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Michael Kors Stock Is Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
Though the company continues to deliver on earnings, the stock market is punishing the shares of once high-flying retailer Michael Kors.

Using Multiple Time Frames to Find Entry Points
A simple method for finding entry points involves breakouts and re-test and can be used by all types of traders in all different time frames.

You Have to Look Big and Small in the Stock Market
Sometimes trends in the market serve up obvious investment candidates, but other times we have to wait to see how we will be able to benefit from them.

The Best Way to Put Long-term Money to Work in the Stock Market
When it comes time to move a lump sum of money into the stock market, there good ways to do it, and bad ways. This is the good way.

Will the Great Success That Apple Has Had Continue?
Despite the death of Apple's Steve Jobs, both the company and the stock have been on a historic run. Can it continue or have we seen the top?

Is There Another Facebook, Twitter, or Alibaba Coming?
The last couple of years have brought us some hot IPO's in the stock market, but 2015 may bring us the hottest one ever to grace a ticker symbol.

Trading Losses - Turning Pain to Gain
If our dream of trading success is attached to our self-worth, every loss will make us doubt ourselves. Just dream of trading success and you will win.

Trading Coach: Using Neuroscience and Self-discovery
A trading coach who understands modern neuroscience does not need to use the crazy making model of yesterday to help his students.

Trading Psychology: The More We Care, The Worse We Fare
How much we care about each trade outcome is a great way for traders to learn about themselves. How much do you care about the outcome of every trade?

Tycoon Talk: 10 Terms Every Investor Needs to Know
From the world of Wall Street funds, and beyond, here are 10 terms every investor needs to know.

Will These Seven Stocks Make a Big Comeback?
Some stocks have just overcome massive obstacles; others still face them. Which ones will make the big turnaround as 2016 winds down?

Our Kids Are Going the Be the Super Traders of Tomorrow
Technology has given this generation advantage in the stock market we never had. It may cause there to be a new breed of super traders and investors.

Basics of Bonds in the Stock Market
Bonds are an important part of every investor's portfolio. They provide safety and stability against the fluctuations of stocks.

From Ballroom Dancer to Stock Market Millionaire
Sometimes you have to be an outsider in order to innovate and Nicolas Darvas was an unlikely innovator in the stock market how made millions.

Stock Options - Definition and Description
Understanding options provide another way to profit from movement in the stock market, but they are not for beginning investors.

Market Internals Take the Stock Market’s Pulse
The stock markets move in mysterious ways (or so it seems). There are some indicators known as market internals that can help you spot changes in direction.

Understanding Book Value (Evaluating Stocks)
Book value of a company is the assets minus liabilities.

Understanding the PEG - How PEG Is Calculated
PEG ratio provides investors a way to calculate how much future earnings growth is going to cost based on the stock's P/E and projected earnings growth rate.

Strong Dollar or Weak Dollar - Which Is Best?
The value of the U.S. dollar plays an important role in our economy and for stock investors. Which is best, a strong dollar or a weak dollar?

Basic Knowledge About the Stock Market
Don't be a victim of an investment scam. The following articles discuss some of the basics of trading stocks, starting out with

How to Legally Manipulate Stock Prices
Institutional investors can manipulate stock prices with their large buying power.

The Stock Market Will Fall Dramatically (Some Day)
The stock market will have ups and downs and investors should count on both. The courageous investor buys in down markets and sells in rising markets.

Paper Trading Stocks: Why You Should Avoid It
Paper trading is often thought of as a way to get good at investing without having any risk. But it may actually cost you more money in the end.

Why Market Cap Is More Important Than Per-Share Price
Market cap is more important than per-share price because market cap tells you the value of the company.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do for You?
Financial advisers can map a blue print that will get you from where you are to your financial goals. Make sure you find the right one for your goals.

Use All Four Asset Classes to Build Your Portfolio
There are four classes of assets you can use to build your portfolio - use them all for a sound foundation.

How Growth and Value Stocks Differ
Growth and value are two ways to define stocks. Each has specific characteristics that can guide you in stock selection.

How Inflation Affects Stock Investments
Inflation has reared its ugly head - what does this mean for your stock investments?

Understanding Risk and Reward in Investing
Risk and reward go hand-in-hand with investing in the stock market. Learn about this relationship and how you can make it work for you.

Buy High, Sell Low: Acting on Price Can Be a Mistake
If you go by price alone, you may end up paying too much for stocks and selling them for too little.

How to Spot Investment Scams
Investment scams come in many shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common - very high rates of return.

Major Types of Risk for Stock Investors
Understanding the major, most prevalent risks of stock investing and how to guard against them can help you meet your financial goals.

The Bid/Ask Spread, and How it Costs Investors
The stock exchanges use a system of bid and ask pricing to match buyers and sellers. The difference between the two prices is the bid/ask spread.

Using Trailing Stops to Protect Stock Profits
Trailing Stops are a form of stop loss orders you can use to protect your profit in a stock.

When Stock Short Sellers Get the Squeeze
Short sellers, who profit when stocks fall, sometimes get caught when the market moves against them. In covering their shorts, they create a mini-rally.

Can the Stock Market Crash Again?
The stock market crash of 1929 erased 90% of the market's value. Can another crash like that happen again?

Know What You Don't Know in the Stock Market
The way to know what you don’t know is to develop your self-awareness. I may be one of the least self-aware people around, and it took time for me.

Behavioral Investing - Think Different
In the age of information, the data firehose makes us susceptible to “paralysis by over analysis” and can cause unnecessary confusion. Try simplicity.

How to Define the S&P Trend
When trading and investing, the first question that one must answer is: What is the trend of the stock market?

4 Causes of Anxiety in Trading and How to Eliminate Them
There are a lot of jobs that have stress and anxiety - police officer, airline pilot, firefighter - but trading for a living can be just as stressful.

Is Now (Finally) The Time To Invest In Japan?
It took Japan 20 years to recover from their early 90's market crash. Some analysts think that now is the time to invest there - here's how to do it.

Markets Always Give You What You Deserve
You can always find an open market. They’re open around the clock and buyers and sellers transact with one another with various motivations.

A Primer for How to Short Stocks
At some point in every trader or investor's career they want to short stocks. Here is a primer for the best way to do it with the least amount of risk.

From Beginning to End: A Successful Trader's Journey
A trader chronicles her journey through the stock market, starting as an inexperienced newbie and ending as a seasoned pro who trades for a living.

Don't Be a "square" about Your Investment Thinking
Two experts can trade in the same thing in the same direction, thanks to seeing “cubes of ideas” instead of just flat squares.

Apple Is Struggling, and It's Taking Nasdaq Down With It
Nasdaq is struggling after its star player Apple posted weaker-than-expected iPhone sales last week.

Upgrading to New Trading Behaviors
With modern neuroscience we are learning more about how our brain works. We can now replace the concept of “discipline” with more effective tools.

Trading Psychology - The Only Thing It Is Good For
Trading psychology is one of the few targeted psychology arenas that has hard metrics to determine success.

Creating a New Trader's State of Mind
If we repeat the same trading behaviors, we will experience the same equity curve. If we want more consistent profits we need to change our behaviors?

The Best Tips about the Stock Market from Great Financial Minds
Throughout history market

The Stock Market and the Economy Are Two Different Things
There is a temptation to equate movement in the stock market with that of the overall economy, but that correlation is tenuous at best.

Does Jon Stewart Owe Jim Cramer A Big Fat Appology?
Back in 2009, the host of The Daily Show went after Mad Money's Jim Cramer for giving what he termed irresponsible advice to investors. Was he right?

The Pathways to Increased Trading Performance: Part 1
No matter if you are new to the trading game or an old pro, there are always ways to improve your skills and take things to the next level.

Are You Ready to Trade Stocks? Part 3: Avoid Risk to Get to the Top
In order to get to the top of the trading game, you need to be able to manage your money and your risk carefully.

Are You Ready to Trade Stocks? Part 2: Will You Be Able to Make It?
Just because you want to trade stocks doesn't mean you will be profitable. Here is how you can put the odds in your favor and be a success.

The Best Tip for the Stock Market Is Not to Believe Them
At some point you will get a tip from someone about a stock. I have gotten a number of them over the years. Let me tell you how they turned out.

The Trading Mentor: Radical Awareness for the Experienced Trader
The radical approach to being a trading mentor is not to give advice, but to improve awareness.

Summer Is the Time for Learning, Not Investing
Summer is traditionally not the best of times to be in the market because of the low volume and sideways movement. Put this time to better use.

How a Fake Bloomberg Story Sent Twitter Stock Through the Roof
For as long as there has been a stock market there have been those who spread rumors to manipulate stock prices. But now it has gone to a new level.

Decoding the Mystery of Stock Symbols and Their Suffixes
Every now an then you might come across a stock symbol that doesn't look like any you've seen before. Here is a guide to easily deciphering them.

Day Trading Psychology: Managing the Jungle in Your Brain
Like the hunter in the jungle who notices the shift and physiology of the deer, day traders can honor their intuition to improve trading results.

Interview with a Trader: Joe Fahmy
Joe Fahmy is a real trader, which means he makes his income from the stock market. In this Q&A he talks about how he first got into trading and more.

The Dangers of Trading on Tilt: Part 2
No matter how calm and cool your are, it is possible to go on tilt from a bad trade. Here are some ways to keep things in control and avoid disaster.

The Dangers of Trading on Tilt : Part 1
Everyone is susceptible to letting their emotions get the best of them in the stock market. Here are some tips on how to identify the signs of tilt.

Summer Reading List: How To Find The Next Apple
What if you invested in Apple before the stock took off? According to a new book by a seasoned trader, it can be done, just look in the right places.

Part Two: Is It a Good Idea to Try to Trade Other People's Money?
After making a good faith effort to trade a friend's money - and doing extremely well at it - things go bad in the market and things get ugly.

Summer Reading List: Trading: the Best of the Best
Traders are told not to use tips to trade from - good advice. But using tips about trading to help be more successful is a different case altogether.

What I Learned about the Market from My Best Trade Ever
A split second decision I made when the market was

When Trading Stocks Turns Deadly - A Cautionary Tale
In the late 90's a trader swings for the fences and makes a fortune - but gives it all back and more. A cautionary tale of money, trading, and death.

Shorting the Stock Market: Is It Un-American - Part 1
When I found out the Twin Tower had fallen I was devastated; and then I immediately wanted to short the stock market.

What Is the Super Bowl Indicator and Does It Really Work?
Though it sounds crazy, the Superbowl Indicator has predicted the direction of the stock market accurately 77% of the time. So why is that?

A Rare Insight into the High Stakes World of Trading
There is always a debate about which stock market movie is the best; but chances are you've never even seen this candidate.

Shorting the Stock Market During a Tragedy: Is It Un-American - Part 2
Part two in a series where I explain why I wanted to not only trade, but short the market, when it opened after the devastation of 9/11.

How To Find The Best Trade Opportunities in the Stock Market
Looking at a daily process to find the best opportunities in the stock market.

Trading on Vacation: Smart or Silly Idea?
When you go on vacation it can be hard to tune out what the stock market is doing. So should you take advantage of technology and try to stay engaged?

Why Company Earnings Are (Almost) Completely Meaningless
Take everything you have ever learned about company earnings and throw it out the window because they rarely move a stock in the way they should.

Make Millions in the Stock Market Just by Reading Twitter?
One random trader apparently made millions in the market just by reading Twitter. Does that mean that sentiment information should be regulated?

Faith and the Stock Market
Investing in stocks is often presented as a logical and clinical pursuit, but you would be surprised at how much faith is involved.

Is Averaging down like Catching a Falling Knife?
It has long been said that averaging down is a recipe for disaster in the stock market. But like most adages, this one is not totally right or wrong.

Get Your Brokerage Account in Tune Before the Year-End.
The end of the year is a time for holidays and family gatherings, but also to take a look at your stock portfolio and make any needed adjustments.

The Best Blogs For Stock Market Investors
There is access not just to great information about the stock market, but curated information, from some the best minds in finance, via the blogosphere.

There Is No Substitute for Brainstorming with Investors
Technology gives us the ability to invest in the stock market without ever interacting with another human being. But is that good for your portfolio?

The Greatest Movies of All-time for Stock Market Investors
Sometimes you need to take a break from the real market and watch Hollywood's take. These are some of the best movies for investors and traders.

Don't Let One Loss in the Market Define You
How you handle losses in the stock market is important. One loss, even a big one, should not define who you are. Just ask Eric Seidel.

Simple Calculations to Determine Return on Investments
You can use a few simple calculations to determine how your investments are performing and what they are returning.

TRIN - The Stock Market Indicator You Never Heard Of
You can make better investment decisions if you know (or have a strong indication) when prices will reverse direction. The TRIN Index provides this information.

How to Calculate Dividend Yield
Dividend Yield tells you what percentage return a company pays out in the form of dividends.

Are Stocks Cheap or Expensive - What Does This Mean?
What does is mean when pundits say stocks are cheap (or expensive)?

VIX Measures Volatility Concerns of Stock Investors - Index Helpful in Anticipating Market Concerns
The VIX is often called the fear index because is measures how concerned or uncertain investors are about the future direction of the market.

Understanding Dividend Payout Ratio
The dividend payout ratio looks at what percentage of a company's earnings are paid out to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Price to Book Ratio - How to calculate P/B
The Price to Book ratio is a way to determine how the market values the book value of a company based on the current market price.

Price to Sales Ratio - How to Calculate the P/S
The Price to Sales ratio is a tool for evaluating companies with no earnings that looks at how the market values the company's sales.

Averaging Down: Good Strategy or Bad Risk?
Averaging down is a way to lower the average cost of a stock holding. It can also be a way to throw good money after bad.

What Are Stock Warrants and How Do They Work?
Stock warrants give the holder the right to buy shares of a stock at a fixed price during a fixed period. They are very similar to stock options.

Using Limit Orders When Buying or Selling Stocks
You should use some form of limit orders when buying or selling stock. These will give you some control over the price you pay or receive when the order is executed.

How to Calculate Risk Premium
Risk and reward. They are two sides of the same coin – at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work for stock investors.

Understanding Cyclical and Non-Cyclical Stocks
Cyclical and Non-Cyclical Stocks react differently in changing business cycles. Knowing the difference between Cyclical and Non-Cyclical Stocks can make you a smarter investor.

Broke, But Not broken: How College Grads Can Invest
Student loans and crushing debt make investing hard for recent grads. But you don't have to wait to get a portfolio started.

How Stock Trading Works - Basic Steps
How does a stock trade work? What happens after you call your broker? Follow a stock order through the process with a floor trader and electronically.

Understanding Return on Equity - Evaluating Stocks
Return on equity tells investors how efficiently a company is using its assets to generate earnings.

What Market Indexes Tell Us (And What They Don't)
Market indexes like the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, can be useful tools if you understand what they do and do not represent.

Understanding Indexes - What Market Indexes Tell Us (and What they don't)
Knowing what market indexes are and what they do and do not do are useful tools for your understanding of the market and investing. Get the lowdown here. Page 2.

Understanding Different Stock Share Terms and Types
It is important for investors to understand the different terms used to describe shares of stock, such as authorized, restricted, treasury, and more.

Stocks (Investing): An Introduction
What are stocks and what to they represent? Ownership is the key word for stockholders and the rights and privileges that go along with it.

Look into the Future with Stock Market Indexes
Stock market index futures give you a clue about what traders think the market is going to do the next session.

Using Stock Sectors to Categorize Stocks
Investors break the market down into sectors by company business. These sectors make is possible to compare how a stock is doing relative to its peers.

Are Stock Splits Good for Investors?
Stock splits occur when a company splits its outstanding shares, usually 2 for 1. This reduces the share price and increases the number of outstanding shares.

Investing in Stocks - Information Center
Investing in stocks begins with a basic understanding of what stocks are, where they are traded and some fundamental rules.

Know the Two Forms of Stock Diversification - Why Stock Diversification is Important
There two forms of diversification you should know to make your portfolio less volatile.

How Dividends Make You Money - Stocks
Dividends are a way companies distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders.

Investment Objectives Help Stock Market Investors
A winning investment plan has clear long and short term objectives and uses the appropriate tool for the goal despite the fluctuations in the market.

Top 5 Investing Books for Beginners
Here are the Top 5 Books on Investment for Beginners.

Seven ways investors can address the Brexit
With the Brexit, many investors feel they have reasons to panic. But experts say there are at least seven major reasons not to panic.

Why Stock Market Volatility Shouldn't Concern Long-Term Investors
The Brexit may be making Wall Street anxious, but smart investors know there's no such thing as a stress-free market.

Fundamental Analysis: Understand Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share or EPS is one of the foundations of fundamental analysis and understanding how it is calculated is crucial for stock investors.

Your guide to a dozen differet funds and terms
Whether it's the definition of mutual funds or the role of a fund manager, here we look at a dozen different fund terms and types.

The Apple Stock Split Is Just Smoke and Mirrors
To avoid turning into your grandparents' tired old stock, Apple needs more innovative products, not financial shenanigans.

Primer on Technical Analysis
If you are not using technical analysis in your investing or trading you are missing a vital tool to help you achieve the best performance possible.

Trading Options Using Technical Analysis: Book Review
A new book on trading options provides important insights into trading and investing in stocks as well.

Intro to Technical Analysis - The Books
A comprehensive list of some of the best books ever published on the subject of technical analysis of stocks and options.

The Stock Market Will Break You If You're Not Prepared.
Most people assume that they should invest in the stock market, but if you're not mentally prepared for the swings, you can be headed for disaster.

The Changing Face of Technology in the Stock Market
A deeper dive into the new and exciting companies that are starting a revolution in the financial markets -- and how they can benefit you.

What is a Prop Shop?
There are pros and cons about using a prop shop and it is important to know what distinguishes it from a traditional broker dealer.

What Caused the Market to Drop over 1000 Points at the Open Today?
Today the market opened down huge. There was blood everywhere. And yet, despite all the theories, there was really only one reason it was down.

The Case for Staying out of This Market for the Time Being
The tone and tenor of the stock market changes from​ time to time - and now may be a good time to stay out until the current choppy climate changes.

Is It Possible to Make a Living Trading Stocks?
Can you make a living trading stocks? What you need to know before you decide to become a full-time trader.

Some People Fake Their Trading, But Should You Care
There is no point in trying to figure out if a writer or blogger is really trading. Instead, see if what they're saying is true and learn from it.

Using the Dogs of the Down Investing Strategy
There are very few strategies which have proved successful year after year, but the

The Difficult Decision in Buying Gold
Gold is an historic haven in times of economic stress, but you should use caution before buying the precious metal.

Buying Winning Stocks Over Losing Stocks
Look at the stocks closing at their 52-week high for investing ideas. There is no rule that says a stock at its 52-week high can’t keep rising.

Short Selling Stocks - Not for the Faint Hearted
Selling short involves selling stock you don't own that you believe is about to drop in price. There are good profits, but loses can be staggering.

The Health of the US Dollar: What Investors Need to Know
It is important for investors to know how the U.S. dollar effects the economy - both in times of strength and in times of weakness.

TICK Index Measures Stock Market Sentiment
The TICK Index is a simple calculation that gives you a quick look at whether the mood of the market is to buy or to sell.

When to Use Market Order to Buy or Sell Stock
Market orders are OK in an emergency and when the price is stable, but be careful using them when the market is volatile in order to protect assets.

Factors to Consider When Analyzing Stocks
What factors should investors in the stock market look for when analyzing a stock? Investors willing to put in the time can be richly rewarded.

Understanding the PEG Ratio in Fundamental Analysis
Though not as popular as EPS or P/E, the Price/Earnings to Growth or PEG ratio can give you a fuller view of a stock's earnings trend going forward.

Using Cash Flow Analysis to Value Stocks
Cash is vital to a company's health and its ability to generate cash can be used to see if the market under or overvalues​ the stock.

These Are the Tools of Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis relies on several tools to give investors an accurate picture of the financial health of a company and how the market values the stock.

Feel the Earn: Why Company Earnings Reports Matter
Earnings are the single most important factor in stock evaluation for many investors. Although there are other factors to consider, earnings must be near or at the top of every investor's list of important checkpoints.

Price Earnings Ratio - How P/E is Calculated
The Price to Earnings Ratio is one of the most important numbers analysts look at to understand how the market values a stock.

Yahoo: What next?
Yahoo is history as an independent Internet giant. New owner Verizon hopes to make it part of an ad revenue juggernaut. Can they do it?

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Stock Certificates Have a Varied and Interesting History
Though physical stock certificates are long gone, there is an interesting history behind them and a still active market among hobbyists.

Buying Mutual Funds Is Different Than Buying Stocks
Buying and selling mutual funds is different than buying stocks. For one thing, there is usually no broker involved.

How Taxes Affect Your Stock Investments
Investing in stocks has tax consequences. Be sure you know what the tax consequences of investing in stocks will do to your returns.

The Difference Between a Stock's Value and Price
A stocks's value may not be the same as its price. One is a better measure for investors and the other for traders.

The Stock Market Is Not the Economy
The stock market is not the economy, but to hear some tell the news, they are the same.

Watch Out for Stocks With High Dividend Yields
Stocks with high dividend yields may be a smart buy, but they may also be a trap. Here are what you should check before making an investment decision.

Earnings Per Share - How to Calculate EPS
Earnings per share or EPS is one way to compare companies, but it does not tell you about market value.

What Agencies Regulate the Stock Market?
The stock market and securities industry is highly regulated. Several layers of regulatory oversight are designed to protect the individual investor.

How Stock Prices Are Set
The balance between supply and demand sets stock prices. When demand is high and supply is low, prices rise. When supply is high and demand is low, prices fall.

Betas Aid in Stock Trading - Checking Volatility
Betas tell you a lot about a stock's volatility, however checking multiple web sites you may find different answers to that question.

What Happens to Stock When Company Files Bankruptcy?
What happens to your stock or bonds when a company goes bankrupt?

What Happens to Stock and Bond Owners in Bankruptcy?
Whether stock or bond holders receive any money from bankruptcy proceeds depends on several factors.

How Bonds Are Taxed and Tax-Free Income
Bonds generate income that is taxed, however if you choose wisely you can avoid most of the tax burden and earn a nice return.

How the Fed Affects Stock Prices - What the Fed Does
The Fed is the single most important federal agency for stock market investors because its actions directly affect the markets.

Legal Insider Trading: Insiders' Stock Trades as Guide
Watch the trading of company insiders for clues about where they believe the stock's price is headed.

Should the Government Cap Executive Compensation? - What Is Role of Government?
Should the government be involved in limiting compensation of top corporate executives?

Is Japan's Economy Teetering on the Brink?
As world leaders prepare to meet in Japan later this week for the G7 summit, the host country’s economic fortunes are in focus.

Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is Finally Investing in Apple
Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway took a billion-dollar stake in Apple, the first time it's invested in the iPhone maker.

As Macy's Slumps, the Smart Money is on Discounters
Macy's and other department stores are flailing, and consumers are heading to discount retailers. Investors may want to do the same.

Opening a Brokerage Account
What types of accounts are available? How do you open an account? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this article.

Understanding Types of Bonds
You can purchase bonds from a variety of sources including the U.S. Treasury, municipalities and corporations. Each has unique characteristics and features.

Supply and Demand - How Stock Prices Are Set
The interaction between supply and demand is how stock prices are set in the market. This article provides some helpful​ information.

Stock Screening Tools You May Want to Consider
You should be using a stock screener to help you select investment candidates. The good news is that there are free screening tools available to stock investors.

Where to Go to Find Online Stock Trading Sites
Thirteen of the top online stock trading sites offer investors a wide variety of services including research and advice.

Understanding Stock Quotes - Common Numbers
Stock quotes, whether in the newspaper or online, offer a wealth of information if you understand the numbers. Read this article for more information.

Understanding Different Stock Order Entry for Investors
Stock orders, such as market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders, and trailing stops, are important for every investor to know.

When Is Right Time to Sell a Stock?
Many wonder when to sell stocks. Is there a right time to sell a stock - if so, when is it?

verywell. Stocks.

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Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with C

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Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with D

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Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with numbers.

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Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with B

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Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with M

The Shrinking Middle Class is Squeezing Some Retailers
As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, discounters and high-end luxury are making a killing.

The Secret to Investing Success in the Stock Market
The secret to investing success is simple, but many investors ignore it. Follow these tips to make sure you invest in the right places.

Steps to Successful Investing in the Stock Market
You must expend some effort to be a successful investor in the stock market. There are specific steps for successful investing. Here's where to start.

Describing Stocks - Types, Potential, and Size
There are several ways to describe stocks, but two basic methods cover most situations: potential and size. Be prepared before choosing investments.

Protecting Your Profits in Stock Investing (Stop-Loss)
One of the hardest decisions stock investors make is deciding when to sell. Stop-loss orders usually work in normal markets and may be profitable.

Understanding Zero Coupon Bonds - Part One
Zero coupon bonds are sold at a deep discount and redeemed at full face value and can make good sense in the right circumstances.

Stocks or Mutual Funds? - Portfolio Advice
Should you own individual stocks or mutual funds? Which investment is better for you? For many investors, the answer is both.

Understanding Value Investing Philosophy
Value investing is about finding stocks overlooked by the market, but that are fundamentally sound with good growth prospects.

Main Investment Strategies Objectives
4 main investment objectives define how to choose financial products for your portfolio. Your investment style should match your financial objectives.

Should You Own Foreign Stocks? - Investing Strategies
Foreign stocks represent an investing opportunity outside the U.S. economy, but you can consider buying them on our markets through ADRs.

Stock Screening to Identify Investment Candidates
There are many research tools available to investors, but the one you should master first is the stock screener. Start with this one from

Investors vs Traders: What's the Difference?
Are you buying a stock or investing in a company. There's a difference and it's important that you don't confuse the two.

How to Deal With a Stock Loss in the Market
There are several different types of losses you can suffer when investing in stocks - some less obvious than others.

Market Indicators
Market indicators like the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and others can tell you what the market's doing at any given moment or over a long period. However, it is easy to misread these indicators in the rush of the daily market. Learn how to pick out important trends from background noise.

Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with H
Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with H

Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with J
Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with J

Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with K
Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with K

Investing Software can Help You Become a Better Investor
Software tools can help you organize and evaluate information about potential investments.

Stock exchanges
How to the major stock exchanges work? Find out how each of the major exchanges keeps the wheels of the financial world turning.

FAQ on Stocks - Your FAQ for Stocks
Frequently asked questions on stocks.

Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with U
Definitions of terms and phrases beginning with U


Which Type of Stockbroker is Right for You?
What type of stockbroker is right for you? Online, discount, full service or money manager - each has advantages and disadvantages. Remember, you pay for what you get.

What Are the Main Types of Corporate Bankruptcy?
What are the main types of corporate bankruptcy?

Type of Financial Advisers
Financial advisers come in several varieties. Finding the right one for you involves knowing how each is compensated, what they do, and what education is required. Page 2.

What Does Diversification in the Stock Market Really Mean?
Most people think that all you need to do is add multiple positions to your portfolio in order to be diversified. That is not quite how it works.

Are You Ready to Trade Stocks? Part 1: What Do You Need to Start?
There is a low barrier of entry in the stock market, but that doesn't mean everyone is ready to trade. Here's what you need to do to begin trading.

Financial Adviser - What Type of Financial Adviser do you Need?
Financial advisers come in a variety of flavors. Finding the one right for you involves knowing how each is compensated and what they do.

The Stock Market Is Rigged: One Trader's Story
The debate has gone on for decades - is the stock market really just rigged? One trader makes a compelling case that it is.

The Stock Market Is Not a Sporting Event
When pundits start talking about the market in sports​ analogies, watch out. We are in that type of market right now.

Adjusting Your Trading in the Ever Changing Stock Market
What works in the market today may or may not work tomorrow. The best traders make sure they revise their methods to make the most money.

Is It a Good Idea for You to Try to Trade Other People's Money?
When a trader is successful in the stock market they often think about going for the big time and running other people's money. Should you try it?

Cash Flow to Debt Ratio Explained - Stock Tips
Cash flow to debt ratio is helpful in determining the financial strength (or weakness) of a company, but first you have to know how it is calculated.

The Best Stock Market Podcasts
While you are driving, working out, or just chilling, podcasts are a great way to stay up on the markets and learn from some of the best investors.

What Retail Sales Tell Us About the Economy
Retail sales are an important part of our economy and are watched by the market as an important economic indicator.

A Process for Finding Short Sale Candidates
Identifying short sale candidates requires a process that is surprisingly similar to the one used to find stocks to buy.

Fundamental Analysis: Understanding Price to Book Ratio
Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham would be right at home with the Price to Book Ratio which is a staple of old school stock market investing.

Using Moving Averages to Find Trade Entries
Traditionally a moving average is used to confirm a trend, but it can also be used to find entries--and sometimes exits--when managing a stock trade.

The Pathways to Increased Trading Performance: Part 2
Taking a longer time frame on your trades as well as being picky in the trades you take, can all lead to a higher winning percentage.

Five Reasons You Should Invest in Stocks
Despite the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, there are at least five good reasons to invest in stocks.

The 5 Secrets to Highly Profitable Swing Trading: Book Review
A new book by a Ivaylo Ivanov, a full-time trader who manages his own money, explores the 5 secrets of highly profitable swing trading.

Understanding, Considering REITs for Your Portfolio
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a special form of security that allows individuals to invest in large commercial real estate projects with the ease of buying stock.

Write a Buy Case before you Buy a Stock
A buy case is a simple explanation of why you believe this stock would be a good addition to your portfolio. It includes research to back up your conclusion.

Spotting Stock Market Trends - How the Stock Market tells Us What It's Going to Do
The stock market is driven by obvious forces of supply and demand. You can watch those forces drive the market and see which where the market is headed.

Add Some Giant Stocks to Your Portfolio - Mega - Cap Stocks
Mega-cap stocks may provide you a measure of stability when inflation and interest rates start going up.

Three Influences on Stock Prices - Fundamentals, Sectors, and Markets Affect Stock Prices
There are three main influences on a stock's price: business fundamentals, its sector or industry, and market conditions.

Stock Prices and Value are not the Same Thing - Keep Your Eye on Stock's Value
Daily chatter about stock prices is mostly just noise - focus on a company's value for long-term investing success.

Dollar Cost Averaging - Use Dollar Cost Averaging to Make the Market Work for You
Dollar cost averaging is a powerful tool individual investors can use to lower their costs in a long term investment.

When to Sell Stocks - How to Know when to Sell Stocks
Knowing when to sell stocks is sometimes as difficult a knowing when to buy. This is the first part of a two-part series.

When to Sell Stocks - How to Recognize Market-Driven Signs It's Time to Sell a Stock
Sometimes it is as hard to know when to sell a stock as it is to know the right time to buy. This is the second of a two-part series on selling stocks.

Preferred Stock not Always Preferred Investment
Preferred stock has some unique features, however don't let the name fool you, these shares leave much to be desired.

P/E is the most Important Stock Valuation Measure - Stock Investors Watch P/E
A stock's P/E is a key valuation measurement investors use to determine how much to pay for a stock.

Bonds and Interest Rates - Bond Prices Move Inversely to Interest Rates
Bond prices move inversely to interest rates, when interest rates go up, bond prices go down and when interest rates go down, bond prices go up.

Trading Stock Options - Beginners Should Use Caution in Trading Stock Options
Trading stock options is not for beginners, but it can enhance your investing.

The Importance of a Stock's Share Price
Daily changes in the price of a stock are often of little concern to the long-term investor, but there are times when the daily price does matter.

Watch Expenses to Avoid Killing Investing Profits - Stock Investing Hurt by Expenses, Fees
Expenses, including broker fees and taxes, will eat up big chunks of your profits from investing in stocks.

Will Stagnant Stock Market, Economy Kill Buy and Hold Investing?
Is buy and hold stock investing dead? No, but stock investors must understand the danger of stock market volatility.

Can Stocks Be a Bubble?
What if fortune smiles on you and a stock you own shoots through the roof?

Margin Trading - Using Margin to Leverage your Profits or Losses
Margin trading is a way to magnify your buying power by borrowing money from your broker for up to 50% of a stock purchase.

Investing Philosophies - Part One of a Series on Different Investment Philosophies
Developing an investing philosophy will help you focus your investing in areas that work toward building a coherent portfolio.

Bottom-Up Stock Picker Relies on Fundamentals - Bottom-Up Investors Select Stock of Strong Companies
Bottom-up investors focus on strong companies and believe they will perform well in any market conditions.

Long Term Investing - The benefits of long term investing explained
Investing for the long term will let you ride out the unavoidable ups and downs of the market. Research shows you are better off staying in the market for the long term rather than jumping in and out.

Market Timing - Why Market Timing is Dangerous
Market timing is a strategy that attempts to predict future market movements using fundamental and technical analysis.

Stock Tips Can Lead to Bad Investments
Well-meaning friends may want you to buy their great stock, but be careful of over-priced stocks.

Naked Short Selling not for Inexperienced - Does Short Selling Drive Down Share Prices?
Naked short selling is a risky trading strategy that profits when a stock's share price falls. Leverage creates the opportunities for big gains and the risk of big losses.

Understanding Stock's Beta - How Beta Ratio is Used and Misused
A stock's beta ratio is a useful tool for measuring risk, but it does have some serious limitations.

Institutional Ownership of Stocks - How Important is Institutional Ownership of Stocks?
The actions of the institutional owners of a stock can tell you something about the quality of the stock - sometimes you can believe it.

Taxes and Investing - What You Need to Know about Taxes and Investing
Taxes on investment gains fall into two categories, long and short term capital gains. Knowing the difference can mean a bigger tax bill if you're not careful.

Forget Old Saying and Invest on Fundamentals
Old sayings contain a particle of truth, but you are better off investing on fundamentals than some cliche that's only right part of the time.

Investing Goals - Setting Investing Goals is Important
It is important to set investing goals, especially if you have more than one major goal.

What is Investing? - How does investing differ from saving?
What is investing and how does it differ from saving? Investing is the proactive use of your money to make more money.

How Are Your Stocks Performing - Investing in Stocks Requires Information
Measuring the performance of your stocks requires information on competitors.

Earnings Season - Understanding Earnings Season
Earnings season is that time when a large number of companies report quarterly earnings to the public.

How Much Will You Need to Retire: Beating Inflation
Inflation is the worst enemy of retirement planning. A spike inflation can destroy your plans unless you are prepared.

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire? - Complicated Assumptions Make Calculation Difficult
Planning for retirement requires making many assumptions. How will you know if the ones you make are correct?

How Much Will You Need to Retire: It Costs More
It is dangerous to under-estimate your expenses in retirement or to over-estimate your investing returns. How do you plan for these problems?

How Much Will You Need to Retire?
Planning for retirement is challenging at best and may seem impossible at worst. However, now is the time to begin the process regardless of your age.

How Well Are You Stocks Doing? - Don't Forget Inflation and Taxes
If you don't figure in inflation and taxes, you aren't getting a clear picture of your rate of return.

Stock Market Today Represents Anticipated Future
The stock market anticipates the affect of current economic and political conditions on future corporate profits.

IPOs May Not Be Best Idea for Long-Term Stock Investors
Jumping on early trading of an IPO can lead to disappointment if the initial price bubble bursts.

Investing Goals Important to Stock Investors - Investment Goals Change with Age
It is important to understand what your goal is when investing in stocks and why it will change over time.

Google Stock Issue Means More Shares Available
Google is issuing 14,159,265 shares of Class A stock. What does that mean to investors?

Profit from Insider Trading - How Legal Insider Trading can Help You
What corporate insiders do with their shares can help you become a better investor if you know what to look for.

Five Steps Stock Investors Should take before End of the Year
These five steps will help you prepare your stock portfolio for the coming new year.

Investing in Stem Cell Research - Stem Cell Research is Controversial
Companies involved in stem cell research took a split decision in the Nov. 3 election. Sen. John Kerry had promised to lift restrictions on research. On the plus side, California passed a $3 billion initiative to fund stem cell research projects.

You can Pick Stock Winners - You Know more about Investing than You Think
You know more about the companies that are or will become stock market winners than you think. They make the products and services that you use everyday at work or home.

Women and Investing in Stocks - What Women Need to Know about Investing in Stocks
Women beginning investing in stocks need to accept five concepts to become successful investors.

What You Should Know about U.S. Treasury Bonds
U.S Treasury Bonds can offer investors a safe place to protect their nest-egg at on in retirement.

Treasury Bond Yield Curve Is an Important Stock Market Indicator - Widening Curve Optimistic Sign
The U.S. Treasury bond yield curve is an important stock market indicator.

Introduction to Asset Allocation - Why Asset Allocation is Important to Every Investor
Asset allocation is the process of spreading your investment across different asset classes and diversifying them within classes. Asset allocation is key to investment success and meeting your financial goals.

Economic Calendar - Upcoming Economic Calendar Announcements
Here are the upcoming economic announcements for the week.

This Week in the Market 09/20/04
What is happening this week 09/20/04 in the market.

Google's Stumbles Must End Now that It's All Grown Up
Google has been the darling of Wall Street until some rookie mistakes sent the stock tumbling. It's time for the company to grow up.

Stock Investors Enjoy Good News on Interest Rates
Good news from the minutes of the Fed meeting that hikes in interest rates may be near an end sent the markets higher.

Market's Strong Showing is Good News for Stock Investors
The stock market ignored the bad news and focused on the good news, which resulted in positive gains across the board.

Stock Markets Holiday Schedule for 2008 - When Stock Market will be Closed
The stock markets follow a set holiday schedule each year. Additional closings may be added to mark special occasions or under special circumstances.

Stock Markets Holiday Schedule for 2010 - When Stock Market will be Closed
The stock markets follow a set holiday schedule each year. Additional closings may be added to mark special occasions or under special circumstances.

Stock Market is Bet on Future - Katrina doesn't Slow Stock Market
Despite the horrible news from the Gulf Coast and some bad economic news to boot, the stock market has posted good gains in the last two weeks. Why?

Greenspan Stepping Down - What Does it Mean to Stock Investors?
Alan Greenspan ends his career at the Fed after 18 years at the helm.

World Tensions Threaten Stock Market - Iran's Oil a Factor in Our Stock Markets
Iran's program to build nuclear weapons threatens the critical oil supplies from that country and could cause a steep price hike, which could shake stock prices.

Katrina's Impact on Stock Market, Economy Unknown - Stock Investors Should be Wary
It is too early to gauge the full impact of Hurricane Katrina on the stock market and the economy, but there are some warning signs for stock investors.

Kmart Buys Sears - Do Two Weak Retailers Equal One Strong Retailer?
Kmart's surprise merger with Sears raises the question of whether two struggling retailers can become one strong retailer.

Fed Raises Target - the FOMC raises rates
The Fed raises the target for the Fed funds rate again to 1.75%.

Manufacturing Indicators - What You Need to Know
Business Inventories, Industrial Production, Capacity Utilization are three important indicators of manufacturing health. They are important to investors who want to follow the business cycle.

Top-Down Stock Investing looks at Big Picture - Stock Selection Method goes from Macro to Micro
Top-down investing looks at big picture before narrowing in on individual stocks.

Portfolio Rebalancing - Why You Need to Rebalance Your Portfolio after a Gain or Loss
Rebalancing your portfolio is an important maintenance function that will keep your investing program on track and true to your goals.

Size Matters in Investing - Company Size is Important in Investment Decisions
A company's size is an important investment consideration. The smaller the company, the more volatile and risky the investment.

Stock Prices - How are Stock Prices set each day
Who sets stock prices? How are prices set each day? How do you know what a stock will open at each day? Understanding how stocks are priced in the market will make you a better investor.

Stop Loss Orders - How Stop Loss Orders Can Protect You
Stop Loss Orders can protect you when your favorite stock gets hit by a disaster by cutting your losses with an automatic sell.

Using Price Sales Ratio - How to Value a Stock Using the Sales Price Ratio
The sales/price ratio provides a metric for measuring the relative value of a stock's price when compared to industry peers. It is used along with price/earnings ratio.

Risk of Bond Default - How to Lower the Risk of Bond Default
Bonds should be the conservative part of your portfolio - so how do you avoid buying a bond likely to default?

Stock Buybacks - Are Stock Buybacks Good for Investors
Stock buybacks can be a good deal for stockholders or a smokescreen to hide weak financial ratios.

When and How to Sell a Winning Stock - Strategies for Selling Stock for a Profit
Knowing when and how to sell a winning stock is as important as knowing when to sell a losing stock.

It's Never too Early or too Late to Start Investing for Retirement
Investing for your retirement should be a priority regardless of your age.

Supply and Demand Will Keep Oil Stocks Golden - Long Term Demand Will Push Stocks
Continued and growing demand for energy will keep oil companies' profits high.

Discounted Stocks - Down Market is Great Time to Buy Discounted Stocks
When the market is depressed you might consider a shopping spree for discounted stocks.

Information on Dividends - Ratios on Dividends Explained
Dividend ratios can tell you much about a stock and its future payout prospects.

Great Source of Information on Companies - Finding Information on Companies to Invest in
One of the best sources of information on companies is free and as near as your computer.

False Signals that It's Time to Sell a Stock - Don't be Fooled into Selling a Stock too Early
There are several situations that may seem the right time to sell a stock, but be careful you don't fall for a false signal.

Interest Rates Primary Concern to Stock Market - Stocks React to Changes in Rates
The stock market closely watches interest rates for signs of change. Lower rates mean more money in the economy.

What does Inverted Yield Curve Mean for Stock Investors?
Does the inverted yield curve forecast a coming recession and what should stock investors do about it?

Picking Winning Stocks for the Future Not Easy - Look for Stocks with Key Characteristics
Investing in stocks is about looking into th

Don't Let Emotions Get in Way of Investing Success - Stop Emotions from Hurting Profits
Emotions play an influential role in investing success. Watch them closely or they'll derail your investing strategy.

Understanding IPOs - How Companies Use IPOs to Go Public
IPOs or initial public offerings are how companies offer stock for sale to the public the first time. Often the subject of wild speculation and excitement, IPOs can be a very profitable buy or a disaster.

Stock Buybacks may have Good Motives or May Not
A company repurchases its stock for a variety of reasons, not all of them are good. However, a stock buyback can benefit stockholders by increasing the worth of their shares.

Real Rate of Return on Investments - Calculating the Real Rate of Return on Stock and other Investments
The real rate of return on an investment factors in inflation and taxes to give you a clearer picture of how much your purchasing power has increased.

Stock Manipulation is Serious Problem - Avoid Stock Scams by Avoiding Bogus Information
Investors should be concerned with false information designed to influence stock prices. This manipulation is unethical and may be illegal.

Stock Investing in Slow-Growth Economy - Strategies for Stock Investing Success
During a slow-growth economy, investors need to adopt new strategies to meet financial goals.

Margin of Error Protects Investors - Stock Investors Use Insurance
The margin of error is a factor you include in your calculations for determining at what price to buy. It provides some protection against the unknown and any calculation errors.

Filter Out Market Noise to Make Better Investing Decisions - Stock Investors Can Ignore the Fringe
During market turmoil, there is no shortage of verbal noise passing as wisdom.

What's Coming this Week 9/13/2004
There are several key economic numbers scheduled for release this week that have a bearing on the market.

The Disaster of $65 a Barrel Oil - Inflation and Oil Prices
Despite the Fed's lack of concern, high oil prices are a train wreck waiting to happen for our economy.

Investing Techniques that offer investors structured ways to approch investing
Investing techniques offer powerful ways for investors to execute their strategies. These techniques provide a structure for your investing.

Investing Philosophies - Develop an investing philosphy that reflects your personal outlook
What is a value investor or growth investor and how do they differ from a contrarain investor? Successful investors develop a way of looking for investing targets - a philosophy that helps them identify likely candidates.

Google's IPO - A Red Flag - Why You Should Worry About Google's IPO
Google's upcoming IPO may be a receipe for overpricing their stock. Investors should use caution when approaching the issue.

Google Shares Surprise to Some Who Thought Google Owners Were More Shareholder Friendly
Overlooked by many, the news that Google has two classes of stock is now beginning to surface.

This Week in the Market
This week in the market articles highlight key events in the up coming week.