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Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure - Breast Cancer Walks
The Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation are held in cities throughout the USA. Walk 20 miles a day, camping at night.

Weekend to End Women's Cancer Walks - Canada
The Weekend to End Women's Cancer Walks are held in Canadian cities. Walk approximately 20 miles or 30 kilometers a day, camping out Saturday night.

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Hiking for Beginners
How to hike. How to tackle off-road walking on natural trails.

Polly Letofsky Becomes First American Woman to Walk Around the World
Polly Letofsky completes her around the world walk on July 30, 2004 to become the first American woman to walk around the world

Last Day on the Camino Begins

Taking the Sheep for a Walk

Corn Harvester at Work

Lavacolla - Wash Your Privates

Mass at San Tirso in Palas de Rei

Casa Rurale - A Parada das Bestas

Buying a Shell to Carry for Denise Thiem

Roman - Medieval Bridge over Iso River

Eucalyptus Forest

Bridge of Stones

Pulpo Gallego - Octopus

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Cafe Stop at San Xiao

Medieval Bridge - Rio Seco

Walking the Camino - Palas de Rei to Ribadiso and Arzua
Walking the Camino de Santiago leg from Palas de Rei to Ribadiso and Arzua - wind, rain, octopus, eucalyptus, Roman bridges and lots of cows.

Stone Crosses on the Camino

Cafe Stop and Meeting Other Pilgrims

Albergue O Cruceiro Ventas de Neron

Ventas de Neron

Camino - Pilgrim on Horseback

Camino Rain Gear

Camino Walking to Palas de Rei

Walking the Camino - Portomarin to Palas de Rei
Walking the Camino de Santiago from Portomarin to Palas de Rei, split into two days with a night at Ventas de Neron.

Water Fountains on the Camino

Caldo Gallego


Camino - Downhill to Portomarin

Camino Walking Day Two

Camino Day One - Church at Babadelo

Camino Day One - Fields and Forests

Camino Day One - Meeting Other Peregrinos

Camino Day One - Terrain and Roman Bridge

Camino Day One - Starting from Sarria

Camino - Stamping the Credencial with the Sello

Camino Day Zero - Sarria

Camino - Portomarín

Getting to Sarria to Start the Camino de Santiago

Camino - Rest Stop with Fruit

Camino Day One Ends

Camino Day One - Bars and Cafes

Camino Day One - Farms and Hórreo

Walking the Camino de Santiago - My Way
I walked the Camino de Santiago solo, from Sarria. Here is my Camino story, walking lower mileage each day, with bag transport.

Best Gifts for the Camino de Santiago Pilgrim
What are the best gifts for a peregrino planning to walk the Camino de Santiago? Here are 10 items to give a pilgrim they can use on the Camino.

Notifications - Apple Watch Wins Over Fitbit
Apple Watch notifications beat Fitbit.

Friendly Competition - Fitbit Wins
Fitbit beats Apple Watch for competing with friends.

Which Did Wendy Choose - Apple Watch or Fitbit?
Wearing the Apple Watch and Fitbit Zip both - my choice for now.

Music Control - Apple Watch Wins Over Fitbit
Apple Watch beats Fitbit for music control.

Inactivity Alerts - Apple Watch Wins Over Fitbit
Apple Watch Beats Fitbit for inactivity alerts.

Navigation and Maps - Apple Watch Wins Over Fitbit
Apple Watch beats Fitbit for maps and directions.

Heart Rate - Fitbit Wins with Zone Indicators
Fitbit tracks heart rate better than Apple Watch.

Battery Life - Fitbit Beats Apple Watch
Fitbit beats Apple Watch for battery life.

Compatible Phones - Fitbit Beats Apple Watch
Fitbit is compatible with many different smart phones, while the Apple Watch requires an iPhone.

Sleep Tracking - Fitbit Beats Apple Watch
Fitbit beats Apple Watch for sleep tracking, a feature missing for Apple Watch.

Wearing Options - Fitbit Wins Over Apple Watch
Fitbit has more wearing options than the Apple Watch

Fitbit vs. Apple Watch: 6 Ways Fitbit Wins, 4 Ways Apple Watch Wins
If you switch from Fitbit to Apple Watch, you will miss out on great Fitbit features the Apple Watch lacks.

Apple Watch Weather
The weather apps for the Apple Watch give walkers great info on what to expect on their outdoor walks.

Apple Pay and Passbook on Apple Watch
You can use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch and keep your money, cards and iPhone secure while out walking.

Apple Watch Schedule
View your upcoming appointments on the Apple Watch and have quick access to addresses, directions and contacts.

Apple Watch Notifications and Messaging
Notifications on the Apple Watch keep you connected without having to access your iPhone.

Apple Watch Music Control - Podcasts and Audiobooks
Control your music, podcasts and audiobooks via the Apple Watch music control function.

Apple Watch Siri
Use Siri on your Apple Watch. Walking.

Apple Watch Map and Directions
Apple Watch Map function can guide you to your destination.

Apple Watch Timer and Stopwatch
Time your laps and intervals with the Apple Watch timer and stopwatch apps.

Apple Watch Phone Calls
The Apple Watch acts as a phone on your wrist. You can take and make calls.

Apple Watch Heart Rate
The Apple Watch measures your heart rate via LED sensors.

Apple Watch Camera Remote
The Apple Watch camera remote app lets you get in the picture.

Apple Watch Workout App
The Apple Watch Workout app can be used to track indoor and outdoor walks and other workouts.

Best Apple Watch Features Walkers Love
The Apple Watch has great features that can track fitness and make life easier for those who enjoy walking. Here's what walkers will love.

Apple Watch Activity App
The Apple Watch Activity app tracks cues you to achieve three key fitness and health activity goals each day.

Where Can I Get Advice on Walking the Camino de Santiago?
Find advice and get inspired to walk the Camino de Santiago through these groups - both online and live groups.

Personal Protection Gear for Walkers
What can you use to enhance your personal safety when you are walking? These items can make you a less inviting​ target and may deter an attack.

How to Sit Less - Active Sitting
How to sit less - switch to active sitting on an unstable surface such as an exercise ball or wobble stool.

Sitting Will Kill You - 8 Hacks to Sit Less
Sitting is the new smoking - it greatly increases your health risks. Here are ways to break up long periods of sitting and reduce your sitting time.

How to Sit Less - Short Activity Break Ideas
Sitting for long periods will kill you. Here are tips to break up sitting periods throughout the day at work.

How to Sit Less - Inactivity Alerts
How can you sit less and break up long sitting times? Use an app or inactivity-tracking activity monitor such as Jawbone UP or Nike FuelBand.

How to Sit Less - Use a Treadmill Desk
Reduce your sitting time by using a treadmill desk. Walking while you work can have health benefits and burn calories.

Sit Less Using a Desk Cycle
Use a cycle desk or under-desk cycle to reduce your time spent sitting still.

Sit Less with a Standing Desk
Sit less by using a standing desk. You can use a fixed-height or adjustable standing desk.

How to Sit Less - Active Commuting
Sitting while commuting adds to your health risks of sitting too much. Here are ways to sit less before, during and after your commute.

7 Fitness Tracker Hacks to Addict You to Using It
How can you be one of the 25% that stick with using your Fitbit or other fitness tracker rather than abandoning it in the sock drawer?

Life Hack for Fitness Trackers - Involve Friends and Family
Life hack for forming habits with your fitness tracker - share your goals and achievements for social support.

Life Hacks for Fitness Tracking - Bounce Back When You Fail
Life hacks for fitness tracker habits - how to bounce back when you don't make your daily goal.

How to Sit Less - Get Up for Lunch and Coffee Breaks
How can you sit less? Use coffee breaks and lunch time to get up and move and reduce the health risks of sitting too much.

Life Hack - Set Specific Goals On Your Fitness Tracker
Life hack to stick with using your fitness tracker - set specific goals such as 10,000 steps per day or 30 minutes of physical activity.

Life Hack - Remember to Wear Your Wearable Fitness Tracker
Life hack for sticking with your fitness tracker - how to remember to wear it each day. You will lose interest if you skip too many days.

Life Hack for Fitness Tracking - Keep It Simple and Repetitive
Life hack to stick with using your fitness band: be simple, boring and repetitive while you develop your new fitness habit.

Life Hack for Fitness Tracking - Make Checking a Habit
Life hack to stick with your fitness tracker - make checking your numbers frequently through the day a routine habit.

Dog Pedometers to Track Your Pet's Activity
Is your dog getting enough exercise? Human pedometers aren't built for dogs, but these pet activity monitors can track your dog's active day.

Maligne Canyon's Secrets
Maligne Canyon hold secrets for how it was formed, and you can puzzle on them as you enjoy the canyon walk in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Maligne Canyon Walk - Jasper National Park - Canada
Maligne Canyon is a scenic walk in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada to see waterfalls carving a path through the narrow canyon.

10 Great End-of-Summer Walks You Need to Take
Don't let summer end without enjoying these 10 great walks. Refresh yourself before fall with these fun walking ideas.

10 Reasons Walking/Running an Event is Better than Biking
Biking is a bother when you could walk or run an event. Here are 10 reasons why.

Best Pedometers for Dieters
If you are dieting and exercising, these activity monitor pedometers can be used to track both calories burned and calories eaten.

Inactivity Tracking Devices and Sitting Time Apps
What apps and gadgets can help you reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and inactive each day? We list and review them.

Inactivity Tracking Devices and Sitting Time Apps
What apps and gadgets can help you reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and inactive each day? We list and review them.

Top Ten Things I Love About Walking
What's not to love about walking? If I have to narrow it down to only 10 things I love about walking, here are the best reasons to start walking and keep walking.

Walking on the River Cruise Vacation - Review and Tips
River cruise vacations include daily walking tours. What can you expect? Review and tips for Amawaterways river cruises and their shore tours.

Guided Group Walking Tours on a River Cruise
What it's like to join in a guided group walking tour provided on river cruises by AmaWaterways.

What to Wear on Your Walking Tours in European Towns
Be prepared for cobblestones and narrow streets when you walk in European towns.

Walking On the Ship on a River Cruise
If you need to get a workout, you can walk or jog onboard your river cruise ship.

Cruise Review: Europe's Rivers and Castles on the AmaWaterways AmaDolce
Our review of the 7-day cruise on the Main and Mosel rivers on the AmaWaterways AmaDolce, past castles and vineyards.

Best Walking Apps 2016 Readers' Choice Award
These walking apps were the winner and finalists in our Walking Readers' Choice Awards. They are all apps that map and measure your walk.

How to Choose Healthier Flip-Flops
Flimsy flip-flops are notoriously bad for your feet. Use these tips to choose designs that give your feet support for better walking comfort.

Top Picks for Winter Walking Hats
Keep your ears warm and head protected with these choices for winter walking hats. I prefer designs with bills, but beanies may work for you.

10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm on a Cold Weather Walk
How you keep your feet warm on a cold winter walk? Here are tactics and tricks to use so your toes won't freeze when the temperatures drop.

What to Wear for a Walking Tour
What should you wear and carry for a walking tour? Here are the essential items that will keep you comfortable and moving on a walking tour.

Post-Workout Foot Pampering Techniques
How fitness walkers can refresh and pamper their feet after a long workout. If you took a long walk, here's how to treat yourself and your tootsies.

11 Top Walk Friendly Communities
America's top 11 Walk Friendly Communities were announced by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. These communities are committed to safety, mobility, access and walking comfort.

FavoriteToning Shoes for Walking
Reviews of the best toning shoes for walkers. These shoes were very popular but many were discontinued. Here are the remaining survivors.

10 Walking-Themed Halloween Costumes
Walking-themed Halloween costume ideas for walkers. What will you wear for Halloween?

Walking Hats - the Sun Hat
For sunny walking workouts, a sun hat can keep you from becoming a red neck.

Walking Hats - What to Wear on Your Head When Walking
How do you protect your head from sun, wind, rain and cold? We have a rundown of walking hats, with their pros and cons and hat hair potential.

Walking Hats - the Sun Visor
Wearing a sun visor is one way to try to avoid hat hair for walkers.

Walking Hats - Scarves and Buffs
You can cover your head when walking with a scarf, bandana or buff.

Walking Hats - the Billed Cap
For a walking workout, a baseball cap or running hat with a bill keeps the sun out of your face and your hair under control. But you will get hat hair.

Tuileries Gardens Grand Carré - Flower Beds
The eastern end of the Tuileries Gardens, the Grand Carré, has formal plantings of flowers.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Paris - France
The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel marks the eastern end of the Tuileries Gardens, near the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Tuileries Gardens Tree-Lined Path - Paris
We stroll down plane tree-lined paths through the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France.

The Cobblestones of the Champs-Elysees
The cobblestones of the Champs-Elysees make for a bumpy driving, walking, or cycling experience.

Tree-Lined Paths Along the Champs-Élysées
From Avenue Franklin Roosevelt to the Place de la Concorde, the Champs-Elysées is lined with trees for a more pleasant stroll.

The Pyramid of the Louvre Museum - Paris
My walk down the Champe-Elysees ends at the Pyramid of the Louvre Museum.

Obelisk of Luxor in the Place de la Concorde - Paris
The Obelisk of Luxor graces the Place de la Concorde at the east end of the Champs-Elysees.

Walking Hats - Winter Hats
Winter walking hats protect your ears and keep you from losing heat while walking.

Walking Hats - Rain Hats and Hoods
How to cover your head to keep out the rain when you are walking.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Arc de Triomphe - Paris
At the base of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I, facing down the Champs-Elysees.

Fountain by the Theatre Marigny - Champs-Elysee - Paris
Detouring on the gravel paths along the Champs-Elysee, you can see this fountain near the Théâtre Marigny.

Runners Try to Convert You - Walker's Guide to Runners
Runners try to convert walkers to their running cult. A walker's guide to runners.

10. Runners Wear Out - Welcome Them to Walking
Runners wear out eventually, now is your chance to welcome them to walking. A walker's guide to runners.

Runners Want to Win - Even the Slow Ones
Runners want to win. They want to beat somebody else to the finish line. A walker's guide a runners.

Runners Wear Weird Gadgets - Field Guide to Runners
Runners gear up with gadgets that tell them how fast and how far they are running. A walker's guide to runners.

Runners Eat Odd Things When Running
Runners can't eat solid food while running, so they refuel on gels and sports drink. A walker's guide to runners.

Runners Have Their Own Language - Field Guide to Runners
Runners have their own lingo. You may need a translator. A walker's guide to runners.

Runners Will Sideswipe You
Runners run into walkers. How to share the road with the swifter folks. A walker's guide to runners.

Runners will Cheer You On
Runners will cheer on walkers at run/walk races. A walker's guide to runners.

Paris Walk From Arc de Triomphe Down the Champs-Elysees
Enjoy this Paris photo walking tour from the Arc de Triomphe, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, down the Champs-Elysees and through the Tuileries Gardens.

10 Weird Things Walkers Need to Know About Runners
Ten things walkers need to know about runners. You'll see this odd breed of humans at races as well as when you are out for your walking workouts.

Runners are Nearly Naked - Walker's Guide to Runners
Runners wear very little clothing, but what they wear can cost a lot. Here are things walkers need to know about runners.

Runners Do Gross Things - Walker's Guide to Runners
Runners do gross things like shoot snot rockets, spit and toss their litter during a race. A walker's guide to runners.

10 Worst Pieces of Walking Advice That Could Hurt You
Don't believe everything your walking friends or coaches tell you. Some advice is wrong, and some is dangerous. These ten bad bits of walking advice could send you to the hospital.

11 Common Things That Go Wrong With Your Pedometer
Common pedometer problems and how to fix them. Pedometers can malfunction and count too many or too few steps and have other errors.

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Spring Walk
Get out and enjoy a springtime walk. Let these ideas guide your feet this spring. Enjoy the tulips, start training for races, and slip into sandals.

Headphones and Earphones for Walkers
What workout earbuds and headphones are best for walkers? Here are favorites in different designs to keep you plugged in while walking.

10 Ways to Invest Your Refund in Walking
Invest your tax refund or other windfall in walking and walking gear. Get a real return on your walking investment

10 'Pokemon Go' Real World Dangers to Avoid
You can run into real world dangers while playing Pokemon Go. Here are hazards you need to avoid to stay safe while capturing monsters with the app.

11 Eco-Friendly Green Walking Gear Choices
Top picks for eco-friendly green gear for walkers. Be kind to the planet with these choices that reduce, reuse and are made of recycled products.

10 Most Common Marathon Injuries
How to prevent and deal with the most common marathon injuries. Whether you run the 26.2 miles or walk it, these problems can happen to you.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Fitness Walkers
Are you feeling the pinch? Use these 10 money-saving ideas for fitness walkers, with ways to save on shoes, clothing, equipment, and event entry fees.

What You Don't Want to See on Your Walk
10 things you don't want to see on your walk. You'll definitely want to avoid these hazards if you want to enjoy a walk.

Is It Safe For a Woman to Walk Solo on the Camino de Santiago?
Is it safe for a woman to walk the Camino de Santiago solo, or is it a dangerous practice? Many are worried since the loss of American Denise Thiem.

What Not to Wear Walking - Bad Walking Fashions
What not to wear walking -- bad walking fashions that will get you arrested by the walking fashion police. My homage to Joan Rivers, the original Fashion Policewoman.

17 Pedometer Watches and Fitness Smartwatches
Use these fitness smartwatches and pedometer watches to count your steps and track your workouts without having to wear multiple devices.

Penne with Swiss Chard and Roasted Red Peppers Recipe
Enjoy this healthy recipe for penne pasta with swiss chard or spinach, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese.

Recover, Relax and Pamper Yourself after a Workout
Find the best ways to recover, relax and pamper yourself after a long walk or exercise workout. Here's how to refresh and replenish your body.

Palak Chicken Recipe
Palak chicken recipe for a delicious Indian chicken and spinach dish.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Recipe
Mahi mahi grills great on the barbecue, and this simple recipe makes a delicious low carb entree.

How to Make Wendy's Chili - Crockpot Recipe
Enjoy this healthy and hearty crockpot chili recipe. You can make it with dry or canned beans and ground beef in your slow cooker.

Easy Enchilada Casserole Recipe
Enjoy this healthy gluten-free vegetarian recipe for enchilada casserole. It's an easy weekday dinner and reheats well for lunch.

Top Picks for Trail Shoes for Walkers
Here are our top picks for trail shoes for walkers and runners who need traction and foot protection for natural trails, and treks such as the Camino.

Best Insect Repellents to Prevent Mosquito Bites
Top picks for insect repellents to prevent mosquito bites that are annoying and can spread West Nile Virus.

Crustless Swiss Chard Quiche
Recipe for a crustless swiss chard quiche. Enjoy this low carb, gluten-free breakfast.

10 Gifts for Wandering Graduates
If you are looking for a gift for a new graduate who will be enjoying travel or who just loves to walk and hike, here are gift ideas to go with them.

Best Active Gifts for Children
Encourage kids to be active by giving gifts that make physical activity fun. These gifts will get them moving and maybe involve you, too.

Best Fiction Audiobooks to Enjoy Walking or Exercising
Best fiction audiobooks to listen to while walking or exercising. These books make the miles fly by on the treadmill or on the jogging path.

Audio Players for Walkers
The best audio devices for walkers to take their tunes and audiobooks on a walk. Yes, you can use your phone, but there are other ways to listen.

Best Back to School Backpacks and Daypacks
The best school backpacks and daypacks for children and teenagers. Find the best school backpacks designed to distribute the weight to prevent strains.

Best Walking Books - Tales of Long Treks
What does it take to walk across a continent? What might you encounter? These memoir of long walks take you along for the journey.

Walking. Page 3.

Fitbit Surge Super Watch Review
The Fitbit Surge super watch has GPS for speed and distance, strapless continuous heart rate, plus all-day steps, calories, and sleep tracking.

Walking. Page 2.

Which Camino Should I Walk?
Planning to walk the Camino de Santiago starts with choosing which Camino route to walk, where to start and how long I will walk each day.

Deciding to be a Tourogrino on the Camino de Santiago
How I decided to be a tourogrino on the Camino de Santiago - savoring it instead of suffering.

Webwalking USA Virtual Walking Log Program
Webwalking USA Walking Program - chart your walking miles, minutes, or steps on a virtual walk from coast to coast on the American Discovery Trail.

Walking. Page 4.

Walking. Page 3.

Walking. Page 2.

Walkable City Awards - What are the Top Walking Cities?
What are the most walkable cities in the USA? The top walking cities have been ranked by the APMA, Walk Score, and other walking organizations.

Why You Need a Running Shrug
Wear a running shrug when you want to keep your arms warm until you (or the weather) warms up

Nite Beams LED Double Vision Running Caps and Visors - Review
The NiteBeams LED Double Vision cap or visor has four built-in bright LED headlamps and a back red flasher for walking or running after dark.

Pedometer Step Equivalents for Exercises and Activities
Here's how many pedometer steps per minute to credit yourself for 115 activities, from biking to yoga, that would burn the same number of calories.

Golfer's Vasculitis Heat Leg Rash
Golfer's vasculitis is a heat rash many walkers experience after walking in the heat. This non-itchy red rash is seen on the lower leg after a walk.

17 Pedometer Watches and Fitness Smartwatches
Use these fitness smartwatches and pedometer watches to count your steps and track your workouts without having to wear multiple devices.

Warm-Up Stretches for Walkers
Stretching as part of your warm-up can help you stay flexible and loose during your walk. This workout includes static and dynamic movements.

Resume Your Walk - Warm-Up Stretching and Flexibility Routine for Walkers
Resume your walk. Walking.

Head Circles - Walking Warm-up Stretching Routine
Head circles are the first step of a head-to-toe warm-up stretching routine.

Arm Circles - Walking Warm-up Stretching Routine
Arm circles - walking warm-up stretching routine.

Hip Stretch - Walking Warm-up Stretching Routine
Hip stretch for a warm-up stretching routine

Quadriceps Stretch - Walking Warm-up Stretches
Quadriceps stretch for a warm-up stretching routine

Gastrocnemius Calf Stretch - Walking Warm-up Stretching Routine
Gastrocnemius Calf Stretch - Walking Warm-up Stretching Routine

Soleus Calf Stretch - Walking Warm-Up Stretching Routine
Soleus Calf Stretch - Walking Warm-Up Stretching Routine

Leg Extensions - Walking Warm-Up Routine
Leg Extensions - Walking Warm-Up Routine

Crossover Leg Swings - Walking Warm-Up Stretching Routine
Crossover Leg Swings - Walking Warm-Up Stretching Routine


Walking Funny - Racewalking Slogans and Comeback Lines
Despite being an Olympic sport, racewalkers face a lot of disrespect for their hip-swinging style. These funny slogans and comeback lines strike back.





Camino Survival Kits from Linda

Final Preparations for Walking the Camino de Santiago
How I prepared and packed in the final days before embarking on my pilgrim walk of the Camino de Santiago.

Camino Prep - Clothes Washing

Camino Prep - Bed Bug Prevention

Camino Pilgrim Blessing and Shell Ceremony

Camino Day Pack and Bag

Veggie Mini-Quiches Recipe - Gluten-Free and Low Carb
This veggie quiche cups recipe makes a great breakfast or appetizer for parties. They have no crust and are gluten-free and low carb.​

Walking and Occult Practices and Rituals
What forms of walking are occult practices? How do these supposedly draw people to the occult, from fire walking to zombies?

Best Plus Size Walking Shirts and Tops
Best choices for plus size walking shirts and tops for walking and fitness activities, from tees, tanks, and sports bras.

Homemade Gifts Walkers Will Love
If you are looking for something personal and meaningful to give a walker, here are ideas for homemade gifts for the walkers on your gift list.

Products to Keep Your Shoelaces Tied
Tired of laces that come untied? Try these shoelace locks and systems to keep your shoelaces tied.

How Walking Can Land You in Prison
How much trouble can you get into while walking? Here are ways walking can lead to getting a ticket, or worse - an arrest or a stay in jail.

Use Pedometer Safety Leash So You Don't Lose It
Fitness trackers can leap off your waistband or slip off your wrist. How to use or make a pedometer safety leash or band belt so you don't lose it.

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer Review
The Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer Review is a highly accurate 3D smart sensor pedometer with seven-day memory. See how easy it is to wear.

How Many Average Daily Steps Do People Walk?
What is the typical number of pedometer total daily steps for men and women? Research studies found answers. How do you compare with their results?

Therm-a-Rest Camping Mattress Keeps You Comfortable
Therm-a-rest camp mattresses keep you insulated from the ground and are practically self-inflating. They are a great choice under your sleeping bag.

How to React to Exhibitionists and Indecent Exposure
Are flashers dangerous? How should walkers and runners react to exhibitionists committing indecent exposure on their walking or running path.

How to Eat Right - USDA Dietary Guidelines
The USDA dietary guidelines recommend more physical activity and eating a balanced diet, with specific lists of foods to avoid and foods to encourage.

Walking. Page 2.

Street Safety Tips for Walkers
How can you stay safe while walking? Use these stranger danger tips to avoid dangerous situations and plan what to do if accosted.

Walking. Page 3.

Walking. Page 2.

How to Make a Walking or Hiking Stick
Expert William Jones shows how to make a wooden walking stick or hiking stick. Use these instructions to do it yourself and create your own staff.

San Antonio River Walk - Top 10 Walk
The San Antonio Riverwalk, or Paseo del Rio, is the top tourist attraction in Texas. It's a pedestrian street that's great to stroll and savor.

Why I Don't Recommend Weighted Shoes
I don't recommend weighted shoes for fitness walkers, despite health claims by the marketers of weighted shoes.

A Brief History of Walking
Beyond walking just to get around, enjoy this fun history of walking as a sport and endurance challenge. We've come a long way and we keep going!

How to Enjoy a Walk On the Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip is a fun walking destination if you do it right. Here's how to enjoy walking it for fitness, sightseeing, or between casinos.

FootBalance QuickFit Semi-Custom Molded Insoles Review
FootBalance QuickFit are semi-custom insoles you heat and mold at home or wear to give you an individual fit. See how they can work for you.

How Many Pedometer Steps Per Day Are Enough?
How many pedometer steps per day are enough? Are 10,000 steps a day a good goal for healthy adults? Read the answers from a pedometer researcher.

Is Bamboo a Better Fabric for Walking?
Bamboo fabric can work great as a performance fabric for workout clothing, with moisture-wicking and temperature management qualities.

Caution: Naked Hiking Day June 21
Be aware that June 21 each year is unofficial Naked Hiking Day, when the bares are in the woods. Is it legal? Should you be concerned or join in?

Top Water Flavorings for Your Water Bottle
Top picks for convenience flavorings to add to your water. If you don't like plain water, try these flavorings.

Tips to Stop Sitting Still
Use these tips to get yourself up and moving during the workday, instead of just sitting, which can be dangerous for your health.

Tips for Walking With Your Dog
Use these 10 tips for walking with your dog to enjoy walks with your best furry friend. Are you ready with the right training, gear and walking route?

Walking. Page 2.

Which Fitbit Pedometer Will Fit You Best?
Which Fitbit will work best for to track your activity, walking steps, diet, sleep and more? Meet the new Fitbits and current popular models.

Stretching Routine for Fitness Walking Workouts
Use this short stretching routine before walking, after warming up, or use it after a walking workout. The stretches progress from head to toe.

How to Train to Walk Hills at High Altitude
How can you prepare to walk at high altitude and on routes that have a lot of uphill and downhill? Use these tips for hilly, high altitude walks.

What is the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Walk?
The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James is a traditional pilgrimage walk ending in Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.

Top Walks - DC National Zoo - Georgetown
The Washington DC Zoo and National Cathedral are featured on one of the top 10 walks in the USA hosted by clubs of the American Volkssport Association.

Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support
What can men do for chest support when walking, running or exercising? Here are some options for what men can wear for support during exercise.

What to Eat and Drink After a Workout for the Best Recovery
What recovery drinks and snacks should you eat and drink after an exercise workout to get the best muscle replenishment and recovery?

Top Picks for Walking Sandals
Walking sandals for fitness walking and trail walking need good support and stability. Here are top picks that will treat your feet right.

How Many Walking Steps Are in a Mile?
How many steps per mile do fitness walkers walk? Learn about how many steps per mile you should expect to see on your pedometer to get results.

Moderate Intensity Level Exercises
What is moderate intensity exercise? Find out what kinds of physical activity are at this level, how it feels and how to measure it with heart rate.

Racewalking Technique: Hips
How to racewalk: how to rotate your hips when racewalking.

How to Racewalk - Step by Step How to Racewalk
A step-by-step tutorial on how to racewalk with Olympic racewalking technique, from coach Judy Heller of Ero-Fit and Associates. Learn how to walk fast.

How to Get Started Racewalking - Basic Technique
Learn how to racewalk with a tutorial on the basics of the technique and further resources for coaching, videos, clubs, and competitions.

How To Prevent and Treat Shin Pain When Walking
How to prevent and treat shin splints when you walk or run. Tactics include using the right stride, shin stretches and finding the right shoes.

What is the Best Way to Measure How Far You've Walked?
How do you know how far you have walked? There are several ways to measure your walking distance, from online mapping to smartphone GPS apps.

How to Find Walking Companions and Walking Clubs
How to find walking friends and walking companions. If it's been lonely strolling solo, use these tips to find other people to share your workouts.

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What and When Should I Eat Before a Morning Walk?
What should you eat before a morning exercise walk? Find out what works best to get the most from your workout, and also what to eat after walking.

10 Ways to Prevent Stinky Shoes and Smelly Feet
If you have foot odor and smelly shoes and sandals, use these products and tactics to prevent the stink. You'll be happy to have fresher feet.

Things You Should Not Drink When Walking
Not all drinks are good for hydrating while you are walking or exercising. Here are things you should avoid drinking when walking.

3 Shoulder Stretches to Open Your Chest
Learn how to properly and effectively stretch your shoulders to prepare you for good walking posture and to open your chest and counteract slouching.

Nuun Active Hydration - Review
Nuun Active Hydration tablets mix with water to provide an electrolyte sports drink. They are very convenient to take along in your pack or pocket.

Don't Ignore Burning Feet or Numb Toes
Don't ignore burning feet or numb toes -- they may be signs of dangerous diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which can lead to foot ulcers and amputation.

Needing to Urinate Too Often is a Walking Problem
Do you need to urinate more often than your walking friends? Don't get dehydrated, but use these tactics to reduce the need and enjoy your walks.

How Many Calories Does Walking Burn Per Mile?
Use this chart measuring walking calories burned if you weigh from 100 to 300 pounds to determine how many calories you burn per mile at seven speeds.

Walkmeter for iPhone by Abvio App Review
The Walkmeter app by Abvio for the iPhone turns your phone into a GPS speedometer, including speed, distance, pace, and maps for walking workouts.

The Subway Diet - How It Works
The Subway diet - walking plus sub sandwiches equals weight loss.Jared Fogle and others lost weight eating only at Subway, could this work for you?

Stink Free Shoe Spray Odor Eliminator - Review
Are you tired of smelly shoes and gym bags? Stink Free shoe and gear odor eliminator from 2Toms is an odorless spray you can use to fight the funk.

Sportline 340 Pedometer - Review
The Sportline 340 Pedometer is a simple, inexpensive step counting pedometer you wear on your waistband. See its advantages and drawbacks for walkers.

Ultramarathon Walking
Walking an ultramarathon is a challenge for walkers and runners. How far can you go and what events are available?

Centurion and 24-Hour Walk Challenges
You can earn the title of centurion by walking 100 miles in 24 hours. Find out more about this honor, where you can do it and how to train for it.

Brisk Walks Lower Blood Pressure
Taking three or four short brisk walks throughout the day can control blood pressure. How much walking is good for hypertension and prehypertension?

Layered Clothing - A Walking Essential
Layering your clothing is one of the 10 essentials for walking. Learn how to stay comfortable on a walking workout or longer trek using three layers.

Causes of Burning Feet and How to Treat Them
What causes burning feet? Here are the most common culprits of hot feet, from problems with shoes and socks to medical conditions.

Top Picks for Thorlo Socks
Top Picks for Thorlo socks for walking, hiking and running. These sports socks are designed for each activity with just the right padding and support.

What Are the Benefits of Stretching?
What are the benefits of stretching? See what the research says it can and can't do for you. It can improve range of motion, but won't prevent injury.

Wear the Right Socks to Battle Blisters
How walkers can use the right socks to help them in their battle against blisters. Socks made of sweat-wicking fibers that fit well make a difference.

Best Picks for Energy Gels
Top picks for energy gels for walkers, runners, and bikers. Use these goo packets to fuel your longer workouts to quickly get carbs without chewing.

Best Energy Snacks for Eating While Walking
What energy snacks work best for walking and other endurance activities? Let's look at bars, gels, trail mix, fruit and energy drinks.

Fast Food Nutrition and Best Choices
What are your best choices for fast food when you are dieting? Here are the best choices from McDonald's, Subway, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Burger King.

6 Ways Walking Is a Real Exercise
Is walking a real exercise? It can have different fitness benefits if you take an easy stroll or go for a 30-minute powerwalk at a higher intensity.

Racewalking Technique: Legs and Stride
How to racewalk: how to achieve the right leg motion in racewalking technique

How to Racewalk Like an Olympian
Use this step-by-step tutorial on how to racewalk with Olympic racewalking technique. Coach Judy Heller of Ero-Fit and Associates has the basics.

Racewalking Technique: Head and Posture
How to racewalk: your head position and posture for racewalking.

Racewalking Technique: Arms
How to racewalk: how to use your arms in racewalking.

Racewalking Technique: Torso
How to racewalk: using your torso, shoulders and abdominals.

Racewalking Technique: Feet
How to racewalk: how to use your feet to strike with the heel and roll through your step and push off with your toe.

Using the Heat Index Chart for Hot Weather Exercise
The heat index can tell you how hot it feels outside. Use this heat index chart to see if it is risky to exercise outdoors.

How to Prepare in the Month Before the Marathon
How should you best prepare in the month before the marathon? Use these tips for the final training stage before your long distance race.

Hot Weather Walking Gear Essentials
What can you wear or carry along to keep you cool when walking in hot weather? Here are essentials to keep you cool when walking.

7 Tips for Staying Cool on Hot Weather Walks
How to stay cool on hot weather walks. Use these seven tips and advice from seasoned walkers on when to stroll and when to workout indoors.

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What Do Calories Mean in Food and Exercise?
What is a calorie and what does it mean for your metabolism? Learn about food calories and how they are measured when you burn them exercising.

Strength Training Basics to Get Started
Learn about the basics of strength training. See how to include weight training and muscle exercises in your overall workout program.

10 Things I Hate about My Pedometer
Pedometers are great tools to count walking steps, but you may find problems with the belt clips, sticky cases, and accuracy.

Review: Nike+ Sportband Tracks Speed and Distance
The Nike+ Sportband gives you walking or running workout feedback via a shoe sensor that transmits to the Sportband wristband.

Walking Speedometers and Odometers
How fast are you walking? How far have you gone? Top picks for speedometers and odometers for walkers to measure their walking speed and distance.

Top Picks for Racewalking Shoes
Racewalking shoes must be very flexible and lightweight. Here are top picks for shoes to wear when using racewalk technique for walking fast.

Treadmill - Dumbbell Workout
You can use dumbbells to boost your treadmill workout. Here's how to use dumbbells for upper body exercise and increase your exertion with intervals.

SportBrain iStep X Pedometer Review
The SportBrain iStep pedometer used to link to a now-inactive website to track your walking steps, speed, distance, and fitness activities.

9 Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur Relief Products
Top picks for relief of plantar fasciitis and heel spur heel pain. If you have been diagnosed with these painful foot conditions, these items may help relieve the pain as you heal.

Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon Goes Walker-Friendly
The Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon goes walker-friendly in 2014 with the help of walking coach Michele Stanten.

Podiatrist Opinions on Dr. Scholl's FootMapping
Dr. Scholl's FootMapping kiosks measure feet and recommend a Custom Fit Orthotic. Podiatrists comment whether to trust this and what works best.

11 Clever Ways to Carry Your Walking Essentials
No pockets? If you don't want to resort to a fanny pack, use these clever items to carry your walking and running essentials.

Move More App - Review
You can use the Move More! app to track your sitting time, exercise time, standing and sleeping. You can set alerts to remind you to move.

Poison Oak Photos - Is It Poison Oak or Not
Is that plant poison oak or not? These photos show poison oak leaves in several shapes and the plants it is imitating.

FitDesk Bicycle Desk Review
With the FitDesk bicycle desk, you can bust inactivity with a low-intensity workout. Pedal while you use your laptop or game console, or watch TV.

Mizuno Wave Rider - Shoe Review
The Mizuno Wave Rider is a great cushioned shoe choice for a high-mileage walker or runner with a neutral gait. It also comes in narrow and wide.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker - Review
The Fitbit Zip is a wireless activity tracker pedometer that can sync with smartphones via bluetooth and the Fitbit app. You wear it on your waist.

SPIbelt Exercise Belt Review
Carry your essentials in the SPIbelt, a simple belt with an expandable zippered pocket. Read here for a full review.

Best Gifts for Every Kind of Walker
Do you need ideas for what to give the walker on your list? Browse these picks for walking gifts for any occasion they will love to receive and use.

How to Tell if You're an Overpronator
What are the signs that you are an overpronator and will need motion-control shoes or inserts to correct overpronation? Look for these clues.

How to Treat a Blister Safely
What should you do when you get a foot blister from walking or running? Here is how to drain and bandage it properly to prevent problems.

11 Tips for Better Beach Walking
Use these 11 tips to enjoy a beach walk. Whether it's just a quiet stroll or you're doing a brisk walking workout, here's how to get more from it.

Top 10 Picks for Fitness and Nordic Walking Poles
Top picks for fitness walking poles or nordic walking poles that come in pairs. These poles are used to give a better walking workout.

How to Find Michigan Walks and Walking Events
Whether you're looking for exercise, a race, or the Mackinac Bridge walk, here is where to find information on walks in Michigan.

Nordic Walking Technique
How to get started with pole walking with the nordic walking technique. See it step by step.

Adjusting the Length of Your Nordic Walking Poles
The first step of nordic walking is to adjust your nordic walking poles to the correct height.

Posture for Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking Technique: Posture and shoulders are important for the best benefit.

Nordic Walking Technique: Release Pole at End of Step Back Stroke
Nordic Walking Technique: release the nordic walking pole at the end of the back stroke of the step

Nordic Walking Technique: Enjoying a Walk
Nordic Walking Technique: How to build your nordic walking workout time.

Nordic Walking Technique: Align the Pole Tip and Adjust Hand Straps
Nordic Walking Technique: Align the pole tip and adjust the hand straps before you begin using the poles.

Nordic Walking Pole Position
Nordic Walking Technique: the correct pole position for using these walking poles.

Nordic Walking Technique: Plant the Nordic Walking Pole with the Forward Foot
Nordic Walking Technique: how to plant the walking pole correctly, with the forward foot.

Nordic Walking Technique: Pushing the Pole Back with a Step
Nordic Walking Technique: pushing the pole back with a step.

Nordic Walking Technique: Next Step
Nordic Walking Technique: taking repeated steps with the correct pole action.

Nordic Walking with Fitness Walking Poles
Nordic walking is using fitness walking poles to give you a better workout. You get an upper body workout and burn more calories per mile.

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Features and Styles of Heart Rate Monitors
How can you decide which kind of heart rate monitor or pulse monitor is best for your workout? Do you need a chest strap or is a band accurate?

How to Choose a Health Club
Choosing a gym can be a big financial commitment. Learn how to choose a gym that's right for you so you don't waste your money.

Things You Need for Your Treadmill
After you buy the treadmill, what treadmill accessories you do need to keep you -- and the treadmill -- running great? Here are items you can use.

The No Toilet Problem - Finding a Toilet When Walking
What to do when there are no toilets on your walk. Where to find public restrooms, and how to use nature while still being environmentally sensitive.

There's a Pedometer in my iPod! - Nano Fitness
The iPod nano includes a pedometer and a stopwatch function. Use it when walking or running or tracking daily total steps.

Why You'll Be Wearing a Wearable Fitness Tracker Soon
Where are wearables going for 2015? Wearables.com polled consumers and they predict how smartwatches will change the market for fitness bands.

Proper Lifting Technique for Strength Training
What is the right way to lift weights in your strength training routine? Learn about range of motion, exercise sequence, sets, and repetitions.

Basis Health Tracker Watch - Review
The Basis is a multi-sensor watch that tracks workouts, sleep and resting heart rate, with automatic workout tracking. Get the details here.

Waterproof Pants for Walking in the Rain
Keep dry and keep walking with waterproof pants for walking in the rain. Read about rain pants and where to buy them.

Warning Signs of Heart Attack or Stroke for Walkers
Know the warning signs for heart attack or stroke to keep you and your walking partners safe. Seek immediate help if you have these symptoms.

Walking Shoe Construction - What it Means to You
Find out about what walking shoe shapes mean - boards, lasts, and more. Which should work better for flat feet or high arched feet?

Walking Survival for Shoppers - Keeping Feet Happy
Walking survival for shoppers - how to prepare for Black Friday and the mall marathon of the holiday shopping season while keeping your feet happy.

Walking Across Continents and Around the World
Read about people that walk across continents including Canada, America, thru-hiking the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trail.

What Water Bottles and Carriers are Best for Walking?
What are the different types of water bottles, hydration packs and water carriers that walkers can use to drink from and stay hydrated when walking?

Dangers of Distracted Walking
Don't text and walk. Distracted walking may be as dangerous as distracted driving. Here are the stats and why you need your eyes up and screens down.

What Is Resting Heart Rate?
Resting heart rate (RHR) is defined as the number of times your heart beats per minute while at complete rest. It gets lower as you improve fitness.

7 Benefits of Speed Walking
What are the effects you see with increased walking speed? Here is how speedwalking can improve your walking workouts.

Training to Walk Back-to-Back Half Marathons
Use this training schedule to train to walk two half marathons on back-to-back days, such as in the AVON 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer.

Marathon Walking Training - Principles
Walkers train for a marathon the same way runners do. Their goal is to gradually increase mileage to get their bodies ready to go the distance.

Training Schedule for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk
Use this training schedule to train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Build your mileage so you can walk 20 miles per day for three days.

7 Benefits of Elliptical Trainers
Why should you use elliptical trainers for cardio exercise? Learn about the fitness benefits of these machines compared with other equipment.

7 Tips for How to Walk Uphill
What is the right way to walk uphill? Find out the benefits of walking hills and use these seven tips for better technique to get you to the top.

8 Tips to Walk 10,000 Steps When Flying
Are you flying and you don't want to break your streak of 10,000 steps per day? Here's how to keep your fitness tracking goal on an air travel day.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket - Review
Check out this review of the Patagonia Houdini jacket, a lightweight windproof jacket that is very packable.

How to Choose Which Marathon to Walk
How to find a walker-friendly marathon that will best suit your needs and pace. These are questions to ask and explore to find the right one.

Best Folding Treadmills for Your Workout
What is the best choice for a folding treadmill when you want to save space? See the top picks for walkers and runners based on expert reviews.

How to Use the Subway Diet to Lose Weight
How to select fast food at Subway Sandwiches to lose weight. Here are the best choices for subs and salads that are low calorie and low carb.

Nona's Walking iPhone App Picks
What iPhone apps are the best for walkers to use? These will map your walk, show you where to go, what the weather will be and what's around you.

Winter and Night Walking Strategies - Lights
How to keep walking in winter darkness with strategies including using flashlights, headlamps and torches

Pedometer Apps for iOS and Android
Pedometer apps use your mobile's built-in accelerometer to track your daily steps, workouts, and activity data.

How Fast to Walk to Lose Weight and Burn Fat
How fast should you walk to lose weight and burn fat? Here is what a fat-burning walking pace feels like, and how to walk briskly for weight loss.

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Orthotics Insoles and Arch Support for Walkers
Can shoe inserts help for walking comfort and to relieve foot pain? A look at Insoles, arch supports and orthotics for walkers, and who to consult.

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How To Find Massachusetts Walks and Walking Events
How to find walks in Massachusetts. These include fun walking events and great scenic and historical walks in Boston and other locations in the state.

How to Get Fitted Right for Walking Shoes
Getting shoes that fit right is important for walking comfort and getting the most of your workouts. How to get fitted correctly for walking shoes.

Marathon Walking Training - Base Mileage
Begin your marathon training by establishing your base mileage. How to build your basic walking distance so you are ready to train for distance.

What to Wear for a Marathon Walk
Learn what to wear from head to foot for walking a marathon. You will need the right gear to get you through the 26.2 mile distance.

How to Prevent Blisters and Chafing on a Marathon
Use these tactics to prevent and treat blisters and chafing on marathons and half marathons. How to get ready before and what to do during the race.

Count Your Pedometer Steps to Motivate You to Walk More
Pedometers motivate walkers by counting steps and keeping you on track to your daily goal. How many steps are enough for fitness and weight loss?

Walking Festivals in the USA and Canada 2016-2017
Enjoy an active vacation at these great walking festivals hosted by volkssport clubs in the USA and Canada. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Walking Festivals in the USA and Canada 2016-2017
Enjoy an active vacation at these great walking festivals hosted by volkssport clubs in the USA and Canada. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Snow Trax Slip-On Cleats for Snow and Ice - Review
Review of Snow Trax slip-on cleats for snow and ice walking. These chains for your shoes can make winter walking a little safer on slippery surfaces.

Is it Safe to Reuse my Bottled Water Bottle?
Is it safe to reuse disposable water bottles? The concerns are unfounded as long as you keep the bottle clean and toss it when it shows wear.

International Marching League Walking Association
The IML Walking Association (formerly International Marching League) hosts premier multi-day walking events in countries around the world.

11 Last-Minute Gifts for Walkers
The clock is ticking, and here are last-minute gift ideas to give the walker in your life before it is too late to get there for the holidays.

Nike Free 5.0 Shoe - Review (Fit, Flexibility and More)
The Nike Free 5.0 running shoe imitates being barefoot while providing an excellent lightweight, flexible shoe. Here's how it works for walking.

How Do Pronation and Supination Affect Your Gait?
What are pronation, overpronation and supination? Find out how your feet roll with each step and how gait determines the best athletic shoes to wear.

Are Lexan Polycarbonate Water Bottles Safe to Reuse?
Are Lexan polycarbonate water bottles safe to reuse, or do they leach bisphenol A when they are cracked? Here are answers and what you should do.

Marathon Diet, Fluids and Energy Snacks
How should you be eating and drinking during training for a marathon walk and on race day? Here is advice about the right diet, hydration and energy snacks.

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Fast Walking Drills - How to Walk Faster
Use these fast walking drills to improve your walking speed.

Anaerobic Metabolism - Definition and Example
Definition of anaerobic metabolism. The body uses this method to fuel muscles without oxygen for short bursts, producing lactic acid.

Walking - Hydration Packs for Walking Women
Reviews of hydration backpacks for women who are in search of the perfect walking hydration backpack. These models work for shorter torsos.

Favorite Clothing and Gear for Marathons and Ultra Walks
Endurance walkers give advice on clothing and gear for marathons and ultramarathon walks and treks. Find out what they wear to go the distance.

Socks and Gaiters for Walking in the Rain
Don't let the rain keep you for going outside for your walk. Keep your feet dry with waterproof or wicking socks or gaiters when walking in the rain.

3 Fast Walking Workouts - How to Walk Faster
Use these three speed-building workouts to boost your walking pace. They will help you develop a quicker stride and build your performance ability.

Fast Walking Leg Motion - How to Walk Faster
Fast walking technique - use your leg motion to walk faster and not overstride. Here's how to get a fast, powerful stride and not waste effort.

How to Walk Faster: Foot Motion
Foot motion is important for fast walking technique. Learn how to strike with your heel and roll through a step from heel to toe for a powerful step.

Arm Motion - How to Swing Your Arms for Faster Walking
Arm motion is important for walking faster. Here is the correct arm swinging technique for speed without wasted or exaggerated movements.

7 Strategies to Prevent Foot Blisters
How can you prevent foot blisters from walking? Use these seven tactics including lubricants, shoes, socks and more to keep your feet blister-free.

Walking Technique and Taking a Walking Stride
Learn how to take a walking stride with good walking technique. If you can prevent overstriding, you will be able to walk faster and better.

Top Cushioned Shoes for Walkers
Walkers need cushio​ned shoes when they go for longer walks or they will be doing a lot of standing. Here are top picks for cushioned shoes for fitness walkers.

Aerobic Zone Definition
How hard do you need to exercise to be in the aerobic zone and what are its benefits? This zone improves cardiovascular fitness and burns stored fat.

Finding the Right Walking Shoe Store
Where should you buy fitness walking shoes? Here is how to find an athletic shoe store that will fit you right for performance walking shoes.

What Are the Different Types of Walking Shoes?
Which type of walking shoe is best for you? Tips on who needs motion control shoes, stability shoes, lightweight performance trainers, or cushioned shoes.

Best Products to Prevent Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
You can prevent poison ivy rash or poison oak rash with these products. Some are used before exposure and some remove the toxic oil after contact.

Top Picks for Comfort Shoes
Top picks for comfort shoes for problem feet. These shoes are designed for those who are on their feet all day, especially for those who have pain.

Walking Shoe Guide - Are Your Shoes Flexible Enough?
Walking shoes must be flexible to allow the foot to roll through a step. How to test athletic shoes for flexibility before you buy them.

Are Apps as Accurate as Wearable Fitness Bands and Pedometers?
Should you skip buying a fitness band or pedometer and just use a smartphone app? Researchers tested which are more accurate.

Top 10 Lubricants for Preventing Blisters
Top picks for blister preventing lubricants for walkers and runners. Preps come in different formulas, from petroleum jelly to silicone to sticks.

How Much Exercise Do You Need if You are Over Age 65?
If you're over age 65, how much exercise do you need? What kind? American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association recommendations.

Maximize Your Lunchtime Walk
How to get the most out of a fitness walk during your lunchtime break. Use these ideas for a 30-minute walking workout suitable for doing at lunch.

Waterproof Shoes for Walking in the Rain
Keep your feet dry with waterproof shoes or boots when walking in the rain. Here are walking shoes that keep out the rain, and other tips and tricks.

SAS Walking Shoes Review and Where to Buy
SAS Shoes have been favorites among walkers for over 25 years. These reviews show good and bad about the women's Free Time and the men's Time Out.

Best Budget Treadmills List
If you are looking for a budget treadmill priced from $500 to $1500, here are good picks according to several treadmill review sources.

Hit the Trail - Hiking is Walking Off-Road
Hiking is off-road walking on natural trails, and there are differences between hikers and walkers. See how you can enjoy both activities outdoors.

Holiday Calories - How Far to Walk to Burn them Off
How many calories are in your Christmas and holiday favorites? See how far you must walk in steps, miles, and kilometers to walk off them off.

Drinking Tips and Guidelines for Fitness Walking
What should you drink when walking, and how much? Here are tips and guidelines for staying hydrated and preventing dehydration for fitness walkers.

How to Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day on a Road Trip
Are you going on a road trip and worried you won't make your 10,000 steps per day goal? See nine tips for reaching your walking goal on car trip.

What Shoes are Best for Fast Walking?
What should you look for in shoes if you want to walk faster? Here are the ways to judge whether a shoe will be good for speedwalking or racewalking.

11 Hacks When You Forget to Wear Your Pedometer
Use these 11 hacks if you forgot to wear your pedometer and you need to log 10,000 steps by the end of the day to keep up your streak or beat friends.