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Stay-At-Home Dad Activities With the Children
Being active with the kids is an important task for any stay-at-home dad. Activities don't have to be a drag and should be something interesting, educational and fun for all involved. There are plenty of options out there for SAHDs and their children.

SAHDs Deal with Economics of Staying at Home
Dealing with the economics of staying at home is important for dads. Some are facing a single income for the first time; the current economy may have forced others to become SAHDs; or there could be issues with wives being the breadwinners. Handling these dilemmas play a role in the success of SAHDs.

The Roles and Duties in a SAHD Household
Taking care of the kids isn't the only task most stay-at-home dads have; they also are generally in charge of household chores. Who takes on what in a SAHD household and how does the average full-time dad tackle the cooking, cleaning, washing and maintenance of the home?

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Products, Time-Savers and Reviews for the SAHD
There are many time-saving products to help a stay-at-home dad take care of his kids. Take a look at reviews of everyday tools a SAHD can use to make his task a little easier.

Stay-at-Home Dad Baby Product Reviews
Reviews on products that can help stay-at-home dads care for their babies.

Holiday Economics
How stay-at-home dads can approach the financial aspects of the holiday season.

Stay-at-Home Dad Household Help Product Reviews
Product reviews of items that will help the stay-at-home dad manage the cooking, cleaning and other chores needed to be done to help keep the house running efficiently.

Stay at Home Dad Parenting
A stay-at-home dad has a big responsibility when it comes to parenting. Much of the daily nurturing will be up to him, so it is important to be on top of the parenting game.

Stay-at-Home Dads Seasonal Activities with the Kids
Activities for stay-at-home dads and their kids during different times of the year such as Halloween or Christmas.

SAHD Adult Time
Stay-at-home life isn't all about the kids. It is essential that a stay-at-home dad maintain an adult balance in his life. Getting away from the chaos on a occasion and keeping strong relationships with family and friends is a must.

Products for the Stay-at-Home Dad
Products that interest the stay-at-home dad to keep him active and happy while caring for the kids.

How Kids Look at the SAHD
Children are why the stay-at-home parent exists. Kids could be adjusting to the stay-at-home dad role or it is something they have always known. Either way, the children of a SAHD have their own outlook on what it's like to be raised by dad.

SAHD Health and Sanity
Spending most of the day with young children can be a drain on a stay-at-home dad. So keeping body healthy and the mind fresh is an important goal for the SAHD. There are many ways to keep physically active and intellectually stimulated.

SAHD Stories
Whether new to the stay-at-home-dad role or a 10-year veteran, any SAHD has an interesting tale to tell. Good or bad, funny or sad, share your experiences with your kids as a full-time dad.

The SAHD Stigma
Stay-at-home dads don't deal with kids alone, they also face a range of perceptions attached to the role. All SAHDs have dealt with other peoples' reactions, many of which are negative and have to do with a perceived lack of masculinity. But SAHDs don't have to let that affect them.

Your Stay-at-Home Career
Being a stay-at-home dad is what you do. It is your full-time job. The decision to become a SAHD took a lot of thought and was a big step personally and professionally. Get information on what to expect in the role and how to handle the kids and outside perceptions while enjoying the great opportunity.

Are You Ready to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad?
A lot of dads would love to make the jump to full-time fatherhood, but there are several factors to consider before making the decision


The Importance of Children's Routine
The importance of routine for children is a big topic for stay at home dads to focus on. Getting and keeping kids in a routine establishes many good habits.

Advice for Stay-at-Home Dads from
Credible advice for stay-at-home dads, including work from home jobs, easy kids’ lunch ideas, money saving tips, and more.

Stay at Home Dad Fun and Educational Activities with the Kids
There are plenty of fun and educational activities for kids out there that offer great ways for stay-at-home dads to spend the day with their children.

Keys to Keeping the Stay-at-Home Dad Spirit Happy and Healthy
There are many stresses the stay-at-home dad can, and probably will, face. A good deal of that pressure is internal. It is an absolute must that stay-at-home dads remain content with the role, or else the entire family can suffer. Keeping the SAHD happy and healthy can be as simple as focusing on these tasks.

Top Misconceptions About Stay-at-Home Dads
Stay-at-home dads face numerous stereotypes, many of them negative. Here is a list of top misconceptions about at-home dads.

Breaking Through Stay at Home Dad Isolation
A feeling of isolation is a very real side effect for stay at home dads. It may be impossible to avoid feeling isolated all the time, but with work, a SAHD doesn't have to be trapped by it.

Stay at Home Dad Dinner Preparation
With a little prep work, stay-at-home dads can handle the challenges that come with preparing dinner for their families.

Review of Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat
Evenflo's Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat review.

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Stay at Home Dad Advantage No Child Care
An advantage of being a stay-at-home dad is no child care. Not only does a SAHD not have to worry about someone else watching his kids, he gets to spend all day with the children in return.

Six Gifts for the Stay-at-Home Dad
Here are six gifts for the stay-at-home dad to keep him fresh and let him know he's appreciated.

Stay at Home Dads Adjust to Housework
Housework might not be the best part about being a stay-at-home dad, but there are adjustments that can help him stay on top of the chores.

Work-at-Home Dads Take on Dual Role
Work-at-home dads take on dual role as wage earner and caregiver. Work-at-home dads aren't seen by many as being in the same category as a stay-at-home dad, but many of the responsibilities remain the same.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller Review
This review details the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller, as a great double stroller option with good features, a compact design, and a low price tag.

Good Eating Routine for Kids
A good eating routine can establish many healthy habits in children -- from eating right to gaining responsibility.

Mr. Mom - Movie Review of Mr. Mom
The movie Mr. Mom is a sore spot for many stay at home dads. But taking a closer look, the film actually tackles many big stay-at-home dad issues fairly well. And it can be entertaining, too.

HALO SleepSack - Review of HALO SleepSack
The HALO SleepSack is a wearable blanket that is perfect for parents looking to keep their babies warm and snug but also in a safe sleeping environment.

Top Reasons to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad
There are plenty of solid reasons to be a stay-at-home dad. Here are top reasons to leave the daily work grind behind and replace it by spending those hours with your children.

Preparing to be a Successful Stay-at-Home Dad
Addressing issues like gender roles, stereotypes, financial situations and household duties will go a long way in preparing to be a successful stay-at-home dad and remaining happy in the role into the future.

Economic Topics Stay-at-Home Dads Need to Address
Economic realities can strike in the average stay-at-home dad. Here are a few of economic topics stay-at-home dads need to address.

Kelty Kids Frame Carrier - Review of Kelty Kids Frame Carrier
A stay-at-home dads review of the Kelty Kids Frame Carrier.