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Twitter Basics
If you're new to Twitter and want to get started, these Twitter basics will teach you how to sign up, adjust privacy settings, use Twitter effectively, how to log in, basic Twitter lingo and other common personal and business uses.

Twitter Glossary
Welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter acronyms and made-up hashtags. This Twitter Glossary is created to help you unravel all the mysteries of Twitter jargon.

Twitter Avatar Defined
Your Twitter Avatar is your profile photo that shows up next to every tweet you post. If you're serious about Twitter, you seriously need an Avatar.

5 Celebrities that Tweet Back to Their Fans
For as many celebrities who don't like to socialize, there are just as many celebrities that Tweet back at their followers.

12 Best Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow If You Love Cars
12 knowledgeable car enthusiasts on Twitter who are constantly on top of any breaking news or hot takes regarding the car industry.

What is a Tweetstorm?
Feel constrained by Twitter's 140 character limit? Learn about the Tweetstorm and how to use it

Automatic Twitter Feeds: Pros and Cons
Automatic Twitter feeds have revolutionized the way that business owners are able to use Twitter. Here's what you need to know

Understanding Basic Twitter Lingo & Slang
A simple guide to basic Twitter lingo and slang for new users, old users, and users who are coming back for more.

31 Quotes About Twitter Under 140 Characters
Need something to retweet? Here are the most interesting, funny and insightful Twitter quotes that rang in under 140 characters

31 Quotes About Twitter Under 140 Characters
Need something to retweet? Here are the most interesting, funny and insightful Twitter quotes that rang in under 140 characters

31 Quotes About Twitter Under 140 Characters
Need something to retweet? Here are the most interesting, funny and insightful Twitter quotes that rang in under 140 characters

How to Twitter Chat
What are Twitter Chats and how do you participate in them? Here's what you need to know about these ongoing conversations

# Hashtag Definition
What is a hashtag? What happens when you add a hashtag to a word? Here are the details about the popular use of the pound symbol

History of Hashtags and Use in Social Media
Have you ever wondered when the pound symbol became one of the most popular keys on your keyboard? This history of hashtags will shed some light

Twitter Leadership: A Noah Glass Biography
Why Noah Glass, the person who first called Twitter

Discover the Best of Twitter
Discover the best accounts on Twitter for traveling, discovering new music, dining out, getting marketing advice and more.

The 66 Best Travel Tweeters: Deals, Advice & Adventures
Twitter is a resource for a lot of things, and travel is near the top of the list: for advice, facilitation, narrative, and more.

Twitter Algorithm Definition
Here's how Twitter's algorithm helps their computers read the gazillion tweets they're pushing through the firehose

To Retweet or Re-Tweet, That Is The Question
Do you know whether you should retweet or re-tweet someone? Here's the difference between the two terms

Twitter for Business & Marketing
Many successful entrepreneurs who are using for Twitter for business are seeing Twitter as their number one source of website traffic next to search.

Twitter Etiquette & Reputation
Knowing proper Twitter etiquette will help you keep followers, impress future employers, stop yourself before annoying anyone, and will give you the non-spammy guidelines to use in any self-promotional situation.

Video on Twitter - How to Use the Mobile Feature
One of its latest advances, mobile video on Twitter, complete with a camera function, is taking the social media service to a new level.

A Brief Overview of Using Twitter for Business
Apparently, there is a secret in business. And it’s a big one. Enormous, maybe. Want to know what it is? It’s how to use Twitter for business growth.

Twitter Group Messaging: How to Take Part
Twitter group messaging is here, the company announced in early 2015. So, what does this latest advance mean?

How to Create a Twitter Account in 5 Steps
The first step in learning how to create Twitter account is to sign up for the service as a new user. When you first visit the site, you will see a page that gives you the option of starting a new account.

Twitter ROI: Tools to Help Businesses Measure Impact
With Twitter ROI emerging as one of the hot topics in social media advertising, the company is rolling out tools to better measure it.

Hungry? Try Using a Twitter Emoji for a Pizza Delivery
My newest discovery? You can use a Twitter Emoji to order a pizza delivery from Domino's pizza. Seriously! All you need to do is Tweet a pizza emoji to @Dominos with the hashtag #EasyOrder, and you've placed your order! It's that simple.

New On Google: Twitter Search Results
When you want to know something, what do you do? You go to the library? Maybe you ask a friend? Most likely, you go to Google. As great as Google is, though, it is not as fast as Twitter. But that just changed. Now included on Google - Twitter search results.

Suspended Twitter Account? Here’s How to Reactivate Your Twitter
Here’s an explanation on why a Twitter account may be suspended, and how a user should go about reactivating their account.

Twitter Bird Drawing
Let's start with the simple stuff. If you want to make any Twitter crafts, then you will need to know how to draw a Twitter bird.

Twitter Cupcakes
In honor of joining Twitter, @bakerella decided to cook up some special Twitter cupcakes! She doesn't provide the exact recipe, but I think it's more about perfecting the art of fondant than which vanilla cake mix she came up with.

Twitter Keychain
Do you have a 3D printer? We just got our kit recently and are still putting it together, but you'd be shocked to know how many different things there are on including this Twitter keychain!

Twitter-Powered Gumball Machine
What's better than an old-fashioned gumball machine? I'll tell you what - a Twitter-powered gumball machine.

While we're looking at Twitter-powered devices, I couldn't leave out the coffee pot, right?

Twitter Bird Costume
This Twitter bird costume couldn't get any better. Twitter user @luvelizabethany did a pretty amazing job here and you can replicate it at home.

Knit Twitter Bird
Berroco yarns put together this cute little pattern for a blue bird. I found it getting shared across the web as a Twitter bird, and found a bunch of broken links, so something tells me they may have needed to re-name it.

"Tweet Me" Cake Pops
What a fun idea! I just about dropped on the floor when I discovered those little candy hearts are now totally social media savvy and say

Twitter Bird Origami
I've seen a few versions of this origami Twitter bird across the web, but never a valid plan for how to create one because the original author Maria Sinayskaya says she didn't use a plan and isn't sure it would be possible.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools For Tracking Everything
Twitter analytics tools can help you make better decisions about what to Tweet, when to Tweet and how to Tweet them.

Carbon Twitter Client for Android Review
Carbon is a fairly new Twitter client on the Android platform. It originally started its life as a WebOS Twitter client. As an app for that now defunct platform, the Carbon Twitter app garnered high praise from users

You Really Should Tweet That
Twitter is a fun way to message your friends and family in order to share what you're seeing, hearing, and reading. In just 140 characters.

Our 10 Favorite Celebrity First Tweets
Twitter launched an option where you can read anyone's first Tweets. Check out some of our favorite celebrity first Tweets throughout the years.

Getting To Know Your Direct Message Inbox
At the top of your direct message inbox, you’ll see two buttons. I’ve labeled them 1. and 2. Button one is to “mark all messages as read.” This is a handy button because you’ll often have an inbox filled with nonsense, and you don’t need to be notified that you need to read it.

Composing a Direct Message
Type in your message in the form field below. Just like Tweets, you only have 140 characters to write your message in. Once you’re done composing you can click the send message button.

How to Direct Message on Twitter
Below is a step by step guide on how to direct message on Twitter via the web. In a future guide, I’ll be showing you how to direct message via Twitter’s mobile app and through SMS.

Finding Your Direct Message Inbox
Your direct message inbox can only hold your last 100 messages in your inbox. Twitter stores the rest in their database. Twitter has mentioned that they are working on a way to show all your past direct messages.

Adding Photos to Direct Messages
Recently Twitter has added the ability to attach photos to direct messages. Industry insiders say that it’s a move against the popular messaging app Snapchat. To send an image via direct message all you need to do is click on the small camera icon in the bottom left corner of the compose box.

How to Write Tweets Better, 140 Characters at a Time
Writing 140 characters cannot exactly compare to the blank page of a future novel, however, there's certainly anxiety about it. Within 140 characters you can either delight or offend your hundreds, thousands or millions of followers. And don't forget getting the lingo correct.

5 Ways to Unfollow Twitter Users
The best reason to unfollow Twitter users is that you no longer like seeing what they’ve posted in your feed. They’re annoying, they post spam, and they make you think angry thoughts when you see them clouding up your feed.

Bad Tweets: 8 Ways Tweets Can Get You Fired
Hello, friend. Today we're learning the important lessons of bad Tweets including how to Tweet like a total jerk and get yourself fired. If you do the opposite of these things, you might not get fired! No promises, however.

Twitter Apps & Tools
Twitter apps can be used on desktops, mobile phones and online in order to create better interfaces for engaging with other Twitter users.

Getting Twitter Followers
One major metric in every person's Twitter arsenal is their follower count. While some use it to gauge authority, others use it to predict your influence.

Twitter Hashtags
Twitter hashtags can be used to congregate a group of attendees at an event, follow an online Tweet Chat, create trends, and sometimes just to facilitate an online conversation.

Twitter Profile
Your Twitter profile tells people who you are, what you like to talk about, who you're friends with, and what you support. And you might be surprised to know how much a Twitter background or profile picture can tell a visitor about you without ever reading a tweet! Below you'll discover how to optimize everything about your profile.

Twitter Search
There's more to Twitter Search than a single search box. Discover how to properly use Advanced Search, which allows you to search tweets by location and even mood. Adding in advanced search operators you can find just about anyone tweeting about anything!

Twitter News
The latest and greatest information about Twitter, including what they're doing in business and across the world.

Twitter Analytics
Businesses are using Twitter analytics to see which tweets are getting traction, which ones aren't, and at what times they're most effective.

Twitter Trends
Millions of users are currently at work creating Twitter trends, new hashtags and developing national news simply by using the platform in a similar way all at the same time.

Twicca for Android Review
Twicca for Android is one of the oldest Twitter clients. Don’t be fooled, however, it is also one of the most beloved, as it has been downloaded almost 5,000,000 times and has almost 50,000 reviews (accumulating to 4.5/5 stars) in the Google app store.

Plume for Twitter Review
Plume for Twitter is one of the best Twitter Android apps out there, and almost everyone agrees.

The 5 Best Android Twitter Apps
In my quest for the best Android Twitter app, I had some help from combined Android super-user and Twitter super-user since my expertise is more on the iPhone side and I wanted these reviews to have some perspective of a long-time user. Most of the apps are available and ready to download, and one of them has a super-secret way of getting in. If you're nerdy and dedicated enough, you might be able to figure it out yourself.

How Much Is My Twitter Worth?
As World Wrestling Federation legend Ted

Survey Results: The Best Twitter Chats
Ordered by day of the week, here are some of their pitches for the best Twitter Chats. I excluded entries made by the hosts and anything self-promotional and tried to stick just with people who are attendees.

How Your Brand Can Take Advantage of Current Events on Twitter
Twitter has grown into one of the top social media sites of all time. Not only does the platform serve individuals, but businesses also reap the benefits. Because Twitter is a top provider of world news, and it’s a particularly timely source, businesses would do well to use this to their advantage.

Twitter Analytics: A Look at the New Dashboard
For years, digital marketers realized that Twitter was driving valuable traffic to their websites. Many, who were good at crafting and sending tweets, were seeing their referral traffic from Twitter grow. Often times, Twitter was one of the top referral traffic sources, but specifics weren’t always available on what exactly the top Twitter content was.

Twitter Buys Periscope — What’s The Big Deal?
Have you heard about Periscope yet? If you haven’t, you probably will. After months of bet testing, Periscope was released to the public and has been gaining momentum ever since.


- By Category
An index of categories in the

First Tweet Ideas for New Twitter Users
There's a lot of pressure to make sure your first Tweet is perfect, especially with Twitter's Discover A First Tweet tool.

How to Pin a Tweet to Your Twitter Profile
How to pin a Tweet to your profile: Now that you know why Pinning a Tweet to your profile page is one of the more simple things to do on Twitter. In fact, you can do it in four easy steps.

How to Create Twitter Campaigns
What do you consider a Twitter campaign?This is a great question to ponder because Twitter campaigns come with different scopes. The purpose of this article is to highlight Twitter campaigns that businesses and brands can use to drive more website traffic. These fall into two categories: paid and organic Twitter campaigns.

The Best Science Twitter Accounts
Ok, science nerds. Here is your chance to have some fun on Twitter, with people who might just get your need for information. These aren't the only good science Twitter accounts, but it should get you started. You'll get the occasional Copernicus jokes on these, but they don't revolve around them.

A Twitter Strategy for Brands
Some brands are perfectly set up to be major players on the micropublishing site Twitter. These brands have valuable content and information to share, and Twitter strategy gives them the platform needed to reach the right audiences.

12 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Financial Advice
You're surfing Twitter, wondering who to follow next. Suddenly, you remember your past due bills, your landlord nagging about the rent, and your children's -- or younger siblings' -- college fund. Then it hits you: Why not kill two birds and follow finance experts on Twitter?

The 19 Best Wrestlers on Twitter You Should Follow
For all you Smarks out there, here's a list of the wrestlers who are doing a bang-up job at keeping their fans entertained in and out of the ring.

New friends you never knew you'd find.
Using Twitter, and then turning those online relationships into real life friendships is like moving from a small town to a big city.

Discussions you never thought you'd have.
But you don't need to meet every Tweep IRL (that's web talk for

Ideas you've never been introduced to.
The existence of the Internet alone makes us smarter (and a little dumber) at the same time.

Job opportunities you'd never know existed.
If you become friends with people who run businesses, and you engage with them before you're even in the job market, there's a good chance they'll listen when you send a resume their way.

Business opportunities you won't find elsewhere.
Twitter is a great place to market yourself, the company you work for, or the company you own.

Getting recommendations from other humans.
If you're looking to buy a new spiralizer, you could Google spiralizer reviews, and you might hit a few affiliate-driven blog posts that may or may not be honest.

Curing boredom.
And let's be honest. There's nothing fun or exciting about waiting in line to get your car registered, or waiting six hours through a flight from Boston to San Francisco.

Using Twitter for Retail in the Best Ways Possible
You own a business, and you know you should be on Twitter. At least, that's what everyone tells you. Sadly, that often ends up with a whole lot of frustration, both for you and your followers - assuming you get many. And yet, there are some folks who are using Twitter for retail business, and doing it well.

A Look at Twitter Ecommerce
It wasn't surprising when Twitter Ecommerce came to fruition. Major social networks and social platforms put in effort to generate revenue from the masses of audience members that traffic their websites. It seemed like only a matter of time until Twitter went beyond normal offerings and turned towards consumers.

What’s Next for Twitter Music?
There was once a time when it seemed that Twitter would become the digital equivalent — a destination to learn about new music and support independent artists. Twitter music was a destination found under the hashtag #music. In addition to the hashtag, #music was an app available in the Apple App Store. However, for any Twitter music followers out there, the app was shut down on April 18th, 2014 — one year after its inception.

How to Maximize Twitter for B2B Marketing
Thanks to Twitter's popularity and ease of use, it has become a go-to tool for businesses on Twitter. Though the site seems like it's only for consumer brands, it can also be used for B2B interactions.

The Twitter Bird Logo: 5 Things You're Forbidden From Doing
When it comes to Larry the Twitter bird, things get serious. After all, “Twitter is the bird, and the bird is Twitter,” Twitter wrote on their blog after their 2012 rebranding. Twitter now goes by a symbol, like Prince, and it's pronounced

Things You May Not Know About the Twitter Search
Because I spend a lot of time doing a Twitter search, I've recently found a few shortcuts you might be able to use in your Twitter usage as well.

Twitter Advanced Search Tips and Tricks
Trying to find something on Twitter that is super specific? Have you all but given up? Have no fear, the Twitter Advanced Search tool helps you find what you're looking for.

How to Use Star Wars Emojis on Twitter
I'll admit, until recently I barely knew a thing about Star Wars. I'd watched it growing up, but I never really paid much attention and I certainly couldn't answer any trivia about it. But my husband is very much into Star Wars, which is why when they released the six movie set recently, he was on the pre-order list and we spent the next few days watching Episode I through VI.

How do you retweet with comment? More details arise
Now you no longer have to wonder how to retweet with comment if you really agree or disagree with something on Twitter.

Get Deals on Twitter by Following These 10 Savings Savvy Accounts
Forget mass emails and daily deals, you can now get deals on Twitter through super savings that are now simply a @ and # away.

How to Quote a Tweet, Super-User Style
One of the very first things you do on Twitter is learn how to quote a Tweet. When retweeting something that a user has said, if you've been around the block awhile, you might still be using RT (ReTweet) MT (Modified Tweet) and HT (Hat Tip)

You'll Never Write RT in a Tweet Again
Everything you used to know about how to quote a Tweet just got dumped on its head. This removes any need to ever write RT again in a Tweet. Ever.

Vote for American Idol With Hashtags
I'll be honest, I think it's pretty cool that you can vote for American Idol with hashtags. Of course, so far, nobody has gone home that I wanted to stay, otherwise I might be yelling bloody murder at the TV asking for them to

Twitter Trends: The News on What’s New with Twitter
Are you ready for the latest from Twitter, and how to find the most popular Twitter stories hitting the digital waves? Today we’ll discuss Twitter trends, from Twitter users and the company itself.

Twitter Headquarters A Super Cool Place to Work
Your office probably isn’t as cool as working at the Twitter headquarters. I don’t mean to insult your place of employment but the Twitter headquarters is a pretty unique atmosphere. The BuzzFarmers headquarters is probably as cool, on a much smaller level, but still, there’s a certain echelon reached by Twitter.

How to Connect With Customers through Twitter
These days, to be successful, you need to maintain a strong relationship with your customers. The best way to do that is to utilize social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have become an essential part of marketing and customer service.

A Look Back at 9 Years of Twitter History
Did you know that Twitter just celebrated nine years of social networking?So much has happened in the past nine years of Twitter history. What started from one Tweet created a whole new way to communicate with humans around the world.

Barack Obama & Twitter: Presidential Social Sharing
Ever dream of being friends with the President of the United States? Well, wait no longer – you can be friends with President Barack Obama on Twitter right away – technically.

How to Find Friends on Twitter
There are a few different ways you can find friends on Twitter. Today we’re going to go over these strategies so you can get the most out of your Twitter experience.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter
Hashtags help make Twitter unique among social platforms. If you’re currently wondering how to use hashtags on Twitter, this article will provide you with enough background on hashtags that you’ll be able to try a variety of strategies for using them.

Twitter Bullying: How Users Can Fight Back
Twitter bullying is a real problem with frightening consequences. As more and more teens use social media, rampant reports about harassment are surfacing around the clock. But it's not just happening to kids!

Using Poetweet on 5 Famous Writers' Twitter Accounts
Have you heard of Poetweet yet? It is an incredible website which will turn your Tweets into poetry. Seriously! Once you input a user name, you are given the option of choosing a sonnet, rondel, or indriso based off of that user's Tweet history.

Twitter Rules & Best Practices For Social Platform Success
There are a few important Twitter rules to recognize if you’re new to the social platform. These Twitter rules have been put in place by Twitter itself, so you can to abide by them if you want to remain part of the community.

How to Advertise on Twitter
Twitter is multifaceted, like many other social platforms and digital entities. Businesses can use it as a promotional platform through good old-fashioned organic marketing. They can also buy ads directly from Twitter, potentially leading to bigger audience exposure.

Five Tips to Guide Twitter Strategy For Brands
The world of social media is the best place for your company to interact with potential customers. A good social media marketing campaign can reach people at home, in the airport, waiting in line at a restaurant, or taking a break on a road trip. Platforms like Twitter can help you engage new and current customers, and can also provide you with nearly instant feedback.

20 Great Wine People on Twitter That Make You Wish it Was #WineWednesday
These wine Tweeting folks below not only win at wine, but also at Twitter, and that's a superhero combo if you ask me.

24 Random Twitter Facts to Start Off Your New Year
Do you like to stay up-to-date with your Twitter facts? Seeing as the company grows and changes so regularly, it can be difficult to memorize everything you could possibly know about the company.

Twitter Vs Facebook: A Comparison Of Giants
The Twitter vs Facebook debate is often undertake by those who recognize the social empowerment that can come from these platforms. These mass communication tools allow people to connect with others known and unknown. It gives businesses the opportunity to build brand recognition and sell products or services with greater ease than ever before.

Twitter Interview Questions
Use a site like to find out what type of Twitter interview questions other candidates were asked, and then spend time coming up with your own perfect answers.

What's a MT on Twitter?
MT on Twitter stands for Modified Tweet. When a user manually Retweets a message, they often lose about twenty characters in order to make room for a comment, the username of the original poster, and the original Tweet.

Have a Cup of Twitter Tea With These 17 Wonderful Tea Tweeters
I'm sort of a tea-drinking wannabe. I love tea, but I don't drink it every day, and I buy and waste more tea than most people, I think. Or at least my husband think so. The thing is that I find tea to be really fascinating, in the same way that I find wine and bourbon interesting. I recently went on a three month road trip and we spent quite a bit of time in tasting tea in different tea rooms, but one of my most memorable experiences was at @TrailheadTea in Sedona, Arizona.

Updated Twitter Profile Picture Dimensions
The most current Twitter profile picture dimensions and tips for optimization.

How to Get Verified on Twitter: A Hack
If you aren't really verified on Twitter, fake it 'til you make it?

13 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers
Organic and slightly dirtier ways to get more followers on Twitter.

Best URL Shortener Websites (For Twitter or Other Uses)
You get a whopping 140 tiny Twitter characters to say what you want to say. As they say, barriers can boost creativity, so people have learned to be pretty witty with 140 characters, even inventing hashtags to make the whole process easier.

The Real History of Twitter, In Brief
The history of Twitter and how the micro-messaging wars were won.

Twitter Favorites (Definition and Examples)
Twitter favorites were first used solely to bookmark Tweets you wanted to read later. Now they're used similar to the

10 Top Twitter Trends of 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, the service has dedicated a well-designed microsite full of fantastic visualizations to the top Twitter trends. Here's our list!

How to Find Real Celebrities on Twitter
Weed out celebrity impersonators on Twitter by checking for the blue and white verification badge.

How to Find People on Twitter by Email
Find people you know on Twitter with their email address

Working at Twitter: What A Job At The Social Network May Be Like
Those who find themselves constantly enthralled by the internet’s potential to change society, build communities, and share the stories of our lives may wonder how they can generate a livelihood from their passion.

Is It Legal to Sell a Twitter Account?
Ever since the Twitter account @ drew was sold by tech blogger Drew Olanoff to TV personality Drew Carey for over $25,000, there have been questions concerning whether it's OK, allowed, or simply legal to sell a Twitter account.

What Does HT Mean on Twitter?
A definition and complete overview of what a hat tip (HT) is, including examples and reasons for its uses.

Buying Fiverr Twitter Followers: The Good + The Bad
I tested the power of a few thousand Twitter followers for $5 bucks and got back 500 real ones in return. Not a bad trade!

Twitter Leadership: A Dick Costolo Biography
He forsook Silicon Valley to focus on improv comedy in Chicago. So, how did he become the head hashtagger? Read this Dick Costolo biography to find out!

Chelsea Handler + Twitter = R-Rated Fun for Everyone
Chelsea Handler & Twitter? This is bound to be a great combination, and I’m sure it will be extremely interesting.

Justin Timberlake & Twitter: Bromance, Romance, and Controversy
His career started in the Mickey Mouse Club. He rose to fame with his friends in the boy band N’Sync. On his own, he developed an extremely successful solo singing and acting career. This celebrity has brought sexy back, and now all eyes are on the Justin Timberlake Twitter Page. It’s easy for someone to think they know a celebrity. We read online what they like to eat, where they like to go, and who they like to spend their time with, but how well do we really know these individuals?

Hootsuite Review for Personal and Business Use
This Hootsuite review shows that a third-party Twitter application can effectively combine many platforms into one for business and consumer users.

Popular Twitter Search Operators
To find quotes for articles on Twitter, or look for people asking questions you can answer, these popular Twitter search operators will do the tricl

The Twitter Fail Whale: Gone but Not Forgotten
Call me Ishmael. Just kidding – call me Shawn. After all, the following (probably) won't rise to the literary heights of Moby-Dick, but it will tell the story of a white whale. The Twitter Fail Whale, to be exact.

5 Twitter Event Marketing Strategies
Using Twitter for event marketing by creating hashtags, dubbing event ambassadors and promoting the heck out of your hashtag

What is Twitter Used For?
It’s come to my attention that many in the Internet community have been asking the question: What is Twitter used for?

11 Distinct Twitter Reactions to Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman today and people on Twitter are going crazy. Here are the eleven different types of responses the news is receiving.

Matt Cutts: Twitter Presence and Persona Analyzed
Matt Cutts: Twitter Presence and Persona Analyzed

#FF or #FollowFriday Definition
Follow Friday started like other Twitter staples--with the users, by the users. According to Twitter lore, it was this tweet that began in back in 2009 by Micah Baldwin (@micah), founder of another tech / digital content start-up called Graphicly.

Twitter Buttons Definition
You can put Twitter buttons on your website to encourage readers to follow you and share your content with their Twitter following.

Twitter Bug Definition
Twitter bugs happen. Sometimes things go kablooey on Twitter; maybe the server gets overloaded with requests or maybe it returns something you weren’t expecting to see.

14 Twitter Basics for Business
Twitter is for your brand image, but it's more so for your values. Who are you? What do you support? Whom do you support? My favorite business Tweeters are chefs who post photos of themselves cooking in the kitchen or foraging in the woods for ingredients. Anything you can do to bring people closer to your brand and the people who work for you is a good thing.

Twitter API Definition
Think of Twitter API as a thin, see-through layer that sits on top of Twitter and can pull through any of its raw material, like incoming tweet data from around the world, and use it in new and exciting ways.

What Non-Crazy Celebrities Think About Crazy Celebrities on Twitter
Celebrities seem to be having public meltdowns these days. You give 'em direct access to their public, and what do they do? Let their hearts bleed all over the keyword. And that's cool most of the time.The only time when it gets messy is when the crazy comes out.

What is a Tweet on Twitter
I have more verb translations of Tweeting and Tweets than I care to share, but the most honest question anyone asks of twitter is,

Ideas for Custom Twitter Backgrounds
Thoughts on and resources for using custom Twitter backgrounds

Twitter App Definition
A Twitter App is an application that takes advantage of the Twitter API to leverage Twitter’s massive stream of data, often called the firehose, and deliver a customized experience for the app’s user.

25 Twitter Follower Tools For The Curious + Eager
I don't like to talk about Twitter follower tools much because they get into the spammy side of Twitter. With that said, and this site being a resource on Twitter, I'm going to address the white hat ones.

Twitter Leadership: A Jack Dorsey Biography
If they ever chisel out a Mount Rushmore for startup founders, Jack Dorsey’s bust is sure to be included. Largely credited with inventing Twitter, Dorsey has made quite a contribution to society. Thanks in large part to the microblogging service, social media is no longer dismissed as an escapist pastime – it’s now a vital part of our everyday lives.

How to Become Twitter Famous
Below, we’ve listed 10 ways to make it big – not from our personal experience, sadly, but rather with some recent real-world examples of men and women who got a lot more out of 140 characters than most of us do.

ReTweet Definition
What's a ReTweet? Why would someone ReTweet? Why would someone want to ReTweet, anyway?

Twitter Connect Tab
The Connect tab on Twitter lets you know who's been thinking about you. It lists your interactions and mentions. Interactions are favorites, retweets, @replies and, therefore, include mentions.

Discover Tab Definition
There is a LOT going on in the Discover tab of your Twitter account.

Tweeting Jobs: How to Get Paid to Tweet at a Real Jobby Job
Does getting paid to Tweet sounds awesome? Ready for your next Tweeting job? Well, so is everybody else, so get in line! Just kidding, but seriously. If you want a job running Twitter accounts for businesses, master all of these skills and then slam the interview with all of your newfound social media ninja expertise.

Twitter Bio Definition
Your Twitter bio gives up 160 text characters to tell the world all about you.

Installing a Twitter Widget For Your Website
Whether your web marketing plan is more grande soy vanilla latte or venti caramel macchiato, there is a Twitter widget for your website in many flavors.

Twitter Font History and Changes: The Subtext
In May, when Twitter implemented a new typeface for most features on its site, the response was mixed. After all, it was the first time in the social media service’s eight years online that they had switched up the Twitter font, and longtime users were wondering whether it was necessary. In turn, the biggest question for many – even among those who liked the new look – was “Why?”

Falcon Pro App for Twitter Review
The story of Falcon Pro encompasses the huge problem that Twitter has when it comes to third party Twitter clients.

Twitter Mention Definition
Twitter Mentions are just about synonymous with @replies. Both include your username, however the way users view them (or don't view them) is completely different.

How Does Twitter Work?
While recent speculation about its demise was premature – if not just plain dumb – the fact remains that Twitter is facing a couple of challenges. One is its stock price, which is uneven, to put it kindly. The other is its gently eroding user base. Look, all social media sites see an ebb and flow in their user habits and demographics at various points, so rest assured that Twitter will weather this storm. But the reasons behind more than a few users abandoning their accounts – and fewer people starting accounts, according to current rates – do merit some consideration.

Twitter Poetry: A Guide to 140 Characters for Poets on Twitter
Twitter has been described as the “haiku superhighway,” a “vehicle for real creativity” and a savior to the dead art of on­-page poetry.

Article Recycling: How to Turn One Article into 10 Tweets
If you're a content marketer, then you are tasked with the goal of promoting content without looking like you're shooting out a firehose of links. Use these ten variations of Tweets to promote content in a more human way.

Twitter Glossary
Every community has it's own language and Twitter is no different. If you want to know the difference between a re-tweet and a retweet, or how to hashtag your way through a tweet chat while RT'ing the best Tweeps, you can find that across this whole site. If you have no idea what you just read, then you'll find all of that right here.

Twitter Apps
One of the biggest reasons for Twitter's initial success was an open API that allowed developers to build Twitter tools and apps that complimented the platform. These Twitter apps can be used on desktops, mobile phones and online in order to create better interfaces for engaging with other users. These apps and tools help people analyze their profiles, track trends, unfollow users and include other analytical, automated tools.

8 News Stories that Broke on Twitter
Now, more than ever, it seems young people are taking an interest in the news. With the onset of social media, many young people have taken the news into their own hands and transformed how stories are acquired and shared. Citizen journalism is the perfect example of this. Anyone with a smartphone has the capability of capturing an image or video and sharing it with their network before a news van even arrives on the scene.

The Twitter IPO for Dummies: All You Really Need to Know
The Twitter IPO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on November 6, 2013. It jumped from $26 to $45 when moving between private and public investors.

Twitter Retargeting is Happening With Tailored Audiences
Twitter unveiled a new option for advertisers in December. It’s called Tailored Audiences, and it’s pretty much Twitter retargeting.

Twitter Profile: Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter
So let’s talk Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter. Why Ellen? Well, if I’m going to do a bunch of analyzing of a Twitter account, I want it to at least be somebody I really like!

Pros and Cons of Twitter's Scheduled Tweets
My primary concern is that they've rolled out the Tweet scheduling feature to businesses with ad accounts however it currently lacks any serious business features.

Twitter Etiquette: It's Okay to Talk to Strangers
The old adage that Twitter is like one big cocktail party still holds. It’s a lot more than that, of course. So is a cocktail party, in fact. It’s a networking event for the attendees and a reputation builder, or breaker, for the hostess. It’s a food and beverage tasting for the guests and a product demo for the caterers and local distilleries. You get the point. And you get how important it is to watch your P’s and Q’s.