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Barbie and the Diamond Castle
Barbie and the Diamond Castle is a lovely new line of Barbie dolls and friends of Barbie based on the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle. Take a look at the pictures of Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

Playmobil 2007 Highlights - 1-2-3 Puzzles
For 2007, Playmobil has come out with a great range of product themes including Playmobil Rescue, Playmobil Romans, Playmobil Airport and Playmobil 1-2-3. Here's a quick look at some of the Playmobil sets from the various product themes for 2007.

Crayola | All About Crayola
You can have tons of fun with Crayola and keep kids happily occupied with Crayola's products like Crayola finger paints, Crayola crayons, Crayola markers, Crayola activity kits and more. Here are great ideas on how to have fun with Crayola including a look see at the new Crayola products.

Kids' Arts And Crafts
Arts and crafts for kids including Crayola, craft kits, do it yourself art and crafts kits and more. Reviews on handpicked arts and crafts kits for kids to make it easy to get the best for your child.

Crayola makes some of the best kids arts and crafts supplies. This category is for you, if you love crayola crayons, crayola paints, crayola markers, crayola color wonder coloring books, and crayola history.

Barbie Fetch N' Fun Pup
Barbie Fetch N' Fun Pup

New Toddler Toys for Christmas- The Very Best Toddler Toys
The Best New Toys for Toddlers - The Very Best Toddler Toys

Which Cars Movie Character Are You Most Like? Chick Hicks
Your answers show that you're most like Chick from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars.

Which Cars Movie Character Are You Most Like? Doc Hudson
Your answers show that you're most like Doc from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars.

Disney Princess Pictures
Look at these wonderful Disney Princess Pictures including Ariel, Mulan, Belle, Snow White and more from Mattel for this year. View the new Disney Princess pictures of your favorite Disney Princess dolls and playsets being released this year from your guide to toys at

Building Toys and Construction Toys For Your Kids Including Lego, KNex, Megabloks and more!
Building and construction toys stimulate and develop necessary skills and imagination in young kids. Kids have a sense of achievement when they construct toys from scratch. Blocks, building sets, construction toys, model kits and more from your About guide to Toys. Find your favorite construction toys from K'Nex, Lego, Imaginext, Mega bloks and more!

Hottest Hot Wheels Hotwheels cars
Hot Wheels are the most popular model cars around for little boys. Check out the latest releases by Hot Wheels, best sellers and more in this section.

Matchbox Toys and Cars
Matchbox toys have been around for generations. Most of us have grown up with Matchbox. Now a Mattel company, Matchbox continues to fascinate and entertain us! Check out some great information about Matchbox toys!

Playmobil Toys | Playmobil Playsets | Playmobil
Playmobil is famous for its toys and playsets featuring a variety of toy themes to stimulate childrens imaginations. Playmobil toys keep kids entertained for hours. Popular Playmobil toys include Pirates, Castles, Airplanes, Trains, Zoos, Vikings, and more. Read on for detailed information on Playmobil toys and playsets.

Leap Frog Educational and Learning Toys
Leap Frog is one of the best known and trusted names in the Kid's and Children's Educational and Learning Toys Department. Here are some Top Picks and Reviews on Leap Frog Educational Toys

Top Educational Toys and Learning Toys for Kids Sorted by Brand - Fisher Price, Leap Frog, Learning Curve and More
Every parent wants their child to have the best in everything in life. Build up your child's development with these wonderful Educational and Learning Toys sorted by Brand. You will find the Top Educational Toys from famous makers like Leap Frog, Fisher Price, Learning Curve, Lamaze and many more.

TY Beanie Babies Guide With Beanie Babies Values, Beanie Baby Prices, History, Official TY Site
Who can resist TY Beanie Babies? The Beanie Babies value has increased tremendously over the years. Beanie Baby Collectors follow the trends in Beanie Baby Prices and Values closely. Find out about the official TY Beanie Baby Site, History of Beanie Babies, New Releases, Reviews and Other Related Information in this TY Beanie Babies Guide.

Batman Begins Toys and Batman Begins Action Figures
The blockbuster movie Batman Begins has trigged off a whole line of Batman Begins Toys and Batman Begins Action Figures for kids and Batman Collectors alike. Here are some great Batman Begins toys, action figures and games to enjoy from your guide to toys at

Spotlight On TY Beanie Babies - Beanie Baby Of The Day
Everyday a TY Beanie Baby will be spotlighted on the Toys site at View pictures and read fascinating information on the TY Beanie Babies Of The Day.

Bratz Dolls
The super cool funky fashion Bratz dolls from MGA Entertainment have really become a hit with all the young girls today! Very fashionable and trendy, these dolls are for the in crowd! Find lots of information about the newest, hottest Bratz releases as well as some useful links for Bratz fans on this page.

Fisher Price Educational and Learning Childrens and Kids Toys
Fisher Price is a household name in educational and learning toys for babies, infants, toddlers and young kids. Known for its quality and excellence of the products, Fisher Price is a true leader. Check out some of the top educational and learning toys from FP.

Hot Wheels Spring 2005 Assortments Cars 1:64 Scale Latest Releases
Here are some of the Hot Wheels Spring 2005 Assortments Packs. These diecast and plastic toy vehicles are mostly in 1:64 scale unless otherwise mentioned. Includes information on Thunder Cycles, Super Stunt, Hyper Wheels, Batman and Penguin 2 car sets and much more!

Educational Toys - Lamaze Baby and Infant Toys by Learning Curve
Begin Baby's education early! A great way to get baby started on Educational Toys is the Lamaze Toy Series from Learning Curve. This range of toys develops babies and infants visual, motor and independant play skills. This is a list of popular developmental and educational learning toys from Lamaze Learning Curve.

LEGO | Star Wars LEGO | Harry Potter LEGO | LEGO Games and more LEGO
Building LEGO sets can be great fun for both adults and kids. Popular LEGO sets include Star Wars LEGO, Harry Potter LEGO, Knights Kingdom from LEGO featuring LEGO castles, LEGO train sets, LEGO Bionicle and more. Find the top LEGO sets in every LEGO category you want from

McFarlane Toys - Dragon Movie Action Figures
Find out all about your favorite McFarlane toys and movie, sports and action figures including Spawn, McFarlanes Quest for the Lost King and more in this informative series of articles from your guide to Toys at

Tyco R/C Remote and Radio Controlled Cars and Toy Vehicles
All about Tyco R/C Remote and Radio Controlled Cars and Vehicles. Check out the newest Tyco r/c 2005 releases from Mattel and see pictures, read reviews and more in this section.

Unique Baby Gifts
Looking for a unique baby gift is a tough call. A unique baby gift is one that is remembered and appreciated for it's novelty as well as it's usefulness. This collection of baby gifts is certainly unique and different. Take a look at these top picks for unique baby gifts.

Toys - TopPicks
An index of TopPicks for the Toys guide site.

Brainy Baby DVDs
Brainy Baby DVDs are one of the best baby DVDs in the baby DVD market today. Educational, fun and entertaining, these baby DVDs display an exceptional quality which is rare to find in other baby DVDs. Read reviews of Brainy Baby DVDs in this section.

New Toys Archive
This archive offers a look back at the new toys that were the

Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals are well loved, whether by a child or an adult. Stuffed animals come in many different shapes and sizes, there are stuffed animals like stuffed seals, stuffed lions, stuffed tigers, stuffed bears, stuffed monkeys and many more. Read all about stuffed animals. Find out where to get the best stuffed animals and what the latest in stuffed animals is.

Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears are everyone's favorite stuffed animal. Teddy Bears have been around for generations and are well loved by young and old. Teddy Bears come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are big teddy bears, small teddy bears, plush teddy bears, teddy bears which sing and many more. Here are the best teddy bears available in the stores today, and lots of teddy bear related information.

Top toy picks categories
The top toy picks in different categories and sections. Top 10 toy picks of 2004

Top Toy Picks and Most Popular Toys of 2004
The top toys list of 2004. The most popular toys of this year brought to you by your guide at

American International Toy Fair 2005 in New York City
Every year, the Toy Industry Association, or TIA, holds a Toy Fair in New York City where Toy Manufacturers from all over the world meet and display their latest offerings. Find out the latest news about the New York Toy Fair 2005 here.

American International Toy Fair 2006
The American International Toy Fair is one of the biggest toy trade shows held annually in New York City. Toy manufacturers and retailers from all over the world interact in the American International Toy Fair. The American International Toy Fair 2006 is a platform for showcasing the latest and newest toys as well as a meeting ground for the toy manufacturers and retailers.

American International Toy Fair 2007
American International Toy Fair 2007

Toy Fair 2008
Toy Fair 2008 was a wonderful experience! The toy industry made up for the negativity of last year, bouncing back at Toy Fair 2008. There were lots of fresh new toys at Toy Fair 2008.

Razor Powerwing Three Wheeled Scooter Recall
Razor Scooter Recall - PowerWing Three-Wheeled Scooters RecalledThe CSPC has issued a voluntary Razor scooter recall specifically targeting the Razor PowerWing Three-Wheeled scooters. Around 103,000 Razor scooters have been affected by this recall. The reason for the Razor scooter recall is that the underside of the foot platform can have sharp edges, thus leading to a laceration hazard to kids who are riding the vehicle.