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Being Underweight Increases Your Chances of Stroke Death
Being underweight puts a person at higher risk of death after a stroke. Find out why.

Being Overweight Doubles Your Chances of Having a Stroke
Being overweight increases the risk of stroke. Find out why extra weight increases stroke risk.

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Stroke Symptoms Not Caused by Strokes
When stroke symptoms go away in less than 24 hours, doctors must investigate whether these stroke symptoms were simply the result of a mini stroke or something else that mimicked one. Learn about the conditions that mimic mini strokes, here.

Stroke During Pregnancy
Stroke is uncommon during pregnancy, but some women are at a higher risk. Find out about your risk of stroke during pregnancy and what you need to do.

What Is a Small Stroke?
A small stroke affects a small part of the brain and usually has a good prognosis with few, if any, complications.

Definition of Cryptogenic Stroke
A cryptogenic stroke cannot be attributed to any specific cause after an extensive search for the most common causes.

What is the difference between silent stroke and mini-stroke?
Silent stroke and mini-stroke are two minor vascular events which can forecast that a large stroke is coming. Learn the difference between silent stroke and mini-stroke here.

Stroke as a Cause of Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's disease is a slow progression of tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia (slow movements) and difficulties keeping a normal posture. The symptoms of Parkinson's disease can be caused by several disease processes, one of which is stroke. Read on and learn how a stroke can cause what is known as vascular parkinsonism.

Stroke Rehabilitation For Stroke Recovery
Find out about new techniques for stroke rehabilitation and how they will help you recover after a stroke.

Stroke Prevention Tips
Stroke is a leading cause of death in the U.S. yet few Americans understand what they can do to help prevent a stroke. Learn these six stroke-prevention tips.

What Is an Acute Stroke?
An acute stroke occurs suddenly and should be treated immediately. Emergency treatment will help reduce the severity of brain damage.

What is Spacing Out?
Spacing out is relatively common. Find out more about why you space out sometimes and what you can do about it.

What to Expect from Carotid Endarterectomy
A carotid endarterectomy is often recommend for stroke prevention. Find out the answers to all of your questions about carotid endarterectomy and learn what you can expect.

Your Pet May Help in Stroke Recovery
Pet companionship may provide benefits when it comes to recovering from a stroke. Find out why.

The best news about stroke prevention
The best news about stroke prevention. Page 5.

Resources for further reading. Stroke. Page 6.

How much chocolate should you eat to protect yourself from stroke?
Researchers determined how much chocolate was associated with a protective effect against stroke. Page 2.

Scientific Studies Show That Chocolate is Associated with Reduced Stroke Risk
Scientific Studies Show That Chocolate is Associated with Reduced Stroke Risk

Why does chocolate protect against stroke?
There are real explanations for the protective chocolate effect. Page 4.

What kind of chocolate helps protect against stroke?
Dark chocolate and milk chocolate can protect against stroke, but chocolate flavored candy does not. Page 3.

Left handedness and weakness after a stroke
It can be overwhelming to recover from weakness affecting the dominant side of your body. Page 4.

Left Handedness and Your Health
Left handedness affects neurological disease such as stroke.

Left handedness and language after a stroke
Language is controlled by one side of your brain. Page 2.

Left handedness and your spatial perception after a stroke
Spatial perception is controlled by one side of your brain. Page 3.

Benefits of left handedness
There are benefits to being left handed. Page 5.

When is Exercise Dangerous?
Exercise is usually healthy. But, sometimes exercise is unsafe. Find out when you should avoid exercise and how you can stay safe while exercising.


How to Find Out if You are at Risk of Stroke
Some stroke risk factors can be identified and managed to prevent stroke.

Stroke en Espanol
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