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Research and Loving-Kindness Meditation
The loving-kindness meditation is scientifically shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of social connection, leading to greater happiness and inner peace. Learn more about the research and practice of loving-kindness meditation.

How to Have a Truly Relaxing Staycation
Staycations are a great way to relax and save money. But staying home can bring the stresses of daily life with it. Here's how to make yours count.

Get Into The "Write" Frame Of Mind
Writing can be a great route to stress relief! Learn why, and try these stress management strategies that involve writing, perfect for November or any time of year.

Positive Emotions And Resilience
It's widely known that two people can react to the same set of circumstances in widely different ways. Understanding what makes some more able to withstand stress can help everyone increase their personal resilience. Learn what you can do to create emotional strength within yourself.

Differences Between Positive Psychology and Positive Thinking
Positive psychology is more than just positive thinking--and it has real science behind it. Learn more about the difference between the two, and see how they both help with stress management.

A Step By Step Guide to Practicing Focused Meditation
Focused meditation allows you to focus on something to help you stay present. Discover how easy it is to get started and its stress relieving benefits.

How Life's Pleasures Can Be Great Stress Relief
The pleasures in life can bring real benefits, too! Learn more about adding pleasures to life and relieving stress in an enjoyable way, creating a pleasant life in the process.

5 Steps to Being More of an Optimist
Optimists experience increased health and longevity, less stress, and more success. These five simple steps can help you to become more of an optimist today!

How To Use Positive Self Talk For Stress Relief
Negative self-talk limits you, increases stress, and hurts your self-concept. These effective strategies can help you stop a negative self-talk habit.

The Toll of Conflict and Stress in Relationships
Conflict in relationships is inevitable. However, poorly handled conflict can have a heavy negative impact on your relationships and other areas of your life. Learn more about the negative toll of conflict, and find resources for healthy conflict resolution.

Take Vacations for Stress Relief & Overall Health
Learn the importance of vacations for stress relief, health, and productivity, and how to plan a vacation that suits your needs, from a stress management perspective.

Type A Personality Traits and Effects
Learn more about

Research on Leisure Time and Stress
If you find yourself seeking more leisure time when stressed, you're not alone. Here's why we all do this, and why it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Review of Ornamentals: Volume 1 Whimsical Mandalas
Coloring books for adults are fun and effective for stress relief. This review of Ornamentals Volume 1: Whimsical Mandalas explains the strengths of this book and others like it.

Self Care Habits To Build Resilience
While we can't always eliminate the stressful events we may face in life, we can build our own resilience toward the stress we face now and in the future. Here are some simple self-care habits that can make this easier.

Review of the Live Happy iPhone App
Live Happy is very effective in helping happiness-promoting activities become habit. Learn more about the app, positive psychology, and how to Live Happy.

Learn Self Hypnosis For Stress Reduction
There are many reasons to learn self hypnosis, as it's an easy technique that provides emotional and health benefits. Learn in six easy steps!

Learn Assertive Communication in Five Simple Steps
Assertiveness training gives you skills to reduce stress in your relationships. Here's how to communicate assertively to improve your relationships.

Letting Go of a Relationship That Stresses You
We often hold onto relationships that are no longer good for us out of habit or loyalty. This step-by-step plan helps you know when and how to let go.

The Whys and Hows of Letting Go of a Relationship: Relationship Questions to Ask
Relationships and good friends enrich our lives, reduce our stress, and enhance our health. Unfortunately, some relationships actually have a significantly negative impact on us. Here are some important relationship questions to ask in assessing whether a relationship is good for you, or needs to be let go.

The Whys and Hows of Letting Go of a Relationship: Moving Forward
Some relationships are good for us, and some are not so good. After assessing whether a relationship is enhancing your life, or negatively impacting it, moving forward--toward stronger ties, or toward letting go--is an important next step. Learn more about letting go of negative relationships and moving forward with supportive ones.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Stress Management
Stress Management.

Safeguard Your Confidence and Inner Strength
Sometimes the stresses of the world can tear us down. Here are some simple strategies for building self-confidence and safeguarding inner strength.

How To Practice Basic Meditation for Stress Management
Starting a meditation practice can help you relieve stress and has many other health benefits. Get started with this basic meditation technique.

Positive Affect and Negative Affectivity
Positive affect, or the propensity to be in a good mood and relate to those in your life with positivity, can build resilience toward stress as well. Here's how.

How To Cope With A Crisis or Disaster
Coping well is important when faced with a natural disaster, crisis or other traumatic stressor. These steps can help you effectively cope whether you are directly or indirectly affected with a natural disaster or crisis.

How to Instill Optimism in Your Child
Teaching children optimistic thinking patterns can set them up for a happier life.

How to Manage the Stress of Regret
Regret can be a stressful feeling. Learn why we regret, and find strategies for getting past this difficult state.

How to Deal With Negative Emotions and Stress
We all deal with anger, frustration or hurt feelings and they can be a source of stress. Learn how to handle negative emotions in a healthy way.

Simple Tips on How To Simplify Your Life
Constant stress can hurt your mental and physical health. Simplifying and streamlining your routine can reduce stress and improve your well-being.

Benefits of Positive Thinking on Managing Stress Levels
How does the power of positive thinking can impact stress levels? Discover how you can harness the power of positive thinking to manage or reduce stress.

Stop Complaining! Here's Why--And How--You Should
Complaining can chip away at your happiness and add to your stress levels, and the stress of those around you. How can you stop the habit, and lead a less stressed life? Here are some simple strategies that work.

Finding Balance - The Role of Staying Organized
Finding balance is difficult, but staying organized can go a long way toward helping with that goal. Learn more about staying organized, and other strategies for finding balance in life.

Finding Balance - Decluttering Your Life and Finding Balance
Clearing the clutter from your schedule is an important part of finding balance. Read more about this and other strategies for finding balance in your life.

Finding Balance - Planning The Future and Finding Balance Now
Finding balance is both challenging and vital. Making a plan for the future can help you stay balanced today. Learn more about this and other strategies for finding balance.

Finding Balance With The Help Of Your Inner Child
Need help finding balance? Your inner child probably has some ideas. Read more about finding balance here.

Finding Balance - Valuable Tips for the Stressed and Busy
Finding balance can be a real challenge, especially for women. However, finding balance can be vital for your physical and emotional health. Here are some simple and do-able tips for finding balance -- and finding room for yourself in your busy lifestyle!

Saying No and Finding Balance
Finding balance is sometimes difficult, and so is saying no. Here are some tips for doing both, and maintaining a manageable level of stress in your life.

Finding Balance - How To Delegate
Finding balance is important for your stress levels. Here are some tips on how to delegate, and other strategies for finding balance.

Reach Out To The Right People to Combat a Downward Spiral
Stress Management.

Use Simple Pleasures to Combat a Downward Spiral
Stress Management.

Avoid The Downward Spiral of Stress--Create an Upward Spiral
Sometimes stress begets stress, and we end up in a downward spiral of negativity and...more stress. Here's how to turn it around.

Combat a Downward Spiral with Empowering Thoughts
Stress Management.

How To Stop Putting Pressure On Yourself
Life can be stressful enough on its own, but many of us add to that stress with thought and behavior habits that make things worse! Here is how to ease up, stop putting additional stress on yourself, and shift your habits so you feel less stressed. Those around you will feel it too.

How to Reduce Noise Pollution's Negative Effects
Noise pollution has significant negative effects on health and wellness. Learn simple, effective strategies for lessening noise pollution's on you.

Noise Pollution Control: Masking Noise Pollution
Noise pollution has been found to have serious effects on health and wellness. The following tips on noise pollution control can help you to mask noise pollution and mitigate its negative health effects.

Noise Pollution Relaxation Tecnhiques: Relaxation Techniques For Help With Noise Pollution
Noise pollution can negatively impact your health in many ways. One important tool for coping with noise pollution is to practice relaxation techniques to reverse the body's stress response. The following convenient and effective relaxation techniques work well with most people who experience noise pollution.

Listen To Music To Calm Your Body
Stress Management.

Shift Your Focus Mentally To Relax Yourself Physically
Stress Management.

Try Some Preventive Maintenance For Ongoing Stress Relief
Stress Management.

Exercise and Calm Your Stress
Stress Management.

Use Breathing Visualizations To Calm Your Mind and Body
Stress Management.

How To Cool Off When You're Feeling Upset
When you're feeling stressed and upset, you can often feel it physically as much as you feel it psychologically. Here's how to relax your body when you're upset--and why you should.

Review of David Sedaris' Naked: A Good Stress Reliever!
Find out why this a recommended read for stress management purposes, and hear the pros and cons of the book, so you can decide if it's for you.

Mantra Meditation Benefits For Stress Relief
Mantra meditation is one of the simplest meditation techniques to learn, and brings significant benefits for those who practice. Learn the benefits of mantra meditation, and find resources to start a regular mantra meditation practice of your own.

Meditation Made Simple: Meditation For Beginners
Though meditation brings amazing benefits for health and stress relief, it can be a challenge for some people to master, at least at first. If you're interested in trying meditation but find nirvana difficult to grasp, this is the article to read.

Negative Affect and Its Relationship With Stress
What is 'negative affect,' and how can it impact your stress levels? Learn how negative affect can impact you, and find ways to cope with it and more easily manage stress.

10 Goal Setting Strategies for Stress Relief
These goal setting journaling techniques can help you to get in touch with your goals and actually achieve them, Acquire the lifestyle you dream of.

Getting Quality Sleep When Stressed
Quality sleep is vital to your physical and emotional health. Learn how stress can contribute to sleep deprivation, and how to get better sleep right away.

How Stress Affects Women; How To Cope
Do women experience more stress, or just handle it differently? Learn about stress differences in women, and find stress relief tips women can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fun Stress Polls
Relieve stress by taking a few minutes to ask yourself some fun questions, and compare answers with thousands of others. Here's a list of fun stress poll results about everything from sleep to sex.

Family Conflict Resolution Solutions
Family gatherings often include family conflict. Communication expert Kathleen Kelley Reardon and stress management expert Elizabeth Scott share tips on family conflict resolution for stress relief.

Stress Less Coloring: Mosaic Patters By Adams Media
Stress Management.

Stress Less Coloring: Paisley Patterns By Adams Media
Stress Management.

Balance: Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders, Volume 1 By Angie Grace
Stress Management.

Review of The Mandala Coloring Book By Jim Gogarty
Stress Management.

Art Therapy and Mandala Magic: These Books Can Bring Inner Peace
Can coloring books really help relieve stress? Actually, yes. Here are some tip-recommended coloring books to relieve anxiety, negative mood, and stress.

Cheap Gift Idea: Candles For Stress Relief
Inexpensive birthday, thank-you, hostess and holiday gift ideas are even better if they help relieve stress, too. The following can be used for almost any occasion.

Fun Board Games and Group Games
Certain board games can be great for group bonding and stress relief. These are great to play when having people over for a night of low-stress fun.

Stress and the Benefits of the Loving Kindness Meditation
Loving Kindness Meditation is simple, enjoyable, and brings numerous benefits! Learn more about loving-kindness and start using it right now.

Are You Having Fun In Your Life?
Having fun in your life may be more important than you realize, and a little fun can help you to stay healthier and feel less stressed. Find out more about why, and how to relieve stress with smiles.

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Daylight Saving Time: Stress and Stress Management
Daylight Saving Time offers many days of greater sunlight, but losing that hour of can throw us off for days. Here's how to minimize the stress of DST, and use these principles to relieve stress and better manage time throughout the year.

Stress Stories and Tips From Readers
Read about how other readers have experienced and overcome different stressors and unique stress-related situations in their lives, and share your own experiences and best strategies. There's strength in numbers!

Free Stress Tests: Stress Tests, Personality Tests and Self Assessment Tools
Is your stress level in a healthy range, or are you overwhelmed? Are you close to burnout or risk for a stress-related illness? Take our stress tests, personality tests and other self assessments and find out about your personality and your unique personal makeup, how stress affects you, and find resources for healthy change, with About’s Stress Management expert, Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Job Burnout Risk Assessment Quiz
This job burnout self test is designed to analyze features of your job that may put you at a greater risk of job burnout, and assess your emotional state and feelings about your job, to let you know more about your job burnout risk. Assess your situation, and find resources for combating burnout.

When Social Support Creates More Stress
Social support can be a very effective stress reliever, but sometimes it can backfire. Here's what works in the way of social support, and what just creates more stress.

Stress-Relieving Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
Coming up with romantic ideas for Valentine's Day can be stressful--we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to make things special! Here are some fun ideas that can help relieve stress as well--perfect for romance and great memories for both of you.


Quiz: Do You Have a "Type A" Personality?
Do you have a Type A Personality? Take the Type A Personality Quiz from About's Stress Management Site and see if type a personality characteristics may be causing more stress in your life. Also, find more information about type a personality and resources for dealing with type a personality characteristics in yourself and others.

Perfectionism Quiz - "Am I A Perfectionist?"
Do you sometimes wonder if your desire for excellence crosses the line into perfectionism? This fifteen-question quiz can help you to better understand yourself, see the distinction between perfectionism and high achievement, and find out where your tendencies lie.

Happiness Assessment Test: How Happy Are You?
Are you as happy as you could be? This test can assess your level of happiness, tell you how conducive to happiness your life is, and provide resources for specific changes to help you be more happy in your life. It's a quick and powerful tool for a better life.

Stress and Heart Disease: How Stress Affects Your Coronary Health and How To Stay Healthy
You may have heard that there's a link between stress and heart disease. Here is the latest coronary research and advice to help you understand how stress in your life affects your heart, and how to stay healthy.

Stress and Alcohol: How Stress Can Affect Drinking and Alcoholism
Many people find an alcoholic beverage to be a great stress reliever, and experts say a glass of wine a day is healthy. But sometimes drinking gets out of control. Does stress lead to excessive drinking or does alcoholism lead to increased stress? And at what point does one have a drinking problem? Here are some resources to help you to better understand the interaction between stress and drinking, determine if you have a problem with alcohol and, if so, get some valuable support and information.

Stress-Related Conditions
Stress Management.

Stress and Smoking, and How To Quit Smoking With Minimum Stress
For many people, lighting up a cigarette is a necessary coping mechanism to manage stress. Unfortunately, smoking can be an expensive addiction that leads to health problems, causing even more stress. Does the idea of quitting have you stressed? Learn more about smoking and stress, and how to quit smoking with the least amount of stress.

Type A Personality Quiz Results from The About's Stress Management Site
Thanks for taking our quiz about Type A Personality.