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Complications and Common Problems After Surgery
Do you have questions about your recovery after surgery? Find out the answers to common questions about incisions, complications and problems that happen during recovery after surgery.

High Blood Sugar Levels & Surgery - Blood Glucose
If you are diabetic, find out how your blood sugar (glucose) level can determine how quickly you heal and how well you feel after surgery.

Dealing With Medical Bills - How to Handle Surgery Expenses
If your medical bills are piling up after your surgery, don't ignore them. Find out what you can do to prevent your surgical bills from giving you bad credit.

Getting Sick or Injured While Traveling -- Surgery While Traveling
If you are traveling and have a sudden and urgent need for surgery, you may be concerned about finding a hospital, insurance coverage and so much more. Find out what you need to do if you are on vacation and suddenly need surgery.

Lasix and Surgery - Furosemide Information
Lasix is a prescription medication commonly used after surgery and in people with heart and kidney problems. Find out why Lasix is used, the risks of Lasix, and what you should know before taking this medication.

Why a Fecal Transplant - Why Are Stool Transplants Performed
Why is a fecal transplant, also known as fecal bacteriotherapy, performed? Find out why doctors prescribe this unique therapy for patients with intestinal problems.

How Is a Fecal Transplant Performed?
Fecal transplant is most commonly used as a treatment for a disease caused by overgrowth of Clostridium difficile when standard therapies have failed.

Autologous Restoration of Gastrointestinal Flora - ARGF Transplant
Find out more about Autologous Restoration of Gastrointestinal Flora (ARGF), a type of feces transplant procedure.

Who Can Be a Fecal Donor for Transplant
If your loved one needs a fecal transplant, you may be asked to provided a sample for transplantation. Find out who makes a good candidate.

Feces Transplant Is Real - Does Poop Really Get Transplanted
Is a feces transplant a real medical procedure? Do people really donate their stool for transplant? Find out more about the transplant of human stool.

Fecal Bacteriotherapy - Human Stool Transplant
It may sound like something that a person made up just to pull your leg, but fecal transplants are a very real thing. For people with severe intestinal problems, a fecal transplant (fecal bacteriotherapy) may help improve the condition dramatically.

Different Types of Fistula and Treatments
If you've heard the term fistula you may be wondering what exactly is a fistula? Find out about the different types of fistulas, and treatment for them.

Barium Enema Explained - What is a Lower GI Series
If you have been told that you need to have a barium enema test, also known as a lower GI series, you will want more information about how the test is done, how you will prepare for the test and what you can expect once the test is complete.

Tips For a Low Stress Recovery in the Hospital
If you are planning to have surgery or a stay in the hospital, these tips will help your stay and your recovery a more pleasant one. Find out how to improve your hospitalization and your surgical recovery.

What Are Lymph Nodes? - Definition and Function
What lymph nodes are, what they do and why they swell before and during illness.

Blood Draws - How to Improve Your Blood Lab Draw
Having blood drawn bothers some people. Here are ways to lessen the discomfort: e.g. Breathe, drink water (unless you're not supposed to), don't look.

Catheters Commonly Used After Surgery
You may have questions about how a urinary catheter will be inserted, how long the catheter will stay in place and how to care for your urinary catheter.

Understanding Common Blood Tests and What They Mean
Find out about common blood tests such as a CBC, Chem 7, ABG, H&H, PT, PTT, and INR, ABO typing and what the results mean for you.

Circulating Nurse Definition - Surgery Glossary
Find out what a circulating nurse does, the job responsibilities of a circulating nurse and the education required to do this work.

What Does Pulmonary Mean?
Find out what pulmonary means, who treats pulmonary disease and how these issues are diagnosed.

Gender Reassignment Surgery - Common Procedures and Costs
Find out what you should know about gender reassignment surgery, formerly known as sex change surgery. Learn about the most common procedures and the costs associated with surgery.

Procalcitonin Results and What They Mean
Procalcitonin is a blood test that is used to help diagnose sepsis. Find out what the results of the test mean.

Doctors, Residents, Interns, and Attendings: What's the Difference?
Understanding the different types of physicians including medical students, interns, residents, fellows and attendings.

Hemorrhoid Treatments and Information
Hemorrhoids, or piles, can be uncomfortable and painful. Learn more about hemorrhoid causes, home treatments, and ways to prevent hemorrhoids from forming.

Brain Death Explained (Death by Neurologic Criteria)
Do you have questions about brain death? Find out what brain death is, how brain death is pronounced and how brain death testing is performed.

Why You Remove Piercings and Jewelry Before Surgery
Are you concerned about taking off your jewelry or removing piercings before your surgery? Find out why you should remove jewelry prior to having surgery or tests done.

What Is Anencephaly - Causes of Anencephaly - Organ Donation
What is anencephaly? How common is it, and what can you expect if you carry the fetus to term? Is organ donation possible?

What Is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine?
Find out what a doctor of osteopathic medicine means and what a D.O. degree is, and whether MD or DO makes a real difference in your care.

Gifts for Hospital Patients - Visiting The Hospital at the Holidays
If you or a loved one will be in the hospital for the holidays, it doesn't mean that you can't celebrate. Find out how to have the best possible holiday even when the hospital is involved.

Best Gift for Hospitalized Friend - Sick Patient
When a loved one is sick and in the hospital many people like to take a gift. Find out what gifts may not be appropriate for someone who is sick (like flowers)!

How To Pay For Surgery- Using Your 401k to Pay For Surgery-Paying for surgery with 401k
Borrowing from your retirement savings is a possibility when you need to pay for surgery. Learn more about taking a loan from yourself when you need surgery.

Preventing and Treating Constipation After Surgery
If you are constipated or having difficulty having a bowel movement, learn what treatments are available. Also learn how to prevent constipation, how to make it go away faster and what foods to eat and avoid so constipation goes away.

laser surgery-laser surgeon
Learn more about laser surgery, and how lasers can be used to improve your health.

How Do I Become a Doctor or a Surgeon?
Learn how many years it takes to become a surgeon, and what happens during training including bachelor's degree, medical school, residency, and fellowships.

How Long Will Recovering After Surgery Take
How long will your recovery after surgery take? Have you gotten conflicting information about how long your recovery will last? Find out why here.

Organ Donation - Living Organ Donation
Donating an organ to a friend or relative is a complicated process. Learn how to be considered a potential living organ donor.

Living Organ Donor - Who Can Be a Living Organ Donor
If you are considering donating an organ to a friend or loved one, find out if you qualify to be a living donor.

Living Organ Donation - Preparing For Living Organ Donation
If you have decided to become a living organ donor, find out more about the testing that will be done to see if you are candidate.

Paired Organ Donation - What Is Paired Organ Donation
Learn more about options available if you need an organ transplant and none of your friends or relatives are a good match.

Living Organ Donation - Risks of Living Organ Donation
Before you decide to donate an organ to a friend or relative, you should understand the risks that you are facing if you become a donor.

Organ Donation Costs - Costs of Organ Donation
Living organ donation can save lives, but it can also be expensive. Find out what costs are covered by insurance and what you will be expected to pay.

Coping After Organ Donation - Coping After Living Related Organ Donation
Being a living organ donor can be stressful. Understanding the emotional issues involved in donating and receiving a living organ transplant is important.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Breast Reconstruction Surgery With Implants
Are you interested in breast reconstruction surgery? Find out more about immediate breast reconstruction surgery, which takes place during the same surgery as the mastectomy surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Breast Reconstruction Surgery With Breast Implants
Learn more about reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy using breast implants. Find out how reconstructive surgery is one in two stages.

Nipple Reconstruction Surgery
Nipple reconstruction is an optional procedure after having a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Learn how it's done. Page 6 of 9.

Sex After Breast Cancer - Sex After Breast Cancer Surgery
Learn more about returning to an active sex life after having breast cancer surgery. Breast cancer surgery doesn't need to end your sex life, learn more about when you can return to an active sex life.

What is Breast Reconstruction Surgery?
Information on breast reconstruction including the different breast reconstruction procedures, the reasons for each surgery and recovering after breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast Reconstruction - Breast Reconstruction With Breast Implants
Immediate breast reconstruction using a breast implant can be done during the same surgery as a mastectomy or done with an additional surgery. Find out more about breast reconstruction using breast implants.

Breast Reconstruction - Breast Reconstruction With Flap
Some breast reconstruction surgeries use a flap instead of an implant to help rebuild the breast. Find out what a flap is and how it is used during breast reconstruction surgery.

Recovering After Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Learn what is a normal recovery from breast reconstruction surgery and what you should expect during your recovery. Page 7 of 9.

Breast Reconstruction – Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Information on breast reconstruction including the different breast reconstruction surgeries, the reasons for each surgery, and recovering after breast reconstruction surgery.

Thyroid Surgery - Reasons for Thyroid Surgery
There are many reasons that thyroid surgery is necessary. Find out about the thyroid problems that make thyroid surgery necessary.

Thyroid Surgery Complications – Complications of Thyroid Surgery
Learn about the common complications associated with thyroid surgery.

Recovering After Thyroidectomy
Wondering what you can expect after thyroid surgery? Find out what happens during a typical recovery after thyroid surgery. Page 9.

Thyroidectomy - Surgery to Remove the Thyroid Gland
Are you or a family member having thyroid problems and are considering thyroid surgery? Find out what you need to know about thyroidectomy, the surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid.

Thyroid Surgery - Types of Thyroid Surgery
Learn more about the types of thyroid surgery available including subtotal, total, and lobectomy thyroid surgeries.

Life After Thyroid Surgery
Find out what you can expect from life after thyroid surgery, including thyroid replacement and medications.

Thyroid Problems – Surgery for Thyroid Problems
Learn more about thyroid problems that make surgery necessary such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer and goiters.

Parathyroid Glands – Function of the Parathyroid Glands
Learn more about the parathyroid glands, what they do and why they are important. Parathyroid glands are not the same as the thyroid gland.

Thyroid Testing – Thyroid Testing Before Surgery
Find out what tests you should expect before your thyroidectomy, or surgery to remove the thyroid.

Thyroidectomy: Surgery to Remove the Thyroid Gland
Are you having a thyroid procedure done? Find out what happens during a thyroid surgical procedure.

Depression After Surgery - Signs and Symptoms
Identifying signs and symptoms of depression can lead to faster treatment. A diagnosis of a serious injury or surgery can trigger an episode.

Different Types of Breast Cancer Surgeries
Explaining surgery for breast cancer from diagnostic procedures to the differences between lumpectomy and mastectomy.

Hiatal Hernias - From Diagnosis to Surgery
Find out what is a hiatal hernia? How is a hiatal hernia diagnosed? What happens during hiatal hernia surgery?

Hiatal Hernia Treatments - Treatments for Hiatal Hernias
What are the treatment options for hiatal hernias? Is surgery the only option? Find out the treatments available for hiatal hernias.

Hiatal Hernia - What Happens During Surgery
Find out what happens during hiatal hernia surgery, known as a Nissen Fundoplication. Page 7.

Hiatal Hernia Diagnosis - Diagnosing a Hiatal Hernia
Hiatal hernias are not always easy to diagnose, because they are not visible. Find out how a hiatal hernia is diagnosed.

Hiatal Hernias From Diagnosis to Surgery - Six Symptoms
Most hiatal hernias are asymptomatic, but what symptoms are commonly associated with hiatal hernias and what common symptoms can mean a hiatal hernia is present?

Hiatal Hernias - Causes and Risk Factors
Find out what can cause a hiatal hernia, who is at the greatest risk for a hiatal hernia and what your chances of developing one is.

Hiatal Hernia Emergency - When a Hiatal Hernia is An Emergency
Hiatal hernias can require emergency surgery. Find out when a hiatal hernia is an emergency

Hiatal Hernia - Recovering From Surgery
What to expect when you are recovering from hiatal hernia surgery, known as a nissen fundoplication. Find out what to do during your recovery and what a normal recovery includes. Page 8.

Medical Tourism: Understanding Treatment in a Foreign Country
What you need to know about medical tourism and surgery abroad before you make the decision go to a foreign country for your healthcare.

A Guide to Post-Surgery Pain Management
You shouldn't have to cope with post-surgery pain. Find out how pain is managed after surgery and when a pain specialist is appropriate.

What Is Decompressive Craniectomy Surgery?
Find out why a decompressive craniotomy is done, what a decompressive craniotomy is, and when it is done to treat a brain injury. Learn the difference between a decompressive craniectomy and a decompressive craniotomy.

During Cataract Surgery — Cataract Surgical Procedures
There are two main types of cataract procedures. Find out about the differences between cataract surgeries, what happens during surgery, and how the procedures are performed.

Why Is Cataract Surgery Done?
Why is cataract surgery performed? What makes the procedure necessary and what exactly is a cataract?Find out what happens before, during and after cataract surgery.

Before Cataract Surgery - Preparing for Your Procedure
Find out what you can expect before cataract surgery and how to prepare for your procedure.

After Cataract Surgery - Recovery After Cataract Procedure
After having cataract surgery there are a few things that you can do to make your recovery go smoothly. Find out what you can expect after surgery and what you can expect during your recovery.

What to Tell Your Child Before Surgery - How to Prepare a Child For Surgery
Before your child has surgery, it is important that you explain surgery and answer questions in a way your child can understand. Learn what your child needs to know before having pediatric surgery.

Prepare Your Child For Surgery and Anesthesia
Children have special needs when preparing for surgery. Learn how to prepare your child for surgery so the experience will not be a traumatic one.

Preparing Yourself for Your Child’s Surgery-A Parent's Guide to Their Child's Surgery
Having a child that needs surgery can be very difficult for parents. Learn how to prepare yourself for your child's surgery and the stress of having a sick child. You are not alone when you have a sick child, be sure to ask for help when you need it.

Obtain Accurate Information About Your Child's Surgery - Information You Need About Pediatric Surgery
Before you talk to your child about having surgery, make sure you know the correct answers to their questions. Explaining surgery to your child accurately is an important part of preparing for surgery.

What to Ask Before Your Child's Surgery - Questions about Pediatric Surgery
Before your child has surgery, make sure you know the answers to these important questions. This is a list of questions about surgery that you should ask before your child's surgery

What Not to Say to a Child Before Surgery -Things Not to Say Before Your Child's Surgery
Part of explaining surgery to your child is explaining what surgery is and what will happen. These are phrases to avoid using when explaining surgery to your child.

Preparing Your Infant or Toddler For Surgery-Toddlers and Surgery
Preparing a toddler or infant for surgery isn't difficult, but it is important to remember that very young children can be very upset before and after surgery. Learn how to prepare a toddler for surgery and how to cope with an infant after surgery.

How to Prepare Your Preschooler For Surgery-Preschoolers Hospitals and Surgery
All about how to prepare your preschool-aged child for their surgery. Learn what your preschooler needs to be successfully prepared for surgery and during the time after surgery. Young children have specific needs before and after surgery that should be addressed before surgery.

How to Prepare Your Elementary Aged Child For Surgery-Preparing a Child for Surgery
Learn how to prepare your elementary school aged child for surgery. Young children need a parent's help to have surgery without being terrified by the procedure. Use these surgery tips to explain surgery to your child and prevent your child from being traumatized by surgery.

Adolescents and Surgery-How to Prepare a Teenager For Surgery
Parents learn how to explain surgery to your adolescent or teenager. Learn how to make sure your teen understands their surgery, and how to best help your adolescent after surgery. Learn how to help your teenager or adolescent deal with the stress of having surgery.

Free Surgery Coloring Book Pages
Coloring books are a great way to explain surgery to your child. If your child is having surgery, print out these free coloring books and pages to help ease the transition to the hospital.

Kids and Surgery-How to Explain Surgery to Children
One of the worst things a parent can do is make surgery even scarier than it already is. Learn more about how to prepare your child for surgery and how to avoid making surgery seem terrifying.

How Long to Wait After Surgery Before Bathing
There are many precautions that need to be taken after having surgery. Bathing and swimming may be limited for some time. Find out when is it safe to take a bath or go for a swim after surgery.

Get Ready For Surgery - Ways To Prepare
If you are having surgery, it is important to be the best possible surgical candidate you can be. These ten tips will help you prepare for surgery.

Common Medications Before, During, and After Surgery
Learn more about surgery drugs, the drugs typically used before, during, and after surgery. This list includes antibiotics, anesthesia drugs and more.

Sepsis Infection - A Potentially Life Threatening Infection
Sepsis is an infection of the blood stream that, if not treated, can become a life-threatening infection called septic shock.

Heart Valves: Where They Are and What They Do
There are four valves in the human heart. Find out how the heart valves function, their location, and more.

Versed (Midazolam) and Surgery - Versed For Sedation
What is Versed? When is Versed given? Find out why Versed is given, when Versed is used, how Versed is given, the side effects of Versed and combining Versed and Fentanyl.

Heart Murmur: What It is and What You Should Know
Heart murmurs are very common. Learn the different types of heart murmurs and what a heart murmur means.

Marijuana and Surgery - Smoking Pot and Anesthesia
Smoking pot before surgery can cause problems during your procedure and after, find out why you should avoid marijuana before your surgery.

Blood Clots During and After Surgery
A blood clot that forms during or after surgery can be as simple as a blood clot in the leg, or it may become a life-threatening emergency. Find out what you should know about blood clots after surgery and the way these clots may be treated.

Visiting a Patient - Hospital Etiquette
Find out how you can be a good visitor when your loved one is in the hospital. Learn what to do and what not to do during your visit.

Pus and Your Surgical Incision
Find out what causes pus, what pus is made of, and how it is treated.

Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis and Heart Surgery
Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are not the same thing. Learn the differences between atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis and why atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis or both may make open heart surgery necessary.

The Risks of Blood Transfusions
Find out what the risks of a having a transfusion are, how common they are, and if you should be concerned about your blood transfusion.

Difference Between Sepsis Infection and Septic Shock
The difference between sepsis and septic shock. Find out what sepsis is, how it differs from septic shock, and what causes septic shock after surgery or infection.

What is Urosepsis - Urinary Tract Infections Leads to Sepsis
What is urosepsis and how does a urinary tract infection lead to a severe systemic illness called sepsis?

Causes of Hypertension After Surgery
Find out why hypertension can happen after surgery when your blood pressure was normal before the surgical procedure.

All About the Tonsils and Tonsil Surgery
Learn about tonsils, tonsillitis and when surgery is necessary. Find out what happens before, during and after tonsillectomy surgery.

Prostate Gland Anatomy and Size
Before you have prostate surgery, learn more about the anatomy of the prostate gland. Find out more about prostate anatomy, including lobes of the prostate and the zones of the prostate.

What Triple Bypass Heart Surgery Entails
What is a triple bypass and why is it done? Find out more about this procedure, open heart surgery and more.

How to Pack for a Comfortable Hospital Stay
Find out what you should pack for the hospital to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you are having surgery or a baby, packing well can make a huge difference in your recovery.

Stricture Types - Strictures in the Human Body
Find out what a stricture is, what causes a stricture and how strictures can be treated.

What Is a Clitoris - Clitoris Image
Find out what the clitoris is, where it is located and why it may be more important for an orgasm than penetration.

What's in Your IV Pain Meds?
If you're having surgery, you may receive pain medications in your IV. Find out more about the medications that you are likely to receive.

How to Calculate BMI and What the Results Mean
Find out what Body Mass Index is, how BMI is calculated, and what the results mean. BMI determines whether you are a healthy weight or overweight.

What to Expect After Prostate Cancer Surgery
Find out what to expect after prostate cancer surgery, including issues with sex, erectile dysfunction, and leaking urine.

What is Inpatient Surgery?
Understanding the differences between outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures.

Alternatives to Hysterectomy - Understand the Alternatives to Hysterectomy
Are you considering a hysterectomy or looking for alternatives to a hysterectomy? There are many alternatives to hysterectomy procedures.

Recovering After Your Hysterectomy
Learn more about recovering from hysterectomy surgery, including recovery time, normal recovery and restrictions. Page 7.

What to Expect After Hysterectomy Surgery
Learn more about what is normal after having a hysterectomy. Page 8.

Sex Life After a Hysterectomy Surgery
A hysterectomy is not the end of a woman's sex life, in fact, a hysterectomy may improve a woman's ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Page 9.

What Are the Types of Hysterectomies
Learn more about the different types of hysterectomies, along with the different approaches used including laparoscopic, open and vaginal hysterectomies. Find out which type of hysterectomy is best for you. Page 4.

Questions to Ask About Hysterectomies-Questions About Hysterectomies
Important questions to ask your surgeon before you have a hysterectomy. Questions to ask your surgeon before you decide if you need a hysterectomy or if there are appropriate alternatives to a hysterectomy surgery.

What Happens During Hysterectomy Surgery Procedure
Are you wondering what happens during a hysterectomy surgery? Find out what happens during the surgery and how the hysterectomy procedure is done. Page 6.

An In-Depth Overview of Hysterectomy Surgery
What is a hysterectomy and why do you need one, if you need one at all? Learn all about hysterectomy surgery and what it means to you in this article.

Bowel Prep Tips - Helpful Bowel Prep Tips
These bowel prep tips will help you complete your bowel prep as quickly and easily as possible. Find out how to do your bowel prep with a minimum of discomfort and pain.

Bowel Prep Side Effects and Risks
There are many side effects and minor risks associated with bowel prep. Find out the risks and common side effects that you may experience during bowel prep.

Bowel Prep for Colonoscopy or Surgery
What is a bowel prep? Find out why bowel prep is necessary and how to make it less uncomfortable.

Bowel Prep - How To Do Bowel Prep
Find out how to do a bowel prep for surgery or a colonoscopy. Your procedure depends upon a proper bowel prep, find out how to do your bowel prep here.

Bowel Prep - During Bowel Prep
Avoid these things during bowel prep to make the process easier and less time-consuming.

Post-Surgery Recovery Tips: A Guide
There are a few ways to recover from surgery faster. Some, like preventing infection, may seem obvious, but there are other things you can do.

Hysterectomy Surgery Preparation and Recovery
Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)about hysterectomy surgery. Find out what to expect before and after a hysterectomy.

Surgery. Page 2.

What Is a Universal Blood Donor?
What is a universal blood donor? Find out what a universal donor is, what blood type is the universal donor type, and more.

Endometriosis Pain After Hysterectomy
Endometriosis is a common reason for having a hysterectomy. Find out why this is not a cure and why you might still experience pain.

What Is Diprivan (Propofol)?
Diprivan, also known as Propofol, is a short-acting​ sedative. Learn about how and why it is given, when it is used, and contraindications.

Packed Red Blood Cells - PRBCs and RBCs
What are packed red blood cells and why are they given instead of whole blood? Find out more about transfusions of packed red blood cells.

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Explained
Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), commonly known as a

What is a Femoral Hernia Surgery?
Find out what a femoral hernia is, how it is treated, how the surgery is performed, and even how to prevent a femoral hernia.

What Is Tonsillectomy Surgery?
What happens during a tonsillectomy surgery? An explanation of the tonsillectomy procedure, the type of anesthesia used and the length of the surgery.

Heart Valve Replacements: Deciding Which To Use
There are several types of valves currently available for surgeons to use, but there are benefits and downsides to each type. Learn more.

What Are the Symptoms of a Prostate Gland Problem?
Find out the symptoms of a prostate gland problem, what signs may indicate prostate issues, and what to look for if you suspect a prostate issue.

Opioids and Constipation After Surgery
How do opioids such as morphine, Dilaudid, and Fentanyl lead to constipation? Find out why, how to prevent constipation the treatments available.

Why a Central Line Is Necessary and Associated Risks
Find out why a central line may be necessary, the risks associated with central lines, and what a central line can do that a typical IV cannot.

Preparing for Your Discharge-Going Home After Surgery With or Without Assistance
You may need some help getting things done after your surgery and you'll definitely need a ride home after your surgery! Learn more about what you may need before and after surgery here.

About Dental Work and Surgical Procedures
surgeons and dentists, surgery teeth, infections after dental surgery, surgical infections, heart infections, causes of heart infections, causes of heart problems, source of infections, seeing the dentist before surgery, avoiding problems during surgery, preventing complications during surgery, bacterial endocarditis,causes of bacterial endocarditis. Page 6.

Packing a Suitcase for Your Surgery
If your surgery requires an overnight stay, you'll need to pack a bag. Learn about what to pack and what not to pack here. Page 7.

The Day Before Surgery - Eating and Drinking
In the 24 hours before surgery you have things to do. Learn all about what you should and shouldn't do immediately before your surgery. Page 8.

Preparation Before You Have Surgery
Find out what you should do to prepare for surgery from choosing a surgeon, investigating the cost of surgery to packing your bag for the hospital.

Preparing for Your Surgery-Dietary Changes, Smoking and Exercising Before Surgery
Eating well, exercising and smoking cessation are essential in preparing for surgery. Learn more about preparing for surgery here.

Preparing for Your Surgery-Meeting With Your Surgeon Before Surgery
Be sure to see your surgeon in the weeks before your surgery. Learn about why you need to see your surgeon and what you need to ask when you do.

What Kind of Pain Is Common Post-Surgery?
There are many types of surgery pain. Learn more about the types of pain that may be present before and after surgery.

Managing Insomnia and Poor Sleep Quality After Surgery
Trouble sleeping after surgery is common during recovery. Find out what causes these issues and what can be done to improve your quality of sleep.

How Much Pain Is Acceptable After Surgery?
Pain after surgery is a major concern of many patients. Learn why some pain is to be expected, why no pain after surgery is unrealistic, and how your pain will be evaluated after surgery. Surgery pain is serious, learn more about how to control it.

Sex Reassignment Surgery: The Basics You Should Know
Learn more about the basics of gender reassignment surgery and why someone would choose to have it done.

Bloodless Surgery and Blood Conservation
Find out more about blood conservation and bloodless surgery if you want to avoid or refuse a blood transfusion during or after a surgical procedure.

Does Penis Size Change After Prostate Surgery?
Does penis size really change after prostate surgery? It is true that prostate surgery can mean a smaller penis? Find out the truth about penis size after prostate surgery.

What Is an MRI and What Does It Do?
What an MRI is, why it is used and why metal in the body may prevent an MRI scan.

Tommy John Elbow Procedure (UCLR) Overview
Find out why the Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction (UCLR) surgery is called Tommy John surgery, along with how and why the procedure is done.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia - After Surgery
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a condition that can quickly become life-threatening in the critically ill patient. Find out what the patient and the hospital staff can do to prevent this complication and how it is treated.

What is Normal For a New Stoma - Signs of a Stoma Problem
Knowing how to identify problems with a stoma can mean quicker treatment and less problems long term.

Surgical Questions - Ask Surgeon Questions
There are many questions you should ask before you have surgery. Use this list to find out what you need to know from your surgeon.

Insurance Questions Before Surgery - Insurance and Surgery
Find out what questions you need to ask your insurance companies before your surgery.

Surgery Questions - Question to Ask About Surgery
Before you have surgery you should contact the hospital to ask some important questions about paying for surgery and arrangements to be made after surgery.

Surgery Questions – Questions About Help After Surgery
Before you have plastic surgery, make sure you ask these important questions.

Surgery Questions: What You Need to Ask Before Surgery
Find out what questions you should ask your surgeon before your surgical procedure.

Surgery Questions Work - Questions to Ask at Work Before Surgery
Find out what questions you need to ask at work before you have surgery regarding your insurance coverage, returning to work and more.

Plastic Surgery Questions - Questions To Ask Plastic Surgeon
Before you have plastic surgery it is important that you make sure your surgeon is experienced enough to perform the surgery. It is also ask questions about the procedure and the expected outcome.

Surgery Questions - Surgical Questions To Ask Before Surgery
Before you have surgery there are questions you should ask. Find out what surgery questions you should ask your surgeon.

What Is Kidney Failure? - Kidney Diagram
Kidney failure is increasingly common. Find out what exactly kidney failure is and how it is treated.

The Costs of Surgery-How to Prepare Financially Before You Have Surgery
Before you have surgery you may want to find out how much it will cost. Even with insurance coverage, you may end up paying for more than you realize if you don't do your research.

Dilaudid-Hydromorphone-for Pain Relief After Surgery
Have you been prescribed Dilaudid (Hydromorphone)? Find out what Dilaudid is, what can expect when you take Dilaudid or about Dilaudid's side effects? .

What Are the Risks of Plastic Surgery?
Every surgery has risks, including cosmetic and plastic surgery. Learn more about the risks of having plastic surgery.

PICC Line Insertion, Care, Removal, and Risks
Learn more about PICC lines, including why they are used, the insertion process, care of a PICC line and the removal process.

The Connection Between Diabetes and Kidney Failure
Diabetes is a common cause of kidney failure. Find out how diabetes can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.

Polycystic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure - The Link Between Polycystic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
Polycystic kidney disease is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. Find out how polycystic kidney disease can cause kidney failure.

Causes of Kidney Failure - Tumors
Kidney tumors can cause serious damage and even lead to kidney failure. Find out how kidney tumors can cause kidney failure.

Congenital Kidney Problems - Kidney Failure - Kidney Transplant Surgery
Congenital kidney problems -- problems that are present at birth -- can cause kidney failure and make kidney transplant surgery a possibility.

About Kidney Failure and Kidney Stones
Kidney stones are one of the many causes of kidney failure. Find out how kidney stones can lead to kidney damage and kidney failure. Page 8.

Kidney Failure - Risk Factors for Kidney Failure
Find out who has the highest risk of kidney failure. Your race, medical history, and even your gender may put you at risk for kidney failure.

Infections - Causes of Kidney Failure
Learn more about how chronic kidney infections can lead to kidney damage and kidney failure.

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure - The Link Between High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure
High blood pressure can lead to kidney failure. Learn about the link between high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Causes of Constipation - Identifying Common Causes of Constipation
The key to preventing and treating constipation is to understand the cause or causes of your particular problem.

When Bathing and Swimming Are Safe After Surgery
What precautions do you need to take after having surgery? Find out when you can likely begin bathing, swimming, and showering post-operation.

Preventing Nausea and Vomiting - After Surgery
Nausea and vomiting is preventable after surgery. Find out how you can avoid this common complication and what you can do if you begin to feel nauseated.

Preventing and Treating Nausea and Vomiting After Surgery
Nausea and vomiting are very common after surgery. Find out what you can do to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting before it is a serious complication.

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Procedure and Outcome
Gastric bypass surgery is a type weight loss surgery. Find out how gastric bypass works, what happens during this surgery, and more.

Patient Controlled Analgesia Explained
Patient Controlled Analgesia is also known as a PCA pump and allows patients to push a button to dispense pain medication. Learn more.

An Overview of Neurosurgery
An explanation of the term neurosurgery, including an overview of the types or neurosurgery​, reasons it's necessary, and pediatric neurosurgery.

Physical Therapy After Surgery
Physical therapy may be essential to the long term success of your surgery. Find out what you need to know about physical therapy, including how to find a good physical therapist.

What Is a CBC Complete Blood Count?
Learn what a CBC blood test is and what the results mean, along with other common blood tests.

What to Know About How Wounds Are Closed
Find out the ways a wound may be closed and why it isn't always done immediately.

Pus and Infection from a Wound or Incision
Pus coming from a wound or a surgical incision can be a serious problem. Find out what to do if you notice pus, including what you should not use to clean the area.

When Your Surgical Incision is Opening
You need to call your surgeon. Even if it is minor, the opening of an incision allows foreign material like bacteria inside of the wound.

Surgery. Page 3.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before a Hysterectomy
If you are considering having a hysterectomy, you will find this list of questions to ask your surgeon very helpful. Page 1 of 3.

Surgery. Page 2.

Urinalysis Results - Interpreting Urine Analysis Labs
What is a normal urinalysis result? Are your results within normal limits? Find out what your urinalysis results mean and how to care for your health.

Pregnancy and Surgery
Surgery is typically avoided during pregnancy. If surgery is necessary during pregnancy, there are ways to decrease the risk to the mother and fetus.

ABG Test Results - Arterial Blood Gas Testing
What is an ABG, or arterial blood gas, and what does it mean? Find out what arterial blood gas results mean and how ABG interpretation is done.

Causes and Treatments of Necrosis
Necrosis explained in detail, including the many ways that necrosis can happen and how it is treated.

Anesthesia For Surgery
Who is giving your anesthesia? Anesthesia is given by a wide range of medical personnel, including anesthesiologists, CRNAs, anesthesia assistants and doctors of dentistry.

Anesthesiologist - Anesthesia From Anesthesiologist
Anesthesia can be given by a range of providers, one of which is an anesthesiologist. Find out what type of training an anesthesiologist has in order to give anesthesia.

Nurse Anesthetist - Anesthesia Nurse
Anesthesia can be given by several types of professionals, including nurses, also known as certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA).

Anesthesiology Assistant - What is an Anesthesiology Assistant
Anesthesiology assistants are professional anesthesia providers who give anesthesia and sedation for a variety of surgical procedures.

Dental Anesthesia - Anesthesia From a Dentist or Oral Surgeon
Anesthesia isn't given by medical doctor's and nurses alone. Dentists and oral surgeons may also provide anesthesia during dental procedures.

The Meaning of Surgical Anastomosis
The surgical term anastamosis explained in detail including different types of anastamoses.

Types of Debridement of a Wound
Debridement is often necessary to remove unhealthy tissue. Find out when debridement is necessary and the different ways it can be performed.

Anesthesia for Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy)
General anesthesia is used during gallbladder surgery.

Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder) Surgery
If you are having trouble with your gallbladder, your physician may recommend surgery. Find out what happens during gallbladder surgery.

Recovering After Gallbladder Surgery
Find out what you can expect after gallbladder surgery. Page 4.

Recovering at Home After Gallbladder Surgery
After your gallbladder surgery, it is time to recover at home. Find out what you can expect when you are recovering after gallbladder surgery. Page 5.

Gallbladder Problems - Symptoms and Diagnosis
Gallbladder surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed today. Find out about symptoms and diagnosis of gallbladder problems here.

Using Peroxide and Alcohol on an Incision
Find out the best ways to care for an incision after surgery, including whether or not you can use alcohol, peroxide, and ointments on your incision.

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection CAUTI
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are common after surgery. Find out why they are so common, how they can be prevented and how they are treated.

Respiratory Therapy After Surgery
If you are having problems breathing or you have a lung issue, respiratory therapy will likely play a role in your treatment.

What Is an Escharotomy and Why Is It Done?
Explaining what an escharotomy is and why this surgical procedure is done to treat trauma, burns, and other issues.

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
When is a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy necessary? When should a tonsillectomy be done? When is an adenoidectomy a good idea? How do you qualify for a tonsillectomy and when is a tonsillectomy not appropriate.

Surgery and Fevers - Temperature After Surgery
What are the causes of fever after surgery? Find out what causes a temperature after surgery, when it's an emergency and when to call your surgeon.

Pfannenstiel (Bikini Line) Incision - C-Section
If you will be having a cesarean section, you may want more information about the types of incisions available.

The Definition of Surgical Sutures
Find out why sutures are used, when they are removed and how to care for sutures.

What You Need to Know About Organ Transplants
Do you or a loved one need an organ transplant? Find out what you need to know about organ transplant surgery,

Obstetrics Versus Gynecology
The definition of obstetrics, how obstetrics compares to gynecology, and the training needed to practice the surgical specialty of obstetrics.

What to Expect When Recovering From Surgery
Recovering from surgery is the first step to feeling healthy after surgery. When will you be done healing and back to normal activities?

Caring for Your Incision After Surgery
Learn how to care for your surgical incision properly. Find out the right way to care for your incision to heal quickly after your procedure is over.

Bypass Surgery: Heart Surgery or Weight Loss?
What is bypass surgery? Why is bypass surgery necessary? Find out the different types of bypass surgery including heart bypass and gastric bypass procedures.

The Difference Between LASIK and Lasix
LASIK or Lasix? What's the difference between Lasix and LASIK? Which one do you need? Find out more here.

Most Common Problems After Surgery
If you understand the possible complications after surgery, you may be able to prevent them. Learn more.

When Can I Drive After General Anesthesia?
Driving after surgery shouldn't be done until you are sure you can safely. Find out when you should wait before driving after a surgical procedure.

Flatulence or Passing Gas After Surgery
Passing gas after surgery, commonly known as flatulence, is an important sign of recovery after your procedure. Find out why flatulence matters.

What Are the Risks of Weight Loss Surgery
There are significant risks associated with weight loss surgery, ranging from difficulty eating to death. Find out about dumping syndrome, infections risks, chronic diarrhea and malnutrition risks before you have surgery. Understand the risks of weight loss surgery before you make your decision.

Before Anesthesia - What You Need to Know Before Anesthesia
Anesthesia is an important part of surgery, know what questions to ask your anesthesiologist before your anesthesia and surgery start. Understanding your risks before having anesthesia is an important part of the decision to have surgery. Find out what questions you should ask before you have anesthesia.

What Is Apnea?
Find out what apnea is and how apnea affects sleep. Also, read about how to treat apnea with surgery, and the need for a ventilator.

Sepsis: How A Simple Infection Becomes Life Threatening
What is sepsis? How did a simple infection become a life-threatening illness? How did a routine surgery lead to sepsis and septic shock?

Do Redheads Really Need More Pain Medication?
Find out the truth about natural redheads and their pain needs. Find out if red hair really does mean more pain medication is necessary.

Vascular Surgery Medical Definition
What vascular means, who performs vascular surgery and the type of procedures that vascular surgeons perform.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Complications After Surgery
Kidney issues after surgery can range from minor problems like a urinary tract infection to major issues including kidney failure. Learn more.

Anesthesia and Surgery
What is anesthesia? Find out what anesthesia is, how anesthesia is given, the types of anesthesia and much more.

Understanding Kidney Function Test Results
Learn more about kidney function tests including urinalysis, BUN and creatinine. Understand what your renal panel test results mean.

Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgeons
The definition of oral surgery, including the practice of maxillofacial surgery. Includes the types of procedures performed by oral surgeons and training of those surgeons.

Definition of In Situ in Surgery and Cancer Treatment
Learn more about the definition of in situ and what in situ means for cancer treatment and surgery.

What Does Acute Abdomen Mean In Medicine?
What does the term acute abdomen mean? Find out how an acute abdomen is diagnosed, tested and treated.

What Is a Prolapse - Prolapse in the Human Body
Prolapse explained in detail, including what prolapse means and the surgical treatment of prolapse.

Bacteremia Definition - Bacteremia Explained in Detail
Find out what bacteremia is, the use of the terms sepsis and bacteremia, and how bacteremia is diagnosed and treated.

Adenoids and Surgery - Function of the Adenoids
Learn about adenoids, from the function of adenoids, how surgery can remove them, and why adults have adenoids removed.

Aspiration Pneumonia: What You Should Know
Aspiration pneumonia is a serious condition. Find out more about this condition, including why this occurs, and how to treat it.

Biopsy: What it is and Why it is Done
What is a biopsy, why is a biopsy performed and what is the purpose of a biopsy.

What Does Bariatric Mean?
Find out what bariatrics means and what a bariatrician is, as well as the necessary education to provide bariatric medicine.

What Is Surgical Ablation and How Are They Performed?
There are many types of ablations in medicine. Find out what ablation means, and the different techniques used to perform an ablation.

Types of Catheters - Why a Catheter is Used
Find out what the term catheter means, why catheters are used and different types of catheters that are commonly used.

Chronic and Acute Explained - Glossary of Medical Terms
Understand the differences between chronic and acute conditions, and how an illness may start as an acute one and become chronic.

15 Tips for Better Sleep - Sleeping in the Hospital
Sleep can be the most difficult to get when you are in the most desperate need for rest. Here are tips for better sleep after surgery and in the hospital.

The Perioperative Phase of Surgery
Learn what the term perioperative means, how long the perioperative period lasts, and what happens during this phase of surgery.

Coup Contrecoup Brain Injuries
Learn more about coup contrecoup traumatic brain injuries. Find out what a coup contrecoup injury is, and what makes it different from other types of brain injuries.

Gram Stain, Culture and Sensitivity - Lab Test Results
If you have an infection, or suspect an infection, a gram stain, culture and sensitivity is an important part of choosing the best possible treatment.

6 Tips for Choosing a Great Surgeon
Finding a surgeon isn't difficult, but it requires more effort than an internet search. Not all surgeons are great, make sure you find one who is.

Cellulitis Infection - Surgical Incision and Cellulitis
Find out what cellulitis is, the signs and symptoms of a cellulitis, and how this infection it is treated.

Atelectasis After Surgery - What is Atelectasis
Find out what atelectasis is and how you can prevent and treat this common lung complication after surgery.

10 Things to Stock Up On After Having Surgery
Find out the ten things you should have at home before you have surgery, from incision care supplies to entertainment.

Anemia After Surgery -- Anemia From Blood Loss
Anemia can be a serious problem after surgery. Find out how surgery can cause anemia, how it is treated and when anemia may be treated with a transfusion.

Simple Total Mastectomy Surgery
What is a simple, or total mastectomy, and why is it performed. how does a simple total mastectomy compare to other types of mastectomy surgery.

Mastectomy Surgery - Comparing Types of Mastectomies
What is a modified radical mastectomy surgery and how does it differ from other types of mastectomy surgeries. Page 3.

After Mastectomy – Recovering After a Mastectomy
Recovering from a mastectomy, life after having a mastectomy and getting back to physical activity including sex after mastectomy and exercise. Page 6.

What Is a Radical Mastectomy Surgery?
What is a radical mastectomy surgery, why is it rarely performed and how does it compare with other newer types of mastectomy surgery. Page 4.

Nipple and Skin Sparing Mastectomy Surgery
What is a nipple or skin sparing mastectomy surgery, how does it change a typical mastectomy surgery and who qualified for this procedure.

Types of Mastectomy - Mastectomy Breast Surgery
What is a mastectomy, why is it performed and what is the difference between the different types of mastectomy surgeries.

Ultrasound Test - Before and After Surgery
Ultrasounds are used for many purposes, not just to examine a pregnant woman and her fetus. Find out why ultrasounds are done and when they are used.

Hemorrhage Explained - Types and Treatment
What is hemorrhage, and when is bleeding technically one? Learn more about hemorrhages, how it is treated, and when it is a medical emergency.

Bilateral - Medical Definition and Examples
An explanation of the medical term bilateral, as well as the difference between the terms unilateral and bilateral.

Same Day Surgical Procedure - Ambulatory Surgery
Learn more about ambulatory surgery. What is ambulatory surgery and how is it different from conventional surgery.

Maxillofacial Surgery, Facial Surgery Specialty
Maxillofacial is one of many surgical specialties, find out what maxillofacial surgery is, who does it and the training necessary to become a maxillofacial surgeon.

What Does Cardiothoracic Mean in Surgery?
Learn about the definition of cardiothoracic, surgeons who perform cardiothoracic procedures, and what are considered cardiothoracic surgeries.

Complications After Prostate Surgery
Are you concerned about the complications that can happen after prostate surgery? Find out what complications are associated with prostate surgery, including impotence and incontinence.

What Is the Jejunum and What Is Its Function?
Learn about the middle portion of the small intestine called the jejunum. Find out what its function is, and common misspellings.

Side Effects and Risks of Oophorectomy
Oophorectomy, or surgery to remove the ovaries, has significant risks and complications. Learn about the risks of an oophorectomy. Make sure you understand the risks associated with oophorectomy, or removal of the ovaries, before you choose to have surgery.

Gallbladder Pain and Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems
If you are experiencing abdominal pain, you may suspect that you are having a gallbladder issue. Find out the typical symptoms and what to do about them.

Internal Hemorrhoids - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
What exactly is a hemorrhoid? Find out what an internal hemorrhoid is, what causes them, hemorrhoid treatments, and more.​

Know the Risks of Surgery - Surgical Risks
Before undergoing surgery, every patient should understand the risks involved and any potential problems to guide patients to an informed decision. Page 2.

Understanding Surgical Risks
Before undergoing surgery, every patient should understand the risks involved. Knowing potential problems can guide patients to an informed decision.

Paralytic Drugs - Medications Given During Anesthesia
Learn more about paralytic medications, why they are used during surgery, and general anesthesia. Also includes misspellings, and what paralytics do.

The Definition of Anterior - The Opposite of Posterior
The definition of the word anterior, and how to determine if a body part is anterior or posterior. Also lists misspellings and examples.

What Is the Universal Recipient Blood Type?
What is a universal recipient? Who is a universal recipient? Find out what blood type is a universal recipient, and how it works for blood and organ donation.

Congenital Birth Defects - Congenital Health Problems
An explanation of the term congenital, including congenital birth defects and congenital diseases.

Excise - Excision and Surgery
The medical terms excise and excision explained. Find out what these terms mean and how it applies to your surgery.

Absorbable Sutures - Dissolving Stitches
Learn more about dissolving absorbable stitches. Find out how to care for absorbable sutures while your wound is healing.

What is an Endotracheal Tube?
Learn more about what an endotracheal tube is, how it's placed, when it's used, and how it's removed.

What Foods to Eat During Recovery After Surgery
Find out what to eat after surgery to help improve your healing and help your incision quickly. Proper nutrition and food choices can help recovery.

Fiber and Nutrition Tips - Recovery After Surgery
Learn why including fiber in your diet after a surgery is essential and prevents complications during recovery. Page 2.

Fiber and Whole Grains After Surgery
Fiber is an important part of the diet during recovery after surgery. Find out why fiber is so important and how it can help prevent complications during your recovery from surgery.

Fruit and Vegetables to Eat After Surgery
Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet when recovering from surgery can help prevent complications. Find out why fruit and vegetables are an important part of your diet after surgery.

Should You Consume Milk and Dairy After a Surgery
Should you eat dairy products after surgery? Dairy products may cause side effects that can complicate your recovery. Find out what is safe to eat. Page 7.

What to Eat if You Have No Appetite After a Surgery
Eating enough after surgery is important for healing and recovery. Find out how to increase the number of calories you are eating after surgery. Page 8.

Avoid Foods That Can Cause Constipation After Surgery
When recovering from surgery, find out what foods to avoid that can contribute to constipation and constipation pains . Page 3.

What to Eat During Your Recovery After Surgery
Protein is essential to healing after surgery and having an incision that closes well. Find out what types of foods contain protein and which options are best when healing after surgery. Page 4.

Ways to Add Calories to Your Diet After Surgery
If you are having difficulty eating after surgery, these tips will help you add calories to your diet during your recovery.

Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery Information
Quadruple bypass heart surgery is a very serious open heart procedure. Find out what a quadruple bypass surgery is, why it is necessary and the alternatives that may help you avoid this procedure.

When Does Fever After Surgery Become a Concern?
Are you concerned about a temperature after surgery? Find out if your temperature or fever is normal, and what you should do about a temperature after surgery.

Causes of Sore Throat After Surgery
Why does my throat hurt after surgery? What should I do about a sore throat after surgery? When should my throat feel better after surgery? Learn why general anesthesia and intubation during surgery can cause throat pain and what to do about it.

Symptoms and Treatment of Inguinal Hernia
Understand what an inguinal hernia is, how it is diagnosed and treated. Find out what happens during inguinal hernia surgery and how an inguinal hernia and femoral hernia differ.

Difference Between Craniotomy and Craniectomy
Wondering about the difference between a craniotomy and a craniectomy? Learn more about these surgeries, including when a craniectomy is better than a craniotomy.

Who Is Providing Your Surgical Care?
If you are having surgery you may have dozens of people participating in your care. Find out the role how they contribute to your surgery.

What Is Evisceration After Surgery?
Find out what evisceration means, why it happens after surgery and what to do if this medical emergency happens. Page 3.

what do do for surgical incision evisceration - what to do if evisceration happens
Find out what it means if a surgical wound opens and eviscerates, what to do about evisceration and how to treat this surgical emergency.

Surgical Wound Dehiscence and Evisceration
Find out what to do if your incision begins to open, a complication known as dehiscence. An incision that opens up can become a very serious problem that requires medical attention and possibly another surgery.

What Causes Dehiscence After Surgery
Find out what causes dehiscence of a surgical incision and why surgical wounds can open. Page 2.

how to prevent dehiscence and evisceration - preventing dehiscence and evisceration
Learn how to prevent dehiscence and evisceration from happening after your surgery with some very simple steps. Preventing dehiscence and evisceration is not difficult once you know how.

Do You Really Need Surgery? How to Get a Second Opinion
Before you make up your mind to have surgery, take the time to explore your options. You may be able to postpone surgery or completely avoid it.

Heart Lung (Cardiopulmonary) Bypass For Surgery
Cardiopulmonary bypass is commonly used for heart surgery and to treat heart failure patients. Find out when and why cardiopulmonary bypass is used.

Double Bypass Heart Surgery: What You Should Know
What is double bypass heart surgery? Find out what double bypass surgery is, why a double bypass is performed and what you need to know about open heart surgery.

Hospital Floors and Units
PICU, NICU, ICU, PACU, it sounds like alphabet soup! Find out what the different areas of the hospital are, including intensive care units and step-down units and all of the other floors you may find yourself in when visiting a loved one.

Tips For Losing Weight After Weight Loss Surgery
Twenty-five helpful tips for life after gastric bypass surgery. Learn how to achieve your goals after your weight loss surgery. Find out the best ways to make your weight loss a success after surgery, make your bypass surgery work for you.

Weight Loss Surgery: Tips For Success
Helpful hints and suggestions for maximizing your weight loss after weight loss surgery. Learn how to have a successful outcome from weight loss surgery with these tips. Page 2.

Common Blood and Imaging Tests Before and After Surgery
Learn about common tests associated with surgery, ranging from blood tests to CT scans. Find out what tests results mean and why they are important.

Hospital Acquired Bacterial Infections After Surgery
If you are sick enough to be in the hospital after surgery an infection is the last thing you need. Find out more about Hospital Acquired Infections.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoids
What are the causes of hemorrhoids and how can you prevent them from forming? Find out your risk factors and what you can do about them.

Types of Drainage from a Surgical Wound
Is wound drainage normal after surgery, and what do different colors of drainage mean? Find out when should you call the surgeon due to drainage.

Benadryl and Surgery - Diphenhydramine
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is used for multiple reasons after surgery. Find out why Benadryl is used, the risks of taking Benadryl and common side effects.

Delirium After Surgery - Delirium While Hospitalized
Delirium is a serious problem for hospitalized patients. Find out why delirium happens, how it is diagnosed, the treatment for delirium and more.

CT Scan - CAT Scan Procedure and Surgery
Find out what you should know about having a CT scan, also known as a CAT scan.

Confusion After Surgery - Confusion After Anesthesia
What causes confusion after surgery? Find out what the problem might be and you will likely find your treatment, too.

Things to Avoid After Surgery
Having surgery? Here are 10 tips for what to avoid during your recovery to reduce pain, improve healing and minimize recovery time.

Anal Sex After Surgery
Are you wondering about anal sex and surgery? Does anal sex lead to surgery? Can you safely have anal sex after having surgery? Find out the answers to these questions here.

Appendicitis -- Appendectomy Surgery or Antibiotics
In the past, surgery was the only treatment for appendicitis. Now there are new options and surgery may not be necessary.

Beverly Johnson Hysterectomy
Beverly Johnson talks about her experience with uterine fibroids, hysterectomy, menopause and her role in the Ask 4 Tell 4 campaign.

Learn How Blood Flows Through the Heart and Lungs
Wondering how blood travels through the heart? Learn about how the heart pumps blood, and how it travels through the heart and body, tracing a drop of blood through the heart.

One Woman's Story: Hysterectomy for Adenomyosis and Bleeding Patient
Learn more about hysterectomy for adenomyosis and bleeding from a real surgery patient. Find out what to expect from hysterectomy surgery.

How to Cope After Organ Transplant Surgery
Patients often report difficulty coping after organ transplant surgery. After surgery, patients have family difficulties, stress, worries about rejection, become a discipline problem, have financial difficulties, guilt, money problems, and a lack of support. Learn how to cope after an organ transplant and enjoy your new good health.

After Organ Transplant Surgery - Coping With Problems After Organ Transplant Surgery
After transplantation, there are new and different problems to deal with. Page 2.

Coping With Changes After Transplantation--Changes After Transplant Surgery
Learn how to cope with the changes in yourself and your family after an organ transplant. Page 3.

Blood Thinners After Valve Surgery
After heart valve surgery or replacement, blood thinners may be necesesary. Find out why blood thinners are prescribed after heart valve replacement surgery.

Best Waiting Time Between Surgeries
How long should you wait between surgeries? Find out how long you should wait before having another surgical procedure.

What Is an Abscess - What Causes an Abscess
An explanation of abscess. The definition of abscess with examples.

What is An Attending Physician?
Learn about the different education levels of physicians, including attending, fellow, resident, intern and medical student. Find out how one becomes an attending.

What Is the Duodenal Switch Surgery?
The duodenal switch is a type of weight loss surgery. Find out what you need to know about duodenal switch surgery, including what happens during surgery and more.

Epigastric Hernia - Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery
What is an epigastric hernia, what causes an epigastric hernia and how is it treated.

DVT After Surgery - What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis?
Learn what a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis is, where they are commonly found and why they are more common after surgery.

Blood Transfusions and Blood Donation
Find out what you need to know about blood transfusions. Learn about risks, alternatives, bloodless medicine and blood typing.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - Treatments For ARDS
What is the treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)? Find out the treatments for ARDS and why they are used.

Common Complications and Concerns After Surgery
Postoperative complications range from very minor to life-threatening. Find out if the problem you are having is typical and what you can do about it.

C-Section Complications - Risks Associated with Cesarean Section
While a cesarean section is a very safe surgery, there are still risks associated with the procedure. Find out the risks of a c-section for both the mother and fetus, during and after surgery.

Appendectomy Anesthesia - Anesthesia for Appendectomy Surgery
Are you or a loved one having an appendectomy? Find out about the anesthesia used during appendectomy surgery.

Before Appendectomy - What to Know Before Appendectomy Surgery
Find out what you need to know before appendectomy surgery. Learn what you should do, and what you can expect, before your appendectomy surgery.