Action & War Movies Sitemap - Page 4 2016-09-26

New Releases
Films that are set to be released soon.

(PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Articles, lists, and reviews about PTSD.

Civil War, The
Reviews, lists, and articles about the Civil War.

Vietnam War
These are war movies and articles about the Vietnam war.

War Movie Lists
Lists of war movies. The best and the worst. Top 10 lists. And everything in-between.

War Movie Adaptations
Articles about war movies being adapted from books and other sources.

--Top Tens
All the top 10 lists related to war movies.

Vietnam Movie
War movies that follow the traditional Vietnam formula of drug taking, killing civilians, and other inaccurate tropes.

World War II Movie
This is a war movie about the second World War.

War Movies - The Basics
What you need to know to appreciate and understand war movies.

Articles about war films in production.

Biography. War Movies.

War Films - American Conflicts
These are the films about the wars and military conflicts that American forces have participated within. And let me tell you -- America has been in a LOT of conflicts! From World War II and Vietnam, to Afghanistan, to the secretive CIA

Movie Profiles and Reviews
Reviews of new and old films, and profiles of films due special attention or notice.

War Films - Historical
War Films - Historical. War Movies.

Veteran Opinions
The opinions of veterans on all sorts of things ranging from which films have the most realistic bloodshed, to which films are the worst at accurately portraying military life.

War Films - Action
Action films that have some element of war in them. Could be a war against zombies. Could be a war against space aliens. What it's not is a film about the Vietnam war. Sure you might ask, should a war against zombies be considered a war film? I think so. Whether you're killed by a zombie or an enemy's sniper rifle, you're still dead.

War Films - Documentaries
Documentaries about war, the Armed Forces, and public policy related to all things military.

War Films - Non-American Conflicts
These are films focused on the wars and military conflicts of foreign countries. In other words, all war films that aren't about American conflicts. There's