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Surgery for Testicular Cancer
Learn more about radical orchiectomy, the surgery for testicular cancer to removes the testicle​ or testes.

Resources and Websites for Testicular Cancer
If you're newly diagnosed with testicular cancer or looking for more information, use this guide to articles and websites to learn more.

Overview of Testicular Tumor Markers
Learn more about what tumor markers are and the three markers commonly used for testicular cancer.

Follow-up Care For Patients With Testicular Cancer
If you've undergone treatment for testicular cancer, you may be wondering what happens next. Find out more about what follow up treatment might look like.

Testicular cancer and CT scans
Is radiation from CT scans dangerous for testicular cancer patients? Learn more about the risks from CT scans.

A Brief Guide to Understanding Testicular Cancer
Testicular cancer is the most common solid cancer in men ages 15-35. Learn more in this overview.

What Causes Testicular Cancer?
Read this article to learn about the causes and risk factors for developing testicular cancer. Also, read about inheritance and cancer screening.

Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer
If you've found a lump and don't know what it means, learn more about the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

Retroperitoneal Lymp Node Dissection for Testicular Cancer
Find out more about the surgery to remove lymph nodes which may be affected by testicular cancer.

Metastatic Testicular Cancer: Prognosis and Treatment
Learn all about the prognosis and treatments for testicular cancer when it has spread/metastasized.

Can I Have Children After Being Treated for Testicular Cancer?
Find out how testicular cancer and treatments affect fertility and get information regarding sperm banking.

Chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer
Check here for information regarding the common types of chemotherapy for testicular cancer and how they are given.

How Testicular Cancer is Diagnosed
Learn about the process for diagnosing testicular cancer, from screening to assessing the likelihood of the cancer spreading.

Finding Clinical Trials for Testicular Cancer
Find information to help you understand clinical trials. Testicular cancer is used as an example, but this applies to other cancers and health conditions.

Radiation Therapy for Testicular Cancer
Find out about how radiation therapy is used in the treatment of testicular cancer.

How Testicular Cancer is Staged
A summary on how exactly testicular cancer is staged.

Male Reproductive Anatomy and Testicular Cancer
Learn about the normal function of the male reproductive system and how it may be affected by testicular cancer and its treatment.

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Miscellaneous Testicular Cancer Topics
Miscellaneous articles regarding different aspects of testicular cancer

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What kind of cancer did Lance Armstrong have and how did he overcome it?

What Kinds of Cancer Can Develop in the Testicles?
A concise guide for the different types of cancer that can develop in the testicles