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How is CBT Different From Psychoanalysis
A definition of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic therapy, highlighting the difference in methods, approaches and length of treatment.

So, You Want to be a Sex Therapist?
Have you thought about becoming a sex therapist? Learn about the education and certification required and what concerns a sex therapist may work with.

Yoga Therapist Career Facts
An overview of work as a yoga therapist including education and training, salary and career options such as adjunct jobs and specialization.

The Massage Therapist: A Day in the Life
A look at a day in the life of a massage therapist including the different work environments a massage therapist can work in, and daily challenges.

Interview Tips and Questions For Physical Therapy
Learn more tips and strategies for passing the physical therapy interview by implementing these successful physical therapy interview tools for success.

A Day In the Life Of an Occupational Therapist
A look at a typical day in the life of an occupational therapist including patient care, administrative duties, and more.

Building a Career as an Art Therapist
Art therapy is an increasingly popular form of health therapy. Learn more about an art therapy career and how you can use it to build bright futures.

Top Paying Jobs in Health Therapy
Explore and learn more about jobs in the health therapy industry that pay above-average salaries.

Career Profile: Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT)
Understand what cognitive behavioral therapists do, the necessary skills and abilities for the profession and the projected job outlook.

What is Writing Therapy?
A definition of writing therapy and hints on how to land a job as a writing therapist.

Career Profile of a Dance Therapist
Find out what dance therapy is and what the requirements are for how to become a dance therapist. Also, read about what to expect from a career.

What Is an Equine Therapist?
Equine therapy is a form of psychotherapy using horses as an instrument for therapeutic healing. Learn more about how to become an equine therapist.

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Job Hunt - Landing Careers in Health Therapy
How would you like to enjoy a fulfilling job as a mental health therapist? Perhaps your dream is to be an art or massage therapist? Now that you have put in the time acquiring the education you need to become certified and credentialed, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of finding a job. Health careers job hunting requires a bit of strategic planning. Learn exactly what is expected from you and how snag the best job in the health career market using these valuable resources and tools.

Looking For Men In Occupational Therapy
A look at the latest trends in occupational therapy.

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Challenges Faced By Health Therapists
Good health therapists spend a large part of their day helping patients overcome physical, occupational, and other challenges. Health therapists also face daily challenges. Learn what these occupational challenges are and how to overcome them using these tips, strategies and tools.

A Day in the Life of a Health Therapist
Discover a day in the life of a health therapist, and the challenges associated with becoming a health therapist in various specialties of health therapy including art, music, rehabilitation, mental health, occupational and physical therapy. Learn skills, strategies and tools for overcoming challenges and enjoying a successful career in health therapy.

Understanding Health Therapy
A career in health therapy can be challenging yet enormously rewarding. There are many options to choose from in the field of health therapy. Learn more about what health therapy is and what it isn't.

Therapy Internship Information
Interested in learning more about therapy internships? Discover the ins and outs of securing a therapist internship, including opportunities in music, art, recreation, wilderness, physical, occupational and other health therapy specialties.


Entry Level Jobs
You don't have to be a health therapist to enjoy a rewarding career in health therapy. There are many exciting opportunities at the entry level in health therapy that allow you to explore the possibilities of a therapy career.