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Can You Eat Pink Turkey Meat? - Date: 11/25/97
How to make sure your Thanksgiving turkey doesn't kill your guests, from your Guide

Can You Eat Pink Turkey Meat? - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date:[R] 11/26/97
How to make sure your Thanksgiving turkey doesn't kill your guests, from your Guide

Supreme Court to Hear Medical Marijuana Appeal
By the end of July, 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether medical necessity can be used as a valid defense for violators of federal laws against distribution of marijuana.

NASA Studies Planet Outside Solar System
Using the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA astronomers have for the first time in history, successfully detected and analyzed the atmosphere of a planet outside[R]the Earth's solar system.

Ordering Meat Online? Be Careful
Tips from the USDA to guarantee safety of foods ordered via mail order or the Internet.

Ordering Meat Online? Be Careful
Tips from the USDA to guarantee safety of foods ordered via mail order or the Internet.

HIV Vaccine Research Hits Superinfection Roadblock
Government-funded researchers discovered a person suffering from a second strain of HIV despite having undergone effective drug treatment for the first.

Micro-businesses Get Help From SBA
American business with five or fewer employees will now have access to training and technical assistance to help them start or grow under a new program[R]funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Micro-businesses Get Help from SBA - page 2
List of organization participating in the SBA's PRIME program to provide training and technical assistance to America's smallest business

FTC Warns of Online Holiday Shopping Traps
The Federal Trade Commission warns online holiday shoppers to watch out for bogus claims of quick shipment and deceptive warranty and rebate claims.

Bald Tires Flat Dangerous, says NHTSA
Too many American motorists face injury or death by driving around on unsafe, bald tires and the nation's gas stations are not helping the situation,[R]according to the Department of Transportation. Also - Tire Safety Tips

Government Forms & Applications
Comprehensive links to U.S. Government forms and applications

Team Bush is Hiring Now
Want a job working for the President of the United States? If that turns out to be George W. Bush, you can[R]apply now at this new Web site.

Interim Afghan Government Agreement
Delegates to U.N.-led talks in Bonn, Germany on the formation of the post-Taliban future of Afghanistan announced a landmark accord creating a[R]process leading to a permanent Afghan enfranchising most of the war-torn country's native ethnic groups, regions and perhaps most significantly, women.

Team Bush is Hiring Now
Want a job working for the President of the United States? If that turns out to be George W. Bush, you can[R]apply now at this new Web site.

Clinton Acts to Battle Flight Delays
About to lose the keys to Air Force One, President Clinton orders improvements in aging air traffic control system.

Clinton Acts to Battle Flight Delays
About to lose the keys to Air Force One, President Clinton orders improvements in aging air traffic control system.

After Afghanistan, Where, Who?
After the Taliban, al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, where and who should the U.S. target next in the war against terrorism?

US Supreme Court Hears Recount Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the George W. Bush appeal[R]to the Dec. 8 ruling of the Florida Supreme Court ordering manual recounts of over 43,000 contested[R]Florida ballots.

US Supreme Court Hears Recount Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the George W. Bush appeal[R]to the Dec. 8 ruling of the Florida Supreme Court ordering manual recounts of over 43,000 contested[R]Florida ballots.

US Supreme Court Hears Recount Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the George W. Bush appeal[R]to the Dec. 8 ruling of the Florida Supreme Court ordering manual recounts of over 43,000 contested[R]Florida ballots.

US Supreme Court Hears Recount Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the George W. Bush appeal[R]to the Dec. 8 ruling of the Florida Supreme Court ordering manual recounts of over 43,000 contested[R]Florida ballots.

Seminole County Voter Fraud Case
The[R]Seminole County, Florida voter fraud case may be as critical to the outcome of the presidential election as the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the fate of[R]vote recounts.

Key Interior Web Sites Ordered Offline
Several key Interior Department Web sites remain offline as a result of a court order requiring that[R]the Department cut itself off from the Internet.

FDA Warns of Online Drug Sales
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a list of drugs it advises[R]consumers not buy over Internet online pharmacies.

The Federal Privacy Act
How to find out what the U.S. government knows about you under the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act.

High Court Not Political, Justices Say
Just hours after concurring in a 5-4 ruling that ultimately[R]decided a presidential election, Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Associate Justice Clarence Thomas appeared on cable TV where they denied that partisan[R]politics played a role in the Supreme Court.

Bush Orders Faith-Based Initiative Forward
President Bush has ordered the enactment of key elements of his Faith-Based and Community Initiative, including some[R]elements contained in the bipartisan C.A.R.E. Act legislation that stalled in Congress.

Gore Concedes - Calls for Healing
As one one of the first Democrats to officially call him president-elect, Vice President Al Gore conceded this year's historic[R]presidential election to Republican George W. Bush.

'Real' Election Starts Monday
George W. Bush and is Bush is being called president-elect. Once again, the[R]electoral gun has been jumped. because the real election starts Monday when the Electoral College votes.

'Real' Election Starts Monday
Objections to electoral votes could result in a Contingent Election, in which Congress elects the president and vice president.

Rate of Global Aging Increasing
Every month, the world's population of persons age 65 and older grows by 800,000 persons according to a[R]report by the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

USDA Cracks Plant Genome Puzzle
Scientists at a USDA facility in California have announced a breakthrough in plant genome research[R]that could lead directly to production of an easily sustainable global food supply without threatening the environment.

FTC Expands Telemarketing Rules
The Federal Trade Commission has announced additions to its telemarketing rules designed to further protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls.

Postal Service Says It Needs Even More
The latest increase in postage charges is not enough, according to officals of the U.S. Postal Service.

U.S. Execution Statistics 2000
A total of 85 prisoners - 83 men and two women - in 14 U.S. states were executed during 2000, a reduction of[R]13 from 1999, according to a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

Are VISA Rules Hurting US Science?
At Issue: Are new anti-terrorism restrictions on visas hurting U.S. science, engineering and medicine?

'Organic' Must Now Mean Organic
From the USDA's National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling rules, Subpart D deals with the labeling of organically[R]grown and produced foods and food products.

'Organic' Must Now Mean Organic
From the USDA's National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling rules, Subpart C deals with growth, production and[R]handling of organically grown and produced foods and food products.

How America Has Changed Over Last 100 Years - 1900 to 2000
The 11 national censuses conducted between 1900 and 2000 show our nation has undergone a century of tremendous changes in both the makeup of the population[R]and in how Americans live their lives.

New Law Protects Privacy of Medical Records
On Dec. 20, 2000, President Clinton announced regulations creating the first-ever federal privacy protections for the personal health information of all Americans.

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[description goes here]: background check act brady law congress report proper supervision gun show

Gun Shows Draw New Fire in Congress
Fearing terrorist could wriggle through them, some U.S. lawmakers have sworn to stage new attacks to close gun sale loopholes when Congress returns in[R]January.

Congress Quietly Takes Pay Raise
By not voting to block it, Congress quietly accepted a $4,900 a year cost-of-living pay increase, their third in four years. As of January, rank and file members[R]will be paid $150,000 annually.

Celebrities Back HUD Homeless Campaign
Some of our top Hollywood stars will be appearing in new ads to fight homelessness from HUD.

FEMA Provides Disaster Preparedness Guide
Are You Ready: A complete guide to help individuals and families prepare for man-made and natural disaster. From FEMA.

Census 2000 Apportionment Data Released
Initial data from Census 2000 shows Western and Southern states gained seats in the House of Representatives.

Census 2000 Apportionment Data Released
Census 2000 state population apportionment figures

Meteorites Not Sugar-free, NASA Finds
Adding more evidence to support the theory that life on Earth came from outer space, NASA scientists[R]have discovered another building block of life -- sugar -- in meteorites.

Planning to Remember the Wrights
The government has already started planning a nationwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.

AMBER Alert Act Passes U.S. Senate
By a 92 - 0 vote, the U.S. Senate has passed the AMBER Alert Act creating a nationwide system to help locate abducted children.

Business Census Deadline Nears
The Census Bureau reminds 5 million U.S. businesses that time is running out for returning 2002 Economic Census forms.

Bush Takes Iraq Case to American People
As the U.S. Congress debates a resolution authorizing him to use military force against Iraq, President Bush presented his case against Saddam Hussein to the[R]American people.

Details of Bush's Emergency AIDS Relief Plan
Details of President Bush's proposed 5-year, $15 billion initiative to help combat the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Electoral College Flunks This Exam
George W. Bush - a popular vote loser in Election 2000 may be elected president in the Electoral College. Is this the beginning of the end for the Electoral College?

DOT Reports on Airline Performance
A DOT report reveals the most often delayed flights in America and how DOT is responding to consumer complaints about US airlines.

DOT Reports on Airline Performance
DOT tip sheet on avoiding and cope with air travel delays.

What if Florida Can't Vote in Electoral College?
If Florida -- or any state -- is unable to cast its Electoral College votes, what happens?

Electoral College Not First Choice
When the Founding Fathers took on the question of how to elect a new president, the Electoral College was neither their first, nor their only idea.

Time to Break Up the INS?
As a poll shows two-thirds of Americans favor a temporary freeze on all immigration, lawmakers are readying a bill that would totally restructure the Immigration and Naturalization[R]Service.

This Space for Sale - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 11/14/97
How the Office of Air and Space Commercialization is trying to fund future space exploration, from your Guide

What Good Can Come from This?
What good has come from the amazing 2000 presidential election? Plenty.

Ashcroft Splits INS Functions
Even as Congress considers a full restructuring of the agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) saw its service[R]and enforcement functions split by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

The Story of Saint Chad
The story of Saint Chad, a real person who, like Florida chad, became the center of great controversy.

Thanksgiving Flight? No Thanks
Flying home for[R]Thanksgiving? Better leave now, or it will be turkey neck sandwiches for you, warns Department of Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater.

Senators Offer Tax Relief Plans
Two US Senators have proposed eliminating the federal tax on income from tips and a one-month payroll tax holiday for December 2001.

Do You Know America's Oldest Worker? - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 11/21/97
How Lady Bird Johnson started Green Thumb, Inc. and the search for America's oldest worker, from your Guide

U.S. Capitol Runs Out of Flags
For the first time in the history of the U.S. Congress, the popular program allowing citizens to order U.S. flags flown over the Capitol Building has been[R]suspended. Why? The Capitol has simply run out of flags.

Bush's Supreme Court Appeal
Legal basis of the George W. Bush campaign's appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bush's Supreme Court Appeal
How the U.S. Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear.

Bush's Supreme Court Appeal
How the U.S. Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear.

Bush's Supreme Court Appeal
How the U.S. Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear.

Bush's Supreme Court Appeal
How the U.S. Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear.

Bush Tightens Down Immigration
In response to the terrorist attacks of 09-11-01, President Bush has taken steps to ramp-up enforcement of[R]existing immigration laws to better screen persons entering the U.S. on student[R]visas and to prevent possible terrorists from entering the country.

The 17 Best Reasons to Vote: Tribute to the sailors who died on the USS Cole
As a fitting tribute to the sailors who died on the USS Cole, how about contributing to[R]the best voter turnout in American history on November 7th?

A Halloween to Remember: The Cuban Missile Crisis
The most frightening 14 days in history, the Cuban Missile Crisis

White House Turns 200
The White House -- once called a glamorous prison by Harry Truman celebrates its 200th anniversary on Nov. 1, 2000.

FEC Reports Record Campaign Spending
Election 2000 congressional candidates have spent $683.1 million through October 18, according to a new FEC report

Millions in Tax Checks Returned to IRS
The IRS reports that more than 390,000 tax refunds or advance payment checks have been returned to the agency due to addressing problems and urges Americans[R]to act now so their checks can be processed and mailed to them by the end of December.

GAO to Monitor Disabled Voter Access
At the request of U.S. Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and John McCain (R-AZ), the General Accounting Office will monitor approximately 100 polling places on Election Day 2000 to determine the proportion of polling places that provide people with disabilities access to both polling places and polling methods.

HUD Grants to Help Disabled Renters
HUD has announced the awarding of government grants totaling $39.9 million in 21 states to assist[R]non-elderly individuals and families with disabilities in leasing affordable private housing.

Disabled Renters' Assistance Voucher Program
States and cities were awarded grants to assist non-elderly individuals and families with disabilities in leasing affordable[R]private housing.

Justice Department Refocuses Efforts
As a result of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered a major refocus and restructuring of the Department[R]of Justice.

When in Doubt, Throw it Out! - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 11/08/99
Current feature article, from your Guide

Court Backs Individual Gun Rights
The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has ruled that the Constitution's Second Amendment guarantees the[R]right to posses firearms to individuals rather than applying only to state militias.

Criteria for Committing U.S. Military Forces
U.S. military force Iraq war on terror Secretery of Defense Donald Rumsfeld President Bush

Bio-terror Bill to be Introduced
Two U.S. Senators are prepared to introduce a bill tagging up $10 billion to assist federal and state health and emergency service providers in combating[R]biological and chemical warfare.

Cuban Missile Crisis: Kennedy Tells the American People
On the evening of Oct. 22, 1962, President Kennedy informs a nationwide TV and radio audience of the presence of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Why Keep the Electoral College?
Why did America's Founding Fathers take the selection of the president out of the hands of the people with the Electoral College?

Why Keep the Electoral College?
Why did America's Founding Fathers take the selection of the president out of the hands of the people with the Electoral College?

FDA Warns of Decorative Contact Lens Dangers
The FDA has warned consumers that extended use of non-corrective, decorative contact lenses could result in serious eye injury, potentially[R]leading to blindness.

Device Instantly Pinpoints Snipers
A prototype device being developed by the U.S. Government may soon help police neutralize and apprehend urban[R]snipers, like the monster currently victimizing the Washington D.C. area.

Mars Odyssey Makes Orbit
Almost 285 million miles from a troubled Earth, NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft fired its engine and slipped peacefully into orbit[R]around Mars.

D.C. Sniper Suspect's Military Background
Department of Defense releases the military service history of D.C. sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad, aka John Allen Williams

Control of Congress Up for Grabs: The House
Which political party controls Congress, and what are the chances this will change on November 7th?

Control of Congress Up for Grabs: The Senate
Which political party controls Congress, and what are the chances this will change on November 7th?

E-Government to Add 22 New Projects
From over 260 ideas, the E-Government Task force of the Office of Management and Budget has selected 22 projects intended to increase government efficiency[R]and further extend services to citizens and businesses.

Patron Saint of Politicians to be Named
Pope John Paul names St Thomas More - A Man For All Seasons - as the patron saint of politicians.

2002 Olympics to Cost US Taxpayers $1.3 Billion
A GAO report shows the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City will cost taxpayers $1.3 billion -- without the approval of Congress.

Fed Will Compensate Attack Victims
airline bailout, congress agenda, terrorist nations, declaration of war, recovery act, united american, american heart, fdr, related resources, terrorist attacks, federal government, consequences, empire, reply, meta, nbsp, fear, japan

Ashcroft Presents Anti-Terrorism Act
Seeking broad expansions to federal police powers, Attorney General John Ashcroft on Sept. 24, presented the proposed Mobilization Against Terrorism Act[R]to the House Judiciary Committee.

Gun Control Timeline

Bush Lays Out New Airline Security Plan
Speaking at a rally of airline workers at Chicago's O'Hare Field, President Bush today announced new measures to be taken by the federal government to[R]insure the safety and security of the America's airports and commercial aircraft.

Coming Out in Congress - Three Who Have
National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, 2000, will hold special significance for three openly gay and lesbian members of the U.S. Congress.

Taliban and the Northern Alliance
As U.S. forces surround Afghanistan, an ongoing civil war rages in the rugged mountains of the Texas-sized country. With America forces poised to join the[R]battle, you need to know about, Afghanistan's Taliban and Northern Alliance.

At Last! Online Change of Address
The U.S. Postal Service has just made one of the many hassles of moving --[R]getting your mail to follow you -- a little easier by initiating an Internet online change of address service.

FEMA 1998 - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 10/02/98
How FEMA helps Americans prepare for, prevent, and recover from disaster, from your Mining Co. Guide

711 Eases Phone Access to Disabled
As of October 1, persons with hearing or speech disabilities, or persons needing to contact them can connect to Telephone Relay Services (TRS) by simply[R]dialing the digits 711 from any phone in the United States.

Bush - Gore Debate: Money - Taxes and the Surplus
Bush and Gore debate taxes, tax cuts and what to do with the budget surplus.

Bush - Gore Debate: Money - Health Care
Bush and Gore debate heatlh care and a prescription drug plan for seniors.

Bush Gore Debate: Money - Education
Gore and Bush debate education and accountability of public schools.

Bush - Gore Debat: Money - Social Security
Bush and Gore debate how they plan to protect the Social Security system.

US Parks Free on Veterans Day Weekend
In an effort to inspire unity, hope and healing, admission fees to all U.S. National Park areas will be waived over the Veterans Day weekend, November 10, 11[R]and 12, 2001, according to the Department of the Interior.

Yellow Boxes of Hope
As high-tech cruise missiles began hammering Taliban forces, low-tech boxes of food began nailing down a hoped-for alliance between the Afghan and American[R]people.

Pledge Across America
Almost 52 million American school students are expected to take part in a synchronized recital of the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday, Oct. 12, 2001 as[R]part of the Department of Education's Pledge Across America.

Latest Air Travel Tips Issued
Even as Congress debates even tougher measures, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a new set of regulations intended to guarantee[R]the safety of passengers flying the nation's airlines. Here are some tips to avoid security-related travel delays.

U.S. Congress Authorizes Bush to Use Military Force Against Iraq
The U.S. Congress has passed a resolution authorizing President Bush to use the Armed forces of the United States in Iraq.

Surplus? US Debt Pushes $6 Trillion: Debt vs Deficit
As the US national debt pushes $6 trillion, you might wonder how much that really is and how can there be a budget surplus.

Citing Forest Fire Danger - Bush Eases Federal Logging Regulations
Hoping to prevent forest fires, President Bush has proposed reductions in federal logging regulations and speeding of environmental reviews required for[R]removal of timber from U.S. forests in fire-prone areas.

Deaths On-the-Job
A total of 5,915 U.S. workers were fatally injured on the job during 2000, a decline of about 2 percent from 1999, according to to the U.S. Bureau of Labor[R]Statistics (BLS). On average, about 16 workers were fatally injured each day during 2000.

Supreme Court Set to Test Sexual Predator Law
In one of its first cases of the 2000-2001 term, the Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of sexual predator laws.

Airport security being lowered less than 1 year after 9-11
Less than a year after the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, airport security measures are being reduced.

"If men were angels..."
According the the Constitution and rules of the House, what could be done to punish Rep. Gary Condit?

Food Stamps - A Clarification - Date: 08/29/99

Did Politics Fuel the Space Race?
Recently released audio recordings from the Kennedy White House reveal that politics, more than science,[R]may have fueled America's race to the moon against the Soviets.

Pentagon Wants Nuclear Bunker-Busters for Iraq
U.S. forces could use nuclear bunker-buster bombs against burried targets in Iraq, should Congress approve funding to develop the new weapons

Teak/Drag Surfing Deadly, Coast Guard Warns
The U.S. Coast Guard advised this week that a sixth person had died from carbon monoxide poisoning suffered[R]while taking part in a new boating activity known as Teak/Drag Surfing.

Waco, Reno, Quantico: FBI Profiles of Extremists - U.S. Government Info/Resources -[R]Date: 7/4/99

Budget Crisis Looms - Again
Will Congress finish the FY 2002 US budget by the Oct. 1, 2001 deadline, thus averting yet another[R]"budget crisis" full of emergency spending resolutions and threats of government shutdowns? Probably not.

National Terrorist Attack Threat Level Raised from Elevated to High
On the eve of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the National Threat Level, indicating current risk of terrorist attacks, has been raised from Elevated to High.

Iraq Attack -- Aggression or Self-Defense
Would a U.S. invasion of Iraq be an illegal first strike under international law or an acceptable application of anticipatory[R]self-defense?

Troops to Teachers Gains Top-Level Support
The Department of Defense's Troops to Teachers program, a low profile project since 1994, has picked[R]up steam after gaining the support of both President Bush and first lady Laura Bush.

Senate Grills Dietary Supplement Sellers
The $27 billion dollar-a-year dietary supplement industry came under attack yesterday as the Senate Special Committee on Aging heard testimony accusing[R]manufactures and marketers of fraudulently misleading elderly Americans.

Creating Living Memorials to 9-11
To assist communities nationwide in memorializing the tragic losses of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. Forest Service has created the Living Memorials Program.

Bush Presents Case Against Iraq to UN
President Bush gave the United Nations a clear choice -- either they help force Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to disarm his nation and grant his people[R]human rights -- or the United States Military would do it alone.

Job Openings in the US House of Representatives
The U.S. House of Representatives adds a job vacancy page to its Web site.

Beware of Crisis Telemarketing Scam
New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani warned the nation today of telemarketing firms making fraudulent calls soliciting monetary donations to assist persons[R]affected by the terrorist attacks of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.

Operation Nobel Eagle - Details
President Bush has advised the American people to go to work with a heightened sense of awareness, an awareness that, unlike America's past wars, the war[R]against terrorism will not be fought exclusively over there. The mission of Operation Noble Eagle will be to protect America over here.

Health of Americans Best Ever Says CDC Report
The overall health of Americans has improved dramatically over the last 50 years,[R]according to a CDC report. Plus, the violent crime rate has fallen 50 pecent since 1973, says the Justice Dept.

Rural Health Declines, CDC Reports
While Americans nationwide are healthier than they were 25 years ago, the health of persons in rural areas has declined, according to a new report from[R]the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

War Scrambles Congress Agenda
he terrorist attack of Sept. 11, scrambled the agenda of Congress, transforming the 2002 federal budget into a $2 trillion trivial pursuit and[R]promising a long-extended legislative session.

Bills Would Deny Drivers Licenses to U.S. Illegal Aliens
In a step to further insure homeland security, U.S. lawmakers have introduced two bills in Congress that would prevent illegal[R]aliens from getting driver's licenses and state ID cards.

Y2K and the 911 System - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 9/19/99

War Scrambles Congress Agenda
he terrorist attack of Sept. 11, scrambled the agenda of Congress, transforming the 2002 federal budget into a $2 trillion trivial pursuit and[R]promising a long-extended legislative session.

Cut Teen Pregnancies, Win a Grant
Can cutting rates of out-of-wedlock births and teen pregnancy reduce welfare costs? Federal awards totaling $300 million to[R]states that do so says it can.

Operation 'Economic Stimulus'
As the U.S. military operations ramp up to deal with America's war on terrorism, Congress and the White House must fight on another front to salvage[R]an economy in recession. What are the weapons of Operation Economic Stimulus?

Taxpayers Carry 2002 Olympics Load
As American Olympians mined Australia Olympic gold in 2000, American Taxpayers[R]began digging into their pocketbooks for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Senate Okays Child Labor Safety Law<
The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved a child labor safety law designed to[R]protect under-age children from the dangers of working in the traveling sales industry.

West Nile Virus Fight Gets $10 Million From CDC
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released an additional $10 million[R]in funds to help states strengthen their efforts to combat West Nile virus, which has now claimed five lives.

Rumsfeld Will Not Alter Department of Defense Transformation
The war on global terrorism will not override his plans to transform the[R]Department of Defense (DoD) into an organization adapted to the future, not the past, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told the National Journalists[R]Roundtable

Watergate Tape '18-Minute Gap' May be Recovered
America may at last know what was said during the famous 18 1/2-Minute Gap in the Nixon-Watergate audio tapes if the National Archives and Record[R]Administration (NARA) succeeds in its restoration efforts.

Weather Radio Gets a New Voice
After reviewing over 19,000 Internet comments, NOAA has selected new "voices" for its Weather[R]Radio automated radio weather warning system. Say goodbye to Paul, weather buffs. Stand by for the Donna and Craig Show.

Broken Arrow to Faded Giant - Lost Nuclear Weapons
How the US Department of Defense informs the public of nuclear accidents like the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.

Broken Arrow to Faded Giant - Lost Nuclear Weapons
How the US Department of Defense informs the public of nuclear accidents like the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.

New USDA Grants will Help Minority and Small Farmers
The USDA has announced it will plow an additional $98.2 million in grants into the USDA's guaranteed operating loan program to its direct operating loan program to help meet the needs of farmers and ranchers.

US Navy's Submarine Rescue Team
What would or could the US Navy do to save our sailors from sunken submarines like the Russian Kursk? Plenty.

Notch Babies - Can Congress Help?
Persons born between 1917 and 1922 have been drawing far less in Social Security for years. Can Congress help the Notch Babies?

Notch Babies - Can Congress Help?
Persons born between 1917 and 1922 have been drawing far less in Social Security for years. Can Congress help the Notch Babies?

Jobs at the Central Intelligence Agency - the CIA
Jobs at the CIA: What kind of job they have, how to qualify for them and much more.

Common Questions About CIA Employment
Questions and answers about finding jobs and working at the CIA.

Mutant Mouse Resource Center
Where do you go when need a mutant mouse? Why, to any of the new Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRCs)[R]just opened by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), of course.

AIDS Worsens Global Orphan Crisis
The already grim global orphan crisis is growing far worse as more parents die from AIDS, according to a new report from The United States Agency for[R]International Development (USAID).

The Heart of the Energy Crisis
Want to see the heart of America's energy crisis? It is the fact that the individual States produce far less enrgy than they consume annually.

Traficant Faces Expulsion from House
The Minute Man's final minutes appear to be ticking away, as the House of Representatives is expected to vote this week expel Democratic U.S. Rep. James[R]Traficant of Ohio.

Abraham's World of Energy
Gazing into his solar-powered, recycled crystal ball, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham describes his[R]vision for the future world of energy.[R]

NASA on Watch for Earth-threatening Asteroids
NASA astronomers say the chances of the 1.2-mile-wide (2 km) asteroid called 2002 NT7actually hitting the Earth on Feb. 1, 2019, are slim, however they will be watching this and other orbitingdoomsday rocks very closely.

HHS Launches Adoption Service Web Site
The Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) and the National Adoption Center have launched a new Web site, called AdoptUSKids, to increase adoption[R]opportunities for foster care children.

One-Person Businesses Thrive in U.S.
Census reports that America has over 15.7 million one-person businesses accounting for over $643 billion in[R]receipts annually.

Bush Halts HUD Gun Buyback Program
Declaring them limited in their effectiveness as a strategy to combat violent and gun-related crimes, the[R]Bush administration has ended the HUD gun buyback program initiated in 1999 by the Clinton administration.

Bush Halts HUD Gun Buyback Program - Page 2
Text of HUD Federal Register notice announcing cancellation of the federal gun buyback program initiated in 1999 by President Clinton.

SBA Expands SBAExpress Small Business Loan Lenders Network
Small business owners will enjoy significantly increased access to capital thanks to changes in the SBAExpress pilot loan program announced recently by the[R]U.S. Small Business Administration.

Bill Would Let U.S. Veterans Register Trophy Guns
U.S. veterans and their heirs would be allowed to register war-era trophy guns for a limited time under a new bill recently introduced[R]in Congress.

Mass Layoffs Darken June 2000
The downturn in America's economy showed its ugliest face in June 2000, when 2,081 mass layoffs put 250,359[R]people out of work, according to a U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

HUD Offering $1000 HUD-homebuyer Rebate
Effective June 31, the HUD $1,000 Cash Back Move-In Allowance will be given to the buyer at closing and can be used for any expenses such as[R]moving costs and home repairs.

Nursing Shortage to Worsen - Nurse Reinvestment Act May Help
Hoping to ease a U.S. nursing shortage predicted by a Health and Human Services report to worsen significantly by 2020, President Bush has signed the[R]Nurse Reinvestment Act into law.

Missing Guns and Laptops Reported by Federal Agencies
Year-old claims of lost and missing guns and computers at the FBI, INS and three other federal law enforcement[R]agencies were confirmed, as a Justice Department inspector general reported the agencies were missing more than 775 weapons and 400 laptop computers.

Bush Calls Child Safety Summit
President Bush announces a September White House summit on child safety and releases a new child safety handbook for parents and children.

GAO Finds Commerce Computers at Risk
Computer security investigators from the General Accounting Office (GAO) succeeded in 996 of 1000[R]attempts to access protected, sensitive data on Department of Commerce computers.

Bush Appoints Energy 'Vampire Slayer'
Speaking to a gathering of Energy Department employees on June 28, 2001, the president directed Abraham to lead by example and push for strict federal[R]standards regulating vampire appliances, electrical devices like computers and televisions that consume electricity even when not being used.

Ashcroft: Improve Gun Buyer Checks
Attorney General Ashcroft addresses needed improvements to the instant gun buyer backgournd checks required under the Brady Act.

Public Schools Don't Have a Prayer
All forms of religion may soon vanish from America's public schools. Find out why and when it is still okay to pray.

Judge Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional
Comparing the punishment to state-sponsored murder of innocent human beings, a federal trial judge in New York today declared the current federal death[R]penalty unconstitutional.

White House Goes Energy Efficient
Shortly after directing Energy Secretary Abraham to go after vampire electrical devices, President Bush issued energy-savings orders for the White House staff.

U.S. Teens Acting More Responsibly: CDC
Increasing numbers of American high school students are avoiding tobacco, marijuana, unprotected sex and other potentially dangerous behaviors that increase[R]their risk for injury, illness and death, according to a new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report.

US Gun Purchases Declined in 2000
Firearm purchases during 2000 declined by 11 percent over 1999 according to figures released July 1 by[R]the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Replacing Mutilated US Currency - Packing and Shipping Bills
Instructions for packing and shipping mutilated US currency to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for examination and replacement.

SBA Increases Maximum Size Standards for Travel Agencies
More travel agencies are now eligible to receive Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance, including small business loans, under a new[R]rule that took effect on July 1, 2002.

SBA Increases Maximum Size Standards for Travel Agencies
More travel agencies are now eligible to receive Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance, including small business loans, under a new[R]rule that took effect on July 1, 2002.

Where U.S. Children Drown
About 1,500 children drown each year in the US according to a new report from the National Institutes of Health that reveals some interesting facts and trends[R]about these often preventable tragedies.

Where U.S. Children Drown - page 2
More statistics on child drownings and suggested preventative measures from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The U.S. Constitution - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 07/10/98
The complete U.S. Constitution with research links, from your Guide

Allies May Have Known of Holocaust
American and British WWII military intelligence authorities may have been aware of Adolph Hitler's "Final Solution" plan for the eradication of the Jews of Europe as early as 1942, according to documents just declassified.

Separating Church And State

US Opposes UN 'Global Gun Control'
The United States tells a United Nations small arms conference that it will reject any action toward[R]"global gun control" designed to restrict the rights of the citizens of any nation to bear arms.

Government Jobs for Students
U.S. high school and college students now have help in temporary jobs in the federal government with the[R]launch of the Web site by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Odometer Fraud Runs Rampant: NHTSA
American car buyers fall victim to more than 450,000 cases of odometer fraud every year, according to a new study just released by the National Highway Traffic Safety[R]Administration (NHTSA).

'American Taliban' Pleads Guilty
John Walker Lindh, captured soldiering for the Taliban in Afghanistan, has pleaded guilty in an Alexandria, Virginia federal court to two charges against[R]him in a bargain that will prevent him from serving a life sentence.

A Day in the Supreme Court
How the United States Supreme Court works. What's a day in the Supreme Court like?

Simmer Down and Stay Alive - CDC
What kills more Americans annually than hurricanes, lightening, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes[R]combined? According to the Centers for Disease Control, we just get too hot.

Simmer Down and Stay Alive - CDC - page 2
Tips for preventing and managing heat exposure from the Centers for Disease Control.

Bush Delivers New Terror-fighting Plan
On June 16, 2002, President Bush presented the United State's long-term National Strategy for Homeland Security focused on preventing, preempting and[R]responding to a wide variety of future terrorist attacks.

McVeigh Seeks Delay of Execution
Accusing the FBI of concealing even more evidence that might have had a bearing on his trial,[R]convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh has officially requested a delay of his June 11 execution.[R]

Student Loan Interest Rates Drop
Interest rates on federal student loans will drop to the lowest rate in decades - only 4.06 percent - on July 1, announced Secretary of Education Rod[R]Paige.

How the Federal Grant Process Works
Resources for finding and applying for grants from the U.S. Government.

Senate Reorganization Could Get Ugly
The U.S. Senate this week gets down to the potentially contentious process of reorganizing its political power structure following Vermont Sen. James[R]Jeffords' decision to leave the Republican Party and become an independent. This could get ugly.

U.S.-Russian Cooperation Flourishes
Since Mr. Gorbachev tore down that wall for Ronald Reagan, U.S.-Russian relations have steadily warmed from occasional glances of mutual acceptance to a[R]red hot love-fest of dialogs, agreements and treaties.

Government Plainly Spoken Here - U.S. Government Info/Resources -[R] Date: 06/05/98
Will the President's demand for plain language in govt. regulations make us understand the Tax Code? from your Guide

Judge Denies McVeigh Appeal
U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch on Wednesday refused to delay the[R]execution of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Bush Calls for Massive Security Agency
In what the White House called the biggest restructuring of the federal[R]government since 1947, President Bush has proposed turning the Office of Homeland Security into a massive Cabinet-level federal agency.

$11.5 Billion to Cut Air Delays - FAA
Planes flying closer together along more routes to more runways pretty well summarizes the government's $11.5 billion, 10-year plan to reduce airline delays[R]announced by the FAA.

Surplus Computers: Free for Schools
Every year, thousands of personal computer systems retired or no longer needed by the federal government[R]are donated free of charge to eligible schools and educational nonprofit organizations by this great federal program.

Bush Gore Debate: Money - Education
Gore and Bush debate education and accountability of public schools.

High Court Opts Out of Gun Rights Debate
The U.S. Supreme Court has decided it wants nothing to do with the debate over exactly whose right to own firearms is protected by the U.S.Constitution

Government Aid and Money - No Grants Needed
Sources of health care related assistance from the U.S. Government.

Government Aid and Money - No Grants Needed
U.S. Government assistance for work or career related needs.

Government Aid and Money - No Grants Needed
Assistance from the U.S. Government for home repair or improvement and homelessness.

Government Aid and Money - No Grants Needed
U.S. Government assistance for fighting hunger and improving family nutrition.

Government Aid and Money - No Grants Needed
U.S. Government assistance with child care needs, family assistance and studen aid.

Mega-Security Agency Faces Fight
Exactly what is President Bush asking Congress to do in creating a Department of Homeland Security? How soon and how likely is it to happen?

Modern Slavery: People for Sale
During 2001, at least 700,000 and potentially as many as 4 million men, womenand children worldwide were bought, sold, transported and held against[R]their will in slave-like conditions, according to the U.S. State Department.

Think Tanks - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 06/13/99

US Withdraws from ABM Treaty
Announcing the formal withdrawal of the United States from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, President Bush pressed for rapid development and deployment of the long-debated National Missile Defense system.

Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients
U.S. Government and private sources of financial assistnace and support for cancer patients and their families.

McVeigh Execution - Garza Next?
As Timothy McVeigh entered the death house this morning to become the first federal prisoner executed since 1963, Juan Raul Garza wondered if in only eight[R]days, he will become the next.

Garza: Supremem Court Won't Issue Stay
The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected two requests by convicted murderer and South Texas drug lord Raul Garza to stay his execution.

FERC Expands Calif. Power Price Limits
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has voted unanimously to extend its electricity price mitigation plan currently in effect only in California to 10 other Western[R]states, effective 24 hours a day.

Bush to Help Minorities Buy Homes
Calling a home the foundation for families and a source of stability for communities, President Bush has proposed three new initiatives[R]designed to enhance existing federal home buyer assistance programs by helping African and Hispanic Americans buy homes.

Bush Proposes $500 Million to Fight AIDS
President Bush has announced his administration's plans to make $500 million available to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in 12 countries[R]in Africa and two in the Caribbean.

Telehealth: Advanced Medicine for Rural America - U.S. Government Info/Resources -[R]Date: 06/20/99

Patients' Rights Bill: This May Sting
In an atmosphere politically-charged by the recent shift in control to the Democratic party, the U.S. Senate today begins work a[R]Democratic-backed patients' rights bill.

Bush Calls for Ouster of Arafat
President Bush today demanded the removal of Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian leaders he said were

FY 2002 Defense Budget $329 Billion
Tables detailing the Department of Defense budget request for fiscal year 2002 .

Pledge of Allegiance Declared Unconstitutional
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco San Francisco has ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional under the First Amendment due to its inclusion of the phrase under God.

Enforcement of Pledge Ruling Stayed
One day after issuing a ruling declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional, a federal judge, has issued a stay preventing the[R]controversial ruling from being enforced.

On the Second Amendment

Bush Energy Policy: Make More, Use Less - page 2
How President Bush's National Energy Policy addressed electrical shortages nuclear power.

US May Default on Debt by June 28
The United States government will for the first time in its history fall into financial default on June 28 unless Congress acts before then to raise the legal[R]limit on the national debt.

U.S. Median Age Highest Ever
The median age in America reached its highest point ever at 35.3 years, up from 32.9 years in 1990.

FDA-FCC Tackle Cell Phone Health Risks
Can using a cell phone damage your health or not? A new joint-effort Web site from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Communications[R]Commission (FCC) attempts to answer this troubling question.

High Court to Test Sex Offender Law
The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a constitutional challenge to state laws allowing the posting of information about past sex offenders on[R]public Web site registries.

U.S. Issues Global Terror Report
Dominated by the "horrific events of Sept. 11," the U.S. State Department's 'Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001' report brands Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North[R]Korea, Syria, and Sudan as the seven main states sponsoring terrorism.

"Free"dom of Information? - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date:[R]05/23/99

U.S. Teen Smoking Declines Significantly
While one in four U.S. high school students still smokes cigarettes, smoking rates among the age group has declined significantly since 1997, according to a new report from the CDC.

Senator Jeffords: the Bush Supreme Court
When Sen. James Jeffords left the GOP, he may have killed President Bush's plans for a solidly conservative Supreme Court. Find out why.

The Six 'Constitutional' Commandments
Six of the Ten Commandments would pass the Supreme Court's test of constitutionality. Why not all ten?

The Establishment Clause and the Lemon Tests
The tests applied by the Supreme Court on religious acts in state-controlled institutions.

The Founding Fathers on Church and State
What the Founding Fathers of the US had to say about religion and government.

Tax Cuts Approved by Congress
American taxpayers will receive refund checks of up to $600 this year under part of the ten-year, $1.35 trillion compromise tax cut plan just approved by Congress and ready to be signed by President Bush.

Gambling, Drugs and Munchies
The brains of gamblers respond similarly to the brains of lab animals after being given euphoria-inducing[R]drugs or when being tempted by good food, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

FBI Reorganizes to Fight Terrorism
FBI Director Robert Mueller announces that the Bureau's main mission has changed from investigation, pursuit and prosecution of criminals to[R]protecting Americans from terrorist attacks.

Court: Seniority Trumps Disability
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) does not ensure disabled workers hiring preference over more senior[R]non-disabled employees.

Education to Address Misuse of Funds
Secretary of Education Paige announces sweeping programs to address a GAO audit showing the department has abused and misused over $450[R]million since 1998.

Fire Safe Cigarette Bill Introduced
Tobacco companies would be required to make cigarettes that stop burning by themselves instead of continuing to smolder if[R]dropped or left unattended under a new bill introduced last week in the U.S. Senate.

Fire-Safe Cigarette Bill Introduced
Congressional Record entry showing the remarks of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) in introducing the Joseph Moakley Memorial Fire Safe Cigarette Act on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Complaints? Turn 'Em In!

Gun Show Background Check Bill Introduced in US Senate
A group of nineteen U.S. Senators -- eighteen Democrats and one Republican -- have introduced a bill[R]amending the 1993 Brady Act by extending the required criminal background checks to purchases made at gun shows.

The Buffalo is Back - In Silver!
The beloved 1913 US Buffalo nickel will be minted in a one-dollar, 90-precent silver commemorative version to go on sale June 7, 2001.

Veterans to Get New Benefits, COLA Hike
American veterans can look forward to a package of new and enhanced benefits along with an annual cost of living raise thanks to a recent move by a[R]subcommittee of the House of Representatives.

US Renounces UN's World Court
Through a letter to the U.N., the Bush administration has reserved the right of the U.S. to ignore decisions and orders issued by the International[R]Criminal Court. The action effectively neutralizes President Clinton's signature to the treaty creating the court.

Nuclear Weapons: Pay Up to Cleanup
A DOE report estimates costs of cleaning up our Cold War legacy of nuclear weapons at up to $195 billion

One Gallon of Gas: Do I Hear $3?
Here comes Summer 2001 and her comes $3 a gallon gasoline. What can the government do? Not much.

Ab Belt Device Claims False, says FTC
You cannot get rock-hard abs with no sweat, said the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in filing false advertising complaints in federal court against maker of[R]three widely advertised electronic abdominal exercise belts.

Calif. Court Hears Key Gun Case - page 2
Many gun laws were violated before the killings that lead to the case of Merrill v. Navegar. Are gun makers liable for gun crimes?

US, Russia Agree to Reduce Nukes
Declaring it would put behind us the Cold War once and for all, President Bush announced an arms reduction agreement with Russia greatly[R]reducing the nuclear weapons arsenals of both nations.

Minute Man Begs, "Beam me up!"
A few of the best amazing one-minute speeches of colorful U.S. Congressman James Traficant.

Minute Man Begs, "Beam me up!"
A few of the best amazing one-minute speeches of colorful U.S. Congressman James Traficant.

Small Businesses: Characteristics of America's Best
What do America's most successful small businesses have in common? Who better to provide some answers[R]to that question than the 53 Small Business Persons of 2001?

Small Businesses: Characteristics of the Best - page 2
More characteristics and statistics of the best small businesses in America.

Congress Presses for 'Safer' Land Mines
The U.S. military will hasten its deployment of land mines posing little or no threat to civilians, under a proposal approved last week by the House Armed Services Committee

Independent Counsels Galore - U.S. Government Info/Resources - 05/15/98
A look at the growing roster of Janet Reno's Independent Counsels, from your Guide

Bush Energy Policy: Make More, Use Less
Addressing what he referred to yesterday as the most serious energy shortage since the oil embargoes of the 1970s, President Bush has released his[R]administration's national energy policy, a set of 105 recommendations designed to increase energy supplies while promoting conservation.

Campaign Finance Law Challenged in Court
President Bush called it 'flawed' when he signed it and just one day later, the Campaign Finance Reform law found itself in court, accused of being unconstitutional.

How Arabs, Muslims View the U.S.
Arabs and Muslims share a positive view of America's way of life and its defense of democratic values, according to two Egyptian and[R]Pakistani television journalists.

HUD 'Tracer' Business? Watch Out!
Make big money as a HUD Tracer? Probably not, but you might become a felon.

Does HUD Owe You a Refund?
Anyone who ever had a mortgage insured by HUD/FHA may be due a refund on part of the mortgage's[R]insurance premium or a share of the earnings. Here's where to find out if HUD owes you money and how to get it.

Constitutional Questions
Answers to questions and interesting facts about the U.S. Constitution, from your Guide

Bush Proposes Child Care Improvements
On April 2, 2002 President Bush announced details of his proposals to improve early childhood education programs.

Threatenting the President - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date:[R] 04/03/98
About the crime of threatening the President of the United States, from your Mining Company Guide

Postal Service Now in Financial Trouble?
In September 2000, the US Postal Service projected a surplus of $150 million for Fiscal Year 2001. By[R]March 2001, however, postal officials project a deficit of between $2 and $3 BILLION. Congress wante to know what happened.

Postal Service Now in Financial Trouble?
To deal with slowing business and anticipated losses, the Postal Service may be forced to drop Saturday mail delivery, according to Postmaster General[R]William Henderson.

Paying the Bills, or Not
In 1996, forty-nine million Americans -- about one person in five -- lived in a household that suffered at[R]least one difficulty in meeting a basic need, according to results recently releasedby the U.S. Census Bureau.

Selling to the Government Gets Easier
Looking to America's small businesses for innovative products to help fight terrorism, the Department of Defense has announced new[R]and upgraded resources designed to simplify the often mystifyingly complex process of selling goods and services to the government.

Public Input on WTC Collapse Sought
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking input from individuals and representatives of organizations who have technical[R]information that could be helpful in its proposed building and fire safety investigation of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse following the terrorist[R]attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

INS Issues Tough Visitor Visa Rules
With some member of Congress calling for abolishing the agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has announced its intent to immediately[R]being enforcing rules to significantly tighten controls over student and visitor visas.

Veterans Would Benefit from Bush Budget
Details of President Bush's proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2002 released by the White House on April 9,[R]included expenditures of $51.7 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

El Ñino Returning, Warns NOAA
El Niño, that hotter-than-normal glob of Pacific Ocean water that played havoc with the weather during 1997-98, may be back, according to NOAA[R]scientists, who say Americans could start feeling the effects by mid-summer.

NASA Plans Elevators to Space
Open your imagination now. You hop into the elevator and hit the button for the 11,457,600th floor. Hope you dressed warmly, because when you hop out, you'll be hopping right into space. Science fiction? Not anymore, says NASA.

Energy Secretary Addresses Power Crisis
US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham last week sent letters to Congress and to the California state legislature[R]stressing the Bush Administration's actions to help California address the electricity crisis.

Energy Secretary Addresses Power Crisis - Page 2
Energy Secretary Abraham explains by the Bush Administration opposes federal price controls in response to the Western power crisis.

Federalism: Whose Power is This, Anyway?
What is federalism and how does it work?: alabama national guard governor george wallace racial segregation in schools plessy vs ferguson nicholas katzenbach

Senate Passes Energy Policy Bill
The U.S. Senate has approved a version of the National Energy Policy Act differing in several areas from the version passed in the House, and desired by President Bush.

Women in the U.S. - 1999-2000
In observance of Women's History Month - March 2001 - the Census Bureau releases an interesting set of data profiling women in the U.S.

Church and State: How the Court Decides
The three tests used by the U.S. Supreme Court in deciding cases involving religion in public schools

Census: 1 in 5 Americans Has Disability
According to a Census Bureau report. some 53 million people reported some level of disability in 1997, while 1 in[R]8 -- 33 million -- reported having a severe disability.

US Profile 2000: Real-Life Statistics
Few facts interest Americans more than facts about Americans. For example, did you know that young women in the United States are more educated than[R]young men? Or that computers are now found in a majority of U.S. homes?

Gun Control Laws - What Gives Congress the Right?
Where the U.S. Congress gets the authority to enact gun control laws.

Gun Control Laws - What Gives Congress the Right?
Where the U.S. Congress gets the authority to enact gun control laws.

Fed Drops Interest Rate
Hoping to keep the US from falling deeper into an economic slowdown bordering on a full-out recession, the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve Board voted to lower interest rates

Bush Wants to Help US Small Business
Stressing his desire for an American business environment where the entrepreneurial spirit flourishes, President Bush has proposed a plan to[R]help small businesses save on taxes and offer health insurance to their employees.

Supreme Court Rules FDA Cannot Regulate Tobacco
The Supreme Court Rules that the FDA cannot regulate tobacco products, from your Guide

Senate Passes Campaign Finance Reform
The U.S. Senate passes a campaign finance reform bill taking the most aggressive action in the past 25 years to reduce the[R]influence of big-money in U.S. elections.

Bush Education Bill: Summary
Summary of President George W. Bush's proposed education bill - No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Bush Education Budget: Summary
Summary of President George W. Bush's first proposed budget for education

GAO Goes Postal on Postal Service
Another postage rate increase in June 2002 won't fix the Postal Service, says the government's own watchdog. Unless sweeping reforms are undertaken soon, you[R]may NOT have mail.

Veterans Must Pay VA Debts
For the first time, the Treasury Department can start deducting money from veterans' benefit checks to[R]settle debts they owe to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

George Washington: Fact and Facny
Interesting, even amazing facts and fancy about 1st President of the United States, George Washington.

Cabinet Profile: Housing and Urban Development - U.S. Government Info/Resources[R] - Date: 03/27/98
The history and missions of HUD, from your Guide

Supreme Court Rules KKK Can 'Adopt a Highway'
The US Supreme Court rules without comment or dissent that the Ku Klux Klan can participate in Missouri's Adopt-A-Highway program.

What Terrorist Threat Colors Mean
What specific steps should Americans take at each of the five terrorist attack threat levels? The American Red Cross offers answers.

Cold War's Real Toll Still Being Counted
All persons born in the U.S. since 1951 were exposed to varying degrees of radioactive fallout from nuclear bomb tests in Nevada, according to a governmentreport. An unreleased report may show effects of worldwide testing even more serious.

Reaching Out to The Unbanked
Millions of Americans do not have bank accounts. Can a high-tech solution from the Treasury help reduce the ranks of the unbanked?

US Seaports: More Risk than Airports
Closing all the airports after the Sept. 11 attacks crippled the US economy. A terrorist attack involving a weapon of mass destruction at just one US seaport[R]could kill it, warns the Transportation Department.

Tax Reform: Flat Tax - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 03/13/98
About the Armey/Shelby Flat Tax income tax proposal, from your Mining Company Guide

When the Check's NOT In the Mail
Government benefit check late? Here is some advice on how to deal with missing or incorrect checks from the government.

Radio Signals from Beyond Solar System
NASA has confirmed that on March 2, the radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico received a distinct radio tone from more than 7.4 billion miles in[R]space.

Bush Signs First Bill
President George W. Bush signed his first bill into law yesterday. A resolution honoring former President Ronald Reagan on his 90th birthday. Also, Bush calls Nancy Reagan.

More Income Tax Scams
Some really dangerous income tax scams to watch out for.

Text of an Email Income Tax Scam
Complete text of an expensive and dangerous income tax saving scam currently circulating the Internet via email.

Bush Takes on Unions
President Bush on Feb. 17, 2001, issued four executive orders overturning Clinton Administration policies[R]considered favorable to labor unions involved in government-contracted projects.

Nowhere to Hide?
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has opened the regulatory doors for the development of a new generation of wireless technology capable of feats[R]as noble as saving lives and as potentially threatening as watching us inside our homes.

Bill Would Add Missile Defense to Airliners
Civilian commercial aircraft would be required to carry anti-missile protection devices similar to those currently used on military transport[R]aircraft, under a bill just introduced by Senator Barbara Boxer.

Commercial Airline Missile Defense Act (proposed bill)
Complete text of the proposed Commercial Airline Missile Defense Act, to install anti-missile defense systems in all U.S. commercial airliners.

Office of Personnel Management - U.S. Government Info/Resources -[R] Date: 02/13/98
About the US Office of Personnel Management, from your Guide

Bush Announces Health Care Agenda (Details)
Calling for a reformed and innovative system giving patients more rights than orders, President Bush announced his national health care agenda and urged[R]Congress to act on it this year.

World War II Memorial
Veterans and citizens on the home front will at last get a memorial to WWII, if the money is there, from your Guide

Scalia on the Constitution
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia explains how he interprets the U.S. Constitution.

The Secret Service - U.S. Government Info/Resources - Date: 02/27/98
About the US Secret Service, from your Guide

US Government Web Site Seeks Input From Disabled
The U.S. Department of Education has launched a new Web site to gather comments and recommendations on research[R]needs for Americans with disabilities.

INS Absorbed by Homeland Security
On March 1, 2003, the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)officially became the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), operating under the Department of Homeland Security.

Cardiac Deaths Increase Among Young Poeple, CDC Reports
A report from CDC shows a dramatic increase in cases of sudden cardiac deaths among persons 15-34 years of age.

Gun Control Laws in Canada
Gun ownership license laws proposed by President Clinton are already in effect in Canada.

Gun Control Laws in Canada

FTC Wants to Muzzle Telemarketers
Telemarketers who call consumers who have asked not be called could be fined up to $11,000 per call under new regulations to be proposed by the Federal Trade[R]Commission (FTC).

Taking Guns to Canada? Beware!
The Canadian government is warning Americans bringing firearms across the border, or even borrowing guns while[R]in Canada, that the new Canadian Firearms Act apply equally to visitors.

Congressman: US Nuclear Labs Vulnerable
Days after the NRC conceded that nuclear power plants could not be adequately protected against airborne terrorist attacks, a U.S. congressman has stated that[R]America's nuclear weapons labs and storage sites are wide open to attack.

Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives Launched
Amidst complaints of separation of church andstate violations, the Bush Administration launches its faith-based initiatives[R]with promises to fund soup and shelter, but no bibles.

State of the Union Address - January 29, 2002
Focusing on his administration's

Traffic - The Real Drug Deal
During January 2001 alone, US agencies seized almost 9 tons of smuggled drugs. Are we winning the War on Drugs, or is the movie Traffic correct - we can't win?

Statistics From the Real War on Drugs
Statistics and information about Americas's ongoing War on Drugs.

Bush Launches New Freedom Initiative: Text of Porposal
Complete text of President George W. Bush's New Freedom Initiative for assisting the disabled.

Black History Month in US Government
How the US Government observes Black History Month, from your Guide

Homeland U.S. Defense Called For
Finding U.S. territory increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, a congressional committee recommends sweepingchanges to America’s educational and defense systems.

Homeland Defense Called For
Finding U.S. territory increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, a congressional committee recommends sweeping[R]changes to America’s educational and defense systems.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - U.S. Government Info/Resources[R] - Date: 02/06/98
About the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, from your Guide

Temporary Aliens to Lose Gun Rights
Under a temporary rule issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms(ATF), nonimmigrant aliens in the United States will be prohibited from[R]buying, selling or possessing firearms and ammunition beginning Feb. 19, 2002.

US World's 3rd Most Populous Nation
Thanks to a 13 percent population increase during the 1990s, the United States remained the third most populous nation in the world, according to a Feb.[R]2002 report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

America's Disabled Get a Ticket to Work
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced the launch of its Ticket to Work program designed to help people with disabilities go to work.

Campaign Finance Reform Tries Again
With fallout over Enron's massive contributions to political parties thick in the air, the House opens debate on a 2002 version of a campaign[R]finance reform bill.

States Call for Voting Reforms<
The National Association of Secretaries of State issues 16 proposed reforms for Americans voting and election process.

States Call for Voting Reforms
The National Association of Secretaries of State issues 16 proposed reforms for Americans voting and election process.

Bush Announces Clear Skies Initiative
Declaring the mandatory environmental regulations of the Kyoto Protocol combating global warming too expensive and a threat to U.S.[R]jobs, President Bush unveiled his administration's voluntary

Taxpayer Advocate Issues Report
Complexity of the federal income tax law remains the tax law remains the top problem for both individual and business[R]taxpayers, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress for year 2000.

Taxpayer Advocate Issues Report
Complexity of the federal income tax law remains the tax law remains the top problem for both individual and business[R]taxpayers, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress for year 2000.

Supreme Court Limits Scope of Clean Water Act
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that the Federal Clean Water Act cannot prevent a group of 23 Chicago-area municipalities from constructing a[R]landfill atop seasonal ponds used by migratory birds.

Salt Lake City Safe, Says Ridge
Salt Lake City, Utah will probably be one of the safest places in the[R]world from Feb. 8 through the end of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, U.S. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge declared Thursday.

Flu Kills Far More Than Thought, CDC Reports
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported greatly underestimating the yearly number of deaths resulting from influenza in the United States.

INS System Has Immigration Answers
Getting correct answers to questions about America's complex laws and regulations dealing with immigration and benefits for immigrants is made much easier by the[R]Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) telephone assistance program, according to a new Justice Department report.

Stiffer Penalties Ahead for Corporate Criminals
The United States Sentencing Commission has unanimously voted to significantly increase criminal penalties applied to persons convicted of[R]corporate fraud and other serious white collar crimes.

Contacting U.S. Government - Part II - U.S. Government Info/Resources[R] - Date: 01/16/98
It has never been so easy to contact the U.S. Government, from your Guide

INS to Hire 800 New Inspectors
U.S. government jobs take note: The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has announced that it will be hiring over 800 new[R]immigration inspectors nationwide.

New York City Earthquake!
The[R]U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 2.5 earthquake shook the southern tip of Manhattan and Queens, near Newark, New Jersey, at 7:34 a.m. Eastern[R]Standard Time on Wednesday, Jan. 17.