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Skype Connection Fees and How They Affect Skype Rates
For each call established by Skype to landlines and mobile lines, Skype charge a per-call connection fee above the per-minute rate for the cost.

WhatsApp Read Receipts - Ticks That Betray You
Read receipts in instant messaging apps inform the sender whether the receiver has read the message, as are WhatsApp's blue ticks, which may be very intrusive.

How To Record Your Voice Call on Your Computer Using Audacity
Audacity is a nice and powerful tool for recording and editing audio. It can be used to record internet phone calls you place on your computer. Here is how.

imo Instant Messenger Revimo Instant Messenger Reviewiew
imo app for free voice and video calls. High quality voice and video, multi-platform and basic interface.

LINE vs WhatsApp
Which of WhatsApp and LINE instant messaging app a better tool? This comparison inspects both tools based on some criteria.

Libon Messenger Review
Libon is a call and messaging app that allows free international calls among its users and cheap calls worldwide. It also offers visual voicemail as one of its features.

Visual Voicemail Explained
Visual Voicemail is a premium feature allowing you to visually select which voicemail to listen to in which order, and to apply other features on them.

Gmail Voice and Video Chat
Gmail Voice and Video Chat Plug-in for Voice and Video Chat in Your Browser

Empathy IM Review
Empathy IM is an open-source instant messenger app for Linux. It comes as default VoIP IM app with many Linux distributions.

Pidgin IM Review
Pidgin IM is a great tool for those who want to have all their account on all networks, with a lot of features. It is Linux-based but is also on Windows.

VoIP Headsets
VoIP Headsets are special pieces of hardware for optimum voice communication. They come in different types each designed for a particular use.

OpenTok - Build Your Own Free Video Chat App
OpenTok allows you to build your own free video chat app nd host video conferencing sessions of up to 100 participants on your website​.

ippi SIP Service Review
ippi is a SIP-based service that allows users to make free and cheap calls through their home phones, mobile phones and even computers.

GSM Explained - Cellular Definition
GSM - GSM is also known as cellular network and is the main protocol for communication using mobile phones. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication.

MicroSIP Softphone Review
MicroSIP is a portable SIP-based softphone that is quite handy on the go. It has a very basic interface and is not for the starter, but is a good tool for SIP.

Hike Messenger Review
Hike is an instant messenger that offers voice and video calls for free, along with instant messenging. Hike allows you to send messages even without Internet.

No response from the ATA
No response from the ATA. Power light off, red or blinking.

Troubleshooting Your ATA - No Dial Tone On The Phone
Troubleshooting Your ATA (VoIP Phone Adapter) - What you should do if you hear no dial dial tone when you pick up your phone. The problem is not necessarily with the phone but with the ATA, router, Internet connection etc.

Troubleshooting Your ATA (VoIP Phone Adapter) - Phone Does Not Ring, Calls Go To Voicemail
Troubleshooting Your ATA (VoIP Phone Adapter) - Phone Does Not Ring, Calls Go To Voicemail

Assess what you need and what you have
In order to get the most of the benefits of Internet calling, get to know what you need and what you have. Then you will be able to select the optimum solution.

Explore the Different Solutions and Plans
There are so many solutions and plans out there that allow you to make free and cheap calls over the Internet, to any phone worldwide.

Learn About VoIP and Its Benefits
VoIP has many enormous benefits that you need to know about in order to make the most of it, but you also need to know the pitfalls so that you can avoid inefficiency

Know where your contact is located
VoIP rates are cheap but not always. They depend on the destination of the call, and some destinations can be quite expensive while others free.

Consider Your Own Location
Where you are can determine your ability to save money on calls. You can save if you have solid Internet connection over WiFi or ADSL.

How To Call People Who Use Traditional Telephony For Cheap
Using VoIP to call people on landline and cell phones, and maximizing the benefits. These calls can be made free sometimes, but most of the time very cheap.

Top 10 Apps For Free Calls on Your Smartphone
Here are the top 10 calling apps that you can use on your smartphone to make and receive free voice calls to and from any destination around the world.

5 Things You Ignore About Skype
Skype is cool and sophisticated, and there are things you need to know if you use it often. You will want to know these five things.

10 Most Popular Free Calling Apps
Which free calling app is the most popular and has the greatest number of active users per month? This is useful information for people who want to make free VoIP calls.

5 Ways To Make Free International Calls
Here are ways through which you can make free international voice calls.

Voice Chat Tools for Online Gaming
Voice Chat Tools for Online Gaming - the top tools and services for group communication while playing games online

Legal Issues Concerning Voice Over IP
What are the legal facing VoIP? Learn more about the legality of VoIP and about the discussions taking place concerning legal issues regarding it.

How to Handle Missed Calls
How to Handle Missed Calls. It is a matter of ethics, courtesy, professional but also technology. How to use voicemail to help.

Snom 300 IP Phone Review
The Snom 300 IP Phone is one of the best and most used phones​ for businesses. It offers all the necessary features for a good VoIP experience.

What is Skype
Skype is the VoIP app most people know. It​ is among the first apps to allow free voice and video calling worldwide. Here is a simple explanation.

Top Bluetooth Headsets
Bluetooth headsets give you the advantage of not using any of your hands while talking on the phone and while listening to media using your computer or smartphone. It also has the great convenience of not using wires. Here is a list of the top Bluetooth headsets around. Don’t be strict on the ranking. One might suit you best than the other independent on the position in the list. What matters is what you need.

Skype HD Web Cams
Skype HD Web Cams

Zoiper VoIP Softphone for Android and iOS Review
Zoiper VoIP softphone SIP client for Android and iOS mobile devices

What are Stickers?
What are stickers in instant messaging apps, and how useful or useless are they?

Predictive Dialers - Intelligent Dialing for Call Centers
Predictive Dialers - Intelligent Dialing for Call Centers To Minimize Idle Time

Ringo Phone Service Review
Ringo is a phone service that offers local access calling along with WiFi calling. You can therefore call international numbers for very cheap without needing an Internet connection.

SIP Softphone Apps for the iPhone and iPad
VoIP SIP clients that can be used with SIP providers for free and cheap calls within a business context

Facebook Hello - Caller ID Dialer
Hello is Facebook's app that replaces your basic Android dialer. It gives you additional info about the caller, is a search tool and allows you to block numbers.

BBM for Android and iOS - Review
BBM is the messenger for BlackBerry but is now expanding to Android, iOS and other platforms. It has some interesting features and remains one of the best IM apps out there.

HD Voice Explained
Whats is HD Voice? What are the requirements for HD Voice? What are its benefits?

Viber Out Review
Viber Out is the service that allows you to make paid calls to landline and cellular phones. How is the service, and the rates and the call quality?

Local Access Calls
VoIP calls to landlines and cellular phones user the Internet instead of the telephone network. Local access calling uses the phone network itself but differently, and is nearly as cheap as VoIP.

How Students Can Communicate For Free
Voice over IP allows students and everyone else to save money on communication and even talk to parents, friends and teachers for free. Here are things you need to know.

How to Make Completely Free Phone Calls Worldwide
How To Make Completely Free Phone Calls To Any Phone Worldwide - Here is a list of things you can do to make calls to any phone, be it mobile or fixed, anywhere in the world for free, without paying a dime, and without being limited by accessibility.

WhatsApp vs. Viber
Comparison between WhatsApp and Viber based on their features and use.

How Successful Will Skype Translator Be?
Will problems related to voice transcription threaten Skype Translator's success?

Kik Messenger Review
Kik Messenger is a very simple messenger with only messaging and picture sharing without calls. Nevertheless, it is very popular.

10 Reasons Why WhatsApp is More Popular Than Other IM Apps
Why is WhatsApp the most popular instant messaging app while others have more features? Here are 10 reasons.

Use Skype without Downloading and Installing the App
Skype for Web allows you to use your Skype account to communicate through your browser.

MegaChat - Private Communication in a Browser Rolled Out
MegaChat is an instant messaging, voice and video calling communication tool that uses end to end encryption to make communication secure and private.

Bleep -Secret Messaging and Calling
Bleep is an instant messaging and calling app that ensures completely privacy between correspondents. It provides encryption of messages and calls, and allows messages to disappear after being read.

Signal App - Private Calling for iOS
Signal is an app made for private communication in iOS. It is simple to use and ensures secure communication through voice and text.

RedPhone Private Calling
RedPhone is a VoIP that encrypts your voice calls end to end, and also uses a secret two-word code between correspondents to ensure private calling.

10 Things WhatsApp Web Cannot Do
The web browser version of WhatsApp running on your computer is not a full-fledged version as that running on your mobile device. It has many limitations.

Correcting a Typing Mistake on Skype
How to correct, edit or delete a message that should not have been sent or that is sent with mistakes on Skype.

Making Video Calls on Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger has video calling capability that allows users to make video calls for free.

Run Android on Your Computer
Some mobile apps for Android are so useful, for instance VoIP apps allow you to make free calls. You can run these apps on your computer through Android simulators.

Running Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Same Device
So many people want to run two or more WhatsApp accounts on one single device, especially those who have dual-SIM devices. Is there a way for them to do that?

Why Am I Banned From WhatsApp?
Many users get banned from using WhatsApp, most temporarily and some permanently. Here are things you should avoid.

Hangouts Dialer - Using Google to Dial Phones
Google Hangouts Dialer enriches Hangouts app to allow dialing phones number for international calls to landline and mobile phones, at cheap VoIP rates

Google International Calling
Through Hangouts, Google allows you to make voice calls to destinations around the world for cheap. Calls to numbers in the US and Canada are free.

Google Hangouts for the Desktop
Google's flagship communication app for the desktop with minimalist and sleek design - avatars floating on your desktop. Includes a lot of functionality.

Facebook Messenger Invasive Permission Issue
Why does Facebook forces you to install its Messenger app on your mobile to be able to send and receive messages? And why does it ask you permissions that appear intrusive and that look like a threat to your privacy?

Facebook Messenger Review
Facebook forces its users to install and use its Messenger if they want to share instant messages and communicate on their mobile devices.

WhatsApp vs. Skype Free Voice Calls
Skype and WhatsApp are two giant communication tools that have huge numbers of users and offer free calling worldwide? Which one is better?

Why Most People Use WhatsApp
What factors have made WhatsApp so popular despite the presence of other strong competitors on the mobile communications market? Here is an analysis

Threema Secure Messenger
Threema takes security over instant messaging seriously and provides military grade privacy for messages and other pieces of data that are sent and stored.

Threema Messenger Review
Threema is an instant messaging app that takes security and privacy very seriously and therefore provides encryption of messages and data

Telegram Messenger Review
Telegram is an instant messaging app unlike all the others, and unlike WhatsApp. Its main feature is the enforcement of security that keeps your data private.

Why Use BBM on Android and iOS?
Why would one want to use BlackBerry Messenger on Android or iOS? There are features in BBM that few others have.

Group Chatting With WhatsApp
Using group chats in WhatsApp. How to create and use a group.

GroupMe integrates your instant messaging into your SMS text messaging, such that group communication extends to even people who are not GroupMe users.

Hike Messenger – Strong IM App from India
Hike Messenger is an improvement to WhatsApp and Viber with more interesting features and less restrictions.

How To Make a Paid Call in Skype
How to make paid calls in Skype to landline and mobile phones.

Group Messaging Apps for Mobile Phones
Mobile apps for group communication

Maaii Messenger – Free Calls and Fun Messages
Maaii instant messenger review. App for Android and iOS that allows free voice calls with good quality, free text messaging and some other interesting features.

SnapChat – Controversial Messaging App
SnapChat makes young ones have fun but worries parents.

SPIT – Spam over Internet Telephony
SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony) explained with counter measures

MegaMegaChat Set to Be Skype KillerChat Set to Be Skype Killer
MegaChat is a new VoIP app offering encrypted communication worldwide and is out to kill Skype. Should Skype be worried?

iMessage - Free Messaging for iOS and Mac
iMessage - Free Messaging for iOS and Mac

WhatsApp Web For Your Computer
WhatsApp Web is a version of WhatsApp that runs on your computer synchronized with the one on your smartphone. Here is how to get it up and running.

WhatSIM - Global WhatsApp SIM Card
WhatSIM is a SIM card that allows you to use your WhatsApp app on your smartphone without requiring a WiFi or 3G Internet connection. This means that you can still send and receive free messages while travelling and in any moment of connection deprivation.

VoIPo Phone Service Review
VoIPo residential and business VoIP phone service provider review

UppTalk Review
UppTalk - Make free calls to landlines and mobile phones for free. Earn credits through referral and advertisement.


How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset to Your Mobile Phone
Here is a walkthrough of how to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile phone. I will be using a Jabra BT2035 as Bluetooth headset and a Samsung Galaxy Ace Android phone for the process. Don’t worry if you have different makes and models of the headset or of the phone, or if you have earlier or cheaper models, the functionalities are more or less the same, and some minor improvisations and inferences will get the job done. What you need is simple a Bluetooth headset and a mobile phone that has Bluetooth support.

How to Obtain a Phone Number That Rings Multiple Phones
How to Obtain a Phone Number that Rings Multiple Phones - Here is a list of services that give you a phone number that rings multiple phones on incoming calls.

Gmail Calling Review – Google International Calling
Gmail Calling Review – Google now offers the possibility of making and receiving international calls for cheap and free. Standing as a competitor for Skype by offering similar services, Google Calling allows people to make free PC-to-PC calls and cheap calls (as low as 2 cents per minute for some destinations) to and from mobile and landline phones. 2 cents per minute is not the cheapest on the market, but is among the cheapest, and it definitely cheaper than Skype.

Making a Conference Call With Google Voice
Making a Conference Call With Google Voice

What Causes Loss of Quality in VoIP Calls
What causes loss in the quality of voice in VoIP calls, and how can it be addressed?

How to Record Any Voice Call on Your Computer
Using Audacity to record any voice call you have on your computer using any app and any service

Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App?
Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App? Before answering this question, let us see what both VoIP Service and VoIP App mean.

How To Record Your Conversations in Skype
Some Skype conversations are too important and need to be immortalized. Here is how to save them.

How To Use Multiple Skype Accounts on The Same Computer
You have more than one Skype accounts and want to be able to use them simultaneously on the same computer. While many people think it is not possible, it is. And it is quite easy to get it done. here is how.

Camfrog - Video Chat Rooms
Camfrog brings back the experience of MSN and Yahoo chat rooms, with enhanced video and other features. But at the same time, it stands as a dangerous adult platform where a lot of ills can propagate and where cyber criminals can operate.

Glide Video Texting App
Glide allows you to send and receive video messages for free. The videos are streamed to the cloud as and when you record, and are available anytime.

How To Run WhatsApp on Your PC
My Android mobile crashed and am therefore in the process of changing phone. In the meantime, I feel I am missing a lot of important stuff from WhatsApp and other VoIP apps. Can I run WhatsApp on my PC?

Bolt – Simple Mobile VoIP Calling
Bolt is a mobile VoIP service that provides an app replacing the native Android dialer for a more intuitive and smooth dialing exercise. It also offers free calls among its users.

Cloud Telephony Drawbacks
The Cons of Cloud Telephony Compared to On-Premise VoIP Systems

Top Cloud Telephony Providers
Top providers of cloud-based telephony solutions for small businesses and enterprises

How to Extend Your Battery Life While Using VoIP
VoIP apps use audio hardware and networks, which are heavy consumers of battery power. How can you save your battery while using VoIP? Here are things you can do.

Voxox Offers Free Calling to Any Phone
Voxox offers free calls to any phone mobile or landline, but is it worth?

Operating Systems Supported By Skype
Operating Systems Supported By Skype - Which operating systems are supported by Skype? Here is a table.

VoIP and Communications Convergence - Challenges
Challenges to Communications Convergence - Although the range of possibilities of communications convergence is wide and interesting, the technology is still lagging behind. As a result, it is not always possible to take advantage of it, due to technological limitations. Page 2.

Who Can Participate in a Skype Conference Call?
Who Can Participate in a Skype Conference Call?

VoIP and WiMAX – An Ideal Blend?
VoIP and WiMAX – An Ideal Blend? In this article, we see how VoIP and WiMAX can make an ideal blend for future communications. We look at the following: the need for wide area wireless broadband, the WiMAX opportunity, WiMAX challenges, how VoIP may save WiMAX, and how to get started with VoIP over WiMAX.

A Brief Look at Skype Major Features
This article will help you figure out quickly what you can get out of Skype and maybe change the way you use it, or even start using it. Here is a brief overview of Skype’s features, categorized in several groups, each containing numerous features

Ooma Office – Cheap VoIP Solution for Small Businesses
Ooma Office Small Business VoIP Phone System Review - Cheap Price for Big Business Service

How to Use Skype or Other VoIP Apps for Home Surveillance
Use Skype or Other VoIP Apps for Home Surveillance - Skype or any VoIP Application of its can be used as a tool for home surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on what's happening back home whenever you are away.

Facetime – Apple’s Video App
Facetime is a video calling app that is native in iOS and iOSX. It is exclusively for Mac and iOS users. Facetime allows you to make video calls to other iOS and Mac users. The video quality is outstanding, and the app is very easy to use, as are Apple’s apps normally.

API– What is an API?
What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of tools, standards, routines or functions that a programmer or skilled user can use to build applications in a certain field. All common programming languages have APIs, and some have their APIs so enhanced that users can develop whole applications without great knowledge, even with even small skills as basic HTML.

Cisco WebEx – Online Meeting Tool Review
Cisco WebEx – Online Meeting Tool Review

Cloud Computing - What is Cloud Computing?
What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a new concept that has become famous due to its strangeness and audacity. Put simply, cloud computing provides resources from remote sources that you would otherwise have on your own machine or premises. One important feature of cloud computing is that while you are accessing resources and services from remote locations, you have the impression that they are right in front of you, on your computer, or right in your office.

Cloud Computing and VoIP
VoIP uses cloud computing a lot to allow individuals and companies to make free and cheap calls and to communicate fluidly. Companies that need to link all their communicating elements through VoIP may pay for hosted VoIP services (that require expensive adapters, server hardware and software) instead of investing on those. Page 2.

Choosing a Video Chat App
Video chat has become very common for communicators of all types, from individuals doing social networking to professionals finding in video conferencing a way to avoid expensive travels and save precious time on having meetings with people at different remote places. There are many things you need to be able to make a nice video chat session, and one of these is the app you use for the matter. Here are factors you need to consider before downloading and installing an app.

MiFi – Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 2200 and 2352 Review
MiFi Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 2200 and 2352 Review – MiFi is a small and portable wireless device that gives its carrier a permanent Wi-Fi hotspot wherever he/she goes, thereby remaining connected to the Internet. Developed by Novatel, the MiFi is also called ‘intelligent mobile hotspot’. With a MiFi in a person’s pocket or bag, that cloud remains present everywhere the person goes. Moreover the Wi-Fi cloud allows up to 5 persons to get connected.

What is a protocol?
What is a protocol? Examples of protocols.

Video Calling Apps for Windows Phone
Apps for Windows Phone that allow you to make video calls on your mobile device.

Rebtel Review
Rebtel Review - Cheap international calls using the local cellular network on your mobile phone

VoIP Apps for Windows Phone
A list of the top VoIP apps for making cheap and free voice and video calls on Windows Phone smartphones

How to Stop Producing Echo
How to Stop Producing Echo. My correspondent says I produce echo. What can I do?

Jetnumbers Review - Virtual Numbers For Phone Privacy
Jetnumbers Review - JetNumbers.com provides Virtual Phone Numbers, International Call Forwarding service in over 60 countries and more than 3000 area codes. You can use it to protect your personal number and hence your privacy.

Installing Facebook Messenger on Your Phone
Installing Facebook Messenger on Your Phone - Setting Up the App on Android and iOS

Line2 Review – Adding a Second Number to Your iPhone
Learn about the Line2 application, which gives you a second phone line and number to be used with your iPhone or iPod.

4G Definition - What is 4G?
4G Definition - What is 4G? Voice Over IP.

Paltalk Review
Paltalk is an instant messenger app that has great features like video conferencing for up to 10 persons and thousands of chat rooms, but you have to bear with its advertisements. You can also make VoIP calls and chat in text mode.

IM and VoIP Apps That Use Your Phone Number to Register
IM and VoIP Apps That Use Your Phone Number to Register - No Username and Password, No Login and Logout

Fuze Meeting – Online Video Meetings Tool Review
Fuze Meeting – Online Video Meetings Tool Review. Best visual interface for online tool with multi-party hd video conferencing and other collaboration tools.

Free Conference Calling
Free Conference Calling - Organize Online Conferences for Free with up to 1000 participants

Web Based Video Calling
Web Based Video Calling; Browser-Based Video Conferencing Tools

Data Usage Monitor Apps for Android
Apps for Monitoring Data Usage on Android Devices. Statistics for bandwidth consumed by each application and information on the percentage of bandwidth consumed for the month.

Tribair – Free International Calls on Your Mobile
Tribair Review – Free International Calls on Your Mobile. Tribair is a mobile VoIP service that allows you to make free and cheap calls using your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Nokia smartphone. Free international and local calls can be made if you call other Tribair users, and calls to landline and other mobile phones are cheap. You can use your Wi-Fi or 3G connection for the calls. Tribair also allows you to share your Wi-Fi router and earn cash for routed calls.

VoIP Applications for Linux
voip linux, voip for linux, linux free calls, cheap phone calls

ChatON vs. Viber
ChatON vs. Viber - Comparison Between ChatON and Viber

What are Smartphones?
What are smartphones? Smartphones are mobile phones with added features that make them ‘smarter’. This means that apart from being able to make calls using the phone, you have features that a PDA or a computer can offer, like multimedia, productivity tools, connectivity, etc.

How to Record a Call with Google Voice?
How to Record a Call with Google Voice? I use Google Voice and I want to record some of my calls. How do I proceed?

Viber on BlackBerry
Viber on BlackBerry - Downloading, installing and setting up viber on BlackBerry devices

Voicemail Service
Voicemail service - A list of the best voicemail services on the market. A voicemail service is a service that offers you a number through which voicemail messages can be saved and retrieved by you later. There are many enhanced voicemail services available.

What is the FCC?
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is an independent body which operates in the United States, and directly responsible to the US Congress. The role of the FCC is to regulate radio, television, wires, satellite and cable communicate within and between states of the US.

Alternatives to WhatsApp
Alternatives to WhatsApp - IM and VoIP Apps for Smartphones

Talkatone – Google Voice’s VoIP Add-On
Talkatone allows you to use your Google Voice account without paying for cellular minutes. If you have a GV account, you can make free calls to any phone in the US and Canada, and cheap calls to other phones around the world. It is interesting only for GV users, though, and therefore foro US residents.

TringMe Review
TringMe VoIP Service Review - TringMe is a complete VoIP service suite that comprises of the traditional and very popular PC-to-PC calling feature through a softphone, with its PC-to-phone calling option for calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide.

Viber for Windows and Mac
Viber for Windows and Mac - desktop and laptop computer

Compare VoIP apps ChatON vs. WhatsApp
Compare Voice Over IP (VoIP) applications ChatON and WhatsApp to see which has the features and services you require.

How to Make Overseas Calls
Which numbers to dial when making overseas calls? Let's try to understand what's in a phone number and what to do to correctly call abroad.

Using Skype as Your Home Phone
You can use Skype as your home phone, or as a side service, in case your monthly bill from your traditional phone service becomes alarming. Skype's monthly subscription for local phones is interesting enough to try.

Voxofon Review - Cheap International Calling (VoIP)
Voxofon is one of the many phone services that offer the possibility of making international calls using mobile phones for very cheap, compared to the high rates of pure GSM and other traditional services. Calls are initiated using GSM network and the rest is handed over to VoIP.

Vonage Mobile Review
Vonage's mobile service provides cheap international calling rates but is exclusive to U.S. users. Read on to see our pros and cons.

Vtok Google Video Chat on Android and iOS Review
Vtok – Google Video Chat on Android and iOS - App Review

Nymgo Review – Dirt Cheap International Calls
Nymgo Review - Nymgo is a good VoIP service whose main strength is its low price. Nymgo charges some of the cheapest rates on the market, much cheaper than Skype. Some destinations are charged at less than half a cent per minute. Nymgo offers good quality calls with a simple application and web interface, and your remaining credit is always shown. You require a computer and a handset to make calls, but can also install the application and make calls over SIP-supporting mobile phones.

IPvaani VoIP Service Review - Free International Calls
IPvaani VoIP Service Review - IPvaani is a VoIP service that allows users to communicate for free at any time for any duration. There are no monthly bills. Users only have to acquire once off the necessary hardware and use it to make unlimited local and international phone calls for free. It does not depend on a computer, unlike Skype and other service like it, but also has the drawback of allowing communication only to contacts using IPvaani as well.

KakaoTalk Review – Free Calls and SMS
KakaoTalk is a VoIP service with more than 50 million users that allows you to make free calls and participate in free SMS group messaging with any user in the world using the same app.

10 Things That Make Your Business Good for VoIP
Is your business ready for VoIP? Here are 10 things that make your business good for voip.

Turning Your iPod Touch Into A Phone
Here is how you can turn your Apple iPod Touch into a mobile phone and make free or cheap local and international calls on it.

Choose One VoIP/IM App or Install Them All?
Why it is important to single out one or two IM and VoIP apps instead of installing and using them all.

Google Voice Lite
What is Google Voice Lite and Why do People Choose it?

What is Skype WiFi?
What is Skype WiFi? Skype Has Paid WiFi Hotspots Around The World that you can use to make calls and to do any other thing on the Internet

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset Review
Logitech ClearChat Wireless VoIP Headset offers high performance and great features, enough to hoist it among the very expensive headsets, but it has a reasonable price, affordable for most. This makes it a great value for money product and definitely one of the first headsets to consider for anyone looking for a good wireless headset. It offers good noise cancellation and is one of the rare headsets with laser tuned audio.

FreeConference Review
FreeConference Review - free conferencing tool

Wiggio Review
Wiggio Review - Conferencing, Mass Messaging, Planning, Polling and More

What is IVR?
What is IVR? IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response is an interesting technology that allows users to interact with a system without the intervention of staff in between. To understand it better, take the example of a database query system and an external customer. Normally, you would have a member of the personnel to take the call of the client, query the system and give him back the information. An IVR allows that without the need of the person in between.

ChatTime App Review
ChatTime App Review - Cheap International Calls Without Wi-Fi or 3G

Pal talk for Mobile Phones
Paltalk - free video conferencing app with multiple parties on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry mobile phone.

Setting Up Skype on Mac
Setting Up Skype on Mac. Voice Over IP.

iCall – Text, Voice and Video App
iCall review - VoIP app for free text messaging, voice calls and video conferencing with up to 10 participants. Free calls to any phone in the US and Canada. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

VoX Mobile Review
Vox Mobile Review - cheap calls worldwide

Fair Usage Policy - The Limit of Unlimited Offers
Fair Usage Policy - A Fair Usage Policy is a set of rules that impose a limit on the amount of units (minutes, seconds, kilobytes etc.) used by users of a service. This is normally imposed on those services that are termed ‘unlimited’ which would initially mean that the user can use as many/much of the offered service as they want.

What is Skype Manager?
Skype manager is an interface that is web-based, allowing you to manage the use of Skype for your business. It offers monitoring of credit, members and other features. In this article, we briefly explore the different things this tool can do for your and your business.

GUI Asterisk Platforms
Asterisk is not designed to be an easy-to-use front-end program. It requires programming and a level of proficiency with the Linux operating system, and is therefore not given to everyone. Here are GUI-based front-end apps that allow you to use Asterisk.

Why Use VoIP for Online Games
10 reasons why VoIP is good when used for voice chat on online gaming.

Speek Review – Free Web Conference Tool
Speek Review – Free Web Conference Tool - Simple and easy way to organise meetings online. Completely web-based without needing to download software.

Why Choose Hosted PBX
Why prefer hosted PBX over on-premise PBX? Here are the benefits of paying for a hosted service rather than having an owned system.

SendHub Review
SendHub Review - Hosted PBX Phone System

Calling Cards vs. VoIP Service
Calling Cards vs. VoIP Service. Both calling cards and VoIP offer cheap local and international calls. On the whole, VoIP is a better option, with all its elaborateness and sophistication and features and stuff, but there are situations in which a simple calling card is better. Anyhow, the providers behind the calling card service use VoIP itself to terminate the calls. So, when to opt for a calling card? Here are some hints.

Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Will Your VoIP Applications Work on Windows 7?
Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Will Your VoIP Applications Work on Windows 7? Let's see how Windows 7 treats voice communication. Many VoIP applications still have to readjust to Windows 7, and most already are working on it. Windows 7 even has improvements for voice communication.

VoIP Services, Software and Solutions
To communicate through VoIP, you need to use a service. There are many types of VoIP service providers out there, and you will choose one or more depending on your communication needs and wants. Often, services provided software applications for communication. Here is your gate to discovering about VoIP service, service providers, software and solutions.

Landline - What is a Landline Telephone?
Landline - What is a landline telephone?

VoIP Basics - Introducing Voice Over IP
An introduction to VoIP technology - What is Voice over IP, getting started with VoIP, how VoIP works. Learn about Internet telephony and everything you need to know to get started with the making and receiving calls over the Internet.

Getting The Most Of VoIP
Are you getting the most of your VoIP experience? Make sure you don't under utilize this technology, and make sure you don't suffer its pitfalls as well.