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All About the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2
A look at all the new features of the Apple Watch Series 2, along with an explanation of the differences between this model and the Apple Watch Series 1.

Wearables from Your Favorite Fashion Brands
Fashion brands have invaded the wearables space like never before. Here's a roundup of the top devices from Fossil, Tag Heuer and more.

Finding the Best Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker for You
A look at the best Jawbone UP fitness tracker for you, based on your fitness goals and preferences.

Three Examples Showing How Virtual Reality Has Hit the Mainstream
Three examples of how virtual reality is already hitting it big, with applications ranging from behavioral treatment to gaming and beyond.

All About the Oculus Rift, the Facebook-Backed VR Headset
A look at the Oculus Rift, the virtual-reality headset acquired by Facebook and seen by many as the next major computing platform.

All About Cardboard, Google's Low-Cost Virtual-Reality Device
A look at Google Cardboard, a low-cost approach to virtual reality that places a smartphone screen right before your eyes.

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Specialized Sports Wearables
Specialized Sports Wearables

Wearables for Serious Athletes
A look at some of the wearables used by pro athletes, from NBA players' favorite wristband to specialized GPS trackers and an MLB-approved device.

Hands-on looks at wearable devices.

Fitbit Alta Review: A Great Basic Fitness Tracker
A review of the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker, including information on its design, features, battery life and more.

How to Get the Most out of Your Fitness Tracker
Five tips to get the most out of your fitness tracker, from learning how to use all of its features to staying motivated day in and day out.

The Best Android Wear Watch Faces
If you have an Android Wear smartwatch but still haven't found a great watch face, check out this list of worthwhile downloads.







Weird Wearables
Unconventional devices, from a bitcoin ring to brainwave-controlled cat ears.

An Introduction to Hearables
A look at some of the top audio-focused wearable devices, include ear buds that control your environment and a wrist band that acts as a subwoofer.

The 5 Best Fitness Trackers to Buy in 2016
A look at the top picks for fitness trackers to buy in 2016, including products from Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Withings.

Pebble Announced Three New Devices
Three new Pebble devices — including two smartwatches and one unique fitness wearable — recently launched on Kickstarter. Here's the full scoop.

The 5 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2016
A look at the top current smartwatches you can buy, including the Apple Watch, Pebble Time Round, Samsung Gear S2 and more.

Wearables at About.com - If You're Wearing It, We're Covering It.
Learn all about wearables, from smartwatches and activity trackers to Google Glass and beyond.

Pebble Smartwatches Looking Better Than Ever with Latest Update
Pebble Time Series watches are getting an important update: the ability to view more in-depth activity-tracking data via the apps for Android and iPhone.

A Look at What's New in Android Wear 2.0
At Google I/O 2016, one of the biggest announcements was an update to the Android Wear platform. Learn what this means for the future of your smartwatch.

Top Specialized Sports Wearables for Swimming
A look at the best sports watches and other wearables made with the serious swimmer in mind.

The Best Activity Trackers for Getting in Shape This Spring
The best activity trackers to buy this spring, including the ideal gadgets for weight loss, overall fitness and sleep tracking.

The Concepter Soul Is a Wearable That Tracks Time
The Concepter Soul is a new wearable that tracks how you spend your time, with an emphasis on encouraging you to keep in touch with friends.

The Fitbit: A Fashion-Forward Take on Activity Tracking
The just-announced Fitbit Alta band offers basic fitness tracking with some optional leather and steel accessories.

The Top Ways to Customize Your Smartwatch
A complete guide to customizing your smartwatch, from picking the best product to changing both the hardware and software features to reflect your own unique style.

This Month in Wearables: March 2016
A look at the biggest wearable news for March 2016, from an Apple Watch price reduction to a new Fitbit to Casio's first smartwatch.

Fossil Unveils a Ton of New Wearables
Fossil expands its lineup of wearables with two new smartwatches, an updated activity tracker and

The Apple Watch Now Starts at $299
Apple announced an official price cut for its Apple Watch Sport models, and introduced a variety of new watch bands such as woven nylon.

Gift Guides
The best wearables to buy for any occasion, across a range of budgets.

Smart Clothing
Smart Clothing. Wearables.

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift. Wearables.

Microsoft's HoloLens Is One Step Closer to a Final Product
Microsoft will soon start shipping its augmented-reality HoloLens glasses to developers for $3,000 a pop. Find out what that means for consumers.

Smart Shoes: The Latest Wearable Phenomenon
All about the latest batch of smart shoes that promise to track your workouts and integrate with other fitness-tracking systems.

Should You Get the Apple Watch Now?
A look at whether you should buy the original Apple Watch ahead of the Apple Watch 2 announcement, taking into consideration price, features and more.

How to Change the Watch Face on Your Apple Watch
Learn how to change the watch face and make customizations on your Apple Watch.

Pay with Your Pebble Watch with This Smartstrap
A new band called the Pagar brings mobile payments to select Pebble smartwatches. Learn about this product and other contactless payment options for various wearables.

Android Wear Adds More Hands-Free Features
Android Wear adds new hands-free gestures, along with voice messaging and the ability to make and receive calls from your wrist.

The Oculus Rift Is Now Ready for Consumers
The Oculus Rift is now available to consumers for $599, but should you take the plunge this early on?

The Misfit Ray: A New Fitness and Sleep Monitor
The Misfit Ray is a new activity tracker that pairs fitness and sleep monitoring with a stylish, customizable design.

Zoe Jordan Watch Face
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Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto Watch Face

Time Will Come Watch Faces
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Moods of Norway Watch Faces
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Melissa Joy Manning Watch Faces
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MANGO Watch Faces
Wearables. Page 3.

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WiseWear Bracelets Combine Fashion with Safety
A new line of smart bracelets designed by Iris Apfel is all about safety, with the option to send a distress signal to contacts.

All About the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset
The HTC Vive virtual reality headset will soon go on sale. Learn what to expect and whether there are any worthy alternatives.

The MoodMetric Ring Tracks Your Emotions, Not Calories Burned
The Moodmetric ring tracks your emotions, a decidedly unique approach to wearables.

The Best Wearables from CES 2016
A look at the best wearables from CES 2016, including a new product from Fitbit and some attractive new versions of the Huawei Watch.

Samsung Fitness Tracker Rumors: This One Looks Good!
It looks like Samsung's coming out with a new wearable: a modular fitness tracker that borrows some design elements from its Gear S2 smartwatch.

Meet the Newest Fitbit: The Fitbit Blaze
The new Fitbit Blaze is an activity tracker that incorporates smartwatch features, such as email and text alerts.

How Smartwatches Will Change in 2016
With 2016 upon us, it's a great time to take a look at how smartwatches need to change to satisfy new consumers.

All About the Samsung Gear VR
A look at the Samsung Gear VR, a head-mounted wearable that uses your phone to put virtual worlds in front of your eyes.

5 Activity Trackers to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Keep your New Year's resolution to stay fit with one of these five great activity trackers, whether you can spend $50 or $250.

Samsung to Demo Three Wearable Concepts in Early January
Samsung will demo some crazy new wearable concepts at CES 2016 in January, including a belt that measures waist size and daily activity.

Samsung Introduces Bio-Processor for Health-Oriented Wearables
Just ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung is unveiling its Bio-Processor for measuring more health stats with wearable devices.

The Best Fitness Trackers of 2015
A look at some of the best activity-tracking gadgets from 2015, including a device from Fitbit and a lesser-known band from Xiaomi that costs just $15.

The Best Smartwatches of 2015
A look at some of the top smartwatches of 2015, including the Apple Watch and a new product from Fossil.

Pebble Health and More Pebble Software Updates
Pebble Health activity-tracking features are now available on the three varieties of Pebble Time smartwatches.

Wearable Gift Guide: Smartwatches for $250 and Above
If you have $250 or more to spend, you'll find no shortage of attractive smartwatches that make great gifts this holiday season.

Wearable Gift Guide: Smartwatches from $100 to $250
A round-up of the top smartwatches to buy this holiday season, all in the $100 to $250 category.

Wearable Gift Guide: Gadgets for $50 to $100
Just in time for the holidays, plenty of worthwhile wearables are available for $100 or less.

Wearable Gift Guide: Activity Trackers for $50 and Under
Find great wearable activity trackers to gift this holiday season while staying south of $50.

Wearables for pets

Do You Need LTE Support on Your Smartwatch?
What is cellular support on a smartwatch, and do you need it?

The Latest in Android Wear: LTE Support and Wrist Gestures
Recent Android Wear updates include support for LTE connectivity on your smartwatch and new wrist gestures.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Wearable Deals
A round-up of some of the top discounts on wearables, including smartwatches from Pebble and activity trackers from Fitbit.

Fitbit Surge Review
A review of the Fitbit Surge, an activity tracker featuring a heart-rate monitor, GPS tracking and select smartwatch notifications.

Your Guide to Wearable Cameras
Top wearable cameras, from the GoPro Hero 4 Silver to the Narrative Clip.

The Top Wearables for Tracking Sleep
Find a great activity tracker to monitor your sleep habits, at all price points.

What You Can Do with the Apple Watch without a Paired Phone
While you need to have a phone paired with the Apple Watch to enjoy many features, there's still plenty you can do without having a handset turned on or nearby.

Smartwatches That Won't Break the Bank
You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a decent smartwatch. These options are all under $200 and offer fitness tracking, voice control, notifications and more.

A Roundup of the Top New Kid-Friendly Wearables
New kid-friendly wearables include a smart sock that monitors a baby's vitals and a wristband from UNICEF that encourages kids to get active and fight malnutrition.

Garmin Has Three New Fitness-Focused Smartwatches
Garmin introduced three new fitness GPS smartwatches, including one with a heart rate monitor and a high-end option that offers every stat under the sun.

Fossil Introduces 4 New Wearables
Fashion brand Fossil announced four new wearables, including two activity trackers and a smartwatch running Android Wear.

All About The New Misfit Shine 2
All about the new Misfit Shine 2, featuring new sensors, a slimmer design and more.

The Best Accessories for Your Activity Tracker
The best accessories for fitness trackers from Basis, Fitbit and more.

What is Apple's WatchOS 2?
WatchOS 2 for the Apple Watch brings some much-needed updates to this popular wearable, including the ability to answer email from your wrist.

Pebble Introduces Circular Smartwatch: Pebble Time Round
The Pebble Time Round is the first smartwatch from Pebble to sport a circular display.

The Best Smartwatches with Round Displays
A look at the top smartwatches with round displays, perfect for tech fans who prefer the looks of a conventional watch.

Which Pebble Smartwatch Is Best for You?
Find the right Pebble smartwatch for you based on price, design and software features.

Smartwatches with the Longest Battery Life
If long battery life is your priority, these smartwatches deliver with longevity of up to 30 days.

Which Fitbit is Best for You?
Learn which of Fitbit's many devices is right for you based on your fitness-tracking needs and preferences.

All About Microsoft HoloLens
Everything you need to know about the Microsoft HoloLens, an ambitious augmented-reality headset that could make for an interesting tool for work and study.

Android Wear Could Finally Support the iPhone
According to a pre-order page for a Huawei smartwatch, Android Wear will now support the iPhone.

Report: Nearly 1 Million People Pre-Ordered the Apple Watch on Day One
According to projections, nearly one million people in the US pre-ordered the Apple Watch the first day it became available.

Sony's SmartEyeglass on Sale for $840
Sony's SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, complete with augmented reality and holographic technology, is now on sale for $840.

An Introduction to Smartwatches
An introduction to smartwatches, including a look at the top features and what to expect in the coming year.

Jawbone Announces UP4 Fitness Band with Contactless Payments
Jawbone has launched three new wristbands, including the UP4, which supports contactless payments with American Express credit cards.

Early Growing Pains for the Apple Watch
Since launching in late April, the Apple Watch has had a few early glitches, including a faulty component and difficulties with tattooed wrists.

The Best Apple Watch Alternatives
The Apple Watch isn't the only great smartwatch on the market. Whether you want a device running Android Wear or simply want to spend less than $200, check out these great alternatives.

Top Apple Watch Apps
The top 10 most-anticipated apps for the Apple Watch.

How Travel Brands Are Using the Smartwatch
Travelers with an Apple Watch can use the wearable to scan their boarding pass, get updated flight information and more.

Android Wear vs. Apple Watch
Comparing and contrasting the top two wearable platforms, Android Wear and Apple Watch.

The Best-Looking Smartwatches
A roundup of the best-looking smartwatches, from the Apple Watch to the Motorola Moto 360.

Top Luxury Watches to Rival the Apple Watch Edition
If you aren't sure whether you should spend your wealth on the $10,000-plus Apple Watch Edition, consider these other options from Rolex and more.

The Weirdest Wearable Devices
From a Bluetooth-connected pacifier to a drum kit for your pants, these are some of the weirdest wearables out there

An Introduction to Activity Trackers
New to activity trackers? Read on for an introduction to the top features and more!

Android Wear Update: Google Play Music and More
Thanks to the rollout of Android 5.1.1, Android Wear devices are getting new functionality, such as the ability to access basic Google Play Music functions.

Moto 360 Smartwatch Now Available for $150 and Up
The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch is now available for $100 the original price. This discount comes ahead of Google I/O, where a follow-up to the 360 could be announced.

All About the Pebble Time
A look at the Pebble Time, a $200 smartwatch currently available for pre-order at Best Buy.

Comparing the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport
A look at the biggest differences between the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch.

The Top Specialized Sports Wearables for Golf
The top wearables for golfers, from Garmin's Approach S6 watch to the Game Golf sensor kit.

High-Tech Headphones: They're Wearables Too!
Headphones are one of the original wearables — and while most models are relatively straightforward, there are some high-tech exceptions to the rule.

This Month in Apple Watch News: July
All the news and rumors about the Apple Watch from July 2015, from updated sales estimates to a new retail partner and more.

The Best Activity Trackers for $50 or Less
You can get a good activity tracker without spending hundreds. These options offer basic fitness and sleep tracking, helpful companion apps and more.

Wearables for Your Pet
Wearables aren't just for humans anymore — activity trackers and smart devices are finding a place on dogs' collars and beyond. Check out these top wearables for your pet.

The Best Activity Trackers for $100 or Less
With more features than the cheapest, bare-bones models but with a moderate price point, activity trackers under $100 are a great option for exercise enthusiasts.

Avoid Sunburns with These UV-Sensitive Gadgets
These wearables fasten on your wrist or clip onto your clothes to help keep tabs on your sun exposure.

The Best Wearables for Your Child
These wearables are made specifically for children, with location-tracking, safety-conscious features as well as educational and fun tools that rival your average kiddie watch.

Multitasking Jewelry
These baubles for your wrist, fingers and more are more than just pretty to look at; with built-in tech, they provide smartphone notifications and more.

High-End Wearables That Are Worth the Price
There are plenty of great activity trackers for less than $100 (and even less than $50), but if you want to splurge, you'll find plenty of great options above the $150 mark.

What to Expect for the Next Samsung Gear Smartwatch
A sneak peak at Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, the Gear S2, based on photos and videos shared by the company.

Smart Clothing: The Most Literal of Wearables
From smart baby onesies to a bra that detects breast cancer, clothing is the next big innovation when it comes to wearables.

You Can Now Try On the Apple Watch Without an Appointment
You no longer need to make an appointment to try on the Apple Watch in-store. Plus, new stats that show how successful this wearable is.

Pebble Time Review: A Solid, Simple Smartwatch
A review of the $199 Pebble Time Smartwatch, which promises up to 7 days of battery life and a color e-paper display.

Veteran Watchmaker Casio to Introduce a Smartwatch
Long-time digital watchmaker Casio has announced its entry into the smartwatch space, with the company hoping to debut its own wearable in March of 2016.

This Month in Apple Watch News
A round-up of this month's Apple Watch news, including new apps, a battery-boosting accessory and international availability.

The Best Apps for Android Wear
A selection of some of the top downloads for Android Wear devices, from productivity apps to games.

The Apple Watch is Now Available for In-Store Pick-Up
The Apple Watch is now available in Apple Stores. Learn how to book an appointment to pick it up or try it out.

The Top Water-Resistant Smartwatches
Looking for a smartwatch that can withstand a shower or a few splashes? This list covers some of the best water-resistant options on the market.

My Weekend with the Apple Watch
I spent a few days with the Apple Watch, and came away with a list of pros and cons. Read on to find out what the smartwatch gets right, and what needs improvement.

The Apple Watch Is Here: A Launch Day Round-Up
The Apple Watch is officially here! Take a look at the top stats on the smartwatch, and check out some of the top app releases so far.

Getting Started with Your Smartwatch
If you've just purchased a smartwatch, this guide will walk you through the steps to getting up and running, from syncing with your phone to finding some great apps.

Choosing the Best Fitness Tracker
Learn which features to look for and what factors to consider when choosing an activity tracker.

Can You Change Your Smartwatch Strap?
Learn whether or not your smartwatch's band can be switched out for a third-party option in this handy guide.

The Most Popular Apple Watch Features So Far
The Apple Watch has several stand-out features, including an attractive, lightweight design and an easy-to-use fitness tracking app.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and More: The Top Head-Mounted Wearables
Head-mounted displays are the next big thing in wearables. Take a look at the top devices, from the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift to the Microsoft HoloLens.

Android Wear Update Adds Wi-Fi Support, Gestures and More
Ahead of the Apple Watch launch, Google has announced a major update to Android Wear, bringing Wi-Fi support, gesture controls and an emoji-drawing feature to the wearable platform.