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Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Tween
If the cold winter months are taking their toll, it's time for you and your tween to enjoy a few fun winter activities.

Thanksgiving Activities for Older Kids
Thanksgiving only comes once a year so it's important to make the most of it. Make it fun for your preteen with these Thanksgiving activities.

Talking About Puberty to Your Tweens
If you have a tween, puberty is coming, ready or not. If your tween is on the cusp of puberty, here's what you need to know.

Host a Tween New Year's Party
Children enjoy celebrating the beginning of a new year as much as adults. Host a New Year's Party for kids who want to start the year off with a bang.

Creating a Healthy Middle School Experience
Middle school only lasts two or three years, but all parents should make sure the years are healthy and productive ones for their tween.

11 Ways to Plan a Happy, Healthy Summer for Your Tween
Is your tween gearing up for summer break? Help your tween plan for a summer of healthy activities, memories, fun, friends, and adventure—Here's how.

Health Concerns the School Year Brings
The school year can mean challenges for you and your tween. Here's what you should know before your child begins a new middle school year.

When Does Child Personality First Appear?
A child's personality forms gradually. Learn when to expect your child's true personality to emerge, and what traits it may include.

Easy Ways to Teach Healthy Living to Your Tween
A healthy lifestyle doesn't happen over night. Here's how to encourage your tween to make healthy choices that will last throughout a lifetime.

Help Your Tween Deal with Anger
Preteens can be emotionally volatile. Here's how to handle an angry tween or preteen and help your child deal with volatile emotions.

7 Ways Summer Camp Prepares Your Tween for Life
The summer camp experience can help your tween develop the skills and confidence he or she will need throughout life. Here's how camp helps tweens.

Rude Behavior You Shouldn't Tolerate from Your Tween
A rude tween will become a rude teen, and ultimately, a rude adult. Here's how to turn your rude tween to a charming older child.

Cell Phone Privileges and Your Tween
If your tween has a cell phone he should know your rules, consequences and the privileges associated with using it.

6 Easy Ways Your Tween Can Help You
Sometimes you need a little assistance to get through the day. Here's how your older child can help you when you need a hand the most.

Cyberbullying Facts: How Common is It?
Tweens often face bullying, but how common is cyberbullying in particular? A study has found that cyberbullying may be quite common during the tween years, affecting about 1 in 5 kids. Cyberbullying facts for tweens and their parents.

What Is the Definition of Individuation?
Individuation is a key concept in developmental psychology, so it's important to know the definition of this term when studying this field.

The Rules Summer Camps Want Kids to Know
If your child is going to camp this summer he might have to follow rules that you don't have at home. Below are a few typical summer camp rules.

Social Media Rules for Tween Health and Safety
If your child is involved with social media you need to have a few rules. Be sure your tween follows rules and guidelines for safety and well being.

Stop Spoiling Your Tween (and Why You Should Want To)
Nobody likes a spoiled teenager or even a spoiled adult. If you're worried you're raising a spoiled tween, here's what you can do now to stop it.

Help Your Child Make the Most of an Extra Credit
Does your tween need a little extra credit to bring up a low grade? Here's how to help your tween make the most of the opportunity.

Help Your Tween Make the Middle School Honor Roll
You want your middle schooler to do his very best academically. Here's how to help your tween make the middle school honor roll list.

Celebrating Your Child's Graduation from Middle School
A middle school graduation is an event to celebrate. Here's how to acknowledge the milestone and celebrate your tween's achievements.

What You Can Learn from a Middle School Website
If your tween is in middle school you should be checking the school website often. There's a lot you can learn from a school website.

Help Your Tween Have a Productive School Year
Help your tween begin the school year with enthusiasm, here's how to help your tween embrace a productive and fun school experience.

Does Your Middle Schooler Have Too Much Homework?
Middle schoolers can have a heavy homework load, but is your child's homework just too demanding?

Is Your Tween and Enthusiastic Learner?
If your tween hates school and dismisses learning, it's time to inject some enthusiasm. Here's how.

Info for Students Running for Middle School Officer
Student government officers organize school functions and help the class focus on priorities. Here's what your student should know if she wants to run for office.

How Important Is the Middle School Grade Point Average?
Is your child in middle school? Her GPA will likely be important. Here's what you should know about his GPA and your tween's middle school experience.

What You'll Learn from a Middle School Syllabus
A middle school syllabus will give you a lot of information about your child's classroom experience.

How to Chaperone a Middle School Field Trip
If you're thinking about volunteering as a chaperone for a field trip, here's what you need to know to make the most of the educational experience.

Is Your Tween Really Ready to Take Advanced Classes?
Middle school students may have the option to take advanced classes or high school courses, but is your tween ready for the extra work? Here's how to tell.

What You Should Know About Middle School Electives
Your tween should be able to take an elective or two in middle school. Here's what he should know about school electives and making the most of them.

Does Your Tween Need a School Contract?
A school contract will help your middle school student prioritize the school year and set goals. Here's how to write a contract that will work.

How Tweens Benefit from Reading
There are many reasons why you want to encourage your child to read. Learn about a few of them here and then head to the library!

When Your Tween Loses Interest in School
Even good students often lose interest in school. If your tween is suddenly floundering, a number of factors could be to blame.

Money Skills Every Tween Should Have
There's a lot to teach your tween about earning, saving and spending. Be sure your tween is money smart. Here are the basic skills every tween should know before they become teens.

Easy Ways to Make Puberty Easier for Your Tween
The changes your tween will experience during puberty will present a number of challenges, but you can make the transition easier for your tween.

Help Your Tween Get the Most out of Career Day
If your child's school has a career day, be sure your child attends. Career day can teach a lot about the future, and about daring to dream.

How to Organize Your Back to School Routine
Help your tween prepare for the school year with an organized school routine that works.

What to Expect from a Middle School Orientation
If your child is going to middle school this year, you may need to know what to expect from middle school orientation.

How to Help Children Develop Mastery Orientation
Mastery orientation helps children succeed in school because it motivates them to learn for the sake of learning rather than for grades or approval.

Qualities of a Good Teacher
Good teachers share a number characteristics. Here's what to look for in your child's classroom to determine whether he or she has a good teacher.

Tips to Know if Your Child Has to Miss School
Your tween will likely miss school at some point during the year. Here's how to keep tweens on top of their studies while they are out of school.

How Parents and Teachers Benefit From Parent Involvement
Parents and teachers both stand to gain from having active parents in the classroom. Learn about the benefits parent involvement in education has on parents and teachers.

What You Should Learn at Back to School Night
If your child is in middle school, attending back to school night is a must. Here's what you'll likely learn so that you and your tween can make the most of the school year.

7 Easy Steps to Help Improve Your Child's Bad Grades
Is your tween bringing home bad grades? There is a lot that parents can do to help. Discover seven useful tips for improving your child's grades.

What to Expect From Middle School Dress Codes
Understanding the (often strict) dress code and what your child should and should not wear to school, is crucial to avoiding problems.

Consumer Skills Your Tween Should Know
Help your tween learn how to get the best deal, be a smart shopper, and make the most of hard earned money.

5 Gross Chores Your Tween Should be Doing
Don't pamper your tween, he's older to help out, and that includes taking on some of those nastier chores.

72 Household Chores for Tweens
Your older child should be helping you tackle those chores. Here are 72 household chores just about every tween can do.​

Should Tweens Use Tampons or Pads?
If your tween has begun puberty, she probably wants to know if she should use tampons or pads.

What Are Family Rituals?
Does your family have a ritual or tradition? These symbolic moments are important to keep the family together and create lasting and fond memories.

Indoor Sports for Tweens
Sometimes it's not possible to play an outdoor sport. Here are a few indoor sport ideas for your tween.

Middle School Lunch Ideas and Healthy Packed Lunches
Cafeteria food has nothing on a healthy packed lunch. These easy middle school lunch ideas are nutritious, delicious and guaranteed to please.

Must Know Hair Care Tips for Your Preteen
If your tween is concerned with her hair, these hair care tips will help educate her on how to keep her hair healthy, clean and looking its very best.

Kicker Snacks for Tween Parties
You don't have to slave in the kitchen to feed a hungry group of tweens. These ideas will do the job.

Slumber Party Breakfast Ideas
If your tween is throwing a slumber party, you'll have to think about feeding the crowd the next morning. Here are a few ideas on feeding the kids the next morning.

Enjoy a Stress Free Summer with Your Tween
Enjoy your summer with your tween by avoiding summer stress traps.

Kitchen Projects Your Tween Can Handle
There are ways other than cooking your tween can help in the kitchen. Put your tween to work in the kitchen with these easy to tackle projects.

Are You Pushing Your Tween Too Hard?
You want your child to succeed, but you might be pushing your tween too hard. Here's how to tell if there's too much pressure in your tween's life.

Types of Deodorant Your Tween Should Know
When it's time for your tween to begin using deodorant, you'll have to choose from natural options, antiperspirant, and deodorant.

Fun Stocking Stuffers for the Tween Boy in Your Life
You don't have to think too hard to find great stocking stuffers that boys will like. Here are a few ideas that will make stocking stuffing easy and fun.

Kids Halloween Movies - Fun Choices for Tweens
Looking for a few kids Halloween movies that your tween will watch? These choices will set the mood for a scary family movie night, or a tween Halloween party.

Review of The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner by Liz Edmunds
Liz Edmunds, the Food Nanny, offers up recipes, ideas, and conversation starters for busy families. A great book to help you feed your growing tween.

Emotional Development and the Tween Years
Your tween will experience many milestones in the next few years. Here's what to expect.

Tween Puberty, Breast Development and Self-Esteem
If your daughter feels self-conscious about her breasts, help her through this change. Talk to your daughter about breast development and self-image.

What are the Stages and Signs of Puberty?
Preteen boys and girls have questions as they enter puberty, as do their parents. Learn the definition of puberty and how you can help your child.

What is a Helicopter Parent?
You've heard of helicopter parenting, but do you know what it means? Discover the pros and cons and how it contrasts free-range parenting.

Why Tweens Benefit from Time Alone
Don't be concerned if your child seems to need some time to herself. Your tween may be happier if she gets a little alone time every now and then.

Psychological Factors May Contribute to Precocious Puberty
Precocious puberty may have a number of psychological causes. Here are some psychological factors underlying precocious puberty.

How Do Children Develop Autonomy in Adolescence?
Children express a desire for autonomy in both the toddler years and in early adolescence. Learn what autonomy looks like in the tween and teen years.

How to Manage an Irresponsible Tween
Your tween is getting older, taller, and is developing in many ways, but a tween can't yet be expected to be responsible all of the time.

Help Your Tween Deal with Common Negative Emotions
Your tween is probably dealing with emotions he or she never had before. Here's how to help them manage negative emotions and turn them around.

Self-Concept and What it Means for Tweens
Self concept is a term related to, but synonymous with, self esteem.

Prevent Summer Break Loneliness for Your Tween
The summer months can feel isolating, here's how to help your tween prevent loneliness.

5 Reasons Your Tween is Feeling Down
If your tween is feeling down, these reasons might be to blame.

The Ups and Downs of Middle School Friendships
Friendships in the middle school years can be challenging and delightful. Here's how to help your tween through the ups and downs that friendships may present.

The Pep Talk Every Tween Needs to Hear, Including Yours
Your tween's moods will go up and down, but a positive pep talk will get your tween back on track and focusing on what's really important.

Encourage Cybersafety with Your Tween
Your tween's online life can't be ignored. Here's how to make sure your child's habits are healthy, safe and secure.

A Girl's Guide to the Tween Years
Being a tween isn't easy, expecially if you're a girl. This is a girl's guide to making it through the tween years and beyond.

Easy Ways to Motivate Your Tween and Get Things Done
Every child will need a motivational kick every now and then. If your tween seems to be in a funk, there are easy ways to motivate and encourage him.

Silly Things Your Tween Will Say
You'll hear your tween say some pretty silly things in the next few years. Here are just a few of them.

What Is a Training Bra?
Is it time to buy a training bra? Here's how to help your tween daughter.

The Period Book Is a Wonderful Resource for Tween Girls
Young tween girls entering puberty will have questions you can't answer. The Period Book by Karen Gravelle and Jennifer Gravelle is the resource you need.

Is Santa Real? - How to Answer When Your Child Asks
If your tween hasn't asked about the existence of Santa yet, she will. Here's how to answer when your child asks you about Santa.

Tweens, Social Networking and Computer Safety
When it comes to children and computer safety, parents must be especially aware.

Why your tween daughter may encounter a mean girl
Bullying peaks during the middle school years. If you have a tween daughter you need to know about mean girls and other forms of middle school bullies.

Things Tweens Worry About
Children of all ages experience anxiety and worry. Here are a few typical situations that your tween might be bothered or anxious about.

5 Ways Middle School Can Be a Drag
If your tween thinks middle school is a drag, these reasons could be to blame. Read about how too much work, too many rules, and other issues.

The Qualities of Good Parents for Tweens
Good parents are those who consistently support their children. Here are the qualities of supportive, good parents.

Best Stores for Tween Girl Shoppers
There are a number of stores that cater to tween girls, whether they are shopping for themselves or someone else. Here are a few of the more popular ones.

School Survival Tips for Tweens
Helping your tween through middle school is easy with these school survival tips.

How to Communicate with Children
How to communicate with children during the preteen years.

How to Avoid Drama in Middle School
There's a lot of drama happening in middle school, from gossiping to arguments to bullying. It is important to learn how to avoid middle school drama.

How to Deal with a Bad School Day
It's heartbreaking when your child experiences a bad school day. Here's how to help.

The Importance of Free Time for Kids
Children need free time to regroup and relax, just like adults do. Here's why free time is so important and why you shouldn't over schedule your tween.

Managing the Strong Willed Tween
Strong willed children can be a challenge to parent, especially in the tween years. These tips can help.

Parenting the Silent or Uncommunicative Tween
Not every tween has a gift for gab. If your tween doesn't share information very well, here are some ways to parent your uncommunicative tween.

Summer Camp Etiquette Every Child Should Know
Summer camp is an ideal environment for practicing etiquette skills. Here's what your tween should know about good manners while away at summer camp.

How Tweens Use Technology
Tweens use technology in nearly every aspect of their lives. Here's how today's tweens use technology in their everyday lives.

6 Things Your Tween Doesn't Need
Your tween needs a lot to make it through the next few years, but these things your tween can do without.

Pick Your Battles with Your Tween
You can't make every issue a battleground. Here's how to know what you can let slip by, and what's worth a confrontation.

How to Stay Connected with Your Tween
If you're not as close with your tween as you once were, these tips will help you stay connected through these volatile years.

Coping Skills Tweens Should Know
Knowing how to cope and developing coping skills will benefit your tween now and for the rest of his life.

Creative Costumes for Tweens and Teens
Has your tween procrastinated on finding the perfect Halloween costume for school, or a party? These creative costumes are ideal for last minute

Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Your Tween Busy
If the weather isn't cooperating, indoor activities may save the day. These activities will keep your tween busy when outdoor play isn't an option.

Tween Halloween Party Activity Ideas
If you're throwing a Kids Halloween Party this year, consider these activity ideas for preteens.

Fun Themes for a Memorable Tween Birthday Bash
Planning a birthday party for your tween? Make party planning easy by choosing a fun theme for your preteen's birthday bash. Here are a few suggestions.

Defining the Tween Years for Parents
What is a tween? Discover what defines this age group that includes middle school children and learn what obstacles to expect as your kid becomes a tween.

Should Tween Girls Read American Girl Magazine ?
American Girl Magazine offers a little bit of everything to the tween girl age group and offers encouraging and supporting information and advice.

Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Tweens
Tweens love a good scavenger hunt, and they are ideal activities for a party or other event. Here are a few scavenger hunt ideas for curious preteens.

Having Fun Over Winter Break
Is your child ready for two weeks off from school? Here's how to have fun over winter break, and enjoy time together.

Easter Fun for Older Kids
Easter is a time of celebration and inspiration. Here' how older kids can still have Easter fun and join in the festivities.

Holiday Movies That Will Get Your Tween in the Spirit
Holiday movies will help your tween get into the spirit of the season. Here are a few holiday themed movies that are worth watching for the tween crowd.

Sleepover Food Ideas for a Great Tween Party
Sleepovers are a social must for the tween crowd, but they require some work. Fun and tasty food options are necessary for a great tween sleepover.

How to Make a Camp Care Package
If your child will attend summer camp this year, you need to know how to make a fun care package.

Birthday Cake Alternatives for Tweens
If your tween wants something non-traditional, consider these birthday cake alternatives for his next party.

Book Fun for Tweens
If your tween is a reader you can supplement her love for books with these fun activities.

Is Your Child Sick on Halloween? Here's What to Do
If your tween gets sick on Halloween, you can still save the day. Here's how to keep your tween in good spirits and having fun even if he's too sick to trick or treat.

Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals
Shopping for picky tweens and teens can be a chore, but if your tween loves animals or the Animal Kingdom, these gift ideas will make the gift hunt easy.

Scavenger Hunt Themes - Ideas for Tween Parties
Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend a few hours, here are a few themes for your tween's next hunt.

Swimming Safety for Tweens
Even if your tween has had a slew of swimming lessons you can still help her become a stronger and safety swimmer. Here's how.

What Your Tween Should Know About Citizenship
Citizenship isn't anything your tween should take for granted. Here's what every child should know.

Little Kid Activities Your Tween Still Enjoys
Your child is growing older, but may still enjoy some of the activities he did when he was years younger.

St. Patrick's Day Fun for Tweens
Don't let St. Patrick's Day pass without a little fun. These activities will get your tween in the mood for the annual celebration.

Entertainment for Tween Birthday Parties
Your tween's party can be a party to remember. These entertainment ideas will get you started on planning the best party ever.

Fun Outdoor Skills for Tweens
If your tween isn't enjoying the outdoors it might be because she doesn't know any outdoor skills. Help your tween master outdoor awareness with these projects.

Seasonal Ideas for Fun and Festive Christmas Goody Bags
If your tween is planning a Christmas party, you'll need to assemble Christmas goody bags for all the guests. Here a few fun ideas for your preteen's holiday bash.

How to Start a Children's Book Club for Tweens
Interested in starting a book club for preteens? Here's how to get a reading group off the ground for your tween reader, and get the kids hooked on reading.

The Benefits of Non-Competitive Sports
Some tweens aren't cut out for team sports, but individualized sports do exist. If your child resists team sports, there are other options.

Sleep-Away & Summer Camp Packing List for Tweens
Your tween is ready for sleep-away camp, but what should be packed and what should stay home? This summer camp packing list leaves nothing behind.

Find the Right Extracurricular Activities for Your Tween
Extracurricular activities are important to tweens, here's how to help tweens find the activities that are best for them.

Tips and Ideas for Fun Christmas Caroling
Does your tween want to go Christmas caroling this year? These ideas will make for a fun and memorable experience for your tween and all of his friends.

Girly Girl Gift Ideas for any Occasion
Are you shopping for a present for preteen girl? Consider these girly girl gift ideas when it's time to find something special for the tween in your life.

Volunteer Opportunities for Your Tween
When kids volunteer in their communities good things happen. Here are a few volunteer opportunity ideas that you and your tween should consider.

Fun Winter Movies for Tweens
The long winter months just call out for movies. Here are some fun winter movie choices for your tween and his friends.

Fun Ideas for a Tween's Valentine's Day Party
If your preteen wants to throw a Valentin's Day Party, here are a few ideas to get the party going.

Valentine Party - How to Throw a Classroom Valentine Party
Are you planning a Valentine party for your child's classroom? Here's your planning guide.

Decorating Ideas for a Valentine Box
Does your child need to make a valentine box? Here are a few decorating ideas.

Help Your Child Through Middle School Tryouts
If your child wants to try out for an extracurricular activity, help them manage nerves and make the most out of their tryout with these tips.

Outdoor Adventures for Your Tween
Your tween is probably up for an adventure or two, here are a few ideas to get your child started on outdoor fun.

Water Fun Ideas with Tweens
If your tween already knows how to swim, it's time to introduce her to the wonderful and wet water activities.

Hair Fun for Tween Girls
Tween girls love to experiment with their hair. Here's how to help your daughter have a little fun with her hairstyles.

Summer Camp Alternatives for Tweens
If summer camp isn't an option for your tween, consider these fun summer camp alternatives.

A Vacation Contract for You and Your Tween
Your family vacation shouldn't be a time of anxiety and drama. This contract will help you and your tween communicate expectations, behaviors, and consequences.

Theatre Fun for Preteens
Help your tween learn about theatre production, costumes, and what it takes to put on a show.

How to Stop Bullying Behavior in the Tween Years
Bullying behavior peaks during the tween years, but parents can help their tween stand up to school bullies with these recommendations.

What You Should Know About Tween Dating
You may not like the idea of your middle schooler dating, but tweens do date and that means you need to be informed. Here's what parents should know..

Tween Moments that Make Parenting Fun
If you're parenting a tween you probably think you're on an emotional roller coaster at times. But your growing tween will share moments with you that prove it's all worth it.

What Do Sociologists Consider to be an "Average Child?"
Sociologists use the word

How Being a Bully Affects Future Development
The effects of being a bully can stretch far beyond the tween and teen years. Learn more about the effects of being a bully.

Strategies for Teaching Responsibility to Your Child
There are many ways of teaching responsibility to your child, including providing opportunities to be conscientious and modeling the behavior.

5 Tips to Help Your Teen Manage Social Rejection
Here are 5 tips that will help your child handle rejection.

What Are the Qualities of "Controversial Children?"
Controversial children are both strongly liked and strongly disliked by their peers. Learn what makes these children differ from others their age.

How to Prepare Your Child for a Middle School Dance
Your tween's first school dance is certainly a milestone. These tips will help you and your tween prepare for their first middle school dance.

Teaching Tweens About Teamwork
If your tween needs to develop teamwork skills, these ideas can help.

Friend Problems Tweens Experience
Friendships can be difficult during the tween years. Help your child deal with friend problems and challenges and make the most of tween friendships.

The Upside of Peer Pressure
Tweens can learn from their peers, here's how peer pressure can help your child and make parenting a little easier.

A Social Media Contract for Tweens and Parents
This easy to use contract will help you help your child navigate through the challenges and prevent possible problems on social media.

Help Your Tween Cope When a Friend Moves Away
Friendships are so important to tweens, and when a good friend moves away it can be a difficult experience for the tween left behind.

Middle School Service Projects
Is your middle schooler looking for a way to give back? These projects are great for preteens.

Have Fun When Your Tween is Sick at Home
If your child is sick at home and can't go to school or see friends, you can still encourage a little fun. Here's how.

Getting Through the School Week - Tips for Tweens and Parents
The school week can be full of challenges, especially during the volatile middle school years. Here's how to help your tween get through the week, successfully.

A Day Off From School - A Guide for Parents and Tweens
If your child has a day off from school, here are a few ideas on making the most of the vacation before school starts up again.

Should You Send Your Child to a Co-ed Camp?
There are pros and cons to co-ed camps. Here's what you should know.

Fun Party Activities for a Tween Birthday
Birthdays are a big deal to tweens -- here are some fun party activities for your tween's next birthday celebration.

Kids and Procrastination - What Parents Should Know
Why do kids procrastinate? The reasons behind procrastination and what you can do to help.

Joining the School Band - Tips for Parents and Tweens
If your child is going to join the middle school band, here's what you should know.

Rules Every Tween Should Know -- Including Yours
Establishing rules for your tween is a necessary part of parenting. Here's your guide to helping your tween understand and follow your family rules.

Your Middle School Kid - What Parents Should Know
Is your tween headed for middle school? Here's what you should know about your middle school kid, and what to expect in the years to come.

How Parent Involvement Benefits Kids
When a parent is involved at a child's school everyone benefits.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girls
Does your tween need a costume idea for Halloween or for a party? We have five Halloween costumes for girls that are easy to make and fun to wear.

Costume Ideas for Preteen Boys
Need a few tween costume ideas for a preteen boy? Finding the right costume can be difficult, especially when you're dealing with a preteen.

Fun Electronic Gifts for Tweens and Teens
Looking for a tween gift idea that's sure to please a picky tween? Electronic gifts can make great presents for the preteen crowd.

Gifts Ideas for Tween Girls
Shopping for preteen girls doesn't have to be difficult. Just think about their hobbies and interests, and you'll find plenty of gift ideas.

Tips for Parents When Shopping for Preteen Clothing
Prepare yourself (and your tween) before you shop for preteen clothes.

Fun Summer Activities for Bored Tweens and Teens
If your tween is already bored with summer vacation, you'll need to take action. Consider these activities to bring back the fun for your tween.

Stocking Stuffers Your Tween Will Actually Like
Looking for stocking stuffers for the kids this holiday season? Tweens can be hard to please, but this list will get you started on stuffing your child's Christmas stocking this year.

What Parents Should Know About Summer Camps
Looking into summer camps for your child? Here's what you need to know before you commit your child to a summer camp program.

Common Youth Social Issues and Preteen Behavioral Problems
Growing up isn't easy. Here are common youth social issues and challenges preteens face, including drug use and self-esteem, and how parents can help.

15 Must Know Facts About Today's Tweens
Tweens are complicated and sometimes, difficult to parent. Understanding your tween means learning about tween culture, tween habits, and what makes today's tweens tick.

Finding a Bra for Your Tween
There are many styles of bras to choose from, here's how to tell them apart and pick one that's right for your tween daughter's changing body.

Help Your Tween Eliminate Body Odor
When puberty hits, body odor can become a problem for tweens. Here's how to help your tween prevent body odor and embrace personal hygiene.

Your Guide to Preparing Your Tween for Middle School
The jump from elementary to middle school can be a challenge for tweens. Here's how to help them prepare for the changes ahead.

Personality Development - The Personality Development of Tweens
How does personality development occur during the tween years? Here's one take on personality development using psychologist Erik Erikson's developmental theory.

Create a Homework Contract Between Parents and Tweens
Kids who struggle with homework and can't seem to stay organized may benefit from a homework contract. Learn why it's important and how to get started.

Fun Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Tween Girls
If you have a tween daughter you're probably in need of a few Valentine's Day gift ideas. Your tween will appreciate your attention and love.

How Academic Achievement Affects Your Teen's Peer Acceptance
Your tween's academic achievement may be impacted by their ability to make friends and help others. Peer acceptance is shown to have a huge impact as well.

What Makes a Tween a Good Student?
What makes a good student? Academic resilience, a factor related to personality, may be key to helping your tween achieve in middle school.

Summer Learning Fun for Preteens
If you're worried your preteen will forget all he learned over summer break, these summer learning tips will help him retain his knowledge.

Shaving Tips for Tween Boys
If your son is asking about shaving, it's time for a short tutorial. Be sure to share these shaving tips with him to avoid cuts, scrapes and other shaving hazards.

Developmental Benefits of Reading Literature
Reading literature, like winners of the Newbery Medal, has far more impact on children and tweens than simply boosting reading skills.

How to Find a Personal Tutor for your Tween
Does your tween need a personal tutor? If middle school academics is challenging your tween, here's how to find a tutor and make it work.

How to Solve Problems with Divergent Thinking
Divergent thinking is one of the keys to creativity, idea generation, and problem-solving​. Learn what divergent thinking is and how to stimulate it.

Why Having a Pen Pal is Good for Your Tween
Having a pen pal is not only enjoyable, it also has a number of developmental and emotional benefits. Here's how children and tweens can benefit from a pen pal.

Halloween Fun for Older Kids
Tweens may think participating in Halloween in uncool, but there are ways they can participate. Here's what to know about your tween and Halloween.

The Five Nutrition Mistakes Nearly Every Tween Makes
Tweens don't always make healthy eating choices, but you can encourage your child to make better decisions when choosing snacks and meals. Here's how.

Ideas for Great Tween Gifts - Gift Giving Made Easy
Recommended by parents of tweens, and approved by tweens, these gift giving options could prove to be the perfect selection for a birthday or other holiday.

A Review of the Book Slumber Wonders - American Girl
You can't underestimate the importance of the slumber party for tween girls. American Girl's book, Slumber Wonders, sets the stage for overnight fun.

What Is the Definition of Secular Trend?
Secular trend refers to changes in the average age of puberty. Learn more about the definition of the secular trend and how it relates to menarche.

What Is the Definition of the Myelination Process?
With this review, improve your understanding of myelination, which is important for efficient and complex brain processes. Learn its effect on tweens.

Slumber Party Themes for Tweens
Preteens love to throw a slumber party and invite their friends over for the night. Turn your kid's sleepover into a night to remember with a fun theme.

Your Child's Middle School Schedule
One of the most exciting moments that a new middle schooler experiences is when he or she gets their middle school schedule for the first time.​

Middle School Fashion Tips for Parents and Tweens
Middle schoolers want to make a fashion statement. Discover how parents can give a little guidance to help your tween have fun with their fashion choices.​

Middle School Clothes Challenges - Tips for Parents
If your tween is headed to middle school, expect to confront a fashion challenge or two. Tips on dealing with middle school clothes challenges.

What Does Conscientiousness in Children Mean?
What does conscientiousness mean in children? It is one of the five basic elements of personality. Learn more about this concept with this definition.

The Reasons Behind Why Kids Cheat in School
There are numerous reasons why kids cheat in school. Here are a few reasons that every parent should know about, including peer pressure and punishment.

Understanding and Coping with Social Exclusion
Social exclusion and bullying happen in every environment. Is it happening to your child? What can you do to end it?

Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt
At your next event or birthday party, throw a nature scavenger hunt. Here are some ideas for a scavenger hunt at the beach or in the woods.

Top Christmas Gifts for Tweens
Shopping for preteens isn't always easy for parents and relatives. These top Christmas gifts might be just what your tween is hoping for.

How Can I Protect My Tween from Sexualization?
Sexualization is not a healthy form of sexuality. Learn what sexualization means, particularly in relation to tweens, and how you can prevent it.

Preteen Party Favors and Goodie Bag Ideas for Tweens
Can't think of any fun teenage party favors? These goodie bag ideas for tweens are unexpected, inexpensive, age-appropriate and sure to please.

What Parents Should Know About Girls and Puberty
Puberty can be a challenging phase in a girl's life. Here's what parents should know about girls and all the changes that are going to take place.

What Is Middle School? A Primer for Tweens
If your child is wondering about middle school and how it differs from elementary school, here's how you answer and prepare your tween.

Should Your Tween Have a Cell Phone?
Deciding whether or not your tween should have a cell phone can be difficult. Explore what parents should consider before letting your kids have a phone.

How Do I Know Whether Anxiety Symptoms Are Normal
If your tween is showing anxiety symptoms, how do you know when to intervene? Here are the five criteria psychologists consider when determining whether anxiety symptoms are concerning.

Helping your tween when her period arrives unexpectedly
If your daughter is worried about getting her first period while she's away from home, here's what you need to do to prepare.

Summer Boredom Busters for Tweens
Three weeks into summer vacation and your tween is already bored. Luckily these summer boredom busters for tweens are fun and entertaining.

Getting Ears Pierced Expectations and Care Info
Your daughter wants her ears pierced, but where do you start? Learn about what you and your teen can expect with her first ear piercing.

Middle School Facts for Tweens and Their Parents
Middle school is an adventure for both child and parents. These middle school facts will help you and your child make the most of the experience.

Slumber Party Activities for Tween Girls
If your daughter wants to throw a great slumber party, consider these activity ideas to keep the girls busy and having fun.

56 Ways Your Tween Can Make the Most of Summer Vacation
The summer months fly by in an instant, and before you know it your tween will begin a new school year. Here's how to make the most of summer break.

Things Your Tween Should Do Before Middle School Ends
The middle school years don't last long, be sure your tween makes the most of middle school before the experience is over and high school begins.

Things Tweens Need to Know Before High School
Your tween should know a few things before moving on to high school. Here's what you should make sure your tween understands.

Determining Curfews for Tweens
Curfews are a great way for tweens to learn the rules of your home, and practice independent behavior. Here's how to help your tween keep a curfew.

Healthy Snacks Ideas for Kids
Tweens are mega snackers, but they don't always choose healthy snacks. These snack ideas are yummy enough to please even picky tween eaters.

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids and Teens
A busy morning is no excuse to skip breakfast. These breakfast ideas for kids and growing tweens are healthy, filling and easy to make.

Advice on Kids, Money and Allowances
Many tweens want a weekly allowance, but you should know a little about kids, money and allowances before you agree.

Birthday Party Locations for Every Personality
Need ideas for birthday party locations for your tween? Where your tween has his birthday party is almost as important as who he invites.

Shaving Tips for Tween Girls
There's really no right or wrong age for a girl to begin shaving, it all depends on when she reaches puberty and when her body begins to change.

Fun Halloween Games for Kids
Is your preteen planning a Halloween party? You can help the kids have a great time together by preparing a few games to get the party going.

Fun Projects and Activities for Tween Girls
Your tween needs to have fun and stay safe and healthy at the same time. Here are a few fun activities for preteen girls.

After School Care and Activities for Middle Schoolers
If your tween isn't ready to stay home alone, these after school care options for middle schoolers will keep your tween occupied and safe.

What is Middle School Like?
What is middle school like? Here's what to expect from the middle school experience.

What Does Coming of Age Mean?
What does coming of age mean, and how does it apply to today's preteens?

What Does Openness to Experience Mean?
Openness to experience is one of the big five personality factors. Learn what it means to be high in openness to experience.

The Short-Term Effects of Bullying
The effects of bullying can be both immediate and long term. Here are the short-term effects of bullying.

Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tween Girls
Need a cheap stocking stuffer or two for your tween daughter? These ideas are tween-pleasing and easy on your budget.

Kids, Hygiene and Your Tween
They're changing and growing, it's time to teach growing kids hygiene habits to last a lifetime.

The Secret to Raising Responsible Children
Raising responsible children doesn't happen on its own, it requires patience and opportunity. Here's how to help your child learn responsibility.

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Preteens
The preteen years can be difficult for parent and child, here's your guide to understanding and connecting with​ a happy and healthy child.

The Upside to Puberty, Changes, and Growing Up
Tweens don't have to fear puberty. There is an upside to puberty and growing up.

The Meaning of Individual Differences
Individual differences are the variations from one person to another on any number of variables.

Decorating a Tween Room
Many tweens want to decorate their bedrooms, here's how to organize a tween room bedroom makeover.

Summer Camp and Sick Kids
Help your tween stay healthy while away at camp. Here's how.

How to Help Your Tween Manage Mood Swings
It's normal for tweens to have mood swings, but you'll need to help guide your tween so that he or she can manage them maturely. Here's how to help.

How Do Tweens Change Over the Middle School Transition?
Tweens' attitude and behavior toward school is different in middle school than it was in elementary school. Learn how children change during the middle school transition and what you can do to aid in the process.

Helpful resources for girls going through puberty
A good resource can help your tween daughter learn about puberty and answer any questions she might have. Here are a few to get you started.

The Importance of Self-Discipline and School Success
Self-discipline seems to be more important than intelligence in determining success in school. A self-disciplined child has low impulsivity, high self-control and strong delay of gratification skills.

Habits Your Tween Should Break Now
Help your tween break these bad habits now. From bad eating habits to constant complaining, cursing, and bad hygiene, read this to help them improve.

5 Ways Tweens Can Be Annoying
Tweens can be angels one minute and the next, well, they can be a challenge to even the most patient of parents. Here's how tweens can get on your nerves.

Tween Holiday Activity Ideas
Enjoy Christmas and the winter celebrations with these holiday activities for you and your tween, including tree hunting and holiday meals.

Book Review of Let's Talk About Sex
Let's Talk About Sex is a resource for children and parents about babies, sex education, and how to communicate information that is frank and clear.

Summer Rules for Kids
Keep your child safe, active and learning with these summer rules for kids.

What Qualities Do "Popular Children" Have?
The sociometric term

Choosing a Sports Program for Your Tween
Involvement in a sports program can benefit your tween, but you have to pick the right one. These tips will help.

Negative Impact of Early Puberty in Girls
Early puberty has a clear negative impact on tweens, but why? This article explores the negative impact of early puberty in girls.

Help Your Tween Find a Great Job
There are jobs out there just waiting for your tween. Help your tween secure a job and you'll be teaching a valuable lesson to last a lifetime.

Puberty Problems Your Tween Might Face
Puberty is never easy. Here are a few puberty problems or challenges your child might encounter.

House Rules Every Tween Should Know
By now, your tween should know all the house rules, but here's a reminder, just in case.

How to Teach Your Tween About Forgiveness
Your older child has a lot to learn about life. Here's how to teach a tween about forgiveness and reject revenge.

How to Help a Tween Who's Facing Rejection
At some point in your child's life he'll have to face rejection, here's how to help your child cope and learn from the experience.

How to Help Your Tween Be a Mother's Helper
Is your tween ready to be a mother's helper? Here's what every mother's helper should know.

How to Plan A Fun Tween Sleepover Party
A sleepover party is a fun way for kids to celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or just bond with friends. Here's the scoop on planning a great party.

Dealing with Your Tween's Attitude Problem
If your child has attitude problems, you need to handle it the right way. Here's how to deal with your tween's attitude problem.

What Delay of Gratification Means for Tweens
Delay of gratification improves steadily from early childhood through adolescence. Learn what delay of gratification is and why it's important to your child's development.

Help Your Tween Tackle Large Projects
A large project may initially overwhelm your tween, but you can keep your tween on track and help him make his deadline with these helpful tips.

Menstruation: Managing Your Tween's Emotional Periods
A lot of girls experience emotional periods. Here's how you can help someone manage her emotions.

Getting Kids Involved with Going Green
What to go green as a family? Use these tips to teach your children how to go green and save resources and energy.

Why Children Make Downward Social Comparisons
Downward comparisons are one type of social comparison. Learn the definition of downward comparisons and how the term relates to children.

7 Common Questions Your Tween Might Ask
Your tween is almost ready to transition to a teen and that means there are questions you'll have to answer about puberty, school, and more.

Tween Backstabbing: Aggression and Mean Girl Syndrome
Consequences of backstabbing and social aggression. This and and other forms of aggression can have lasting effects on victims.

What Is Agreeableness According to the "Big 5" Theory of Personality?
Being agreeable is one of the big five personality factors. Find out what psychologists mean when they call a person agreeable.

Your Child Might Be Spending Too Much Time Alone
About 10 percent of kids report feeling lonely. Here are tips on determining whether your kid is becoming a lonely child.

Common Middle School Problems Kids Face
The middle school years can be both rewarding and challenging. There are a number of middle school problems your child might encounter, including these.

Great Preteen Birthday Party Ideas for Older Kids
Is your older child preparing for a birthday? Before you buy the cake or send out the invitations, consider these birthday party ideas.

Characteristics of a Typical Victim of Bullying
Although any child can be a victim of bullying, some children are more likely to be victimized. Here are the characteristics of the typical victim of bullying.

A Sample Cell Phone Contract Between Parent and Child
If you think your child is ready to have a cell phone, a cell phone contract will clarify rules and responsibilities. This contract will help.

Easter Basket Gifts for Your Tween
Don't know what to put in your older child's Easter Basket this year? This ideas are fun and reasonably priced. And they're so much more interesting than plastic eggs filled with empty calories.

Tips for Building Your Tween's Self-Esteem
Self-esteem often takes a nosedive during the tween years, but there are a number of strategies for building self-esteem. Here's what you can do to help.

Your Tween's Imaginary Audience
Definition of the Imaginary Audience and how the imaginary audience relates to adolescent Eegocentrism. Often causes adolescents to be embarrassed and self-critical.

What is Adolescent Egocentrism?
Older tweens and teens typically experience adolescent egocentrism. Learn what adolescent egocentrism means.

Enrichment Activity Ideas for Your Tween
Enrichment activities can be fun and educational for children of any age. Here are a few ideas that will engage and enrich your middle schooler.

Conversation Starters for Parents of Tweens
Even tweens who don't have much to say will join in the conversation if you ask the right questions. Here are a few conversation starters to break the silence.

Easy Ways to Help Your Tween Unplug
Your tween is probably technology savvy, but it's important that your child also know how to unplug every now and then. Here are a few tips that will help.

Be a Good Role Model for Your Tween
Raising children isn't for the weak, here's how to be a good role model for your not-so-little kid.

Do You Have the Back to School Blahs?
Parents can suffer from the

Easy Ways to Calm a Frustrated Tween
If your tween had a frustrating day there's a lot you can do to help. These tips will help turn the day around.

Effects of Loneliness on Kids
The effects of loneliness can vary greatly from person to person and may include feeling depressed and having poor-quality relationships. Here's a rundown of the effects of loneliness on tweens.

Why Some Children Suffer From Low Self Esteem
During the tween years, low self esteem may begin to appear. Learn about the interrelated reasons why low self esteem begins to appear during pre-adolescence.

What Domain Means in Relation to Human Development
In relation to human development, the word “domain” refers to specific aspects of growth and change.

Catty Behavior - The Consequences of Acting Catty
Catty behavior inflicts a number of wounds on victims. Catty girls and guys also face consequences of their own, both positive and negative.

Egocentrism in Adolescence - What You Need to Know
Egocentrism in adolescence can have marked effects on children's thoughts and behavior. Here's key information about egocentrism in adolescence.

Anxiety in Children and Tweens
Anxiety in children is relatively common, affecting about 13 percent of tweens and teens. Here's some information about decreasing anxiety in tweens.

After School Activities, Middle School and Your Tween
As your child grows up, after school challenges may present themselves. Here's what you should know about middle school, after school activities, and your tween.

A Review of Girls' Life Magazine
Is Girls' Life magazine right for your tween? Find out what the publication offers tween girls.

Cognitive Development - The Cognitive Development of Tweens
Tweens experience a great deal of cognitive development. Here's an overview of their major milestones in cognitive development.

Discipline Strategies for Older Children
Discipline can be difficult when you're dealing with a tween. Here's your guide to discipline and parenting tweens.

Fun Valentine's Day Movies for Tweens
Is your child throwing a Valentine's Day party, or are you looking for a way to spend the holiday with your tween? These Valentine's Day movies may set the stage for Valentine fun.

Bullying May Go Unreported For Many Reasons
Many victimized children do not report bullying when it occurs. Here are the reasons why children may fail to report bullying when it happens to them.

Rejected Children and How to Help Them
The term

How Being an Outcast Hurts Kids
Being outcast from one's peers may be one of the most common traumatic events of childhood. Here's how to help your child handle social rejection.

Six Things That Won't Raise Your Child's Grades
When trying to help your child do better in school, some approaches can cause more harm than good. Here are things to avoid in order to help.

Why You Want a Chore Contract for Your Tween
If your child's chore chart isn't encouraging him to pitch in on the family chores, it may be time to write a chore contract, here's how.

Why Raising Tween Boys Can be Challenging
If you're raising a tween boy there are a few potential hurdles you might have to clear before the teenage years take over. Here are a few of them.

Bullying in Middle School - Reasons Behind Relational Bullying
Heightened social skills coupled with poor emotional development makes relational bullying in middle school extremely common. Here's how you can help.

Why Some Tweens Hate School
Why do so many tweens hate school? There are a number of reasons.

Why Bullies Bully - Two Primary Needs
As bullying rates rise, it's natural to wonder why bullies bully. To understand why bullies bully, you must consider the two primary needs that underlie their behavior.

Who Has an Influence on Children During the Middle School Years?
Who has an influence on children during the middle school years?

When Will My Son's Voice Begin to Change?
One of the most noticeable signs of puberty in boys is when their voice begins to change. Here's what parents should know about puberty and voice change.

What Parents Should Know About School Interims
School interims will track your child's progress at school, and alert you to potential academic challenges. Here's what to expect and learn from interims.

What to Know When Your Tween Needs Braces
Many tweens have to wear braces for a few years. If your child needs braces there are a few important things you should know.

What You Should Know When Considering Makeup for Girls
Wearing makeup is almost like a coming of age for tween girls. It might be time to consider how you want to handle the issue of makeup for your tween.

What to Do When Your Tween Disappoints You
Growing up is hard to do, and in the process your child may disappoint you. Here's how to deal with it and move on.

What to Do About Your Tween's Messy Room
If your tween's bedroom has become a disaster zone, it's tempting to pick up the mess yourself, but that's not a good idea. Here's what you should do.

How to Help a Tween Who is Feeling Left Out
If your tween is feeling left out, provide support, love and distractions.

What Every Tween Should Know About School Lockers
If your child is getting ready for middle school he or she will probably be issued a locker. Here's what tweens need to know about the school locker

What Is the Choking Game? - A Dangerous Teen Behavior
The choking game is a danger to tweens and teens. Here's what you need to know about this dangerous behavior, and what you can do to prevent it.

What is Relational Aggression?
If you have a tween, you need to understand Relational Aggression.

What Is the Definition of Metacognition?
Metacognition refers to the ability to reflect on one's own thoughts, an ability that is critically important to the learning process.

Late Puberty, Hormonal Changes and Tween Issues
When a child's physical development doesn't match their friends', it can be stressful. Here's how to handle the challenges of delayed and late puberty.

What A Middle School Student Needs to Know
Make the most of middle school by preparing your student. Here's what a middle school student needs to know.

Understanding Today's Tweens
Today's tweens are complicated, but you can understand tweens and parent them successfully.

Neglected Child - What it Means to be a Neglected Child Among Peers
A “neglected child” is a child who is not liked by his peers, but is also not disliked. The term

Tween Styles - Helping Your Preteen Find Her Fashion Look
Tweens know a thing or two about fashion, here's how to help your daughter find her personal style and make the most of her look.

Tweens and Caffeine
Caffeine can be hidden in a variety of drinks and even in food and certain medicines, but the effects can last for hours. Here's how to limit your child's caffeine intake for a healthier tween.

Helping Tweens Troubleshoot the Ups and Downs of Friendships
Middle school can be a challenging time to make friends and deal with difficult friendships. Here's what you need to know to help your preteen.

Middle School Reading - Getting Preteens Into Reading
When children begin middle school, they often lose interest in reading for fun. Here's what you can do about middle school, reading and tweens.

When is Tween Moodiness Normal and When Is it Not?
Moodiness in the tween years is common, but sometimes it can signal something more serious, like depression or bipolar disorder. Learn how to differentiate normal tween moodiness from signs of trouble.

The Developmental Needs of Today's Middle School Students
Middle school students have a number of unique developmental needs. Are schools meeting these needs of middle school students?

Middle School Rules Your Tween Should Know
Make sure your tween starts middle school off strong. Here are the rules every tween should know before entering middle school.

Middle School Traps to Avoid
Middle school can be rife with challenges and obstacles and that's no way to begin a new school year. Be sure your child avoids these typical middle school traps.

Middle School Questions Your Tween Might Ask
Going off to middle school is a big change for your tween. Help you tween prepare for the experience by answering any questions she may have.

Top Stressors for Tweens
If your tween seems a bit stressed, you'll need to find out why.

Organize a Mall Scavenger Hunt for Tweens
A scavenger hunt at your local mall is a fun way for tweens to spend the day.

Make Up Mistakes Tweens Make
If your daughter wants to wear make up, you should probably prepare her to avoid common make up mistakes.

Magazines for Tweens and Preteen Girls
Tween girls have lots of questions about growing up. These magazines for tweens seek to answer questions and improve self-esteem and self-image.

Locker Decorating Made Easy for Tweens and Teens
Is your child using a locker for the first time? Having a school locker can be fun for a middle schooler. These locker decorating tips will get her started.

5 Things to Say to Your Tween
There are certain things every tween needs to hear from a parent. Here are just a few.

Locker Tips for Middle Schoolers
If your child is headed off to middle school, these locker tips will come in handy, and help keep your tween organized and ready for anything.

Middle School Fun - The Upside of Leaving Elementary School
Is your child hesitant to start middle school? Point out the positive to prepare your child for the changes.

The Truth About Middle School Classes
Your child may be wondering if his middle school classes will be difficult, or what they'll be like. Here's what tweens need to know.

The Signs of Puberty in Tween Girls
Is your tween daughter showing signs of puberty? Discover the signals that you can use to tell and how you can help her cope with the changes.

What are the Signs of Puberty in Tween Boys?
Boys begin puberty later than girls and there are going to be a lot of changes in your son. Learn the signs that your son is going through puberty.

Tweens and Discipline - What Parents Should Know
What every parent should know about tween behavior, discipline, children and parenting.

The Downside of Preteen Dating
Tween dating can have both beneficial and problematic outcomes. Here are some of the negative consequences associated with preteen dating.

The Girls' Q and A Book on Friendship -- A Review
Friendship without drama -- in middle school? Annie Fox's book offers wisdom and tips on helping middle school girls make the most of their friendships.

Is Your Child an Introvert?
If your child prefers to be alone and to think before talking, he or she may be an introvert. Learn how to support your tween's natural tendency to be an introvert.

Is Your Tween Ready to Stay at Home Alone?
Is your tween ready to be left at home alone? Know how to make the transition an easy one.