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Locals Hawaiian Sandals
If you have ever spent any time in Hawaii (or on any island for that matter), you would know that there is an interesting culture that surrounds the local footwear. There is only one truly local way to cover your feet. Some call them flip flops or slaps or thongs, but in Hawaii, they are

Soft Beginner Surfboard form Supersoft
To put it bluntly, kids have soft heads and surfboards have sharp fins, and this potentially painful fact does nothing to settle the stomachs of anxious parents as they watch their kids learning to surf. With each flailing nosedive, new surfers roll the dice one more time, launching the sharp, unforgiving edges of their surfboards skyward and waiting for gravity to set the stage for a B-movie horror scene.

Surf Priority
Common surfing questions. When one surfer is paddling for a wave, how do you know who gets to ride it?

Localism - How do I deal with localism when surfing?
Localism is something that all surfers have to deal with at some point. Localism can be harmless posturing but localism can also take more violent forms. Learn how to deal with localism.

Pipeline Surfer Dies While Surfing
Japanese surfer at Pipeline in Hawaii dies While Surfing.

How to Duck-Dive - Learn How to Duck-dive
Learning to duck-dive is another step in learning how to surf. You can't learn to surf if you can't get out to the lineup and catch some waves. Duck-diving gets you under and past the oncoming waves. Learn more...

How to Paddle - Learn How to Paddle a Surfboard
Learning how to paddle your surfboard is essential. I mean, really, without learning how to paddle, you are dead in the water, so strengthen up those arms and learn how to paddle your surfboard and get some waves.

Learn How to Surf: How to Surf in a Contest Heat
Surfing contests doesn't seem natural to most surfers, so it stands to reason that you should learn some practical strategies to teach you how to surf in a contest heat. Whether you're a novice or a pro, these contest strategies will yield results.

Learn How to Surf: How to Surf in a Contest Heat
Surfing contests doesn't seem natural to most surfers, so it stands to reason that you should learn some practical strategies to teach you how to surf in a contest heat. Whether you're a novice or a pro, these contest strategies will yield results. Page 2.

Men's and Juniors Sportswear Lines Take Inspiration from Coastal Lifestyle- REDONDO BEACH, Calif., (August 2, 2005) - Body Glove International will be taking over the House of Blues Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay during Magic, August 29-31, for the exclusive premiere of its spring 2006 young men's and juniors collections. T

Ousting big names including world number five Trent Munro (AUS), Hawaiian hot shot and 11th ranked Bruce Irons, former Fosterís ASP Menís World Tour number three Danny Wills (AUS) and currently 17th ranked Tom Whitaker (AUS), Brazilians Guilherme Ferreira, Heitor Alves, Flavio Costa and Odirlei Coutinho are holding their heads high and will move through to round three.

What are the Eternal Truths of Surfing?
The Eternal Truths of Surfing. These are real words of wisdom that real wave riders can depend on.

How to Surf and Cutback - Learn how to surf better now - Roundhouse Cutback
Want to learn to surf better now? This article breaks down the roundhouse cutback, one of the most functional and visually stunning moves in any surfer's bag of tricks. I have broken this move down into seven(that's right, seven)easy steps you help you learn how to surf better.

Surf Tricks - Learn How to Complete a Floater Surf Trick
Surfers are finding new tricks every day, but the floater is a time-tested beauty. Combining weightless lip gliding, board control, and countless variations, the floater is a surf trick that takes some knowledge and practice. Learn more...

Summer Surf Destinations
Summer and surfing go together two things that go together perfectly. The hot sun and perfect weather make for fun waves and epic adventure. However, not all parts of the world are good for surfing in the summer. Find out where to surf this summer.

Best Places to Surf in the Summer
Summer and surfing go together two things that go together perfectly. The hot sun and perfect weather make for fun waves and epic adventure. However, not all parts of the world are good for surfing in the summer. Find out where to surf this summer. Page 2.

Surfing - An Introduction to Surfing
Want to start Surfing? You don't have to be a superstar or surf scholar to get a big smile from waveriding. But if you're planning to learn to surf, it might be helpful (or at least fun) to understand the journey you are about to take.

How to Make your Surfboard Faster - Make your surfboard faster
How do you make your surfboard faster? That's the age-old question (as old as surfing is at least), but there are only a few ways to do it. If you want to achieve that secret and all important speed element, it's really pretty easy. check it out.

Green Surfboard? Surfers Go Green in Surfboard Industry
The green surfboard seems like a no brainer. Surfers have a rep for being reef hugging hippies, but surfers and their beloved surfboards have in fact added much to fuel our over heated climate. For decades or surboard industry has been ripping through polyurethane foam blanks coated in petrochemical solvents and polyester resin and wrapped in fiberglass. But a new green surfboard movement seeks to change this direction.

Surfing / Bodyboarding
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Surfing / Bodyboarding
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Surfing / Bodyboarding
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Taj Burrow
Taj Burrow. Surfing / Bodyboarding.

Where do the biggest waves break?
Answer to surfing question about where the biggest waves break.

What Kind of surfboard should I start on?
What Kind of Surfboard? A long one. Beginners need a long board or at a minimum a fun board. A longboard is between 8 to 10 feet long and a fun board or fun shape is 7 to 8 feet long. Of course, you're tempted by those pointed, streamline arrow-shaped boards that all the other great surfers are slicing and carving up the ocean with and you can learn to surf on one, but they do make it much harder. All 6 to 7 foot, three-finned shortboards, called thrusters.

What are other Forms of Surfing?
What are other Forms of Surfing? There are loads of ways ocean lovers can ride a wave or ride a board or launch an air. Although these other forms of surfing are varied and unique, they are all a blast.

Surfing Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon lies about a two hour drive from the nearest beach in the heart of Disney World. It's a shreddable little nugget that breaks all year long.

Surfing / Bodyboarding
Surfing / Bodyboarding.

Surf Socks - Sol Socks Surf Socks
A product review of sandal, thong, and flip flop surfer socks from

Shark Camo Surfboard Attack Deterrent Stickers
Shark Camo shark deterrent stickers, laminates, and surfboards may save you from being attacked while surfing.

How to Catch a Wave on a Bodyboard
The key to catching your first wave is to pick the right type of wave. When you first paddle out, you can simply turn around and let whitewater hit you from behind and ride to shore, but that excitement won't last you very long.

Resin - Polyester and Epoxy Resin for Surfboards
Resin is the honey-like life blood of traditional surfboard construction. It stinks and is bad for the environment, but modern surfers love it and need it almost as much as they love the waves they ride. Why? Read on...

Fish Surfboard - Quad Fin Fish Surfboard
A fish is a wide, thick surfboard with a gulping swallow tail. A quad fin surfboard has four fins for added speed and maneuverability. I recently rode and reviewed a quad fin fish surfboard from degree 33 called the Flyin' Fish. How did it go? Read more...

Optic Nerve Sunglasses
Optic Nerve sunglasses are high-quality, affordable, and stylish. Being a surfer suffering from pterygiums, I take my eyewear seriously, so I have reviewed the loanshark model. Check out how they rank.

Proteck Performance Surfboard Fins
I recently put a set Protech Flexible Performance fins to the test. Surfco claims the fins will signifigantly improve a surfbaord's performance. These Protech Performance fins are flexible and will fit FCS, Future, O'Fish'l, Lokbox, Red X and longboard center boxes. The fins have a rigid core but fexible edges. Do they work? Read on.

Extreme Horizon's Key Pod
Rising up from the land of King Arthur and crumpets, Extreme Horizon has solved one problem of the common surfer. The product is the Key Pod which solves the above problem. Heartily constructed, this heavy duty storage unit is big enough to fit any key, yet small enough to covertly connect to any of your carís firm extremities (suspension coils, towing eye).

Freestyle Lockdown: On the Down Low
The Freestyle Lockdown is an interesting and functional innovation in timekeeping that enables the user to keep some secrets while being punctual. Check out the review at

Freestyle Fusion Waterproof Surfing MP3 Player
Ka-Boom! The Freestyle Fusion drops like an atom bomb on surfers who really love their tunes. Subtract the bogus cassette tape from my 80ís surf-rock-opera fantasy and add the blinding future shock of the digital age.

How to Paddle a Bodyboard
Learn how to paddle out to the lineup on a bodyboard.

Famous Surfing Athlete Bede Durbidge - Bede Durbidge Professional Surfer Profile
Bede Durbidge is a power-packed regular foot surfer from Australia. His style is classic, modern, and determined. Bede is definite contender for the world title for many tears to come.

Surf Slang Definition of Beach Break: Beach Break Surf Slang
Beach break is yet another surf slang term added to the surfing dictionary. Here you'll read a definition and sentence explaining the meaning of the surf term

How to Choose the Right Surfboard: What's the Right Surfboard to Choose for Transition from a Long Board?
Choosing the right surfboard is not easy. Looking to step off your long board and start surfing a short board? There's often a little gray area in this transition process. Read further if you're wondering what's a good short board to choose when transitioning from a long board?

Aloha Hawaiian Shirts
After spending a good portion of my life living and working in Hawaii, I always look back at the casual style and Aloha attitude with a smile. There is not another state in America where an untucked flower shirt and slippers are considered accepted work attire. That's why I was excited when I received a handmade Aloha shirt from Wave Shoppe, a grassroots operation out of San Diego, California.

surfed out - surfed-out
For most surfers, to be surfed out seems like a dream, an unattainable but wonderful possibility. To reach this level of exhaustion and satisfaction is attainable by only the most ambitious or those with the least endurance. But what does it mean to be surfed out?

How to Duckdive a Bodyboard
Learn how to properly duckdive your bodyboard. It's a helpful way to get you under breaking waves and out to the lineup more quickly.

Pro Surfer Taylor Knox - Taylor Knox Pro Surfer
Taylor Knox has proven himself a man amongst boys with a surfing career that has defied the odds in terms of longevity. His power and style have defined his legacy and solidified his legend.

Can you surf at night?
It's a bit sketchy at times, but night surfing can be an enlightening adventure.

A description of the surfing term stance

surf slang
a description of surf slang bombing

Definition of Grommet
Surf slang glossary of terms from

Surf Slang Dictionary: All-time, Epic, Classic

Definition of Snake
Surf Slang Glossary at Surfers who snake each other are a cut in the very fabric of what wave riders hold as true. Don't snake your fellow surfer!

Bro, Dude, Brah, Bruddah, Homie, Brother, Dude
Surfer terms of endearment and dictionary slangs terms.


Gidget - Who is Gidget?
Gidget never won any major surfing events nor charged giant waves, but she instead changed the landscape of surfing culture forever through stories of her experiences as a young surfer at famed Malibu Beach, which in turn became hugely successful films, TV shows, and books. But who is Gidget?

Lip - Wave - Lip
A lip is for smacking. Sounds violent, huh? But in surfing, smacking, cracking, wacking, destroying, and downright obliterating a lip is great thing. Learn more...

Endo - Endo Surf Slang - End Over End
Let's say you are surfing, ya know, getting some waves, catching a few bombs, throwing down a solid session and suddenly you endo. That's right

Amped - Amped Surf Slang
Amped? Sounds like a something your mechanic would do to a car, but it's really a surf slang word that is one of the most prized feelings a surfer can have.

Tubular - Surf Slang - Tubular
Totally tubular? If something is tubular, is it good, bad, or ugly? Sounds geometric to say the least, but for a surfer, something tubular is very special. Read more....

Seppo - Seppo - Surf Slang
Being called a seppo? Is it a compliment or a rude slight made at your expense? You wish you knew don't you? Well, read on my friends and learn about this Australian noun with an unlikely origin.

Beast - Surf Slang - Beast
Beast is a complex term when it comes to surfing. It can be an adjective, a noun, and even an adverb, but it always says the same thing about waves and surfers. Want to know more? Read on

Axed - Surf slang - Axed
When most people get axed, they either lose a job or lose their head, but when a surfer gets axed, it's a whole different deal. Read more... Surfing Fitness and Career Information
For those who want to be tight, strong, and happy in all their endeavors, here are some ways to exercise the mind, body, and soul so you can stay connected to the surf lifestyle all day and all your life.

How to surf and learn to surf instruction - page 2 of 2
Learn how to surf from standing, paddling, catching waves, and angling down the wave face. This free tutorial has it all. Also, learn how to surf in and judge surf contests. For novices and pros.

Surf DVD and Video Review
Find reviews of new and old surf videos and DVDs. I provide honest DVD, video, and movie reviews and provide a link for you to buy them. Watching surf movies, videos, and DVDs is a way to improve your surfing skill and surfing technique while keeping abreast of the present surfing performance level. Also, look for DVDs that teach you how to surf.

Surf ing Picture Galleries
Send your photos to and I will post them for all to enjoy. Show off your local crew's skills or your local spot's juice. Better yet, become a semi-famous surfer for free just by sending in your photos.