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The 5 Best Travel Water Bottles to Buy in 2016
These are our picks for the best water bottles for travelers in 2016. Plastic or stainless steel, filtered, insulated and more, we've got you covered.

The 4 Apps You Need For Bus and Train Trips in the US
For those on a tight budget, buses and trains can be better than flying or driving. These four apps make the process faster, easier and cheaper.

Accessories for travel. Travel Tech and Gear.

6 Pieces of Tech Gear No Business Traveler Should Be Without
From better Wi-fi to sharing files, scanning documents on the road and more, these are six gadgets business travelers really shouldn't be without.

Luggage and Clothing
Suitcases, backpacks, dufful bags and other travel luggage and clothing

Should You Take a Backpack or Duffel on Your Next Trip?
Should you take a backpack or duffel bag on your next trip? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but for most people the answer is clear.

4 Tech Innovations That Are Making Airports Better
Airlines and airports continually roll out new technology that tries to make the travel experience a little better. Here are four recent examples.

10 Unusual Accommodation Sites You've Probably Never Heard Of
If you're sick of chain hotels, these sites offer everything from yurts to loft apartments, free room and board to pet-friendly spaces and much more.

8 Useful Travel Apps That Work Just Fine Offline
Having reliable access to the Internet while traveling is often a challenge. Here are 8 useful travel apps that don't need a data connection at all.

4 Tiny, High-Tech Airport Hotels For Better Layovers
Nobody likes long layovers, but the ever-expanding range of tiny high-tech hotel rooms in airport terminals makes the experience much more bearable.

3 Great Social Networks For Planning Your Next Trip
Forget guidebooks and random Internet searches -- these social networks are where it's at when it comes to planning your next trip.

Sick of Traditional Tours? Try These 4 Apps and Sites Instead
City tours and activities can be a great way to get to know somewhere new. These 4 apps and websites let you connect with locals to do exactly that.

Review: BigSkinny World Bi-Fold Wallet
Reviewing the Big Skinny World Bi-Fold wallet for travelers. If you're looking for a slim, well-designed wallet for your next trip, this is it.

Heading to the Beach? Download These 6 Handy Apps First
Planning a beach vacation this summer? Along with your towel and sunscreen, don't forget your smartphone -- here are six great apps to download first.

How to Quickly Improve Your Travel Photos With Snapseed
If you don't want to be the person uploading terrible travel photos to Facebook, spending a few minutes with Snapseed will banish the problem for good.

4 Great Translation Apps for Traveling Overseas
No matter your model of smartphone, there's a translation app for it. Here are five of the best for both online and offline use when you're overseas.

5 Apps to Keep Your Stress Levels Down at the Airport
Finding the airport a stressful experience? Download these apps to track your flight, find your gate, track down a bathroom and more.

5 Great Suitcase Options for Your Next Trip
Need to buy a suitcase for your next trip? Here are 5 great options that will serve you well, including spinners and rollaboard, hard and soft cases.

5 Lightweight Gear Options for Staying Fit on the Road
Want to stay fit as you travel, but don't want to carry an entire home gym in your suitcase? Here are five lightweight options to consider instead.

Review: Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 / 5s
A slim, easy-to-use waterproof iPhone case for under $70? Despite its low price, the Catalyst is a stylish and effective way of keeping the water out.

Review: Quechua Forclaz 10° Light Hiking Sleeping Bag
The Quecha Forclaz S10 is a good, lightweight sleeping bag that is warm enough for three season camping, yet remains surprisingly inexpensive.

The 5 Best Podcast Apps for Travelers
Podcasts have finally gone mainstream, and there are dozens of apps out there to help organize and listen to your favorites. Here are 5 of the best.

9 Must-Have Apps For Your Next Road Trip
Planning a road trip in the US? From breakdowns to food, navigation to cheap gas and more, these 9 apps will all ensure a better, cheaper experience.

Review: Shure 215 Sound Isolating Earphones
The Shure 215 Noise Isolating Earphones manage to combine high sound quality and noise isolation with a durable design that's ideal for travel.

Travel Technology, Gear, and Apps
Find the best apps, gadgets, and gear to simplify your air travel, hotel stays, and road trips.

Review: Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve for Tablets
Catalyst waterproof sleeves are a slim, attractive way of protecting your electronics from water and physical damage, but they may not be for everyone.

Review: VectorWerx Vector Cup Holder
The Vector Cup Holder is an elegant approach to the problem of spilled drinks on planes and buses, but a few flaws make it hard to recommend.

Review: Minaal Carry-On 2.0 Bag
If you're looking to travel with a single bag, whether for days or months, the Minaal Carry-On 2.0 should be right at the top of your shortlist.

5 Great Carry-On Backpacks for Minimalist Travelers
Some people travel for weeks or months with just carry-on backpacks, and it's a liberating experience. Here are 4 great carry-on packs for travelers.

What to Look For in a USB Car Charger
Need to keep all of your devices powered up on your next road trip? Here's everything you need to know before buying a USB car charger.

4 Great New Gadgets For Business Travelers in 2015
The best new gadgets for business travel, including small laptop chargers, secure portable storage, smart luggage locks and truly mobile printing.

How to Manage Cable Clutter When Traveling
With travelers carrying so much technology, the array of chargers, adapters and cables threatens to take over entire suitcases. Here's how to manage it.

5 of the Best Lenses for Your iPhone Camera
Looking to take better photos with your iPhone? Adding a new lens can make a huge difference -- and here are five of the very best options out there.

Which Smartphones Take the Best Travel Photos?
Looking for a smartphone that'll take great shots on your next trip? These four models will all leave you with travel snaps you'll be happy to share.

Smartphones, basic phones, iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, cases and more -- it's all here!

5 Quick Phone Charging Hacks When You're Short on Time
Only have a short layover or a quick break between meetings? Here are five hacks for getting more charge in your phone when you're short on time.

Reviewing the Arcido Travel Bag
The Arcido Travel Bag is a good sturdy, waterproof, albeit somewhat heavy, addition to the hybrid carry-on luggage market.

How to Choose the Right Portable Power Pack
With so many different models available, choosing a portable power pack for your smartphone or tablet isn't easy. Here's what you need to know.

Should You Take a Laptop on Your Next Vacation?
The need to carry a laptop when traveling is reducing by the year. For most people heading off on vacation, a tablet or smartphone is a better choice.

The 6 Best iPhone Travel Cases to Buy in 2016
From the tiniest slimline versions to super-rugged cases that could protect your iPhone from the apocalypse, these are the best travel cases of 2016.

Apps, Sites and Software
The place to find out all about travel apps, websites and software.

The Good and Bad of Pokemon Go for Travelers
Planning to catch 'em all on vacation? Playing Pokmon Go on your travels has some surprising benefits -- but there are plenty of downsides as well.

Review: ExOfficio Men's Sol Cool Cryogen Shirt
The ExOfficio Sol Cool Cryogen Shirt keeps you cooler in hot weather, dries quickly and has a hidden pocket for valuables. It's a good travel option.

Travelers: Stay in Touch for Free With These 8 Great Chat Apps
Looking to stay in touch with friends and family when you travel? These 8 great apps let you have video, voice and text chats with anyone for free.

8 Tiny Travel Accessories You Really Need to Pack
The little things can make a big difference to your trip. Here are 8 tiny travel accessories under $20 that will improve your time away from home.

Reviewing the Bluenio nio Security Tag
Reviewing the bluenio nio Tag, a small Bluetooh-powered security device that helps you find and secure your valuables, from keys to kids and more.

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Insect Bites While Traveling
Malaria, dengue fever, Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases can all turn a dream trip into a nightmare. Here are 5 easy ways to keep the bugs away.

5 of the Very Best Carry-On Backpacks for 2016
Want to travel light and avoid checked bag fees? You need quality luggage to do it with. These 5 carry-on backpacks are the best we've found in 2016.

Review: The iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
With good battery life, comfortable typing and travel-friendly size, the iClever Foldable Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for typists hitting the road.

5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Hotel Room
Worried about the security of your hotel room when you travel? Here are five of the best easy and inexpensive ways to secure it more effectively.

The Best Free Weather Apps For Travelers
Don't let bad weather ruin your vacation. These five free weather apps for Android and iOS will help you make better plans when you're away from home.

Staying Connected
How to stay connected to friends, family and the Internet while traveling.

5 Surprising Uses for a Dry Bag on Your Next Trip
A dry bag can do much more than keep your gear dry when you're traveling. Here are five unexpected reasons why it's worth keeping one in your suitcase.

4 Lightweight Ways to Stay Dry When Traveling
While brochures will pretend the sun always shines on vacation, it's not the marketers that decide the weather. Here's how to stay dry when you travel.

5 Low-Cost Power Accessories for Travelers
Don't let long travel days, strange power sockets or lack of money and luggage space stop you from keeping your gear charged when you travel.

How to Choose Multi-Purpose Men's Footwear for Travel
While there's no shoe that fits all situations, good multi-purpose footwear will reduce weight and space in your luggage more than almost anything else.

Review: ExOfficio Bugsaway Mens Lumos Hoody
The ExOfficio Mens Bugsaway Lumos hoody is a useful, versatile piece of travel clothing that provides extra warmth and keeps those biting bugs away.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Your iPhone Charger From Breaking
Apple's phone and tablet chargers may be sleek and stylish, but they aren't particularly durable. Here's how to make them last much longer.

Which Kindle is the Best For Travel?
There are several different models of Kindle, but not all are created equal for for travelers. Here's our recommendations on which to choose.

5 Reasons to Carry a USB Flash Drive When Traveling
A USB flash drive might seem pretty mundane -- but it can come in remarkably useful when you're traveling. Here are five reasons why.

The 6 Best Portable Batteries to Buy in 2016
Portable batteries range from wallet-sized models to those that keep devices charged for days, but they're not all equal. These are the best for 2016.

The 5 Best Ways to Find Free Wi-Fi While Traveling
Mobile apps, FourSquare, fast food chains -- it's easier than ever to stay connected thanks to free Wi-fi around the world. Here's how to find it.

Review: Bluffworks Travel Pants
The Bluffworks Travel Pants are stylish enough for the office or a fancy restaurant, while being easy to care for and staying wrinkle-free.

Review: Skross World Adapter MUV USB
As long as you don't travel with gadgets that use a 3-pin plug, the Skross World Adapter MUV USB is one of the best universal adapters you'll find.

ChatSIM: A Low-Cost Way to Stay in Touch While Traveling
The ChatSIM does just one thing, but it does it well: letting you use your favorite chat apps while traveling around the world, at a very low cost.

Review: Airpocket Travel Organizer
The Airpocket is a sturdy, well-designed travel organizer with more protection from the bumps and the elements than usual.

5 Rugged iPhone Cases for Travel
Destroying your smartphone while traveling is all too easy. Here are five rugged iPhone cases that'll keep your phone in good shape on the road.

iHere 3.0: A Useful Multi-Purpose Gadget for Travelers
The Nonda iHere 3.0 is a rare beast: an inexpensive multi-function gadget that does what it says it will, and is genuinely useful for travelers.

5 More Tiny Travel Accessories You Really Need to Pack
Travel accessories have three basic requirements: they need to be small, useful and cost-effective. Here are five (more) items that fit the bill.

4 Low-Cost Ways to Find and Secure Your Luggage
There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on looking after your luggage when you travel. These four approaches all cost under twenty dollars!

Low-Cost Safety Gear You'll Want for Your Next Trip
Worried about your personal security while you travel? These five low-cost items all help keep you safe, from motion detectors to door locks and more.

13 Great Time-Saving Apps for Business Travelers
Saving time and avoiding inconvenience is key for business travelers. Here are 13 great smartphone apps designed to help them do exactly that.

10 Must-Have Free Travel Apps
Ten of the best free travel apps for both iOS and Android. Be sure to download them before heading off on your next trip.

Cameras and Photography
Choosing and using cameras for travel

Tablets and E-Readers
All about tablet computers and dedicated e-readers

Safety and Security
Keeping you, your possessions and personal data safe while traveling.

5 Great iOS Apps for Taking Better Travel Photos
Looking to improve your travel photography on the cheap? Here are four great iPhone camera apps that will give better shots at the tap of a button.

Two Wallet-Sized Ways to Ensure Your Phone Never Runs Out of Juice
Reviewing the PlusUs Lifelink and Lifecard, portable batteries and charging cables that fit in your wallet to keep you powered up on the move.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Reviewing the Venture Heat Escape Heated Jacket
The Venture Heat Escape softshell jacket uses a standard portable USB battery and inbuilt heat coils to keep you warm and dry, even in cold climates.

How to Back Up Photos From Cameras to iPhones and iPads
Don't risk losing all your photos just because you don't have a laptop to back them up with. Here's how to send them straight to an iPhone or iPad.

Worried About Your Bags? Check Out These 4 High-Tech Security Products
From fingerprint scanners to global lost luggage tracking and more, here are four high-tech security options to consider for your next vacation.

5 Apps to Help Deal With Vacation Emergencies
From tracking down a doctor in the middle of nowhere to finding a tow truck and much more, these apps help you deal with vacation emergencies.

Should You Take Travel Cutlery On Your Next Vacation?
Whether it's a stainless steel kit, titanium spork, wooden chopsticks or something else entirely, it's worth taking travel cutlery on your next trip.

You'll Want These 6 Smartphone Features on Your Next Trip
From dual SIM cards to image stabilization, fast charging to expandable storage and more, these are the most useful smartphone features for travel.

How to Make Doing Your Laundry Cheaper and Easier While Traveling
With just a few little travel accessories, doing laundry on the road becomes much easier and a whole lot cheaper. Here's what to take with you.

Visiting London? Download These 8 Apps Before You Go
From Banksy to bikes, theater tickets to transport directions and much more, download these eight great apps to make visiting London much easier.

Which To Buy, Compression Sacks or Packing Cubes?
Packing cubes and compression sacks are both useful travel accessories, but they have quite different purposes. Here's how to decide between them.

10 Top Travel Accessories Under 10 Bucks
Heading on vacation? These 10 travel accessories are all small, light and cost no more than ten dollars each. What more could you ask?

How to Share Your Hotel's Internet Connection
Many hotels restrict the number of devices that can be connected to the wi-fi network, but there are several ways to get around the restriction.

5 Innovative iPhone Cases To Take On Your Next Trip
5 innovative smartphone cases for travel, from a crank handle to add extra charge to building a serious photography rig on your phone and much more.

7 Reasons Kindles Beat Books on Vacation
There's no need to carry big, heavy books on vacation any longer. Here's why Amazon's Kindle is a better option for the traveler who likes to read.

The 6 Apps You Need to Install Before Heading to the Airport
Six great apps to download before heading to the airport, with everything from easy Wi-fi to security waits, gates to lounges and much more.

3 Weird Cameras Travelers Will Actually Want to Use
Proving that not every camera needs to look like the same, these three gadgets each offer something new, interesting and useful for travelers.

5 Great Cycling Apps for Travelers
If you prefer to do your exploring by bike when somewhere new, these five great cycling apps for travelers all deserve a place on your smartphone.

6 iPhone Accessories Worth Buying For Your Next Trip
Heading off on vacation with your iPhone? Pick up these six accessories before you go, from cases to storage, charging to better photos and more.

Review: Hydrapak SoftFlask
Inexpensive and useful, the collapsible Hydrapak Softflask water bottle takes up little room in even the most over-stuffed handbag or carry-on.

Review: Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle
The Hydrakpak Stash is a useful, lightweight travel bottle that collapses down when not in use, yet holds a useful amount of water or other liquids.

Review: Monoshot Ultra-Portable Tripod and Selfie-Stick
The Monoshot is a lightweight, multi-purpose tripod that's as useful for serious travel photographers as it is for a quick selfie on the road.

Review: Xero Amuri Cloud Barefoot Sandals
The Xero Amuri Cloud barefoot sandals are a great flip-flop replacement for any traveler -- they're more versatile, small, light and easier to pack.

Review: Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack
The Osprey Farpoint 70 is a high-quality backpack for all kinds of travelers.The lifetime guarantee and robust build means you'll be using it for years to come.

Why T-Mobile's Simple Plan is a Big Win for Travelers
US cell companies have a long history of charging customers a fortune when they use their phone overseas. T-Mobile now stands as the lone exception.

Review: TYLT Energi 6K Smart Charger
The TYLT Energi 6K combines a USB charger and portable battery in a compact, premium package that's an excellent option for travelers.

Review: Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack
If you need a well-made convertible carry-on that quickly converts from suitcase to backpack, the Standard Luggage Carry-On is well worth a look.

Review: JLAB Audio Epic Bluetooth Earbuds
If you're looking for a lightweight set of Bluetooth earbuds with great battery life, it's worth checking out the JLAB Audio Epic range.

Review: Sugru Moldable Glue
Sugru's moldable glue offers an innovative approach to protecting and fixing your travel gear, in a convenient, easy-to-use package.

Review: Eagle Creek Lync 22
Reviewing the Eagle Creek Lync 22, a convertible luggage system that's a wheeled carry-on and backpack in one, and breaks down to fit in small spaces.

6 Unexpected Uses For Duct Tape While Traveling
Perform basic first aid, keep the bugs away, repair luggage and clothing, even get a better night's sleep. Duct tape really is the traveler's friend.

5 Reasons to Travel With a Leatherman Multi-Tool
From opening beers to piercing blisters and much more, it's amazing how often my little Leatherman multi-tool has come in handy while traveling.

What to Look For in a Travel Mouse
Size and weight, ergonomics and features, construction and connectivity -- there's a lot that goes into choosing the perfect travel mouse.

Never Forget Your Toothbrush With These 4 iOS Packing Apps
Make your vacation packing much easier with these four handy iOS apps. Create reusable lists, see what's left to pack at a glance and more.

Traveling Overseas? Install These 5 Free Apps First
Find your way in unfamiliar cities, translate foreign languages, convert currencies and more with these five free apps for international travelers.

Why Travelers Love (and Hate) Their MicroFiber Towels
Microfiber travel towels are lightweight and dry quickly, which is great for travelers -- but they come with some downsides too. Are they worth it?

6 Things Every Solo Female Traveller Should Pack
Women have to be more cautious than men while traveling, and also need to pack different things. As a solo female, here's what to take on the road.

The Top 4 Apps for Vegan and Vegetarian Travelers
It's not always easy being a vegetarian traveler, and even harder if you're vegan. Here are 4 great apps to help avoid dining disasters on the road.

What to Look For When Buying Travel Sunglasses
Need to buy a new pair of sunglasses for an upcoming trip? These are the five things you need to look out for before handing over your credit card.

The 7 Small Things You Must Keep In Your Travel Toiletry Bag
Over the years, I've come up with a collection of small items that live permanently in my travel toiletry bag. I don't leave home without them.

NYNE TT Bluetooth Travel Speaker: It's Great, If You've Got the Space
The NYNE TT is well-made, robust and reliable with features and sound quality you wouldn't expect from a $100 travel speaker. It's also pretty large.

7 Reasons Why Merino Clothing Is Amazing For Travelers
I'm a big fan of merino wool, and have swapped out much of my travel clothing from cotton and synthetic fabrics to those made from merino. Here's why.

6 Ways Your Smartphone Will Save Money on Your Next Trip
Your smartphone can save you plenty of money on your next trip, including hotels, gas, printing and scanning, guidebooks, eating out and much more.

6 Great Apps For Saying Safe and Healthy on Your Next Trip
One of the biggest concerns for travelers heading to new countries is health and safety. Here are 6 apps designed to help deal with all of those fears.

The Best Tech Gear For Your Summer Camping Trip
Planning a camping trip this summer, but would prefer a few creature comforts when you're off the grid? Technology, as always, to the rescue.

4 Smartphone Maps to Get You Where You're Going
While the standard maps on your smartphone might be fine most of the time, they aren't always the best option while traveling. Here's why.

4 Alternatives to High-Priced Travel Clothing
Going on vacation is expensive enough, without spending hundreds on fancy travel gear. Here are four alternatives to high-priced travel clothing.

No More Lost Luggage With These 5 High-Tech Bag Tags
Companies are reinventing the humble luggage tag, trying to reduce lost bags and get them back faster if they do go missing. Here are five of the best.

6 of the Weirdest Wi-fi Hotspots Around the World
From the tops of famous mountains to lowly trash cans, the back of iconic cabs to the back of a donkey, there really is Wi-fi almost everywhere.

Don't Speak the Language? Here Are 5 Ways Google Translate Can Help
Traveling in countries where you don't speak the language can be daunting. Google Translate helps travelers navigate menus, conversations and more.

5 Things To Remember When Buying a Travel Adapter
Since apparently it was too much to ask for to have a global power standard, here's what to look for when buying a travel adapter for your next trip.

7 Crowd-Sourced Travel Apps You Should Be Using
From gas prices to local weather, traffic conditions to free Wifi and much more, these seven crowd-sourced travel apps deserve a place on your phone.

Avoid Jetlag With These 3 Useful Apps
If long-haul flights aren't tiring enough, jetlag can ruin those precious vacation days. These 3 apps can help give back some of that valuable sleep.

The Best Websites for Train Travel in Europe
Planning a trip to Europe? Forget cramped budget airlines and long security lines - there's no better way to travel across the continent than by train.

What Is the Best Men's Travel Underwear?
Looking to buy underwear for your next trip away? Forget the cotton - boxer briefs made from synthetic fabrics or merino wool are where it's at.

What to Look For When Buying Travel Socks
If you'll be sightseeing around Europe, traveling in cold or wet weather, or hiking, a good pair of socks is vital. Here's what you need to know.

What to Look For When Buying Men's Travel Underwear
One item of travel clothing that's not mentioned anywhere near often enough is underwear.Here's what men need to look out for before buying it.

No Internet? That's No Reason to Be Bored at The Airport
Ever been bored during a lengthy airport layover? Here are five ways to keep yourself amused with a smartphone in flight mode. No Internet required!

9 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Chair
There are many places in the world we'd love to go, but time, money and physical ability limit our ability to get to them. Enter Google Street View.

10 Cities With Free Public Wi-Fi Everywhere
Visiting somewhere new but not sure how to stay connected? These 10 great cities eliminate that problem with plenty of free public Wi-fi for visitors.

The Traveler's Guide to Power, Part 2
The second in a two-part series on power for travelers -- from smaller, stronger chargers to getting more juice in your gear when you need it most.

The Traveler's Guide to Power, Part 1
When it comes to travel annoyances, power is up the top of the list. Fortunately a little planning turns power woes from a hassle to an inconvenience.

Share Vacation Videos Quickly and Easily With These 5 Apps
Looking for a simple and easy way to share your vacation videos – while you're still on vacation? These five apps make the process almost foolproof.

4 Reasons Why Google Photos is Great for Travelers
Google recently announced a major update to its Photos app, and it's a good one. Here are 4 reasons it's worth installing before your next vacation.

5 Handy Apps For Finding Free Wi-Fi Anywhere In The World
Rather than walking around aimlessly trying to find that elusive free hotspot while you're traveling, install one or more of these apps before you go.

Three Reasons You Might Have High-Speed Wi-Fi on Your Next Flight
Whether it's upgrades to existing technology or launching hundreds of new satellites, faster Wi-fi will be coming to a flight near you before you know it.

Review: SHAPL Smart Shower Containers
The SHAPL Smart Shower Containers, while a little expensive, provide a unique twist on a mundane aspect of travel and are a solid, effective option.

The 10 Apps That RV Owners Shouldn't Be Without
Finding perfect campsites and RV park, tracking down cheap gas, overnighting in Walmart parking lots and more, these are the ten apps RV owners need.

5 Great Pet-Friendly Travel Apps For Your Next Road Trip
With more and more of us taking our pets along with us when we travel, there are now plenty of great apps to help make the trip easier and safer.

Review: Wusic Power Bank (7800mAh)
The Wusic Power Bank is a useful, high-capacity portable battery at a good price. With dual USB ports and a flashlight, it's a great budget option.

Review: Cabeau "The Better Umbrella" For Travel
The offset handle of the Cabeau Better Umbrella is both a blessing and a curse, but it's a good, solid travel umbrella regardless.

The 5 Best USB Storage Devices for Travel
Forgeting to back up photos and video often results in disaster for travelers. Here are five of the best USB storage devices to help solve the problem.

Review: Gobi Gear HoboRoll
GobiGear's HoboRoll is a handy stuff sack that can be worn or put inside other luggage, with multiple compartments and compression straps to keep the size down.

5 Flight Search Tools You've Never Heard Of (That Will Save You Money)
With several new companies entering the flight search market, it's never been easier to find cheap fares. Here are five sites to help you do just that.

Which Earplugs Are Best for Travel?
Earplugs are a cheap, easy way of blocking out unwanted noise when you travel, but they're not created equal. Should you choose wax, silicone or foam?

Review: Merrell Vertis Ventilator Hiking Shoe
The Merrell Vertis Ventilators are well-priced, lightweight hiking shoes, ideally suited to trail walking in warm, relatively dry conditions.

Review: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush
The Philips SonicCare DiamondClean electric toothbrush isn't cheap, but it's useful, well-designed and has extra features that make it worth the money.

The 7 Apps You'll Need for Spring Break
Heading off to party at spring break? As well as packing swimsuits and flip-flops, don't forget to include these seven great smartphone apps.

4 Reasons Why Travelers Shouldn't Buy the Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is undoubtedly an interesting piece of technology, but it's fundamentally flawed for travelers. Here are the four reasons why.

Review: Vapur MicroFilter Foldable Water Bottle
The Vapur MicroFilter foldable water bottle offers reasonable protection from waterborne illness in a thin package, but it's not without limitations.

Review: Vapur Shades Foldable Water Bottle
The Vapur Shades foldable water bottle helps ensure travelers always have a water bottle available, without taking up extra space in their luggage.

What's Better for Travelers: Skype or Google Hangouts?
Skype has been the only game in town for free and cheap international calls for travelers for a long time. Is it time for Google Hangouts to take over?

9 Ways to Use Less Mobile Data When You Travel
Roaming data is expensive when you travel, and local SIMs often have small data allowances. Here's how you can use much less data on your smartphone.

Which Airlines Offer Free In-Flight WiFi?
Which airlines offer free WiFi service to their customers? There aren't many -- under ten in the world, in fact -- but there are still a few.

Sleep Better in Hotel Rooms -- Without Spending a Fortune
Five useful ways to get a much better night's sleep in any hotel room without spending much -- or anything at all.

What Travelers Need to Look for in a Sleeping Bag Liner
Considering taking a sleeping bag on your travels? You can almost certainly get away with just a silk liner instead. Here's what you need to know.

5 Great Free Apps and Sites For Learning a New Language
While you can get by with English in many popular destinations, you'll get more from your trip with the local language. Here are 5 free apps that can help.

3 Safe and Easy Ways to Purify Water While Traveling
Tap water isn't safe to drink in many parts of the world. Here are 3 ways to purify almost any water while traveling, keeping you healthy on the go.

Storing Copies of Your Travel Documents: Why, What and How
A little preparation goes a long way when traveling. Here's all the information you need to make a copy of, how to do it and where to store it.

Why Chromebooks (Still) Aren't a Good Choice for Travelers
Chromebooks are improving all the time, with better screens and faster hardware. For travelers, though, there's still one major flaw to consider.

Review: MOS Spring Charging and Auxiliary Cables
We review the MOS Spring charging and audio cables and find them to be stylish, almost-indestructible replacements for your existing cords.

Getting That Perfect Cup of Joe When You're On the Go
Living out of a suitcase is no reason for awful coffee. Here are 5 travel-sized coffee makers to keep your caffeine levels high while on the go.

How to Protect Your Gear During Wet-Weather Travel
No matter how much you plan, there's nothing you can do to prevent the rain during your travels. Here's how to protect your gear when the heavens open.

How to Pack for Cold Weather Travel
Staying warm and dry during a winter vacation can make it tough to stay within your baggage allowance, but it's not impossible. Here's how to do it.

Your Tech "First Aid Kit" for Travel
Tech gear gets damaged on the road all the time, but you can fix many minor problems just by including a few small items in your tech

5 Stocking Stuffers Under $30 for Travelers
Need cheap gifts for the traveler in your life? There's no need to spend a fortune – you can get surprisingly useful travel gear for just a few dollars.

10 Great Children's Apps to Keep Everyone Happy When Traveling
Keeping the kids amused on long travel days is never easy, but this collection of education and entertainment apps will definitely help.

10 Wearable Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe on the Move
When you need to carry cards, cash and passports with you, you need to keep them safe. Here are 10 wearable ways to do so -- and they aren't fanny packs.

4 Pieces of Travel Gear You Absolutely Do Not Need
Planning to buy new gear before you go on vacation? Here are four pieces of travel equipment you absolutely do not need to take on your next trip.

5 Great Android Apps for Taking Better Travel Photos
The camera software that comes with your phone usually isn't too bad, but it's the specialised third-party apps that really let you shine.

5 Useful Pieces of Travel Clothing That Don't Scream "Tourist"
There's plenty of travel-specific clothing out there, but almost all of it has one major problem: it looks terrible. Here are 5 options that don't.

5 Simple Tech Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling
It's easy to overlook basic things that will make your trip cheaper, easier and more enjoyable. Here are 5 tech mistakes to avoid on your next vacation.

How to Back Up Photos From Your Camera to an Android Device
Need to back up your camera photos but don't have a laptop with you? Here's how to copy your images to an Android phone or tablet, no laptop needed.

5 Inventive Ways to Use GPS While Traveling
Find restaurants, attractions, hidden treasure and even your travel companions with these five inventive uses of GPS when you're on the road.

4 Tech Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Flight
Use these four tech hacks to save money on your next flight -- say no to cookies, book from a different country, avoid unnecessary fees and more.

Review: Fitbit Flex
While the Fitbit Flex isn't perfect when it comes to measuring exercise and calories, it's the ideal motivator to stay in shape while traveling.

Speeding Up Your Hotel Internet Connection: Yes, It's Possible!
Even though most hotels provide wi-fi these days, that doesn't mean it'll actually be any use. Here are seven ways to speed up that slow connection.

Review: Martian Notifier Smartwatch
It's hard to justify any smartwatch purely for travel, but if you're in the market for one anyway, the Martian Notifier is worth taking a look at.

5 Great Apps to Help You Stay in Shape While Traveling
There are dozens of apps available for smartphones and tablets that help you stay in shape when you travel. Here are five of the best.

What's New for Travelers in the iPhone 6?
There are a few new features for travelers included with Apple's latest version of its flagship iPhone, but nothing earth-shattering.

Five Tips for Using Your Smartphone Overseas
Tips on using your smartphone when traveling abroad: ensuring it will work before you leave and avoiding high roaming charges while you're there.

Why I Use Tripit to Manage My Itineraries
There are dozens of itinerary management services out there for travelers, but not are created equal. Here's why I chose, and still use, Tripit.

SD Card Essentials for Travelers
Looking to buy an SD card for your next trip, but confused by the different options? Here’s what you need to know about that little piece of plastic.

Review: Kenu Highline for iPhone 5
Reviewing the Kenu Highline for iPhone 5/5S, a case and security leash that aims to keep the latest Apple smartphones safe and secure.

Keeping Your Data Safe (Even When Your Network Isn't)
The convenience of shared wi-fi networks while traveling comes at a price -- your personal information is at risk. Here's how to stay safe.

Choosing the Right Camera for Your Next Vacation
Choosing the right camera for your next trip doesn't have to be difficult, but is worth spending some time on. Here's what you need to know.

How to Pick the Best Suitcase for Travel
Looking to buy a suitcase to travel with? Here's what you need to look for -- and what you need to avoid -- when you head to the store.

How to Pick the Best Duffel for Travel
Looking to buy a duffel bag to travel with? Here's what you need to look for -- and what you need to avoid -- when you head to the store.

Choosing the Best Backpack for Travel
Looking to buy a backpack to travel with? Here's what you need to look for -- and what you need to avoid -- when you head to the store.

Should You Take a Suitcase or Backpack on Your Next Trip?
Should you take a suitcase or backpack on your next trip? There are definite advantages -- and disadvantages -- to both. Here's what you need to know.

Should You Take a Duffel or Suitcase on Your Next Trip?
Should you take a suitcase or backpack on your next trip? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but for most people the answer is clear.

4 Great Duffel Bag Options For Your Next Trip
While suitcases or backpacks have replaced duffels for many travelers, sometimes you just need the space and flexibility. Here are 4 duffels worth buying.

5 Ways Your Phone Can Keep You Safe While Traveling
Traveling with a smartphone? Here are 5 ways it can help keep you safe, from apps and navigation tools to movement tracking, physical protection and more.

5 Tiny Travel Gifts Under $50
Looking for a stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life? All of these gifts cost under fifty dollars, and fit easily in a pocket or carry-on.

Why Everyone Should Be Using a VPN When They Travel
The easiest way for travelers to keep their data safe on shared networks is by using a VPN. Here's why it matters, and how to choose the right one for you.

How to Protect Your Electronics in Hot Climates
Traveling in hot climates is hard on your body, and hard on your electronics. Here are five ways to make sure your gadgets beat the heat on vacation.

4 Great Travel Backpack Options for Your Next Trip
If your travels take you away from smooth pavements and reliable elevators, a backpack is best. Here are some great travel backpack choices.

Review: Google Nexus 5 Smartphone
The Google Nexus 5 is a powerful, well-designed smartphone at a great price. It's not perfect, but it's easily the best phone for travelers in 2014.

5 Great Carry-On Luggage Options for Your Next Trip
Need to buy some carry-on luggage for your next trip? Here are 5 great options that will serve you well, including cases, backpacks and hybrids.

Choosing a Camera Tripod for Your Next Trip
Camera tripods are one of the most under-rated ways to improve the quality of your photos. Here are half a dozen great options for travelers.

Is an iPad Good for Travel?
Why taking Apple's iPad on their next trip makes a lot of sense for domestic and international travelers alike.

Review: REI Traverse 30 Day Pack
If you're after a durable, multi-purpose day pack that's equally useful on the trail or an overnight flight, consider the REI Traverse 30.

5 Gifts for Staying Safe and Healthy on the Road These Holidays
Staying safe, fit and healthy on vacation can be a challenge -- but it doesn’t have to be with these five great gift ideas for travelers.

28 Great Gift Ideas for Travelers These Holidays
From great clothing to staying safe and healthy, top camping gear to unique luggage and much more, there’s a gift option here for every traveler.

Check Out These 5 Great Pieces of Travel Clothing
From heated jackets to lightweight sandals, tiny reading glasses to phone-friendly gloves, there's plenty of travel clothing to get excited about.

Looking for Luggage? Start with These 4 Unique Options
From a suitcase that kills bedbugs to a modular backpack that keeps gear powered up, there are plenty of great, unique luggage options these holidays.

5 Great Gifts for Frequent Fliers These Holidays
Need to buy a gift for a frequent traveler these holidays? Check out these five practical suggestions that are sure to put a smile on their face.

4 Great Outdoor Drinking Accessories for Hikers and Campers
From coffee cups for one to beers and margaritas for all, there's no shortage of great outdoor drinking accessories for hikers and campers this year.

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