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Travel Safety and Alerts
Information and advice about travel safety alerts issued by various agencies.

Three Mobile Apps You Need for Safe Travels
Did you know your smartphone can be your best guide in a foreign nation? Before you go abroad, be sure to download these free travel apps today!

Four Ways to Stay Safe at Oktoberfest
Heading to Germany's Oktoberfest? Be sure you know how to stay safe between the many tents at Bavaria's biggest fest! Learn more at

Don't Make These Cultural Mistakes When You Travel Abroad
Can tipping, hugging, or throwing the peace sign result in a tussle abroad? In the wrong context, they can all be insulting signs to locals.

Rookie Travel Safety Mistakes You Can Avoid
Planning international travel? Don't make these three rookie mistakes before your adventure begins! Learn more at!

Uncommon Carrier Situations
Travel situations that may be uncommon to the common carrier experience.

Which Mode of Transportation is the Safest?
Have you heard driving is safer than flying? It may be safer to take an aircraft, train, or bus to your destination based on statistics.

Should I Cancel My Trip Over Terror Alerts?
Do travel warnings and terror alerts affect travel insurance? It depends on the meaning of the alert, and the policy. Learn more at

Staying safe while driving the open road
While there is nothing more liberating than driving around the world, the prospect of international motoring also comes with a set of hazards as well. These tips will help drivers stay safe as they travel around the world.

Five Common Customs Questions
Every international trip involves at least two stops through Customs. Learn the most common asked questions, and prepare yourself before you travel.

Five Ways You Will Get Sick When You Travel
If you're doing one of the five things on this list, you could get sick during your travels. Make sure you know how to prevent illness before you go.

Three Aircraft Safety Myths You Need To Forget
Are spiders really waiting to attack in an aircraft lavatory? Travelers can do themselves a favor by forgetting these three aircraft safety myths.

Three Travel Safety Myths You Need To Forget
Think you would be okay traveling abroad? Think again: danger can lurk in anywhere in the world. Before you go, make sure you understand these myths.

How to Handle Credit Card Fraud While Traveling
What happens if your credit card gets stolen abroad? By taking calculated steps, travelers can prevent credit card fraud and identity theft.

Don't Fall for These Three Hotel Scams
Even at hotels, scam artists are looking for ways to steal your valuable information. These three hotel scams are some of the most common to avoid.

Three Countries Americans Cannot Visit
While Americans are often welcomed with open arms, some countries ask travelers to stay home. These are three countries Americans can not visit.

What Travel Providers Owe Travelers Displaced by Weather
Do you know what your travel provider owes you if your trip is cancelled by weather? The truth and reality could be two different things.

Don't Get Scammed At The Checkout Counter
Is a shop owner trying to part travelers from their money? In some cases, they might be. When checking out, make sure to watch out for these scams.

Help: My Child May Be a Victim of Parental Abduction to Another Country
No parent wishes for their child to be abducted to another country. What can a parent do when it happens? This is a resource guide for assistance.

Five Places a Selfie Stick Could Land You in Trouble
Selfie Sticks are all the rage - but can they result in big trouble? The answer is yes! Here are five places to leave the selfie stick behind.

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport Abroad
Even in the most stressful situations, it is possible to replace a lost or stolen passport book while abroad.

Five Easy Ways to Fight Jet Lag
Travelers don't need to fight with jet lag as they travel. With proper planning and care, jet lag can be the least of a international flyer's worries.

Three Situations Where Your Travel Insurance Claim Will Be Denied
Does travel insurance cover everything? Travelers may be surprised to find that their policies may not cover these three common situations.

Three Travel Insurance Trends to Look For in 2016
How is the travel insurance industry changing in 2016? By understanding the state of travel insurance, travelers can make better decisions.

Travel Insurance 101
All the questions you have about Travel Insurance, but are unsure who to ask!

Am I Covered with Travel Insurance?
Wonder if a situation is covered by travel insurance? Send us your best questions, and we'll try our best to figure out whether or not they are covered by travel insurance!

Avoid These Three Passport Scams Before You Travel
Sophisitcated scammers want your passport before you leave your home country! Avoid these three passport scams any time you plan on traveling abroad.

The Truth Behind Five Statements About Terrorism
Worried about common statements made about terrorism around the world? Dispel fact from fiction before your next trip outside the United States.

Be Aware When Visiting Most Corrupt Nations in the World
Are you vising one of the most corrupt nations in the world? Be sure to prepare yourself for scams before traveling to one of these nations.

Travel Safety Technology
Even modern day technology can help every travel move safe and secure. Here is a list of our favorite travel tech items!

Ebola Alert for Travelers
Travelers are concerned about how Ebola will affect their next plans. Here you will find a list of articles and resources you need to know about how Ebola may affect your travels.

Developing Travel Safety News
Travel situations can change around the clock and at any time. This category lists the current situations being monitored as a breaking or developing travel safety story.

Managing El Bloqueo
As policy changes towards Cuba, travelers are now faced with a new opportunity. But does it mean travelers can openly travel to Cuba? We'll consider all the implications and developments as the United States moves in a new direction.

Healthy Travel Habits
Traveling doesn't have to be hazardous to your health. By maintaining good habits, travelers can stay safe and healthy all around the world.

Checkpoint Checklist
Going through an airport security checkpoint can be stressful enough. Here's a list of tips to make it easier as you get through security, and off to your next destination.

Customs and Border Crossing
Tips, tricks, and advice for making your border crossings as easy as possible around the world.

Travel and Money
Everyone spends when they go abroad. Check out these tips to make it easy when you go.

Travel Scams and Situations
Ever find yourself in a place you don't want to be? It could be the result of an elaborate scam. Learn more about these scams, and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

One Device That Could Be The Future of Hotel Safety
Concerned about your personal safety plan? One new device wants to help you feel safe when you travel - no matter where you go abroad!

Five Countries That Warns Travelers About Guns in the United States
Think America is a safe destination? These five nations beg to differ, as they all warn their travelers about the threat of gun violence.

Five Transportation Security Administration Facts You Need to Know
Do you know how the Transportation Security Administration works? Before flying, it is important to understand these five facts about the TSA.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Be On Your Guard in the World's Rudest Cities
Planning a trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Newark? Be sure to be on guard against the world's rudest locals.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

What Travel Insurance Covers: Three Common Natural Exclusions
Do you know what travel insurance covers in a

Three Destinations Pet Travel Should NOT Be Considered
Is pet travel always a good idea? Not necessarily. Here are three destinations where your four-legged friend may not be welcome.

Avoid These Common Scams in Las Vegas
Heading to Las Vegas? Don't fall victim to a common scam in Las Vegas. Watch for these three common situations nearly every traveler faces!

Four Carry On Rules To Make Trips Easier
Planning your next big international trip? Protect your stuff (and your travels) by following these carry on rules every time you travel!

Will the British Referendum Create a Travel Nightmare
Will the

Is America the Most Dangerous Country to Travelers for Gun Violence?
Does domestic travel have a greater threat of gun violence than international travel? Consider the data on mass shootings in America before flying.

What Is Trip Cancellation Insurance?
Do you know what your trip cancellation insurance policy will actually cover? In most situations, travelers may not be completely covered.

Three Pickpocketing Tricks Travelers Need to Know
Pickpockets are always looking for ways to steal passports and wallets. Here are three different tricks muggers use to steal from travelers.

What I Spent: Travel Insurance and Average Medical Costs
Are you aware of what medical emergencies cost around the world? Through careful planning and travel insurance, everyone can travel safe and covered.

What Are The Odds of My Aircraft Crashing?
With aircraft crashes around the world, is it safe to fly? By understanding where aircraft incidents take place, travelers can control of their fear.

Make All Airfare Refundable Airline Tickets
Do you know how to get your money back if you cancel an airline ticket? Follow these three tips to make any ticket a refundable airline ticket!

Protect Yourself from Common Taxi Scams
Every day, tourists are made easy targets by ground transportation drivers. Do you know how to guard yourself against taxi and rideshare scams?

Five TSA Travel Tips to Make Flying Easier
Need to get through the TSA checkpoint in a hurry? These five TSA travel tips can help you move through screening in time for your next flight.

Three Sunscreens Travelers Can Avoid This Summer
Does your sunscreen make the travel list? If your sunscreen is on this list, don't bother packing it for your planned summer travel.

Is Ridesharing More Dangerous than a Taxi?
With the rise of ridesharing, are riders in more danger than with a traditional taxi? Both products have their unique concerns.

Annual Travel Insurance Pros and Cons
Is annual travel insurance worth the purchase? Understand the travel insurance pros and cons before buying into the wrong insurance plan.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Can Skipping Travel Be Hazardous to Your Health?
Discarding vacation time and skipping travel can lead to a number of health complications, including stress and family concerns.

Five Ways to Prepare Before Staying at a Private Home
Staying at an Airbnb rental can be a great way to experience a destination - but only if you stay safe. Make an emergency plan prior to arrival.

Three Credit Cards that Offer Great Travel Insurance Benefits
Thinking about buying a travel insurance policy? If you are carrying a Chase, Citi, or US Bank credit card, you may already have a best-in-class plan!

Three Countries that Require Proof of Travel Insurance
Are you planning a trip to Cuba, the Czech Republic, or Poland? Make sure you pack a travel insurance plan prior to arriving in the country.

Five Strange Laws That Result in Trouble Abroad
Can stealing a poster or running out of gas get you imprisoned? It's entirely possible when traveling around the world. Before you go, know the rules of the road.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Earthquakes?
Will travel insurance cover an earthquake around the world? Depending on the policy, you may not be completely covered when you travel.

The Three Inspection Options at TSA Checkpoints
When passing through the TSA checkpoint, travelers have three options: go through the body scanner, submit to a pat down, or sign up for Precheck.

Three Ways to Support International Relief Without Voluntourism
Should travelers consider voluntourism as a primary method of support? Before booking a trip, consider these donation channels first.

Five Situations Travel Insurance Won't Cover
Does your travel insurance cover you while away from home? Named storms, high risk sports, and mistake fares may not be included in your plan.

Should I Cancel My European Vacation?
Considering changing European vacation plans after the recent attacks? With all the data, travelers can make an educated decision about traveling.

What Does "SSSS" Mean On My Boarding Pass?
Unable to complete online check-in for your flight? You may be on the SSSS list. Learn more about SSSS and how to avoid it entirely prior to boarding.

Three Hotel Surfaces You Probably Don't Want to Touch
Did you know any given hotel room could be a breeding ground for germs? By avoiding these surfaces, travelers can make the most of their stays.

Disputing Bad Credit Card Charges While Traveling
Do you know what to do about a credit card billing discrepancy while you travel? Learn how to keep your credit cards protected on!

Are Terror-Related Events Covered By Travel Insurance?
What happens when it is too soon to tell if a situation is considered terrorism? Travel insurance company offers some advice for travelers.

Don't Travel Alone In These Five International Cities
Could you be visiting one of the most dangerous places in the world without even knowing it? These five places can be dangerous to visitors.

Can I Move To Another Country After an Election?
How does a traveler move to another country after an election? With careful planning for a long, drawn out process. Learn more at

Three Ways to Stay Safe in a Terrorist Attack
What should you do if caught in a terrorist attack while traveling? Personal safety experts recommend four tips: run, hide, fight, and tell.

Three Common Misunderstandings of Travel Insurance
When purchasing travel insurance, these three misconceptions can negate a policy quickly. Be sure to avoid these common pitfalls of travel insurance.

Five Things You Never Realized Travel Insurance Could Do For You
Did you know your travel insurance can offer more than just trip protection? Here are five things your travel insurance may be able to help with.

Five Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases Every Traveler Needs to Know
Although Zika is a hot topic for international travelers, mosquitoes can transmit other diseases as well, including malaria and dengue.

Three Changing Travel Laws That Could Affect Your Plans in 2016
Are you prepared to travel in 2016? If your passport book is full, or your driver's license is not REAL ID compliant, you may be grounded.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Traveling with Food Allergies Aboard America's Airlines
Does your airline have a food allergy or nut allergy policy? Read the policies of your airline prior to departure to ensure your flight goes smoothly.

Travel Insurance and Safety Guide
Everything you need to know about travel insurance, including coverage, policy comparisons, and common safety problems travelers encounter.

Three Easy Ways to Avoid Restaurant Scams
Are you doing everything to avoid restaurant scams around the world? By avoiding these situations, travelers can make sure they pay for just the meal.

Which Airlines Are Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage?
Will your bags go missing? When you fly three airlines, DOT statics show your luggage has a higher possibility of getting lost. Start packing smarter!

Three European Cities Where Pickpocketing is an Art
Are you being targeted by pickpocket thieves? When you travel to Rome, Barcelona, or Prague, you could already be at risk.

Is Credit Card Travel Insurance Better Than a Traditional Policy?
Think a credit card travel insurance plan offers adequate coverage? There are pros and cons to trusting your trip coverage to your bank.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Five Easy Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling
Are you exposed to more germs than you think? Here are five easy tips for staying healthy while you travel.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Creating a Carry-On Survival Kit
Is your carry-on bag prepared for all scenarios? With some planning, travelers can make sure they have everything they need to make it through.

Which Airlines Were The Worst in 2015?
Was your airline among the worst carriers in 2015? Data collected by the DOT suggests some airlines may be better than others for customer service.

Three Good Reasons to Request a Duplicate Passport
Did you know you can hold two valid passport books at the same time? Here are three reasons why you need a second duplicate passport!

The Worst Hotel Surfaces Based on Star Rating
Does your hotel room offer more than luxury? A recent study discovered more stars can also mean more bacteria waiting to greet guests.

Five Airport Insider Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know
How can you make sure your flying experience is up to par? Start by following these airport insider tips.

Which Parts of the World had the Most Selfie Casualties in 2015?
Which countries reported the most selfie-related injuries in 2015? Those in India, Russia, and the United States all sent people to the hospital.

Five Bad Smuggling Techniques That Don't Work
Smuggling is an illegal proposition that endangers everyone - and these three methods prove just how dangerous it can be.

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance When I Travel Abroad?
Do you need rental car insurance when you travel outside the United States? Depending on where you go, you might! Learn more about travel insurance.

Three Travel Safety Lessons from the Nepal Earthquake
The tragic earthquake in Nepal reminds travelers of key safety lessons. Before your next trip, make sure to study these key safety lessons.

Everything You Wanted To Know about Guns and Travel
How many guns have been found at TSA checkpoints in 2015? More importantly, who is allowed to travel with guns? We have all the answers you may want.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Will My Passport Arrive On Time To Travel?
The State Department will process over 17 million passport applications in 2016. Those travelers who do not renew early may face consequences.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

How the Zika Virus Could Affect Your Travels
Are you prepared to visit Central and South American destinations affected by the Zika virus? Before planning your travel, read this guide first.

Three Airline Tragedies That Gripped the World in 2015
In 2015, over 400 people were killed when their flights came to an unexpected and tragic end. We remember those lost among these aviation tragedies.

Will I Be Forced To Use The Body Scanner?
With the new TSA regulations, will you be forced to go through the body scanner? Even with the new regulations, it is important to know your rights.

Three Places You Don’t Want to Visit Without Travel Insurance
Thinking about taking a cruise or playing golf while abroad? Before you board, make sure you have a travel insurance policy in hand.

Five Strange Items Found by the TSA in 2015
Was your flight delayed because of a meat slicer or a cannonball? They represent some of the strangest items found by the TSA in 2015.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Me if I Change Jobs?
Can you cancel your trip if you take another job? What if you get fired? While Cancel for Work Reasons may help, it may not cover every situation.

Five Weird Items Found by the TSA in 2014
Travelers attempted to fly with the strangest items in 2014. Here's a look at the weirdest items intercepted by TSA officers at American airports.

Three Airport Scams You Can Avoid Now
Travelers can be targeted in even the most secure places - including airports. Here are three situations you need to be aware of prior to departure.

Dealing with Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Luggage while Flying
Did your luggage get lost, damaged, or stolen while you were flying? Learn what you can do to recover some of your loss now!

Three Situations that WILL Cancel Your Travel Insurance Policy
Ever wonder if your activities could cancel your travel insurance? Depending on what you do, it could come back to haunt you in the end.

Five Rental Car Insurance Terms You Need To Know
Are you signing for SLI? How about a CDW in addition to your PAI? These aren't hidden menu items - they are rental car terms you need to know.

Three Holiday Travel Myths You Can Debunk Now!
Planning a trip during the holiday season? Make sure you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to your holiday travels.

Five Ways to Overcome Fear of Terrorism While Traveling
Concerned about a terrorist attack? Rest assured that there are bigger threats around the world. Here are five ways you can overcome the fear of travel.

Five Places in the World You Never Want To Drive
Thinking about driving around the world? Your plans may want to avoid these parts of the world due to congestion, road condition, and lack of services.

International Cities You Don't Want to be in During a Natural Disaster
Thinking about traveling to an area at risk for natural disasters? Understand all the risks that come from land, sea, and air prior to arrival.

When Travel Insurance Doesn't Cover Terrorism
Will travel insurance always cover a terrorism incident? Depending on the situation, a travel insurance policy may not provide full coverage to the end traveler.

Create a Travel Contingency Pack In Case of International Emergency
Are you prepared for the worst case scenario when you travel? Be sure to create a contingency pack when you travel abroad to help you recover.

Should I Stop Taking Pictures of my Boarding Pass?
Much like distasteful selfies and sensitive photos, boarding pass pictures should never be posted online - unless you want your identity stolen.

Five Terrible Decisions You Can Avoid at the Airport
While traveling can be a fun experience, navigating airports is far from it. Travelers should think twice before doing these things at an airport.

Sex and the Traveler: Staying Safe While Abroad
Considering having a tryst abroad? Before agreeing to go with a sexy stranger, be sure to practice safe and healthy habits first.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Travel Insurance and Safety
Travel Insurance and Safety.

Will Frequent Flying Drive You Crazy?
Can flying drive a traveler crazy? While there are positives to frequent travel, there are also negatives that come with frequently flying.

Three Lessons Learned From Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
With the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 investigation complete, travelers can learn lessons today that will help them plan safer travel in the future.

Do I Really Qualify for Delayed Flight Compensation?
Get stuck by a trip delay or trip cancellation? This can be a lucrative position, as your carrier may owe delayed flight compensation!

I'm Traveling and In Crisis: What Should I Do?
Even when traveling, travelers in crisis are never alone. Here are resources available to those travelers experiencing a crisis.

When Does it Make Sense to Purchase Travel Insurance?
Does it make sense to purchase travel insurance? In some situations, it may not be your best bet. Ask these four questions before you buy a policy.

What Happens to My Vacation if the Government Shuts Down?
Worried about what would happen during a government shutdown? Travelers should be concerned, as many popular attractions could close.

Three Reasons the Hotel "Do Not Disturb" Sign May Be Useless
Does the

Six Travel Threats Deadlier than Sharks
Could a selfie be more dangerous than a shark? Here are just some of the threats that are more dangerous to travelers than sharks.

Five Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying Travel Insurance
Does your travel insurance cover everything that could go wrong? Hidden gaps in your insurance could prevent you from receiving health care.

Which Type of Travel Insurance is Right for You?
Do you know the difference between trip cancellation and travel health insurance? Be sure to buy the right type of travel insurance before your trip.

Understanding National Crime Per Population among Dangerous Nations
Are these the most dangerous countries by statistics? Data from the UNODC suggest you could be a victim of crime in these nations.

Is It Too Late To Buy Hurricane Travel Insurance?
Planning a trip during hurricane season? Consider purchasing your travel insurance early - or face the risk of being grounded by the storm.

Four Prepared Solutions to Common Travel Emergencies
If an emergency strikes abroad, would you know how to respond? Prepare yourself to face these common travel emergencies before going abroad.

Five Things You Should NEVER Do on an Airplane
It's actually very easy to be removed from an airplane, or be arrested for poor behavior. Before you fly, don't make these five mistakes.

Do I Need An International Driving Permit?
Planning on seeing the world by car? Be sure to pack an international driving permit - or face the consequences of local authorities.

Are These The Most Dangerous Countries in the World?
Are these the most dangerous countries in the world? According to UNODC, these nations reported the most crimes in 2013.

Should I Buy the Cheapest Ticket Online?
Thinking about working with an online travel agency? If you've never heard of them, you may want to think again.

Three Pictures You Need to Take While on Vacation
Before snapping selfies, it's important to start your vacation with the right photos. Begin your travel planning by taking pictures of these items.

Should I Buy a Full-Fare Ticket or Travel Insurance?
Does it make more sense to purchase a full-fare ticket or travel insurance? When flexibility is key, travel insurance may not be the better buy.

Help! I Lost My Cell Phone While Traveling
Did your smartphone get lost or stolen while traveling abroad? Don't panic! Instead, use these tips to keep your phone secure while abroad.

Five Unsafe Hotel Habits You Can Break Today
Are you practicing any of these five bad travel habits? If so, break them right now and stop putting your personal items at risk!

Does My Travel Insurance Cover Economic Crisis?
If your destination is affected by a financial crisis, would travel insurance be able to help? Depending on the situation, you may not be protected.

Choosing a Safe Airbnb Rental in Cuba
Thinking about booking an Airbnb in Cuba? While it can be a great way to immerse yourself in culture, don't book one before reading this article.

Pack These Apps On Your Smartphone For Easier Travels
Having trouble packing your bags before a trip? These three packing apps can help you manage the perfect bag every single trip.

Buy Trip Delay Insurance Before Traveling Through These Airports
Are some airports worse for trip delay? The Wall Street Journal thinks so, as do flyers in these three airports connecting to smaller towns.

Florida Travelers Warned About Saltwater Bacteria Outbreak
The Florida Department of Health is warning beach travelers to be aware of an outbreak of Vibrio vulnificus, which can cause severe health problems.

Five "International" Destinations You Can Visit Without a Passport
Waiting for your passport to arrive? While you wait, plan your next trip to these five

The Unhappiest Scams in the World
Planning a vacation around Disney Theme Park tickets from Craigslist, or

Pack Extra Sunscreen for These Destinations
Planning a summer getaway? Make sure you understand your sunburn risk, as some destinations have a higher risk of sunburn than others.

Five Wellness Items Every Traveler Must Pack
Are these five items in your travel bag? If not, packing these essentials could keep you feeling great no matter where you go!

Is Voluntourism The Right Choice For You?
Debating taking a voluntourism trip? In some situations, it may not be the best option. Before booking at trip, be sure to ask these three questions.

Help: I Lost My Prescription Medications While Traveling
Lose your prescription medications while traveling around the world? Don't panic - instead, follow these steps to get your medications back.

Less Named Storms Predicted in 2015 Hurricane Outlook
The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be quieter - but does it mean smooth sailing? Make sure you understand the forecast before you go.

Staying Smart With Your Travel Money
Would you know what to do if your cash is lost or stolen around the world? By making a plan, travelers can make sure they are never busted broke

How Marijuana Tourism Can Result in High Trouble
Travelers who plan on visiting Colorado or Washington to enjoy legalized marijuana may be in for a rude awakening. Be sure to know the state rules.

Five Interesting Facts About Your Passport
Did you know you can get a passport today? More importantly, your passport carries more information than your name? Here are five top passport facts!

Five Services the U.S. Embassy Can't Offer Travelers
Do you know what your embassy can and cannot do for you during an emergency? Here are five ways your embassy may not be able to assist.

Three Nations With Changing Travel Policies In 2015
Three nations around the world are changing their visa policies. Do you know how it may affect your travel plans?

Can A Picture Prevent You From Traveling?
Is it okay to take a picture of the TSA checkpoint or a selfie from 30,000 feet? Not always. In some instances, a picture can put a stop to travelers.

Three Things You Need to Know About Getting a Visa
Applying for a visa can present a stressful and confusing problem for some international travelers? Do you need a visa? Here's three tips to help.

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashes in France With No Survivors
On the morning of Tuesday, March 24, 2015, Germanwings confirmed the crash. Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525). Details are forthcoming.

Using Global Entry to Get Home Faster
Is Global Entry the right program for your needs? Learn more about this popular trusted traveler program at

Does the Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Condition Waiver Matter?
Do you need a pre-existing condition waiver as part of your travel insurance? If you've suffered from a condition, read this post before traveling.

Three Luggage Items That Always Need Travel Insurance
Planning on flying with golf clubs or musical instruments? Make sure you have travel insurance - just in case something goes wrong along the way.

The Importance of the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions
Do you know about the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions? If not, you should - because they affect every traveler when they fly around the world!

Buy Travel Insurance When You Fly These Airlines in 2015
Which airlines are most likely to lose your stuff or delay your trip in 2015? If you're flying one of these carriers, consider buying travel insurance.

Where Can I Complain About My Travel Experience?
If your travels go wrong, do you know who to reach out to for help? A number of agencies and independent groups want to help you get resolution.

Know the Difference Between Voluntary and Involuntary Boarding Denial
Do you know the difference between voluntary and involuntary boarding denial? The difference between the two could cost you $1,300.

How Much Travel Insurance Should I Buy?
How much travel insurance should a traveler buy? Every traveler needs to ask these three questions before purchasing their travel insurance policy.

Five Myths of the New United States Policies to Cuba
Can you bring back Cuban goods from a duty free store? Not just yet! Read the top Cuban travel myths on

Does Naming Winter Storms Affect Your Travel Insurance?
Does a named winter storm affect your travel plans? The answer may surprise you! Learn how travel insurance may not cover you if your storm gets named.


Three Things Every International Traveler Needs Know About Ebola
Many travelers have questions about how the Ebola virus will affect their travel plans. Here are three facts you need to know about Ebola before you go.

Protecting Your Bags from Theft at Baggage Claim
Prevent your luggage from being lost at the carousel with these travel tips. Learn how to protect your luggage from theft at!

Three Items That May Be Prohibited in Your Travels
Do you know what you're cleared to fly with when it comes to prohibited items? Make sure you understand the implications on these three common items

Are Debit Cards a Good Bet for International Travel?
Are debit cards or credit cards the best way to spend money while traveling abroad? Learn more about the pros and cons of each on!

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Protect Yourself Against Checkpoint Theft
Airport theft is becoming a bigger problem in the United States. Learn how to protect yourself at the checkpoint and stop a loss before it happens.

Will Travel Insurance Cover My Rental Car?
Does your travel insurance policy cover rental cars? What happens if you get in an accident? Learn about what's protected at!

Which Trusted Travel Program is Right For You?
Frequently traveling to and from the United States? Then you'll definitely want to consider adding a trusted traveler plan to your packing list!