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Time Alone - Is My Child Spending Too Much Time Alone?
Children naturally desire more time alone as they get older. Learn about the developmental progression of alone time that occurs during preadolescence.

Early Puberty - How Early Puberty Affects Children and Teens
Early puberty has a number of consequences, including increased risks of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Learn more about how early puberty could affect your child.

What Children Learn from Overnight Camp
Thinking of sending your child to overnight camp this summer? Explore the many benefits that sleep-away camp has to offer.

Examples of Internalizing Behavior in Tweens
How do tweens exhibit internalizing behaviors? Get examples of these self-harming behaviors in adolescence and ways to help kids who use them to cope.

Your Teen and Intentionality: Living a Life of Purpose
Intentionality is key to success in school. Learn what intentionality is and when it develops.

Teaching Self-Control - 5 Strategies for Your Tween
Self-control is key to healthy development for children and tweens. These 5 tips will show you how to promote self-control and self-discipline.

What Is the Definition of an Identity Moratorium?
An identity moratorium is a time of active exploration of options. Learn more about what an identity moratorium is and how it relates to tweens.

What Is the Definition of Identity Achievement?
Identity achievement is key for healthy personality development. Learn what identity achievement is and how it relates to children, tweens and teens.

Teaching Your Tween How to Use a Pad
Teaching your tween about feminine hygiene and how to use a pad can give her confidence and help her adjust to the changes of puberty more comfortably.

Teach Your Tween to Care for Younger Kids
Older children learn a lot by taking care of younger siblings or by serving as a mother's helper. Here's what your tween should know when caring for children.

How To Teach Your Tween Good Manners
Teaching kids good manners begins at home. Here's what you need to know, and what you should teach your tween about good manners.

What Is the Definition of Identity Foreclosure?
Identity foreclosure occurs when a person settles on a sense of self too soon. Learn what identity foreclosure means for children, tweens and teens.

What Happens When Tweens Experience Identity Diffusion?
Identity diffusion is a status of identity that children and tweens often experience. Learn what identity diffusion means and the origins of the term.

Do You Know the Symptoms of Childhood Depression?
How can you tell if your tween is just down or is suffering from childhood depression? Learn the warning signs and how to get help for your child.

Examples of Externalizing Behaviors in Tweens and Teens
Externalizing behaviors are actions directed out toward others. Get examples of externalizing behaviors in tweens and teens with this overview.

How to Solve Hygiene Habits Now!
Proper hygiene can be a big deal during the tween years. Here's how to help your tween establish good habits and solve any hygiene problems.

How to Parent a Boy Crazy Tween
If your daughter isn't shy about her fondness for boys you may be wondering what to do about it. Here are a few tips for parenting the boy crazy tween.

7 Spring Break Activities to Enjoy with Your Tween
Spring break is a chance to spend time with your tween. These activities will be fun for both of you.

How to Host a Responsible Tween Party
If your tween wants to throw a big party, you'll need to make sure it's safe and adult supervised. These tips will establish guidelines for a fun and secure party.

Fun and Inspiring Gift Ideas for Your Tween Athlete
If your tween is an athlete, these sports gifts may be just the thing for Christmas, a birthday or for good sportsmanship.

How to Foster Positive Thinking in Your Tween
Your tween is learning how to deal with the ups and downs of life and of growing up. Here's how to help your child foster positive thinking through the tween years and beyond.

Social Stress: How Tweens Cope with Peer Stressors
Social stress, such as being bullied or ostracized, can have long-term effects. The duration of these effects depends upon how the victim handles it.

What's Your Teens Sociometric Status?
Learn how your teen's sociometric status, i.e. how they are viewed by their peers, affects their future in friendships and relationships.

Forms of Social Aggression
Social aggression refers to intentionally harming someone using nonphysical means. Learn about the forms of social aggression that are used most during the tween years.

Sleepover Rules for Tweens
If your child is planning a sleepover, it's best to discuss rules ahead of time. Here are a few rules to make sure the party stays fun.

Why Girls Use Social Exclusion
Social exclusion, a form of relational aggression, is used differently by females than males. Learn what recent research has to say about how social exclusion is used by girls.

How to Chaperone a Middle School Dance
If you're going to chaperone a middle school dance, you'll need to prepare yourself. Here's what you should know about what to do, and not do at the middle school dance.

How Materialistic is Your Teen?
Materialistic children are less generous and more financially irresponsible. You can curb this behavior and increase your teen's self-esteem.

How Logical Reasoning Changes with Age
Logical reasoning increases greatly from childhood into the tween years. Learn the specific ways that logical reasoning improves.

Is Your Tween Daughter Ready to Use Tampons?
Tween girls may have questions about tampons and menstruation, but should preteens use tampons? Here are a few considerations when deciding.

How Do Holiday Traditions Benefit Children?
Holiday traditions aid in the healthy development of children, tweens and teens. Learn why holiday traditions are so important for kids.

Ostracized - How Being Ostracized Can Harm Kids
Relational aggression in any form can be harmful, but being ostracized may have particularly devastating effects. Here are some of the harmful effects of being ostracized or socially excluded.

Highlights of the Middle School Year
Middle school will keep your tween busy, here are some of the year's highlights for you and your child.

Homework, Middle School and Tweens
Easy ways to help your tween with homework, middle school and getting work done at home.

Help Your Tween Manage Stress
Easy ways you can help your tween prevent and cope with stress.

How to Help Your Child Make Friends and Be a Good Friend
Friendships during the tween years are so important.There are several ways you can help your tween make friends and keep them.

Help Your Tween Make Better Decisions
If your tween has difficulty making decisions, these tips will help you improve your child's decision making skills.

Help Your Tween Be a Better Athlete
A good athlete needs to find inspiration and work on developing skills. Here's how to help your tween be the best athlete she can be.

Helping Preteens Manage Peer Pressure
If your tween is headed off to middle school, you'll need to talk about peer pressure.

Help Your Tween Avoid School Stress
If you have a child headed to middle school, you need to know how to reduce school stress.

Period Emergency - Help Your Daughter Prevent a Period Emergency
Does your daughter experience irregular menstrual cycles? Here's how to help her avoid a period emergency.

Tweens - How to Relate to Today's Tweens
Tweens can be complicated and moody, but this guide will help you understand and help your preteen.

Tips For Children Who Hate Gym Class
There's a lot for children to worry about when they're getting ready to begin middle school, and gym class is usually at the top of the list.

Gift Basket Ideas for Tweens
A personalized gift basket is the perfect present for your tween or her friends. Here's how to create a gift basket that you'll enjoy giving to the tween in your life.

What Parents of Boys Should Know About Puberty
If your son is on the verge of change, here's your guide to puberty, boys and parenting.

Insights Into Girl Behavior
Many aspects of development are the same for both sexes, but there are some ways that girl behavior is unique from boy behavior. Here's an overview of girl behavior during the tween years.

Get Your Tween to Cooperate -- Here's How
If your older child seems a tad uncooperative, it's time to convince him to get with the program. Here's how.

Psychological Effects of Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity can have a number of psychological effects, including higher rates of depression and lower self-esteem. Childhood obesity may be particularly problematic during the tween years.

How to Get Tweens to Help with Household Chores
Why should your tween have chores? Because they teach skills and boost self-esteem. Here's how to get tweens to do their household chores.

Parenting Children During the Preteen Years
If you have a tween in the house, you might need backup. These tips will help you while you're parenting children through the preteen years.

Easy Ways to Prevent Your Tween from Skipping School
Tweens may be tempted to skip school, but you can do a lot to keep your child in class. Here's how to keep your child at school -- where he should be.

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Tweens
Is your preteen looking forward to Valentine's Day? Here are a few fun Valentine's Day Activities for tweens to keep them busy, having fun, and making memories.

Fun Jobs for Children and Tweens
Whether they working for spending money or as part of their chores, there are many potential jobs for children, and they all help teach skills.

Babysit - Preparing Your Tween to Babysit
Does your tween want to babysit? Do you think she's ready? Here's how to prepare your tween for the adventure of babysitting.

Bonding with Your Tween Through Family Activities
Looking for fun activities you can do with your tween? These fun family activities will help you bond with your tween.

Prepare Your Tween for Middle School
Your tween is off to middle school. Here's what you can do to prepare for the change.

Free Things to Do This Summer With Your Tween
Interested in summer fun on a budget? These ideas will help keep your child busy all summer long, and they are very easy on the family budget.

Why Tweens and Teens Develop Personal Fables
The personal fable is a cognitive limitation of the tween and teen years linked to egocentrism. The personal fable can lead to risk-taking behaviors.

Period Questions Your Daughter Might Ask
Puberty can be confusing for girls, and you daughter may have a few period questions. Here's how to help her understand menstruation.

Parenting Your Gifted Middle Schooler
Middle school can pose numerous challenges and opportunities to gifted students and their parents, here's how to help your child embrace his talents and the middle school experience.

Parenting the Lazy Tween - Tips for Parents
If your tween lacks motivation, these tips will help.

Parenting an Introverted Tween
Parenting an introverted tween can be a lot of fun. Here's how to make sure you're giving your child everything he needs.

Panic Attacks in Tweens, Teens, Adolescents
What are panic attacks and how do they affect tweens and teens? Learn more about adolescent panic attacks here.

Foster Leadership Skills in Your Tween
If you think your tween is a natural born leader, or just needs to develop leadership skills, these exercises can help.

How to Relieve Period Cramps and Menstrual Pain
Your tween's period pain could be seriously painful. Learn how to identify normal v. abnormal menstrual pain, treat period cramps and more.

How Precocious Puberty Impacts Girls and Boys Differently
Boys and girls do not experience early puberty in the same way. Here are some of the sex differences related to precocious puberty that have been found.

Tween Dating: What to Worry and Not Worry About
You may be concerned if you see children as young as 12-year-olds dating in a long-term, serious way. Learn the truth about the age kids start dating.

What You Should Know About Tweens, Gifts, and Shopping
Shopping for tweens? Gifts don't have to be expensive or difficult to find.

How to Manage Early Puberty, Girls and Growing Up
Precocious puberty can be a problem. Here's what parents should know about early puberty, girls and development issues.

Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls - Tweens
Has your daughter started to change? Here are a few personal hygiene tips she should know.

Tips to End Tween Back Talk
You couldn't have imagined when your child was learning his first words that he'd eventually use those words against you one day. Here are five tips to end tween back talk.

Show Your Tween How to Track Period Arrival Dates
Menstruation can be tough on girls, here's how to help your tween track period arrival dates.

Nature Activities -- Enjoy the Outdoors with These Fun Nature Activities
Teach your tween the joys of being outdoors with these fun nature activities.

The Middle School Bus - What Your Tween Should Know
If your tween has to ride the bus to middle school, here's what he needs to know.

Menstrual Symptoms Your Tween Should Know
If your daughter has started her period, or is about to, she needs to know the symptoms she might experience.

Girls and Clothing - What Parents Should Know
How parents of tweens can navigate the world of girls and clothing.

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys
If you're having trouble shopping for a tween, consider these gift ideas for preteen boys.

Eating Disorders and Children - What Parents Should Know
Are you worried your child may have an eating disorder? Here's what parents should know about eating disorders and their symptoms.

What Does Diffusion of Responsibility Mean?
Diffusion of responsibility occurs in group situations. Diffusion of responsibility makes people feel less accountable for their actions, which can result in a variety of outcomes.

Are Your Kids Cursing? Here's What to Do.
Are your kids cursing? Here's how to help tweens clean up their language and avoid the bad habit of constant cursing.

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Rules of Texting & Cell Phone Etiquette for Kids
Tweens love to communicate via text, and displaying good manners is important. These tech tips will instill proper cell phone etiquette for kids.

Stop Nagging Your Tween - Here's How
You hate nagging, and your tween hates it, too. Here's how to stop nagging your older child and get a little more cooperation at the same time.

Surviving Cabin Fever When You Have a Tween
If you're trapped in the home for days at a time and you have a tween, you'll need a few tips and strategies to keep everyone happy.