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School Policies
School policies are an essential part of every school. It is ever changing and ever growing. This section offers information on the policy writing process as well as sample policies.

Develop a Complete Student Code of Conduct
Schools must develop an authentic student code of conduct that aligns with their mission and vision and serves as a road map for student success.

Become a Better Teacher
All teachers should strive to become a better teacher. This section is dedicated to teacher improvement. Each article provides practical strategies to help you become a better teacher.

What Teachers Should Never Say or Do to Their Students
Teachers must carefully choose what they say or do and always know their audience. Our words and actions can damage our mission as a teacher.

About Teaching and Becoming a Better Educator
Comprehensive education related strategies for teachers, educators, administrators, and the teaching profession from About.com expert Derrick Meador.

Common Education Terminology C-E
Common Education Terminology C-E - C-E Teaching Glossary Terms

How "Depth of Knowledge" Drives Learning and Assessment
Depth of Knowledge, or DOK, is the complexity or depth of understanding needed to answer or explain an assessment related item or classroom activity.

School Administration
School administration is an important part of our education system. Administrators face a variety of issues on a daily basis. Take a look at strategies and techniques used to combat those issues. Find innovative proposals and methodology which have proved to be successful in schools across the United States.

School Principals
School principals have a tireless job. Good school principals balance how they deal with teachers, students, and parents.

School Gossip Can Destroy Teachers and Staff Members
School leaders should proactively discourage gossip. School gossip can create divisions among teachers and the staff if it is not dealt with quickly.

Preparing a Dynamic Lesson Plan in Education
Preparing a dynamic lesson plan is beneficial to the teacher and their students. Lesson plans are a critical component for instruction and learning.

How Regular Formative Evaluations Benefit Teachers
A formative evaluation is a series of quick, focused evaluations allowing the administrator or evaluator to give the teacher immediate feedback.

Profiles in Education
Profiles in education was designed to provide specific information on each individual state as well as to profile pertinent educational leaders across the nation. Each profile breaks down pertinent information related to teaching and the education field.

Information on Education and Schools in Oklahoma
Learn information regarding education and schools in Oklahoma including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Outlining Simple Homework Guidelines for K-8 Teachers
Many teachers struggle when determining how much homework they should assign. This simple guide can be used by teachers to assign the correct amount.

Assessment and Learning
Assessment and learning are increasingly tied together. Teachers use a variety of self made and published assessment tools to evaluate student efficiently and accurately. Find out what you need to know to evaluate your student effectively.

The Common Core
What exactly are the Common Core State Standards? How will they impact stakeholders? What are some pros and cons concerning the Common Core? This section is devoted to answering these questions and everything Common Core State Standard related.

Professional Development
A career in education can be pursued through a variety of paths. Once you get there you want to know how to reach tenure or career status. We also want to continue our quest to be life-long learners through professional development. Learn how to become a successful teacher and how to continue to provide your students with a quality education throughout your career.

Information for Aspiring Teachers
Teaching is a wonderful career, but it is not for everyone. This section will provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision. If you decide to pursue a career in education, make sure your students are always your number one priority.

Toolkit for Teachers
This collection of articles is intended to provide useful information for teachers in all aspects of the profession. They are intended to provoke thought and insight into the teaching profession.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Influence on Education
Martin Luther King Jr. had a profound influence on the American education system. His ideals of equality transformed how all students are educated.

What Principals and Teachers to Do Before School Begins
Principals and teachers must do a lot before school begins. Summers off are a myth. A lot of prep work goes into having a successful school year.

The Attractive Benefits of Team Teaching
Team teaching has several attractive benefits for both students and teachers. It is an advantageous approach that can be used to teach students.

Factors that Limit School Effectiveness
There are so many factors that can strip school effectiveness. Each school is different and each has their own obstacles to overcome.

A Review of Accelerated Math
Accelerated Math is an online learning tool that teachers can use to create personalized lessons, differentiated instruction, & track student progress.

A Comprehensive Guide to What Teachers Want from Others
What do teachers want? Teachers want engaged stakeholders who buy into their approach, backs their classroom efforts, and supports student learning.

Embarrassing Students is not an Effective Form of Classroom Management
Embarrassing students is not effective classroom management. It does more harm than good as it creates a disconnect between teacher and student.

How Listening Defines the Effectiveness of a Principal
Principals must be willing to listen to their constituents. Listening boost a principal's effectiveness and can lead to school wide improvement.

Writing a School Bullying Policy that Has an Impact
Every school must have a bullying policy. In today's society this has become a major issue and most bullying occurs in the setting of school.

Strategies for Motivating Students
Although teachers arguably play the largest role in motivating students, a principal can do many things to aide in the area of motivating students.

Important School Tips for Parents from a Principal
Educators understand the value that parents can bring to their child's education. The following school tips for parents can help boost that value.

Assumptions that Drive Public School Reform
There is no denying that our current educational system is flawed. However, school reform efforts are misguided by false assumptions about our schools.

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing
Standardized testing is used to evaluate both student and teacher performance. Standardized testing has many pros and cons that are highly debated.

Writing and the Common Core
The biggest change resulting from the Common Core will be the associated assessments particularly in the area of writing.

Seven Strategies to Provide Help for Teachers
Principals should develop a plan for providing help for teachers that focus on areas that need improvement, thus making them a better teacher.

Six Reasons to Eliminate High Stakes Testing
Teachers have increasingly voiced their displeasure with standardized testing. Many are making the push to eliminate high stakes testing altogether.

Building a Personal Learning Network Will Make You a Better Teacher
A personal learning network is a way for teachers to connect with other educators through social media to exchange ideas for growth and improvement.

Pros and Cons of Performance Based Pay for Teachers
Performance based pay ties teaching components such as standardized test scores and teacher evaluations to a salary schedule.

Utilizing School Surveys to Guide Improvement Efforts
A school survey can be an awesome tool to gain feedback about your school and to provide a general direction to improve specific areas of need.

Defining the Characteristics of a 'Perfect' Student
Every student is different, but if teachers crafted the perfect student, the following characteristics would surely be included in the final formula.

How Professional Development Boosts Teacher Quality
Professional development is ongoing training provided to teachers. Professional development should be meaningful and applicable to the classroom.

How Should Teachers Conduct a Principal Evaluation?
Many states require teachers to complete a principal evaluation. This can be challenging for teachers who have limited interactions with their principal(s).

The Important Role of Athletics in Schools
Athletics is often a powerful change agent.. They play a significant role in schools across the country. Athletics benefits communities in many ways.

Frequent Teacher Mistakes that Can be Avoided
The majority of teacher mistakes are avoidable, but when made they can have a significant effect on the students we are charged to teach.

Why School Attendance Matters and Strategies to Improve It
School attendance matters. It has a profound impact on academic success. Schools must improve this critical element to boost student performance.

Basketball vs Teaching
The game of basketball lends itself well to the art of teaching. Comparisons can be drawn from coaches, players, defense, and offense.

Coaching vs. Teaching
Coaches and teachers have a lot in common. Many coaches see themselves as teachers of the game instead of managers of the game.

Scoring vs. Rigor
There are multiple ways than a basketball player can score. Likewise there are multiple ways for teachers to assess student learning and performance.

Practice vs. Homework
No basketball player or team has success without putting in quality practice time. Every successful student has to put in the time to complete homework.

Defense vs. Classroom Management
In basketball, exceptional defense wins championships. In the classroom, exceptional classroom management is conducive to improved student learning.

Offense vs. Differentiation
A good basketball team game plans to the strengths of its players and works to improve weaknesses. A good teacher will do the same in the classroom.

Players vs. Students
Each NBA basketball player has a unique skill set and personality. Here we compare prominent NBA players with types of students in every classroom.

Education 101 - Trending Topics in Education
Those who choose to have a career in education often do so because they love young people and want to make a difference.

Current Issues in Education
There are many issues in education which an administrator, teacher, or even a parent must face. Educators must stay up-to-date with current information.

Drug Testing in Schools Pros and Cons
There have been several high profile cases dealing with random drug testing in schools particularly when it comes to athletics or activities.

Fourth Amendment Rights - Search and Seizure in Schools
There are some variations of the search and seizure law, particularly when you are dealing with a school environment.

Metal Detectors in Schools
Walk through metal detectors have been deemed minimally invasive and have been ruled constitutional.

School Searches without Warrants
The courts have recognized that there are environments and circumstances that require an exception thus allowing searches without warrants in schools.

Search and Seizure Cases in Schools
There are many search and seizure cases that shaped the process concerning schools.

Reasonable Suspicion in Schools
Most student searches in schools begin from some reasonable suspicion by a school district employee that the student has violated a law or policy.

Guidelines for School Resource Officers
School resource officers are also often certified law enforcement officers that work with administrators to keep order in schools.

Drug Sniffing Dog in Schools
A dog sniff is not a search within the meaning of 4th Amendment. Thus no probable cause is required for a drug sniffing dog when used in this sense.

School Lockers Searched
Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their school lockers, so long the school has a published student policy that states such.

Vehicle Search in Schools
A vehicle search can occur with student vehicles which are parked on school grounds so long as there is reasonable suspicion to conduct a search.

Developing a Dynamic Teaching Evaluation Philosophy
The teaching evaluation process is an ongoing assessment and supervision of what is going on within and around an administrator’s school facility.

Community Involvement
Every school would benefit from greater community involvement from parents, businesses, and community members. How do we foster more community support within our school?

The Role of the Principal in Schools
Being an effective principal is a difficult endeavor. The role of the principal is taxing and includes several areas demanding multiple approaches.

The Benefits of Targeting At Risk Students
Schools must be equipped to identify at risk students and to strategically target those students to ensure that they have the opportunity to succeed.

Essential Standardized Test Taking Tips for Parents
Standardized testing plays a critical role in your child's education. These test taking tips for parents can help your child do well on these tests.

Decision Making
Making decisions are an important component of an educator's job. Some take a lot of thought and require multiple people to come to the correct decision while others are straight forward and easy. School administrators and teachers make difficult decisions every day covering many different areas.

How Teachers Must Handle a Lazy Student
Having a lazy student can be frustrating for any teacher, but it is critical to evaluate the root cause of the issue before finding a solution.

Writing an Effective Student Retention Policy
School districts must adopt an effective student retention policy that provides teachers with guidance and direction and gives parents appeal options.

What Teachers Should Prepare for in a Teacher Interview
Schools often put their own spin on the teacher interview process making it difficult on teacher candidates to know exactly what to expect.

Embracing Relationships and Communication for Teachers
Teachers must embrace the power in building relationships and establishing ongoing communication. It makes their job easier and boost effectiveness.

10 Things a Successful School Principal Does Differently
A successful school principal does things differently having a particular mind set and leadership philosophy that allows them to be successful.

Information on Education and Schools in Pennsylvania
Learn information regarding education and schools in Pennsylvania including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Effective Instructional Strategies That Boost Learning
Teachers must be equipped with effective instructional strategies to maximize student learning opportunities giving them the best chance to succeed.

Common Education Terminology F-J
Common Education Terminology F-J - F-J Teaching Glossary Terms

Creating a Homework Policy With Meaning and Purpose
Schools should create an homework policy that directs teachers to assign homework that is reasonable, differentiated, meaningful, and purposeful.

Beginning of School Tips for Principals
The beginning of school means many things to different people. For principals it can be most stressful, particularly if you are not prepared.

An Educational Leadership Philosophy for School Leaders
An educational leadership philosophy is continuously shaped through guidance from mentors, hands-on experience, and the values within their community.

Building a Positive School Structure and Environment
A principal should work to build a positive school structure and environment. Learning can occur under a variety of circumstances and conditions.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of School Finance
When dealing with school finance issues as an administrator it is important that you always follow the guidelines and laws of the state and district.

An Educational Leadership Philosophy for School Leaders
An educational leadership philosophy is continuously shaped through guidance from mentors, hands-on experience, and the values within their community.

Establishing an Effective School Community
A sense of community will promote growth among all members of your school community which includes faculty, staff, students, parents, businesses, etc.

Principal Duties that Should Be Center of Focus
A principal has two major duties that their day should revolve around. They must provide an atmosphere that promotes high amounts of learning on a daily basis.

Dynamic and Effective School Leadership for Schools
Effective school leadership is transcended through qualities that enable an individual to step to the forefront of a situation and take command.

Importance of Understanding Education and Legislation
Education and legislation is often intertwined with each other. As a principal, you should realize the importance of adhering to all laws governing the school.

The Principal's Role in Special Needs Education
Understanding the importance of special needs education, including the Individual with Disabilities Education Act, is vital to a school administrator.

Promoting a Safe and Positive School Atmosphere
Administrators should create a school atmosphere of respect among all administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members.

Tips to be an Amazing and Successful Substitute Teacher
Having good substitute teachers is critical for schools. It takes a remarkable person, who is open to change, to be a successful substitute teacher.

School Law
School law often governs how we can teach our students. Need to know what some of the most influential educational laws are? Want to know what your rights as a teacher are or what rights your students have? We examine current school law as well as legislation that have an impact on our how we educate.

Teaching Unions
Belonging to a teaching union has its advantages. Find out what belonging to teaching unions provides you, the people who runs these unions, how teacher retirement works, and how to negotiate a contract.

Pros and Cons of the Common Core State Standards
The Common Core Standards are controversial and well-debated. In this article, we examine several pros and cons of the Common Core State Standards.

How Principals Can Provide Ongoing Teacher Support
Every principal should provide ongoing, collaborative teacher support as it lends itself to improved teacher performance which boost student learning.

24 Ways Teachers Can Build a Trusting Relationship With Their Principal
Teachers must work hard to build a trusting relationship with their principal. This relationship must be built around direct & indirect collaboration.

Effective Strategies to Maximize Student Learning Time
A teacher only has a limited amount of time with their students. They must incorporate effective strategies to maximize student learning time.

School Discipline
Discipline at Schools -- One of the most pressing issues in education is discipline at schools. School discipline and behavior management are issues that every school administrator or teacher deals with on a daily basis. We examine discipline at school and the best practices in this section.

Examining the Most Common Student Discipline Practices
A school administrator must carefully weigh all student discipline practices taking into account past history and the nature of the infraction.

How Collaborative Decision Making Can Transform Schools
Collaborative decision making offers many benefits. It is a powerful tool for making critical decisions that can transform and improve a school.

Real School Issues that Negatively Impact Learning
There are many real issues in schools that hinder student learning and force schools to create comprehensive strategies to overcome these obstacles.

How a School Administrator Becomes an Effective Leader
An administrator must become an effective school leader to handle the situations they face on a daily basis and to ensure overall academic success.

Amazing Strategies for Building Confidence in Teachers
A principal has the power to impact teachers in many different areas including building confidence which is essential in maximizing effectiveness.

A Simple Guide to Become a School Board Member
Want to become a school board member? It can be a rewarding and stressful experience. They have a direct impact on what is happening within a school.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Being a Principal
Being a school principal has a long list of pros and cons. It is a challenging job full of rewards , but it is also undoubtedly stressful at times.

Understanding the Common Core State Standards
Understanding the Common Core State Standards is complex. In short, they are controversial academic standards in English Language Arts & Mathematics.

Information on Education and Schools in Tennessee
Learn information regarding education and schools in Tennessee including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

How to Know If Teaching is the Right Profession for You
Teaching can be described as both a rewarding and stressful career option. Review these components to see if teaching is the right profession for you.

Glossary for Teaching
A comprehensive living glossary of common teaching vocabulary, education related terminology, and basic school related jargon.

Common Education Terminology B
Common Education Terminology B - B Teaching Glossary Terms

Common Education Terminology Q-R
Common Education Terminology Q-R - Q-R Teaching Vocabulary Terms

Common Education Terminology T
Common Education Terminology T - T Teaching Vocabulary Terms

Common Education Terminology A
Common Education Terminology A - A Teaching Glossary Terms

Common Education Terminology K-N
Common Education Terminology K-N - K-N Teaching Glossary Terms

Common Education Terminology S
Common Education Terminology S - S Teaching Vocabulary Terms

Common Education Terminology O-P
Common Education Terminology O-P - O-P Teaching Glossary Terms

Common Education Terminology U-Z
Common Education Terminology U-Z - U-Z Teaching Glossary Terms

The Culture of Overtesting in America's Public Schools
Public schools have seemingly been forced to embrace this harmful culture of overtesting where standardized testing is all that seems to matter.

Examining School Personnel Roles and Responsibilities
The operations within a school requires a diversified group of school personnel to be effective including school leaders, faculty, and support staff.

Technology and the Demise of the Traditional Textbook
Thanks to technology, the demise of traditional textbook appears to be imminent. Many schools are adopting digital versions that offer more features.

Technology in Education
Students today are connected to technology in education in ways that we could never imagine. How do we take advantage of this interest? What are the best educational programs and innovative technological programs available to schools? Here is what you need to know to actively engage your students through the use of technology.

School Technology Programs
The digital age has inspired a massive increase school technology programs. Some of these programs are terrific, while others can be described as a waste of money. Here we review popular programs that schools may be thinking about purchasing. We hope these reviews will be beneficial in making those decisions.

Breaking Down the Amazing Things That Great Teachers Do
Great teachers do many things to draw the best out of every student. They do anything and everything to help them maximize their learning potential.

How Teachers Can Build Great Relationships with Students
Good teachers recognize the benefits of building positive, respectful relationships with their students and work to establish rapport from day one.

The Impact Standardized Essay Tests Has on Writing
Standardized essay tests have increased in popularity over the last few years but the impact on student writing has been questioned by many educators.

Evaluating Teachers
Evaluating teachers is a process most usually performed by a school administrator. Although teacher evaluation is an ongoing process, there are several facets of the process that must be followed. This section provides insights and samples covering the teacher evaluation process.

Building an Effective Plan of Improvement for Teachers
A plan of improvement is designed by an administrator to assist a struggling teacher improve in one or more areas that are highlighted in the plan.

Examing the Nuts and Bolts of Kinesthetic Learning
Kinesthetic learning is one of three primary styles by which people learn best. Kinesthetic learners are described as hands-on, active learners.

A Guide for Teachers on Handling Difficult Parents
School administrators and teachers must be equipped to effectively handle difficult parents by being proactive, being open minded, and being prepared.

How to Become a School Principal
Many educators naturally evolve to eventually become a school principal. You must first become an experienced teacher and earn a master's degree.

Educational Choice
Choices abound with your child's education. Which one is best for you and your child? Are public schools the best place for your child or do you want to seek other alternatives such as a private school or a charter school?

What are the Pros and Cons of a Charter School?
A charter school is a public school that is deregulated from several requirements and often focuses on core academic areas such as math or science.

Examining the Pros and Cons of a Four-Day School Week
Many schools are considering a four-day school week as a cost saving measure. It is highly debated yet research is limited on its impact on learning.

The Complete Teacher's Guide to Discipline Referrals
This guide to discipline referrals outlines what offenses should be dealt with by a teacher and which offenses should result in a discipline referral.

Information on Education and Schools in New Jersey
Learn information regarding education and schools in New Jersey including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Profile on Education and Schools in New York
Learn information regarding education and schools in New York including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

What Is Teacher Tenure? (Definition)
Teacher tenure provides veteran teachers with certain guaranteed rights to protect their employment ensuring they cannot be terminated without cause.

Tips for Highly Effective Parent Teacher Communication
Teaching is easier when regular and effective parent teacher communication exists. Building relationships with parents is a key aspect of teaching.

Problems for Teachers That Hinder Their Effectiveness
Teaching is not an easy profession. There are many problems for teachers that manifest themselves on a regular basis and limits their effectiveness.

Characteristics of an Effective School Principal
There are certain characteristics that a highly effective school principal possesses. These seven qualities enable them to successfully lead a school.

Tips for Effective Teacher to Teacher Communication
Education is difficult for those outside the field to understand. Effective teacher to teacher communication is necessary for teachers to succeed.

20 Habits of a Highly Successful Teacher
Highly successful teachers recognize that they must be experts at handling students, parents, co-workers, and content. Each area is equally important.

50 Important Facts You Should Know About Teachers
Many people have misconceptions about teachers and do not understand what it takes to be effective. Here are 50 facts you should know.

Characteristics of Bad Teachers
Even though bad teachers are in the minority, these unprofessional teachers contribute significantly to making all teachers look ineffective.

Reasons Why Teaching is Challenging and Hard
Teaching is a challenging and hard profession because there are many factors that can hinder student learning and stunt professional growth.

Strategies That Promote School Improvement
These strategies for school improvement provide a starting place for school leaders wanting to engage the school community in the learning process.

Breaking Down the Qualities of an Effective Teacher
An effective teacher transcends student learning by maximizing student potential with a unique blend of hard work, natural ability, and relationships.

20 Facts About Principals Every Teacher Should Know
Many teachers have a limited idea of what their principal does or wants. These 20 facts about principals will help you understand what they want.

Personality Traits That Help Teachers and Students Succeed
Success is often determined by the personality traits that make up a person. The following personality traits help teachers and students succeed.

Information on Education and Schools in Utah
Learn information regarding education and schools in Utah including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Personality Types of Students in a Typical Classroom
Classrooms are composed of many different types of students. Teachers boost their effectiveness when they construct lessons that fit their students.

Ten Common Myths Regarding Teachers
Teachers deserve to be respected more, but there are certain myths regarding teachers that will likely not go away any time soon.

What Teachers Do Beyond the Classroom Is Critical
What teachers do beyond the classroom is as important as what they do in the classroom. A teacher's duties extends past the four walls of a classroom.

A Guide to Effective School Discipline for Principals
A principal must establish an effective school discipline plan for their building. This plan includes strategic steps to minimize behavior issues.

Breaking Down the Role of the School Superintendent
A school superintendent plays many roles. They are often the face of a district. They must be adept at building relationships with their constituents.

Exploring the Value of Whole Group Instruction
Whole group instruction has value because it is easy to plan for, sets the baseline for learning, and is great for introducing new material.

Information on Education and Schools in Florida
Learn information regarding education and schools in Florida including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Drafting an Obscenity and Profanity Policy for Schools
Obscenity and profanity has become a major issue for schools. Profanity especially has become an issue due to a societal acceptance of cursing.

5 Great Interactive Science Websites for the Classroom
Students love interactive and hands-on science activities. The following five interactive science websites promote the field of science through interaction.

A Profile on Ohio Education and Schools
This profile on Ohio education includes state department of education information, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Profile on Idaho Education and Schools
This profile on Idaho education includes state department of education information, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Profile on Colorado Education and Schools
This profile on Colorado education includes state department of education information, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Grade Retention
Grade retention is a practice where a student repeats a particular grade allowing them to improve and grow in several key academic and social areas.

Ten Extreme Solutions That Could Fix Public Education
Public education is arguably broken. Some would say it needs a total reset. We examine ten radical solutions that could help fix public education.

Twenty-Five Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers
We need to say thank you to teachers as often as we can. Most teachers do not receive the admiration and respect that they deserve.

The Sad Demise of the Teaching Profession in America
Being a part of the teaching profession is an honor, but it has progressively become a less attractive career option for a variety of reasons.

Best Practices for Increasing School Safety and Security
School safety and security should always be a high priority for schools. The following practical strategies will help address several vulnerabilities.

Tips for First-Year Teachers, New Instructors
The first year is arguably the most difficult, simply because a first year teacher is typically not prepared for all that will be thrown at them.

A Look at Thirty of the Best Discounts for Discounts
There are many programs and discounts to reward teachers for their hard work. This article looks at thirty of the best discounts for teachers.

STAR Math - A Complete Online Assessment Program Review
STAR Math is an online assessment program for students in grades 1-12. It provides teachers with immediate data to guide individualized instruction.

Meaningul Life Lessons We Learn from Teachers at School
Teaching is more than just lessons from a textbook. The life lessons we learn at school are critical and just as important as the required curriculum.

Becoming Every Students Favorite Teacher
Our favorite teacher has certain qualities that make them memorable. They challenge us daily, genuinely care for us, and often go above basic duties.

Promoting School Pride Through Creative Programs
Students who have school pride have a direct stake in their school. Giving students this sense of ownership boost several areas within the school.

Effective Strategies for Boosting Teacher Morale
Teacher morale is on the decline across the country. School administrators must arm themselves with a strategic arsenal for boosting teacher morale.

15 Strategies to Energize Your Students
Sometimes it is necessary for teachers and/or principals to find ways to energize students. Motivation comes in many forms.

There is Power in Becoming a Reflective Teacher
Becoming a reflective teacher enables you to lean on past experiences and to take those lessons learned ultimately making yourself a better teacher.

Advice to Help Students Navigate Life at School
Life at school can be difficult at times. Challenges always present themselves. The following tips will help students navigate life at school.

Why Principals Must Build Relationships with Parents
Principals can use the tips to build healthy relationships with parents. Having great relationships with parents have several positive benefits.

It is Important that Public Schools Take Every Student
It is no secret that public schools must take every student. Perception may be different otherwise, but every child deserves to receive an education.

Building a Complete School Retention Form
A school retention form provides documentation that outlines the reasons retention is recommended and a strategic plan in helping the student improve.

Breaking Down Education and Schools in Louisiana
Learn information regarding education and schools in Louisiana including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Breaking Down Education and Schools in Iowa
Learn information regarding education and schools in Iowa including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Breaking Down Education and Schools in Missouri
Learn information regarding education and schools in Missouri including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Breaking Down Education and Schools in Texas
Learn information regarding education and schools in Texas including student enrollment, salary information, district/school information, etc.

Is the American Federation of Teachers Right for You?
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is the 2nd largest educational union in the U.S. They fight for teacher rights & educational policy reform .

Questions to Help You Prepare for a Teacher Interview
Teacher interview questions can vary. The following set of fifteen questions is a sample set of teacher interview questions to help you prepare.

Strategies to Successfully Reduce Stress for Principals
Being a principal can be a very stressful job. It is essential to reduce stress if you want to continue to effectively do your difficult job.

Pathway to Personal Growth and Development for Teachers
Most teachers will use a combination of methods to solicit valuable feedback to enhance their personal growth and development.

Drafting a Sensible School Dress Code Policy
Every school has a dress code policy in which students must follow. Schools must adopt a sensible dress code policy that is fair and consistent.

Handling (PDA) Public Display of Affection at School
Public Display of Affection (PDA) is a practice that most schools do not allow because it offends many students and can also serve as a distraction.

An Effective Policy to Deter Fighting in School
Administrators must have an effective policy in place that deters fighting in school. This dangerous practice leads to many issues including injury.

A Caring Teacher Can Make All the Difference
A caring teacher makes a difference in the lives of their students. They often have a lifelong impact by going the extra mile for those who need it.

Tips to Increase Parental Involvement in Education
Schools must make an effort to increase parental involvement. Doing so boosts student learning, makes teaching easier, and improves school culture.

Students are Differentiated Puzzles Teachers Must Solve
Teachers must work hard to solve the differentiated puzzle that every student is to ensure that each student's individual needs are met.

Why Teachers Must Hold Themselves Accountable
Teachers must hold themselves accountable, admitting when they make mistakes, and following the same rules and expectations as their students do.

Strategies for Teachers to Handle a Difficult Day
Every teacher has a difficult day from time to time. When that happens we must take an aggressive approach to ensure that history is not repeated.

Establishing a Healthy Communication Policy for Schools
Communication Policy - Communication is a key component to having a fantastic year and an excellent staff. It is important that administrators, teachers, parents, staff, and students have a clear line of communication. This is a sample of a school communication policy.

Respecting Students is a Must for Teacher Effectiveness
Respecting students is a critical component in maximizing teacher effectiveness. Teachers must respect all students even in times of trial.

Exploring the Components Found in the Ideal Classroom
Every teacher has their own interpretation of the ideal classroom. The ideal classroom maximizes learning opportunities and fosters academic success.

Successful Tips to Help a New School Principal Survive
Being a new school principal can be overwhelming. These are some of the first things a new principal can do to survive that critical first year.

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Cell Phones in School
Administrators must evaluate the pros and cons of allowing cell phones in school when deciding how to handle the topic to meet their school's needs.

Embracing the Chance to Conduct a Teacher Observation
Administrators should always be in a state of teacher observation. They must always be observant of what their teachers are doing throughout the year.

Writing Effective School Policy and Procedures
Writing meaningful and effective school policy and procedures is a crucial part of an administrator's job that impacts the culture within a school.

A Strategy for Handling the Issue of Drugs at School
There are drug issues in many schools across the country. Administrators can spend a lot of time handling these sensitive situations.

A School Attendance Policy that Improves Attendance
School attendance is a primary indicator for academic success. Schools should adopt a strict attendance policy which compels students to attend.

Schools Have Options When Penning a Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones have the potential to be a major issue or major opportunity for schools. Schools seemingly differ on which cell phone policy to adopt.

A Student's Bill of Rights for Public Education
Every student in public education has a certain set of rights to promote academic success. This bill of rights ensures they are given that chance.

Expectations that Principals Hold for Their Teachers
Principals have a certain list of expectations that they hold for their teachers. Teachers should strive to meet these expectations at all times.

Essential Strategies for Handing a Difficult Student
Teachers must effectively handle difficult students to maximize learning time for all students. One student cannot be allowed to run the classroom.

Teaching is Difficult With the Rules Always Changing
Teaching is a difficult profession in part because the rules are always changing. Education has little stability which limits a teacher effectiveness.

Tracing the Path to Become a Certified Teacher
There are several different pathways to become a certified teacher. Every state has a somewhat different process, but they are overall very similar in nature.

Maintaining Professionalism in Schools is Essential
It is quintessential that every employee of the school remain committed to professionalism at all times throughout the entirety of the year.

The Ultimate Value of Promoting Respect in Schools
There must be an atmosphere that promotes mutual respect in schools. Teachers need to respect students and students need to respect teachers.

How a Personal Development Plan Benefits Teachers
A Personal Development Plan is a document that identifies a specified area in which improvement is needed and provides ongoing support for teachers.

Why Schools Must Embrace the English Language Learner
English Language Learners are students in public schools whose primary language is not English. Teaching them English is the schools first priority.

Tips for Principals on Winter Break
A principal's job is endless. School holidays are no exception. Winter break is the perfect time to make some adjustments and improvements.

Twenty-Five Most Essential Qualities of a Good Teacher
Every good teacher has their own special blend these twenty-five most essential qualities that make them special and effective at what they do.

How Education Standards Drives Instruction and Learning
Education standards are set of published guidelines that tell what students are supposed to learn within a particular subject area and grade level.

Effective Educational Leadership Shapes School Success
Educational leadership is the foundation of school success. Success in any venture is built on a foundation of solid leadership and decision making.

Helpful Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
Classroom management can be challenging for any teacher. Having an effective set of classroom management strategies in your toolkit is essential.

Gaining Perspective on School from a Six Year Old
Students of all ages can provide a unique perspective on school. They see things through different lenses than adults providing valuable insight.

What Does the Perfect Classroom Look Like?
Every teacher has their own version of what the perfect classroom looks like. These nine components will certainly make the cut on any teacher's list.

Why Teachers Must Step Outside Their Teaching Bubble
Teachers must step outside their

Multiple Choice Tests Strategies for Students
The following multiple choice tests strategies are designed to increase the chances of a student's answer being correct.

Embracing Individual Learning Styles Benefits Students
Learning styles is the methodology in which a student learns best. Teachers should embrace these differences and use them to boost student learning.

Why Having a Pre-Evaluation Conference is Beneficial
Before observing a teacher you should have a conference to go over specific details. This pre-evaluation form provides documentation for the meeting.

How Response to Intervention Helps Struggling Students
Response to Intervention is a popular education program utilized to identify at-risk student and to provide those struggling students with assistance.

Breaking Down Controversial School Voucher Programs
School voucher programs are a controversial topic designed to give parents a choice when deciding the best placement for their child in school.

An Effective Teacher Evaluation Includes Questions
It is helpful before an evaluation for the teacher to answer questions related to the evaluation to give the evaluator some prior knowledge.

Progress Monitoring Can Drive Instructional Decisions
Progress monitoring is a measuring stick for teachers providing direct data as to how a strategic intervention plan is impacting student learning.

How School Legislation Impacts Teaching and Learning
School legislation impacts teaching and learning. Many legislative measures, though intended to help education, sometimes has the opposite effect.

Teachers Do Not Have Every Answer, but Get the Job Done
Answers can be difficult for teachers to come by. Teachers may not have every answer, but will put in the work to come up with a viable solution.

Evaluating the Best Options for Teacher Loan Forgiveness
Becoming a teacher is costly. It can take decades to pay off student loans. Fortunately, there are teacher loan forgiveness programs that can help.

Crafting an Effective School Search Policy
Every school should have a school search policy that establishes clear communication about when, why, and what can be legally searched at school.

Essential Tools Every Student Needs to Be Great
Many of the best students are equipped with a special set of tools that help them succeed. These are the essential tools needed to be a great student.

How Does a Free and Reduced Meal Program Benefit Families?
A free and reduced lunch program gives every student access to a healthy meal at school by providing free or reduced meals for those who qualify.

Things You Need to Know About Summative Assessment
A summative assessment is a valuable educational tool that can be used to drive instruction and can help teachers make critical classroom decisions.

A Teacher's Guide to Making a Referral
Teachers make a referral (disciplinary purposes, special education testing, counseling) when they have used all other means to help a student succeed.

The Purpose of Building a Portfolio Assessment
A portfolio assessment can be a powerful tool for students. This next generation assessment format individualizes learning and shows growth over time.

Using the Think-Pair-Share Instructional Strategy
Think-Pair-Share is a popular instructional strategy in which students gather information individually and then collaborates with other students.

The Pros and Cons of Utlizing a Traditional Grading Scale
Most schools use the traditional grading scale as a reliable way to evaluate and compare student performance, but opponents argue that it is outdated.

An Investment in Small Group Instruction Will Pay Off
Small group instruction affords teachers an opportunity to work with students closely, to target specific skills, and to check for understanding.

How the Federal Title I Program Helps Students and Schools
Title I is a federally funded program for schools that serve high poverty areas. Schools use these funds for programs that target at risk students.

How a Teacher Adapts Lessons for Visual Learning
Visual learning, one of three distinct learning styles, occurs when a teacher utilizes strategies which emphasize visual components within lessons.

Giving Students a Meaningful Purpose to Attend School
Schools must give students a meaningful purpose to attend school. Without that purpose some students struggle to attend school on a regular basis.

How Bonding with Your Students Makes You a Better Teacher
Bonding with your students has many benefits and can be the ultimate difference maker in improving student learning and becoming a better teacher.

The Value of Organizing a Family Engagement Night for Schools
Schools must give parents an opportunity to be involved in their child's education. One way to get them involved is to host a family engagement night.

Creating an Effective School a School Bus Policy, Rules, and Regulations
School bus policy, rules, and regulations are designed to keep students who ride the bus safe and secure on their way to and from school.

Utilizing a Summative Evaluation to Spark Teacher Growth
A summative evaluation is a tool to promote teacher growth by recognizing individual strengths and through providing a plan for addressing weaknesses.

The Value of a Post Evaluation Conference for Teachers
A post evaluation conference brings a tremendous amount of value for principals and teachers alike. Both parties can grow and learn from this process.

Rethinking the Traditional School Tardy Policy
School districts may find it advantageous to rethink the traditional school tardy policy especially for elementary and middle school students.

Building a Comprehensive School Discipline Referral Form
Many schools use a school discipline referral form for students who are sent to the principal for a behavior infraction. The form aids in the process.

Parents Guide to the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
Parents must examine the all the pros and cons of homeschooling instead of focusing the idea of homeschooling.

Empowering Teachers by Giving Them a Voice
Giving teachers a voice in critical school decisions will empower them. This strategy will improve school culture and instructional effectiveness.

Strategies Principals Can Use to Become More Visible
A principal needs to be visible. A lack of visibility can lead to several issues. Following these strategies can help a principal become more visible.

The Big Picture: Why Educators Must Make It Their Focus
As educators sometimes our focus is too narrowed. We can miss critical details when we forget to look at the big picture in approaching our job.

Making Changes to Overcome a Difficult School Year
All school years are not created equal. Some naturally go better than others. Here we examine several strategies to overcome a difficult school year.

Profile on Illinois Education and Schools
This profile on Illinois education includes state department of education information, salary information, district/school information, etc.

State Testing Resources and Websites
This section offers state testing resources and website links to specific states. Each state's official testing website is linked here. Each site contains useful information for parents, students, teachers, and school administrators within the testing realm including testing dates, sample test questions, and other pertinent testing information.

Common Core Resources for Educators
Full implementation of the Common Core State Standards is getting closer. There are terrific Common Core resources for teachers to make that shift.

Questions that Every Parent Should Ask Their Child's Teacher
Every parent has the right to be informed about their child's education. Here are twenty questions parents should ask their child's teacher.

The Outlook of the Nation's Teacher Shortage is Grim
America is experiencing a significant teacher shortage. There are more positions available than there are teachers to fill them creating many issues.

What is High StakesTesting?
Definition of high stakes testing as an assessment related term.

Ways to Improve the Value of Professional Development for Teachers
Professional development is critical for teacher growth. Administrators must fine ways to improve the value of professional development for teachers.

What is Formative Assessment
Definition of formative assessment as a student assessment related term.

Why a Cookie Cutter Style of Teaching Will Not Work

Practices that Turn an Ordinary Teacher into an Extraordinary Teacher
Most teachers work hard to improve, hoping to transform from an ordinary teacher into an extraordinary teacher. These practices help them get there.

Strategies for Teachers: The Power of Preparation and Planning
Teachers should invest a significant amount of time for preparation and planning. Those who maximize this time will find that that it will pay off.

Alternatives to Improve Our Current Standardized Testing System
Many people would argue that our current system for standardized testing is broken. Here we examine alternatives to improve standardized testing.

What is an Extended Response Item
Definition of extended response item as an assessment related term.

Why School Culture Matters and Strategies to Improve It
School culture matters. Fostering a positive school culture is essential for maximizing success in teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Strategies to Work with People in a School Setting
It is essential that all constituents in a school understands the importance of how to work with people rather than having an individual agenda.

It is Important to Realize That Teachers Are People
Administrators must understand that the teachers and staff have personal lives in which problems may sometimes arise and that teachers are people.

Strategies for Shaping a Positive School Society
Build a school society that is appreciative of cultural differences and takes the school culture into consideration when making decisions within the school.

Strategies to Promote Healthy Teacher Collaboration
Principals should build cooperative relationships where the faculty works together sharing concerns, ideas, and triumphs through teacher collaboration.

Strategies for Considering Teacher Needs and Input
Administrators must learn to think of the needs of teachers and make a conscience effort to find out what teacher needs are and examine ways to meet them.

Strategies to Encourage and Promote Teacher Growth
Administrators must treat faculty and staff members as equals and offer advice from their own experiences that will promote teacher growth.

Strategies for Effective School Community Development
Administrators must give the entire community access and keep them informed about what is going on within the school to improve school community development.

Strategies for Organizing Efforts around a Particular School Focus
Administrators should concentrate on one area and work to make that area as strong as possible and use that school focus to build from that area.

Strategies for Finding an Effective Teaching Process
Administrators must have a curriculum that meets specific curriculum objectives and use the teaching process that is most conducive to student learning.

Strategies that Promote Teacher Appreciation
It is essential to understand how much hard work each teacher does on a daily basis. It is important that administrators promote teacher appreciation on a regular basis.

Providing Maximum Learning Time in Schools
It is essential that schools provide maximum learning time on a daily basis for both students and teachers to maximize learning potential.

Promoting Valuable Teacher Sharing and Learning Time
Principals must allow teachers the opportunity to share triumphs and tragedies they have experienced within their classroom through teacher sharing time.

Strategies to Successfully Cope with Teacher Issues
Administrators must approach teacher issues with an open mind and search for the most logical solution that will benefit each player involved.

Strategies for Embracing Different Teaching Styles
Administrators must remember that each educator is unique and that there are many teaching styles that can be effective within the classroom.

Strategies for Overcoming Teaching Inexperience
Teachers have to start somewhere. Experience naturally provides the best training. However, these strategies can help overcome teaching inexperience.

Factors that Influence a School Leader's Decision Making Process
School leaders must evaluate many factors throughout the decision making process Decisions should never be made without thoughtful deliberation.

The Type of Teacher that Every Student Deserves
Every student deserves a teacher who is committed to the profession, who is caring, who loves their job, and who refuses to give up on their students.

What is Data Driven Decision Making
Definition of data driven decision making as an educational term.

What is Concurrent Enrollment
Definition of concurrent enrollment as an education related term.

The Role of the Testing Coordinator
Standardized testing is a difficult process for public schools in the United States. The role of the testing coordinator is critical to this process.

Why Teaching is Fun
Teaching is fun! Teaching is an adventure with many twist and turns. You never know how the adventure is going to end, but it is fun to find out.

Ways Teachers Are Disciplined at School
Teachers are held accountable for their actions. There are many ways teachers are disciplined at school dependent on the nature of the offense.

I am a Teacher - The ABC's of Teaching
The ABC's of teaching provides an overall look into the profession and a look into the personality that teachers take on to help them be effective.

Practical Strategies to Prevent Teacher Stress and Burnout
Teaching is a very stressful profession and teacher burnout is real. These strategies can help reduce and even prevent teacher stress and burnout.


Essential School Employees Who Are Undervalued
There are many school employees whose job is critical to the success of the school, but who are undervalued and rarely get the credit they deserve.

What is Cloze Reading
Definition of cloze reading as an instructional strategy related term.

What is Block Scheduling
Definition of block scheduling as an education related term.

A Breakdown of Common Classroom Testing and Assessment Practices
Classroom testing and assessment is a critical part of education. Teachers spend a lot of time making, copying, and grading tests and assessments.

How a Building Principal Makes or Breaks a School
The effectiveness of a building principal makes or breaks a school. They have a powerful influence on every aspect of a school building.

Strategies for Building Rapport with Students
Teachers who are masters at building rapport with students have an advantage as distractions are minimized and learning is maximized.

What is Auditory Learning
Definition of auditory learning as an education related term.

What is Adequate Yearly Progress
Definition of adequate yearly progress as an educated related term.

Role of the Teacher
The role of the teacher is continuously expanding. Effective teachers embrace each role and work to solidify the areas in which they are the weakest.

How Teachers Make Short-Term Student Investments Last Long-Term
Every teacher wants to be a difference maker. Ultimately teachers make short-term investments in students in hopes that it pays off in the long-term.

What Would Happen if Standardized Testing is Eliminated?
If standardized testing was eliminated it would likely be one of the biggest shifts in United States education history impacting virtually everyone.

What Good Parents Want from Teachers
Good parents often have high expectations for their children's teachers. It is advantageous for teachers to identify and recognize these expectations.

Teaching in an Overcrowded Classroom
Teaching in an overcrowded classroom can be frustrating, overwhelming, and stressful with challenges that are nearly impossible to overcome.

Five Ways Teachers Lose Their Principal's Trust
Teachers are not perfect. They will make mistakes from time to time. These mistakes can ultimately cause a teacher to lose their principal's trust.

Book Review - From the Heart of a Teacher
From the Heart of a Teacher is a wonderful book written by educator Rodney Jordan. Mr. Jordan touches on issues many educators battle every day.

Strategies to Improve Public Education
Public education is always under heavy scrutiny. The system needs to improve. Here are ten straightforward strategies to improve public education.

An Overview of the Common Core Assessments
In an age where a premium has been placed on high stakes testing, those stakes will never be higher than they will with the Common Core assessments.

Study Island Review (Supplemental Education Tool)
Study Island is a web based program designed as a supplemental educational tool geared specifically to each individual state's achievement tests.

Impact of the Common Core Standards
The impact of the Common Core will loom large as this is perhaps the biggest shift in educational philosophy in the history of the United States.

STAR Reading Assessment Program Review
STAR Reading is an online assessment program that assesses a student's overall reading achievement for students in grade K-12.

Classroom Technology That Every Teacher Needs
Classroom technology has become increasingly popular. The following five technological tools are must haves for the classroom of today.

Brown v Board of Education (1954) Summary
Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) took on segregation, or the separation of white and black students within public schools.

Accelerated Reader Student Software Program Review
Accelerated Reader is one of the world's most popular reading programs. The program is designed to assess understanding of books as students read them.

"Reading Eggs" for Children Ages 4-8 - Review
Reading Eggs is an interactive online program for children ages 4-8 and designed to teach them how to read or to build on existing reading skills.

What are the Common Core State Standards
The Common Core State Standards are internationally bench-marked meaning that the compare favorably with the rest of the world’s academic standards.

Teaching in Public vs. Private Schools
How parents choose to educate their children is highly debated, but teachers may have options when it comes to teaching in public vs. private schools?

Quotes for School Leaders to Inspire and Motivate
School leaders must be equipped to motivate and inspire teachers and students. One such tool is to have a wide array of inspirational quotes.

Top Reasons Why Public Education Needs Teacher Unions
Teacher unions benefit public education in several ways. They are lobbying on behalf of teachers on educational policy and other hot bed topics.

Twenty-Five Reasons We Are Teachers
There are many reasons we are teachers. Our students are our number one reason for teaching, but it it goes much deeper than that.

Strategies for Educators to Avoid Compromising Situations
It seems like you cannot open a newspaper or watch the news without seeing another educator that failed to avoid a compromising situation.

What Does the Law Say About Prayer in School?
One of the most highly debated topics involving schools evolves around prayer in school. It is important for educators to understand these laws.

Definition of Reduction in Force (Education Related)
Definition of reduction in force as an education related term.

Definition of Traditional School Calendar
Definition of traditional school calendar as an education related term.

Tips for Effective Standardized Test Prep
Teachers must utilize effective test prep to give their students every opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on standardized tests.

Playing the Increasingly Important Game of High Stakes Testing
High stakes testing is often overvalued, but test scores, like it or not, often reflect whether teachers are perceived as good or bad teachers..

School Creed: A Powerful Suggestion
Having your students memorize and recite a school creed with a powerful message can have nothing but positive effects on your student body.