interest Back with a Space Topical Collection, Pt. 2
Humanize a space topical collection with stamps honoring historic personalities of astrophilately and those who made space travel a reality.

Gain A Sense of History with Stamps
Stamps provide an education about important world progress and events, perhaps more today than ever before.

Items from Short-lived Local Posts Popular with Stamp Collectors
Many local delivery postal services of the nineteenth century produced an array of collectible stamps that continue to fascinate collectors.

Why Stamp Collectors Pay the Prices They Do
Be confident when valuing and buying stamps. No single guide has all the information, though it is available with a bit of searching.

When the Stamp Hinge Was King
One of the greatest changes in stamp collecting over the years has been the emphasis on the back of the stamp and how gum condition affects value.

First International Stamp Show in the U.S. Made News
An historic stamp show in 1913 filled the press with tales of theft, famous collectors and a D.A. out to confiscate the show’s publicity stamps.

Take Advantage of the Culture of Stamp Collecting
The heritage in libraries that are the repositories of philatelic knowledge and history is worthy of the attention of stamp collectors of every level.

Hidden Value is Found in Historic Stamp Covers
While speculators in stamps may occasionally turn a profit, they are out of place in a hobby custom made for one individual: the stamp collector.

From Stampless to Stamps
Many stamp collectors add stampless and free frank covers to the postal history section of their collections.

A Few Basic Terms Let You Dive Into Stamp Collecting
There are a great many terms the studious stamp collector wants to learn. But at the beginning the new collector need only grasp the basic ones.

World Cup Stamp Issues Guided by FIFA
The World Cup offers an opportunity for the collector to put together an impressive topical collection featuring soccer.

Stamp Collections Left Behind Offer Clues to Collector
You can bring your family together for fun with your stamps. But remember to leave instructions for the sale of your collections after you're gone.

The Summer Side of Stamp Collecting
Stamp collecting fades into the background during summer, but those on the move can still take advantage of philatelic opportunities.

True Philatelic Souvenirs of The Past
Stamps can be positive triggering devices for collectors as they send them in search of postal history and the story behind the stamp.

Patriotic Sentiment Through Stamps and Covers
The world’s conflicts -- its battles, victories, and surrenders -- are well documented on stamps and covers; both special and ordinary mail pieces.

Stamps and Newspapers Exist Together
While stamps once franked early newspapers, more recent stamps have honored publishers and journalists of those earlier days.

Stamp Collectors Shouldn’t Fear the New
Online stamp selling has now left traditional stamp collecting behind, leaving those who cling to the old ways struggling to build their collections.

The Anniversary of the Penny Black
The stamp collecting world is currently engaged in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the world's first postage stamp, the Penny Black.

Stamp Speculators Do the Hobby No Favors
Speculation in stamps can benefit only the speculator. The practice is bad for the health of the hobby and should be avoided by the collector,

The Anniversary of the Penny Black
James Chalmers' contributions to the Uniform Penny Post in Britain remain little noted, even as the Penny Black stamp's 175th anniversary approaches.

Rowland Hill’s Letter Stamps Saved Stamp Collecting
James Chalmers, who for 175 years has stood in the shadow of Rowland Hill, the man identified with the first postage stamp, also deserves credit.

Say Hello (Again) to Topical Stamp Collecting
Put your interests on display with topical stamp collecting, while illustrating them and telling their story with the world's postage stamps.

Stamps Find Their Way Onto Unusual Items
Unusual uses of stamps is nothing new. You may use them for your art or, literally, for wallpaper. There's no law against putting a stamp...wherever!

Stamp Mentors and Sharing Philatelic Knowledge
The old days of the kindly stamp dealer are just about over. You are now on your own to buy on the Internet, without the personal guidance that was once abundantly available in stamp shops.

Research Stamps for Fun and Profit
With the wealth of philatelic literature and knowledge within the collector’s reach there is no reason to not be well-versed in the stamps you love.

Measure a Stamp’s Value in Pleasure, Not Dollars
Figuring out what current stamps have a chance of appreciating in value requires expertise beyond that possessed by the everyday collector.

Upside Down Stamp: Love and Trouble
The positioning of a stamp on an envelope can have secret meanings, sometimes shared only between the sender and the recipient.

The Wise Stamp Investor
As the financial situation in the world has become dire, many are looking for other places to invest their money as currency, stocks, and bonds remain risky. Tangible assets like rare stamps are gaining in popularity, as historically they have held their value and are now viewed as a safe haven for investing. Stamp collectors may also consider investing in stamps, although in a way they already do.

Whither First Day Covers in the Post-Modern World of Philately?
First day covers (FDC's) are having a hard time holding their place in today's stamp collecting world, as interest in them fades and FDC collecting groups lose members.

Find Stamp Buying Advantage with Specialized Knowledge
What you know about your specialized area of stamp collecting can net you bargains when you go to buy stamps.

Many Stamp Collectors Now Becoming Part-Time Dealers
Technology has made it increasingly easy for collectors who wish to become part-time stamp dealers to realize their dream.

Knowing The Parts That Make Up a Cover
Those who know how to read a cover are better able to gauge its worth, while understanding why it may or may not be a fit for their collection. And knowing a covers' parts is a basic skill for the knowledgeable philatelist.

The Facts of Your Stamp Collection's Value
Be aware, as you put build your stamp collection, that what you pay for your stamps today will have a major impact on the resale of your collection later.

Beat the Stamp Dealers to the Punch
Get old stamp albums before stamp dealers have skimmed off the cream.

Numerous Benefits for Collectors at Larger Stamp Shows
Collectors who go to larger shows staged by stamp dealers reap numerous benefits.

Ebay Helps Stamp Collectors Become Part-time Dealers
Learn the basic rules of eBay selling to transition from stamp collector to stamp collector-stamp dealer.

Philatelic Trash: A Challenge For Stamp Collectors
Sometimes philatelic items held in low esteem can gain new respect with collectors.

The Appeal of Covers to Stamp Collectors
There are a number of reasons for the appeal of covers -- whether first days, event, or postal history -- to collectors. But it is often the stamp dealer who has to make a cover's meaning and value clear.

Selling an Inherited Stamp Collection
Selling an inherited stamp collection can be an intimidating task, but there are ways to go about it that will reduce the stress and tension involved.

Today Stamp Condition is More Important than Ever When Buying
Buy stamps in good condition and then take care of your stamps -- and your investment.

The Alternative First Day Cover
There are many variations of the first day cover, the pristine souvenir of the release day of a stamp that only travels through the mail system within another cover. The alternative are covers that have more to due with postal history than the artistic pieces of stamp memorabilia that are today's FDCs.

Know How and When to Turn Your Stamp Collection Into Cash
Make sure your collection is well-organized and neat before you go to sell.

For Living People on Stamps
The USPS has decided to honor living individuals on stamps, a move that will make the stamp issuing program more contemporary and bring new blood into the aging collector world.

The Stamp Show Dealer: First Contact
Learn to listen to stamp dealers to determine what stamp collecting area is right for you.

Your 21st Century Stamp Want List
The online world offers collectors a myriad of ways to get the message of what they want to buy to add to their collections; traditionally called a want list this information can now be broadcast across the Internet, assuring that the sought stamps are available to the collector many times faster than in stamp collecting's earlier days.

Consider More Than The Stamp When Buying US Covers
There is more to consider when buying U.S. covers than the stamp. Cachets can cause confusion for the beginning or casual collector and cause him to purchase a cover that is not what he thinks it is.

New Collectors' Misconceptions About Stamp Dealers
New collectors suspect dealers of all sorts of strange thoughts and deeds. There are those who think all dealers are crooks. The truth is that your stamp dealer can be a mentor and someone to help you build a better collection.

Pleasures and Pitfalls of Topical Stamp Collecting
Aspects of the popular area of topical stamp collecting.

Stamps of Mystery and the Imagination
Postal services remember science fiction and fantasy writers, by commemorating the likes of Poe, Verne, Wells.

Collecting Philatelic Covers: To Cut or Not to Cut
New types of stamps make philatelic covers more collectible.

When Stamp Collectors are Ready, Covers are Waiting
On the way from collecting stamps to studying postal history, there's an entry level fun way to get into it by collecting covers that show the progress of the mails and the history of the hobby of stamp collecting.

Rounding Up The Usual Stamp Subjects
Some topics and personalities have appeared on stamps more than once. Is a repeat philatelic honor always justified for those not of royalty or presidential?

Collateral Items Add Interest to a Stamp Collection
Adding stamp related philatelic items to your collection, can also add interest to it and help your stamps tell their stories.

Changing Traditions in Stamp Collecting
Technology has changed the way collectors collect. For someone just entering the hobby, with knowledge of the old ways, there are new ways that should be learned before joining the ranks of 21st century stamp collectors.

Learn Philatelic Do's and Don'ts
Protect yourself and your collection's value by becoming familiar with the basic good practices of stamp collecting.

Honest Fixes for Stamps In Need of Help
Proper repairing of stamps and covers is part of the serious collector's world.

Overprinted Stamps Reflect History's March
Overprints are put on stamps for a number of reasons, from changing denomination, to making money for charity

Understanding Philatelic Research
Philatelic research is important to fully know your stamps and covers, as well as being able to present them in a way that allows a viewer to appreciate their meaning. There are many levels of research, from using the basic catalogs, to going to specialty publications and prime sources to allow the collector to put their philatelic items into historical perspective. Of course the collector may do as much, or as little, research as he wants and still enjoy his collection in his own way.

Stamp Collecting at the Tipping Point
The ongoing problem with the hobby of stamp collecting is the inability to attract younger collectors to carry on the traditions and start some of their own.

Some Stamp Collectors Embrace Disasters
For those who wish to find them, there are plenty of tragedies and disasters in the hobby, found both in albums and in the living, breathing world of philately. But how can these sad events be collectible?

The Great American Stamp Collector: FDR
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a stamp collector of such passion that he may have thought of himself as a philatelist first and leader of the free world second.

First Day Covers are Serious Philately
The stamp collector should not think of first day covers as kids' stuff in relation to their serious stamp collecting. Respected philatelists find the collection and study of first day covers to be a worthy pursuit.

The Not-So-Simple Appeal of First Day Covers
First day covers, in their scope and variety, prove a rich collecting byway for stamp collectors.

Getting to Your Next Level of Stamp Collecting
There are some basic steps the stamp collector must take -- as well as basic tools to grasp -- to get to the next level in his collecting life.

Unusual Philatelic Items from Stamp Shows
Aside from stamps there are a great number of philatelic items, the products not of postal agencies, but stamp shows, that are collection-worthy.

Philatelic Information and Knowledge: Pass It on
Digitizing philatelic literature will help avoid loss of publications of the past.

Honesty in the Stamp World
Not proceeding with honesty in the stamp collecting world can produce dire results.

The Promise of Philatelic Literature
Philatelic literature is a proud tradition in the world of stamp collecting which also has a bright future.

Ben Franklin Endures as the Face of Philately
Will the USPS close the historic B Free Franklin post office in Philadelphia as a cost cutting measure?

The Exotic Hobby of Stamp Collecting
Visit the exotic locales of the world without even leaving your comfy chair. All you need as a traveling companion is a worldwide stamp collection.

Stamp Words, Serious and Otherwise
Monsieur Herpin coined the word philately more than 100 years ago so stamp collecting might have a fancy title for itself. There are other words unique to the hobby not so elegant. In fact, they can be downright scary.

Stamp Collecting With Tech Tools Brings Glitches
Technology, while it makes much easier for both collector and dealer of stamps, there are some downsides.

Lincoln: Still a Favorite in the Hearts of Collectors
From the time when his campaign covers were in the mail, to Civil War patriotics, to the 15 cent memorial stamp after his death, to the many postal tributes the USPS has bestowed on him, Abe Lincoln is the man, as far as stamp collectors are concerned.

Contribute to Your Stamp Club
Join a stamp club after you have learned the basics of stamp collecting.

The Stanley Gibbons Collect British Postmarks Catalogue
A review of the stamp catalog Collect British Postmarks, published by Stanley Gibbons, Ltd.

The World of First Day Covers and Fakes
As first day cover collecting gains respectability, fakers will take notice and create more fraudulent items.

Your Real Life Found in Stamps
Stamp collecting, like all hobbies, take you out of your daily life and bring you to a special place. But stamps can also help the collector find his place in the real world.

Glossary of philatelic terms. Stamps.

Stamp Collecting Glossary: A-E
Stamp Collecting Glossary terms and concepts starting with the letters A through E.

Stamp Collecting Glossary: F-J
Stamp Collecting Glossary terms and concepts starting with the letters A through E.

Stamp Collecting Glossary: K-O
Stamp Collecting Glossary terms and concepts starting with the letters K through O.

Stamp Collecting Gallery: P-T
Stamp Collecting Glossary terms and concepts starting with the letters A through E.

Stamp Collecting Gallery: U-Z
Stamp Collecting Glossary terms and concepts starting with the letters U through Z.

Insuring Your Collection
How to insure your stamp collection.

How to Soak Stamps - Getting Stamps off Paper
How to Soak Stamps - Getting Stamps off Paper

Sorting Stamps By The Type Of Paper They Are On
Sorting - Separate stamps by the type of paper they are on and their cancellations

Trim Stamps to Get Rid of the Excess Envelope
Trimming stamps - Getting rid of the excess envelope without hurting the stamp.

Soak Stamps in Water to Separate Them From the Paper
Soaking the stamps - Putting stamps in warm water to separate them from the paper

Drying Stamps - After Soaking to Separate Stamps Dry Them Carefully
Drying stamps after soaking using paper towels, newspaper or towels

Flattening Stamps - How to Separate Stamps from Envelopes
Flattening soaked stamps.

Pay Your Price for Your Stamps, Not the Dealer's
There are ways to help yourself find stamps at prices you can handle. And all it takes is finding a stamp dealer who is aware of your needs as a collector.

Stamp Investing's Tender Traps
There are no guarantees in stamp investing, although picking the right stamps is a good start. While the collector may love his stamps, when he decides to become an investor he must become knowledgeable about what makes a stamp important and investment grade. While there are many gurus in the philatelic woods ready to sell you their investment grade stamps, there is no substitute for the investor to be able to know what stamps may offer him financial returns in the future.

Here you will find the information to start a stamp collection on the right foot and continue it knowledgeably, getting the most pleasure possible out of your hobby, with the potential to realize a profit when you come to the point where you want to sell it.

Buying & Selling
Stamp collecting is based on the customer-dealer realtionship. A good dealer knows what the collector wants and tries to have it for him at a good price. There are many factors besides catalog prices -- which are just rough guides -- for what you will pay for a stamp. Just as there are many variables that come into play when you sell your collection to a dealer.

Meeting other stamp collectors for a friendly networking and exchange of information benefits you and your collection. Even with the Internet, the individual's grasp can only reach so far. As part of a club or stamp organization, through combined effort more knowledge, leading to better informed collecting will yield a higher quality collection and greater satisfaction for the collector.

A Trip To The Stamp Show
A bit of planning ahead will add to your enjoyment of the stamp show

Where to Find A $14,000 Error Stamp Rarity
A recently discovered error version of the U.S.'s Lindbergh airmail stamp has sold for $14,000.

Crash Cover
A definition of the term Crash Cover.

Stamp Catalog
What is a stamp catalog? Stamps.

Stamp Condition -- A Buyer's Prime Consideration
The centering of a stamp is one of the prime considerations when deciding what price to pay. The knowledgeable collector is aware of the different grades of stamps and the terms to describe them.

Catalogs and Your Stamp Collection's Value
Stamp catalogs come offer guides to prices, not the final word on them. That rests with stamps dealers, who use the same catalogs as collectors to determine their prices.

Organization Makes a Stamp Collection
It is great fun to buy stamps, but once you get them home you have a responsibility to them. If you find more enjoyment in the acquisition than in forming them into a handsome and meaningful collection, you are an accumulator and not a collector.

Stock Book
What is a stock book? Stamps.

Special Delivery Stamps
What is a Special Delivery Stamp?

Get The Best Deal When You Are Ready To Sell Your Collection
Necessary tasks to prepare for selling your stamp collection include making sure you are emotionally ready to say goodbye

Postage Due Stamps
What is a Postage Due Stamp? Stamps.

How to Handle Stamps Safely
Handling Stamps - How to Handle Stamps safely using tongs

What are the holes between stamps?

War Between the States Continues to Yield Philatelic Collectibles
Civil War Buffs that are also stamp collectors are looking at a lot of action in the next several years as the United States -- and many other stamp-issuing entities of the world -- will mark the sesquicentennial of the War Between the States with a flood of philatelic items.

Buying Philatelic Covers and Postal History Requires Savvy Shopping
Those who go from stamp collecting to add cover collecting to their philatelic menu must be aware of the different concerns that arising when buying items for their collections.

Twenty Gifts for Twenty Dollars
Inexpensive gifts for the stamp collector in your life.

Avoid Cachet Confusion When Buying First Day Covers
Covers from earlier days, especially the 30s through the WWII era can sometimes fool collectors into thinking they are first day covers. It is important to know the difference between event covers and first day covers. It often comes down to the cachet.

Topical Stamp Collecting
A definition of what topical stamp collecting is.

To Use or Not to Use Stamp Albums
Albums can offer disappointment to the collector in the form of empty spaces where high value stamps go. But the discipline of using a stamp album can also help one avoid sliding down the slippery slope from stamp collector to messy accumulator of stamps.

Modern Stamp Storage Concerns
Keeping up with the latest in stamp storage can save the collector from the heartbreak of damaged and ruined stamps.

Banned Books Week Leads Into National Stamp Collecting Month
Virtually all of the U.S. authors depicted on USPS stamps have had their works banned.

Always Know What Your Stamp Collection is Worth
Know what your stamp collection is worth by consulting catalogs, but also be aware of the things that can impact a stamp's value.

Don't Be Left Holding The Bag (of Worthless Stamps)
Finding and buying good stamps for your collection, especially those that are good investments.

The Rare Stamp Collector
Rare stamps, while out of the reach of many, can be had in less expensive versions.

Keeping It Clean on Stamp Blogs
Collecting stamps vs. collecting postal history.

Clubs Add Value to Your Stamp Collecting Life
Joining a stamp club can add to your pleasure and knowledge and will consequently help you put together a collection of greater than average value. And in stamp collecting every friend, acquaintance and contact is another source of information and stamps.

Stamps' Sweet Charity
Stamps have always been a dependable means of raising funds for those in need or suffering. It started during the U.S.'s Civil War and is still going on today.

Use the Internet to Form a Better Stamp Collection
The Internet is a real boon for stamp collectors, allowing them to add to their knowledge of the hobby, purchase stamps with ease and connect with other collectors.

Some Stories That Shaped Stamp Collecting in 2010
From sales of rarities to the possible sale of the U.K.'s Royal Mail to the sticky problem of getting self-adhesive stamps off of envelopes, there were a few philatelic stories that stood out a bit more than most in the quiet, but always interesting world of stamp collecting in 2010.

Boticelli's Madonna & Child
2008 Christmas stamp portraying the Madonna and the young John the Baptist. Page 4.

1950s Fins and Chrome Pane
Pane of 20 stamps commemorating classic cars from the 1950s. Page 2.

Christmas Nutcracker Stamps
Nutcracker stamps for the 2008 holiday season. Page 3.

1965 Appomatox Centennial Commemorative
1965 Appomatox Centennial Commemorative. Page 3.

1975 Continental Marines Bicentennial Commemorative
1975 Continental Marines Bicentennial Commemorative. Page 5.

1975 Continental Navy Bicentennial Issue
1975 Continental Navy Bicentennial Issue. Page 4.

1948 Four Chaplains Commemorative
1948 Four Chaplains Commemorative. Page 6.

1946 World War II Veterans Commemorative
1946 World War II Veterans Commemorative. Page 7.

1964 Anniversary of the Wilderness Campaign Commemorative
1964 Anniversary of the Wilderness Campaign Commemorative. Page 2.

1937 Navy Issue - Farragut and Porter Commemorative
1937 Navy Issue - Farragut and Porter Commemorative. Page 8.

1972 Summer Olympic Track Events
1972 Summer Olympic Track Events. The stamps for both the Summer and Winter games share an abstract yet colorful look reminiscent of street sign symbols. Page 2.

1972 Winter Olympics Bobsledding
Commemorates the 1972 Winter Olympics Bobsledding events in Sapporo, Japan. Bobsledding has been an Olympic event since 1924. Page 3.

Baseball at the 1992 Olympics
Stamp commemorating baseball at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain. Page 5.

Long Jump at the 1980 Olympics
Stamp commemorating the long jump at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Page 7.

Soccer at the Barcelona Olympics
Stamp commemorating Soccer at the Barcelona Olympics. Page 6.

Winter Special Olympics
Stamp commemorating 1985 Winter Special Olympics held at Park City Utah. Page 8.

1980 Winter Olympics Skating Stamp
Stamp commemorating 1980 Winter Olympics speed skating events. Page 4.

Plate Block - What is a Plate Block
Plate Block - What is a Plate Block

Inverted Jenny
The United States air mail error.

Review of UltraOptix Lighted LED Wallet Lens
Review of UltraOptix Lighted LED Wallet Lens

One Dealer's View of First Day Covers
What would one dealer from the classic era of stamp and cover collecting think of the current trend practiced by some of creating artisanal cachets and charging big bucks for them? Although Herman Herst was of the generation of first day cover collectors who enjoyed covers made by Artcraft, Fleetwood, Anderson and many others, the new kids produce limited edition FDC's that cost more than the classics on the day they appear.

Things to avoid when working with stamps
Things that can lead to damaged stamps

Great Lakes Dunes Souvenir Sheet
Souvenir sheet commemorating the natural wonders of the Great Lakes Dunes.

1937 U.S. Army Commemoratives - Sherman, Grant and Sheridan
1937 U.S. Army Commemoratives - Sherman, Grant and Sheridan

Online Stamp Galleries & Exhibits
Online Stamp Galleries & Exhibits - A list of web based galleries, museums and exhibits of stamps

Collecting Philatelic Covers
A look at types of philatelic covers -- those created especially with the collector in mind.

1960 Winter Olympics
U.S. stamp commemorating the 8th Winter Olympics. The games took place in Squaw Valley, California, in 1960 and saw the first Biathlon competition.