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Unified Communications
Unified communications (UC) is a new technological architecture whereby communication tools are integrated so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one entity instead of separately. In short, unified communications bridges the gap between VoIP and other computer related communication technologies. Learn more on unified communications here.

How To Receive Phone Calls on GMail
You can receive phone calls in your GMail inbox. This is possible through Google's other services Hangouts and Google Voice. Here's how to proceed.

VoIP Software and Tools
VoIP software include service-backed applications Skype and other PC-to-PC applications. Tiis page speaks aboutVoIP software applications and tools present on the market - comparisons and reviews, prices, features, compatibility, tutorials, tips and tricks and more.

Integrate Skype In Mozilla Thunderbird
Integrating Skype in Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to directly make calls to contacts right from within your email client.

Hardware for VoIP
Know and learn more about the hardware and special devices used for VoIP. See reviews, comparisons, purchase tips, and learn how to install devices and get them running.

VoIP Headsets
VoIP Headsets - Types of VoIP headsets, list of best headsets, wireless headsets, headset reviews, headset features, performance and functions.

VoIP Features Available From VoIP Service Providers
VoIP features are abundant and very useful. Here is a list of these features and their definitions.

How IP Routing Works
IP Routing - Routing is the process during which data packets are forwarded from one machine or device (technically referred to as a node) to another on a network until they reach their destinations.

What Is Speech Recognition?
Speech recognition allows you to input data into computers by speaking. It is getting common on smartphones, car Bluetooth​ and word processing.

What Is Visual Voicemail?
With visual voicemail, you have a list of the voicemail messages on your screen. You also have a menu with several options, just like for email.

VoIP Features - Abundant and Useful for Call Management
VoIP offers an abundant amount of interesting, useful and enhanced features, many of which come free with packages from VoIP service providers.

Understanding WiFi 802.11 Standards
WiFi is known as the 802.11 standard, and it comes in many different flavors. It may help to know them for better performance and efficiency.

WiFi Explained: The Most Common Wireless LAN Network
WiFi is also referred to as WLAN, which stands for wireless LAN, and 802.11, which is the technical code for the protocol. Learn more here.

Glossary of common words in VoIP and networking
Glossary of common words in VoIP and networking

What Is Ethernet?
What is Ethernet? The Ethernet protocol is the most common LAN technology. How to set up an Ether LAN and how it works.

Most Common VoIP Codecs
Here is a list of the most common codecs used in VoIP for voice encoding and compression, with comments on their bit rates and applications.

Mobile and Wireless VoIP
Mobile and wireless VoIP will be very common in the near future. See how VoIP can take advantage of the the different wireless technologies, and how you can benefit from it.

WhatsApp Messenger Review
WhatsApp is the most popular app for Internet calling and instant messaging, and connects a billion people worldwide for free.

LTE Explained - What is LTE?
What is LTE? Long Term Evolution is a 4G technology that provides faster connection than 3G and other wireless technologies. LTE explained.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Explained
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and TCP/IP protocol definition. How TCP is used to control reliability in transmission of data over networks.

Google Duo Review - The Simple Video Calling App
All you need to know about Google Duo the simple video calling app for smartphones. What are its features and how it compares with other apps

Skype Translator - One Step Forward in Worldwide Communications
Skype Translator translates your words to another language on the spot, allowing you to talk to people that don't understand your language.

Yes You Can Call for Free on WhatsApp
You can update your WhatsApp to make free calls, but beware of scams circulating while users wait for the official launch.

VoIP Market trends
VoIP evolves both technically and commercially. Keep updated on how VoIP is doing in the market, and know the trends. How popular VoIP is becoming and how it can benefit your business. Also see find out how you can make money using VoIP.

VoIP Requirements - What You Need To Use VoIP
Get information on things you need to have in order to use VoIP, including equipment and software, tools, connection type and speed, VoIP service, necessary skills, how much it costs and more.

VoIP Services and Solutions
Looking for a VoIP service? Here you will find what you need on VoIP products on the market - services and solutions, packages, comparisons and reviews of top VoIP service providers.

How To Know Whose Phone Number It Is
How to know who the owner of a phone number is? Reverse phone lookup apps and sites give you information about the owner behind a number.

Pushbullet: Share Calls, Notifications and Media
Pushbullet allows you to be notified of calls, messages and other notifications from your smartphone to on your computer.

BlueStacks: Run Android Apps on Your PC
BlueStacks is a program that emulates Android on your Windows or Mac computer. This allows you to install and run some of the million apps.

Webinars and Web Conferences
All about webinars. Voice Over IP.

Reasons For Considering Voice over IP
Why should you use VoIP? What are its advantages and how does it make voice communication better than regular PSTN phone? Here is a list of advantages and benefits of using Voice over IP. Page 2.

Reasons for Choosing Voice over IP
Why should you use VoIP? What are its advantages and how does it make voice communication better than regular PSTN phone? Here is a list of advantages and benefits of using Voice over IP. Page 3.

Reasons for Choosing Voice Over IP
Why should you use VoIP? What are its advantages and how does it make voice communication better than regular PSTN phone?

Ekiga Softphone Review
Ekiga is an open-source VoIP softphone app that includes the functionalities of a voice softphone, video conferencing tool and instant messaging tool.

Free Calls - Are All Free Calls Really Free?
As a phone user, you need to understand the implications of such terms as free calls when they are really free and when they are not.

3Jam Review as an alternative to Google Voice
3Jam Review. 3Jam is a service that provides 'cloud' phone numbers that can be used to contact a number of phones.

Rondee Conferencing Tool Review
A review of the Rondee Conferencing Tool and its strengths and weaknesses.

Skype Changes From P2P to Client Server Model
Skype has been using P2P to channel text, voice and video since it was created. Now it is ditching P2P for a more conventional cloud-based model.

What is Android?
Android is an operating system for mobile phones and tablet PCs. It is owned by Google and stands as a serious competitor to Apple's iPhone.

VoIP Phishing - What is VoIP Phishing and How Does It Work
Phishing is a type of attack that lures the user into giving personal information like passwords and credit card numbers over a website or phone.

Why Google Voice
Why Google Voice and what it can do for me? This is an overview of the features of Google Voice and the benefits you can take out of them as a user, that will help you decide on whether it is for you or not.

tollfreeforwarding.com Review - International Numbers
tollfreeforwarding.com review - tollfreeforwarding.com is a service that offers international toll-free virtual phone numbers.

Call Forwarding Feature Explained
Call forwarding is also called call transfer. It is a feature in telephony and VoIP that allows you to transfer calls to another phone or service.

Video Over IP - Fax Over IP- Multimedia
You can transmit more than voice on VoIP - all multimedia data types including video can also be transmitted. You can also send and receive fax using VoIP. Learn more about Fax Over IP, Video Over IP and other multimedia features of VoIP.

Mtalk.net Review: A Web Address to Call You For Free
MTalk review - App that allows you to be contacted through a web address that acts as a click to call handle.

What is TeamSpeak?
What is TeamSpeak? An overview of one of the leading tools for group communication​ on the Internet using VoIP. It is mainly used for gamers and professionals.

Online Connection Speed Tests - Bandwidth Meters
Online Connection Speed Tests - Bandwidth meters give you an idea of how suitable your connection is for a certain task online, e.g. voice over IP.

IPv6/IPng - IPv6 Explained
IPv6/IPng - IPv6 is a new and improved version of the IP protocol. In this article, you will learn what IP is, what its limitation is, and how this has led to the creation of IPv6, of which there is also a brief description.

Fring Overview - Free Mobile VoIP Calls
Fring is a VoIP application and service that allows free mobile phone calls, chat and instant messaging. It is a softphone that can be directly installed on a smart phone and works on 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi network.

VoIP Apps - Software for VoIP Calls
What is a VoIP and what is it good for? Let's see why we use VoIP apps, their requirements, the types of VoIP apps and their inconveniences.

Free Audio Conferencing Tools
Free Audio Conferencing Tools - Services Allowing Free Voice Conferences

How to Maximize Your Webinar's Quality
How to make sure that the voice and video quality of your webinar and web conference are at their best.

What Google Voice Cannot Do
What limitations does Google Voice have, it isn't and what it cannot do for me?

X-Lite Review
X-Lite is one of the most popular softphones on the VoIP market. It is the most basic of the line of VoIP apps that Counterpath offers, and it is the only free product. X-Lite is not attached with any VoIP service

Facebook Messenger for the iPhone and Android
Facebook Messenger for the iPhone and Android. Free calls to other facebook users. SMS and photo sharing.

Mumble Review
Mumble is one of the best VoIP apps out there for voice chat during online gaming. It offers great voice quality and stability, and is free and open source.

What is VoIP Service?
Definition of VoIP service, of its requirements and of the types of VoIP services available with their characteristics and details.

Is VoIP Always Cheaper?
Is VoIP Always Cheaper? Is communicating through VoIP always cheaper than other traditional phone methods?

Truphone VoIP Service Review For Mobile Phones
Truphone is a mobile VoIP service that, through a free application that is installed on a mobile phone, allows users to make free or cheap calls.

Ways To Improve Your VoIP Network
Are you getting the most of the VoIP service on your network? Here are some ways to improve your VoIP network.

VoIP Client: What is a VoIP Client?
What is a VoIP Client? A VoIP Client is a software application that is also called a softphone.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Headset
A headset is easy to buy when in the shop. You look at the price and what pleases you and pay for it. This is maybe because it is such a relatively small piece of hardware.

Ringo Review: Cheaper International Calls
Ringo is a phone service that offers cheap international calls without requiring you to have an Internet connection, and ensuring quality.

Media5 Phone and SIP App for iOS and Android
Media5 Phone and SIP App for iOS and Android phone review

Bria Review
Bria is one of the most enhanced VoIP softphone apps on the market, and Counterpath’s flagship product.

The SkypeIn Service
Skype In is the service you should have if you want to receive a call from a PSTN or cell phone on your computer using Skype.

Voice Compression in VoIP
Voice signals in VoIP calls are encoded into digital data, which are compressed so as to make it less bulkier for transmission over the Internet. The software used for compression are called codecs.

VoIP Codecs - What is a Codec?
VoIP Codecs - A codec is al algorithm used to encode and compress voice signals into digital data, thus making it lighter for transmission over the Internet. VoIP uses codecs for voice transmission.

How to Test Your VoIP Connection
Testing your VoIP connection doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to test your VoIP service by using Ping or other online services.

Does Your Phone Have Visual Voicemail?
Find out if your phone has visual voicemail or not. If not, you can get it elsewhere. Find out more.

Skype for the iPad and iPhone - Tutorial
Skype for the iPad and iPhone - How to install and use Skype on the iPad and the iPhone. A step by step guide.

VoIP Service: Choosing The VoIP Service That Suits You Best
Before choosing a VoIP service, you have to decide which type suits you. Choosing the right VoIP service allows you to derive the maximum benefits.

IP Faxing: Sending Cheap Faxes over the Internet
Learn how to send fax messages over IP networks and over a VoIP line. That allows you to save money on faxing, and benefit from other features.

iNum - One Global Number To Access You WorldWide
iNum - iNum is a service that provides a global phone number that can be used to ring on your phone anywhere you are in the world. In other words, it transcends boundaries and distances, thereby eliminating the worries of area codes and expensive rates.

Security Threats In VoIP
Security Issues in VoIP. While VoIP has become one of the mainstream communication technologies, VoIP users face a series of security threats. Let us see these security issues.

VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth?
VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth? We know VoIP's worth as a means of cutting down communication cost, so the question is not on VoIP's worth but rather on that of using 3G for it.

Analog Telephone Adapters Features and Functions
What is an ATA? Learn about Analog Telephone Adapters and their functions and features, and how they are used to make VoIP connections.

What Does the Term 'Telephony' Mean?
What is telephony? Telephony is a term denoting the technology that allows people to have long distance voice communication.

Top VoIP Service Providers
VoIP Service Providers - Most households and small businesses wanting to replace their existing phone lines with VoIP choose among the residential subscription-based service providers. Here is a list of the top service providers of this type.

The Benefits of a Skype Premium Account
Skype Premium is an enhanced version of the free VoIP service that removes some of the restrictions. It allows unlimited free calls to other phones in a country of your choice, multi-party video conferencing and some other features.

Getting Started With VoIP
Once you are aware of the benefits VoIP can bring to your communication experience, you are very likely to decide to get started with VoIP.

Choosing The Type Of VoIP Service
Choosing the type of VoIP - Before choosing and registering for a VoIP service, you need to decide what flavor of VoIP suits you most. Choosing the right type of VoIP is important in order to make optimal use of the technology, for greater benefits and lower costs.

Choosing a VoIP Service Provider
Choosing a VoIP service - You will need a service to be able to place and receive VoIP calls. Of the wide array of VoIP service providers on the market, you will need to choose one.

VoIP Voice Quality
VoIP Voice Quality - Voice quality is one of the reasons why people hesitate to switch to VoIP. Up to now, matching with PSTN has not been possible at 100%, but there are things to be done to improve voice quality, like increasing bandwidth.

Internet Connection For VoIP - VoIP Bandwidth Requirements
Internet Connection For VoIP - The first thing you need to be able to use VoIP is a good Internet connection. The bandwidth will determine the quality of your voice. You can try online speed tests to determine whether your bandwidth is adequate.

Choosing VoIP Hardware Equipment
Choosing VoIP Hardware Equipment - For software-based VoIP, you only need a headset or speaker with microphone. For hardware based VoIP, you need to install and ATA to which you can attach your phone.

Getting Started With a VoIP Phone Number
Getting a VoIP Phone Number - You need a phone number to be able to make and receive calls to and from a fixed or mobile phone. Most people switching to VoIP want to keep their existing numbers, thus raising the issue or phone number portability.

What You Need to Set Up Your Voice Over IP
Unless you are deploying VoIP in your business, setting it up and getting it running is a breeze. Here are directions to install the system.

MO-Call Mobile VoIP Service Review
MO-Call Mobile VoIP Service Review - MO-Call is a VoIP service that allows you to use your mobile phone to make cheap or free international calls using your GSM network. You can use MO-Call VoIP service on over 2000 mobile models, including the popular iPhone 4, iPhones upgraded to the iOS 4, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.

WiMAX Technology Requirements, Performance and Cost
Using WiMAX Technology - WiMAX is a wireless technology for wide area networks that offers Internet connectivity for large areas. In this article, we explore WiMAX considering its requirements, performance and cost.

UberConference - Free Visual Audio Conference
UberConference review - Free audio conferencing tool with tools to visually manage conference sessions.

Free Home Camera Surveillance System
Free Home Camera Surveillance System - How to build your own home camera surveillance system at home using Skype's free video calling and hardware that you already have.

What Is Ooma?
ooma - ooma allows you to make free unlimited free nationwide calls for free. ooma is one of the no-monthly bill companies, with which you only buy a device once and use it to make free phone calls ever after. Read more on the ooma device and the ooma service here.

The Verizon Wireless Hub - To Buy or Not To Buy?
The Verizon Hub, with its nice features, touchscreen and impressive design, comes as an unprecedented VoIP device. But is it worth the cost? Let's weigh the pros and cons.

TeamSpeak Review
TeamSpeak Review - One of the leading tools in collaboration in online gaming and communication within groups over the Internet using pure VoIP technology for voice-chat.

ooma Review - VoIP Service Without Monthly Bills
ooma Review - Ooma is a VOiP service that allows completely free calls to all users, landline and mobile, to the US and Canada.

Review of Fongo - Canada VoIP Service
Fongo review - VoIP service for Canadians

Push Notification and VoIP
What is push notification and how does it help with voip apps on iOS

RaidCall - Social Voice Networking for Gamers
Raidcall is a social voice networking app for professional online gamers, and can also be used by anyone else, with the app and servers free.

Google Voice - Phone Service Review
Google Voice Review - Google Voice is a phone service that gives you a number to call all your phones. It also gives you voicemail transcription into text, plus many other features. Local incoming and outgoing calls are free, and international calls are very cheap. Here is a review of the service.

VoxOx Review - Unify All Your Communication Channels
VoxOx is an application that allows you to do voice calling, video conferencing, emailing, instant messaging, texting, social networking and faxing in one same application. It also acts as a VoIP softphone.

Making Calls Through Your Mobile Phone Using VoIP
You can make calls on VoIP through your mobile phone, allowing you to cut down on your mobile communication costs.

UMA Explained - Unlicensed Mobile Access
UMA stands for Unlicensed Mobile Access. It is a wireless technology that allows seamless transition between wireless WANS (e.g. GSM, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, etc.) and wireless LAN (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). This means that a user can initiate a call over GSM, for example, and the calls switches from the GSM network to the office’s Wi-Fi network once the user walks into range. And vice-versa.

Local Numbers and Their Benefits
A local number makes you reachable in a locality without you being there. It also has other benefits, especially when used with VoIP.

Jitsi SIP Softphone Review
Jitsi is a Java-based communication tool that offers a lot of features and allows SIP-based calls. Jitsi supports voice and video calls.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
The Session Initiation Protocol is complementary with VoIP since it provides signaling functions to it.

Connect All Your Home Phones To Your VoIP Service
Want to make use of your conventional phone sets while using VoIP service? Here is how to connect all your home (or office) phones to you VoIP service.

Tuitalk Review - How to Make Free Calls
Tuitalk is a voice service that allows users to make completely free international calls to any phone, not just computer-based softphones.

IP Phone Features - VoIP Phones
IP Phone Features - The features that come along with an IP phone are varied depending on their manufacturers, functionalities, and the solutions they are supposed to bring. They include LCD screen, feature keys, network ports, speaker phone, headset jacks, etc.

What Are the Requirements For Using Skype?
Even though broadband is recommended for high-quality​ voice, a simple dial-up connection of around 64 kbps will work for voice calls.

Adding Contacts to Viber
I can’t contact someone using Viber on my phone, even though he is using Viber. How do I add him to my Viber contact list?

How Can I Make Free Skype Calls on My Mobile Phone
Free Skype Mobile Calls - Here are ways in which you can make completely free calls on your mobile phone using Skype.

VoIP Phone Number Portability
VoIP Phone Number Portability - One of the main questions you have to ask yourself before deciding whether to port your number or not is whether the number is actually portable.

How To Pronounce VoIP
How to pronounce VoIP? How is VoIP pronounced, V.O.I.P or voyp?

What Is WiMAX?
What is WiMAX - WiMAX stands for WorldWide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is technically referred to by the IEEE as 802.16. WiMAX is a wireless wide area network (WAN) that can cover what DSL lines can cover, but without wires. It can give Internet connectivity to computers in the way GSM has given phone connectivity to mobile phones and made them replace fixed landline phones.

Choosing Between an ATA or a Router for VoIP
Many people considering VoIP as a communication solution get confused about whether to use an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) or a router for deploying VoIP at home or their office. Let us see where to use what.

What Is MiFi? - Glossary Definition
What is MiFi? MiFi definition with its advantages and disadvantages. MiFi is a small device that allows you to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot along with you and remain connected anywhere you go.

Using Google Hangouts on Your Smartphone
Installing and using Google Hangouts on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet PC.

What is Delay in VoIP?
Delay in VoIP is caused when packets of data (voice) take more time than expected to reach their destination. This causes some disruption is the voice quality. However, if it is dealt with properly, its effects can be minimized.

what is PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
What is PSTN? Definition oof the Public Switched Telephone Network as the plain old telephone system, also called landline. Also PSTN vs VoIP and cell​

Call Blocking Feature for Unwanted Calls
Call blocking is a feature in phone systems and smartphone that allow you to block unwanted calls and manage them smartly. Here is what you need to know.

Choosing The Right DECT Phone
Need to buy a DECT cordless phone? Here is a list of things you need to consider before buying your DECT phone.

What is a DECT Phone
DECT phones are those cordless phones you use at home with your traditional PSTN or VoIP service. Here are the types, ranges and other things about them.

What is a PBX Phone System
What is a PBX phone system? Definition of Private Branch Exchange, its main functions and features in managing corporate communication, and its types.

Turn Your iPad Into a Phone With a VoIP App
Here is how you can turn your iPad into a Phone and make free and cheap voice calls to your buddies worldwide.

Free Text Messaging on Your Smartphone
How to send and receive free messages on your smartphone? There are many apps that allow you to do so without paying a dime.

How To Configure a SIP Softphone App
Here is how you configure your SIP softphone app in order to make free and cheap internet calls to any number worldwide.

What is Latency and How Can it Be Reduced?
What is latency and how can it affect voice quality in VoIP? How can you get rid of latency and improve your calls?

Telephone App For Mac Review
The Telephone app for Mac allows you to make free and cheap VoIP calls through SIP on your Mac. It is very easy and simple to use.

Apps for Free Video Chat on Your Computer
Here is a list of VoIP apps that allow you to make free video calls on your computer. The apps run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Top Wireless IP Phones
Wireless IP phones are great tools to enhance communication within your organization or without your home. You can use them with PBXs or simply for VoIP.

VoIP by region
What VoIP services do you have in your region? Learn about different VoIP services and user groups in the region you live and make the most of your VoIP experience.

How to Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada
How to make free phone calls to any landline and mobile number in the US and Canada? Here are some tools and services you can use.

LINE App Review
LINE allows free voice calls and free messages over Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, PC and Mac. It is a serious alternative to WhatsApp and Viber.

Improve Your Conference Calls By Addressing These 7 Problems
Some issues make audio conferences ineffective and inefficient. Here are 7 problems to address so as to improve and better manage your conference calls.

4 Ways to Save Mobile Data When Using WhatsApp
WhatsApp voice calls and file sharing eats up data. Here is how to save your mobile data on WhatsApp and prevent it from consuming too much.

What Is a Hotspot?
A Wi-Fi hotspot is a restricted space that gives Internet connectivity to mobile devices that are Wi-Fi equipped. Learn more about hotspots here.

What is End-to-End Encryption?
End-to-end encryption is the ultimate security measure for keeping confidential data private on the Internet. Here is how it works.

What is Multitasking in Smartphones?
What is multitasking in smartphones? How iPhone and Android devices run multiple apps at the same time, how it works and what are its incidences?

Functions of a PBX - Main Technical Roles
What are the main functions of a PBX (Private Branch Exchange)? Here are the main technical and practical roles of PBX and IP-PBX.

How To Obtain a SIP Account
Here are the steps you take to get yourself a SIP account so you can benefit from the great features of SIP and better your communication experience.

How To Make Free Calls on Your iPad
You can use Voice over IP or Internet calling on your iPad to make and receive calls worldwide and locally for free or cheap. Here is how.

What are SIP and H.323?
What are SIP and H.323? Learn more about the protocols used to control signaling, and work with VoIP.

Definition and Structure of a SIP Address
Learn about SIP addresses, about their structures, and how they are used in SIP protocol to make calls over the Internet and other IP networks.

IP - The Internet Protocol. What it is and how it works
What is the Internet Protocol (IP) and how it works. Learn about how IP works and VoIP, the TCP/IP protocol suites, IP packets and IP addresses.

Common VoIP Hardware Devices and Equipment
Here is a list of the most common hardware devices you will use for VoIP: Phone Adapters (ATA), Routers, IP Phones, Headsets and Handsets.

5 Ways to Manage Your Phone Calls
Here are some things you can do to give yourself more control your incoming calls and better means to control and manage your phone calls

Top Call Blocking Apps For Smartphones
Unwanted calls from telemarketers, robots and people who phone at the wrong time can be eliminated by using call blocking apps on your phone.

IP Address: Definition and Structure - VoIP
IP addresses are unique numbers that identify a device on a network, especially the Internet. Here is an overview on what an IP address is.

VoIP Drawbacks and Pitfalls
VoIP (Voice over IP), or Internet Telephony, has so many benefits that few people care about its drawbacks. Here are the disadvantages of VoIP.

How to Install Viber for Android
How to install Viber on your Android device for free calls and communication on your smartphone.

Nimbuzz Voice and Chat App Review
Nimbuzz is an​ app that allows smartphones and computer users to make free voice calls and chat, and cheap voice calls to any destination worldwide.

VoIP Switching Types - Circuit vs. Packet
Circuit and packet switching are two different ways of disseminating data over networks especially the Internet. Packet switching makes things free.

Tango - Free Text, Voice and Video Calls
Tango is a free service that allows you to send free text messages, make free voice calls and make free video calls to your friends.

TrueCaller App Review
TrueCaller app gives powerful caller identification and call blocking. It also allows you to search names and numbers, but privacy is a concern.

What is OTT and How is it Affecting Communication?
What is OTT? Over-The-Top services provide additional communication services over network services, such as Internet TV, VoIP and video conferencing​.

Mean Opinion Score (MOS) - A Measure Of Voice Quality
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) gives a numerical indication of the perceived quality of the media received ranging from 1 to 5, 1 being the worst.

What Is Unified Communications?
Unified Communications merges communication methods into unified tools - such that you can have voice, video, text and other media on the same platform.

Phonebooth Review
Phonebooth is a VoIP service that gives you a phone number in your locality for your business, that can ring multiple phones. Plus a lot of features.

How to Make HD Video Calls With Skype
Here are important things to consider if you want to make Skype HD video calls. Make sure you check every item, as any can ruin your HD video.

How Much Bandwidth is Required for Skype HD Video Call?
How much bandwidth is required to make high definition video calls on Skype? Is your Internet connection sufficiently fast? Will your call suffer?

How to Make Voice and Video Calls in GMail and Google+
Making voice and video calls on GMail and Google +. You can chat and voice and video calls to any phone in the world from within your Google account. ​

Viber App Review
Viber is one of the most popular tools for free voice and video calling, and free messaging. It offers free voice and video calls and instant messaging.

Questions About WhatsApp Encryption
WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to all users. But how safe it really is? How far can we trust Facebook? Do we really need it?

What Is a Data Plan for a Cell Phone?
What is a data plan? Do I need it? How do I manage and control it? Your questions answered about Internet connection on your mobile device.

What is VoIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol
VoIP is the technology that has revolutionized free voice calling worldwide. From mobile apps to business systems, it allows people to save money and be more efficient.

VoIP and Bandwidth - How Much Bandwidth Do I Need for VoIP?
Bandwidth determines connection speed. It is one of the most important, and in some cases, the most expensive requirements for using VoIP. How do they relate?

Recording VoIP Phone Calls
Call-recording tools allow you to record your phone conversations. While this can be trivial for personal use, it has great managerial value for businesses.

How Much of My Mobile Data Plan Does VoIP Consume?
How much data do I need to count for my voice calls through VoIP while estimating my mobile data usage?

Security Issues in VoIP
How secure is VoIP? Learn about the security issues related to VoIP, threats and dangers, prevention measures and precautions. Find more on VoIP security protocols and their use in networks.

What Affects Voice Quality in VoIP Calls?
Voice quality in VoIP is affected bandwidth, your equipment, the location of your hardware, weather conditions and compression algorithms.

How to Send Fax Over an IP Network & the Internet
How To Send Fax over IP - Here are ways you can send and receive fax messages over an IP network and the Internet.

7 Things You Ignore About WhatsApp
WhatsApp is very popular and you are most probably using it, but there are certain interesting things you probably do not know and would like to.

Samsung ChatON - IM App Review
Samsung ChatON – IM App Review - Instant Messaging App for Smartphones

BlackBerry SIP Software – VoIP Client for BlackBerry and Nokia Phones
fg microtec’s BlackBerry SIP Software - The VoIP client applications are designed for BlackBerry and Nokia business users who want to save money on VoIP calls and take maximum advantage of the fixed-mobile convergence. The application requires SIP configuration with an IP PBX or a Wi-Fi connection.

Apps for SIP Service on Android
Using SIP on Android - clients that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play and configured with any free SIP service, for free VoIP calls.

How to Set Up and Use TeamSpeak
How to set up, install, configure and use TeamSpeak for communication in a group. Selecting or setting up a TeamSpeak server, and downloading and installing the client software.

Skype Qik Video Messaging App
Skype Qik is an app that allows you to do video messaging - chatting with recorded videos on your mobile phone.

How to Install Skype on Android
Installing Skype on Android can be tricky for some, especially those having unlisted devices. Here are three ways which you can download and install the app.

Ooma Mobile Review
Ooma Mobile - Ooma Mobile is a service that works only for existing Ooma customers, therefore only for people in the US. It allows mobile phone calls within the US at the rate of 1.9 cents per minute, and international calls at very competitive VoIP rates. Ooma injects its PureVoice HD quality in the product, which makes it more interesting. But it is still quite restrictive. It works only for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones. Ooma Mobile allows calls through 3G and Wi-Fi.

Using Skype on Android
Here is all the basic information you to know to be able to install and use Skype on your Android mobile device.

Groove IP - Free Calls Within US & Canada on Android
Use Groove IP to make your Android device a free communication center. Use Google Voice and GMail calling to make and receive free calls on your Android device using Grove IP, over a Wi-Fi connection.

VoIP Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses
Top VoIP Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses

Yeigo - Free VoIP For A Vast Range Of Mobile Phones
Yeigo is a free VoIP application for mobile phones, allowing voice calls, chat, instant message and SMS using your mobile phone, while cutting down the usual cost down to as low as 20 %. No need for complex, expensive and bulky hardware. With this, it sets a new paradigm that can revolutionize the communications world. One of the strong points of Yeigo is that it can be installed on a vast range of mobile phones. It also comes with many new features.

VoIP for Cell Phones - Cheaper Mobile Communication
VoIP for Mobile Phones - If you intend to considerably cut down the cost of your mobile calls, here is a list of VoIP services that can allow you to save up to 95% on mobile communication. Part of some services are even free.

Yackie Mobile VoIP Service Review
Mobile VoIP - Making and receiving cheap mobile calls is possible today, but the requirements are still obstacle. Yackie Mobile puts VoIP on a SIM card, thus making cheap mobile telephony more practical and convenient.

WebRTC Explained
WebRTC is a new technology that allows two browsers to communicate however remote they are, without any third party app or plugin to install and without a server.

How to Use Skype on Your BlackBerry Device
Skype on BlackBerry - Blackberry devices are good candidates for making the most of wireless/mobile VoIP, in view of saving on cost and enhancing communications with additional features. BlackBerry users haven’t been happy with Skype so far; there is no full-fledged Skype client for BlackBerry. So here are a few other ways you can use the service on your BlackBerry machine.

Making Cheap and Free VoIP Calls on Your BlackBerry
VoIP on BlackBerry - VoIP allows you to power up your BlackBerry device to make cheap or free calls, both local and international. Plus it gives you lots of features that you wouldn't get with your cellular provider.

Vyke - VoIP Service For Cheap International Calls
Vyke review - VoIP service offering very cheap prices over worldwide destinations​. The service can be used in many ways, on the computer or on mobile phones. Read review

Free SIP Providers
Free SIP Providers - Having a free SIP account is a great way of making free calls on the Internet. You only need to choose a SIP provider that gives you a SIP account for free. There are many of these. Here is my list.

Explanation of Quality of Service in VoIP
QoS and VoIP - Quality of Service is an important issue in VoIP service provision. QoS is the differentiation between different types of traffic and classes of service such that one is favored over the other in terms of bandwidth utilization. In VoIP, QoS considerations favor voice traffic.

Online Speed Tests - Top Bandwidth Tests
Online Speed Tests help you check the speed of your Internet connection. Here is a list of the top speed tests online.

Softphones: VoIP Software and Applications (List)
VoIP Software - Software-based VoIP providers often provide softphones, which are applications software that act as a phone on your computer, along with their service. Skype is an example. Here is a list of the common softphones and services, with lots of alternative to Skype

Making Free or Cheap VoIP Calls With Your iPhone
VoIP for the iPhone - VoIP Services And Applications for the iPhone - Here are ways for iPhone users to make free or cheap phones calls to any place around the world using their iPhones. The listed VoIP applications and services are compatible with and specifically designed for the iPhone.

Anonymous/Virtual Phone Numbers
Here is a list of services that give anonymous and virtual numbers, allowing phone calls without giving out your real phone number.

Make Free and Cheap VoIP Calls on Your Android Phone
VoIP on Android - Android is an operating system specially adapted for mobile phones and handsets launched by Google. If you are using a phone running Android, like the Nexus One, the HTC Hero, the Samsung Galaxy, to name but a few, you can take advantage of the power of VoIP to make free or cheap calls on your mobile. Here are the services and applications you can choose from.

Top Video Conferencing Applications and Services
video conferencing - Video calls and video conferencing considerably enhance your communication experience. Video conferencing is now affordable for everyone, with very little investment on hardware. It requires only a webcam and headset. Many applications and services are free.

PeerMe - VoIP Softphone Application and Service
PeerMe - PeerMe is a free communication tool and service that is quite easy to setup and use through its softphone client. PeerMe's softphone is enriched with many other features that make it more than a softphone: instant messaging, video conferencing etc. You can also use their web interface or download the special versions for WAP and mobile phones. PeerMe is shaping its future by constantly innovating with features.

Buy ooma - Where to Buy ooma?
Buy ooma - You want to kill your monthly phone bill and want to try ooma. Where do you go to buy ooma?

VoIP Equipment and Solution Vendors
VoIP Equipment and Solution Vendors - There are several dozens of manufacturers and vendors for IP telephony products that provide us with the equipment to use VoIP. Some of them have emerged as leading vendors while the market remains very prolific and open. Here is a shortlist of some of the most popular and evaluated VoIP vendors.

Faxing over IP - IP Faxing - Send Cheap and Free Fax Messages
Learn how to send fax messages over IP networks and over a VoIP line. That allows you to save money on faxing, and benefit from other features. IP Faxing, also called Faxing over IP or FoIP, can allow you to send fax messages for very cheap and even for free, both locally and internationally.

Recording VoIP Calls For Businesses
Tools to record voice calls in your business. These tools are mainly for use with an IP PBX, and most of them do more than recording VoIP phone calls.

Gizmo - Free VoIP Calls to 60 Countries
Gizmo allows you to make free calls to landline and mobiles phones to 60 countries, and offers free voicemail service. It presents itself as a serious competitor to Skype.

Voice Over IP
Voice Over IP. Page 2.

Free Webinar Software and Tools
Free Webinar Software and Tools

Online Meeting Tools
List of online meetings tools and solutions for holding personal and professional meetings, collaboration sessions, sharing, webinars and training online.

Internet Fax Services | Web and Email IP Faxing Services
Internet Fax Services - Here is a list of some of the most prominent web and email Internet fax services. They make the surest and easiest ways of sending fax messages over IP, which, besides making faxing cheaper, gives many advantages over traditional phone-line faxing.

Making Cheap Calls in South Africa Using VoIP
Making Cheap Calls in South Africa using VoIP - You can use VoIP services to make free calls or cheap calls worldwide in South Africa. Here are the VoIP services available in South Africa.

Data Calculators - Estimate Your Data Usage
Data calculators are here to help you estimate how much data you need for your mobile and broadband data plan.

iChat - Mac OS X Leopard Voice and Video Application
A close look at Apple MacOS X Leopard's VoIP chatting app iChat

Top VoIP Apps For Apple iOS
VoIP apps for iOS that allow you to make free voice and video calls among iOS users and those using other platforms as well.

Top Android Emulators
Top software that emulate the behavior of Android on Windows and Mac computers, such that Android apps can run on your computer.

Yahoo Messenger's Voice Calling Service - Review
Yahoo Voice Review - Yahoo Voice is part of the very popular Yahoo Messenger IM application and service, and as its name implies, it allows you to phone people worldwide either through PC-to-PC calls or PC-to-phone calls. Yahoo Voice uses VoIP technology and the outward calling part is handled by its partner Jajah. Its strong points are its great popularity, openness with community chatting and its cheap rates for PC-to-Phone calling.

Data Usage Monitor
You need to monitor how you use your bandwidth in your data plan. Here are ways you can do so if you are using Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian (Nokia) and BlackBerry. There are numerous data usage monitor apps out there.

How to Download Skype on Any Device
How to download Skype for all platforms of mobile devices? Here are instructions and links.

Pros and Cons of BYOD at Work
While BYOD is much appreciated by most, it comes with many drawbacks and has to be dealt with with particular caution. Here are its pros and its cons.

Apps To Monitor Data Usage for Your iPhone and iPad
Here are apps that allow you to monitor and control your 3G and 4G data consumption on the iPhone and iPad.

WeChat Review
WeChat Review - Mobile Communication App Loaded With Features - high-quality free voice and video calls, free emoticons, social networking etc.

Alternatives to Viber for Smartphones
Alternatives to Viber from among the IM and VoIP Apps for Smartphones. There are apps probably better suited for you out there.

Skype vs. Viber: Which is Better?
Skype vs. Viber: Which is Better? Comparison Between Skype and Viber Apps for Smartphones

What Is a Data Packet?
A data packet is the basic block that carry our data over a digital network. Data is broken down into packet before transmission and reassembled.

Ways to Enhance Your Privacy on Skype
Here are things you can do to enhance your privacy in Skype so as to protect your confidentiality to a cetain level.

IP Phones - Special Phones for VoIP
IP Phones - There exist a number of phones which are designed specially to be used for VoIP. We normally call them VoIP Phones, IP Phones or SIP phones. These phones very much resemble a normal POTS phone, but they are equipped with an internal ATA.

Running VoIP on a Wireless LAN
Wireless VoIP is the deployment of VoIP over a wireless LAN, using the Wi-Fi technology. It has got the great advantage of mobility, but suffers form someo shortcomings as well.

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number While Using VoIP?
Phone Number Portability With VoIP - Will My VoIP Service Provider Allow Me to Keep my Existing Phone Number? Yes, and in some cases, No. It depends on the company.

Do I Have Enough Bandwidth For VoIP?
Bandwidth, or connection speed, is one of the main factors affecting VoIP call quality. Is your bandwidth sufficient for making calls over VoIP apps?

How Accurate Are Speed Tests?
How Accurate Are Speed Tests - There are a number of factors that affect the accuracy of the results of a connection speed test. They are explained here.

How To Interpret Connection Speed Tests
Internet Connection Speed tests come with values and parameters that are indicative of the quality of your connection, but these need to be explained, which we do here.

The Structure of an IP Packet
IP Packets - IP (Internet Protocol) Packets are structure that carry data along over an IP network like the Internet. An IP packet consists of a header, a data payload and a trailer.

VoIP | Personal Call Recording Tools
VoIP Call Recording - Here is a list of some of the most common software tools you can use to record your VoIP calls for your individual use.

Is Your Business Ready For VoIP?
There is a series of questions you need to ask yourself in the assessment of your business' readiness for VoIP implementation.

MagicJack VoIP Phone Service - Review
MagicJack is a small device that allows you to make unlimited free calls, without paying monthly bills. You can just plug it to your computer on one side and your regular home phone on the other side and start making and receiving phone calls.

Vonage Review - VoIP Service Provider
Vonage Review - Vonage is one of the leading VoIP service provider company. It is one of the oldest on the markek. It offers residential and business VoIP service.

Vonage Review - VoIP Service Provider Review Page 2
Vonage Review - Vonage is the leading VoIP service provider company with more than two million subscribers. Read its review with pros and cons. Page 2.

How Does 'Google Voice' Work?
How Google Voice Works? Is it a VoIP service like Skype? Google Voice is not a VoIP application or service, but leverages on VoIP technology to make calls cheap. It also aims at unifying communications.

What is The Difference Between VoIP and IP Telephony?
VoIP vs. IP Telephony - Most people use the terms ‘Voice over IP’ (VoIP) and ‘IP Telephony’ interchangeably, equating one to the other. What’s the difference between the two, if there is any?

Ssipgate VoIP Service Review
Sipgate VoIP service review. Free calls within the network and cheap calls to other phones. Lots of features.

Apps For Cheap Internet Calls
Calls over the Internet are free, but when they are to landline and cell phones, they are not. But they can be made much cheaper through the use of VoIP apps.

VoIP Phones - Phones You Can Use With VoIP
VoIP Phones - The telephone set is the piece of hardware that is closest to the human being in VoIP. It encloses both input and output for voice, and is the main interface between the user and the technology. There are several types of phones you can use with VoIP: existing PSTN phones, IP Phones, softphones and headsets.

Using Voice on Facebook
Using Voice on Faceboook - Many of you prefer voice communication, because it is easier to talk than type, and then it is altogether a different experience to hear the voice of the person you are talking to, with the different intonations. But how can one communicate using voice on Facebook?

ooVoo - Video Calls with up to 12 Participants
ooVoo review - VoIP and video conferencing app that allows free video calls with up to 12 participants per session. Video quality is good. Many features - including openness to other networks like Facebook, Twitter and other IM. ooVoo is also mobile, with apps for the iPhone, iPad and more than 400 Android devices.

VoIP Feature - Caller ID
VoIP Feature - What is caller ID and how can you use it?

NotVoIP – Not Internet Calls But Cheap
NotVoIP gives cheap international calls without using VoIP, and therefore without using a computer and headset and without requiring an internet connection. This means that you can make calls anywhere using any phone.

Open Source VoIP Apps
Open source apps for free voice calls, video calling, online chatting and instant messaging. SIP clients.

What is Echo in VoIP?
Echo is annoying effect that you experience over a phone call when you hear your own voice back after some milliseconds. The amount of time after which you hear the echo varies depending on the factors that are causing the echo.

VoIP and Communications Convergence
VoIP and Communications Convergence - VoIP is leading us towards a convergence of communications. By having a common underlying mechanism and infrastructure, many communications technologies, like Internet access, voice, video and data communication, can be combined and be provided through a single device and over the same network – the convergence of communications.

Making Your VoIP Secure
Security in VoIP has not been a very popular subject so far, but with the increasing demand for VoIP, it is becoming an important concern. VoIP security threats are increasing in number. Three things can be done to make VoIP more secure. Let us look at them.

Ridding Your Device-Based VoIP of Monthly Bills
Device-Based VoIP - Here is a comparison between ooma, Phonegnome and MagicJack, the three main device-based VoIP services, those that rid you of monthly bills.

What Is a Protocol? - Voice Over IP Glossary
What is a protocol? Examples of protocols.

Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline?
Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline Phone? Does switching to VoIP necessarily mean eliminating your traditional PSTN (landline) phone service? Should you dump it or keep the line? The answer cannot be a clear yes or no, although it's already is so clear-cut for many people. It is sometimes wiser to keep a basic PSTN line just in case.

911 - Emergency calls with VoIP
911 - Does your VoIP service allow you to make emergency calls like the 911? Here is what you can do to make sure you can make these calls any time.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 - An Overview
Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 is the battle horse of Microsoft in the VoIP arena. It is an enterprise communications tool that provides a series of integrated tools for unified communications. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 focuses mainly on instant messaging, presence monitoring, application sharing, file transfer, and voice and video communication; aiming at enhancing collaboration with enterprises.

How Do I Know Which VoIP Providers to Choose?
VoIP Providers - One requirement to get started using VoIP is to choose one or more among the numerous VoIP providers. In order to choose a VoIP service, you need to decide what type of VoIP communication you want to have, as the VoIP providers offer different types of services.

Three ways of making a VoIP connection
There are three ways in which you can make a VoIP connection: Computer to computer, phone to phone and computer to phone or vice-versa. Let's see these in more details.

Voice over IP – Introducing Voice over IP (VoIP)
Voice over IP Defined - Voice over IP allows you to make free or very cheap phone calls locally and internationally. It is also called VoIP and Internet Telephony. Voice over IP also adds more power and spice to your communication experience with its wide array of features and applications.

VoIP Feature - SMS - Short Message System
SMS stands for Short Message System. As you must already know, it allows you to send a text message from your mobile phone to another person on their mobile phone. I say mobile phone here because the whole world associates SMS with mobile phones; so my definition above it a little but technically twisted: today, you can send SMS using your fixed phone and VoIP phone as well.

Vopium Review - Cheap International Calls Seamlessly Over A Mobile Phone
Vopium Review - Vopium offers very cheap international calls over a mobile phone through VoIP. It has the advantage of not requiring an Internet connection through a data plan or Wi-Fi, as it uses the GSM network primarily to route calls through IP networks. Vopium also offers 30 minutes of free calling for trial.

Skype - Is It Still The Best VoIP Tool?
Skype - Is It Still The Best VoIP Tool? Skype is 5 years old and 340 million users strong. How does it compare with other VoIP applications of its like?

What is E911?
E911 - Enhanced 911 emergency service. Its availability in VoIP services.

VoIP - Calls Between IP Networks And PSTN
How Does VoIP Allow Calls Between IP Networks And PSTN? VoIP works on IP networks and the PSTN uses landline networks with phone numbers.

Linksys SPA 942 - IP Phone Review
Linksys SPA 942 IP Phone Review - The LinkSys SPA942/SPA941 phone is very attractive and perfectly designed for a nice look and feel. It is the phone to buy if you want to communicate professionally and in beauty. It is also quite easy to use. The phone gives a good performance. There is nothing much to complain about it, save its high price.

What Is Voicemail?
Voicemail - What is voicemail? Voicemail defined and explained

Skype's SkypeOut Service for Software-To-Telephone Calls
If you want to phone someone from your Skype softphone using your computer, you can do so using SkypeOut, which allows you to make phone calls to just anyone with a PSTN phone or cell phone, and not just a Skype softphone user.

BlackBerry - What Is BlackBerry?
BlackBerry - Learn more about BlackBerry, the handheld device primarily designed for email, with many other functions.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls
Here are ways you can save a lot of money by cutting down your communication costs with VoIP. This article shows you ways to make free or very cheap local and international phone calls with IP telephony.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - VoIP Devices
Another way of saving lots of money on phone calls is to invest once-off on a VoIP device and eliminate monthly bills. Once you set up the service, you can make calls for free.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Save On Mobile Calls
Here is how you can save lots of money making local and international calls on your mobile phone, handheld or portable device, with VoIP. This will allow you to get rid of the expensive GSM and roaming rates. You can even make completely free calls worldwide in certain cases.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Save On International Calls
Here is how you can save lots of money on international calls using VoIP. There are VoIP services that allow you to make and receive free or cheap phone calls through your PC, fixed phone or mobile phone.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Deploy VoIP In Your Business
Deploying VoIP in a business not only enhances the communication process and infrastructure, but also allows to save lots of money on phone calls and communication in general. It also enriches the business process with new features. Here are VoIP business solutions ideas.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Residential Plans
You can save a lot of money on phone calls by subscribing to a residential VoIP service plan. It is simple to use, and you don't need additional hardware like a PC. Here is how you can save.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Use Your Computer
Making local and international phone calls through your computer can save you lots of money. PC-based phone calls are completely free when you call people using the same service on their PC. The most popular example is Skype.

Troubleshooting Your ATA (VoIP Phone Adapter) - No Ethernet / LAN Connection
Troubleshooting Your ATA (VoIP Phone Adapter) - Numerous problems occur when your Ethernet/LAN connection fail. If there is no LAN, it will mean the problem is with your cable or DSL Internet connection. These steps will help you troubleshoot problems linked to Ethernet/LAN failure indication.

How to Troubleshoot Your VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA)
Troubleshooting Your VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) - The main problems associated with your ATA are no dial tone, no Ethernet connection and inability to make calls. Whatever be the problem, troubleshooting your ATA (VoIP phone adapter) also allows you to diagnose problems related to other related equipment like the phone, router, modem etc.

Vonage Pro - Residential VoIP Service With Softphone For Mobility
Vonage Pro is an improved service above Vonage's residential VoIP service plan, that adds some mobility to it. Although it is primarily targeted towards professional consumers, it will surely interest many residential callers, especially those who have to make and receive calls at home and away from home.

Test Your Skype Setup With Kerli
Before using Skype, you can test whether you have well configured the software and whether your hardware is working properly with it. Skype offers an automatic user called echo123, which you can use to test that. Here is how.

Integrate Skype In MS Outlook
Integrating Skype in MS Outlook - It is very convenient to just click on a contact's name or any personal information about them in their email messages or contact details to call them. And the call can be free. This can be achieved by integrating a VoIP softphone service like Skype into your MS Outlook email client. Here are ways in which you can achieve that.

Top 5 IP Phones
IP Phones are important for a sophisticated VoIP experience, ​especially for businesses. Here is a list of IP phones to be recommended.

VoIP Wireless Router Product Reviews
Top 5 VoIP Wireless Routers - VoIP wireless routers are used for linking wireless LANs to the Internet. They are also called gateways, and they enclose a lot of functionalities. Once you have it working, you can connect any wireless device like IP Phones or even computers to it through Wi-Fi connections. The routers in this list have been chose based on their popularity, performance, ease of use, features and scalability.

Top 4 Phone Adapters (ATAs) for VoIP
Top 4 Phone Adapters (ATAs) - An ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) is a device which makes the link between a PSTN phone line and your VoIP network. You should have one if you don't want to buy expensive IP phones. ATAs are connected to the ADSL router on one side and to your phone on the other. Here is my top list of ATAs.

What is VoIP - Basics of Voice Over IP
What is VoIP? Here is an introduction to VoIP technology - how VoIP works, its pros and cons, its advantages, its risks, its technicalities, voice quality, and definitions of key terms used when referring to Voice over IP.

VoIP Software Development
Are you a software developer? Learn about tools for developing VoIP software applications. Get tips and links to open-source tools for Voice Over IP.

Can I Use My Existing Phone Number With VoIP?
Use your existing landline phone number with VoIP. Phone Number Portability - You have used a phone number for years and many people recognize you or your company through it, and you don't want to abandon it for a new one. Switching to VoIP means changing company and also phone number. Can you still use your existing landline PSTN phone number with your new VoIP service? Read here about whether you can do it or not, and why.

video conferencing - Making Video Calls Over IP
You can enhance your communication experience by making video calls. It is also possible to have multi-party video calls with video conferencing. This section contains content pages on video conferencing over IP.

VoIP Call- Recording | Recording VoIP Calls
Recording VoIP calls is becoming more and more common with the advent of sophisticated VoIP tools, services and software. While call-recording can be done for personal use, businesses find it very useful as well.

Voicemail - Voicemail is a short audio message a person leaves when he/she cannot make a phone call. In this category, voicemail is explained, and voicemail services are listed, along with many other stuff related to voicemail.

VoIP Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting VoIP devices and services.

VoIP Bandwidth
VoIP Bandwidth - Bandwidth is one of the fundamental requirements for using VoIP. In this sub-category, you will find information on what bandwidth is, how much you need, and how to know what your bandwidth is and whether it is adequate for VoIP.

Viber 4.0 Updates – Viber Out and Voice Messaging
Viber's new udpated to version 4.0 comes with new features likes calling to landline and mobiles not using Viber, more stickers, push to talk, improved performance etc.

VoIPYo – Cheap International Calls
VoiPYo - One of the cheapest services on the market, and free calls to the US and Canada.

Google Hangouts Review
Google Hangouts Review - Tool for integrating VoIP into Google+ and other services, allows free voice calls and video conferencing within your browser and across all other mobile devices.

Gruveo - Instant Video Calls Simplest Voice and Video Calls in Your Browser
Gruveo - Instant Video Calls Simplest Voice and Video Calls in Your Browser

IP Phone Review - Grandstream Budgetone 102
IP Phone Review - The Grandstream Budgetone 102 Internet phone. Cheap and entry level phone with interesting quality and features.

What is a LAN?
A Local Area Network is a relatively small network compared to a WAN. It covers areas like rooms, offices, campuses, buildings etc. Most LANs today run under Ethernet protocol and Wi-Fi.

What is a Router?
A router is an important device in computer networking especially in WANs. It connects LANs to WANs and helps in forwarding packets to their destinations.

What Is 3G? - Definition and Technical Specifications
Whats is 3G? It is the technology that allows you to connect to the Internet on your mobile device, and it is what makes up most data plans.

VoIPStunt - Free Calls to Selected Destinations
VoIPStunt offers very cheap calls online and free calls to a list of some dozen countries. It is a basic service with a VoIP app.

Your Complete Guide to Voice over IP
Voice over IP (VoIP) uses the Internet to make phone calls. This makes them very cheap and often free, with lots of interesting features and opportunities.

Using Skype in Your Browser
You can run Skype in your browser without downloading and installing the app. You have to install a plug to be able to make voice and video calls.

Making Free Calls on iOS with FaceTime Audio
How to make free voice calls worldwide on FaceTime Audio with the new iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad. Requirements, setting up and making calls.

Use Your 3G Mobile Phone to Make Free and Cheap Calls
You can use your 3G mobile phone to make free or very cheap phone calls to any destination worldwide using VoIP applications and services.

Yahoo Voice vs. Skype
Yahoo Voice vs. Skype - A comparison between two of the most popular Internet-based telephony services.

What is SIP and What is it Good For
What is SIP? Session Initiation Protocol is a nice tool that allows people to communicate for free over the Internet.

What Is Skype?
Skype is the app that got the world to know Voice over IP and free communication over the Internet through voice calls, video calls and instant messages.

How to Get a Free Phone Number
How to Get a Free Phone Number? Normally, you get a phone number only when you pay for a phone service. Here are some ways you get a number for free.

How Facebook and Messenger Apps Drain My Phone's Battery
Facebook and Messenger apps drain your phone's battery considerably and affect your performance. Here is why and what you can do about it.

Communication Apps That Drain Your Battery
These apps are the communication apps that have a tendency to drain your battery the most, due to their features and wrongly handling resources.

MagicApp Review
MagicAppis used by MagicJack users and allows free and hug quality calls to the United States and Canada.

Skype For Mobile Phones
Your mobile communication cost can be cut down using Skype's new mobile phone service. You can just download and install the softphone application on your 3G or WiFi mobile phone or handset and register for free.

FreeConferenceCall Review
FreeConferenceCall Review - Free Reservationless Audio Conference Service

Top VoIP Headsets
VoIP Headsets enhance voice communication through your computer or mobile device. They can be wired and wireless. Here is my top list of VoIP headsets.

Free SIP Softphone Apps
SIP allows you to make free phone calls over the world. You need SIP clients on your computer for this. Here is a list of the best ones around.

Web Based Internet Phones
Communication tools that allow you to make calls and send messages for free using your computer browser

Apps for Free Text Messaging
Apps that you can install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia device to send and receive free text SMS messages.

Are Your Calls More Secure With Landline or With VoIP?
Comparison between phone call privacy between landline calls and VoIP calls

Call Timer Apps
Call timers are apps that help you control your calls with features like call blocking, automatic hanging up and data usage monitoring.

Should You Communicate Only With Your Smartphone
Should you make calls only with your smartphone and make it your sole communication tool ditching the landline and the PC? Let's see the pros and cons.

Don't Want to Miss Skype Call
Skype call forwarding allows you to forward a call to another phone or a number of your choosing so that the number rings

Join.Me Conference and Screen-Sharing Tool
Join.me conference tool for voice and video conferencing. Includes file and screen sharing.

How To Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP - Avail of Giveaways
Many services give away a number of minutes of completely free calling to any phone worldwide. Here is a list of how you can use these giveways to save money on your phone calls.

Sending Fax With a Fax Modem
A fax machine allows you to send fax messages with your computer without requiring a fax machine. Here is how.

Skype Conference Call Requirements
What is required for starting and conducting voice and video conference calls on Skype

VoIP Apps For Mac
Here is a list of VoIP apps that allow you to make free and cheap voice and video calls on your Mac.

EyeBeam Phone App Review
Counterpath's sophisticated softphone app for VoIP calls is SIP compatible and rich of interesting features.

Setting Up a Conference Call With Skype
How to start and manage a conference call in Skype with many participants.

Skype Quick Audio Test
Skype Call Test service allows you to verify whether your computer audio is properly set and also checks your connection.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Understanding VoIP Calling Rates
Before choosing or using a VoIP app or service to make international calls, check the rates because they are not always cheap. You also need to make sense of them.

Hidden Costs in VoIP Services
Rates per minute and call price are possibly not the only things you pay for when using VoIP. There are hidden costs that have to be accounted for.

Zipt Free Calling App Review
Zipt if a smartphone app that allows you to text, voice call and video call for free or cheap, and to use as less bandwidth as possible.

What is Softphone?
Softphone is software that allows you to make phone calls using a computer. It is a term used in contrast with hardware-based phone calling where dedicated hardware is used for making calls.

BYOD Explained
Companies are allowing and encouraging their staff to bring their own computers and devices in the workplace to use. This is BYOD.

Skype on BlackBerry
Skype on BlackBerry - Downloading, installing and setting up Skype on BlackBerry phones

Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab to make free calls or cheap calls. A list of VoIP applications and services that support the Samsung Galaxy Tab.