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Stress Management
Stress Management.

When Faking Positivity Causes More Stress
Do you feel better if you fake a smile? What about faking cheerfulness? Research shows facts about when to fake positivity and when to be real.

When Faking Positivity Causes More Stress
Do you feel better or worse if you fake a smile? What about faking cheerfulness? Research shows some surprising things about when to fake positivity and when to be real.

Traits and Attitudes That Risk Mental Burnout
Learn what lifestyle factors, personality traits, attitudes can be an increased burnout risk for you, and find resources to effectively cope.

Insightful Personality Tests for Stress Relief
The following personality tests can help you better understand yourself and so you can make the best changes to reduce stress in your particular situation.

How to Tell if You're an Adrenaline Junkie
Learn more about the traits of adrenaline junkies so you can see if you may be causing yourself unnecessary stress.

How To Relieve Stress with Exercise
While exercise can help your overall health and longevity, and assist you with weight-loss goals, physical exercise and stress relief go hand in hand. Learn more about how and why exercise and stress relief go together so well.

How Stress Contributes To Sleep Problems
Stress and sleep issues often go together. Learn more about the correlation between stress and sleep problems, and find resources for healthy sleep.

Common Symptoms of Too Much Stress
Because so many of us face greater amounts of daily stress, we may not always know how much stress is too much. Here are some guidelines for recognizing your stress symptoms and knowing how much stress is too much stress.

Reaching Your Goals: How To Be Happy - Living A Life of Happiness
Are you truly happy? If you have positive changes you'd like to make in your life that would bring more happiness, but don't know how to make them stick, this resource is a must-read! Find helpful tips for making lasting changes, plus resources for setting goals and working toward a life of happiness.

How To Be Happy - An Introduction
The first page in guide that can help you look at your lifestyle,thought patterns,stress levels and set the right goals for your happiness.

Look at Your Attitude: Do Your Thoughts Make You Happy?
Happiness is a state of mind, in a matter of speaking. Our habitual thought patterns can greatly influence whether or not we are happy in our daily lives. Learn more about how your thoughts can make you happy--or not--and what you can do to bring more bliss into your mind.

Setting Goals For Happiness: Know What Will Make You Happy
While we all want to be happy, many of us pursue the wrong goals to acheive a happy life; in fact, some of our pursuits actually have the opposite effect! This resource explores the makings of personal happiness and can help you identify and reach the goals that will make you truly happy.

How Much Stress Is Too Much?
It is good to lead an active and exciting life, but this can lead to stress if you are too busy. Explore the signs of too much stress, even the good kind!

Stress and Happiness Research
Happiness research tells us a lot about how to live to maximize our level of contentment and joy in life. Here are a few that can help reduce stress.

Four Steps Toward Dealing With Stress and Anxiety
Do you experience too much stress and anxiety? And how much is too much? An overview of the problem, and then four steps to get a handle on it.

Finding Happiness and Stress Relief
Here is a list of features that promote happiness and relieve stress, with resources that can help you incorporate them into your life, starting now.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Healthy Relationships
These research-backed conflict resolution tips can spare you stress and enable you to create more lasting harmony.

Best Fun Stress Relievers From Games to Books
Here's a list of fun stress relievers that can distract you out of your stressed frame of mind, and provide additional benefits.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Simple Ways To Relieve Money Stress
Money stress can feel overwhelming. Here's how to relieve financial stress by shifting your focus, changing a few habits, and managing money wisely.

Join An Art Class for Stress Relief
Joining an art class can be a wonderful stress reliever. Learn why, and how you can use art to manage stress in your life.

If All Else Fails...Doodle!
Stress Management.

Research on Mandala Coloring for Stress Relief
You don't need to know how to create mandalas--coloring them in is far easier, and great for stress relief! Learn why and how mandala-coloring can help you manage stress.

Creating a Mandala for Stress Relief
Creating a mandala is a proven way to relieve stress. Learn more about this, and how to get started with this stress relief habit.

Research on Drawing For Stress Relief
Creating something beautiful--through drawing, painting, even doodling--can be a great way to relieve stress, not artistic experience required! Learn why, and how to get started.

Art Activities For Stress Relief
There are many ways to relieve stress with art, and there is research that shows that these strategies work! Here's where to start.

Improve Your Thinking Skills While Relieving Stress
Learn effective and natural strategies for relieving stress and improving your thinking skills, which includes keeping a journal and improving nutrition.

Using The Positive Psychology Approach to Stress Relief
The positive psychology approach to a better life involves three main ingredients. Learn more about this approach to happiness and stress relief.

How Clutter Affects Your Time, Money and Stress
Learn about the different ways that clutter subtly but persistently robs us of time, energy and serenity, and explore how much clutter is acceptable for you.

Stress Management
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Stress Management
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Top Healthy Habits for Better Sleep
Sleep is vital for productivity, stress management and overall wellbeing. Here are some healthy habits for better sleep.

Stress Management Causes and Effects
Learn about stress, your stress response, healthy (and unhealthy) stress coping and find action tips and support for dealing with stress.

Stress Management for Senior Health
Senior health can be enhanced by maintaining a healthy level of stress. Learn stress management techniques that are beneficial to senior health.

Cortisol and Stress: How to Stay Healthy
Cortisol is important for proper body functioning but needs to be balanced. Learn more about its effects, and how to stay healthy in the face of stress.

Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Stress at Work
Because stress at work is so common, finding a low-stress job may be impossible. Fortunately, you can use these effective strategies to reduce work stress.

Simple Housekeeping Tips For Less Stress
Create a low stress environment and relieve stress as you do it. Learn how these low-stress housekeeping tips can relieve stress in multiple ways.

How to Create Social Support in Your Life
Here is what you need to know to create mutually supportive, healthy friendships that will bring you opportunity for personal growth and stress relief.

How to Relieve Back to School Stress & Anxiety
A new school year can be stress-inducing for parents and students. Here are tips to lessen stress for back to school season.

How To Use Mantra Meditation for Stress Relief
Mantra meditation is one of the simplest forms of meditation, and it carries many wellness and stress relief benefits. Learn mantra meditation techniques for stress relief and raise your resilience to stress.

How Stress Can Lead to a Low Libido
Stress can lead to low libido in several ways. Read more about the link between stress and low libido and find ways to improve your sex drive.

Simple Options for Stress Reduction
Effective stress reduction requires some ongoing effort. The following stress reduction options are easy, convenient, supportive and FREE! Try them now.

Sex as a Stress Management Technique
Learn about the stress relieving benefits of sex and find techniques to manage stress and improve your sex life at the same time!

Music as a Health and Relaxation Aid
Learn how and why music affects the body and can be used as an effective stress reliever. You can also find resources for using music for overall wellness.

Managing Conflict in Relationships: Communication Tips
Learn ten simple therapist-recommended communication skills, manage conflict in a respectful way, and build healthier relationships. Free tests and e-course.

Recommended Hobbies for Stress Relief
With today's stressful lifestyles, it's important to make time to do something just for fun. Try these 10 hobbies and release stress now.

Is Stress a Cause of Hair Loss?
Are you under stress and experiencing hair loss? Are you wondering if stress is to blame, and what you should do? Read more about hair loss.

Stress Management
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Stress Relief Tips for Working Moms
Working moms face stress that can lead to slowed productivity, feelings of guilt, and stress for the entire family. Here's how to relieve that stress.

How To Celebrate National Relaxation Day
National Relaxation Day provides a unique opportunity to focus on stress relief. However, you don't need to wait for August 15th to celebrate--here is how to make any day a

Research On The Benefits of Meditation
Meditation research shows that many benefits come from the practice of various types of meditation. Read about specific meditation research studies.

How To Release Tension With Stress Relief Breathing
Breathing exercises are an ideal way to relieve stress in that they're fast, simple, and can be performed anywhere. Learn basic controlled breathing.

Reduce Stress Quickly With Karate Breathing Meditation
This simple Karate meditation is fast but powerful. It combines breathing with simple meditation to help you become more relaxed and centered.

Psychosomatic and Stress-Related Illness
Learn about psychosomatic and stress related illness, and find resources to stay healthy when you're under stress.

Coping Skills for Parents and Kids
Coping with a major change, stressor or crisis can be very taxing for adults; for kids, such things can be overwhelming. Here's how parents can help.

Biofeedback and Stress Relief
Learn more about how biofeedback works, how it helps, and how you can use biofeedback at home to relieve stress and lead a healthier lifestyle.

How to Minimize Stress in Just 20 Minutes
Learn the difference between Fast-Acting vs. Resilience-Building stress relief and how you can learn to minimize stress in just one 20 minute session.

Simplify Your Life This Week
Clutter in our surroundings can lead to mental and physical stress. Here's how to take advantage of

10 Stress Management Tips for Introverts
Introverts are often misunderstood, with special strengths and challenges. Learn what stress management for introverts best suits their needs.

Do's and Don'ts of Dealing With Anger
Well-managed anger can be a catalyst for positive change, while poorly handled anger can cause relationship and health problems, and stress. Here are some simple and effective strategies for dealing with anger.

How to Reduce Student Stress and Excel in School
Stress can disrupt your school performance. Learn study skills, prepare for exams and minimize school stress levels to make learning easier.

Meditations For Stress Relief
While many different meditations are effective, some meditations may feel more comfortable for you than others. Try these, see what type of meditation works best for you, and let it transform your life.

The Benefits and Practice of Mindful Eating
Mindful eating can help you lose weight and manage stress by helping you eat less and savor more. Learn the benefits and practice of mindful eating.

Common Mistakes Make Studying for Finals More Stressful
Many students unknowingly make finals even more stressful than they need to be. Learn what to avoid so you can do your best and avoid unnecessary stress.

Stress Management
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Stress Relief For Tired People
Exercise is a powerful stress management tool, but people are often too exhausted for workouts. These easy stress relief strategies can help.

How to Promote Stress Relief for Kids
Here are some strategies to promote stress relief for kids, and simple ways to implement them that can bring stress relief for the entire family.

Relieve Stress With A Bath Meditation
A bath meditation can relax tired muscles, provide a relaxing atmosphere, and allow a temporary feeling of escape from stressors.

Stress Management
Stress Management. Page 2.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Body and Your Health
If your health fails, it can overshadow everything else that's going on in your life. Here are a few healthy habits that carry a big impact.

How To Stop Fighting About Money
During stressful economic times, marriages can be strained when money troubles arise. Here's how to find harmony with your marriage and money.

How To Handle Unwanted Advice With Minimal Stress
Unsolicited advice can be annoying, but handling it wrong can cause even more stress. These simple guidelines can help you maintain your boundaries without offending the advice-giver.

Causes of Stress Differentials Between Individuals
When two people face the same situation, one may feel severely stressed and the other may feel excited, or feel nothing. Why does stress affect us all differently? Learn about the differential effects of stress.

Loneliness: How To Cope During The Holiday Season
For those who feel lonely during the holidays, this is a time of additional stress. Here are some proven strategies to feel less lonely and more joyous for the holiday season.

The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management
Read research behind the positive effects of journaling, learn how journaling can reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management
Yoga involves a combination of many stress management techniques in one. Learn the benefits of yoga for stress relief and overall health.

Emotional Resilience Is a Trait You Can Develop
Emotional resilience refers to one's ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. Learn how to increase your emotional resilience and stress less.

Create A Stress Relief Plan With Simple Habits
For overall health and happiness, simple stress relief is a must. Here's a simple plan to combat chronic stress, raise immunity, and feel better overall.

The Importance of Apologizing for Relationship Repair
Apologizing is an underrated relationship skill that can bring real healing, peace, and stress relief in the face of conflict. Apologizing can be simple, and can come from a place of strength. Here's why.

Are Optimists More Lucky In Love?
Are optimists luckier in love, or does it work better to guard your heart? What can you do to increase your own luck with relationships in your life? Here are some research-backed facts you need to know.

All About Staycations
What exactly constitutes a

All About Acute Stress
What is acute stress, and how does it affect you? Learn how to manage this and other types of stress.

Five Strategies for Discovering How to Forgive
While everyone may have a unique perspective on how to forgive, the following strategies have been proven effective for a variety of people.

Spirituality and Faith in God for Stress Relief
Research shows that those who are spiritual cope better with stress, enjoy better health, and live happier lives. Read more about spiritual stress relief.

Stress Management In Times of Crisis
When dealing with a crisis, everyday stress management techniques need to adjust to fit the situation. What stress management techniques work best in a crisis? Read on for effective crisis stress management ideas.

Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Stress Management
Guided Imagery has proven benefits for health and stress management. Learn this quick, effective technique to de-stress your body and calm your mind.

Relieve Stress and Heal Quicker From Surgery
Having surgery can bring a lot of stress, which can affect your body and mind. Here's how to relieve some of the stress from surgery, and speed healing, too!

Develop Greater Resiliency to Stress
Resiliency can help us get through life's stresses and crises much more easily. Learn more about how to develop greater personal resiliency.

Research on Relationship Stress Relief
Relationship research shows the important impact that our relationships have on our health, wellbeing, and stress levels. Learn more.

How to Reduce Stress and Keep The Joy in Motherhood
If you're stressed by motherhood (or even if you aren't), here are some helpful and fabulous things to remember about the joys of motherhood.

Stress in College: Where It Comes From, and How to Manage
Many students deal with stress in college -- which can be a significant factor in the dreaded Freshman 15.

Find Energy and Productivity With a Positive Attitude
Developing a positive attitude is one way to increase your energy level. Find resources to develop a

How To Relieve Stress With A Musical Bath Meditation
Meditation brings a veritable laundry list of proven benefits. Here is a way to enjoy those benefits and pamper your body at the same time.

Top Tips for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Relaxation is often seen as a luxury but is vital for physical and emotional health. Learn why, and how to easily relax whenever you experience stress.

Relieve Stress With Visualization Breathing
Both visualization and breathing have been found to be great stress relief strategies. This simple, easy-to-learn technique combines the two for effective stress relief that works quickly.

Top Resolutions For Getting And Staying Healthy
For those who face health challenges, setting goals and maintaining healthy habits can be life-changing. Here are some top resolutions for healthy change.

Top Misconceptions About Stress and Stress Management
These common misconceptions about stress and stress management negatively impact many people's ability to relieve the stress, and they can be pervasive.

Tips on Getting Organized to Combat Stress
Getting organized is more difficult than it initially sounds. The following tips for getting organized cover how organized to be, what areas carry the greatest benefits, and how to get started.

Kinds of Unsolicited Advice that Cause Stress
We're all prone to getting unsolicited advice from friends, family, or strangers at times. People give advice for many reasons.

How To Practice Breathing Meditation
Breathing meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation because of its ease and simplicity. Learn how to practice breathing meditation.

Stress Management
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Supporting a Worthy Cause Can Help Give Life Meaning
Do you have a nagging feeling that something's missing? Many people find volunteering time, money or castoffs as a way to give life meaning. Learn more about how getting involved in a cause you believe in can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and help give life meaning.

How To Reduce the Stress of Traveling
Whether you're traveling for business, vacation or to see loved ones, there are simple steps you can do to reduce the travel stress of your next trip.

How To Handle A Difficult Co-Worker
According to a recent job stress poll on this site, about three in four of us deal with difficult co-workers. Find out how to handle them and feel more at peace when you're at work.

How To Manage The Stress of New Year's Resolutions
Stressed about resolutions? Learn common sources of New Year's Resolution stress and find strategies for stress relief.

The Importance of Hobbies for Stress Relief
Hobbies bring many stress management benefits that make them more than worth the time they require. Here are some of the advantages of having hobbies.

Different Meditation Techniques for Relaxation
This article discusses the basics of various meditation techniques and the benefits thy carry for stress relief and personal growth.

How to Apologize Sincerely and Effectively
An insincere apology can actually make things worse! Apologies are simple if you know what to say. Follow these steps to a low-stress apology.

How to Handle the Stress of Adult Sibling Rivalry
If you feel stress from adult sibling rivalry, you may be surprised to find that you're not alone. Here are some things you can do to feel better.

Negative Effects of Stress on Physical Health
Learn more about how stress can affect your health, the link between stress and wellness, and what you can do to increase your odds of overall wellness.

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life
You can use the law of attraction to relieve stress, and to attract the life you want. The following simple steps can lead you to the life of your dreams, via the law of attraction.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Stress Relief
A balanced, healthy lifestyle can help you to experience less stress, a less-intense stress response, and greater health. Here's how to create this.

Relieve Stress and Lose Weight With Mindful Eating
Mindful eating exercises can aid in weight loss as well as stress relief. These simple and easy-to-learn mindful eating tips make it easy.

6 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions
Many couples face marriage problems that can strengthen a relationship. These are some of the most common sources of marital stress, and solutions.

Effective Meditations for Stress Relief and Inner Peace
Meditations come in all forms, and all bring special benefits for health and wellbeing. Find a variety of meditations you can try.

Meditation Tips for Perfectionists
Meditation can be difficult for perfectionists, at least at first. If you are one (or if you find meditation difficult), these tips are for you.

Try This Easy Meditation With Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy and meditation are two simple and effective stress management strategies. Here's a simple way to meditate using incense and aromatherapy.

The Relationship Between Stress and Sleep
Sleep is one of the fundamental needs that we have, and one that is often underestimated. Learn more about the importance of sleep, the impact that stress has on sleep, and how to get quality sleep when stressed.

How to Learn From Your Mistakes in Stress Management
These simple strategies help you to relieve stress and learn from your mistakes so that you can make the most of life's challenges, no matter how they work out.

Parenting Stress and Depression Risks
Which parents are more and less likely to experience depression and stress? Read the research, and find strategies for coping.

Stress Management
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How to Minimize Family Conflict During the Holidays
The holidays present many opportunities to bond with family, but this time of year can also present significant stress, particularly when family conflict arises. Some conflict can come from having to decide which relatives to see, if any. Here are some ways to divide up your time over the holidays and handle conflicts and holiday stress that may arise.

Lunchtime Stress Relief Strategies
Building stress relief habits into your day can lead to increased resilience. Here's why lunch is an optimal time, with strategies you can use.

Low-Stress Study Tips for Finals Season
Finals are enough to stress out anybody. Here are some study tips that can help you do your best during finals season with minimal stress.

Sleep and Studying - How Sleep Can Impact Studying Success
Studying and sleep: usually one wins out, but the two are forever competing during finals season. Learn why sleep is vital for studying success, and find tips for safeguarding sleep while studying for finals.

How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Studying
Studying for finals often turns into a deprivation marathon involving days or weeks of poor sleep, poor diet, and extra stress. Learn how (and why) students can maintain healthy habits, even when studying for finals.

How Students Can Get Organized
One of the best ways to reduce stress while making your study time more efficient is to get organized! The following tips for students will explain in simple terms why and how to get organized.

Choosing Study Groups Wisely
Study groups can help you score better on tests and have fun while learning--or sabotage your progress! Learn more about how to choose the right study group.

Pregnancy Stress Risks and How to Avoid
Pregnancy in itself can bring a lot of stress. Learn about some of the effects of pregnancy stress, and how to relieve stress during pregnancy and afterward.

How to Handle the Stress of a Financial Crisis
Financial stress affects most of us. Severe financial stress, the type resulting from a financial crisis, can be difficult to manage if you don't know what to do. Here are some proven strategies for dealing with the stress of a financial crisis, and feeling better quickly.

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Elements of a Peaceful Home
When looking for ways to manage stress, people often overlook one of the simplest and most effective strategies: create a peaceful home. Learn how creating a peaceful home can reduce stress, and discover the elements of a peaceful home and how to implement them in your space.

Research-Based Links Between Happiness & Stress Relief
There really are simple, fun ways to build resources and become more resilient toward stress. Learn the research behind how and why.

Inoffensive Office Humor and Workplace Etiquette
Workplace humor can reduce stress and create a fun work environment, or cause alienation and even litigation! Find tips on how to be funny at the office without causing offense with inappropriate office humor.

Epinephrine and the Stress Response
Read more about epinephrine and its role with the body's stress response, and find ways to minimize your own stress response.

Laughter As A Coping Mechanism
Maintain a sense of humor and make stress easier to handle. Rather than looking back and laughing years from now, laugh more today. Here's how.

Work Relaxation Into Your Life
When stress gets to feel overwhelming, you can be at risk for anxiety, depression, and burnout. Here are some of the most effective ways to relieve stress.

Breathing Exercise Techniques for Stress Relief
Breathing exercises are often recommended as a stress relief since they are convenient, simple and effective. Learn more to de-stress in under 5 minutes.

How to Reduce the Stress of College Life
College life brings many unique stressors with it. Find healthy ways to manage the stress of college life, and develop lifelong habits that will help you achieve success in whatever you do.

College Life - Regular Exercise as Stress Relief in College Life
College life brings many stressors. Read about how to get regular exercise as a way to combat the stress of college life, and find resources for more college stress relievers.

Healthy Habits to Relieve College Stress
College life brings many stressors. Read about how healthy habits can help combat the stress of college life, and find resources for more college stress relievers.

Social Support to Relieve Stress in College Life
College life brings many stressors. Read about how social support can help combat the stress of college life, and find resources for more college stress relievers.

Is It Safer To Be A Pessimist?
If you're a pessimist, you may be more likely to protect yourself when things to wrong, but does that mean it's safer to be a pessimist? Learn more.

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Manage Stress
Positive affirmations are a great way to develop positive self-talk and relieve stress. Learn about how positive affirmations can help reduce stress.

Engage in Leisure Activities for Work-Life Balance
Leisure activities are important for work-life balance. Here's how to fit them into your life in just the right way.

Multitask for Work-Life Balance
Multitasking can be an effective route to work-life balance when used wisely. Here's what you need to know about multitasking and balance.

Introduce Gratifications for Work-Life Balance
You can achieve better work-life balance by increasing the number of gratifications in your life. Here's how.

Look At Priorities for Work-Life Balance
You can maintain work-life balance more easily by examining your priorities and cutting out activities accordingly. Here's how to do this, and more.

Delegate When Possible For Work-Life Balance
Delegating tasks may not come easily, but it can be a great route to work-life balance. Here's how to delegate, evaluate your priorities, and more.

How To Achieve Better Work Life Balance
Maintaining work-life balance is vital for stress management and life satisfaction. There are several different ways to work toward balance; here are five of the most effective.

Plug Your Energy Drains For Work-Life Balance
You can gain greater work-life balance by plugging your energy drains. Here's how to do that, and more.

Find Time For Yourself - Wellness: Finding Time For Yourself- Busy Women: How To Make Time For Yourself
Women tend to take care of many people and play several roles at once. The busy schedules that women lead can increase their stress levels and take a toll on their health and wellness. This article provides information and resources for busy women, including mothers, who would like to reduce stress and find more time for self care.

Women's Health Tip: Safeguard Your Sex Life - Women and Sex
With the busy schedules women keep these days, whether working full-time, staying home with children, or going to school, women are often exhausted at the end of the day. Because of this, sex sometimes takes a backseat to everything else in life, especially for women. If this describes you, these resources can help.

Women's Health Tip: Avoid Unhealthy Coping Habits - Unhealthy Coping Habits and Women's Health
Stress affects health in many ways. Choosing the right ways to relieve stress and making the right choices for a healthy lifestyle is very important for women, and women's choices may be different from men's because women are different. Learn more about why stress is a womens health issue, and discover ways women can relieve stress and stay healthy.

Stress Relief for Women's Health
Stress affects health in many ways. Choosing the right ways to relieve stress is very important for women.

Stress and Women's Health: Taking Care of Your Body - Stress Relievers for A Healthy Body - Self Care: A Womens Health Issue
Women take care of others in their lives, but often don't take adequate care of their own bodies. Because stress causes great wear and tear on our bodies, it's important to have stress relievers that also help your body stay strong and healthy. Learn about the best stress relievers for a healthy body.

Self Talk and Wellness - Self Talk, Stress Relief and Womens Wellness - Women and Positive Thinking
Women often put themselves down and develop a critical style of self talk. Learn how this affects wellness and stress levels, and find resources for developing optimism and a more positive way of thinking and self talk.

Stress Management
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How To Feel More Relaxed
Feeling relaxed most of the time, and being able to become relaxed when necessary, are two skills that are important in a healthy life.

How To Shift Perspective To Minimize Stress
Maintaining a new perspective can be a very effective coping strategy. Here's how to find a better perspective on life when you're feeling stressed.

Learn How To Savor The Moment
Learning to savor the moment is a convenient, free, and effective way to increase your happiness and quality of life, and reduce stress.

How To Practice Music Meditation
Combining music with meditation can deepen the positive effects of both, and bring you greater stress relief. Here's how.

What Is Psychosocial Stress?
What is psychosocial stress, and how can it affect your health? Learn more about psychosocial stress and find resources to eliminate it or manage its.

Using Self Hypnosis for Stress Management
Hypnotism and self-hypnosis can be valuable tools for the reduction of stress. Learn how self hypnosis can be used to relax your body, help you acheive goals and improve your life.

Step-By-Step Tips on How to Meditate
Learning how to meditate can be very simple, and is one of the best things you can do for your health and overall well-being. Learn how to meditate several different ways, and see what approach works best for you!

Why and How to Do a Mental Body Scan for Stress Relief
When you're stressed, you may be carrying stress in your body without realizing it. A body scan meditation can help you locate and release that stress. Here's how!

Aromatherapy for Stress: Research and Techniques
Aromatherapy is touted by many as an effective stress relief tool. Is it? Read up on the research and how aromatherapy may be used for stress relief.

How To Identify Your Tolerations
Tolerations--those stressors we encounter in daily life that sap us of our energy--are often easy to eliminate when you know how.

How To Deal With Stressors and Challenges
If you know how to deal with stressors and challenges in life, you can navigate life more easily and remain healthier and happier in the process.

How To Deal With Stress, Step 3: Process Your Feelings
When learning how to deal with stress, negative emotions, and challenges in life, processing your feelings is important; your feelings can be a guide to your next steps, or can block your way through dealing with them. Read more on processing feelings and learning how to deal with stressors.

How To Deal With Stress, Step 4: Make Positive Changes
Making positive changes is important when you're figuring out how to deal with negative emotions and challenges in life. Read more about the importance of positive changes and stress.

How To Deal With Stress, Part 5: Get Support If You Need It
Social support can bring you added strength when dealing with life's challenges. Professional help is sometimes a valuable and necessary tool as well. Learn more about getting support when dealing with stressors and challenges in life.

How To Deal With Specific Stressors
Learning how to deal with specific stressors can be a challenge, especially when you're already in the grip of stress and other strong emotions. Here are some resources for dealing with a variety of emotions and stressors, from anger to loneliness, from difficult people to a financial crisis. Learn how to deal with challenges you face in life.

How To Deal With Stress, Step 2: Feel Your Feelings
Many people aren't sure how to deal with negative emotions. Facing your feelings, rather than trying to mask them, is an important step. Read more on how to deal with stressors and strong emotions.

Stress Relief Strategies for Parents
Coping with the demands of parenting isn't always easy. Learn how to manage parenting stress so you can better care for your children.

Stay Calm - How To Calm Anxiety
These simple steps can help you calm the anxiety you may feel in daily stressful situations. Have a variety of techniques up your sleeve to calm anxiety!

About Explanatory Styles
Your explanatory style can greatly affect your stress levels, either making everything feel more stressful, or maximizing your ability to cope. Learn why.

The Benefits of Gratitude for Stress Relief
Studies show that gratitude can enhance emotional well-being. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your own life.

How Spirituality Can Benefit Mental and Physical Health
Learn more about how spirituality can lead to less stress, improved health, and a better life.

The Benefits of Altruism for Stress Management
There are many benefits to altruism, and many of these benefits can contribute to a reduction in stress as well as a more fulfilling life. Learn more about the benefits of altruism.

How to Deal With Stress-Related Insomnia
Losing sleep over stress can negatively affect your life in many ways. Learn more about stress-related insomnia and what you can do to get quality sleep when stressed.

Why You Should Be a Good Neighbor, and How to Be One
Learn more about how and why being a good neighbor can bring stress relief and peace of mind, and find ways to bring increased neighborhood solidarity and a sense of pride in where you live.

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Stress Management
Stress Management.

Home Organization For Stress Relief
There are several ways your home can be organized for stress relief. Here's how to make the most of your space for exercise, meditation, and more.

Dealing with Holiday Perfectionism
Holiday perfectionism is a main cause of holiday stress. Learn to stop holiday perfectionism and really enjoy the holidays this year!

How To Maintain Healthy Holiday Eating Habits
Learn about the challenges of holiday eating, and how to develop a healthy holiday eating plan for this year, and every year!

Goal-Setting and Reaching Goals
Goals matter. Setting the right goals, having a plan to reach those goals, and following through on what is required to reach or maintain those goals, can make the difference between having a happy, fulfilled and less-stressed lifestyle, and, well, not having one. Learn more about goals, and how to reach them!

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief
Mindfulness meditation techniques can greatly help with stress relief and relaxation, and are relatively simply to practice. Learn more about mindfulness meditation techniques, and find several that you can practice in your daily life.

Stress And Nutrition: What's The Link?
Stress and nutrition affect one another in several ways. Learn how stress can cause poor nutrition, and poor nutrition can cause additional stress.

Gratitude Exercises for the Holiday Season
Cultivating gratitude can relieve stress and deepen happiness; these strategies can help you during the stressful holiday season and beyond.

Make It Your Goal to Stress Less
Stress is a part of life, but it doesn't need to be a defining force. Here are some goals and ways to approach goals that can help you minimize stress.

Breathing, Exercise, And Other Simple Stress Relievers
Learn to practice breathing exercises and other simple stress relievers, and carve out a less stressed existence, simply and quickly.

Perspective As A Stress Reducer - Shift Your Perspective with Gratitude and Optimism
A shift in perspective can be a greater stress reducer than many others because the a change in attitude and perspective can change one's whole experience of stress. Learn how gratitude, optimism and other positive perspectives can be adopted, and learn how that will affect stress levels.

Meditation As A Stress Reducer - Meditation As A Powerful Stress Reducer
Meditation brings many benefits that make it a very effective stress reducer. Learn how to harness these benefits and make meditation one stress reducing activity in your life that brings many lasting benefits, and find links to other highly effective stress reducer activities.

Stress Reducer Research
Find stress reducers that work, and research supporting their effectiveness.

How Your Attitude and Self-Talk Affect Stress
Self talk is the internal dialogue we use to view the world, explain situations and communicate to ourselves, and the type of self talk you use--negative self talk or positive self talk--can affect the level of stress you experience. Learn why, and find resources to change your self talk if need be.

Find Fast Stress Relief With These Simple Techniques
Chronic stress is damaging to your body and mind. These stress relief techniques minimize stress and protect your body from the damage of long-term stress.

Feeling Exhausted? Easy Stress Management
For those who are too exhausted to try something new, these simple techniques can help when you're too stressed for anything challenging.

Cognitive Distortions and Stress
Cognitive distortions can contribute significantly to stress. Learn more about the 10 common cognitive distortions so you can recognize and free yourself of them.

Exercise Options for Stressed and Busy People
Getting regular exercise is an important way to increase your energy level. Find resources to exercise regularly so you can make the most of your time.

What Causes Stress For Moms?
Children tend to bring great joys, as well as many challenges. If you're a mother feeling stress, you're not alone. Here are some common causes of stress, with stress management resources for moms.

How to Get in the Mood When You're Too Stressed for Sex
Sex can be a great stress reliever, but stress can also affect one's libido. Learn how to get in the mood again so you can enjoy the benefits of sex!

Drawing, Art Therapy, and Stress Relief
Creating art--even coloring pictures in a coloring book--can bring real stress relief. Here's research behind the link between art and stress relief.

Here's Why You Need To Take A Break From Work
Learn why it's important to take a break from work, stress, and your daily routine, and learn how to most effectively do this when you lead a busy life.

All About Your Stress Response
What is involved with your body's stress response, and why is it triggered? Why do some people experience stress when others don't? Get answers to all of your stress response questions here!

Stress and Health: How it Affects Your Body
Stress health and well-being are all connected. Learn about the different types of stress and how they can affect your body and health.

Understanding and Managing Stressors
Learn what you need to know about stressors, how they are distinct from stress itself, and how to effectively manage stressors in your life.

Tips for Letting Go of Stress and Anger
Letting go of anger and stresses from the past is easier said than done. Learn proven techniques for letting go and living in a freer place.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Kids
Deep breathing can help reduce stress in children as well as adults. Learn this simple deep breathing exercise that you can do with your kids.

Dealing with the Stress of a Disappointing Election
Elections are intense. If your candidate didn't win, you may be feeling stressed and disappointed. Here are some strategies for coping with your feelings.

How To Create Restful Vacations
Restful vacations can enhance overall wellbeing, but not all vacations are restful. Learn how to bring relaxation back to your vacation.

Common Misconceptions That Create Stress In Your Life
Our thinking patterns can create more stress in our lives than we realize. Here are some common ideas that should be banished from your mind.

Use A Coincidence Journal To Increase Your Experience Of Luck
We all experience lucky coincidences that point us to opportunities, resources and answers to our problems. However, we're often too stressed or busy to notice and take advantage of these opportunities. Learn how to notice and maximize the lucky coincidences in your life.

Facts on Stress, Chronic Stress, and Stress Relief
Just what is stress? Because the term is so common, many people don't understand what stress is and is not. Learn the basic answers to this question,

National Forgiveness Day and Global Forgiveness Day
Forgiveness can be difficult to give, but is extremely important for your own wellbeing. Here's how to celebrate National Forgiveness Day--anytime.

Celebrate World Belly Laugh Day for Stress Management
Getting laughter in your life is important for your health and wellbeing. Here is why and how you should spend a day focusing on getting more laughs.

Cognitive Reframing For Stress Management
Learn how to reframe situations so that they create less stress and promote a greater sense of peace and control.

Is There a Link Between Stress and Adult Acne?
Adult acne is on the rise and stress may be a contributing factor. Discover the link between acne breakouts and stress and learn how to prevent it.

Coping With Test Anxiety and Assessment Stress
Tests can be stressful even for the most prepared students, and test anxiety can actually hurt your performance. Fear not: the following test anxiety tips can help you feel better and do better.

Stress 101 - Understanding The Basics of Stress
The first step to conquering stress in your life is understanding the basics of stress. There are different types and levels of stress, and stress affects you in many ways.

How Does Chronic Stress Negatively Affect Your Health?
Today's modern lifestyle can create stress that lasts a long time. Learn how to recognize chronic stress and the impact it can have on your overall health.

Mindfulness Exercises For Everyday Life
Mindfulness can bring quick and lasting results for stress management. The following mindfulness exercises are simple and convenient, and can help bring mindfulness and stress relief to your daily life.

How To Feel Less Frustrated and Stressed
Stress can make you more easily frustrated and can cause burnout; manage stress through good lifestyle habits and stress relieving activities

How To Create a Vision Board for Stress Relief
A vision board is a tool you can use for positive change in your life. Fun to create and helpful to use, vision boards can be excellent stress management tools as well. Here's how to create a vision board that works for you.

Back-To-School Stress Relief Techniques
The school year often brings stress as students and families wrestle with heavy homework loads, busy schedules, and other challenges that come during the months when school is in session. The following resources can help you to decide what to do to manage this stress.

Easy Stress Relief: Shortcuts To Relaxation
When overwhelmed, you may feel too tired for some stress relief techniques. These low-stress stress relievers are perfect for when you just need to relax.

Bucket Lists Beyond The Obvious
Making a bucket list can be a fun and effective way to be sure you get the most out of life, and do the things that you've always wanted to do before it's too late. (Remember, we often stress over the things we wish we'd done more than the things we actually did!) Read about the various types of bucket lists you can create to fulfill different purposes in your life, and find a wealth of ideas for your bucket list!

Best Ways To Relieve Stress
If you are looking for the best ways to relieve stress, the answer may depend on your personality and your situation. Here is a list top strategies to relieve stress,with tips to determine the best ways for you personally to relieve stress.

Emotional Eating: Why You Binge When You're Not Hungry
We are more prone to snack when stressed. Learn the main reasons stressed people eat, and find resources to stop emotional eating.

How to Reduce Tension with Progressive Muscle Relaxation
PMR, or Deep Muscle Relaxation, is a valuable stress management tool, exercises that allow you in minutes to reduce the overall tension in your body.

How To Have A Good Day
We all want to have good days. But can every day be a good day? Actually, yes. These simple tips can show you how to have a good day, and make every day the best it can be.

How Rumination Affects Your Life
Rumination can cause stress and other negative consequences in your life. Learn more about rumination, healthy emotional processing, and how to stop ruminating and be free.

How Do Different Types of Social Support Work?
Not all types of social support are the same; different types of social support serve different functions, and some can actually create more stress. Learn more about types of social support here.

5-Minute Meditation: Quick and Effective Stress Relief
Surprisingly, even 5 minutes of meditation carries some benefits. Learn these quick meditation strategies now.

How to Tell You've Reached the Point of Burnout
Stress and burnout are closely related. Learn about burnout symptoms, such as emotional exhaustion, and common causes.

Revertigo: Do You Suffer From It?
I recently watched a hilarious episode of my 'guilty pleasure' show, How I Met Your Mother, in which they describe a phenomenon called 'revertigo'. Revertigo

Sleep and Womens Health - Sleep and Wellness - Sleep and Women's Wellness - Sleep and Staying Healthy
Women today have stressed and busy lives. Getting enough sleep is an important way to safeguard wellness and keep stress levels low. Read more about sleep and your health, and find ways to improve the quality of both.

Mindfulness: Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief
Mindfulness carries powerful benefits for health and stress relief. Learn more about the practice of mindfulness and how to bring it to your daily life.

Stress Management: Why Adults Need Playtime, Too
Play time is not just for children. Having a regular activity that you do just for fun is part of staying happy as an adult, too.

Top 10 Stress Relief Strategies For Your Inner Child
Children have natural ways of relieving stress, from day-dreaming to playing games to getting hugs from Mom. As adults, we experience high levels of stress, and the inner child can help! Here are 10 stress relief strategies for adults that were adapted from childhood stress relievers. Try one or several of these strategies for stress relief in your daily life; they'll probably come back to you more easily than you think!

Make Lasting Changes--Despite Your Challenges
Lifestyle changes, goals, and New Year's Resolutions aren't always easy to maintain. If you are finding it difficult to make changes last, here's what you need to know for less stressful change.

Why Eustress Is Your Friend
Have you heard that some types of stress can be good for you? This stress, termed eustress, is the sort that keeps us vital and excited about life.

Three Simple Strategies to Say No to People
These simple tips on saying no give you easy ways to say no to requests on your time without having to be pushy, so you can say no to more stress and yes to the things you really want in life.

Stay With a New Habit By Building It Into Your Schedule
It's important to practice at least one stress relieving activity on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to stick with a new habit. One important trick that makes it easy to stay with a new habit is to build it into your schedule from the beginning. Read more on that here.

Maintain Healthy Habits with Social Support
It's not always easy to maintain healthy habits, no matter how much you'd like to. Healthy habits and good intentions sometimes get pushed aside by busy schedules and exhaustion. Luckily, there are tricks that can help you maintain new habits more easily, and social support is one. Learn more about it here.

Using Goals and Rewards to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Making changes isn't easy, even when these changes lead to a more healthy lifestyle. However, using small rewards to reinforce your own baby steps can lead to big steps toward a healthier lifestyle with less stress, more joy, and healthier habits.

Sticking With Healthy New Habits: Be Sure You're On The Right Track! - Sticking With a New Habit - How To Make Healthy Changes
Sometimes when we've taken on a healthy new lifestyle goal, it's harder to make it a lasting part of your life than you thought it would be. Should you give up? If you're having trouble sticking with healthy changes, you need to read this!

Life Plan Strategies for Those Who Are Too Busy
While many people say that they'd like to be less busy, it's often difficult to know exactly how to pare down a schedule and which activities to cut out while formulating a new life plan. Here are some new life plan concepts to keep in mind when deciding how to trim down your schedule so you can be less stressed.

10 Conflict Resolution Mistakes to Avoid
Conflict is a virtually inevitable part of a relationship. Learn how to avoid making things worse with your conflict resolution--here's a better way.

Top 10 Stress Relief Activities You Should Try
Not all stress relievers are equal. These proven techniques help you reduce stress and maintain a healthier life. Use stress exercises that work best!

How To Stop Procrastination
If you're wondering how to stop procrastination, you may be relieved to learn that there are several ways to tackle this common problem. Read on for 10 tips on how to stop procrastination.

Writing in a Gratitude Journal For Stress Relief
Keeping a gratitude journal is a simple and effective way to relieve stress and increase your overall emotional well-being. Learn how to get started.

Why an How to Raise Your Self Esteem for Stress Relief
Self-esteem doesn't just affect your happiness, it can affect stress levels as well. Learn how and why, and find resources to develop greater self esteem.

What is the Relaxation Response?
The relaxation response is the body's way of reversing the effects of stress and the body's stress response. Here's how to trigger it.

How To Detect And Manage Communication Aggressiveness
Aggressiveness in relationships can lead to significant stresses. Learn tips on how to manage aggressive communication in yourself and others.

What Coping Strategies Are Effective to Manage Stress
As life becomes more stressful for many, coping strategies are in demand. What are some effective coping strategies to use in the face of stress?

Using Guided Imagery for Stress Management
Guided imagery is a quickly learned, effective stress management and tension reduction tool. Learn why this stress management technique is so effective that even hospitals are starting to use it.

Using Positive Psychology for Stress Management
Learn how positive psychology can help with stress management and other important areas of emotional health.

Using Walking Meditation for Stress Relief
Walking meditation is an excellent technique for beginners because it combines the stress management and health benefits of exercise with those of meditation, in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-practice format. Learn how to use walking meditation for stress relief now!

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Why Some People Give Up On Making Resolutions (And Why You Shouldn't)
New Year's Resolutions can be stressful! Many people give up on the whole idea of making resolutions--here's why, and why you should still make them!

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Mothers, Stress, and Infidelity: Is There A Link?
Mothers face heavy stress. In fact, the day after Mother's Day can be one of the most stressful, and a difficult one for marriages. Here is how moms can help themselves feel happier and more satisfied with life.

Ways To Be Happy - Top Ways To Be Happy
There are many ways to be happy, but sometimes when people are stressed and busy, it's difficult to know which technique will pay off the most. This list can help you to know which ways to be happy are worth your time. Be happier, starting today!

Top Stress Management Gifts
Small investments in gifts or self-care can help you minimize stress &improve your well-being. Here are 10 stress-relieving purchases for all budgets.

Stress Relief for Students - Stress Management
Check out our list of quick and easy stress relievers for students. Helping them to function at their best, and make their journey more enjoyable.

Use Your iPod, Android, iPhone, or Smartphone for Stress Management
Did you know that a video iPod can also be a great stress management tool? Here are ten ways that iPod fun can also relieve stress. Use these tips with your iPod and have a healthier, less stressed lifestyle!

Top 6 Healthy Treatments for High Blood Pressure
Many stress relievers have also been shown to reduce high blood pressure. Learn more about these natural treatments that promote overall health at the same time.

Too Excited To Sleep?
The night before Christmas is often a sleepless time for us. My kids get so excited about everything that they're hyper the whole day before the holiday, and

Make the Most of Positive Attitude Month
October is Positive Attitude Month, and a great time to focus on simple strategies for giving yourself a permanent emotional lift. (These tips work great any time of year, so if you're seeing this outside of October, you can make this your personal Positive Attitude Month!) Learn to shift your thoughts and change your life!

How To Make Life Lasting Changes To Better Your Health
Making lasting changes, even ones that are extremely beneficial for us, is difficult. Our habits become ingrained and automatic; changing them requires constant effort until a new habit is formed. This resource can help you to make necessary alterations in your expectations, attitudes, and methods of change so that you can experience real results that last.

Secrets and Strategies for Maintaining Balance
Maintaining balance in one's life can be more complicated than it seems because there are so many factors to consider,and balance requires constant adjustment. Learn more about maintaining balance, and find resource for balance and stress reduction.

Proven Strategies For Coping With Stress
Coping with stress is an important skill to master. Stress can take a major toll on our emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

Why Hire a Life Coach?
Life coaches are useful in many ways. Learn about the benefits of using a life coach, and get some life coach-tested stress management strategies you can use in your life now.

"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne - Book Review

Kindness and Altruism: Are They Contagious?
Research shows that kindness and altruism have many positive benefits for stress management and emotional health. Some research even shows that these traits can be contagious. Learn more about the benefits of kindness, and see how you can create more of these positive benefits in your life.

How Kids In Your Life Can Impact Happiness and Stress
The role of children in your life can impact your happiness and stress level-for better or worse. Learn more about how kid stress can negatively impact your happiness, and how children can also enhance the level of happiness you experience in your life, and find resources for managing stress and dealing with special needs, infertility, and more.

The Most Effective Habits to Relieve Daily Stress
With so many daily stressors to contend with, most of us are in need of stress relief on a daily basis. These habits can help protect you from the effects of daily stress.

The Hows and Whys of Cultivating Social Support
Studies on social support have shown that supportive friendships can provide emotional help during stressful times and even improve our health and increase longevity. Learn the numerous stress management and health benefits of social support, and discover how to gain more social support by expanding your number of supportive friendships.

Why It's Important to Manage Anger and Stress
Anger and stress can both be damaging to your health and have several common threads. Understanding this connection can make managing them can be easier.

Benefits of Optimism Include Lower Stress
Positive thinking and optimism have many proven benefits, including stress management, improved performance and productivity, and superior overall health and longevity. Learn more about the benefits of optimism.

The Many Benefits of Forgiveness
Betrayal, aggression, and just plain insensitivity: there are a million ways that people can hurt us, and forgiveness isn't always easy. Learn why forgiveness is important for your own wellbeing, and find forgiveness resources to get you started.

Insight Meditation - Benefits of Insight Meditation
Insight meditation, or mindfulness meditation as it's also known, brings many benefits for health and stress management. Learn more about insight meditation and how you can start using it in your life right away.

Surprising Health Benefits of Positive Peer Pressure
Peer pressure doesn't end in childhood, and it does have its benefits! Here's how to use peer pressure to maintain healthy, stress-relieving habits.

How To Use The Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is a bit controversial, but there is evidence that it works. Learn how to use it to relieve stress and build a more meaningful life.

How To Use Music For Stress Relief
Music brings great health and stress relief benefits. Discover several ways you can use music to enhance your regular activities and relieve stress.

Stress and Your Attributional Style
Learn more about your

How To Reach Those Goals: Best Tips From Health Experts
You can create a better life when know which strategies can lead to success and which will create a greater challenge. Find proven strategies from our health experts.

How To Use Relaxation To Enhance Your Productivity
Leisure time is important for those who are stressed and busy. Here's how to relax enough to feel energized, but still remain productive.

Maintain Regular Resilience-Building Habits
Building resilience toward stress can help you to balance leisure with work. Here's how to develop resilience-building habits and be more productive.

Be Aware Of Your Needs
If you find yourself wanting to put off work to relax, it may not be simple procrastination--you may really need that break. Here's how to get what you need out of a quick break.

Motivate Yourself In Positive Ways
Do you need motivation to stay on-track with your goals? Here's how to get back on track when you just want to enjoy leisure time indefinitely.

Find Fast-Acting Pick-Me-Ups
It helps to have stress relief activities that only take a few minutes. Here's why, with a list of quick pick-me-ups to try.

Stress Relief To Use When You Can't Meditate
You always hear about the benefits of meditation, but many people find it difficult to meditate. Here are some tips for relieving stress if you have a busy mind and don't like to meditate -- or find meditation difficult.

5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies
Stress relief can come in many shapes and forms. The following stress relief strategies can be used to bring relief from stress in 5 minutes or less, reducing your stress response and helping you to more effectively manage the stressful situations you face.

Stress Quotes and Stress Management Resources
The right stress quote can change the way you think about what you're facing. These stress quotes and related resources can provide you with inner strength, new insight, and a smile.

Stress In America: What You Should Know
The American Psychological Association's Stress in America survey tells us quite a lot of information about stress in 2014 that can help us to create a healthier, happier, and less stressed 2015. Here are some of the most important findings and takeaways, with resources you can use for stress relief.

Gifts for Mom - Stress Relief Gifts for Mom
For all the loving work that mothers do, they definitely deserve to be recognized and appreciated! While most moms love the traditional gift of flowers, why not give her something that not only shows your love, but helps her relieve stress as well? The following stress-relieving gifts for mom are sure to make her feel special—and relaxed

How To Practice Loving Kindness Meditation
The loving kindness meditation, also known as compassion meditation, is one of the most popular meditation techniques for good reason--it's simple, effective in managing stress, and brings additional social and emotional benefits. Learn how to practice the Loving Kindness Meditation in minutes.

Stay Healthy During The Holidays
The holiday season is a time of joy, but can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Many of the things that cause stress can also take a toll on our health. Here is how to manage stress and stay healthier during this holiday season.

Reduce Stress With Time Management Strategies
If you feel like you're busy all the time, you may need targeted time management help. Learn 6 ways to how to simplify your schedule, and relieve stress.

How To Deal With The Stress of a New Job
Working a new job can be exciting, but it, like most lifestyle changes, can also bring stress. The following tips can help you deal with the stress of a new job, or any other lifestyle change.

Caregiver Burnout - How to Deal With Caregiver Burnout
Caregiver burnout can result from high responsibility, little down time, and serious consequences for mistakes. Here are tips for avoiding burnout.

How Savoring Memories Can Help Relieve Stress
Savoring happy memories can provide a sense of inner peace and calm, and can help relieve stress that you face in the present. Here's how and why this works.

Shift Your Focus and Relieve Stress
You can combat rumination by shifting your focus away from your stress. You can take stress management to the next level by taking on these healthy habits. Learn how to shift your focus and relieve stress.

Self-Talk Shifts: Changing "But" to "And"
Change your self-talk and minimize the stress you feel .One simple way to do this is to replace certain.. Here's how changing

How to Clear Your Mind - Reduce Stress
Do you find yourself obsessing about stressors in your relationships or problems at work? Learn how to clear your mind and ease your stress.

Self-Talk Substitutions For Stress Relief
Self-talk is closely linked with stress. Here are some simple self-talk substitutions that can minimize the stress you feel when you face stress in life.

Create A "Safe Space" For Yourself
Do you need a

Healthy Lifestyle: 6 Great Ways to Start Your Day
Your morning can affect the rest of your day. From yoga to yogurt, these healthy habits can reduce stress, improve health and give you a great start!

Family Relationships: Family Connection and Happiness
Healthy family dynamics and clear communication lead to greater happiness and stress relief. Learn more about building healthy family relationships here.

Research on Yoga as a Stress Relief Technique
Yoga can help you to manage stress and build resilience, even in a relatively short amount of time. Learn more about the research on yoga and other resilience-building stress relievers.

Health Benefits of Anticipating Laughter
Research on laughter shows the surprising benefits not only of laughter itself, but of the anticipation of laughter. Learn to use humor for coping.

Reduce Stress by Surrounding Yourself With Positive Energy
Reduce stress and increase wellbeing by surrounding yourself with positive energy. Here are some effective ways to bring more positive energy to your life.

Assertiveness: An Important Stress Management Technique
Assertiveness can reduce stress. Learn more about assertiveness, aggressiveness and passivity, and see how being assertive can improve your life.