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Farces of Nature
A gallery of viral images depicting natural disasters and other astonishing phenomena that may seem more supernatural than natural. That's because many of these photographs are fake, of course, or circulating under false pretenses. You may be surprised in some cases at which photos are actually authentic. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

The Ghost of the Sundarbans [Image Comparison]
Emailed photo purportedly depicts a tourist visiting the Sundarbans in southwest Bangladesh, cont.

god, goddess - definition of god, goddess
Definition of god, goddess - In mythology, an immortal, supernatural being who is the subject of traditional sacred stories; in religion, an immortal, supernatural being who is the object of worship and prayer.

Book Review - Hippo Eats Dwarf: A Field Guide to Hoaxes and Other B.S. by Alex Boese
David Emery reviews 'Hippo Eats Dwarf: A Field Guide to Hoaxes and Other B.S.' by Alex Boese

Polar Bear and Huskies at Play
Emailed images show a 1,200-pound polar bear playing with husky sled dogs in the sub-arctic wilderness of northern Canada.

North Pole Sunset
Emailed image purportedly snapped at the North Pole in which the crescent moon appears to be many times larger than the setting sun.

Urban Legends and Folklore: Celebrities by Name
Urban legends and Netlore about celebrities, sorted alphabetically by name

Urban Legends and Folklore: Celebrity Death Rumors
Rumors and Net hoaxes purporting to announce the deaths of various celebrities

Urban Legends and Folklore: Celebrity Sex Rumors
Urban legends and Netlore purveying rumors and gossip about the sex lives of celebrities

Urban legends

Urban Legends and Folklore: Military
Urban legends and folklore pertaining to war and the military services.

Urban Legends: Politics: Politicians by Name
Urban legends, Internet hoaxes and rumors about politicians

Mythical Creatures: The Dragon
The Dragon: A mythical creature found in both Eastern and Western folklore, usually described as gigantic, reptile-like, and fearsome in appearance.