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Recipe For Turkish Ramadan Flat Bread, Or 'Pide'
Hot, fresh 'pide' bread is one of the highlights of Turkish cuisine during Ramazan. Buy it at local Turkish bakeries or use this recipe to make your own.

Equipment, Tools And Utensils For Cooking Turkish Food
Here is a list of special equipment, tools and utensils you need to cook authentic Turkish food.

How To Weigh And Measure Food In Turkey
Weighing and measuring for Turkish cooking can be a challenge. You have to rely on your instincts and a good eye.

Dolma and Sarma in Turkish Cuisine
Stuffed and wrapped meat and vegetable dishes are the pride of Turkish cuisine. Turkish cooks are experts at stuffing and wrapping as skills are passed down through generations.

Turkish Breakfast (Kahvaltı)
Turkish breakfast is a light and delicious way to start the day. Turkish breakfast consists of Feta cheese, fresh bread, black olives, peeled tomatoes and cucumbers plus lots of brewed black tea.

Turkish Meat Dumplings (Kayseri Manti) Recipe
If you want a new twist on Italian-style ravioli, try this Turkish recipe for tender, meat-filled dumplings with garlic yogurt and tangy tomato sauce.

How To Eat Healthy During Ramazan
Ramazan is a time of fasting and feasting. If you follow a few simple rules, it's possible to feel good and eat healthy without gaining extra weight.

Significance of Coffee and Tea in Turkish Culture
Turkish tea and coffee are not only famous around the world for their robust flavors, they play an integral part in Turkish culture and daily life.

Turkish Hot Milk With Cinammon (Salep) Recipe
'Salep' is a hot Turkish beverage that's flavored with cinnamon and thickened with flour made from the roots of wild orchids. Try a steaming mug of 'salep' instead of hot chocolate.

Turkish Tea, Coffee, Beverages and Spirits
Coffee and tea are an integral part of daily life and steeped in tradition and history. Offering a hot or cold beverage to visitors is customary, and many friendships are bonded over coffee and tea. Here you can learn how to make Turkish coffee, brew Turkish tea and make your own soft drinks. If you like wine, beer and spirits you can see what Turkey has to offer.

Turkish Bakery: Breads, Rolls, Yufka and Phyllo
In Turkish cuisine, 'Hamur İşleri' (hum-OOR' EESH'-leyr-EE'), or 'Dough Works,' refers to all things made with white flour. Fresh loaves of crusty white bread are eaten at every meal, many varieties of soft rolls with fillings like cheese, black olive paste and mashed potato are eaten for breakfast and at tea time. And don't let me forget famous layered pies made with yufka sheets and phyllo.

Cheese, Yogurt & Dairy
Turkish yogurt, dairy products and cheeses are among the finest in the world. Get a look at Turkey's rich cheese culture, find new ways to use plain yogurt and enjoy Turkey's famous puddings and custards for dessert. All you need to know about the delicious role dairy products play in Turkish cuisine is right here.

Turkish Fish and Seafood
Turkey is a country surrounded by seas on three sides, making it home to some of the best, freshest fish in the world. Fish and seafood have been an important part of Turkish cuisine for centuries.Turkish fish is known best for being simple and natural. It's traditionally cooked with very light seasonings and no heavy sauces, letting the natural flavor shine through. Most types of fish are either grilled or steamed in their own juices, and sometimes fried.Likewise, popular seafood like mussels, shrimp, octopus and squid are transformed into delectable 'meze' dishes served as part of a magnificent line-up before the main course. If you'dlike to experience Turkish fish and seafood you've come to the right place.

Turkish Beans, Legumes, Rice and Grains
In Turkey, beans are

About.com Turkish Food Guide – Turkish Cooking, Recipes & Culture
Amateur and professional cooks and Turkish food enthusiasts get an overview of Turkish food, culture cooking, and lifestyle. It also contains recipes for many common dishes and has information about regional cooking, ingredients, spices and cooking techniques.

Turkish Main Dishes - Meat, Poultry and Fish
For the main course, stovetop and oven-baked foods are just as popular as grilling in Turkey. If you're a fan of warm, satisfying comfort food, this is the place for you.

Turkish Meze, Appetizers and Starters
Learn all about Turkish 'meze,' another word for starters and appetizers. Get an idea of 'meze culture' and learn how to prepare, serve and eat meze. You can also find many easy recipes, tips and information about ingredients right here.

Turkish Soups and Salads
In Turkey, piping hot soup is served all year round as a first course before lunch and dinner. It's also eaten for breakfast in many homes and plays an important role in wedding and holiday menus. Salads are dressed lightly to let the natural flavor of the vegetables show through. Learn all about Turkish soups and salads right here.

Turkish Vegetables and Side Dishes
Turkish cuisine is famous for its side dishes made with fresh, seasonal vegetables and olive oil. Use these recipes and tips to freshen up any meal or buffet table with a side dish of vegetables prepared the Turkish way.

10 Best Turkish Vegetable Dish Recipes
If you’re a vegetarian or simply love vegetables, you’ll adore Turkish cuisine. Here are ten of the best cold Turkish vegetable recipes, called 'zeytinyağlılar' (zay-TIN' yah-LUH'-lar, meaning

Fried Eggplant and Peppers (Patlıcan Kızartması) With Garlic Yogurt Recipe
Fried eggplant and pepper topped with garlic yogurt is a favorite in Turkey for picnics and cookouts. Try this easy, do-ahead vegetable recipe.

Turkish-style Celeriac In Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Kereviz) Recipe
Celeriac is a favorite fall and winter vegetable in Turkey. It's cooked simply in olive oil, flavored with lemon and orange juice and served as a cold side dish.

Turkish Mac And Cheese (Fırın Makarna) Recipe
If you and your kids love classic 'mac and cheese,' try this Turkish oven-baked version topped with Bechamel sauce.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 2
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 2. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 5
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 6. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 1
Use this photo guide to learn how to wrap perfect Turkish

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 8
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 8. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 9
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 9. Turkish Food.

Turkish Stuffed Green Leaves Are Called "Etli Sarma"
Turkish Stuffed Green Leaves Are Called

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 4
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 4. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 6
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 6. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 7
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 7. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 3
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 3. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 6
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 6. Turkish Food.

Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 7
Wrapping Turkish Sarma: Step 7. Turkish Food.

10 Most Popular Fish In Turkish Cuisine
Now is the time for eating fresh fish in Turkey. Here is a guide of the best varieties of Turkish fish, what they're called, where they're found and how they're cooked.

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers (Çiçek Dolması) Recipe
Stuffed zucchini flowers are a delicacy from the Aegean region of Turkey. Try this recipe and make them at home.

How To Make Homemade Turkish Tarhana
Try this easy method to make your own nutritious Turkish tarhana at home.

Recipe for New World Kebab
This recipe for New World kebab is from the southeast of Turkey. It has a delicate flavor that goes well at spring and summer barbecues when loquats are easy to find.

Basics And Helpful Information For Cooking Turkish Food
Here's all the basic information you need to prepare Turkish food like a pro. Weighing and measuring, finding ingredients, metric conversions and more.

Turkish Rice Dessert Flavored With Saffron (Safranlı Zerde) Recipe
Turkish rice dessert with saffron is as lovely to look at as it is to eat. This clear, yellow, pudding-like dessert is delicately flavored with saffron and rose water.

Popular Turkish Cheese and History
Cheese has long been an important part of Turkish culinary tradition. Use this photo guide to learn about popular cheeses, the history of cheese, and more.

Low Salt, Low Fat Cheese Curd Is Called "Lor"
Turkish 'lor' cheese is low salt and low fat, making it great for dieting.

Turkish White Cheese (Beyaz Peyniri)
White Cheese, Or

Fresh Kashar Cheese (Taze Kaşar)
Fresh Kashar Cheese Is Turkey's Second Most Popular Cheese

Aged Kashar Cheese (Eski Kaşar)
Aged kashar cheese has a pungent flavor and dry texture.

Turkish Goat Cheese (Tulum peyniri)
Pungent Turkish Goat Cheese Is Called 'Tulum'

Turkish Smoked Cheese (Füme Peyniri)
Turkish smoked cheese has a smooth texture and wonderful, smoky flavor.

Turkish Stringy Fresh Milk Cheese, or 'Dil Peyniri'
Turkish 'Dil,' or string cheese is similar to mozarella.

Plaited Cheese, or "Örgü Peyniri"
Turkish plaited cheese is shaped like a braid. It has a firm, salty texture.

Turkish Spreadable Fresh Milk Cheese, or 'Labne'
'Labne' is a spreadable fresh cheese good on rolls, crackers and bagels.

7 Turkish Recipes With Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a beloved vegetable in Turkish cuisine. Here are seven great recipes that feature pumpkin as the star ingredient. Try them for the holidays or anytime.

Turkish Recipes For The Holidays
If you want to try something a little different this holiday season, try adding some Turkish recipes to your menu. Find a great Turkish menu good for Thanksgiving or Christmas right here.

Best Turkish Ramadan Recipes
It can be hard to decide what to serve every day to break the fast. From soups to desserts, here are all the best Turkish recipes for Ramadan.

10 Most Popular Spices in Turkish Cuisine
Turkey is famous for its fragrant, colorful and exotic spices. Here is a list of the 10 most popular spices in Turkish cuisine.

The Turkish Tradition of ‘Kurban Bayramı,’ Or Eid el-Adha
Eid el-Adha, or 'Kurban Bayramı' is the perfect time of year to enjoy classic Turkish cuisine. Learn about this important festival and what to eat right here.

Turkish Bread And Cream Dessert (Ekmek Kadayıfı) Recipe
This ultra-sweet Turkish classic is made from layers of firm bread soaked in lemony syrup and topped with chopped nuts and clotted cream.

Turkish Vegetarian Meatballs (Mericmek Köftesi) Recipe
Tender, spicy vegetarian meatballs made with red lentils and bulgur are a popular finger food in Turkey. Try them at your next party and add color to your buffet table.

Step 4: Cook The Coffee Over A Low Flame
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Step 5: Let The Coffee Bubble Up A Few Times
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Turkish Coffee
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Turkish Coffee
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Turkish Coffee
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

What Tou Need 1: Freshly Ground Turkish Coffee
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

What You Need 3: A small kettle called a ‘cezve’ (jez-VAY’)
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

What You Need 4: Sugar
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Step 1: Measure The Water With The Cup
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Step 2: Measure And Add The Coffee
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Step 3: Add The Desired Amount Of Sugar
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

What You Need 2: A Small Cup And Saucer
Making your own cup of Turkish coffee is easy if you know how. Use this step-by-step guide to help you make perfect Turkish coffee every time.

Turkish Flour Helva (Un Helvası) Recipe
This tender, buttery dessert is a Turkish classic. Try it warm with a scoop of ice cream, or with your next cup of coffee or tea.

Artichoke Bottoms in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Enginar)
Turkish-style artichoke bottoms are cooked with olive oil and mixed vegetables to make a beautiful side dish, starter or salad.

Turkish Braised Leeks and Carrots (Zeytinyağlı Pırasa)
Braised leeks and carrots are a favorite in Turkey, especially during the winter when leeks are plentiful. Try this simple Turkish recipe if you want to do more with leeks than just make soup.

Purslane With Strained Yogurt and Garlic Salad
In Turkey, nutritious purslane is mixed with strained yogurt and garlic and served as an starter, or 'meze.' Try this delicious, simple recipe to get all the nutritional benefits of purslane.


Turkish Meatball and Potato Casserole Recipe
This tender meatball and vegetable casserole comes from the Aegean coastal city of Izmir. Its flavor comes from fresh tomatoes, peppers and potatoes.

Dried Eggplant Stuffed With Rice (Kuru Patlıcan Dolması) Recipe
Try this spicy recipe from the city of Gaziantep for stuffed dried eggplant filled with rice, onions and spices.

Classic Turkish Dishes
Turkish cuisine is famous for its classic dishes. These traditional Turkish recipes have been passed down through generations.

Turkish Octopus Salad (Ahtapot Salatası) Recipe
Tender bits of cooked octopus, fresh herbs and a light dressing of olive and lemon are all you need to make this beloved Turkish 'meze' dish at home.

Turkish Baked Sea Bream (Çipura) Recipe
This easy recipe for baked sea bream, or 'ipura,' is a popular dish all along the Aegean coastline of Turkey.

Turkish Offal And Variety Meat (Sakatatlar) Recipes
Offal and variety meats are still as popular in Turkish cuisine today as they were hundreds of years ago. Here are some well known Turkish offal recipes.

Turkish Food, Culture, and Cooking - Main Page
Welcome to the world of Turkish food! Here you can find information about cuisine, culture and lifestyle and recipes, ingredients, cooking tips, and more.

Turkish Desserts, Sweets and Preserves
Turkey is world famous for its endless varieties of desserts and sweets, all made from natural ingredients. Try Turkish Delight or pistacio baklava dripping with syrup. How about some homemade rose jam at breakfast? Find information about all these sweets and much more right here.

Turkish Food and Cooking Glossary
Here you'll find all the terms and pronunciations you'll need to get you started with cooking in your own Turkish kitchen. It's also a good chance to learn some Turkish while you cook!

Turkish Meats, Kebabs and Grilling
In Turkey, 'kebab' is the name for all kinds of grilled and fire-roasted meats, poultry, fish and seafood. Shish kebab is only the beginning. Find all the information you need about kebabs, plus fantastic recipes.

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Turkish Ezogelin Soup Recipe
Ezogelin soup is made with red lentils, bulgur, rice and spices. Try this delicious, hearty recipe named after a legendary Turkish beauty.

Layered Cheese Pie (Börek) Recipe
Casserole-style layered pie made with yufka sheets and Feta cheese is a Turkish classic. Try this shortcut recipe.

Eggplant and Vegetable Ragout (‘Şakşuka’) Recipe
Try this recipe for Turkish 'şakşuka, a vegetarian ragout of fried eggplant and vegetables in tomato sauce.

The Easy Way To Roast Eggplant In The Oven
Tender, roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here is the easy way to cook it in the oven and get perfect eggplant every time.

Circassian Chicken (Çerkez Tavuğu) Recipe
Try this recipe for Circassian Chicken, or 'Çerkez Tavuk.' It makes a great dip or spread for entertaining.

Semolina Helva (İrmik Helvası) Recipe
Try this recipe for Turkish Semolina Helva (İrmik Helvası) to share with neighbors and friends.

Turkish-style Warm Hummus (Humus) Recipe
Turkish-style hummus recipe served warm and topped with crispy beef 'pastırma.'

Beef Stew And Eggplant Mash (Hünkar Beğendi) Recipe
Try this classic Turkish main course recipe for beef stew and creamy eggplant with cheese.

Walnut, Pepper and Tomato Salad (Acılı Ezme) Recipe
Try this easy Turkish recipe for spicy red pepper, tomato and walnut salad. Serve it as a starter or topping for grilled meats.

The Priest Fainted (İmam Bayıldı) Recipe

Regional Variations of Turkish Cuisine
There's no better way to explore Turkey than through its cuisine. Begin you culinary tour of this amazing country right here.

Regional Variations of Turkish Cuisine - Black Sea Coast
There's no better way to explore Turkey than through its cuisine. Sample delicious starters, or 'meze,' from the Aegean coast, or enjoy the spicy kebabs from the southeast. How about some sardines and cornbread from the Black Sea? Page 2.

Turkish Cherry, Or ‘Kiraz’ Varieties
Turkish cherries are some of the best in the world. Find out about the types of cherries found in Turkey and what they're used for.

Turkish Sour Cherry Nectar (Vişne Suyu) Recipe
Try this easy recipe for sour cherry nectar, or 'vişne suyu,' one of Turkey's most popular drinks.

Turkish ‘Lavaş,’ or Puff Bread Recipe
If you love the puffy flat bread served in Turkish kebab houses called 'lavaş,' try this recipe at home.

Turkish Bread
The tradition of eating fresh bread with every meal is alive and well in Turkish cuisine. Learn all about Turkish bread right here.

Melted Cheese And Cornmeal Is A Black Sea Breakfast Treat
In Turkey's Black Sea region, melted cheese and cornmeal, better known as 'mıhlama' or 'kuymak' is a breakfast favorite. Try this easy recipe at home.

Best Turkish Meatball (Köfte) Recipes
Meatballs, better known as 'kfte' are one of the most popular foods in Turkish cuisine. Here are Turkey's most popular meatball recipes.

Turkish-style Lemon Yogurt Cake (Limonlu Yoğurtlu Kek) Recipe
If you love the tang of lemon, try this easy recipe for Turkish-style lemon yogurt cake.

Bulgur & Summer Vegetable Salad (Bulgur ve Yaz Sebze Salatası) Recipe
Try this fresh and colorful recipe for bulgur wheat salad with summer vegetables at your next barbecue.

Meat Cups Filled With Mashed Potatoes (Çanak Köftesi)
Try this kid-friendly Turkish recipe for meatballs, or 'kfte,' shaped like cups and filled with mashed potatoes.

Chicken Meatballs (Tavuk Köftesi) Recipe
If you loved grilled meatballs, try this recipe for chicken meatballs, or 'kfte,' Turkish-style.

Easy Plum Upside Down Cake (Mürdüm Erikli Kek) Recipe
Try this easy recipe for tart-sweet Turkish-style plum upside down cake when dark purple plums are plentiful.

Spicy Jumbo Shrimp In Butter (Tereyağda Karides) Recipe
Turkey's Aegean region is famous for its delectable 'meze' dishes. Try this recipe for Turkish-style spicy jumbo shrimp.

Turkish-style Baked Triangle Pastries
If you like spinach 'spanakopita,' you'll love this recipe for Turkish-style triangle pastry filled with Feta and herbs.

'Güllaç' Is A Traditional Turkish Dessert
This delicate Turkish dessert is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. White, fluffy, translucent layers of paper-thin cornstarch soaked in milk and flavored with rose water are as light as air.

The Mystical Pomegranate And Its Place In Turkish Cuisine
The pomegranate, or 'nar,' is one of the most popular fruits in Turkey. Learn about the significance of the pomegranate in Turkish culture and cuisine right here.

The Ramazan Tradition of ‘Sahur,’ The Last Meal Before Sunrise
During Ramazan, getting up for the 'sahur' meal is just as important as breaking the fast with 'iftar.' Learn what to expect at 'sahur' here.

All About Dates (Hurma) In Turkish Cuisine
Dates have been a staple throughout the Middle East since ancient times. Learn about the role of dates in Turkish cuisine right here.

Bulgur Salad With Pomegranate Seeds & Mint Recipe
Try this colorful salad recipe made with steamed bulgur wheat, pomegranate seeds and mint. It's great for barbecues and goes well with poultry dishes.

Turkish Yogurt Drink Is Called ‘Ayran’
'Ayran' is a refreshing Turkish drink made from plain yogurt, water and salt. Learn about 'ayran' and how to prepare it right here.

All About ‘Şalgam Suyu’
'Şalgam' juice is a popular fermented drink from the southeast of Turkey made from purple carrots. Learn all about the benefits of 'şalgam' here.

Stuffed Cabbage With Rice, Pine Nuts And Currants
Turkish stuffed cabbage in olive oil (zeytinyağlı lahana sarması) is a delicious 'meze' and side dish.

Cabbage-filled Buns Are Called 'Lahanalı Poğaçası'
Turkish-style cabbage-filled buns, often called 'Rus Poğaçası,' or 'Russian rolls,' are delicious for breakfast or anytime.

Turkish-style Pasta With Ground Beef (Kıymalı Makarna) Recipe
If you enjoy pasta with meat sauce like 'Bolognese,' you'll love this recipe for Turkish-style pasta with ground beef, called 'kıymalı makarna.'

Recipe For Mini ‘Urfa’ Kebab
If you love grilled meats, try this recipe for Turkish 'Urfa' kebab made with ground beef at your next barbecue.

Pasta Is A Favorite Ingredient In Contemporary Turkish Cuisine
Did you know that dry pasta is one of Turkey's cuisine's most common ingredients? Learn about the place of pasta in Turkish cooking right here.

Easy Turkish-style Chicken, Tomato And Pepper Stew Recipe
If you love hot, juicy stove top recipes, you'll this Turkish-style stew made with dark meat chicken, tomatoes and peppers.

How To Make Turkish Rose Tea (Gül Çayı)
If you love the delicate scent and flavor of roses, try this easy recipe for Turkish rosebud tea. It's lovely to look at and to drink.

Chewy Hazelnut Cookies (Fındıklı Makaron) Recipe
These Turkish-style hazelnut cookies are a chewy, tender treat. Kids love them and they go great with ice cream.

Fried Eggs And Turkish Sausage In A Copper Skillet (Sahanda Sucuklu Yumurta)
Fried eggs and 'sucuk,' a spicy sausage, are a good old standby for breakfast in Turkey. Learn how to make and serve them in a small copper skillet.

Baked Mediterranean Sea Bass In A Salt Crust (Tuzda Levrek)
In Turkey, Mediterranean sea bass is baked whole inside a block of salt. Try this easy cooking method at home for perfect fish every time.

Turkish Stuffed Onions (Etli Soğan Dolması) Recipe
Turkish stuffed onions (soğan dolması) are a delicious way to use ground beef. Try this recipe at home and get a taste of Turkey's regional cuisine.

Arugula Salad (Roka Salatası) With Walnuts, Figs and 'Tulum' Cheese
Try this easy recipe for Turkish-inspired arugula salad with goat cheese, walnuts and figs.

Artichoke Bottoms In Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Recipe
If you love 'meze' and vegetable dishes, try this simple Turkish recipe for artichoke bottoms braised in olive oil and lemon juice.

Turkish 'Bird's Nest' Baklava (Kuş Yuvası Baklava) Recipe
This Turkish 'bird's nest' baklava recipe is a crunchy, buttery, uber-sweet treat. It's made with shredded dough, or 'kadayıf' and steeped in syrup.

Classic Turkish ‘Flour’ Cookies (Un Kurabiyesi) Recipe
Tender Turkish 'flour' cookies are found in every household and pastry shop in Turkey. Try this easy recipe with lots of powdered sugar at home.

Turkish Butter Bean ‘Pilaki’ (Bombay Fasulyesi) In Olive Oil Recipe
'Pilaki' is a popular way of preparing beans in Turkish cuisine. Try this recipe for giant butter beans in a savory tomato sauce.

Turkish-style Roasted Pepper And Tomato Soup (Közlenmiş Kırmızı Biber Çorbası) Recipe
If you love roasted red peppers, try this recipe for Turkish-style red pepper and tomato soup seasoned with Turkish cumin.

Baked Turkish Ravioli, Or ‘Fırın Mantısı’ Recipe
If you want to make Turkish 'mantı' at home, try this easy recipe for oven-baked 'mantı.' It's delicious and clean-up is easy.

Turkish Tulum Cheese Balls With Pine Nuts And Herbs Recipe
Try this easy recipe for cheese balls made with pungent Turkish 'tulum' goat cheese, pine nuts and fresh herbs.

Turkish-style Sauteed Veal With Peppers And Onions Recipe
This fast and easy recipe for sauteed veal and peppers is flavored with popular Turkish spices like cumin and allspice. Serve it with classic rice pilaf.

Mediterranean Sea Bass Baked In Parchment Recipe
Turkish cuisine is home to some of the finest seafood in the world. Try this recipe for oven baked Mediterranean sea bass in parchment.

Shopping At The Turkish Green Grocer, or ‘Manav’
If you're a fan of fresh fruits and vegetables, you'll love shopping in Turkey's green grocers called 'manav.' Learn all about the Turkish 'manav' here.

Turkish Lady’s Navel Dessert (Hanım Göbeği Tatlısı) Recipe
Turkish 'Lady's Navel' dessert is similar to a doughnut steeped in sweet, lemony syrup. Try this easy recipe.

Turkish-style Grilled Chicken Wings (Kanat) Recipe
Try this easy recipe for Turkish-style chicken wings (kanat) that you can grill or cook in the oven.

Turkish Apple Almond Tart (Elmalı Bademli Turta) Recipe
This recipe for Turkish apple almond tart is a variation on the classic French-style apple tart. Extra almonds make it a rich, substantial dessert.

How To Make Roasted ‘Kelle,’ Or Sheep Head
If you are brave enough to make roasted 'kelle,' or head of lamb at home, try this easy recipe.

Turkish Bulgur and Green Apple Salad (Elmalı Kısır) Recipe
Try this recipe for a sweet-tart version of classic Turkish 'kısır' salad made with bulgur and green apples (elmalı kısır salatası).

Turkish Brain Salad (Beyin Salatası) Recipe
Calf or lamb brain, like other variety meats are coveted in Turkish cuisine. Try this recipe for brain salad (beyin salatası).

‘Pişmaniye’ Is Turkey’s Cotton Candy
Learn about ‘pişmaniye,’ a special Turkish sweet that looks like cotton candy.

Turkish Tripe Soup, Or ‘İşkembe Çorbası’ Recipe
Try this recipe for Turkish tripe soup, or ‘işkembe çorbası.’ It's known for its bold flavors as well as being a great hangover cure.

Rice Pilaf With Orzo Recipe
Rice pilaf is famous all over the world as a side dish. Try this easy pilaf recipe with orzo and you'll never go back to plain rice.

10 Most Popular Turkish Kebabs Recipes
Turkish cuisine features dozens of delicious kebab dishes. Here's a rundown of the best Turkish kebabs.

Turkish Bulgur and Vegetable Pilaf Recipe
Bulgur and Vegetable Pilaf is a classic Turkish side dish that goes well with grilled meats and poultry, or just about anywhere you might eat rice.

Making Turkish Pistachio Baklava at Home
Turkish baklava is some of the finest in the world. Try this recipe for homemade baklave filled with bright green pistachio nuts made with ready phyllo pastry.

Turkish-Style Baked Rice Pudding Recipe
Turkish-style rice pudding is like grandma's good old fashioned custard baked in the oven. Adults and kids love this sweet, comforting dessert. Try it and bring back your childhood memories.

Turkish Grilled Meatballs (Köfte) Recipe
'Kfte' is a general term that refers to any meat-based food shaped by hand. Spices, ingredients, and cooking methods vary greatly all across Turkey.

Turkish Semolina Cake in Syrup (Revani) Recipe
This sweet yellow cake is found all throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Turkish revani contains ground hazelnuts and gets its flavor from lemon, orange or rosewater.

Turkish 'Kısır' Salad Is Bulgur At Its Best
Turkish 'kısır' salad is made with fine grade bulgur, sweet pepper paste and chopped vegetables. It makes a fresh, colorful and nutritious addition to any menu.

Turkish Almond Cookies (Bademli Kurabiyesi) Recipe
Turkish almond cookies are a favorite with kids and adults alike. Try this easy recipe during the holidays or anytime.

Turkish 'Kemalpaşa' Dessert (Kemalpaşa Tatlısı) Recipe
Try this recipe for 'Kemalpaşa' dessert, one of Turkey's best loved desserts. It's named after a town and Turkey's founder.

Turkish Black Sea Cornbread (Mısır Ekmeği) Recipe
Turkish cornbread is a favorite in the northern Black Sea region. Try this easy recipe for authentic Turkish cornbread.

Turkish ‘Bazlama’ Recipe
If love buttered English muffins with lots of nooks and crannies, try this recipe for Turkish 'bazlama.'

Anatolian Breakfast Bun With Tahini (Tahinli Çöreği)
Turkish-style breakfast rolls laced with tahini, allspice and walnuts are a classic throughout Anatolia. Try this recipe at home in place of cinnamon buns.

Turkish 'Kazandibi' Dessert Recipe
'Kazandibi' is a Turkish classic: a thick, milky pudding with golden-brown coating of caramelized sugar on the outside. Try it at home with this recipe.

Turkish 'Tarhana' Soup
This rich, spicy soup is a Turkish classic from central Anatolia. It's made with a dry pulse of plain yogurt, onion, red pepper and garlic.

Medicine That Became Candy – Turkish ‘Mesir Macunu’
'Mesir macunu' is a traditional Turkish candy made with 41 spices that was originally consumed as a medicine. Learn about 'mesir macunu' right here.

Turkish Meat Stuffed Pumpkin (Bal Kabağı Dolması) Recipe
This Turkish recipe from Antalya features pumpkin stuffed with ground beef, rice and herbs as a delicious main course dish.

Easy Recipe For Pumpkin and Feta-filled Turkish ‘Gözleme’
This shortcut recipe for Turkish 'gzleme' made from ready flour tortillas filled with pumpkin, Feta and spices makes a great snack or finger food.

Turkish-style Pumpkin ‘Börek’ Recipe
Turkish-style 'brek' filled with mashed, spiced pumpkin makes a great finger food or side dish. Try this easy recipe using frozen phyllo.

Pumpkin Soup (Balkabağı Çorbası) With Turkish Cumin
Pumpkin soup is a more recent addition to Turkish cuisine. Try this pumpkin soup recipe made with Turkish spices like cumin and paprika.

Recipe for Turkish Squash Fritters Made With Pumpkin (Bal Kabaklı Mücver)
Try this easy recipe for Turkish-style fritters made with pumpkin (balkabakı mücver) and use your leftovers from pumpkin-carving.

Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert (Kabak Tatlısı) Recipe
Candied pumpkin is a sweet and tender classic Turkish dessert. It's made with only a few ingredients so the taste and texture of the pumpkin shine through. Try it when you have fresh pumpkin on hand.

Recipe For Turkish-style Lamb 'Kavurma'
Lamb 'kavurma' is a classic Turkish melt-in-your-mouth dish enjoyed during the Eid al-Adha Festival, or 'Kurban Bayramı.' Use this easy recipe to enjoy it all year.

Turkish Tahini ‘Helva’ (Tahin Helvası) Recipe
In Turkey, tahini helva is a sweet, nutty snack that packs a lot of energy and nutrition. You can buy it ready or try this easy recipe at home.

Shortcut Recipe for Turkish Spinach And Cheese ‘Gözleme’
Try this shortcut recipe for Turkish ‘gözleme,’ the ultimate comfort food.

Vegetable And Egg Scramble (Menemen) Recipe
'Menemen,' made with eggs and sauteed vegetables, is a Turkish breakfast classic. Try this recipe the next time you crave a juicy vegetable omelet.

Easy Turkish Fig Dessert (İncir Tatlısı) Recipe
This traditional Turkish dessert made with dried figs and walnuts, was as popular in the Ottoman palace kitchens as it is today.

Turkish Stuffed Peppers in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Biber Dolması) Recipe
Tender, young peppers make the perfect cup to fill with a fragrant mixture of rice, onion, pine nuts, currants, and spices.

Turkish-style Romano Beans in Olive Oil
Young, fresh Romano beans are prized in Turkish cuisine. In this recipe, they are cooked with tomato, onion and olive oil then served cold to make a delicious and nutritious side dish or salad.

Fried Sardine Cornmeal Patties (Hamsi Tava) Recipe
This recipe for Turkish 'Hamsi Tava,' or fried sardines makes a great appetizer, 'meze' or main dish.

Turkish Puddings and Custards - 5 Dessert Recipes
At any age, you'll love the puddings, custards and other milk desserts that are traditional Turkish dessert fare. Here are the top five Turkish puddings.

Turkish Lemonade Is Called 'Limonata'
Turkish lemonade is a classic with a sweet, smooth taste and no sourness. That's because you cook the lemon rind and sugar first. The result is lemonade with a soft flavor and no bite.

Turkish Grilled Sea Bass’ Is Called ‘Levrek Izgara’
Learn how to grill sea bass, better known as 'levrek,' the Turkish way. A brush of olive oil is all you need to grill your fish to perfection.

Turkish-style Rice Pilaf With Eggplant (Patlıcanlı pilav) Recipe
This vegetarian rice pilaf is cooked with bits of tender eggplant and tomato. It's a perfect side dish for grilled meats and poultry.

Turkish Fava Bean Puree Makes a Delicious, Nutritious Appetizer
Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are valued in Turkish cuisine for their unique taste and high nutritional value. Cubes of fava bean puree are served as a

Turkish Chick Pea Stew With Meat Recipe
This easy recipe for Turkish chick pea stew with meat (etli nohut) makes a nutritious, economical and satisfying meal.

Fried Mussels With ‘Tarator’ Sauce (Midye Tava) Recipe
Fried, battered mussels on a stick are one of Istanbul's best known street foods. Try this easy recipe for 'midye tava' at home.

Turkish-style Chicken Noodle Soup (Tavuklu Şehriye Çorbası) Recipe
Turkish-style chicken noodle soup is thickened with egg yolk and has lots of tender noodles.This recipe is perfect when you have a cold or anytime.

How To Make Turkish-style Pickles (Turşu)
If you love pickles, then you'll love Turkish cuisine. Try this easy recipe for Turkish-style sour pickles.

Grilled Intestines (Kokoreç) Is Turkey’s Most Popular Street Food
Grilled intestines, better known as 'kokore,' is one of the most popular fast foods in Turkish cuisine.

How To Make Turkish ‘İskender’ Kebab
'İskender' kebab is the king of Turkish kebabs. Learn all about this world-renowned dish, plus tips on making it at home.

Grilled Halloumi, Or ‘Hellim’ Cheese
Grilled halloumi, or 'hellim' cheese is a Turkish favorite.Try it as a 'meze' or appetizer, or on your next salad.

Turkish Baked Anchovies And Rice Pilaf (Hamsili Pilav) Recipe
Baked anchovies and rice pilaf, or ‘hamsili pilav,’ is a popular dish from Turkey’s Black Sea region.

Turkish Stuffed Vine Leaves In Olive Oil, Or ‘Yaprak Sarması’
Make classic Turkish vine leaves stuffed with rice, currants and pine nuts, better known as 'yaprak sarması' with this easy-to-follow recipe.

Enjoy Authentic Turkish Food At A ‘Generous Ladle’ Restaurant
In Turkey, a great place to enjoy authentic Turkish food in large portions at cheap prices is in a 'bol kepe,' or 'generous ladle' restaurant.

Turkish 'Tulumba' Dessert Recipe
'Tulumba' dessert is a classic Turkish street food and dessert that's loved by adults and children alike. Try this recipe to make this ultra-sweet, syrupy dessert at home.

Summer Squash, Yogurt And Walnut Spread (Yoğurtlu Cevizli Kabak Salatası) Recipe
This delicious Turkish 'meze' features summer squash, crushed walnuts and Greek yogurt. It makes a great appetizer, spread or dip.

Turkish Eggplant And Ground Beef Casserole (Musakka) Recipe
This popular dish features layers of tender eggplant, tomato sauce and seasoned ground beef topped with an optional white sauce and cheese.

Turkish Filled Meatball ('İcli Köfte') Recipe
Cuisine from southeastern Turkey has a lot of Middle Eastern influence. This delicious appetizer is a fried meatball made of bulgur and stuffed with nuts and spices.

Turkish-style Pizza Is Called ‘Pide’
If you're a pizza fan, you'll love Turkish 'pide'. 'Pide' features a delicious cheese that can only be found in the city of Trabzon.

Turkish Fried Feta Rolls, Or 'Sigara Böreği' Recipe
Turkish 'cigarette' pastries, or 'sigara böreği,' are golden, crunchy rolls of pastry filled with Feta. They are great as an appetizer or finger food.

Homemade Turkish ‘Lahmacun’
Spicy, crispy cheeseless pizza, called 'lahmacun,' is an infamous street food all over Turkey. Try this recipe to make authentic 'lahmacun' at home.

Turkish Highland Meadow Soup (Yayla Çorbası) Recipe
'Yayla çorbası' (YAI'-lah chor-BAH'-suh), or

Turkish-style Rice Stuffing for Poultry Recipe
This recipe for rich rice pilaf stuffing that contains pine nuts, currants and liver goes well with turkey and chicken. Here, it's served with a roasted leg of turkey. Try it and add some Turkish flare to your holiday menus this year.

Spicy Turkish Sausage Is Called ‘Sucuk’
Turkish 'sucuk' is a dry, spicy beef sausage. It's delicious fried up for breakfast or sizzling off the grill.

Turkish ‘Lakerda,’ Or Salted Bonito
'Lakerda,' or salted bonito, is one of Turkish cuisine's oldest, most coveted 'meze' dishes. The recipe takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it.

Turkish Shrimp and Vegetable Clay Pot Casserole Recipe
This cheesy shrimp and vegetable casserole is a popular Turkish 'meze,' or starter. It's great served piping hot with crusty bread for dipping.

Oven-baked Lamb And Eggplant Wraps Are Called 'İslim Kebabı'
These packets of succulent, seasoned lamb wrapped in tender eggplant strips look as beautiful as they taste. Try them next time you have company.

Haydari - Meze With Strained Yogurt, Garlic and Herbs
Eat it the traditional way, as an appetizer before a fish meal, or try it as a spread or dip. You'll love this easy Turkish appetizer any way.

Turkish-Style Pinto Beans in Olive Oil - Recipe
Turkish-style pinto beans are cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and carrots and are served cold. They make a wonderful alternative to classic baked beans.

Basic Turkish Chicken Kebab (Tavuk Şiş) Recipe
Try this simple recipe for succulent chicken kebab made the Turkish way. The key is in the marinade made with yogurt, onion, garlic and spices.

Turkish ‘Ali Nazik’ Kebab Recipe
'Ali Nazik' kebab is tender, juicy lamb served on a bed of hot roasted eggplant that's whipped with plain yogurt and drizzled with a buttery sauce.

Turkish Ground Beef Recipes
Ground beef is an important ingredient in Turkish recipes. Turkish cuisine features countless dishes with ground beef that are easy, economical and delicious.

Guide To Turkish Appetizers (Meze)
Learn all about Turkish 'meze' with this list of common Turkish hot and cold starters. It gives you all the information, recipes and photos you need to become a Turkish 'meze' expert.

Turkish Roasted Lamb Is Called 'Kuzu Tandır'
Lamb has been pit-roasted in central Asia and Anatolia for centuries. With this easy recipe, you can roast fragrant, melt-in-your mouth lamb in your oven.

Turkish Roasted Eggplant Salad Recipe
Turkish eggplant salad is a traditional appetizer, or 'meze.' If you love eggplants, try this easy recipe with only three ingredients.

Créme Caramel (Krem Karamel) Recipe
This classic French dessert is also common in Turkish cuisine. You'll find 'krem karamel' everywhere from cafeterias to the fanciest restaurants. Try the Turkish version of this old favorite.

Easy Turkish 'Poğaça' Breakfast Rolls Recipe
Try this easy recipe for soft Turkish breakfast rolls and experiment with different fillings like Feta cheese and black olives.

Custard-filled Baklava (Laz Böreği) Recipe
This tender Turkish dessert from the Black Sea region of the country resembles baklava filled with creamy vanilla custard in place of nuts.

Turkish ‘Rakı’ Is Called 'Lion's Milk'
This anise-flavored Turkish drink made from grapes is clear when poured. It turns a milky white when mixed with water, thus its nickname.

What Is Turkish 'Boza'?
'Boza' is an ancient Turkish drink well known from the Balkans through central Asia. It's made with fermented wheat, flavored with sugar and cinnamon and served with dried chickpeas.

Top 10 Ingredients For Turkish Cuisine
Turkish food is full of exotic, intricate flavors, but did you know it's actually based on very simple, economical ingredients? Here are the top 10 ingredients you should always keep in stock.

Turkish Shepherd's Salad (Çoban Salatası) Recipe
Shepherd's salad is a favorite in Turkey where fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers are sweet and plentiful during the summer months.

Turkish Fava Bean Pods In Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Bakla)
Braised vegetables drizzled generously with olive oil are a favorite in Turkish cuisine. Try tender fava bean pods with a dolop of plain yogurt for a great vegetarian lunch or side dish.

Turkish-style Purslane And Ground Beef Stew (Etli Semizotu) Recipe
This juicy stew packs high nutritional value along with the mild, tangy taste of purslane. It's a great way to get your family to eat more vegetables.

Ottoman-style Almond Soup (Osmanlı Badem Çorbası) Recipe
This luxurious soup was enjoyed by Ottoman royalty and it's still a favorite for formal entertaining today. Try this rich, creamy soup with the delicate flavor of almonds.

'Karyoka,' or Turkish Chocolate-covered Chestnut Candy
Karyoka are rich, luxurious Turkish confections made with chestnut puree coated with dark chocolate. They are most common in fancy candy shops but now you can try this recipe at home.

Turkish Steamed Turbot With Vegetables (Kalkan Buğlama)
If you love light Mediterranean cooking, this easy, fragrant fish recipe is for you. Simply bake the fish and vegetables in foil and serve it family-style. Have fresh bread or a big spoon on hand for the juice.

Turkish Rice Pilaf With Chicken and Chick Peas (Nohutlu Pilavı)
This popular, inexpensive Turkish street food is so delicious and nutritious you should try making it at home.

Turkish Navy Bean Stew (Kuru Fasulye) Recipe
On the streets, navy beans stewed in tomato sauce served over rice pilaf is considered Turkey's unofficial national dish. The beans are soaked in milk and cooked in a dutch oven or clay cooker.

Vegetarian Steak Tartar Balls (Çiğ Köfte) Recipe
If you want to try this famous, spicy Turkish appetizer at home without using raw meat, make this easy, vegetarian recipe. You won't miss the beef!

Turkish Baked Eggplant Filled With Ground Beef (Karnıyarık) Recipe
Eggplant and ground beef are favorite ingredients in Turkish kitchens. Try this homestyle recipe and see how well these two flavors go together.

Fried Calamari (Kalamar Tava) Recipe
Fresh, crispy squid rings with tangy dipping sauce is one of Turkish cuisine's best loved 'meze' dishes. It's served at fish restaurants all over Turkey.

Carrot and Coconut Squares (Cezeriye) Recipe
Carrot and coconut delight is a delicious Turkish sweet from the city of Mersin that's actually good for you. The additional of hazelnuts make these tender, nutritious squares irresistable.

Candied Chestnuts (Kestane Şekeri) Are A Classic Turkish Confection
Did you know that some of the best marron glac, or candied chestnuts come from Turkey? Try this easy recipe for tender candied chestnuts that made an entire region of Turkey famous.

Turkish Navy Bean Salad (Piyaz) Recipe
'Piyaz' is a light, refreshing salad made with Navy beans, onions, tomatoes and garnished with olives and hard boiled egg. It's usually served with grilled meatballs, called 'köfte.'

Turkish Stuffed Mussels (Midye Dolması) Recipe
Mussels stuffed with rice, onions, pine nuts, dried fruits and spices are a popular 'meze' in Turkey's coastal areas. They take a lot of effort to make, but the result is well worth it.

Turkish Spinach And Eggs Is Similar To Eggs Florentine
This warm, comforting dish makes a wonderful light lunch or dinner that's high in protein and nutrients and low in carbohydrates. Top it with some garlic yogurt for a real treat.

Turkish Semolina Cookies In Syrup (Şekerpare) Recipe
In Turkish, this sweet, tender dessert is called 'şekerpare' (shek-EYR' par-EH'), which means 'a piece of sweetness.' Try this traditional recipe and you'll see it lives up to its name.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

How To Fire-Roast Eggplants
Tender, smoky, fire-roasted eggplant is used in many Turkish recipes. Here are the steps for roasting eggplant over a coal fire the traditional way.

Stinging Nettle Soup (Isırganotu Çorbası)
This prickly, dark green leafy plant is harvested and used in many local recipes, like creamy nettle soup.

Turkish-style Steak Tartar (Çiğ Köfte)
If you love exotic, spicy food, try this tender Turkish appetizer with great flavor and a lot of history behind it.

Turkish 'Künefe' Is A Popular Dessert
'Künefe' is a Turkish classic. Two layers of crunchy, golden 'kadayıf' filled with cheese are baked until golden and crispy, then steeped in sweet syrup. Eat 'künefe' piping hot after a good kebab meal.

Chestnuts Are A Favorite In Turkish Cuisine
Chestnuts hold a very special place in Turkish cuisine. Learn how Turkish cooks use chestnuts in everything from confections and desserts to soups and main courses.

Beans Are The Sultans Of The Turkish Kitchen
If you believe in the goodness of beans, you'll love Turkish cuisine. Beans and other legumes are staples in Turkey where delicious,nutritious and economical bean recipes abound.

Turkish Breakfast Rolls Like 'Poağça' And 'Açma'
In Turkey, freshly-baked, soft bread and rolls are a staple at the breakfast table. Find out about Turkish breakfast rolls and delicious fillings here.

All About Turkish Soups (Çorbalar)
Soup is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Turkey. If you're a soup-lover, you can learn how to prepare and serve soup the Turkish way.

All About Turkish Kebabs
Turkish cuisine is famous for its endless variety of delicious, sometimes spicy kebab dishes. Read on to go way beyond simple shish kebab!

The Tradition of Ramazan In Turkish Cuisine
After a day of fasting, the foods served at 'iftar' are an important part of Turkish cuisine, culture and history. Learn about the Turkish culinary traditions surrounding Ramazan right here.

Turkish Street Food
Street food has its own special place in Turkish cuisine. Next time, try a dner kebab wrap, a baked potato with special toppings or a Turkish pizza instead of the usual burger and fries.

Yogurt Plain And Simple (About Turkish Yogurt)
Plain yogurt is a staple in Turkey, used as a topping, side dish, dessert and drink. Try some plain yogurt with your favorite Turkish recipe. You'll surely get hooked.

Turkish Lady’s Thigh Meatballs (Kadın Budu Köftesi) Recipe
Turkish lady's thigh meatballs are not only delicious, they're a great conversation piece. Try this recipe and learn all about these meatballs encased in a soft, golden crust.

Turkish Ravioli (Mantı)
Learn all about these tiny, tender dumplings stuffed with meat, onion and spices that are a favorite in Turkey and all throughout central Asia.

Turkish Mosaic Cake (Mozaik Pastası) Recipe
A versatile dessert that's very popular at home and in pastry shops. Try it with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and fruit.

Turkish Wedding Soup (Düğün Çorbası) Recipe
Turkish wedding soup is rich blend of lamb and stock that's thickened with flour and flavored with lemon and spices. You can enjoy this classic soup at traditional weddings and special occassions.

Turkish 'Chicken Breast' Pudding (Tavuk Göğüsü) Recipe
'Chicken breast' pudding is a simple but exotic Turkish dessert that actually contains finely shredded white meat chicken. Try this thick, rich, milky dessert with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Turkish Savory Tea Cookies (Tuzlu Kurabiyesi) Recipe
Turkish tea time is famous for its delicious sweet and savory cookies and pastries. Try these savory tea cookies called 'salties.' They go well with hot beverages and all your favorite drinks.

Turkish-style Pumpkin Pudding (Kabak Muhallebisi) Recipe
Turkish-style pudding flavored with pumpkin is a delicious way to use fresh pumpkin. Its pale orange color, creamy texture and delicate pumpkin flavor will please adults and children alike.

Turkish Mashed Potatoes (Patates Püresi) Recipe
Mashed potatoes made the Turkish way is a hearty alternative to classic mashed or whipped potatoes. Try it next time you dream of roasted meat or poultry and lots of gravy.

Turkish White Cheese Triangle Pastry (Milföy böreği) Recipe
If you're in a hurry and need a side dish that is warm, tasty and looks beautiful too, try this recipe for triangle pastries made with white cheese, or Feta, and frozen puff pastry squares.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup (Mercimek Corbası) Recipe
This hearty soup will warm your insides during the cold winter months. It's also an important part of breaking the daily fast during the month of Ramadan.

Turkish Stuffed Squash (Kabak Dolması) Recipe
Stuffed squash is a homestyle favorite made with zucchini and ground beef and seasoned with mint. It's a main course dish the whole family will love.

Cheesy Turkish Meatballs Are Called 'Kaşarlı Köfte'
Combine ground beef, spices and Turkey's favorite cheese, and what do you get? A rich, cheesy meatball that beats a cheeseburger anytime. Give this recipe for 'kaşarlı köfte' a try.

Turkish Lamb and Chestnut Stew (Kestaneli Kuzu Yahnisi) Recipe
Lamb and chestnut stew is a rich, satisfying dish from the Bursa region of Turkey. Serve it with salad and crusty bread for the perfect winter meal.

Turkish Green, Leafy Vegetables Stuffed With Meat Are Called 'Etli Sarma'
This recipe for 'sarma,' or stuffed leaves, makes this Turkish favorite easy to prepare. It has step-by-step directions to help you fill, roll and cook your 'sarma' perfectly.

Turkish Spinach, Beef and Tomato Stew (Etli Ispanak) Recipe
Spinach is one of the most popular green, leafy vegetables for cooking in Turkey. Try this easy stovetop recipe that will make eating spinach easy for the whole family.

Turkish Bulgur and Fresh Herb Salad Is Like Tabouli
If you like tabouli, try this easy recipe for Turkish bulgur and fresh herb salad. It's delicious served with barbecue menus and any grilled meats. It features wholesome bulgur wheat, fresh herbs of your choice and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Turkish Yogurt With Cucumbers And Herbs Is Called 'Cacık'
This cold, crunchy, refreshing side dish goes well with grilled meats. If you like tzaziki, you'll love this easy recipe for Turkish

Turkish-style Potato Salad (Amerikan Salatası) Recipe
Potato salad made the Turkish way is good for casual dining, barbecues and open buffets. It's also delicious served as a garnish on hamburgers, hot dogs, cold sandwiches and baked potatoes.

Turkish Liver and Onions (Arnavut Ciğeri) Recipe
In Turkey, fried liver and onions is a popular

Turkish Candied Quince Dessert (Ayva Tatlısı) Recipe
Quince dessert is so sweet and tender it's like eating candied fruit. The quince are steeped in sugar with cloves and cinnamon. Serve it with Turkish clotted cream, called 'kaymak.'

Turkish Okra And Tomato With Olive Oil
This simple recipe calls for young, fresh okra seasoned with tomato and onion. It's cooked until tender then drizzled with lots of olive oil. It's so good, it may convince you to like okra.

Steamed Samphire With Olive Oil
This recipe for steamed samphire with olive oil and garlic is a Turkish meze, or appetizer, common in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey.

Turkish-style Cream of Tomato Soup (Domates Çorbası) Recipe
Warm, creamy, tangy tomato soup is loved in Turkey as much as anywhere else. Try this easy and delicious recipe with your next grilled cheese sandwich. Your kids will love it too.

Turkish Marinated Sweet Peppers
Pepper fans, why buy ready pimentos when you can make your own marinated peppers Turkish-style? Serve them on their own or use them anywhere you would use jarred pimentos.

Turkish Squash and Carrot Fritters Are Called 'Mücver'
Turkish squash fritters are a popular, kid-friendly dish your whole family will love. Traditionally served as

Turkish Artichoke Bottoms With Fava Beans Are A Vegetarian Treat
This dish is a great example of Mediterranean cooking with Turkish flare. It's light, healthy and nutritious and it's fancy enough for company, too.

Turkish Noah's Ark Pudding Is Called 'Aşure'
Noah's ark pudding is an ancient Turkish dessert packed with healthy ingredients like whole-grain wheat, legumes, nuts and dried fruits. It's thought to be the oldest dessert in the world.