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7 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Working Holiday Visa
Working holidays allow you to travel the world while making money, which makes them a great option if you don't have savings. Here are seven reasons why you should consider it.

5 Travel Accessories You Really Don't Need to Pack
There's no shortage of packing list articles on the Internet today, with the majority of these articles focusing on everything that you should bring. How about what you should leave behind?

Will a Eurail Pass Save You Money in Eastern Europe?
A comprehensive guide to using Eurail passes in Eastern Europe. Can they save you money? What are the trains like? We take a look at the options.

101 Travel Experiences For Your Gap Year Bucket List
101 travel experiences to add to your bucket list, from all 7 continents. If you're looking for places to go or things to do, here's the ultimate list!

The Student's Travel Guide to Croatia
Croatia is a great destination for student travelers, especially as an introduction to Central and Eastern Europe. Here's your ultimate travel guide.

What to Pack for a Month in Europe
What to pack for a month-long trip in Europe, covering clothing, shoes, technology, SIM cards, medication, toiletries, and how to find the perfect luggage.

How to Get Student Travel Discounts Before You Leave
If you're about to start traveling, it's time to start thinking about student travel discounts. Find out which discount cards to apply for, how to save money, and more!

Are Compression Sacks Better Than Packing Cubes?
Packing cubes is one of the most essential items you can put in your backpack, but could compression sacks be even more valuable? Find out in this article.

Why You Need to Travel With Duct Tape
Duct tape is one of those travel items everyone should pack. Find out how it can save your travels in dozens of situations, including fixing your backpack!

5 Things to Include in Your Carry-On as a Nervous Flyer
Tips and advice from a full-time traveler who also happens to be a nervous flyer. My five years of experience has taught me how to remain calm on flights.

How You Can Travel if You're Studying Full-Time
Full-time study doesn't mean you can't see the world. We round up plenty of ways you can fit travel around your classes -- it's easier than you think!

Best US Cities for Student Travel
Student traveler looking for the best US cities? A recent poll shows students favor (in order) New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston and Austin.

The Rest of the Best Student Travel US Cities
Student travelers looking for the best US cities to visit need search no more. See the results of a recent poll and read about the top attractions and activities in each city. Page 2.

Rail Europe Deals for Students
Rail Europe is the American company offering European train passes and tickets (and specials!) to US citizens. You can get a student discount on top of Rail Europe deals, and we'll keep you updated on current Rail Europe deals...

How to Save Money on Food When Traveling
Don't let food be the most expensive part of your travel expenses. Here's how to minimize the cost of food as you travel, from eating local to sampling street eats.

The 7 Most Annoying Stereotypes About Travelers
Travelers are subject to many stereotypes: they're cheap, they're dirty, they're living off their parents' money, they're drunk, they're young... the list goes on!

How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger
Suggestions on how to make money from travel blogging - from freelance writing to consulting, selling products to writing ebooks.

Review: FitBit Charge HR for Travelers
Is the Fitbit Charge HR good for travel? We weigh up the pros and cons for travelers, covering how it helps improve your fitness but could make you attractive to thieves.

Equipment and Cookbooks to Get Cooking in a Dorm Room
Can't face the dining hall? If you're in Nice, you might love it - if you're in Prague, you might not. And sometimes, when cramming, you just don't have time to leave your dorm room to eat. Make the best of it!

How Not to Haggle When Traveling
Your ultimate guide to not messing it up while haggling abroad. Learn what not to do as you fight for the best possible price of a souvenir.

7 Things You Can Do to Ease Travel Anxiety
Travel anxiety can make or break a trip. After four years of travel with an anxiety disorder, here's what I've learned about how to overcome anxiety.

Are You Letting These Excuses Prevent You From Traveling?
Enough excuses! It's time for you to travel. I take a look at the common reasons why you think you can't travel. Here's why you can do it.

How Much Make Up Should You Take Traveling With You?
Travel makes you low maintenance, so how much make up should you really carry with you? We share travel beauty essentials and what to leave behind.

Oman for Solo Female Travelers: A Travel Guide
What to expect when traveling in Oman as a solo female. Find out how to dress, how to get around, what to do and which area of Muscat to stay in.

5 Simple Hacks for Packing Light on Your Next Trip
Packing light is the golden rule of travel, so why don't more travelers do it? We show you five quick and easy ways to limit what you take on the road.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy When Traveling
Tips for keeping your hair strong and healthy while traveling. Don't let salt water, sand, chlorine and humidity ruin your vacation hair!

How to Travel as a Couple Without Killing Each Other
How to travel as a couple and not ruin your relationship. Offering tips on settling disputes, going solo, communicating effectively and compromising well.

What is a Transit Visa?
What is a transit visa and do you need one? We answer every question you could possibly have about transit visas and how they work!

How do Layovers Work? A Detailed Guide
Layovers are either a necessary evil or a fun excuse to explore the world. In this post we tell you what to expect and how they work when flying internationally or domestically.

Why You Should Choose a Flight With a Long Layover
Did you know that some airlines will give you free accommodation if you book a layover with them? Layovers save you money and allow you to explore a new city!

8 Stressful Travel Moments All Travelers Have Experienced
Every backpacker goes through hard times on the road: here are some of the most stressful experiences you'll have as a traveler.

Smartwool Socks For Travel
They last until loss do you part. They don't itch, and they'll never show you a stinky side. They're warm, cool, cushy, comfy. Every traveler should have.

Best Women's Travel Gear 2005
Women's travel gear needs to be strong, light and long-lasting -- but most women's clothing is not. Exceptions: Expedition travel shirt, Royal Robbins zip off travel pants, Woolrich's women's travel vest and a packable hat. Find comfy travel flip flops and women only travel accessories (safety gadgets, makeup/sunscreen, gal-only personal gear and a beauty shoulder bag) in this list of top 10 picks for best women's travel gear - travel clothes and women's travel accessories.

Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks - How TSA Luggage Locks Work
The last travel must-have for your laptop backpack is a set of luggage locks to keep its contents safe -- you're carrying some spendy tech gear. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows baggage screeners to clip luggage locks, sift through stuff and send a bag on unlocked. Let's not have that.

GSM World Cell Phones With Wifi and Music - Skype Cell Phones Coming for Flashpackers
We don't know what's up with US cell phones -- understanding why some world cell phones won't work in America is for the smart guys. We just know we can't have an iMate K-Jam Mini or any GSM phone with wifi, GPS and Skype. In the meantime, we do have the cool Eten Glofiish and music-ready Excalibur. Flashpackers need a GSM mobile phone to talk 'round the world -- look for tri-band (900/1800/1900) or quad-band (850/900/1800/1900).

Travel First Aid Kit - Travel First Aid Kit Supplies
Travel first aid kit - you may want to carry travel first aid kit supplies; this is what I carry in my travel first aid kit...

Currency Converter and Calculator Top Picks - Student Travel
Currency calculators are worth their weight in pesos or francs, especially if your travel is taking you to different countries. It's hard enough to learn the currency of one country! Use these to convert American dollars to the local currency and make money easy.

How to Minimize Your Chances of Getting Sick on a Flight
Planes can be breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bugs and viruses. If you get a cold every time you fly, here are some steps you can take to ensure you don't in the future.

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Lost in a New City
Not all who wander are lost, but what happens if you do get lost when traveling in a foreign country? Here's how to minimize the chances of that happening.

How Being a Freelancer Makes it Possible Travel The World
If you can freelance, you can travel the world while working online. Here's how you can do it. We offer tips and advice for finding your dream freelancing gig.

A Day in the Life of a Traveler: What is Travel Really Like?
What is it really like to travel the world? We share stories and anecdotes from travelers to show you what you can expect from your backpacking adventure.

Your Guide to Overnight Trains in Eastern Europe
A guide covering what to expect from an Eastern European overnight journey. Is it safe? Will it be comfortable? Will there be sleeper carriages?

5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness While Traveling
Loneliness while traveling can affect everyone on the road. Here are some surefire ways to overcome it while not letting it ruin your trip. Promise.

Six Unwritten Rules of Hostel Etiquette
Staying in dorm rooms in hostels can make for both good and bad experiences. Follow these rules to ensure you're not one of the hostel annoyances.

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Traveling
Scams can happen to even the savviest of travelers and there aren't many people who haven't been caught. Here's how to avoid being scammed on the road.

Tips for Traveling the World as an Introvert
Travel as an introvert -- what's it like? I share tips for traveling when introverted from my four years of travel. From avoiding party hostels to what to pack with you.

What to Do if You Suddenly Realise You Don't Like Your Travel Friend
What happens if your great friendships suddenly fizzles out when you travel together? We offer tips and advice for healing a rift between you and your friend.

You're Going Traveling: How to Stop Your Parents From Freaking Out
How to prepare your parents for your upcoming travels. This article covers how to calm them down by telling them where you'll be going and sharing what you'll be doing to stay safe.

WorkAway 101: Everything You Need to Know About WorkAway
WorkAway is a way for travelers to gain free food and accommodation in exchange for working a few hours a day. Here are the pros and cons of volunteer exchange.

How to Get Your Hair Cut While Traveling
Just how do you get your hair cut while you're abroad? This article offers tips and advice for making the most of your hair salon experience while traveling.

How to Pack for a Year-Long Study Abroad Program
Your ultimate guide on what to pack if you're going to be studying abroad for a year. Study abroad can be a daunting prospect: don't let packing contribute to it!

Essential Travel Gear for Backpacking Eastern Europe
What to pack if you're traveling to Eastern Europe. We cover choosing a backpack, what to wear, what technology to pack, whether you need medicines and more.

What to Take Backpacking Around Central America
Your essential guide to what to pack for Central America. How to choose a backpack and what to fill it with, covering clothing, technology and more.

5 Essential Travel Items You'd Never Think to Pack
A detailed list of five unusual items that have proven to be the most useful while I've been traveling. Don't forget to pack these essentials on your trip!

How to Sell Everything You Own to Travel
One of the easiest ways to build up your travel savings is to sell your unwanted possessions. We review the best sites and the simplest way to do so.

How to Travel to the Baltics on a Budget
The Baltic States are the ideal destination for students looking to get off the beaten track. They're affordable, they're full of history, and they're a lot of fun.

When is Spring Break in Florida? 2016 Dates
Listing the Spring Break dates for every college and university in Florida. Find out when Spring Break is so you can plan your getaway or vacation!

The Best Places in the World to Teach English
A great way to see the world while making money is to teach English in Asia. We go through the main Asian countries that allow you to teach English without qualifications.

A Western Europe Itinerary for One Month of Travel
Planning on going to Europe for a month but don't know where to go? Here's a full detailed itinerary on where to go and what to do in this fascinating continent.

Playa Del Carmen: Spring Break Destination Profile
Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination for Spring Break: Mayan ruins in the jungle, white sand beaches, all-night partying, and great food!

How to Save for Travel While You're a Student
Being a student doesn't mean not being able to travel. Here are five simple steps you can take to ensure you can travel after graduation.

Can you Drink the Tap Water in Europe?
A list of which cities in Europe have safe drinking water. Find out where you should avoid drinking the water and where is perfectly fine.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stay in a Hostel
Hostels are great for saving money and making friends, but there are plenty of downsides, too. Here, we list the reasons why hostels can suck.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare for Your First Time Traveling
Setting out to see the world for the first time can be a daunting prospect. These five tricks will help you feel more prepared for travel.

How to Prolong Your Backpack's Life on the Road
How to prolong the life of your backpack, from buying protective covers to keeping your straps tied together; not overstuffing your bag to cleaning it regularly.

Never Spend Big on These Travel Staples
Six travel staples that you don't need to spend a lot of money on. Don't spend too much on these pieces of travel gear -- the cheapest options are perfect!

6 Steps to Haggling Like a Pro
If you're going traveling, you're going to have to learn how to haggle. Here are six expert tips to help you haggle like a pro, no matter where you are.

A Guide to Finding Running Routes While Traveling
Your guide to finding running routes as you travel. This covers everything you can do online and offline; before arriving and after.

The Pros and Cons of Running a Travel Blog From the Road
There are advantages and disadvantages to running a travel bled while you're traveling: here's a comprehensive list of them!

7 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer While Traveling
Seven fantastic reasons why you should try volunteering while you're traveling: it helps support communities, saves you money, enriches your travels and more!

25 Ways to Fund Long-Term Travel
Thinking about working as you travel? Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to make this happen. Here we list 25 of the easiest options for making money.

Bikini Models at Senor Frogs, Puerto Vallarta - Models on the Runway []
Senor Frogs, Puerto Vallarta - model on the runway at Senor Frogs, spring break bar of summer in Puerto Vallarta when it's Ujena Bikini Jam week. Page 13.

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Keep Fresh With Cool Pen and Women's Journal
The travel gift set you're making is shaping up to be a world class companion to your student travel gal's globetrotting -- help her keep those travel memories fresh with a cool pen and women's travel journal.

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Wrap It Up With a Map
Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Wrap It Up With a Map

women's travel journal
What to give the women traveler in your life? Why not make your own women's travel gift set and cover *all* the travel bases? Start with a great women's travel bag and fill it with women's travel gifts -- student travel goodies inside a travel bag make opening every pocket fun. Gift ideas follow.

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Add One Women's Travel Book
Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set: add one women's travel book -- If you put just one travel gift in the bag you've gotten for your women's travel gift set, make it a good travel book. A few choices for women''s travel reading:

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Fold in the Best Women's Travel Clothing
You've landed an awesome bag for your women's travel gift set and added a good travel book - time to fold in some women's travel clothes. Some pants, a shirt or a vest would each be welcome, as would the best walking shoes and travel hat around.

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Fill the Card Pockets
So far, you've filled a brand new travel bag with some terrific travel clothing and a great women's travel book -- the travel gift set you're making is coming along! Let's keep going by filling a couple of those special credit card pockets: a debit card for your student traveler or a phone card for your peace of mind.

Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set - Mix in a Colorful Global Cell Phone
The women's travel gift set you're making is coming along -- a quality travel bag filled with terrific travel clothes, a women's travel book, and goodies in the credit card pockets. Let's add a dash of worldly color with an brilliant international cell phone - the hot pink Motorola RAZR V3 Global Cell Phone.

Make Your Own Travel Gift - Make Your Own Women's Travel Gift Set
What to give the women traveler in your life? Why not make your own women's travel gift set and cover *all* the travel bases? Start with a great women's travel bag and fill it with women's travel gifts -- student travel goodies inside a travel bag make opening every pocket fun. Gift ideas follow.

Acapulco Sightseeing and Accommodations - Kingdom Youth Hostel and Cliff Diving
That sightseeing we mentioned? It's all happening. Cliff diving, of course, is a must-see. Several shows a day attract big crowds; head to the bottom tier to see the guys actually hit water. You're staying at Acapulco's best youth hostel, of course -- the Kingdom hostel's manager, Carlos, will give you sightseeing tips and pick you up if you need a way home from the Acapulco discos. Reserve a Kingdom Youth Hostel Bed (Puerto Marques, Acapulco).

Acapulco Hostel Courtyard - Kingdom Hostel's Hammocks and Courtyard
Ah - the siesta. A sensible custom wisely adopted when visiting Mexico. The Kingdom hostel courtyard invites all-day lounging with strategically placed hammocks -- bring a guide book so you can study the Acapulco sights you might see tomorrow. If you can work up the energy.

Kingdom Youth Hostel Pool
While Puerto Marques' water is great for swimming (calmer surf than that of many Acapulco beaches), sometimes a lounge chair by the pool is all you're up for. Hanging around the hostel has something to be said for it.

Kingdom Youth Hostel - Acapulco Hostel Internet Cafe and Bar
The internet cafe is a section of the Kingdom Hostel's friendly bar and prices are cheap in both areas (beer: buck per bottle; internet: $10 per day). Although the bar closes at 1:00 a.m., hostel manager Tanya says,

Kingdom Youth Hostel TV Lounge / Air Conditioned Acapulco
The aforementioned Kingdom hostel TV lounge does invite chilling with the aforementioned thousand beers. Air conditioned; two wide screen televisions.

Kingdom Youth Hostel - FIve Star Acapulco Youth Hostel Bathrooms
I've stayed in plenty of hoity hotels where the bathrooms weren't as nice as the Kingdom hostel's; these are five star bathrooms. Imagine finding them in a $15 / night Acapulco youth hostel. Just one of the Kingdom hostel's many pleasant surprises.

Acapulco Hostel Bedroom - Kingdom Hostel Dorm - Acapulco Hostel
Acapulco Hostel Bedroom - Kingdom Hostel Dorm - Acapulco Hostel

Acapulco Hostel - Kingdom Youth Hostel - Acapulco Hostel
Former Kingdom hostel managers (and happy couple) Tanya and Marco live on site and love it. Marco said he wants Acapulco visitors to feel at home, and he means it -- it's his home, too. As he put it:

Acapulco Hostel - Kingdom Youth Hostel - Acapulco Hostel
Location is everything in Acapulco -- in the case of the Kingdom youth hostel, an address in Puerto Marques means palm-shaded tranquility far from the madding Acapulco crowds and close to the calming waves. Read the review.

Acapulco's Kingdom Youth Hostel Grounds Impeccable
With my first tour of the Kingdom hostel's grounds, I knew I'd found a keeper. A pool and a tennis court (free rackets can be borrowed in the hostel office) are perfectly kept; catch a local futbol match or start your own on the neatly trimmed soccer field. Hostel manager Tanya invites competitive Acapulco soccer teams out to keep things lively.

Worldwide Volunteer Networking Service
Working Abroad is an international volunteer networking service. For a fee, you can find dozens of volunteer work and vacation opportunities that suit your volunteering desires.

Student Travel - WorkingAbroad Volunteer Project Example
An example of a WorkingAbroad volunteer project - wilderness management program in Iceland. Work, restore and manage an Icelandic National Park. Page 2.

WorkingAbroad Volunteer Requirements and Costs in Iceland
What does it take to be a WorkingAbroad volunteer in an Icelandic National Park? Page 3.

Travel Myth: Traveling Will Hurt My Future Career
A big fear is that if you leave to travel nobody will ever want to hire you. The truth is, travel can be great for your career. Here's how to spin it.

Travel Myth: It's Impossible to Travel With Just a Backpack
The thought of traveling with everything in a backpack can be a daunting one, but it's actually surprisingly easy. Here's how to do it.

Travel Myth: I Won't Make Any Friends
It's everyone's biggest fear: what if you don't make friends while you're traveling? Fortunately, you're more likely to struggle to not make friends than the alternative.

Travel Myth: I'm Too Young to Travel
How young is too young when it comes to travel? Here's why I believe that the perfect time to travel is when you're a student.

5 Travel Myths, Debunked
Enough excuses! Here are five of the most popular travel myths and the reasons why they are just that: myths. Find out why you can travel the world.

How to Learn a New Language While You're Traveling
Learning a language isn't as hard as you think it is, and you can even do it while you're traveling! Here are five easy ways to pick up a language.

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Being Nickel and Dimed by Your Hostel
Hostels are an affordable option for travelers, but they still try and trip you up with small extra charges. Here's how to avoid being taken advantage of.

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Alone While Traveling
Eating alone when traveling can be daunting at times, but it's well worth pushing out of your comfort zone to give it a go. There are plenty of benefits!

How to Avoid Jet Lag When Traveling
Jet lag is a necessary evil for long-haul flights and can ruin your first few days in a new destination. Here's how to prevent jet lag from ruining your vacation.

Four Things to Look For in a Daypack
How to find the perfect daypack for long-term travel. We cover what to look for, what features it should include, and what exactly you use it for.

5 Gorgeous Places Americans Can Visit Without a Passport
You don't need a US passport to leave the United States. Here are five beautiful destinations you can visit without needing your American passport.

What Happens if Everything Gets Stolen While You're Traveling
It's every traveler's worst nightmare: having everything stolen abroad. Here's what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Spain on a Budget?
How to travel Spain on a budget: it's surprisingly easy to do so on a budget of $30 a day. In this post, I cover how to save money on accommodation, transport and more.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Morocco on a Budget?
Morocco is a fantastic destination for budget travelers: here's how to visit the country without spending much money while still getting to explore lots.

How to Get Over Your Post Vacation Blues
How to overcome the post-vacation blues. Coming back from a trip can be tough so here are some quick and easy tips to get you feeling better in no time at all!

How Much Does it Cost to Backpack in New Zealand?
How to travel New Zealand on the cheap, from staying in hostels to hitchhiking, there are plenty of ways to visit without busting your budget.

Which Towels Are Best for Travel?
Which towel is best for travel? We cover what to pack if you're super minimalist, if you like home comforts, or just want something quick-drying.

What to Pack for a Backpacking Trip to Australia
What to take on a backpacking trip to Australia, and what to leave behind! I cover everything from clothing to technology; medication to backpacks.

Vibram FiveFingers: The Perfect Shoes for Travel?
Vibram FiveFingers may look silly but they're great for travelers: they're lightweight, small, comfortable, and perfect for a wide range of situations.

Forget Packing Cubes! Try These Vacuum Sealed Space Bags Instead
Vacuumed sealed space bags are perfect for travel! They keep your clothes organized while freeing up double the amount of space in your backpack.

Is This Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack Perfect for Travelers?
A review of Case Logic's Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, a high-quality daypack for everyone. Could this be the best daypack for travel?

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Backpacking Europe
These are the things that nobody warns you about when backpacking Europe, from how to save money on meals to what types of travelers you'll run into.

Student Travel For Parents: What if Your Child Wants to Travel?
What to do when your child tells you they want to travel? I offer tips on staying calm, ensuring they'll be safe, and keeping your relationship intact.

The Best Websites For Finding Student Airfare
The best websites for finding cheap student flights. From STA Travel to Student Universe, and dozens between, you'll be sure to find bargain airfare.

Why Everyone Should Stay in a Hostel at Least Once
Hostels have a bad reputation but we believe that everyone should experience them at least once. Here's why hostels are the perfect accommodation for you.

Don't Board a Plane Without These Hand Luggage Essentials
Flying isn't glamorous but there are a few steps you can take to make it enjoyable. From entertainment tools to things to help you sleep, here are your hand luggage essentials.

Here's How to Purify Water When Traveling
How to filter and purify water while traveling to prevent you from getting sick -- whether it's river water or tap water from your guesthouse.

7 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Save Money on Travel
The simplest ways to save money on travel, whether it's accommodation, transportation, food, or activities. We cover everything you need to know.

Your Guide to Selling Everything You Own to Travel
How to start selling everything you own -- from deciding what to sell to working out which sites will make you the most money, here's your ultimate guide.

8 Things You Learn as a First-Time Traveler
Listing the eight things you learn as a first time traveler, from the realisation that you need little to survive to the belief that everything will work out.

5 Ways to Get Your Parents to Agree to a Gap Year
How to tell your parents you want to take a gap year, and how to convince them it's a great idea! Advice and resources for future travelers.

Single Country Student Train Passes - Student Europe Train Passes on Rail Europe and Railpass
Two types of Eurail youth or student train passes exist -- multi-country and single country.

Discount European Youth Rail Passes
Under 26? You're eligible for European rail passes at a student discount. Check out the best of what's on offer in rail passes from Rail Europe & Railpass.

Eurail - Youth Eurail Train Passes Specials from Rail Europe
Eurail youth pass specials - see current Eurail train, ticket and passes specials and sales from Rail Europe, and get Eurail resources. Page 3.

How to Expedite Passport Applications
Getting a passport after you apply can take anywhere from one day to ten weeks. Getting it in four weeks or less is usually considered a rush. You don't need to pay an expediting service to rush a passport in two weeks or less. There are two ways to rush passports - learn how to do it yourself either way for nothing!

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos! Page 3.

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos! Page 2.

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos!

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos! Page 4.

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos! Page 5.

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos! Page 6.

Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Submit Your Travel Photos
Student Travel Photos by Travelers - Student Travel Photos - Please Submit Your Travel Photos!

Africa Adventure Tours - Overlanding, Trekking, Safaris and Surfing - Africa Adventure Tours
Africa adventure tours - overlanding, trekking, safaris and surfing for student travelers and the young at heart. African adventure tours mean guided or self-guided mega adventure in exotic Africa.

Study Abroad Programs Worldwide - Study Abroad
Hundreds of study abroad programs in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Study abroad programs are a learning adventure - learn about study abroad programs.

Student Travel - Volunteering Abroad
Want to volunteer abroad? Deciding what you want to do with your student travel experience will also help you decide where you're going and how - traveling solo, using an educational tour group, etc. Look at the options here.

Easy Cruise the Caribbean - Easy Cruise Caribbean Route
Easy cruise-ing the Caribbean with no-frills discount cruise line Easy Cruise. St. Maarten, St. Barts, Anguilla, St. Kitts, Antigua, and Nevis are the 2007 easy Cruise ports of call. easy Cruise is a cheap Caribbean cruise ship deal -- easy Cruises available in Europe, too. Read all about the easyCruise ship, easy Cruise Caribbean route and easy Cruise rules.

Visit Australia This Fall
Visit Australia this fall when temps are still a bit cooler.

Be Sure You Can Use Your PIN Number Internationally
International ATM machines may not accept PIN numbers containing zeros. If your debit card's pin number contains a zero, change it now.

Palmtops and PDA Reviews
Get the latest on palmtops and PDA's - hardware, software and accessories.

Staying in a Castle in Europe - Cheaper Than You Think
Lodging in a European castle doesn't have to cost a lot of money, nor does it mean dark and dank. Consider a stay in a centuries-old castle for a marvelous travel experience.

Convert Money Online - Convert Money for Travel - Currency Conversion
Best online currency converter; convert American dollars to every currency in the world. Use a currency converter in travel planning - convert dollars to Euros, pesos, francs, lira and more and vice versa.

Student Travel Gifts Over $100 - Premium Student Travel Gifts
Student travel gifts over $100 - premium student travel gifts like a cell phone with global roaming, a RailEurope youth pass, a beautiful globe for travel planning and more. Updated for 2007.

Student Work in Greece
International job search? Work abroad on the warm islands of Greece and take time to swim in azure waters under a clear sky. Find opportunties for working students in Greece.

Getting Help if You Lose Your Money While Traveling
If you're robbed overseas or go broke in some way abroad, the U.S. government can make small loans while you wait for money from home or give you financial help to get home. Find tips on avoiding being completely destitute while traveling, too.

International Student Work Abroad in Ireland
International student work search? Work abroad in bonny Ireland in a part time or summer job, perfect for student travelers, or find professional job opportunties for working students in Ireland.

Student Work in New Zealand
International job search? Head to the the land of kiwis and work abroad in casual New Zealand in a part time or seasonal job, perfect for student travelers, or find professional job opportunities for working students in New Zealand.

TGV Trains - What TGV Trains Are and About TGV Trains
TGV trains are high-speed bullet trains operating from France. Trains a grand vitesse, or TGV trains, are built by the French engineering company Alstom. TGV trains are fast - hence the common name high speed trains -- but expensive. Learn more about TGV trains, including where to buy tickets.

Visa Definition - Student Travel
Student travelers - understand what a visa is and how having one affects your travel plans.

What is Open in Cancun 2006 - Open in Cancun
What's open in Cancun? Spring Break cometh, and Cancun is close to ready for revelers after Hurricane Wilma cleanup. A full list of what's open in Cancun: Cancun hotels', nightclubs' and hostels

Earthquake in Haiti - Information for Travelers on 2010 Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti - Information for Travelers on 2010 Earthquake in Haiti: how to find travelers in Haiti, how to donate to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts, how to get help from the US government during natural disatsers like the earthquake in Haiti or during political unrest.

5 Reasons to Stop Overpacking
Overpacking sucks. It's bad for your back, it's bad for your wallet, and it can make or break a trip. Here's why you should rethink your packing list.

Why You Should Take the Night Train
Overnight trains are a great way to save money when you're traveling. Find out how they're cheaper, more comfortable, and give you extra travel days.

What's the Legal Drinking Age in Europe?
Find out what the legal drinking and purchase ages are for every country in Europe, from Albania to Austria, Ukraine to the UK.

Why I Hate Traveling With a Phone
All it took was a few months of travel without a smartphone for me to realize how it was holding me back. Here's why you shouldn't travel with a phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hostels
Never staying in a hostel before? You probably have lots of questions. Find out whether hostels are safe, what dorm rooms are like, how much they cost.

5 Reasons to Travel After Graduation
Why everyone needs to travel after graduation: it's the perfect time. A time when you have no responsibilities, no ties, and plenty of time to explore.

6 Ways For Students to Save Money While Traveling
A comprehensive guide on how to save to save money while traveling, covering accommodation, transport, sightseeing, food, and travel discounts.

When is Spring Break in New York? 2015 Dates
Listing the Spring Break 2015 dates for every college and university in New York. Find out when your Spring Break is or when to avoid the crowds!

Mixed Dorm or Same-Sex Room? Which is Best for You?
Mixed dorms or sex sex dorms in hostels? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, ranging from getting a good night's sleep to making friends.


What to Buy the Traveler in Your Life: Mid-Range Gifts ($30-100)
What to buy the traveler in your life, with gift ideas ranging between $30 and $100. From cleaning your clothes on the road to keeping your jewellery organized!

Road Trip Planning, Advice and Resources
How to have great road trips - get or ready a car for a road trip, learn about food on road trips, get US maps or Mexico maps, understand AAA, see gas claculators, and view some US road trip photos.

Student Airfare Deals
Student airfares and student airfare deals abound, considering the small number of student travel agencies offering student airfares and deals in existence. Most student airfares are negotiated through SATA (Student Air Travel Association) and are for full time students or youth under 26. Check out this week's current student airfare deals available here.

How to Save Space With Toiletries When Traveling
One of the easiest ways to save space when traveling is with your toiletries. Tips include traveling with solid shampoo and relying on hotel essentials.

Saving For Travel: Making Travel a Priority
Saving for travel can be tough. We show you how to creat a budget and stay committed to your savings goal. A few simple steps can save you thousands of dollars.

Toilets Around the World: Outhouses and Squat Toilets
Toilets around the world all have the same purpose -- they're just toilets, and they won't kill you, though they may appall you... squat toilets and outhouses are still just toilets. You can't flush toilet paper in some countries' toilets, like Mexico, because of the plumbing, and you don't get toilet paper to begin with in much of the world's public toilets. Your hand and, hopefully, a bucket, are the options.

Top Five Tulum Cabanas, Hostels and Hotels
Tulum cabanas and the best Tulum hotels for student travelers, and a cool hostel in Tulum, too. Two hours south of Cancun on the Mayan Riviera, Tulum offers beach camping and sand or concrete floor cabanas. Find Tulum cabanas, hostels, and budget hotels in Tulum (it's a town, not just a Mayan ruin).

What's the Legal Drinking Age in Asia?
Find out which countries in Asia ban alcohol entirely, and which don't have any laws around it! This is a list of the legal drinking ages of every country.

Can You Drink the Tap Water in Asia?
Find out whether you can drink the tap water in every country in Asia, from Jordan to Japan, Taiwan to Thailand.

How Local Sim Cards and an Unlocked Phone Can Save you Money
We recommend using local SIM cards as you travel because it'll save you money, simple as that. We take a look at other options too, and describe why these may not be best for the student traveler.

Common Mistakes by First Time Backpackers
Everyone makes mistakes while traveling but some mistakes can be easily avoided. Learn how to avoid making mistakes when it comes to packing.

Do Hostels Have Lockers?
Find out if dorm rooms in hostels have lockers, whether you'll need your own padlock, how big they are and what you should put in them.

Find US Campgrounds Online by State
Find US Federal campgrounds pnline and get details, campground photos and maps, using, a site brought to you by 12 federal agencies.

What's Up With Mexico Utilities: Water, Toilets and Phone?
Mexico utilities questions: can I drink the water in Mexico? Why can't I put toilet paper in the toilet in Mexico? How do I make a phone call in Mexico? Basic travel questions about using utilities in Mexico.

What Are Hostel Bathrooms Like?
Expect shared bathrooms in hostels, though private hostel rooms may have en suite (in the room) bathrooms. Hostel bathrooms usually start the day clean, but you may be sharing with double digit numbers of folks who do not share your bathroom habits, hygiene practices (whatever they may be), nor bathroom cleanliness standards. Almost always true: the toilet will be semi sloppy and the shower temperature unpredictable. Do bring flip flops to maintain healthy feet in spite of the shower.

Free Attractions and Things to Do in Europe
London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam are definite stops on the student travel trail in Europe, and you need to know what's free in those sometimes spendy spots. Get a list of the top free things to do in Europe, including what's free to do in these favorite European cities.

Volunteer for a Working College Break
Got your break planned yet? If you're thinking you'd like to make a difference with your time, think about taking a break with an i-to-i volunteer vacation. US college students are increasingly seeking out short-term meaningful experiences by lending a helping hand, according to i-to-i volunteer vacation reports.

How to Get an ISIC Card for Student Travelers
An ISIC card is a great boon for student travelers looking for airfare and shopping discounts. ISIC cards will also provide sickness and accident insurance for student travelers, low cost phone calls and more. These instructions show you how to buy an ISIC card.

Kayak, Booking Buddy, and Other Travel Aggregators
Aggregators are multiple travel search engines in one place. Use aggregators, like Kayak or Booking Buddy, to compare travel prices for sites like Expedia, Orbitz, CheapSeats and more of the top search engines.

Traveler's Water Purifier and Water Bottle
World travelers say,

Finding Student Airfares for the Thanksgiving Holidays
On the previous page, we looked at finding airfares for the Thanksgiving holidays in the

Tools for Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel
Thanksgiving can be an expensive time to travel; take heart if your travel plans involve flying home or elsewhere around the holiday -- use some smart tools to plan your travel and it may be a breeze. And you don't *have* to fly -- driving, busing or taking the train can be cheaper and easier.

Find the Best Holiday or Thanksgiving Travel Deal 2012 - Best Holiday Air Travel Deal 2012
Get the best Thanksgiving airfare or holiday (like Christmas) airfare for 2012 by doing some comparisons, starting with Bing's travel price forecast and Priceline's holiday travel advice calendar.

eTravelDiary - Online Travel Journal - Upload Photos - Student Travel
Stay in constant touch with the people in your life while you travel with this online eTravelDiary.

Packing Cubes: A Worthwhile Travel Investment
Packing cubes are something every traveler should consider bring with them when they travel -- they help keep your backpack organized and save you time and energy.

Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack With Flashpacker Travel Gadgets
Flashpacker is a new buzzword for student travelers and young at heart backpackers, and one defining characteristic of the breed is gadget hauling. We lug laptops onto chicken buses, haul tattered backpacks bulging with travel gadgets into hoity hotels or sketchy hostels, pack cargo pants pockets with global cell phones and we find wifi. Let's walk through getting the best laptop backpack and the flashpacker gear, step by step.

Best Laptops for Traveling – Travel’s Top Laptop
The best flashpacker travel laptops need DVD/CD players and recorders, good wireless, photo fooling, and must be very light weight as you're carrying this laptop on chicken buses on your own back. Some traveling folks need good gaming capability, too. I love my iBook, but many put the 2.7 pound Sony VAIO VGN-TX750P/B laptop at the top of the ultraportable heap. Love the Dell XPS M1210's wifi finding, and the OQO Model 01+ is the smallest portable computer around in 2006 -- pocket size.

Keychain Sized Mobile WiFi Finder - Flashpackers Wifi Finder
Flashpackers will find a keychain sized wifi finder a boon; use it instead of booting up to locate a wifi hotspot. Imagine lugging an open laptop around a foreign city, watching a stumbler program while you stroll and looking for a place to get online. Imagine clicking a button on the mini wifi hotspot locator in your pocket and finding a connection. Tuck this into your laptop backpack.

Travel Gadget Clothing - Gear and Travel Gadget Clothing for iPods and Gadgets
When packing a laptop backpack with travel tech gadgets, toss in some gadget-carrying tech travel clothing. Sun Valley's SCOTTEVEST knows you can't leave your gadgets at home, and they've designed

International Electricity Plug Adaptor and Surge Protector for International Electricity
An international electrical adaptor is a must have for flashpackers in order to plug electrical gadgets in worldwide. Check out this international plug adaptor.

Night Writer Pen and Travel Journal - Tech Travel Gadgets and Not So Tech Travel
Who has time to journal when traveling? You, that's who -- if you have a Magellan's Night Writer pen and a cool travel journal. Write at night -- a hostel bed is a good place to jot down the day's travel memories and with a pen that lights your travel journal's pages, you won't disturb dorm mates. Slip a journal into your laptop backpack's front pocket and a Night Writer Pen into one of the pen sleeves -- write now.

Kindle 3G - Great for Travel With Free Wifi Worldwide
The advent of the ebook reader is a cool boon to the backpacker and the Amazon Kindle 3G, with free wifi, has ushered in a new era for student travelers: the truly workable lightening of the book load without breaking the bank (that would be the iPad's job). The Kindle 3G is a light, thin piece of hardware with which a traveler can not only read book (including textbooks*), magazines and newspapers, but hook up to the internet with worldwide wifi. A very versatile tool for travelers at $189.

Student Airfare Discount - Student Universe Go Deal Student Airfare Discount
Popular student airfare discount finder Student Universe is offering a fab student airfare special:

Buying a Backpack
Backpacking expert and webmaster Ian Pasek gives expert advice on buying and packing a backpack: tips on backpack size, comfort and durability and travel packing advice.

Spring Break Volunteering With United Way - Alternative Spring Break Volunteering for United Way
Spring Break Volunteering With United Way - Alternative Spring Break Volunteering for United Way

Volunteer to Build Homes With Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer work opportunity: two week trips to help build affordable homes internationally with Habitat for Humanity. Take a volunteer vacation, help with affordable home construction and meet the community.

About Mexico Buses
Buses in Mexico -- does Mexico have buses? Where do Mexico buses go? Where can I get a Mexico bus schedule? Where can I catch Mexico buses? How much does it cost to ride a Mexico bus? Get answers to these and other FAQ about Mexico buses.

Mexico Travel Planning FAQ
Do some Mexico travel planning with this Mexico travel planning FAQ! Learn about Mexico travel documents you need to get before you go, whether you need shots to visit Mexico, about Mexico water, driving in Mexico and where to get Mexico maps and guidebooks. See some Mexico photo galleries in this Mexico travel planning FAQ, too.

Best London Hostels
Top London hostels like Astor Museum, London Backpackers, Wake Up London and Ace Hotel are favorites with backpackers and student travelers. Check out a list of top London hostels with individual personal reviews, too.

Top 5 London Shopping Spots for Women
Top 5 places for London shopping for women - faves for London shopping are Top Shop, H&M, Mango and Zara in Soho are all great for bargain fashion London shopping, with cool Carnaby Street stores nearby. Get locations and descriptions of the top 5 cheap London shopping spots for women, and some ideas on London street markets, too. Love that London shopping.

What's a Night Train in Europe? - Travel Information
If time is of the essence on your next trip through Europe, night trains are a great option so you don't have to to travel during the day.

Student Guide to London- Travel, Budget, Lodging Info
London Travel - student guide to London travel, and beginner's guide to London travel for student travelers, with in-depth first time and expert London travel tips.

Spring Break 2012 - All the Info for Spring Break 2012
A hub of information about spring break 2012, including spring break 2012 hot spots and finding spring break deals, what to do for spring break, how to get there, and more - college spring break volunteer info, too. Enjoy!

Couchsurfing Crosses Cultures - Profile and How Couchsurfing Works
Couchsurfing is a non-profit outfit seeking to unite world travelers with a couch on which to flop and with siblings under the skin espousing similar messages of unity; in fact, one might say the company is also a philosophy. Founded in 2003, Couchsurfing went global in 2004 and, today, rules its segment of the budget travel info world with a velvet brocade hand. It's the hippest B and B for which you've never looked.

Maps of all Europe Countries
Maps of all European countries and many cities - online, interactive maps and ability to order real maps of Europe from Michelin.

LL Bean Passport Organizer Review
The LL Bean passport organizer is a seemingly small affair that opens into a virtual travel toolkit. As a passport holder only, it's a little expensive because it's a lot more than that. Using this multi-featured travel accessory solely for passpor and tickets is impossible, anyway; no sooner will you decide in which of the seven pockets to put your passport then you'll be filling the rest.

Top Free Things to Do in London
Top Free Things to do in London - Student Travel -- check out the top 5 free things to do in London for budget travelers. This list of top free things to do is geared toward students -- music, hanging out and the museums you'll like in London.

About Student Travel Student Advantage Cards
The Student Advantage Card provides student travel, retail and entertainment discounts for an annual $20 membership fee. Read more...

Top Mexico Travel Myths
Top Mexico Travel Myths - Mexico does not mean super cheap travel (unless you know how to do it) and other Mexico travel myths debunked. Read about the top Mexico travel myths.

Planning Student Travel
Before you travel, do some student travel planning -- life on the road will be easier if you know what you need and at least a little about where you're going, what you're doing, how you'll get there and where you can stay. Read a complete student travel planning roundup -- this is Student Travel 101.

Campgrounds and Camping in Mexico
Camping in Mexico out of a backpack or a car, RV or tent? Find campsites here, as well as Mexican travel safety tips.

Hostel Discount Cards
Hostel discount cards really will save you money on hostels, even if just a buck, but a hostel discount of $1 adds up after staying in a few hostels. Don't expect any other hostel discounts, though, even with a hostel discount card. And hostel discount cards only save money if your hostel takes the card.

Volunteer in National Forests and Parks
Want to volunteer to rebuild hiking trails and camping areas in U.S. National Forests, Parks and wilderness areas? The American Hiking Society has a volunteer vacation for you in national forests and parks.

Shake Awake Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock
travel planning travel alarm clock vibrating alarm clock shake awake clock vibrating shakeawake clock senior travel quiet alarm sleeps hostels dorms rooms hard of hearing alarm

Working Holiday Maker Visas - Backpackers Australian Work Visas
Want to work, travel and play in Australia? Then you need a Working Holiday visa (20 countries participate, and American students can now get an Australia backpacker's work permit as of October, 2007). Learn how to get an Australian Working Holiday Maker visa application process started and who can apply.

Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off in a Foreign Taxi
Top Five Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off in a Foreign Taxi

How Days on a Eurail Pass Work
How do days on a Eurail pass work? I have three days on my Eurail pass. How do those three days on my Eurail pass work? Is an overnight Europe train one day on a Eurail pass? Learn how days on a Eurail pass work.

Book Hostels - Find Where How to Book and Reserve Hostels
Book Hostels - Find Where How to Book and Reserve Hostels

Travel Journals as Gifts - Travel Journals Gifts ideas
With the proliferation and ease of use of online travel journals, keeping a paper journal sounds old fashioned, but

Backpacker Destinations 2009 - Best New Backpacker Destinations 2009
Lots o' fun best backpacker destinations lists get tailor-made early each year for various traveler types, and we've come across a few for 2009 that are great for every breed of student traveler from cautious to crazy. So who says what's hot where? Read on for a few of the best backpacker destinations of 2009, according to some who've given it some thought:

Email Yourself Important Travel Document Copies
Email yourself important travel document copies. If you lose your passport, visa, airline tickets, credit / debit cards or driver's license, you can download copies.

Travel Shirts - Cabela's Unisex Guidewear® Travel Shirt
Cabela's Supplex® Guidewear® unisex travel

Mexico Bus Reservations - How to Make Mexico Bus Reservations - How to Make Reservations on a Mexico Bus
Mexico bus reservations are easy, though they seem tricky if (1) you don't speak / read Spanish and (2) because Mexico buses may not have websites or accept reservations. Know this: Mexico first class buses are usually not full, and you're very likely to be able to get on a bus by showing up at the station; if you're hoping to get on a second class bus, show up at the station an hour or so early and you'll likely get lucky. Can't make a reservation online on a Mexico bus? In that case...

Spanish Travel Language Basics - Spanish Travel Basic Words Phrases
It doesn't take much to be understood in Spanish-- the folks who speak it in Latin America and Europe are forgiving of errors and very helpful. A combination of sometimes silly pantomine and Spanish basic words and phrases are what you need most to travel in a Spanish-speaking country.

Red Oxx Gator Travel Shoulder Bag Review
Red Oxx's

Travel Gift Lists - Guide to the Best Travel Gifts Lists
Best student travel gift guide - a guide to the best travel gifts guides 2008. Check out user reviews and compare prices while you get ideas for the student traveler on your holiday gift list:Best Men's Travel Gear - Great Guys' Student Travel Gift Ideas, Best Women's Travel Gear - Great Women's Student Travel Gift Ideas, Guide to Student Travel Gifts Under $25, Student Travel Stocking Stuffers - Guide to Small Gifts and Premium Student Travel Gift Guide - Travel Gifts Over $100.

Volunteer in Costa Rica for Spring Break 2012
Costa Rica at spring break is so seriously appealing for so many reasons: surf, sand, sun, tropical mountains' majesty... and, thanks to Projects Abroad, you can also volunteer in Costa Rica for spring break in 2012, helping to care for kids (and improve your Spanish while you're at it). Date details:

Volunteering in Jamaica – Community Building Project - Volunteering in Jamaica for Spring Break 2012
Volunteering in Jamaica -- Jamaica is an incredible island, idyllic in all its indigenous beauty but astonishingly poor beyond beachy tourist paradises. While some students will be whooping it up in Montego Bay over spring break (which is big fun, by the way), you'll be rebuilding homes in the parish of Manchester if you choose to volunteer in Jamaica with Projects Abroad over spring break. 2012 dates for volunteering in Jamaica over spring break:

Conservation in Mexico - Volunteering Abroad at Turtle Conservation Camp in Mexico for Spring Break 2012
Mexico is the most marvelous place: mountainous magic and sweet sandy shores, all under blue blue skies. Folks are fantastically friendly and wildlife is wonderfully diverse -- and we don't mean Cancun and Acapulco at spring break, though those are wildly fun: we're talking turtles, among other special species. If you'd prefer to volunteer in Mexico over spring break, sign up for a one week tour of turtle conservation camp with Projects Abroad:

Volunteering in Morocco for Spring Break 2012
Just the word brings visions of exotica: Morocco. Visiting the place, though, may seem overwhelmingly complicated -- venturing to North Africa is quite a thing. Having your digs and airport transfer arranged in advance by folks who've been there and are there can be an easy way to jump into a seemingly very foreign spot. Volunteering in Morocco for one easy week might be the way to go, and Projects Abroad does offer a short term opportunity to volunteer in Morocco over spring break 2012:

Volunteer Abroad for Spring Break With "Projects Abroad": The Overview
Volunteering abroad is a fantastic, life-altering experience: the travel, the opportunity to help someone else, the new knowledge about you and your place in the world are invaluable results. Volunteering abroad is a big commitment, though, and the planning and research can seem daunting. Here's a solution: try it out by volunteering abroad for spring break. One week. No big commitment. Perfect.

Semester at Sea - Educational Student Travel - Semester at Sea Overview
Semester at Sea is the name for a school semester spent onboard a ship. Semester at sea classes, field study and onshore tours all combine for college credit. Regular classes are offered in semester at sea programs; students are sometimes enrolled in a new college for the semester's duration.

Roadtrip Nation Travel Grants - Road Trip Writing and Video Student Travel Garnts
Or is the road calling? Either way, find an interesting call to action at Roadtrip Nation, where three crazy guys give away money for college students hitting the road in search of adventure and even immortality (or blog fame, anyway). You'll take a road trip in a big ole green motorhome, interview folks, and learn about life in the process. Learn more about the Roadtrip Nation travel grants and life project.

Student Universe Partners With Kayak For Discounted Student Airline Tickets
Popular student airline ticket finder Student Universe has partnered with discounted airfare aggregator Kayak to offer student airline tickets in an easily searchable way -- makes it easy to do one stop shopping for the best discounted airfares for students available. So, how's that work?

Does the Chicago Airport Have Scanners?
Do Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway Airport have scanners? That answer, plus a list of all the airports with scanners in the USA...

International Snail Mail - How to Set Up an International Snail Mail Address
Learn how to set up a snail mail address so you can receive packages and letters while traveling internationally. Crucial for student travelers who need care packages, money or bills from home!

Housesitting 101
Housesitting is a great way to find free accommodation while looking after somebody's home. We describe the benefits, downsides and walk you through how to find your first housesitting job.

Filing Taxes From Overseas - How to File Taxes From Overseas or Out of the Country
If you're outside the US - working abroad, traveling abroad, or studying abroad - remember that April 15 is a big date in the US: tax returns are due to the IRS (if you're truly living abroad, though, you've probably got an automatic filing extension). You can file taxes from overseas, and if you're working abroad and living abroad, you may not have to pay any US taxes (but, if you're a US citizen, you still need to know about filing taxes from overseas in the US). Learn more...

Take Advantage of High School Classes and Learn to Speak a Foreign Language
High school students - your school probably offers courses in the basic languages - French, Spanish, perhaps German. Take advantage of the opportunity! If you're college bound, you'll probably need two years of a foreign language for admittance - take the courses, become fluent for student travel, and fulfill college admission requirements! Many states also offer high school students the option to take language courses at a community college and your school pays tuition! Ask your counselor.

Travel Websites for Finding Cheap Travel - Let the Cheap Deals Roll, Part 1!
Lots of travel websites can be seriously helpful in saving you bucks on cheap travel deals, and not just the obvious biggies like student airfare sellers (though, yeah, those are serious biggies). Places like Priceline can be as important to planning travel and grabbing cheap deals as can be traditionally cheapo backpacker travel standbys like hostels. Here's a three parter with few of our faves in the travel websites cheap travel deals department, starting with how to get there:

Cheap Mexico Airfare - In Which We Try Finding Cheap Mexico Airfare
With budget European airline champ Ryanair's announcement of (at last) firm plans to start offering its budget seats in Mexico in fall 2006, we wondered if inter-Mexico airfares would be taking a turn for the cheap: the Ireland airline was operating in Mexico as vivaAerobus and joining several operators offering Mexico budget airfares since Mexico privatized Mexicana. We set out to see if the budget Mexico airline hype was true and whether we could save money. What we found:

Cancun Spring Break - All About Cancun Spring Break for 2012
Cancun spring break is, year after year, where the boys and girls are. Though it's far from the only place for spring break in Mexico, it's definitely the hottest, and the one where you'll see the most folks flocking when spring break rolls around. So, let's get the skinny on Cancun, and spring break in Cancun! First, some info on Cancun and Mexico...

When is Spring Break in Texas 2013?
When is spring break in Texas? You want to know when spring break in Texas is because you (1) want be on South Padre Island when the action is hottest, or (2) want to avoid it like the plague, or (3) want to know when spring break is for Texas universities. The answer differs depending on the question, of course. So, get the dates to answer,

Spring Break in Mexico - Where to Go for Spring Break in Mexico
Spring break in Mexico will continue to rule the spring break roost for years to come -- though Florida's fun and Europe's on the upswing in spring break hot spots, spring break in Mexico just cannot be beat. So -- where to go, what to do, and who's going to be there for spring break in Mexico in 2013? And is spring break in Mexico safe? (We think so.) Let's get all the answers:

2013 Christmas Gift Guide for Student Travelers
Our selection of the best products to buy student travelers for Christmas 2013. Featuring USB drives, smartphone camera lenses, solar powered chargers and more.

Videos of Free Things to Do in Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid
How utterly excellent: has put together some superb videos actually showing you what the best free things to do in Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid are. See for yourself what you want to see for free!

Best Hostels in Lisbon - A List of Best Hostels in Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal, keeps walking away with

Should You Carry a Hammock While Traveling?
Traveling with a hammock can save you money on accommodation, allow you to camp as you travel and offer comfort. Are there any disadvantages?

Lake Havasu Travel Guide for Students - Lake Havasu Travel
Headed to Lake Havasu in Arizona? Check out a Lake Havasu travel guide for students, spring breakers and backpackers. Find the hotels and houseboats for spring break in Lake Havasu, good Havasu beaches, Havasu clubs advice.

Wild Adventures! Good Times! Adventure Travel - Wild Adventures Overseas for Backpackers
Man, are there some good times to be had on this planet, or what? Crazy stuff, like rickshaw races, cheese rolling, and more: adventures overseas are not for the faint of heart -- and that's you! We've rounded up some of the wild adventures to be had while you're roaming the globe, organized by country. Check it out, and put it on the pre-bucket do-it-now list!

Win One Day Trip - STA Giveaway Trip From Movie

Does the Kansas City International Airport Have Scanners?
Does the Kansas City International Airport have scanners? That answer, plus a list of all the airports with scanners in the USA...

Does the Detroit Airport Have Scanners?
Do the Detroit Metro International Airport have scanners? That answer, plus a list of all the airports with scanners in the USA...

Does the New York Airport Have Scanners?
Does the New York Airport have scanners? That answer, plus a list of all the airports with scanners in the USA...

Students' Voices - Study Abroad Experiences - Student Travel
Will my student enjoy study abroad? Read study abroad testimonials, good and bad, from students have studied internationally. Learn from their study abroad experiences.

Reviews of Volunteer Abroad Programs - Traveler Reviews of Volunteer Abroad Programs and Companies
Reviews of Volunteer Abroad Programs - Traveler Reviews of Volunteer Abroad Programs and Companies

Study Abroad Info for Educators - Safety, Cost, Benefits
Study abroad program information for teachers and guidance counselors - safety, cost and benefits. Research study abroad programs to recommend or develop your own.

All About the Euro
Learn about the euro and convert the euro - european union currency: drachma, lira, guilder, escudo, mark, peseta, pound, franc, schilling and markka. It's all money!

Student Credit Cards - Student Credit Cards - the Where, Who, How and Why of Credit Cards
Compare credit card offers for students, find student credit cards, get a student credit card and why high school and college students need a credit card.

How to Choose a Safe Student Travel Tour Group
Choose a safe student travel tour group. Look for tour groups offering chaperones, rules, security and safety guidelines. Distinguish between student tour groups and travel agencies.

Student Tour Group Characteristics - Escorted and Accompanied Student Travel Tour Groups
A student tour group company makes all student travel arrangements, such as making airline and hotel reservations or chartering a bus, and ensures that the gang is staying in reputable accommodations. Global Education Tours Sample - Explorica itinerary sample. Page 2.

Backpacking Europe - Tips for Backpacking Europe
Backpacking Europe - what to pack, where to go, budgeting, how to get there, where to stay and how to backpack Europe on the cheap. Backpacking Europe FAQs, lists, hostels, and -- best of all -- encouragement to make this the summer you backpack Europe!

Spring Break 2012 - All About Spring Break 2012
All the useful information about spring break 2012, including the 2012 spring break hot spots, the good spring break ideas, what to do, where to stay, how to get there -- like spring break deals -- and the rest of the dope. Info on gay spring break and on volunteering for an alternative spring break, too. Enjoy!

Travel Blogs and Travel Podcasts, Photos and Maps
Find student travel blogs and travel podcasts photos and maps to inspire and help you travel. Also includes a student travel blogroll, too.

Which Airports Have Scanners?
Which airports have scanners? You know, those pesky full body, advanced imaging technology, backscatter, millimeter wave, blah blah, naked picture scanners? Get a list of airports with scanners or find out about individual airports...

TSA Reports: Share Yours About Particular Airports! Scanner, Metal Detector or Patdown? TSA Friendly? You Report!
TSA Reports: Share Yours About Particular Airports! Scanner, Metal Detector or Patdown? TSA Friendly? You Report!

US Travel Destinations: Best US Cities for Backpackers
Not ready to do the 'round the world thing yet? No worries: the kind of travel you can do right here in the USA is wide and deep. Doing USA travel destinations is a snap, too: no passport needed, even for far North America or the Caribbean. Let's take a look at the best US cities for backpackers, for starters.

Asian Hostels and Guesthouses
Find Asian youth hostels and guesthouses with photos and reviews in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Nepal, Cambodia and more.