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Ear Warmers for Cold Weather Walks
Do your ears get cold? Use these items to keep your ears warm while walking, including hats, ear warmers and balaclavas that will keep them toasty.

How to Breathe for Better Walking
Taking a full, complete breath can help exercise performance, as well as maintain energy and relieve stress. Learn how to breathe for walking.

Tips on Menstrual Concerns for Walkers
Sensitive subjects for walkers: menstrual concerns. Walking is good to relieve many menstrual discomforts. It's not an excuse to skip exercise.

Maximize Your 15-Minute Walk
Do you just have 15 minutes you can spend exercising? If you take a short walking break, make the most of it as a walking workout with these tips.

Walk Finder - Events and Trails to Enjoy Walking
Find walking events and routes throughout the United States. How to find charity events in each state, group walks and great places to stroll.

Best Walking Pants for Fitness Walking
Top picks for great pants and leggings for fitness walking. Look for sweat-wicking and fast-drying fabrics, ease of movement, and reflective elements.

Easy Home Treadmill Maintenance Tips to Keep It Running
How to keep your treadmill running well with treadmill maintenance tips you can do at home. Use these daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly actions.

The Best Time of Day to Exercise
What's the best time of day to exercise? Here are the pros and cons for exercising morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening. What is best for consistency may not be best for performance.

How to Find Maryland Walks and Walking Events
Use this walk finder to locate Maryland walking events routes to enjoy. Whether you want a stroll, a hike, or an organized race you can locate them.

Women's Summer Shirts for Fitness Walking
The shirt you wear for fitness walking needs to be sweat-wicking and breathable. Here are good choices for short sleeve and tank styles for warm days.

Fall Walking Gear Top Picks
Gear up for fall walking. Switch your walking shoes and clothing to layer for autumn walking.

What Shoes Should You Wear for Walking a Marathon?
What shoes should a marathon walker wear? It is important to get the right kind of shoes and a good fit when training at long mileage.

ABEO AERO Walking Shoe Review
How do the ABEO AERO athletic walking shoes from the Walking Company rate? See how they can be a good choice for getting the right fitness footwear.

30 Ways to Add 2000 More Walking Steps to Your Day
Ways to add 2000 more walking steps to your day and reduce your sitting time throughout the day. Use these tips to increase your pedometer steps. Page 2.

How to Walk 2000 More Steps a Day and Keep Weight Off
Walk 2000 more steps a day and never gain another pound. Use a pedometer to count your walking steps to keep off weight and reduce health risks.

What Is Pronation and Overpronation?
What is the definition of pronation and overpronation? Your foot naturally rotates while you walk or run. But too much or too little is a problem.

How Far Is That? Miles and Kilometers at Walking Paces
How many miles are in a kilometer, a 5K, a 10K, a marathon, or a half-marathon​ and vice versa? How long does it take to walk each distance?

10 Dorky Things I've Worn Walking
I've found myself wearing dorky walking gear and clothing that maybe I shouldn't wear in public, but I do -- because it works!

How Long Should You Walk Each Day to Lose Weight?
How long should you walk lose weight? Find out how long and how far you should walk each day to burn fat and help in your weight loss program.

Best Bluetooth Pedometers and Activity Monitors
Reviews of pedometers and activity monitors that link to apps via Bluetooth. See how Fitbit stacks up with BodyMedia FIT, Nike FuelBand and others.

Do I Really Need Bigger Walking Shoes?
How do you find what size of walking shoe to buy? How do you know whether you need bigger shoes?

How to Choose the Best Pedometer
What is the best kind of pedometer to buy? Use these tips and reviews to choose the best pedometer with the accuracy and features you want.

Diet Carbonated Energy Drinks
Reviews of low-carb or diet energy drinks. If you like to get a boost but don't want calories, these are options.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer
What to look for in an elliptical trainer as you decide which one to buy. What features do you want in the machine and what should you avoid?

Are 15 Minute Walks Any Good? Should You Walk Longer?
Are 15-minute walks any good for losing weight? Walkers ask whether you need to walk longer to get benefits for exercise and calorie burning.

Gifts for Walking Dads
What should you get for a walking dad? Here are gift ideas for the men in your life who enjoy a good walk and want gadgets and gear to enhance it.

10,000 Steps Per Day for Fitness and Weight Loss
Where did the figure of walking 10,000 steps per day for fitness and weight loss come from? A look at the research that backs this magic number.

30-Minute Park Walk to Reduce Stress and Boost Mood
Walking in a green space can reduce stress and boost your mood. Use this 30-minute easy walking workout to maximize the effects of walking in a park.

30-Minute Walking Workout for Arthritis
Use this 30-minute walking workout for arthritis to maintain your mobility and keep off weight. Walk for 30 minutes, five days per week.

30-Minute Walking Workout for Diabetes
Use this 30-minute walking workout for diabetes to manage blood sugar levels and body weight. Tips for how to get a good walking workout for diabetes.

Best Walking Workouts to Beat Metabolic Syndrome
Both brisk walking and nordic walking with poles can work to reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes. How to get moving.

Walking Excuse Busters - You Hate the Treadmill But the Weather is Bad Outside
Is your excuse for not walking that you hate the treadmill and the weather is bad outside? That's no excuse - here's how to bust it.

A 20-Minute Walk Each Day May Save Your Life
A simple 20-minute brisk walk each day may reduce your risks of death. Inactivity kills twice as many people as obesity, according to a large study.

Breast Cancer Walks for 2016 and 2017
You can walk to end breast cancer at charity fundraising walks including the challenging Avon 39 and the 3-Day for the Cure. Find out upcoming dates.

Barefoot and Barefoot Shoes - Are They Better for You?
Is barefoot walking and running better for you? Studies fuel the debate as to whether you are better off barefoot.

Fitness Band Calorie Counter Accuracy Tests
Does your fitness band or activity monitor track your calories burned any better than a cheap pedometer? Researchers put them to the test.








10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Are you walking the wrong way? Avoid these 10 mistakes to walk smoother, faster and more comfortably and to get more benefit from your workouts.




Brisk Walking Keeps You Thinner Than Other Exercise
Brisk walking beats other moderately-intense exercise for keeping you slim, according to a long term study. Thirty minutes per day works best.

Walking 30 Day Quick Start Guide and Beyond
Walking 30-day quick start guide for beginner walkers. How long to walk. How fast to walk. Weekly walking schedule to build your time and distance.

How Many Calories Would Santa Claus Burn Walking?
If a fat Santa Claus is a bad role model for children, should he walk instead of fly in a sleigh? How many calories would Santa Claus burn walking?

Does Walking Backwards Have Any Exercise Benefits?
Does walking backwards have more exercise benefits than forward walking? Studies have shown that it increases heart rate.

Are You Walking in the Fat Burning Zone?
Walking is great for fat-burning workout. How long and at what speed and intensity should you walk to burn the most fat during exercise?

Should You Buy Walking Weights?
Walking weights and weighted shoes promise to burn more calories and tone muscles, but you risk injury. Here are better ideas to get these effects.

Before You Walk in Hot Weather
How to prepare to walk in hot weather including the right gear, carrying water, and knowing the signs of heat sickness.

Daily Diet Composition Calculator - Carbs, Protein, Fat
Use this daily diet composition calculator to find how many grams of carbohydrate, protein, and fat to eat for a 40-30-30 diet and for healthy diets.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer Review
The Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer uplinks to your computer via a USB cable to track your walking steps, distance, and fitness activities.

Easter Basket Calories - How Far to Walk Them Off?
Use the Easter Basket calorie calculator to see how far you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to walk off your favorite candy and treats.

Preventing Walking Foot Blisters
Walkers and runners often get foot and toe blisters from friction. Here is what to do before your workout so you can prevent this painful problem.

Before You Register for a Walking Marathon
How to choose the right marathon to enter as a walker. What to look for, which races are best, and how to plan for your 26.2 mile walk.

What to Know Before You Buy Walking Shoes
Before you buy walking shoes: how to select the right walking shoes for your feet, stride, and pace. How to get fit right for walking shoes.

Before You Buy Walking Socks
How to select the best socks for fitness walking. Tips for the finding the right socks to prevent blisters and keep your feet dry and healthy.

How to Buy the Best Treadmill - 8 Things to Consider
How can you find the best home treadmill? Use these tips to know what to look for in a machine for your home workouts, including top picks by price.

The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking - Dave McGovern
Book review of Dave McGovern's The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking. This book coaches you through training for and walking a marathon.

Do Stops and Starts Affect my Walking Workout?
Do you get as good of a walking workout if you have to keep stopping and starting for street crossings or because of your dog?

20-Minute Brisk Walking Workout
Use this 20-minute brisk walking workout to burn calories and get the moderate-intensity exercise you need each day to reduce health risks.

After the Finish Line - Training for Your Next Marathon
You just finished your first marathon or half marathon. Here is how to recover, restore, start training for your next race and sharpen your skills.

How to Walk Faster
Learn how to walk faster. If you want to speed up your walking, you can learn these simple techniques, workouts and drills and get the right shoes.

What is a Serving?
What is a serving? Use these guidelines for what amount is a serving of protein, bread, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and fats. Page 2.

Post-Workout Diarrhea and Loose Stools
Few things are more embarrassing that exercise-related diarrhea. Find out how to prevent runners' trots, flatulence or gas during your workouts.

EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women
The Revlon Run/Walk was held in New York City and Los Angeles but has been discontinued as of 2015. See what other walks benefit similar charities.

Drinking Guidelines for Endurance Walkers and Runners
What should you drink and how often during a marathon or half? Follow the International Marathon Medical Director's Association guidelines to be safe.

Skipping Exercise for Two Days Has Bad Effects
Skipping exercise for two days in a row reduces your body's effective use of insulin, increasing risk of obesity and diabetes.

Count Exercise Calories for Heart Health
The Harvard Heart Letter recommends counting your exercise calories to determine if you are getting enough exercise for heart health.

10 Sneaky Ways to Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day During the Holidays
How can you stay active during the holidays? Here are 10 sneaky ways to trick yourself into walking and exercising more during the holiday season.

Bad Shoes or Inserts? - Foot Problems from Bad Inserts
New foot and ankle pain may not be due to bad shoes, but due to bad inserts or arch supports. They could cause more problems than they solve.

A 30-Minute Walk Boosts Your Mood
Researchers found that a 30 minute walk on a treadmill boosted the mood and well-being of subjects with major depressive disorders.

Cotton Socks Fail the Blister Test
Researchers found that all-cotton socks were the worst choice for producing blister-causing friction. Synthetic socks tested better.

Selecting and Buying a Home Treadmill
What to look for in a treadmill for home use. Consider these factors before you buy so get the right exercise machine and get the most out of it.

BMR Basal Metabolic Rate - Definition
What is your BMR - basal metabolic rate? Find out why your body burns calories even at rest, and how to calculate this number to use for weight loss.

10K Walk Training Schedule for Beginners
Train to walk your first 10K walk with this training schedule for beginner walkers. More advanced walkers can use it to build speed and endurance.

Anaerobic Zone - Definition
Definition of anaerobic zone for exercise. This is a vigorous-intensity zone with high heart rate. Interval training is often done to reach this zone.

How to Find Treadmill Bargains or Creative Alternatives
Where can you find a good cheap treadmill? Use these tips to find a quality treadmill for at a bargain price, or to use somebody else's for free.

6 Best Ways to Take Your Walking Indoors
When walking outside isn't a pleasant option, take your walking indoors on treadmill, track, or marching to videos. Here are ideas to keep moving.

10 Tips That Will Help With Weight Loss Success
What can you do that will help you lose weight? Here are my best ten tips for weight loss success. Use them to walk away a winner at losing.

How to Prevent and Treat Blisters
How can you prevent getting blisters on your feet from walking or running? Here are different ways to prevent blisters.

Chafing Prevention for Walkers
How to prevent painful chafing when walking and exercising. Sweating and rubbing can cause painful raw areas, here's what to do to stop this.

Fast Walking Technique
If you want to walk faster, use this technique for the most efficient use of your foot motion, arm motion and body posture. Let's get started.

Using a Heart Rate Monitor for Your Walking Workout
How to use a heart rate monitor and your heart rate zones to guide your walking workouts. How to ensure you are in the fat-burning zone on your walk.

Walking 30 Minutes a Day Keeps Fat Away
A clinical study shows walking or running 30 minutes a day prevents weight gain. More vigorous activity showed even more weight and fat loss.

Why You Haven't Been Losing Weight Walking
What good does walking do when it comes to losing weight? Here is the good news and the bad news - walking can burn fat, but you must still eat less.

Drinking More Water Burns a Few More Calories
A study shows that drinking a quart or liter of water can make you burn a few more calories briefly. But don't overdo it. How much do you really need?

Beyond 10,000 Steps - Moderate Intensity Exercise Increases Health Benefits
Moderate intensity exercise was seen in one research study to improve fitness better than walking 10,000 steps per day.

How to Find Connecticut Walks and Walking Events
How to find walks in Connecticut. Look for great walking routes to enjoy or for organized walking events, charity walks, races and clubs.

Exerstriding vs. Nordic Walking Techniques
A comparison of two major walking pole techniques: exerstriding vs. nordic walking. How are these in both the poles used and the walking method?

Exerstriding is Fitness Walking with Two Poles
Fitness walking with Exerstrider poles provides a total body workout. Find out more about how walking with poles can boost your calories burned.

Beginners 5K Walk Training Schedule
This training schedule will allow beginner walkers to enjoy their first 5K walking event.

Exercise Improves Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Studies show that exercise by itself improves blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes.

Exercise to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction
A large study showed that regular exercise decreases the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30%. It's a good incentive to start walking or running.

Black Toenail Photos - Toenail Blood Blister
Runners and walkers get black toenails from toes hitting the front of their shoes. These photos show what happens when you get one and lose the nail.

Black Toenail - Photo of Losing the Toenail
Walkers and runners get black toenails from their toes hitting the front of their shoes. After you get a black toenail, you will eventually lose the toenail.

Can You Trust Heart Rate Readings from Wearable Fitness Bands?
If your fitness band gives you a heart rate reading, can you trust it? Biometric expert Steven LeBoeuf explains the limitations of reading heart rate on the wrist.

Marathon, Half Marathon, Extreme Walking and Racewalking Email Cards
Marathon, Half Marathon, Extreme Walking and Racewalking Email Cards. Page 6.

Weight Loss Email Cards
Free email cards for losing weight and weightloss. Page 7.

Get Well Email Cards and Missing You Email Cards
Free email greeting cards: Get Well and Miss You. Page 5.

Free email Christmas cards, New Years cards, and email cards for the winter holidays.mail
Free email Christmas cards, New Years cards, and email cards for the winter holidays. Page 2.

Birthday Email Cards
Free birthday email cards with walking themes. Page 4.

Email Thanksgiving Cards - Veterans Day Cards - Autumn Greeting Cards
Free email Thanksgiving cards, Veterans Day email cards, and autumn email greeting cards.

Email Cards
Free email cards with walking themes.

Friendship, Love and Valentine's Day Email Cards
Email cards for friendship, love and Valentine's Day. Page 3.

Email Thanksgiving Cards - Veterans Day Cards - Autumn Greeting Cards
Free email Thanksgiving cards, Veterans Day email cards, and autumn email greeting cards.

Best Hiking Poles and Trekking Poles in Pairs
A list of the top nine picks for walking poles or hiking and trekking poles that come in pairs. As with shoes, which pole is best in an individual choice.

10 Essential Items to Carry Walking
The top 10 things you should carry with you when you walk, in your walking pack or pockets.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk
Do you have trouble getting started? Here are 10 top ways to motivate yourself to walk. How to get up and get moving for health and fitness.

Top Gadgets and Gizmos for a Better Walking Workout
What gadgets are best for walkers? Enhance your workouts with these devices that can feed your data desires and keep you moving farther and faster.

Race Vests to Take You the Distance
A race vest holds water bottles or a hydration reservoir and essentials for long distance walking, half marathon or marathon or adventure racing.

Skechers Shape-Ups Walking Shoes Review
Skechers Shape-Ups walking shoes are super-cushioned shoes with a rocker sole that some walkers prefer. They have had their ups and downs.

Food Diary Works for Weight Loss
Keeping a food diary is an effective tool for weight loss. You can keep a diary on paper or use an app, fitness trackers to match calories burned.

Can You Wear Running Shoes for Walking?
Can you wear running shoes for walking? Many can work, but some won't. Learn what to look for in a shoe that will perform well for fitness walking.

Best Chafing Prevention Products
Top picks to prevent chafing for runners and walkers. Painful areas can develop at your armpits, crotch, or nipples. These products can protect you.

Walking Poles - Burn More Calories Feel Less Exertion
Nordic walking with fitness poles is shown by research to burn more calories with less perceived exertion, and relieve neck and shoulder symptoms.

Plantar Warts and Duct Tape?
Will duct tape cure your plantar warts? Here's a rundown of medical studies on this home remedy and when it may be appropriate to try.

Walking Lessens Lower Back Pain
Walking is usually recommended for people with chronic low back pain. Research shows that walking can be as effective as a back exercise program.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Walking
Why should you start walking? Here are ten reasons to start walking to improve your health, build your fitness, and improve your mental attitude.

Fit Disc Balance Disk - Review
The Fit Disc balance cushion can be used when sitting to provide core strengthening. You can also use it for many balance and core exercises.

What Is Morton's Toe and How Can It Lead to Foot Pain?
If your big toe is shorter than your second toe, you have Morton's Toe or Greek Toe. It is common but can lead to foot pain and gait problems.

Nathan Zephyr Fire Runner's Flashlight
The Nathan Zephyr Fire runner's flashlight is built with the perfect angle to light your path and a hand strap for grip-free use. It recharges via USB.

Cutter Advanced Picaridin Insect Repellent
Cutter Advanced Picaridin Insect Repellent Pump Spray is effective, truly odorless, and won't destroy artificial fiber fabrics like DEET.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit - Full Review
The Nike + iPod Sport Kit gives you walking or running workout feedback from a shoe sensor to your iPod nano or Nike+ Sportband. See how it works.

How to Set Your Pedometer or Fitness Band for Accuracy
Is the distance measure off on your pedometer or fitness band? Here is how to measure and set the average stride length or step length for better accuracy.

Online Tools and Apps to Plan Walking Routes
How to map your walks with an app or online walking route planner, including Google Maps. Create a map and directions for a workout or destination.

Top Picks for Blister Kits and First Aid
These handy kits are good to have along when you are going for a walk. Use these items to help prevent blisters and save yourself the pain.

Stop Holding On when on the Treadmill
Holding onto the handrail when you are on the treadmill ruins body alignment, reduces calories burned and balance benefits. Learn how to let go.

Holding On When On the Treadmill
Holding on when you are on the treadmill ruins body alignment, reduces calories burned and balance benefits. Page 2.

Walking Technique - Proper Walking Posture
How to use the proper posture for walking comfort and efficient walking technique. Straighten up and look ahead to be able to walk faster and longer.

Walking Calories and Distance Calculators
Use these online walking calories and distance charts and calculators to see how much you have burned off and how far you have walked.

Water Bottle Carriers for Walking and Jogging
How can you carry your water along when walking or jogging? Here are top picks for water bottle carriers to keep you hydrated during exercise.

Top Picks for Body Fat Monitors and Scales
Top picks for body fat monitors and scales that measure body fat percentage. Use these devices to find how lean you are or are not.

Most Popular Types of Body Fat Monitors
What to consider when you are choosing a body fat monitor. You can choose a scale, handheld device or use the skinfold caliper method.

Get the Most Out of Your Treadmill Workout
How to get the best treadmill walking workout and use your treadmill effectively.

Power Up Your Hike With Homemade Trail Mix
Make your own energy snacks with these basic and fancy trail mix and Gorp recipes. You can take it along on your walks and hikes and save money.

Best Women's Plus Size Fitness Shorts
My top choices for plus size shorts for walking and being active. Choose sweat-wicking fabrics and styles that will help prevent chafing.

HIIT: Treadmill Workouts Using High Intensity Intervals
Treadmill workouts using high-intensity interval training will overcome fitness plateaus for walkers and runners. See how to increase your exertion.

Should I Wear a Weight Vest for a Walking Workout?
Should walkers wear a weight vest to get a better walking workout? Here are the pros and cons and alternatives for burning more calories as you walk.

Does Walking Build Big Leg Muscles?
Will you get big legs from walking, especially on an incline or uphill? Lorra Garrick explains how aerobic exercise tones for lean muscle, not bulk

Top Picks for Walking Sticks or Hiking Staffs
Top picks for single walking sticks or hiking staffs or hiking sticks. When you need extra stability on a natural trail, these will come in handy.

How to Prevent Sore and Chafed Nipples When Walking or Running
What to do about nipple chafing and bra problems for walkers and joggers. Find out how to prevent sore nipples and nipple see-through.

Are You Walking Enough to Lose Weight?
Are you walking enough to lose weight walking? The recommendation is to walk for an hour a day most days of the week at a brisk, moderate pace.

Right and Wrong Ways to Wear a Backpack
How to wear your school backpack or work backpack right to prevent back and shoulder pain. Wear it higher on your back and use both straps.

Wrong Way to Wear a Backpack -- Low on Back
Wearing your backpack low on your back places more pressure on the shoulders and allows the backpack to sway.

Using a Pedometer App Boosts Walking
Can a pedometer app motivate you to get more physical activity each day? Researchers put it to the test.

Walking and Amount of Pedometer Steps for Kids
How many steps per day do children need to maintain a healthy body? Research studies tell how many pedometer steps kids need for healthy activity.

Best Treadmill Workout Videos
A list of videos to enhance your treadmill walking workouts. Some provide instruction, most offer backdrops of scenic places from around the world.

Motion Control Shoes for Walking - Top Picks
Top picks for motion control shoes for walking and running. Overpronators need motion control shoes to correct their gait and prevent injury.

Wrong Way to Wear a Backpack -- Slung on One Shoulder
The wrong way to wear a backpack: slinging the backpack with one strap places all of the pressure on one shoulder and may result in pain.

Top 10 Gifts for Walking Women
What do walking women want? Here are the top picks for gifts for walking women for birthdays, holidays, Christmas and Mothers Day.

Calories Per Day Calculator for Adults
How many calories per day do you burn? Use this calculator chart to find how many you expend so you can aim to eat less for weight loss.

Calories Burned Per Day by Men
Use these calories per day calculator charts to see how much a moderately-active man burns, by weight, height and age. Eat less to lose weight. Page 2.

Kilometers to Miles and Walking Time Converter
Use this walking distance calculator chart to convert kilometers to miles, with estimated walking time at a fast, moderate and easy pace for each.

How Many Walking Calories Burned by Miles
Find out how many calories you burned walking per mile for different distances and paces. These charts and calculators will show your total.

When Should I Replace My Walking Shoes?
How often should you replace your walking shoes? How do you know when it's time to get new shoes?

Treadmill vs Outdoor Walking
Which is better -- treadmill indoors or walking outdoors? Is walking inside on the treadmill as good as walking outside on a track or sidewalk? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of treadmill vs. outside walking.

Manual Treadmills vs. Motorized Treadmills
Manual treadmills cost far less than motorized treadmills, but are they as effective? Find out the bottom line on getting a good workout.

11 Walking Safety Rules of the Road
Be careful out there. Use these walking safety rules to help keep you safe while walking.

Does Running Burn More Calories than Walking?
Does running burn more calories than walking? It all depends on the math you use and how far you walk or run.

7 Ways to Burn More Calories Walking
Use these seven techniques to boost the calories your burn during your walking workout. Change the distance, speed, and intensity to lose weight.

How to Plan a Great Walking Vacation
How to plan for a walking vacation. Get out and see the world by taking a trek, enjoying a walking festival, or taking a tour. How to plan and pack.

Walking Vacations: Attend a Major Walking Event or Walking Convention
A great walking holiday is to attend a major walking event or walking convention. Page 2.

Take a Walking Holiday: Walking Tours and Walking Treks
Join in an organized walking tour or walking trek for a great walking holiday. Page 3.

Do-It-Yourself Walking Vacations
Plan your own walking vacation to enjoy the best walking holiday at your own speed. Page 4.

What to Pack for a Walking Vacation
What to pack for a walking vacation. What clothes and gear to bring along for a walking holiday, trek, or tour. Page 5.

Tips for the Walking Grandma
Grandmothers can be a walking role model for their grandchildren and include them in their walking workouts and adventures. Here's how to get going.

10 Great Gifts for Walking Moms
What does a walking mom need to keep her moving? Choose from among these top picks for gifts for birthdays, holidays, and Mother's Day.

Fancy Bling for Your Fitness Tracker
Don't hide your fitness tracker. You can keep tracking your steps while wearing it as a fancy necklace or bracelet.

Celebrate National Walk to Work Day
National Walk to Work Day encourages you to try being a walking commuter for a day. It's held at different times in various countries. Learn more.

What Is Vigorous Intensity Exercise?
What is vigorous-intensity exercise? See how it is defined by exertion level, heart rate and metabolic rate. Find out which physical activities count.

How to Train to Walk a Marathon From Start to Finish
Are you ready to start training for walking a 26.2 mile marathon or a 13.1 mile half marathon? Use this complete guide to get you to the finish line.

Choosing the Right Kind of Shoes
10 Walking Essentials: how to choose walking shoes for a variety of surfaces. You need the right shoes to match where you are going to walk.

IVV Walking Achievement Award Program
The IVV Achievement Award Program awards walkers certificates, patches, and hatpins for walking, biking, swimming or skiing events around the world.

10 Weird Things Walking Does to Your Body
Do you have any of these weird things happen to your body when you walk? Don't let them keep you on the couch, but be prepared if they happen to you.

Long Distance Day Each Week During Marathon Training
Why marathon walkers need to walk a long slow distance workout each week when training to walk a marathon.

How Can You Get Your Home Treadmill Repaired?
When does your home treadmill need repair? Find out the signs of a sick treadmill and how find repair help when it needs help beyond your abilities.

What is Physical Inactivity - Definition
What is the definition of physical inactivity? What does it mean to be sedentary? Find out whether you meet the criteria and need to get moving.

Why Diets Don't Work
Dieting is the standard way to take off excess weight. But why does it fail? Here are the reasons, and better ways to keep off fat long-term.

How to Bust Through a Walking Weight Loss Plateau
Is the scale is stuck? You're on a weight loss plateau. Don't panic. Learn what to do when your diet and exercise program stops getting results.

Embarrassing Problems When You Exercise
Embarrassing problems happen when you walk and exercise. You are not alone, here is how to deal with bladder control, itchy legs, chafing, and more.

20 Worst Walking Annoyances
What annoys you when you go for a walk? Here are 20 things that annoy walkers and solutions to those problems

10 Worst Marathon Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Here are 10 common mistakes people make when walking a marathon -- some painful, some deadly. Avoid them to save yourself suffering during and after your marathon walk.

World's Fastest Marathon Walkers and 50K Walkers
What are the world records for racewalking the marathon or 50K? Here are the fastest racewalkers in the world and their walking speed records.

How To Find A Year-Round Walk
How to find a year-round self-guided volkssport walk. Over 1500 walking routes are offered in the USA and Canada for fitness walking and walking tours.

When is World Walking Day?
World Walking Day is celebrated each May by IVV walking clubs throughout the world, rewarding walkers with a certificate for walking on World Walking Day or during the month of May.

8 Bad Gift Ideas for Walkers
Take these items off of your list of what to give a walker. These bad gift ideas won't be of much use to your walking friends, and may feel insulting.

Favorite Womens Capris for Fitness Walking
Capris are great for walking in spring, when it's too cool for shorts and too warm for long pants. Here are my top picks for fitness walking capris.

How to Find Extra Wide Socks
If you have wide feet, bunions or wide calves, you need wide socks as well as wide shoes. But these can be hard to find. Here are some options.

What Makes the Marathon so Tough?
What makes the 26.2 mile marathon distance tough for runners and walkers. Here's what happens to your body during and after a long distance race.

Causes of Numb Toes When Walking
What might be causing your toes to go numb when walking? Toe numbness may be due to shoe problems, peripheral neuropathy or other conditions.

Which Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker Will Get You Moving?
The Jawbone UP family of activity monitor fitness bands track steps, activity and sleep and syncs with a mobile app for full data and to track diet.

Flip-Case Pedometer Designs
Flip-case pedometers have a flip case cover to protect the pedometer buttons from accidental bumps. The pros and cons of using a flip-case pedometer

About Different Pedometer Mechanisms
Pedometer mechanisms include hair spring, piezoelectric, accelerometer and GPS.

What Training Do I Need to Walk a Half Marathon?
What training do you need to walk a walker-friendly half marathon if you are already a fitness walker? Here are the steps to take to get ready.




What Kind of Walker Are You?
What kind of walker are you? Find your walking personality and what kind of walks you will enjoy the most to keep you active and moving forward.


What is Walking?
What is walking? Walking is a cardio exercise that is recommended for everyone to reduce their health risks and improve their fitness.

What is Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur?
Why does your heel or bottom of your foot hurt when you walk? Plantar fasciitis and heel spur are common causes of walking foot pain.

What is a Volksmarch Walk?
Volksmarch definition - what is a volksmarch? Everyone is invited to join in a six-mile walk on a marked trail, seeing sights at their own pace.

Indian Egg Dish Recipe - South Beach Diet
Recipe for an east Indian egg breakfast appropriate for low-carb diets such as the South Beach Diet.

Crockpot Chicken Recipe
Lowfat crockpot chicken recipe. This creamy chicken with mushrooms adds broccoli slaw for nutrition.

Wear Casual Clothes - Burn More Calories at Work
A study finds that dressing casual at work leads to people logging more pedometer steps and burning more calories.

10 Smart Ways to Use Walking to Help Planet Earth
Use these 10 earth-friendly ways to make your walking better, including recycling shoes and gear, reusable bottles, reducing driving and weight.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself With a Pedometer
How can your turn your pedometer into a motivational tool? Here are 10 ways it can get you to move more.

Walking with the IVV Worldwide
Walk with local walking clubs around the world at IVV volkssport walking events. Every walker is a winner and the walks are open to the public.

12 Tips for Walking with Your Baby
You need to take your baby for a walk. Put your stroller to good use. You can get back in shape, reduce your stress and connect with others.

Four Reasons to Walk Through Menopause
Women can battle menopause symptoms of weight gain, mood swings and depression with brisk walking. It reduces risks for diabetes and heart disease.

Why Do You Get Swollen Hands and Fat Fingers While Walking?
Why do your hands swell and your fingers get fat and puffy while walking? We find out what causes swollen hands and give tips to reduce the effect.

Preventing and Treating Swollen Hands While Walking
How to prevent and treat your swollen hands and fat fingers when walking. Page 2.

Walking Reduces Cancer Risks and Improves Cancer Survival Rates
Studies show walking reduces risk of endometrial cancer and improves survival rate for breast cancer.

Songs About Walking Playlist
Enjoy this big playlist of songs with walking in the title or tunes that relate to walking. You'll soon be singing as you stroll, even in the rain!

What Walking Gear Should You Buy?
A buyer's guide to walking shoes, walking clothing, treadmills, pedometers, walking poles, and other gear for walkers.

Walking Downhill Has Surprising Benefits
Walking downhill had surprising benefits in a research study. It lowered blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol in sedentary test subjects.

10 Ways to Make New Walking Friends
Walking with other people is a great motivator for fitness. How can you meet new walking friends? Here are 10 ways to find a walking partner.

10 Ways to Die When Walking After Dark
Ten ways to increase your risk of getting killed when walking after dark.

8 Simple Ways to Clean Your Camelbak Hydration Bladder
How to clean and deodorize your Camelbak hydration bladder or other brand of hydration pack or water bottle. How to get rid of the plastic taste.

Walking Calories Burned Per Minute
Find out how many walking calories you burn per minute walking? These charts and calculator show your energy expended at different weights and speeds.

Walking Event T-Shirt Etiquette Rules
Should you wear the event t-shirt at the walk or not? The rule is different for charity walks and for races. Here's how not to commit a fashion crime.

6 Ways Walking Can Save Money - and Your Life
Walking is an inexpensive sport - or can be - find ways that walking is frugal and a bargain, including saving on shoes, health costs and fun.

Walking Excuse Busters - Scared to Walk Alone
Is your walking excuse that you don't walk because you are scared to walk alone? Here is how to bust that walking excuse and get moving again.

Walking Excuse Busters - I'm Too Fat To Walk in Public
Walking Excuse Busters - I'm too fat to walk in public. How to bust this excuse and get moving.

Is Your Walking Excuse that it's Too Cold Outside?
Is your walking excuse that it's too cold to walk outside? Here's how to overcome that attitude and enjoy a brisk winter walk and stay comfortable.

Walking Excuse Busters - It's Raining
It's raining and you're walking excuse is that you don't walk in the rain. Here's how to get motivated to get outside and enjoy a stroll anyway.

Walking Excuse Busters - Sore Muscles
Walking Excuse - sore muscles. How to bust this excuse and get moving.

Walking Excuse Busters - I'm Tired
Walking excuse: I'm tired. How to bust this excuse and get moving.

Walking and Jogging Backwards on the Treadmill
Get the benefits of adding backwards walking to your treadmill workouts, exercising alternate muscles.

Walk and Live Longer - Activity Promotes Longevity
Can regular walking improve your longevity? Studies show taking more steps per day can lead to reduced risk of premature death and a longer life.

Walk 35 Minutes a Day to Reduce Post-Menopause Breast Cancer Risk
Walking four hours per week post-menopause reduces women's breast cancer risk, but only if you maintain that level of exercise, a large study says.

Walking Excuses - Are You Too Busy to Walk?
It's easy to come up with excuses to not do your walking workout. We bust the most common ones, starting with thinking you're too busy to walk.

Walking Excuse Busters - Sore Feet
Is your excuse for not walking that you have sore feet? We bust that excuse with ways to help your sore feet.

Walking Tips from Mark Fenton
How should you walk, how often should you walk, and what about shoes? Use these quick walking tips from expert and author Mark Fenton.

Walking for Your Mood, Mind and Spirit
How walking boosts your mood, improves mental sharpness, provides stress relief, is a depression treatment and builds spirituality and relationships.

Mental Health Benefits of Walking
Here's how walking can improve mental acuity, boost mood and relieve stress. Research shows walking helps the mind and brain in many ways. Page 2.

11 Ways to Walk Away Stress
There are several stress management benefits of walking. Page 3.

How to Use Walking to Improve Your Relationships
Walking together can improve your relationships. How to use a stroll to connect with your loved ones in a natural way that will build bonds. Page 5.

Walking for Exercise During Pregnancy
Walking is great exercise for pregnant mothers. Find out how much exercise to get in pregnancy, what to avoid, and the importance of posture.

Guidelines and Servings for 1200 and 1500 Calorie Diets
Use these guidelines for a 1200 calorie diet and a 1500 calorie diet to lose weight. This pyramid plan is based on traditional food group servings.

Walk 30 Minutes a Day to Cut Diabetes Risks at Any Weight
Studies show that walking 30 minutes a day reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes by over 50% Using a pedometer and walking at a brisk pace is best.

Walking Weights
Top picks for weights for walkers to wear to burn more calories.

Walking Excuse Busters - Walking is Boring
Walking Excuse Busters - walking is boring. How to bust this excuse and get moving.

Vibram FiveFingers Shoes - Review
Vibram Five Fingers are anatomically shaped shoes that many people find fun to wear and good for fitness walking and running.

New Balance 847 Walking Shoe - Review
New Balance 847 walking shoe is a stability shoe designed for health walkers. We review and rate the shoe.

Turn Around the Negative Self-Talk on Fitness and Weight Loss
Learn to avoid negative thinking and negative self-talk, and how to choose to be positive.

Pedometer Mechanisms - What Makes Your Pedometer Click
Pedometers use different mechanisms to count steps, find out the differences in pedometers for noise, accuracy, and durability.

Calibrating Your Nike+iPod Sensor
How to calibrate your Nike+iPod Sensor

Using the Nike+ Sensor on Other Shoes
You can attach the Nike+iPod sensor on other shoes.

8 Night Walking Strategies for Safety and Fun
Don't let the dark stop your walking. Learn how to walk safely at night by wearing reflective gear, using lights, and recognizing stranger danger.

8 Shoe Myths Walkers Need to Stop Believing
Mythbusting eight common walking shoe myths. Find the truth about how long they should last, what size to buy, and more beliefs that may be wrong.

Walking Shoe Myths
Mythbusting common walking shoe myths. Find out the truth about boots, socks, and shoe rotation. Page 2.

19-Week Mileage-Building Marathon Training Schedule
Use this mileage-building schedule for marathon walk and run/walk training. You steadily increase your distance over 19 weeks before your race.

Nordic Walking Marathon Training Schedule
A training schedule for preparing to nordic walk a marathon. Pete Edwards details how to train for long distance nordic walking competition. Page 4.

Nordic Walking Poles for Nordic Walking a Marathon
Advice on equipment and poles for nordic walking a marathon. Pete Edwards notes what to look for when deciding what kind of marathon poles to use. Page 2.

Treadmill Walking 101 - How to Get Started
How to get started with treadmill walking for exercise. Find out how to pick a good treadmill and what treadmill workouts to enjoy.

Hill Workouts on the Treadmill - Using Incline
Hill workouts on the treadmill use incline to increase exertion or for intervals to enhance your treadmill workout and simulate hill walking.

Treadmill Incline / Hill Workout Basics
Incline hill workouts for the treadmill can give you a good workout. How to use incline for a steady-state or interval treadmill workout simulating hills. Page 2.

Treadmill Walking for Seniors - Let Go of the Handrails
Holding onto the handrails when on the treadmill is bad technique despite age. Seniors should let go to improve balance, posture and walking ability.

How Many Treadmill Calories are You Really Burning?
How many treadmill calories are you really burning? Find the most accurate ways to measure workout calories and whether to trust the numbers.

Treadmill Mistake - Not Using Your Arms
Treadmill mistakes to avoid - learn to use your arms to increase your walking speed.

Treadmill Mistake - Leaning Forward
Treadmill walking mistakes to avoid - leaning forward does not help you go faster.

Treadmill Mistake - Not Using Your Feet
Use your feet to roll through each step and get a good push off for a powerful stride.

Trail Rating Systems for Volkssport Walks
Walking routes hosted by AVA and CVF volkssport clubs use similar trail rating systems based on incline and terrain.

Track Your Walks with Walking Logs and Journals
Use these walking logs and journal calendars to track your walking distance, speed, time and notes. Free printable logs and an Excel spreadsheet.

Top Ten Walks - New Orleans French Quarter
The New Orleans French Quarter walk is often voted as one of the top 10 walks in the USA.

How Fast Am I Walking? (Ways to Measure Your Speed)
How do you find out how fast you are walking? Learn the rules of thumb and the best ways to measure walking speed with gadgets and apps.

Pedometer Total Daily Steps vs. Dedicated Walking Time
A pedometer research study analyzed whether people with diabetes would walk more if given a total daily steps goal or a dedicated walking time goal.

Women's Walking Shorts and Fitness Clothes Review
What shorts work best for fitness walking, racing and touring? Browse these pop picks for women's walking shorts that keep you cool and dry.

Winter Walking Top Gear Picks
What can you wear and carry with you on cold weather walks? These items can keep you moving.

Best Winter Walking Socks
Top picks for winter walking socks for walkers. Socks for walking in winter provide some insulation as well as wick away sweat.

Best Waterproof Jackets - Top Picks
Top picks for waterproof jackets for walking in the rain. Stay dry while you stroll with these coats you can layer over your walking clothing.

Top Picks for Walking Shoes - Reviews by Shoe Type
Use these walking shoe reviews and top picks lists the best by type, including neutral, motion control, cushioned, stability, trail shoes and sandals.

Top 10 Picks for Walking Socks
Top picks for walking sock that can wick away sweat to help prevent blisters for walkers..

Magazines for Walkers
What are the best magazines for walkers on the topic of walking and fitness? This is a shrinking number over the years as publishing goes online.

Stability Shoes Top Picks for Walkers
Stability shoes provide support for walkers and may have a small amount of motion control. Here are top picks for stability shoes for walkers.

Marathon Recovery - Surviving After the Finish Line
How to recover from a marathon walk or run. Use these recovery tips for immediately after crossing the finish line until one week after the race.

Marathon Recovery - 24 Hours to 1 Week After
How to recover from walking or running a marathon - what to do 24 hours through one week after the race and what to expect during recovery. Page 2.

Marathon Prep and Recovery Tips
Physical Therapist Mike Silverman gives tips on preparing for your marathon the week before, and recovery tips after to prevent common injuries.

Best Buys for Walking Gear for a Healthy New Years Resolutions
Top picks for walking gear to get your New Years resolutions for walking fitness and weight loss off to a good start.

Top Picks for Pulse Monitors for Walkers
Read your pulse from your wrist or fingertips with these monitors that use LED sensors or press pads to check your heart rate while walking and exercising.

Top Picks Quality Treadmills
Top picks for quality home treadmills over $3000. These are great choices to buy used if you don't want to splurge to buy them new.

Top Picks for Pocket Pedometers - Reviews
New pocket pedometer designs can be carried in your pocket or on a lanyard rather than clipped to your waistband. Here are top picks for pocket pedometers.

Top Marathons for Walkers
Choose to walk a marathon. These top marathons are for both walkers and runners, with a time cut-off generous enough for walkers to participate.

Top Marathons for Walkers
Choose to walk a marathon. These top marathons are for both walkers and runners, with a time cut-off generous enough for walkers to participate.

The 10 Best Pedometers for Counting Your Steps
Are you ready to count your steps? These top picks for walking pedometers will track your walks and other activity. Choose waistband or wrist models.

Top Night Visibility and Reflective Items for Walkers
To be safe when walking at night, you need to glow from head to toe. Here are my top picks for night reflective gear and lights for night walking safety.

Best Pedometers for Kids
Top picks for pedometers for children, pre-teens and teens. Kids will have fun moving with these pedometers.

Top Picks for Natural Energy Bars
Top picks for natural energy bars for walking and other aerobic exercise. Fuel your workout with bars that have ingredients you can understand.

Top Picks for New Balance Shoes for Walking
Top picks for New Balance shoes for walkers for the essential shoe categories.

Best Hydration Packs and Water Carriers for Walkers
Top picks for waist packs and hydration backpacks to carry 35 oz. or more of water on your walks. These Include water bottle and bladder packs.

Best Heart Rate Monitors for Under 100 Dollars
Top picks for heart rate monitors for fitness walkers for under $100 US.

Gifts for Walking Men
What to get for the guy who likes walking? Here are ideas for gifts and gadgets that will keep the walking man moving in comfort and style.

6 Foot Fitness Tips
Treat your feet right with these foot care tips from Oliver Zong, D.P.M., New York City podiatrist and cosmetic foot surgeon.

Top Picks for Energy Bars
Top picks for energy bars for walking and other endurance activities. These snacks will give you a boost as you need to replenish after an hour.

10 Worst Diet Mistakes Active People Make
These are the 10 worst diet mistakes that active people make. Not getting the right nutrition can keep you from achieving your fitness goals.

Computer-Linked Pedometers - Top Picks
These pedometers can download your walking data to your computer, mobile app or a web site.

16 Tips for Walking in Cold Weather
How to walk in cold weather comfortably by dressing in layers and gearing up from head to toe.

Top Picks for Walking CD Audio Mixes and Workouts
Top picks for walking audio mixes and workouts available for download or on CD. Use these to energize yourself and find the rhythm.

10 Tips for Walking to Work
Make walking to work part of your healthy lifestyle. Use these ten tips to get started as a walking commuter, including shoes and gear for comfort.

Tips for What to Pack for a Walking Vacation
How to pack for a walking vacation. Find out what essentials to bring along and what not to pack.

10 Tips for Walking With Diabetes
Walking is great exercise for managing diabetes. Here are 10 tips on how to walk safely, including selecting the right shoes, socks and schedule.


4 Steps to Great Walking Technique
Use these four steps for great walking technique for beginners and beyond. Walk with the right posture, arm motion, foot motion and stride.




Tips for Walking Races in Hot Weather
What can you do when your 10K, half marathon or marathon race day is going to be a hot one? Here are tips for walking a race in hot weather.

10 Tips for the Reluctant Walker
A crisis strikes and you're going to have to take a long walk to get where you need to go. What can you do to survive an unplanned walk?

10 Tips for Racing in the Rain
How to dress for a rainy 10K, half marathon or marathon race for runners or walkers.

10 Tips for Cold Weather Races and Walking Events
How to dress for a cold 10K, half marathon or marathon race for runners or walkers.

16 Tips for Buying the Best Walking Shoes
16 tips on how to buy the best walking shoes on your next trip to the running shoe store. Go home with the pair that will work well for your workouts.

10 Tips for Night Races and Walking Events
Tips for walking or running a race after dark. What do you change in your gear and walking plan for a night race?

Thorlo Light and Thin-Cushion Walking Socks - Review
Thorlos light-cushioned walking socks are sweat-wicking and work well for fitness walkers. They will keep your feet dry and help prevent blisters.

Lights for Night Visibility - Walking Safety
How to walk safely at night using a headlamp, flashlight, or strobe light.

10 Essential Things to Never Walk Without
Here is my list of 10 essential things that walkers should never walk without. What do you really need to wear or carry with you for a fitness walking workout?

You Sweat a Lot - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker: You sweat a lot

Why Don't You Just Run? - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker: Why Don't You Just Run?

You'll Wear Yourself Out - What Not to Say to a Walker
Things not to say to a walker: You'll wear yourself out.

Welcome, Runners - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker -- call everyone at a run/walk race a runner.

You're Almost There - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker - You're almost there.

10 Things Not to Say to a Walker
Walkers get irritated by comments about their walking. Sometimes these are blatant insults, but often they are just misguided. Here are ten things not to say to a walker.

What Not to Say to a Walker - Have You Tried Jogging?
Things not to say to a walker: Have you tried jogging?

What Not to Say to a Walker - Walking Isn't Really Exercise
Things not to say to a walker: Walking isn't really exercise.

What Not to Say to a Walker - Do You Want A Ride?
Things not to say to a walker: Do you want a ride? Don't assume anybody out walking really wants to ride somewhere instead.

You're Walking Too Slow - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker: you're walking too slow.

You're Walking Too Fast - What Not to Say to a Walker
What not to say to a walker: Slow down, you're walking too fast.

10 Things I Learned in 30 Years of Walking
On the anniversary of my first 10K walk 30 years ago, here are 10 things I've learned about walking.

How to Prepare Your Marathon Clothing and Gear
Get ready for your race by cleaning, packing or laying out everything you will be wearing during the marathon or half marathon. Check this list. Page 2.

The Week Before Your Marathon or Half Marathon
How do you prepare the week before your marathon or half marathon? Here is how to pack, eat, sleep, train and get ready so you make it to the start.

Layering Clothes for Cold Weather Walking Workouts
Stay comfortable on cold weather walking workouts by layering your clothes. How to dress to wick away sweat on winter workouts to stay warm and dry.

Know When to Stop Walking in the Heat
Know when to stop walking on a long, hot walk such as the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, a workout walk, marathon or half-marathon. Know and heed the signs of heat sickness

Senior Walkers - Keep Moving Through the Years
Senior walkers can keep young and healthy through exercise. Here's why you need to keep walking as you age and how to do it comfortably and safely.

Lacing for a Narrow Heel and Wide Forefoot
How to lace your walking shoes if you have a narrow heel and a wide forefoot.

What are the Most Accurate Pedometers?
Research finds the most accurate pedometers to wear to count daily step totals.

Don't Sit - Score 10000 Steps During the Big Game
Don't sit through the big game - here's how to rack up 10,000 steps on your pedometer while watching a football game. Score one for your fitness!

Hazards, First Aid and Recovery for Long Distance Walking
Hazards, injuries, recovery for long distance walking. Here are the dangers to watch out for on endurance walks, marathons and ultramarathons.

The Manly Walk - How to Start Men Walking
Men can enjoy walking although they may want to make it more challenging. Gary Pinkerton shares advice on how to get a man to walk for fitness.

The Manly Walk - How to Get a Man to Walk - Page 2
How to get a man to walk: Steps to take to get a man to start walking for fitness and sport. Page 2.

The FlipBelt Sport Belt Review
The FlipBelt sport belt has pockets to hold your essentials comfortably while you walk or exercise. Here is why I've worn it on 25 half marathons.

Exercise Allergy and Itchy Leg Syndrome
Do you get itchy legs when you walk or exercise? Here are some of the symptoms and causes for this irritating problem that may be due to allergies.

Is Your Walking Style Helping or Hurting?
Is your walking style helping or hurting you? Common gait problems can cause pain. Physical Therapist Sherry Brourman on how to correct them.

Walking in the Evening as Exercise - Pros and Cons
Is the evening the best time to walk (or work out.) Here are the reasons why evening exercise is a good and why it's a bad choice. Page 4.

Using an Indoor Track for Walking Workouts
Enjoy a walking workout on an indoor track so you don't have to worry about the weather or security. Here are the pros and cons and where to find one.

Thanksgiving Calories - How Far Will You Need to Walk?
Use the Thanksgiving calorie calculator chart to find your Thanksgiving dinner calories and see how far you must walk to burn them off.

Target Heart Rate Calculator
Use this target heart rate calculator chart to find your beats per minute for any percentage of maximum, plus ranges for each exercise intensity zone.

Take the Stairs to Stay Fit and Healthy
Taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator is one small step towards fitness. Find out how many more calories it burns and other benefits.

How to Take Your Exercise Pulse
How to take your exercise pulse and find your heart rate while exercising, including how to take it by hand, with an app, fitness bands and monitors.

Ideal Weights by Height for Men and Women
What is the right weight for your height? Use this ideal weight calculator chart for women and men, with both English and metric units.

Ice Cleats and Foot Gear for Walking in Snow
Use this gear to add safety for walking on ice and walking in snow. Slip-on ice cleats, boots with grippers and snowshoes can help prevent falls.

How to Walk Safely
Follow these 15 rules for safer walking on the street. Pedestrians and fitness walkers need to be aware and visible.

How to Start a New Walking Program for Beginners
Learn how to start walking for health, fitness, and weight loss with these beginner's walking lessons. Learn walking technique, schedule and more.

Walking For Beginners - Medical Check Up Before You Start?
If you are ready to start a walking program, it's wise to get a medical check-up, especially if you have an existing medical problem or are inactive. Page 2.

Walking for Beginners - What to Wear
What should you wear for fitness walking? If you are a beginner walker, here is quick advice on what to wear from head to foot for comfort. Page 3.

Walking for Beginners - What Shoes to Wear
What walking shoes should a beginner walker wear? Here's what to look for in shoes when you are starting a program for fitness walking. Page 4.

How To Do a Rolling Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis
How to perform a rolling stretch of the plantar fascia for plantar fasciitis pain and recovery. You can use a rolling pin, rubber ball or golf ball. Page 2.

How To Do a Step Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis
Tight calves can contribute to plantar fasciitis foot pain. Use this simple stretch on a stair or step to help prevent it and to help during recovery. Page 3.

How to Safely Meet New Walking Friends
If you are looking for new walking friends, it is always good to play things as safe as if you are going on a blind date.

Stress Urinary Incontinence - It's Time to Talk About SUI
Stress urinary incontinence is the leakage of urine during physical activity, sneezing, coughing and other actions. It affects one out of three women.

The Fat Man Walking Steve Vaught
The Fat Man Walking is Steve Vaught, who began a walk across the USA from San Diego in 2005 to lose weight.

How to Measure Your Fitness Progress
How to measure progress towards your fitness goals using body fat measurements and resting heart rate.

How to Look 15 Pounds Thinner
Use these simple techniques to look thinner by correcting common posture problems. You will walk easier and faster and it may prevent back pain.

Wall Exercise to Look 15 Pounds Thinner
Use this wall exercise to look 15 pounds thinner now by correcting your posture. Page 2.

Spring Walking Tune-up - Get Ready for Spring Walking
Get your mind, body, and stuff in gear for spring walking. Do this tune-up to get ready to enjoy walking outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air.

Sports Drink Recipes
How to make your own sports drink with recipes and variations.

How to Find Which Kind of Walking Shoe to Buy
How do you find what kind of walking shoe to buy if you don't live near a good athletic shoe store? How to diagnose your foot type online.

How to Find Your Body Fat Percentage
Body fat calculators can help you estimate and track your body fat percentage. Here are different ways to measure your body fat.

How to Find Wide Walking Shoes
Wide feet need wide walking shoes, but they may not be in stock at the athletic shoe store. How can you find styles that will fit your foot width?

10 Spring Walking Gear Items You Need
Gear up for spring walking. Be ready for any weather and get the gear that will keep you moving through the rest of the spring and summer.

How to Find California Walks and Walking Events
How to find walks and walking events in California. Look for walking routes and trails as well as organized walks, races and charity events.

How to Find Cheap Treadmills
Treadmill bargain hunters can find cheap treadmills for low prices, or use creative alternatives to buy high-quality treadmills for less.

So, How Much Do You Walk Each Day?
When I tell people I'm a walker, they usually ask,

Slow Walking Burns More Calories and Is Easier on Joints
Is slow walking any good? Yes, researchers say you burn more calories per mile at low speeds and it is easier on the joints. See the benefits.

Dressing for Cold Weather Walking - Gloves
How to dress for cold weather walking - gloves

How to Dress for Cold Weather Walking - Pants
What to wear for cold weather walking - pants. I choose pants made of wicking polyester fabric for cold weather walking.

Dressing for Cold Weather Walking - Jacket
Dressing for cold weather walking - wear a windproof and preferably waterproof jacket.

Dressing for Cold Weather Walking - Shoes
How to dress for cold weather walking - shoes for cold weather walking.

Dressing for Cold Weather Walking - Hat
What to wear for cold weather walking - hat and sunglasses.

How to Beat Treadmill Boredom
It can be boring on a treadmill. How can you entertain your mind while exercising your body?

Eight Sleep-Tracking Activity Monitors
Your activity monitor can also help you get a better night's sleep. See how Basis Peak, Jawbone UP, Fitbit, Misfit and apps can track sleep quality.

Begin and End Calibration Workout for Nike+iPod Sensor
Begin and end calibration workout for Nike+iPod sensor

How Much Walking Is Best for Diabetes Control?
Get moving to improve your diabetes health markers. Find out how much walking researchers found would improve your insulin control.

How Much Walking Is Too Much?
Is it possible to walk too much? Here is how to avoid overtraining while getting in your walking workouts.

How Many More Calories Do You Burn Walking Uphill?
It certainly feels like you are burning more calories when you walk uphill or use treadmill incline. But how many more are you actually expending?

How Fast Should I Walk?
How fast should you walk for fitness and weight loss? Let your heart rate be your guide for what walking speed is right for your workouts.

How Fast is a Brisk Walking Pace?
Brisk walking is often recommended for fitness and to reduce health risks. But how fast do you need to walk and what does it feel like?