US Government Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Get the information you and your family need to stay healthy and take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in medicine. Also keep up with the latest news on health insurance and the Medicare system.

US Kids Not Thrilled With Healthier School Lunches, GAO Finds
After 5 years of eating them – or not – US kids may not be so happy with the USDA’s new healthier school meals, federal watchdog reports.

Do the National Parks Have Enough Money?
Running 413 parks hosting 84 million visitors a year takes lots of money. Does the National Parks Service get enough of it?

Agendas of the US House of Representatives and Senate
The daily legislative agendas of the US House of Representatives and Senate.

United States Government on
Learn about the form and function of the U.S. government with extensive study guides, homework helpers and the latest government news, good and bad.

No, the 'Government' Has Not Voted to Kill Wild Horses
Widely-distributed news media reports that the 'government' had voted to euthanize some 44,000 wild horses are misleading at best.

Consumer Resources
Articles and resources on consumer awareness and protection. Latest product recalls and warnings of food and drug safety.

History of Ethics Violations in Congress
How the US Congress can punish its own members for ethics violations and why so few of those violators are actually punished.

U.S. Government Swamped by Refugees' Requests for Asylum
As the U.S. plans to accept even more foreign refugees, the government is hard-pressed to deal with a soaring number of requests for asylum.

Defense and Security
From the war on terror and homeland security, to information vital to U.S. Veterans, you'll find it here.

Our Rights and Freedoms
The U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights bestow our rights and freedoms as Americans. Court interpretations and decisions, like the Supreme Court's Miranda rights ruling define the scope of those rights. Here you will find answers and resources concerning topics like the Miranda rights, and gun control and the second amendment.

Rights and Benefits of Full US Citizenship
Immigrants to the US who become full, naturalized citizens gain many rights and benefits, but also take on some major responsibilities.

How Small Business Drives US Economy
Small businesses provide over half the jobs in the United States, and as such, really do drive the nation's economy.

USDA to Require Healthy Recipes for School Lunches
Healthy recipes will be on the menu for school lunches under new federal rules proposed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Resources for American Veterans
Resources for the people to whom we owe our freedom -- the United States Veterans.

About Form DD-214 Request Report of Separation
For veterans or their families, a copy of the veterans DD 214 service record form can be essential. Here are three ways to get one.

Statistics from the War on Drugs Tell a Story
Actual statistics from the front tell a story about the nearly 40 year long US War on Drugs. But is that story one of success or futility?

The Supreme Court and U.S. Court System
Learn about the Judicial Branch of government, including the history and actions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justices – Senate Confirmation Process
While the Constitution empowers the president to nominate Supreme Court Justices, it also requires the Senate to confirm them by this process.

About the President and the President's Cabinet
Learn about the office and duties of the President of the United States. Homework Note: This is where to look for information about the President's Cabinet.

How to Order Greetings From the White House
The White House will send greeting cards signed by the President to note events, accomplishments or milestones free of charge to U.S. citizens.

Jobs in Federal and State Government
Resources for finding federal government jobs and state government jobs.

US Federal Government Employee Benefits
Federal government employees enjoy a wide range of family-friendly benefits that go far beyond insurance and retirement.

Articles on the U.S. Census and Statistical Information
How many of us are there and how do we live? People love the census and statistics about America. Look here for the latest news and sources of U.S. Census and statistical data.

Answering the US Census is Required by Law
Responding to US Census questionnaires is required by federal law. While rarely done, you can be fined for ignoring the census.

U.S. Debt - How Much China Owns
Find out how much U.S. debt China really owns. See what other foreign governments hold in American government-backed securities and investments.

Why Women Still Make Less Money Than Men in the U.S.
It seems that along with death and taxes, the glass ceiling is forever. Why? The GAO tries to explain why women still make less than men.

Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants Program
The USDA offers low-interest loans and grants to low-income homeowners to repair, improve, modernize, or to remove hazards in their rural homes.

Government Sales and Auctions
From Treasury bills to wild horses and houses, you name it and a US federal government agency probably sells it.

US Federal Government Gasoline Tax Since 1933
How much has the US federal tax on gasoline increased since 1933 and how those tax hikes were justified by Congress.

Technology and Research
From space exploration to the physical sciences and energy, the U.S. Government conducts a multitude of fascinating and worthwhile research and development programs.

NASA on Watch for Killer Asteroids
What NASA does to detect, track and maybe even deflect or destroy asteroids that could hit the earth with disastrous effect.

Modern Slavery: People for Sale
As many as 4 million people become victims of modern slavery or

Historic U.S. Documents
The charters of American freedom. Read the Constitution and the articles that explained what the Founding Fathers were thinking when they created it -- the Federalist Papers. Many other fascinating documents from American history, as well.

George Washington's First State of the Union Address
On January 8, 1790, America's first president delivered America's first State of the Union Address. What did George Washington say?

US Federal Regulations
Federal regulations and the federal rulemaking process. Page 2.

Federal Regulations - Laws Behind Acts of Congress
Federal regulations and the federal rulemaking process. The laws behind the acts of Congress.

National Parks Service Called 'Confused at Every Level'
Just weeks from celebrating its 100th anniversary, the National Parks Service (NPS) is “confused at every level,” according to agency officials.

What to Do if Social Security Declares You Dead
Over 1,000 living people are flagged as dead by Social Security every month. What should you do if you find yourself among the

When It Was Legal to Mail a Baby
Several babies and children were actually legally mailed via the US Post Office from 1913 to 1915.

For Older Americans
Learn about and keep up with the latest changes in Social Security, Medicare and other issues important to older Americans.

The US Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation served as America’s constitution from 1781 until 1788, when the current U.S. Constitution was ratified by the states.

US Government Mailing Green Cards to Wrong People
Green cards, which give foreign nationals most of the rights and benefits of US citizens, are being mailed to the wrong people, report shows.

VA Can Help Veterans Avoid Foreclosure
The Veterans Administration (VA) is making a special effort to assist veterans who are having trouble making their home mortgage payments.

Introduction to the Structure of U.S. Government
The basics of U.S. Government. The three branches of government, from which grow checks and balances, and the separation of powers as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Current U.S. Supreme Court Justices
Current Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court

How Vacancies in the US Congress are Filled
The methods by which vacancies in the U.S. Congress can be filled.

Millions Wasted on Nearly Empty Tribal Prisons, Audit Finds
Two new and expensive jails paid for by taxpayers sit almost empty and understaffed in Arizona’s Navajo Nation reservation, says a federal inspector.

About the U.S. Senate
The composition, powers and procedures of the United States Senate, the upper body of the legislative branch of the federal government.

The Great Compromise of 1787
How many representatives to the new Congress should each state get? The answer required the Founding Fathers to make a truly great compromise.

About 'Sense of Congress' Resolutions
When members of Congress just want to send a stern message or make a point, they try to pass a

What Does the Speaker of the House Do?
Duties, powers and privileges of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, along with the method of selection.

About the Oath Administered to the President of the United States
Facts about and brief history of the oath of office administered to the President of the United States.

The Congressional Committee System
About the congressional committee system

Lame Duck Sessions of the U.S. Congress
What are ‘lame duck’ sessions of the US Congress? What causes them, and why are they bad?

Born in Canada, Can Ted Cruz Run for President?
Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) openly acknowledges that he was born in Canada. Could that prevent him from running for president in 2016?

Income Tax and the IRS
IRS help with your taxes. Links to assistance from the IRS and other sources. Also state income tax forms.

Small Business Resources and News
Get help with planning and financing a small business. While there are no grants for starting a business, the government does offer plenty of free help in planning how to start or improve your business and in securing low-interest SBA-backed small business loans.

Public and private resources dedicated to Social Security, protecting it and using it.
Public and private resources dedicated to Social Security, protecting it and using it.

Veterans Day - Freedom is Not Free
Veterans Day reminds Americans that our freedom is anything but free.

A Brief History of White House Solar Panels
Learn about why the White House solar panels were removed. See which president resurrected the idea of using White House solar panels.

Can You Refuse to Give Out Your Social Security Number?
Can you refuse to give your Social Security number to people who say they need it in order to perform some service you have requested?

How to Get a Federal Tax ID Number
How to get a Federal Tax ID number, or EIN.

Background and Basics of Federalism
US Government Quick Study Guide to the background and basics of federalism, including separation of powers, checks and balances, and the Constitution.

US Government Study Guide to the Legislative Branch
A quick study guide to the US Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, which make up the legislative branch of US government.

What Is Federalism? (Government 101)
About the US Government System of Federalism and How it Works to Divide Powers Between State and Federal Government.

Federalism – What is Federalism?
About the US Government System of Federalism and How it Works to Divide Powers Between State and Federal Government. Page 2.

What is the Tax Gap and Why Does it Cost You Money?
The US

Jobs at the CIA: Want to be a Spy?
While they really do need and hire spies, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offers lots of jobs for real people.

Brady Act Gun Buyer Background Checks
What led to the gun buyer background checks require by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and how do they work?

Welfare Reform in the United States
Since the 1990s, the US government has been struggling to reform the public welfare system. Have those efforts been at all successful?

US Government Job Resources at Major Agencies
Handy links to employment information Web pages at several major U.S. Government agencies and their sub-agencies.

Almost Half of Americans Take At Least One Prescription Drug
Is America the most medicated nation on Earth? Could be, according data just released by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship Documents
You say you're an American citizen? So prove it. What documents can be used to prove U.S. Citizenship?.

Unemployment Extensions - How Unemployment Extensions Benefit the Economy
Find out how unemployment extensions benefit the economy. See how unemployment extensions compare to other methods of boosting the U.S. economy. Learn about the impact of modern unemployment extensions and their impact on the national debt.

Is the U.S. Selective Service System Still Needed?
The Government Accountability Office examines whether the U.S. still needs a military draft and the Selective Service System.

FDA Launches Online Complaint Reporting Form
Since FDA testing doesn’t catch everything, the agency has launched an online form for reporting problems with most of the products it regulates.

IRS Budget Cuts Will Hurt Taxpayers, Says OMB
Proposed cuts to the 2016 IRS budget will just end up hurting taxpayers, warns President Obama’s top budget analysts.

VA to Address Pain in Veterans, Military Personnel
The VA will spend $21.7 million to help veterans, military personnel, and families manage pain from PTSD, drug abuse, and sleep issues without drugs.

Government Workers Feel They are 'Thriving' Financially
Employees of the federal government feel they are

Energy Star a Gold Star for the EPA
The EPA Energy Star label first began appearing on a few computer monitors back in 1992. Since then, it has saved consumers over $14 billion.

CPSC Warns of Baby Drowning Dangers Around the Home
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns parents and caregivers about in-home drowning hazards.

Home Drowning Prevention Tips From CPSC
An average of about 240 children under 5 years old drown in swimming pools nationwide each year. The CPSC offers these safety tips. Page 2.

HUD Allowing Higher-Income People to Live In Public Housing
HUD is improperly allowing, even encouraging, thousands of higher-income families to live in taxpayer-subsidized public housing, investigators find.

USDA, EPA Join to Reduce US Food Waste
Americans throw away about 31% of our available food supply, but the USDA and EPA are working to stop food waste.

Border Patrol Drone Program a Costly Failure, Watchdog Says
Inspector General reports that the Border Patrol’s use of drone aircraft to stem illegal immigration has produced few results for lots of money.

Watchdog Finds Problems in Mail Surveillance Program
Inspector general finds problems in the Postal Service's mail cover program allowing police to inspect crime suspects’ mail before it is delivered.

Defense Department Needs to Improve Drone Pilot Training
After the accidental killing of two innocent al Qaeda hostages in a drone aircraft strike, the GAO says US drone pilots need better training.

US Illegal Immigrant Population Falls Below 11 Million
An independent think tank claims the US illegal immigrant population has now fallen below 11 million, continuing a nearly decade-long trend.

Debt Ceiling - Under Modern U.S. Presidents
Learn about the debt ceiling under U.S. presidents. Find out who raised the debt ceiling the most. Discover what the borrowing cap is now and what it was under recent commanders in chief.

U.S. Government Assistance and Grants
If you represent an organization trying to do projects like, revitalizing a downtown area, retraining displaced workers or creating a county-wide flood control project, the government might have a grant for you. For the rest of us – individual private citizens -- there are government benefit and assistance programs galore.

Beware the Money Back Guarantee, Watchdog Warns
Beware of those enticing 'money back' guarantees. They may not be worth the small print they are written in, warns the Federal Trade Commission.

Caffeine-Filled Shorts Won’t Slim Your Thighs, FTC Warns
Claims that wearing caffeine-impregnated underwear will take inches of ugly fat off of your hips and thighs are as crazy as they sound, says FTC.

Colleges Now Get More Money from Students Than From States: GAO
Due to rising tuition fees and shrinking state funding, US public colleges now get more money from students than from the states, the GAO reports.

About the U.S. Census Bureau
There are a lot of people in the United States, and it's not easy keeping track of them all. But one agency tries to do just that: the U.S. Census Bureau.

College Degree Nearly Doubles Annual Earnings
US Census shows that a college degree nearly doubles annual earnings.

Federal Benefit and Assistance Programs
There are federal benefit programs available to help with many other life situations and needs. What are they, and how do you qualify for them?

About the United States Congress - Overview
The formation, organization and leadership of the US Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate as described in the U.S. Government Manual.

About The United States Congress - Officers
About the Secretary of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate, the Clerk of the House and other elected and appointed officers. Page 2.

About The United States Congress - Committees
About the standing committees of the U.S. Congress -- House of Representatives and Senate. Page 3.

When and How Will the CALM Act be Enforced?
When and how will the CALM Act prohibiting overly loud TV commercials be enforced, if at all?

CIA Seeks Locksmiths
Long noted for seeking a wide and varied range of job skills, the CIA is now employing locksmiths.

Why Americans Once Gave the ‘Bellamy Salute’
Until 1942, Americans appeared to be saluting Adolph Hitler while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It was called the Bellamy Salute.

Even in Pot-Legal States, Federal Marijuana Laws Remain
When does the federal government choose to prosecute marijuana-related crimes in states that have legalized marijuana possession and use?

Why the Reverse PIN System Is Not in Use
Would reverse PIN technology make your trips to the ATM machine safer? Probably not. In fact, it might even put you in greater danger.

Beware of Automatic Bank Account Debit Scams
And now, scamming telemarketers have come up with a way to simply steal money straight from consumers' checking accounts, warns the FTC.

There is No Free or Cheap Government Land
No matter what you may read, there is no free government land. But the government does sell some very raw public land for free market value.

How US Territories, Like Puerto Rico, Obtain Statehood
Not well described in the Constitution, the process by which US territories, like Puerto Rico, gain statehood can take decades.

Why the US Presidential Primary Elections are So Important
The start in February and don't end until late June. So why are the US presidential primary elections still so important?

Presidential Pardons: Legal Guidelines
What are the legal rules Presidents of the United States must follow when exercising their power to grant pardons from federal crimes?

US Debt Ceiling History 1919 to 2010
Learn about the statutory debt ceiling on US federal government borrowing. See how much the government limit on debt was through the years.

Government Sales of Public Land (BLM)
The US Bureau of Land Management occasionally sells land under its control to the public. The land is sold at market value only and is never

About PACs or Political Action Committees
Political Action Committees or PACs are organizations dedicated to raising and spending money to either elect or defeat political candidates.

How the US Federal Budget Process is Supposed to Work
The annual federal budget process begins in February and is supposed to be wrapped up by October 1. If it ever was, here's how it would happen.

Business and Finance
Whether you're looking for money to start a small business, trying to get a grant, looking for unclaimed assets, or just doing your taxes, you'll find help here.

Very Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans
Details about the U.S. Government’s USDA-backed housing loans for very low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

About the Legislative Branch of U.S. Government
Of course, the House and Senate of U.S. Congress make laws, but what are the other powers and duties of the legislative branch of U.S. government?

Michelle Obama Staff Size and Salaries
How many people are on Michelle Obama's staff, what are their salaries, and does her staff compares to those of previous first ladies.

Laws for Americans Taking Guns Into or Through Canada
Americans taking guns into Canada need to know that the Canadian government has - -and enforces -- very strict gun control laws.

Birth Control Pills - Why They're Free
Why the federal government is requiring free birth control pills. Other measures covered under the guidelines and how they will impact premiums.

When Abraham Lincoln Suspended the Right of Habeas Corpus
Along with a declaring martial law, PresidentLincoln ordered the suspension of the constitutionally protected right to writs of habeas corpus.

Money to Start or Expand a Small Business
There are no federal small business grants, but the SBA offers low-interest loans and lots of free resources that can really help you get started.

U.S. Median Age Highest Ever
At 35.3 years, the median age in the United States reached its highest point in history, according to the results of the 2000 Census.

Costs and Benefits of US Government Regulations
While the costs to American taxpayers and businesses is significant, the benefits of federal regulations are far greater, according to the OMB.

List of One-Term U.S. Presidents
Learn about 10 Presidents of the United States who served one term but failed to be re-elected to a second term.

Can the Government Seize Your Social Security Benefits?
Yes, you earned every cent of them, but the federal government can garnish your Social Security benefits to pay off certain debts.

US States Spending Money Faster on Prisons than Schools
Over the last 30 years, U.S. state and local government spending on prisons and jails has increased over three times faster than spending on schools.

Billions Wasted in Obamacare Subsidy Fraud
The US government wastes billions by failing to properly verify the eligibility of people getting Obamacare health insurance subsidies, GAO finds.

US Needs to Better Investigate Asylum Seekers, GAO Reports
Homeland Security needs to do a better job of investigating the backgrounds of undocumented aliens seeking asylum in the US, the GAO reports.

Obama Vetoes Bill Cutting Former Presidents' Pension, Allowances
Pensions and allowances paid to former U.S. presidents would be reduced and could possibly be eliminated under a bill now in Congress.

How Apportionment Determines State Representation
Apportionment is the process of fairly deciding how many members of the US House of Representatives are elected from each state, based on the census.

The Purpose and History of Labor Day
Why do some, but far from all, Americans

US Could Better Protect Honey Bees, GAO Says
The USDA and EPA are supposed to protect the nation’s declining population of honey bees. They both could do it better, says the GAO.

How Delegates to Presidential Conventions Are Selected
How delegates to the presidential political party national conventions selected?

Political Conventions Day-by-Day
While the primaries often settle the presidential nominations, the national party conventions can change things. What happens during the conventions?

What If the Presidential Election Is a Tie?
If the Electoral College vote is tied, or if neither candidate gets the required majority vote, how is the President of the United States chosen?

US Middle Class Now Shrinking Nationwide, Report Says
Once believed to be limited to chronically depressed locales, the American middle class seems to be shrinking from sea to shining sea.

Today's Teens are Best Behaved in Years, CDC Finds

Global Warming Inevitable This Century, NSF Study Finds
Despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and ever-rising sea levels are inevitable during this century, warn NSF scientists.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate
If you do not have your birth certificate, you will need a certified copy of it to get a passport and apply for Social Security among other things.

Who Flies on Government-Owned Aircraft?
Besides the president and vice president, who flies on airplanes owned and operated by the U.S. government?

US Postal Service Mail Holding Service Online Request
Going on vacation and don't want your mail piling up in your box? You can have the Postal Sevice hold it for you, and you can request it online.

Lifetime Earnings Soar with Education
Census Bureau confirms that people with college degrees can earn millions of dollars more over their lifetimes than those with high school only.

Did You Know the US Apologized to Native Americans?
Not until 2009 did the US Congress apologize to Native Americans for a plethora of 'former wrongs' and even then, the apology was well hidden.

Applying for U.S. Government Jobs Guide
The federal government offers lots tens of thousands of great jobs that come with great benefits. But, there are some tricks and traps in applying.

The Truth About Government Grants
Here is why you or anybody else will never get one of those 'free' government grants widely advertised in scam-filled emails and on TV.

United States Presidential Pay and Compensation
In addition to a $400,000 annual salary, what other benefits and allowances does the President of the United States get?

Presidential Retirement Benefits
Presidential retirement benefits include a lifetime pension, staff and office allowances, travel expenses, civil service protection and more.

How to Meet a Member of Congress Face-To-Face
Meeting a Member of Congress face-to-face is probably the most effective way to influence them. Before you try, there are some tips you need to know.

Up to 75 Percent of US Youth Ineligible for Military
About 75 percent of US 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for the military due to lack of education, obesity, physical problems or criminal history.

Resources and Articles About the U.S. Military
Resources to information on all branches of the U.S. Military and civilian employment.

How to Replace Mutilated US Currency
Torn, flooded, burned or bombed, most damaged U.S. currency can be replaced. Here's how to get it done.

Registering for the Draft: It's Still the Law
American males ages 18 to 25 who fail to register for the draft can face stiff fines, jail time and loss of eligibility for federal benefits.

About the United States Postal Service (USPS)
Is the US Postal Service a government agency or a private business? Since 1970, it has been, for better or worse, a bit of both.

Requirements to be a United States Senator
The constitutional requirements to serve as a US Senator are stricter than those for serving in the House of Representatives.

Requirements to be a United States Representative
What are the Constitutional requirements to be elected to the House of Representatives, and why are they less restrictive than those for the Senate?

Brief History of the Declaration of Independence
A brief chronicle of events leading up to the official adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

U.S. Citizenship Test Questions
The pool of 100 questions which can be used on the official test for U.S. citizenship, one of the final steps in the US naturalization process.

About the Official Test for US Citizenship
How does the naturalization test for U.S. citizenship work and what percentages of immigrant applicants pass it?

US Nuclear Weapons Computers Still Using Floppy Disks
Programs that coordinate the United State's nuclear forces still run on a 1970s-era computer that uses 8-inch floppy disks, GAO reports.

Who Controls Public TV Coverage of the US Congress?
When House Democrats held a gun control sit-in, GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had the TV cameras cut off. Did he have the right to do that?

Presidential Appointments: No Senate Required
Unlike Cabinet Secretaries and Supreme Court Justices, most presidential appointments to paid government jobs do not need Senate approval.

Feds to Issue Tougher Rules for Payday Loans
Payday loans are too easy to get, says an agency that wants to limit the loans that often leave borrowers facing interest rates as high as 390%.

How Supreme Court Tie Votes Could Impact Major Cases
Tie votes in the Supreme Court after the death of Antonin Scalia could impact major cases on abortion, religious liberty, immigration and more.

U.S. Congress
The House and Senate, the legislative branch of our government. Keep up with the latest bills and learn about the men and women who represent us and make our laws.

Visa Waiver Countries Not Sharing Terrorist Data, GAO Finds
A third of the countries whose citizens are allowed to visit the U.S. without a visa are not sharing terror-related data as required, finds the GAO.

U.S. Political System
U.S. Political System and Voting Information and Resoures

Firearms and Arrest Authority of U.S. Federal Agencies
At any time, as many as 120,000 civilian employees of the U.S. government could be making arrests and carrying guns, just local police officers.

What Is a Filibuster in the US Senate?
How filibusters are used in the US Senate to block legislation, and how Senators can stop them.

GAO Finds Racial Discrimination in K-12 Public Education
GAO reveals that students in US schools with mostly poor, Black or Hispanic students are more likely to suffer educational discrimination.

US Gun Control Timeline
A timeline of U.S. federal and state gun control laws from 1791 to the present.

Requirements to Become President of the United States
The Constitution sets only three eligibility requirements for serving as President of the United States, but two of them can be game-changers.

Government Related Blogs
Government Related Blogs. US Government Info.

Code of Ethics for US Government Service

US Assistance to Combat Female Genital Mutilation
While its efforts may be

Bill Would Help Consumers Stop Robocalls
A bill in the US Congress would help consumers do what the government apparently cannot, stop those incessant automated telemarketing robocalls.

Finding and Recovering Unclaimed Money
If you have ever moved, paid a utility deposit or had a bank account, you might have unclaimed money waiting for you. The states can help you get it.

Brief History of the US Federal Income Tax
Until 1913, only a few Americans paid taxes on the money they made, but costs of the Civil War changed that. Read the history of the US income tax.

How Much Has America Changed Since 1900?
Since 1900, America experienced tremendous changes in both the makeup of the population and in how people live, Census Bureau reports.

What is Constitution Day?
Usually observed on September 17, Constitution Day honors the US Constitution and all American citizens.

Basic Structure and Functions of the United States Federal Government
The basic structure and functions of the United States Federal Government.

Who Cannot Have a Gun in America?
Second Amendment aside, there are 9 categories of people who are prohibited by law from owning guns in America. Who cannot own a gun?

Buyers Can Realize Big Savings in HUD Home Auctions
HUD regularly offers thousands of highly affordable homes and apartments for sale to t These HUD home auctions offer buyers significant savings.

Current System of US Presidential Succession
When a US president dies or becomes unable to serve for any reason, the constitutional process of presidential succession kicks in.

About the U.S. House of Representatives
Often called the

The End of Social Security Paper Checks
Find out why the government stopped sending paper Social Security checks and how the change could affect you and your benefits.

Hunt the US Treasury for Your Lost Money
The U.S. Treasury provides a free web site where individuals can search for and claim forgotten money.

Should You Get Your Baby a Social Security Number?
While totally optional, there are several good reasons to get your new baby a Social Security number. How do you do that?

Five Tips for Getting a Tax Refund Quickly
It's your money and you want it back. Here are five tips for getting your federal income tax refund as quickly as possible.

How to Write Effective Letters to Congress
Do letters to US Senators and Representatives do any good? They can and are more likely to be effective if written the right way.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families provides financial aid while also helping recipients find jobs that will allow them to support themselves.

How to Apply for Food Stamps
Details on the federal Food Stamp program, now called the SNAP and what you need to bring when you apply for food stamps.

About the Presidential Veto
About the presidential power to veto or reject bills passed by Congress, and how Congress can override a veto.

Americans Getting Taller, Bigger, Fatter, Says CDC
Americans may be getting taller, but they are also getting bigger and fatter, according to a 2002 report from the CDC.

The National Popular Vote Plan to Bypass the Electoral College
Should the United States dump the Electoral College system of electing the president? The National Popular Vote plan would do just that.

Confederate Flags Still Displayed at US National Cemeteries
Now that Confederate flags have largely vanished from state capitols, why are they still displayed at many of our 147 national veterans’ cemeteries?

About the Social Security Death Master File
One of the government's most effective tools against id theft and terrorism is a huge database of dead people called the 'Death Master' file.

News From the World of Health Care and Medicine
Articles on medical advances, America's war on obesity, disease control and more.

FTC Offers $25K Prize for Robocall Blocking System
Creating a system to block telemarketing robocalls would win you both the eternal gratitude of all humanity and a $25,000 prize from the FTC.

EPA Failing to Punish Badly Misbehaving Employees
Slow and inadequate employee discipline is creating a dangerous

Not All Returning Veterans Suffer, Study Shows
Returning US veterans do not have as hard a time re-adjusting to civilian life as the often-grim stereotype suggests, according to a veterans group.

Millennials Shunning Government Jobs
For some reason, millennials -- people under 30 -- are now avoiding US federal government jobs like the plague.

Just Doing Its Duty, Congress Takes Every August Off
Believe it or not, the month-long summer break the U.S. Congress takes every August is required, not by the Constitution, but by a federal law.

Half of Americans Facing Retirement With No Savings
Over half of Americans nearing what should be their golden years, retirement, have little or no savings, according to a government report.

Low Interest USDA Farming Microloans for US Veterans
Thanks to of all places, the latest Farm Bill, veterans will find it easier to get low-interest loans to start and maintain small farms and ranches.

Bill Would Reign In Costs of Federal Regulations
Enjoying bipartisan backing, a bill intended to curb the soaring cost to taxpayers of federal regulations has passed the House of Representatives.

IRS to Provide Worst Service Since 2001, Tax Advocate Says
The IRS will provide the lowest levels of taxpayer service since at least 2001 this tax season, according to the US Taxpayer Advocate.

Bill Would Ban EPA From Using 'Secret Science'
The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ban EPA from using so-called 'secret science' in creating new federal regulations.

Even Where Legal, No Pot for Federal Workers
All 4.1 million federal workers have been reminded that even in the states where it has been legalized; using marijuana can get them fired.

It Took a While, but the 'Midget' Raisin is No More
Thanks to a petition from the Little People of America, the USDA is removing

US Aid to Palestine: Gaza and the West Bank
The GAO reports the US has given Palestine -- the West Bank and Gaza -- more than $5 billion since 1993. Why and what for?

Safer Medicare Cards Finally Coming
After years of putting millions of Americans at risk of identity theft, the government will stop printing Social Security numbers on Medicare cards.

GAO Questions Cost of 2020 Census Internet Response Plan
While being able to fill out your 2020 census form by visiting a Web site might sound like fun; the GAO has some hard questions about the cost.

GAO Adds VA to High Risk Agency List
The Veterans Administration has finally blundered and scandalized its way onto the GAO’s “High Risk List,” where no federal agency ever wants to be.

Have Income Tax Problems or Ideas? Who to Tell
Do you have an unresolved income tax problem or ideas for improving IRS services in general, but don't know where to turn? Here's where.

Hurricane Katrina Housing Damage
At the end of 2009, five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city; more than 44,200 housing units in New Orleans remained uninhabitable.

How Social Security Helps Young People
Social Security can help children and young people, even if they have never worked.

VA to Offer Veterans Chiropractic Care
For the first time in the VA's history, veterans are able to receive certified chiropractic care at 26 selected VA facilities.

How the Charlie Hebdo Attack Could Affect You
How the Department of Homeland Security’s reactions to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris could affect the daily lives of Americans.

Staff Cuts Destroying IRS Taxpayer Service
The US Taxpayer Advocate warned Congress that IRS staff cuts would destroy taxpayer service. Guess what? She got to tell Congress,

Scam Alert: What to Do When Your Identity Thief Calls
Scam Alert: If somebody who already knows your credit card’s number, expiration date, and your name, address and phone number calls you, watch out.

Californians Pay Highest Median Rent: Census
Think your rent is high? Try renting in Irvine, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara or Fremont, California, where median gross rents all top $1,200 a month.

Teach Your Kids Not to Fear Nature, Feds Urge
A generation of sheltered wimps is rearing a new generation of sheltered wimps, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Pot Cookies, Anyone? Be Careful, Warns the CDC
The case of a student who committed suicide after eating a marijuana cookie has prompted the CDC to warn Americans of the dangers of edible pot.

Taking Social Security at 62 Brings Challenges and Benefits
Starting to draw Social Security retirement benefits at age 62 brings financial challenges, but some who do may benefit due to Obamacare.

FDA Not Adequately Testing Food for Pesticides
The FDA is not adequately testing either domestic or imported foods for pesticide residue, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Estimates of Taxes Paid by Illegal Immigrants
The belief that illegal immigrants in the United States pay little or no taxes is far from correct, according to the Immigration Policy Center.

About the Government Accountability Office
Federal Agencies and employees that waste or mismanage your tax dollars risk the often considerable wrath of the Government Accountability Office.

VA Improves its GI Bill College Comparison Tool
The VA’s upgraded online GI Bill Comparison Tool makes it easier for servicemembers to pick the colleges that best meet their needs and budgets.

How To Fly Your Drone Legally and Safely
The FAA rules for hobbyists flying drones for non commercial purposes only are fairly simple, but that could change.

Theft of Federal Data to Cost Taxpayers $21 Million
Now we know: the data theft of the personal information of some 4 million federal government employees will cost taxpayers at least $21 million.

Improving Mobile Access to Government Websites
How the federal agencies are working to help people access online government information and services using mobile devices, like cellphones.

Caribbean Cruise Line Made Billions of Illegal Robocalls
Disguising them as political surveys, Caribbean Cruise Lines placed billions of illegal telemarketing robocalls really selling cruises, says the FTC.

Trump's Temporary Muslim Ban is Legal, But...
Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all alien Muslims from entering the US, while legal, would face Constitutional challenges.

Social Security Slammed for Hitting Taxpayers Up for Parents' Debt
Social Security promised to stop hounding tax payers to pay back their parents’ decades-old debts. But it didn’t and now members of Congress are hot.

The 10 Things That Hack Consumers Off the Most
For the 15th straight year, identity theft topped the annual top 10 list of consumer complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission in 2014.

Millions of People Over Age 112 Have Social Security Numbers
At least 6.5 million Americans aged 112 and older and probably deceased have active Social Security numbers.

Morale at Defense Department Dropping Fast
Morale at the Department of Defense (DoD) is falling faster than a laser-guided bomb on an ISIS enclave, according to a federal employee survey.

Loretta E. Lynch, 83rd US Attorney General
Brief Biography of Loretta E. Lynch, the first African-American woman to serve as Attorney General of the United States

Are US Government Employees Getting In Your Way?
The Republican presidential candidates suggest that the best thing U.S. government employees could do for the American people is to go away.

IRS Response to Audited Taxpayers Just too Slow: GAO
GAO reports that IRS promises to respond to letters from taxpayers being audited within ’30 to 45 days’ just aren’t so, with ‘several months’ more likely.

How the US Government Designates Terrorist Organizations
Four years before the 9-11-2001 terror attacks, the U.S. Department of State began designating foreign terrorist organizations. How do they do that?

Inspectors General Says Agencies Blocking Investigations
A new Justice Dept. Policy may allow government agencies to hide evidence of wrongdoing from federal investigators, Inspectors General tell Congress.

Interesting Facts About US Housing
Interesting facts on housing in the United States in 2003 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
All about the United States Constitution including the complete text. Find out how the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution.

DOD Using Government Credit Cards in Casinos, Strip Clubs
Report shows Defense Dept. employees charged over $1 million in purchases at casinos and strip clubs on government-issued credit cards in one year.

Record Number of Veterans Getting Government Jobs
While U.S. veterans are getting government jobs at a five-year high rate, they are not keeping those jobs very long, the OPM reports.

FDA Warns of Fake Viagra, Lipitor and Evista
The FDA is warning consumers to be on the lookout for fake versions of the popular prescription drugs Lipitor, Viagra and Evista.

Veterans Burial Locations Available Online
More than three million records showing where veterans have been buried in VA national cemeteries are available online.

Bill Would Ban Gay-Reversing Conversion Therapy
Based on evidence that being LGBT cannot be nor needs to be

FCC Bans Hotels, Businesses from Blocking Personal Wi-Fi
Stepping up for connected consumers, the FCC will prosecute hotels and businesses that block people from using their personal Wi-Fi network hot spots.

Obama Proposes Publicly Funded Free Community College
President Obama has proposed a costly program that would make two years of community college tuition-free. Would it really increase graduation rates?

Should Postal Service Workers Wear Google Glasses?
The US Postal Service would save millions of dollars a year and serve you better if its employees just had Google Glasses, watchdog says.

US Government Buys 650 Kilos of Marijuana
Why is the US Government buying 1,430 pounds of marijuana in 2014?

VA Clinic Gave Veterans Old Drugs to Cut Costs
Federal inspector finds a VA clinic substituted 'older' drugs for mental-health drugs actually prescribed for patients in order to save money.

VA Claims Appointment Wait Times Are Getting Shorter
The VA disagrees with an AP report claiming the number of veterans suffering excessive wait times at VA medical facilities had

Older US Workers Staying in Workforce Longer
More Americans age 65 and older are choosing to keep working, rather than retiring. Sure, the recession is one reason, but it’s not the only one.

Homeless Veterans Getting Little Help from VA Helpline
Too many homeless veterans who call the VA’s Homeless Veterans Helpline get “leave a message,” instead of help, reports the VA’s Inspector General.

EPA Watchdog Bites Itself
The EPA’s Inspector General has uncovered a costly case of broken overtime pay rules. But this time, the culprit is the EPA's own Inspector General.

FEMA Wasting Disaster Recovery Money on Salaries, GAO Says
FEMA is spending ever-more of its disaster relief money on administrative costs, like salaries and travel, reports the GAO.

More Women Than Men Now Finishing College
For the first time in the 75 years since the Census Bureau began collecting data on college attainment, women are more likely to graduate than men.

VA Hospitals Failing to Investigate Medical Errors, GAO Finds
The VA is doing less, rather than more, to identify and eliminate the causes of preventable medical errors at VA hospitals, the GAO reports.

VA Ends Laser Eye Surgery by Optometrists
The VA has ended a five-month-old policy that permitted optometrists to perform laser eye surgery at VA health facilities.

VA Expands Veterans Private Care Choice Program
A critical change to the VA’s Veterans Choice Program will help more veterans qualify to get VA-covered care from non-VA medical facilities.

Illegal Immigrants Flown Home On Costly Chartered Flights
The US government may be wasting millions of taxpayer dollars by flying illegal immigrants around on mostly empty chartered airplanes, audit shows.

Obama Declares Dec. 26 a Holiday, for Federal Workers, That Is
Not wanting to play Scrooge, President Obama has issued an executive order giving the 2 million federal employees the day after Christmas off.

TSA Snags Record Number of Guns and Weird Stuff in 2014
Flying scared? The TSA found a record 2,212 often-loaded guns at a record 224 airports in 2014, along with a raft of other weird and dangerous stuff.

Why States Will Find it Hard to Ban Syrian Refugees
Governors trying to stop President Obama from sending Syrian refugees into their states will face major legal roadblocks.

National Sex Offender Registry Website Fast-Tracked
The Department of Justice has announced it will fast-track development and delivery of a national sex offender registry Website where citizens can search public state and territory sex offender lists.

Feds Add to Damaged Property On Southwest Border
Along with illegal immigrants, US Border Patrol agents are doing their share of damage to US farms and ranches along the Mexican border, GAO says.

Senators Blast 'Paid Patriotism' at Pro Sporting Events
Two US Senators reveal that many patriotic tributes to the military at pro sports events have actually been paid for by taxpayers.

FDA Approves OxyContin for Children 11 to 16
The FDA has approved the powerful and highly-addictive painkiller OxyContin for children as young as 11 who suffer severe and persistent pain.

Feinstein Will Move to Abolish Electoral College
US Senator Dianne Feinstein moves to abolish the Electoral College System.

Bill Would Ban Civilian Ownership of Body Armor
Apparently considering civilians easier to demilitarize than police, a lawmaker has introduced a bill banning civilians from possessing body armor.

FTC Shut Down the King of ‘Revenge Porn’
The FTC has shut down a scumbag who posted nude pictures of women online without their permission, then charged them to remove the pictures.

U.S. Traffic Congestion Getting Worse, Researchers Report
Traffic congestion, already costing Americans $63.1 billion a year, is only getting worse, according to a new report.

GAO Reports on Federal Low-Income Assistance Programs
More than 80 US government programs that help low-income people cost taxpayers almost $750 billion a year, according to a government watchdog.

USPS Says Most Americans Still Prefer Paper Bills – Feb. 18
The USPS says that despite the popularity of online bill paying, most Americans still prefer getting paper billing statements in the mail.

GAO Examines Veterans' Government Benefit 'Triple Dipping'
At the request of a US Senator, the GAO reports on the costs of veterans “triple dipping,” or drawing payments from three federal benefit programs.

USPS Broke Its Own Law With Famous Stamp Reprint
Rather than breaking the bank, the USPS broke its own law when it reproduced for sale the famed 1918

ObamaCare Sends Wrong Tax Info to 800,000 Customers
Filing their taxes just got a lot harder for 800,000 ObamaCare customers after program administrators sent them incorrect tax information.

Up to 95 Percent of Voters Have Voter ID, GAO Finds
From 84 to 95 percent of all registered US voters already have a state-issued form of voter ID, according to a 206-page analysis by the GAO.

States considering laws to prevent obesity in America
Can government really outlaw obesity?

Air Force Vets Win Agent Orange Compensation
Air Force veterans exposed to Agent Orange while onboard contaminated C-123 aircraft may now qualify for VA disability compensation benefits.

Rate of Unemployed Veterans Still Falling
With the federal government hiring more veterans than ever, the rate of unemployment among former troops has fallen for a fourth consecutive year.

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan
As the first woman to serve as Postmaster General, Megan J. Brennan has plans to

House Committee Has ‘No Confidence’ In DEA Chief
After learning DEA agents were treated to drug cartel 'sex parties,' a bipartisan House committee has ‘no confidence’ in DEA chief Michele Leonhart.

Obama Orders Save the Bees Initiative
President Obama launches a major government program to save America’s most under-paid, smallest, and rapidly vanishing workers: honey bees.

Federal Workers Owe $1.14 Billion in Delinquent Taxes
Civilian federal government employees owed more than $1.14 billion in delinquent income taxes in 2014, about $65 million more than in 2013.

How to Avoid Income Tax Preparer Fraud
The IRS warns taxpayers to beware of falling victim to paid income tax preparers who file fraudulent tax returns on behalf of their customers.

The Price of Defending the EPA in Court
Defending the EPA and its environmental laws and regulations in court now costs taxpayers about $3.6 million a year, the GAO reports.

U.S. Prison Population Tops 2 Million
The U.S. prison population topped 2 million inmates in 2003.

Why Cluster Box Only Mail Delivery Won’t Save USPS Money
The idea that dropping door-to-door mail delivery will save the Postal Service tons of money may be fatally flawed, says federal inspector general.

Obama Bans AK-47 From Importation Into US
In an expansion of Ukraine-related financial sanctions against Russia, President Obama has banned the importation of AK-47 assault rifles into the US.

Why Is It So Hard to Fire a Government Employee?
Out of over 2 million federal employees, fewer than 4,000 or about 0.2 percent a year get fired. The process has become the problem, says the GAO.

Postal Service Wants to Offer Payday Loans
Hoping to help out the scores of

Federal Funding for Autism Research Increasing Steadily
Federal government funding for autism research increased by about 45% from fiscal years 2008 through 2012, according to the GAO.

Agency Official Took Computers Home for Her Kids to Watch Porn
A senior federal agency official took 7 government-owned computers home where she let her kids download porn and racist material, watchdog reports.

Robocalls DOs and DON'Ts
What you do and not do when you get telemarketing robocalls.

DHS Lacks Facilities Cyber Security Strategy, GAO Finds
Homeland Security has no strategy for protecting federal buildings and critical facilities from potentially deadly cyber attacks, GAO reports.

IRS Could Still Target Politically Oriented Groups, Warns GAO
If you thought the IRS has been working to stop things like its 2013 targeting of conservative groups from happening again, you thought wrong.

Americans Now Spend Over 100 Hours a Year Commuting
At an average drive-time of about 24.3 minutes, Americans spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Bill Would Make English 'Official' U.S. Language
Should immigrants seeking U.S. citizen be required to read and understand English? This bill would make it a law.

GAO Finds Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks in Bad Shape
The 177 storage tanks containing, and often leaking, deadly nuclear waste at Hanford, Washington are in worse shape now than in 2011, says the GAO.

IRS Not Adequately Guarding Taxpayer Info, GAO Says
The IRS is still failing to adequately protect taxpayers’ personal and financial information from hackers and identity theft, the GAO reports.

US Military Needs to Address Sexual Assault of Men
The U.S. military needs to do a better job of preventing and responding to incidents of sexual assault of male servicemembers, the GAO reports.

3 Ways to Spot a Government Imposter Scam
When your caller ID says “IRS” or “FTC,” how do you know the caller isn’t really a scammer? Here are 3 sure signs of a government imposter scam.

Who Pays the Most US Income Tax? - Us Government
Answers to the burning question: Who pays the most U.S. income tax?

Looking at the 'Anchor Babies' Controversy
Donald Trump said 'anchor babies' are not U.S. citizens, while the 14th Amendment seems to say they are. Did Trump have a point or not?

FDA Declares Genetically Engineered Salmon Safe to Eat
For the first time ever, the FDA has approved the meat of a genetically engineered (GE) animal as safe for human consumption.

Must US Presidents Have College Degrees?
If we re-wrote the Constitution today, should we add having a college degree to the list of requirements to serve as President of the United States?

US Destroys Over a Ton of Confiscated Elephant Ivory
Showing it will not tolerate wildlife crimes, the US Dept. of Interior oversaw the public crushing of over one ton of confiscated elephant ivory.

House Republicans Move to Cut Federal Workforce
The nearly 3 million federal government employees will be closely watching two GOP-backed bills that would eventually eliminate many of their jobs.

Bill Would Give Federal Workers Biggest Raise in Years
While House Republicans want to get rid almost 300,000 federal employees, House Democrats want to give all 3 million of them a 3.8% raise.

Mail Delivery Could be Even Slower Than USPS Admits
Due to its unreliable tracking system, the Postal Service may be delivering your mail even more slowly than it has claimed, finds the GAO.

List of Organs Damaged by Smoking Expanded
Smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body, according to a comprehensive report on smoking and health from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Childhood Bullying Often Leads to Violent Life: Report
Government study shows both childhood bullies and their victims are more likely to engage in more serious violent behavior.

Childhood Bullying Often Leads to Violent Life: Report
US Government. Page 2.

'Bogus' Violation Reports Plague Head Start Programs
Head Start programs across the nation are being found out of compliance with federal regulations under a wide range of citations called

Feds Sell Wild Horses to Rancher Who Sold Them for Slaughter
The BLM erred badly when it sold over 1,700 federally protected wild horses to a rancher who immediately sold them to a Mexican slaughterhouse.

US Paying to Upgrade TV Sports in Afghanistan
American taxpayers are paying over $3 million to provide Afghanistan’s TV networks with three high-tech trucks to televise live sports events.

The Fed's Three Challenges in Dealing with Spent Nuclear Fuel
With Yucca Mountain off the table, how does the government plan to deal with 72,000 metric tons of deadly spent nuclear fuel in 33 states?

Now Do Americans Feel About Wealth Redistribution?
A new Gallup poll reveals American's opinions on the hot-button issues of income inequality, wealth redistribution, and higher taxes on the rich.

Dealing With the 'Check 21' Banking Law
A sweeping new banking law known as 'Check 21' will speeding up check processing, but may put consumers at risk for more bounced checks and fees.

Government Urged to Use Plain Writing on Websites
A government consultant is urging the agencies to help the rest of us out by replacing bureaucratic jargon with

Digital TV Transition will have Losers and Winners
When the nationwide switch to digital TV only happens, some viewers will win, but others will lose.

The ‘Yellow Pages’ Scam Keeps on Taking
Canadian telemarketing firms are now attacking US small businesses with the tried, true and dangerous old “Yellow Pages” scam, according to the FTC.

USPS Will Do 7-Day Holiday Package Delivery In Cities Only
The USPS will deliver packages 7-days a week during the 2014 holidays, but only in ‘major cities.’ Sorry, country folks.

How a Furloughed HUD Employee Got By on Your Dime
During the 2013 government shutdown, a furloughed government employee made the best of a bad situation by spending $12,000 in taxpayers’ money.

Conflict of Interest Conflicts IRS, Watchdog Finds
With dozens of its employees improperly working as paid tax preparers, the IRS has a major conflict of interest problem, finds an inspector general.

The Mail is Arriving Way too Late, Watchdog Reports
Even by the Postal Service’s own recently lowered standards, mail delivery has become unacceptably slow, according to a federal inspector general.

50 US Senators Call for 1-Year Hold on Postal Service Cuts
Fifty U.S. Senators have signed a letter opposing the Postal Service’s plans to cut costs by closing facilities and reducing mail-delivery services.

FDA Asks You, What is 'Natural' Food?
The package may claim the food you are about to eat is 'all natural,' but what does that really mean? The FDA is asking you.

National Parks Forced to Delay $11.5 Billion in Maintenance
The National Parks Service says budget cuts have forced it to delay $11.5 billion worth of needed maintenance to parks nationwide in 2014.

Amtrak May Allow Pets on Trains
Thanks to the latest Amtrak funding bill, some passengers may for the first time be allowed to bring their dogs and cats along for the ride.

Sprint Pays $15.5 Million for Overcharging Cops for Wiretaps
Sprint has agreed to pay $15.5 million to settle federal charges that it illegally overcharged law enforcement agencies for setting up wiretaps.

Census Data Shows Gender Pay Gap Is Widening
The pay gap between men and women is growing wider, says the Census.

What Americans Want From Government Web Sites
How many people visit U.S. government Web sites and what are they looking for? Find out with this fascinating new tool from the GSA.

2015 Holds No Raises for Congress or Political Appointees
Members of Congress, Cabinet members, the Vice President and political appointees will not get the 1% raise in 2015 ordered by President Obama.

Supreme Court Backs Religious Rights of Prisoners
The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a federal law requiring prisons to accommodate the religious practices and beliefs of inmates.

What are the Federal Laws on Service Animals?
Do businesses have the right to ask patrons with service animals to leave or not enter their premises? Yes, but under federal law, not many.

Should the U.S. Health Care System Be Nationalized?
Should the United States adopt a nationalized health insurance plan in which doctors, hospitals and the health care delivery system would be under the control of the federal government?

Should the US Adopt a Nationalized Health Care System?
Should the United States adopt a nationalized health insurance plan in which doctors, hospitals and the health care delivery system would be under the control of the federal government? Page 2.

DOD Moves Toward Allowing Transgender Troops to Serve Openly
With a presumption it will do so, the Dept. of Defense is studying the implications of allowing transgender persons to serve openly in the military.