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Web Hosting Basics
Web hosting is the fundamental aspect that is not just extremely crucial in determining success of your online website marketing campaign, but also something that has an immense impact on any online business. It's necessary to know how to select a good web hosting provider, and understand the different types of web hosting, including pros, and cons of each of them.

Blog Hosting
Blog hosting market is becoming really lucrative, as thousands of blogs are being launched on daily basis. Blog hosting service providers need to read the mindset of bloggers. One needs to follow the basics, and tips given by experts in the business to succeed as a blog hosting provider.

CES Trends That Web Hosting Providers Ought to Focus On
2015 is expected to bring about a lot of changes in cloud storage, IoT, IoE, and even Consumer Electronics Sector.

Dedicated Hosting
VPS and dedicated hosting are essentials for the medium to large size online businesses that require high bandwidth, and large storage space, regular back-ups, and various other things that aren't available in a shared hosting package.

Learn How to Market Your Hosting Packages
Seek help for marketing your web hosting packages, and learn various tricks and tweaks for boosting your sales figure.

Ways in Which Cloud Computing Can be Helpful for SMBs
Cloud computing has indeed been a blessing for all kinds of businesses, but it can be a mega boon especially for the SMBs/SMEs where cost-efficiency, and scalability are the biggest issues.

Challenges Faced by VPS Web Hosting Providers and Tips to Overcome Them
VPS web hosting is one of the most powerful money grooming businesses on the Internet; however, one needs to be ready to face a lot of challenges.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud computing is the next big thing in the web hosting arena; find out difference between hosting and cloud computing, importance of cloud hosting, and why you should make the move towards cloud hosting.

Dealing with Common Hosting Issues
Dealing with common hosting issues isn't as easy as it sounds; caps of data storage, and the network capacity can jeopardize the growth of a hosting company to a great extent. There are several challenges with integration, and infrastructural expansion that need to be considered as well.

Hosting Tutorials
Web hosting tutorials are geared towards assisting the beginner levels users, and helping them getting acquainted with the nitty gritty.

How Competitive Is Amazon Cloud Computing Pricing?
Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform has been gaining widespread popularity with every passing day, but how competitive is the Amazon cloud computing pricing really?

OpenStack vs Cloud Stack: Quick Comparison and Insights into Cloud API
OpenStack and CloudStack have indeed emerged as the market leaders, and both of them have garnered lot of traction, and loyal fan-following in the cloud markets with big guns like Yahoo, AT&T etc backing them. Here's a quick look into each of them.

Latest Web Hosting Technologies That a Host Ought to Support
If all the web pages of a website are to be viewed by all the Internet users out there, then the website needs to be hosted on a reliable public server.

Apple's Cloud - The Latest Sensation in Cloud Arena
Apple's iCloud is the answer to all the cloud players, and probably it'll once again hamper Windows 8 popularity just as the iPhone killed Microsoft.

Understanding Domain Names and the Registration Process
Whether you're a customer who wants to book a domain name for launching a website, or a host that wants to get into the domain registration business, here are some of the crucial aspects of the domain registration process that one must know!

How to Set Up My Own Website?
Setting up a website may seem like a daunting ask to a beginner level user who’s trying to start an online business, a personal blog, or just an informative website catering to a specific niche. In this tutorial we’ll see how to set up a website step-by-step within just 60minutes.

Domain Registration Process
Here's how you can register a domain in order to set up a website as quickly as possible.

How to Set Up My Own Website?
Setting up a website may seem like a daunting ask to a beginner level user who’s trying to start an online business, a personal blog, or just an informative website catering to a specific niche. In this tutorial we’ll see how to set up a website step-by-step within just 60minutes.

Best Small Business Idea: Start a Web Hosting Firm
If you've been longing to start your own small business, web hosting is certainly a great option, which requires minimal investments.

Issues with EC2: Amazon Problems Subsiding Slowly
When you consider the rapport of EC2, Amazon's problems like the recent outage have been the only glitches that have harmed their reputation.

Common Hosting Issues and Solutions
Starting a web hosting business isn't a cakewalk, and there are whole lot of issues involved in the process of setting up, and running a web hosting company. Here are some common issues, and ideas to deal with them.

Common Hosting Issues and Solutions
Starting a web hosting business isn't a cakewalk, and there are whole lot of issues involved in the process of setting up, and running a web hosting company. Here are some common issues, and ideas to deal with them.

Common Hosting Issues and Solutions
Starting a web hosting business isn't a cakewalk, and there are whole lot of issues involved in the process of setting up, and running a web hosting company. Here are some common issues, and ideas to deal with them.

Common Hosting Issues and Solutions
Starting a web hosting business isn't a cakewalk, and there are whole lot of issues involved in the process of setting up, and running a web hosting company. Here are some common issues, and ideas to deal with them.

Web Server Colocation
There are several benefits of web server colocation, which is why several hosting companies consider this option.

Starting a Web Hosting Company
Starting a web hosting company isn't as easy as it sounds. There's a lot more to it than getting few customers through word of mouth or offering freebies, and making profit by selling reseller hosting space.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting is one of the most popular hosting strategies at the moment, and this article explains what cloud hosting is.

Dedicated Web Hosting for Starting a Hosting Company
Here are some crucial suggestions for buying hosting plans to start a web hosting business, and best ones to be considered.

Hints and Tips for Starting a Web Hosting Company
Web hosting is one of the best businesses that one can think of starting, that too without really shelling out too much money.

Latest Hosting Trends
Keeping yourself up to date with the latest web hosting news helps in taking benefit of the upcoming technologies, and getting the competitive edge over the other players in the market.

All About Content Distribution Networks
A CDN can significantly enhance the load times of a website. In this section, you can get to know all about content distribution networks, their uses, and everything else.

How to Start a Websiite Hosting Business
Website hosting is one of the online businesses that don't require substantial investment upfront.

Google Drive vs Apple iCloud vs Amazon S3 vs Box
With the competition in cloud storage arena getting stiffer with every passing day, it's natural that folks would look for comparison.

Cloud-Based Managed Cloud Hosting Services Are in High-Demand
Managed hosting have always been in demand, but now the ones backed by strong cloud storage solutions are in higher demand more than ever before.

Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting is one of the best options for the small organizations that can't afford to invest of the infrastructure required for starting a hosting company.

Control Panels
Control panels allow you to exercise control over your web logs, files, MySQL databases etc. There are various types of control panels, and cPanel is the most popular one, followed by Plesk.

Hosting Profiles
Looking at various hosting profiles can help in making a well informed decision regarding selection of a good web host.

Email Hosting
E-mail hosting becomes crucial for organizations that are in need of comprehensive email exchange solutions to take care of growing needs of the employees for accessing their emails from remote places.

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An index of categories in the

Data Center Hosting
Data center hosting is becoming a booming business in the industry, but it doesn't require a fair bit of investment up-front, to kick things off.


Network Function Virtualization vs Software-Defined Networks
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Network Virtualization (NV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are gaining lot of popularity these days. Let's take a better look into the basics of Network Functions Virtualization.

Understanding the Connect between Cloud Computing and SDN
The link between cloud computing and software defined networking is very strong as cloud computing just cannot continue its evolution without SDN in modern times.

Cloud Security to be One of the Biggest Challenges for 2016
Looking at the biggest security challenges for 2016, cloud security and mobile device security could certainly top the list; here's a quick insight into some of the major aspects.

DDoS Mitigation Process Might Leave Your Website Susceptible
Oftentimes, folks try to mitigate DDoS attacks, but they don't realise that they've left their website vulnerable in the process; don't commit these common mistakes while trying to prevent DDoS attacks

6 Crucial Aspects You Need to Know About Domain Names
Domain name registration might sound like a cake-walk, but at times, there are many small aspects that can create big problems in the long run; here's a quick insight into the top things you need to know about your domain,

6 Cloud Trends that will be Key in 2016
As we enter 2016, here's a quick insight into the top cloud trends to watch out for.

The Impact of Web Hosting on Page Load Speed
Hosting always has a significant impact on the page load speed and performance of a website, and here are few factors that mainly define the extent of the impact.

Top 6 Reseller Hosting Myths Debunked
There are many common myths about reseller hosting - so let's take a look at 6 of these common myths.

How do Hosting Coupons Help Hosting Providers in Sales?
Hosting coupons are a great way to improve your sales conversions, and drive greater sales to your hosting business. Here's what you need to know about implementing this concept for your venture.

How Much Does the VPS Location Matter?
VPS is certainly the most common choice for those whose needs have grown beyond the shared hosting environment, but many of them fail to notice the importance of location of vps in the selection process; here's a quick insight.

How to Prevent DDoS Attacks by Learning from the Past Experiences?
Dealing with DDoS attack can be a nightmare, especially if you don't know how to deal with the situation when it arises out of nowhere; here's a 4-step protection strategy to mitigate such attacks.

Data Centers vs. Private Cloud vs. Managed Third Party Vendors
All types of hosting vendors are fighting it out to capture the market, and here's a quick comparison between data centers, private cloud, managed third-party vendors and their offerings

Is Hybrid Cloud the Future of Self-Service?
implementation of hybrid cloud has been growing tremendously, and it's been estimated to grow three-fold over the next three years; here's a quick insight.

5 Aspects a Hosting Reseller Must Pay Attention to
Working as a hosting reseller can be great for not just diversifying your portfolio, but even to boost your revenues too, but here are five crucial aspects to be considered in the process.

Future of Dedicated Server Hosting in Cloud Era
The hosting experts have been predicting that cloud hosting will eventually turn out to be the only big thing in the industry, and probably the demand for dedicated servers might go down radically, but how true is it really?

How Can Hosting Providers Prevent Website Blacklisting
Dealing with blacklisted sites can be a problem, whether you're a hosting provider or the website owner; here are few things you need to remember as a web host

Why is it Important to Keep Your Hosting Customers Happy and Satisfied?
It's not just about getting more customers to subscribe to your hosting packages, and you need to keep your existing customers happy with the quality of services too.

Expected Changes in Cloud Computing Industry by the Year 2020!
Cloud industry is undeniably growing at an amazing pace, but did you ever wonder how it'd shape up by 2020? Well, here are a few probable things that you'd get to witness in cloud hosting space 6 years down the line.

6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Web Hosting Business
Thinking of starting a web hosting business? Here are few crucial aspects that you need to consider before you make the first move, to ensure success in the long run.

Analysing the Authenticity of Web Hosting Review Sites
How do you really find out the authenticity of a web hosting review site? Well, it's the classic question of

How to Prevent Spoof Mails from Originating from Your Server?
It is a well-known fact that spam e-mails originate from fake addresses. The e-mail authentication feature in cPanel helps provide information about the nature of the incoming e-mails. This helps users discard unwanted e-mails with ease, and prevent mail spoofing.

Public Cloud and Consolidation of Enterprise Data Centers
Most businesses don’t find it sensible to continue managing their on-premises data centers with the introduction of services like AWS.

Understanding Software Defined Networking (SDN) Better
Software Defined Networking has been of great use in many use case examples, just the way open cloud management has become a rage over the years, and SDN technology is certainly here to stay.

Pressure Mounts on Up-time of Data Centers as IoT Rules the Arena
Futuristic data centers are expected to deliver unrealistic up-times of 99.99999% and the pressure is only piling up due to the introduction of connected devices and IoT in the industry.

How to Select the Right Cloud Management Tools
Right cloud management tools can play a crucial role in the execution of your marketing strategy, and before deploying any cloud system, you need to narrow down on the cloud management tools that you would be using.

Go Green with Energy Efficient Data Centers
Green data centers are the biggest buzz in the industry, because they help in cutting down on energy expenses, and serve as a holistic way of nature conservation for the better future of mankind.

Insight to Parallels Plesk Control Panel
There are several types of control panels, and each of them offers something unique to the user, and Plesk is one of the most popular ones; here’s an insight to Parallels Plesk control panel.

Using Affiliate Marketers for Growing Your Web Hosting Business
If you wish to promote your hosting business without investing too much money on business development, taking help from affiliate marketers can be a great idea; here's why!

DDoS Extortion Hack: A New Threat Emerges
A new kind of hack that has to be looked out for is the DDoS Extortion threat that's doing rounds on the Internet at the moment.

How Are Data Center Companies Transforming into Cloud Leaders?
Data center companies are rapidly transforming into cloud leaders due to a variety of reasons; here's a quick insight.

Anonymous Web Hosting Business Is Booming Up Big Time
Anonymous web hosting has become the need of the hour, looking at the presence of hackers, and cyber criminals all over the internet; nobody really wants the world to know the nitty gritty about their domain ownership, and website hosting details, and that's where anonymous website hosting comes into play.

Set Up a Steam Dedicated Server Using HLDS Update Tool
Counter Strike offers the most enticing multi-player gaming experience, but avid gamers may find it little hard to setup a steam dedicated server on their own. So, this creates a very small niche market in hosting industry, where the demand may not be too high, but things are only going to become better in future. Here's a simple guide to setting-up a steam dedicated server

How to Prepare Your Data Center for Future?
Planning a data center, which is future-ready isn't an easy job to say the least. Businesses must identify the consequences of the quickly rising data amounts entering their data centers, find out what priorities need to be addressed, set potential goals for the 2020s data centers, and devise a plan for developing futuristic data centers.

How to Find Out if You Require an Additional VM Host?
When folks run their own servers, they tend to monitor the performance closely, but they're often unsure as to when they should add another VM host; here's all that you need to know.

The Need for Offshore Web Hosting
Offshore web hosting may be required for various reasons, some of which include high security, and inability to host gambling/pharmacy related websites within the country due to local laws. Here's everything that you need to know about offshore hosting.

Dealing with Challenges of Data Center Interconnectivity
Enhancing the data center interconnect (DCI) can be a tricky task, and here are the top 5 challenges involved in the process.

Understanding Pros and Cons of Unmanaged VPS Hosting
Unmanaged VPS hosting can be advantageous for customers who know how to configure a web server, and perform all the tasks, and a great option for providers who don't have enough support staff, but there are several downsides to it too; here are all the pros and cons of unmanaged hosting.

Data Centers, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery as a Service
Businesses need to devise disaster recovery and business continuity plans to mitigate an extensive variety of business threats, and they're quite applicable to data centers too.

Understanding Application-Layer DDoS Attacks
A unique kind of DDoS called Application-Layer DDoS attack, which is also referred to as ‘Layer 7’ DDoS attack is presently doing rounds on the Internet, and posing threat to larger networks.

Understanding Real Capacity of a Cloud Data Center?
A cloud data center has incredibly high performance, but it's not easy to asses its real capacity; here's all that you need to know about understanding the capacity of your data center.

How to Deal with Internal Server Errors
An internal server error refers to an error, which may be caused due to insufficient permissions or other issues with hosting space or the web server. However, it does not necessarily imply an error in the server. This article briefs on the process of fixing internal server errors in Apache and cPanel running on LINUX platforms.

Role of SaaS in Empowering Business Owners
With the soaring entrepreneurship across the globe, Software as a Service (SaaS) is turning out to be an excellent business model to be considered by entrepreneurs.

Understanding the Cloud Economics Better
Migrating to the cloud certainly comes with evident economic advantages, be it private or public environment. Let's explore the hidden cloud economics in this post.

How to Select the Right Hosting to Handle Heavy Website Traffic
The selection of a web host always plays a crucial role in defining the fate of a website, and here are a few reasons why a good host can handle the heavy surges in traffic, while an average host would cause your site to crash out!

Devising a Strategy to Migrate to the Hybrid IaaS Environment
Are you planning to shift to the hybrid IaaS environment? Give it a second thought; here's all that you need to know before devising a strategy to migrate to the Hybrid IaaS environment.

Choosing a Dedicated Server for Your Business
Choosing a dedicated server can be a wise move, but it comes with certain cost implications too; here's a quick insight into the parameters that need to be noticed while opting for a dedicated server.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media for Promoting a Hosting Business
Social media marketing can be really powerful for promoting a business, especially something like a hosting business, where online reputation plays a crucial role. This article covers the nuances of leveraging the power of social media to promote a hosting business.

How to Select a SaaS Design Platform?
Owning to number advantages of SaaS, the SaaS designing platforms are also gaining their fair share of popularity these days; here's a quick insight.

All You Need to Know About DaaS (Data as a Service)
You must have heard of Saas, PaaS, IaaS, but DaaS (Data as a Service) is also gaining rapid popularity these days. So, here's a quick insight into the past, present and future of DaaS under current market conditions.

6 Factors That Have an Impact on the Efficiency of Your Data Center
Here's a quick look at the top six factors that have a direct impact on the efficiency of data centers.

Top 3 Myths about Cloud SaaS Debunked
Difference between SaaS and cloud computing isn't very obvious to even the geeks, let alone the masses, so I thought it'd only make sense to compile this post explaining the features of SaaS CMS, and major differences from basic cloud environment.

Cloud Security Solutions vs Conventional Data Centers
Cloud security solutions have been getting better with every passing day, and it wouldn't be wrong to say that they'd easily overpower all the conventional data centers, and soon turn out to be the main source to protect your business from external risks.

Managed WordPress Hosting has Become a Hot Pick in Recent Times
Managed WordPress hosting services have literally become a rage in this modern era of Internet, where blogs have a special important in digital marketing, and over 75,000,000 sites are powered by this powerful open source content management system.

Software-as-a-Service Becomes More Accessible to Customers
Software-as-a-Service used to be a tech jargon few years ago, but as times have changed, SaaS services have become far more accessible to general public; here's a quick insight.

Change in Modern Data Center Requirements and How to Cope Up With Them
Data center requirements have been changing with each passing day and it's certainly time to rethink the design conventions and reassess the process of data center maintenance too; here's an insight.

5 Compelling Reasons to Consider IaaS in Your Tec Plan
IaaS is gaining rapid popularity due to a number of reasons; here's a quick insight into some of them

Microsoft Moves Enterprise Telephony to the Cloud
Microsoft has finally decided to go the cloud route even for enterprise telephony sector, as a part of its Office 365 services within the company’s latest Lync to Skype for business re-branding.

Hosting Colocation Solutions are the Next Big Thing in the Industry
Data center colocation has got plenty of benefits and it sure makes sense for small business owners to go that route, when they don't want to cough out big money on their own data center.

DDoS Posting Larger Threats to Data Centers
DDoS attacks have evolved into a whole new level, and not only are the platforms like WordPress being targeted in a big way, but even large data centers have become the targets of such DDoS attacks in recent times.

E-Commerce Hosting: Hosted versus Self-Hosted Solutions
Managing hosting solutions are always a great choice when you need to deal with a large web portal, especially an e-commerce site, but then it can also become a costly affair. So, here's quick insight into differences between self-hosted and managed ecommerce solutions.

Top Concerns That Businesses Face with Unreliable Hosting Providers
Issues with unreliable hosting can be a nightmare to deal with... Read on to find out what they are, and why you must avoid them.

Understanding Enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Platform as a Service has become very popular these days, and PaaS enhances developer productivity and hosting density, while decreasing the operational efforts.

Why is New York the Mecca of Tech and Hosting Industries Worldwide?
New York City is undeniably the most happening place, be it the events, buzz, nightlife or the tech industry. Let's take a quick look at the NYC tech and hosting scene in the current scenario.

Data Centers Are More Than Just Power, Connectivity, and Space
Conventionally, data centers are always perceived to be all about power, space, and connectivity. Data centers are getting commoditized throughout the industry, and here's a quick insight.

How to Choose Physical Server Infrastructure to Host Virtual Machines?
If you are looking forward to converting a physical server into a virtual server, here’s how to choose and size the correct server infrastructure for hosting virtual machines.

Setting Up and Managing Your Own Small Mail Server
Managing your own small mail server can be a daunting task to say the least, but when you allow a third-party to manage sensitive items like emails, then security becomes a big concern; here's a quick insight.

What Role does Server Speed Play in Boosting Website Revenues?
Here's a quick insight into the role of web servers in load times, and the revenues of a website in turn.

How to Use Google Drive for Hosting Web Pages?
Google Drive can be extremely handy for hosting web pages, and earlier I had created a guide on Google hosting, and here are a few tips for hosting your small business web page

Facts and Myths about Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Storage Debunked
It's a no-brainer that Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Disk Storage are terms used to entice the customers, and here's what one needs to know about some of the myths and realities about the so-called unlimited hosting.

Contemporary Data Center Strategy Needed for the Digital World
A contemporary data center strategy is essential for surviving in this digital world; here are few of the top aspects to be considered.

Five Best Hosting Architecture to Eliminate Downtime
Choice of hosting architecture solution can make a lot of difference to the performance of the website, and managing the downtimes, and controlling the unforeseen hiccups; here's a quick insight.

All You Need to Know About Managed Wordpress Hosting
Managed WordPress hosting solutions are idea for those who don't like to bear the headache of managing their WP blogs/websites, and need someone for dedicated support to take care of all the hosting management aspects.

Defending against Malicious Programs Using Bulletproof Hosting Sites
Bulletproof hosting, alternatively referred to as bulk-friendly hosting, is a kind of service that hosting providers offer, in order to endure possible cyber threats or disregard abuse complaints.

Common Advantages and Shortcomings of CDN Usage in a Website
CDN i.e. content distribution networks can be really handy in optimizing the load times of interactive websites, and improving their performance. Depending of the location of the user trying to access the website, data is fetched from the nearest server location to optimize the load time.

Dealing with IaaS: Wholesale Hosting or Colocation?
When it comes to choosing IaaS, there are basically two choices - server colocation and wholesale hosting. Here are the pros and cons of the two, and the opinion of industry experts.

Why Are Shared Servers Not a Good Option for Hosting/Streaming Videos
Hosting videos on shared servers can be a bad idea, and here's what can happen if you try to do so, along with four reasons why you should never even give it a thought.

3 Things to Remember While Choosing an IaaS Provider
Choosing an IaaS provider can be tricky for those who don't have prior experience of doing so. Here are three crucial things to remember before picking an IaaS provider, to ensure smooth operations post vendor selection.

Can Software Driven Data Centers be the Future?
Software driven data centers have been talked about for quite some time now, but their practicality is still a big dilemma. However, software-defined data centers have plenty of advantages, which make them a favorite among masses for adoption, as the next-gen​ data centers make their way into the markets.

What Would Next Generation Data Centers Look Like?
Data centers have been evolving and the next gen. data centers are bound to deliver much more than the present ones, especially when the world is moving towards cloud computing, and nobody really wants to look at age-old​ stuff. Software defined data centers are here to stay, and they're likely to become the next big thing in near future.

Hosting Providers Need to Take DDoS Attacks Seriously
Dealing with hosting security issues can be tricky, and DDoS attacks are one of the serious issues that web hosts need to deal with. It's critical for hosting providers to act against such attacks seriously, in order to safeguard the interest of their clients.

What do Commodity Server Platforms Hold for Future in the Data Center Industry?
Commodity server platforms are quickly becoming the next big thing in the data center industry, and replacing the conventional options at a quick pace, as the entire world is steadily progressing towards the cloud era, where just about everything is available on the Internet via cloud-based systems.

Understanding the Importance of Cloud Disaster Recovery
Data recovery leveraging cloud-based systems is the next big thing in the market, and here's how it can help you business, and top reasons why you must consider it at all costs.

Future of Video Streaming
Video streaming and on-demand video services have come a long way. Here's a quick insight into the evolution of video hosting, and its future.

Insight into Secure of Web Conferencing Services
Web conferencing services are widely used by all forms of businesses right from startups to large corporate giants, but many of them are not aware of the potential security issues; here's a quick insight.

Basic Primer on Data Center Tiers for Colocation Customers
Co-location users often tend to get confused with data center tiers, and certifications, so here are basics of colocation services and some intricacies of tier certifications.

Insight into History of “Cloud” and How the Term was Coined
Did you ever wonder how the term

6 Awesome Cloud Storage Devices for Home, Office, and Workgroups
This post lists outs top 6 cloud storage devices for home and office use, as well as workgroups, and they can come in handy for small web hosts, resellers as well as individuals.

4 Cloud CRM Benefits That Hosting Business Can Make Use of
Cloud CRM systems offer a host of benefits, and many of them can be leveraged by hosting providers; here's a quick insight into 4 such benefits.

7 Cool Cloud Initiatives in 2015
Here are 7 awesome cloud initiatives for 2015, which one must keep an eye on.

7 Upcoming Hosting Trends for 2015
As we welcome 2015, here are few of the latest hosting trends to watch out for.

VPS vs Cloud Hosting - What's Better for E-Commerce Websites?
Finding the right hosting solution for e-commerce ventures can be quite tricky, and in this post, we've compared VPS vs cloud hosting solutions for e-commerce.

How to Use Google Free Web Site Hosting
Google web hosting is one of the best forms of free website hosting for the experienced webmasters, and bloggers who're looking out for a robust free website creation system, rather than relying on the good old Blogger and Wordpress platforms. Here's a brief guide to using google website hosting.

Amazon EC2 vs. Google App Engine - A Comparative Analysis
Here's a comparative analysis of Amazon Ec2 vs Google App Engine covering the nitty gritty right from the ease of usage, complexity and necessity of technical support down to pricing, and practical implementations.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting: A Brief Comparison
In the era of cloud computing, this comparison of cloud hosting vs dedicated server hosting may sound strange to many, but since I realized that most of the websites on the Internet highlight only the benefits of cloud computing, I thought it'd be only fair to do a neutral comparison.

Amazon EC2 vs Rackspace - A Brief Comparison
Amazon EC2 has been the dominant player in the market, until Rackspace entered the cloud arena, and it soon turned out to be a great choice for SMEs - read on to discover why I moved onto Rackspace, and figure out should you actually do the same or not!

Sex.com Sold for $13M to Clover Holdings
Way back in 2006, Escom had purchased sex.com for a whooping 14millions, and this time around Clover Holdings has done it again by shelling out over $13 million

How to Start a Web Hosting Business at Home
Who says you need thousands of dollars, working capital, and a big office space to start your own hosting business? Well, you can actually start a web hosting business at home

Benefits of Amazon EC2 Scalable Cloud Hosting for Businesses
Just about everyone knows about the Amazon EC2 platform, but many business owners are still unaware of its advantages, so here's how it's beneficial to businesses.

Top 5 Free Web Builders Platforms to Help You Out
Here's a quick look at the top 5 free website builders that allow even a layman to create a professional site, without even knowing basics of HTML5 or incurring heavy fees associated with a professional web designer.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Problems and How to Deal With Them
Cloud hosting is indeed the buzzword, but just as every coin has a flipside, the cloud customers need to face some of the common issues; here's a quick insight into 5 of them.

How Does Self-Managed Hosting Differ from Managed Hosting Services?
When it comes to the selection of managed vs. self-managed hosting services, it all depends upon specific needs of the customers. Therefore, it is essential that you do provide the option of availing managed hosting services to your customers, rather than assuming that not many would be interested in the former option.

How to Change Email Hosting Location by Updating MX Records via cPanel
If you want to change the email hosting location and point to an external server, take a look at these steps involved in the process of updating MX records in cPanel.

Insight into Various Types of Web Hosting
Let us take a look at all the different types of hosting and see what kinds of requirements do each of them cater to.

Understanding What Bandwidth Really Is
Web hosting providers often lure the customers with catchy lines like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space etc, so for those who've this basic question in mind -

Cloud Computing Leaders in Current Market
Here’s a closer look at the cloud computing leaders in the current market, reasons why they're the best in the cloud market, and a glimpse of their latest offerings.

Does Server Location Matter in Overseas Hosting?
Have you ever considered the importance of server location in case of overseas hosting? Well, here are a few interesting facts, so take a good look at them, if you hadn't really cared about these aspects to date.

Registering Multiple Domain Extensions for a Business
When you launch a website for your business, you should not just consider the .com or .us domain extension, but rather try to grab all possible domain extensions to safeguard the online identity of your business.

How Competitive is the Google Drive Pricing?
Google Drive has been officially rolled out in the market, and not just as a free offering, but rather as a comprehensive cloud storage solution. But, is the Google Drive pricing very competitive? Did the king of search engines get a little too greedy not to introduce it at a lower price than the market leaders like Microsoft SkyDrive, and Amazon S3?

Cloud Hosting Basics - What It Is and How It Works
If you're new to the cloud arena, then the very first question that'd pop-up in your mind is obviously -

5 Crucial Factors for Assessing the Reliability of Web Hosting Company
When the discussion boils down to finding a reliable web hosting service, there are certain popular parameters used for comparison of various services. So, here are 5 crucial traits of a reliable web host.

Simple Guide Describing How to Install RPMs in WHM
cPanel/WHM comes with a number of built-in RPMs , and allows you to install many more. This article briefs you about the process of installing a new software using RPMs in WHM.

Key Issues to Consider While Offering Online Data Backup and Protection Services
It's not too tough to launch online backup and recovery services, but there are many crucial aspects to be considered in the process; so, here's an insight into the key issues to be considered.

5 Things to Remember While Choosing Domain Name for a Hosting Business
If you're starting a new hosting venture, but confused about choosing the right domain name for it, here are a few pointers to assist you.

Middle Eastern Markets Attracting Loads of Data Centers and Cloud Investments
Middle East and Asia Pacific region seems to be attracting lot of telecom operators and cloud companies who're in the process of expanding, and setting up new data centers. The new trend seems to be just picking up, and the future of cloud markets in Middle East and APAC seems to be quite bright.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Hosting Reseller?
Making money as a hosting reseller isn't that easy, but if you know how to play your cards right, then it isn't such an uphill task either. So, here's a beginners guide to making money as a hosting reseller.

How to Make Big Money as a Hosting Reseller and Replace Your Current Income Levels?
Continuing our discussion of making money as hosting reseller, let us know take a look at bigger figures, and see how you can replace your current full-time job. Page 2.

Reasons to Invest in Dedicated IP Hosting
Dedicated IP hosting can safeguard your web apps and website from a number of online threats, and it's highly recommended for hosting important security web apps as well as websites that have specific requirements. And, almost half of the customers want static web hosting at one point or the other, so as a web host, you shouldn't disappoint them.

Carbon Neutral Hosting – Another Noteworthy Emerging Trend in Recent Times
If you are unaware about the significance of carbon neutral hosting, it's time to spare a few minutes to read through this article and find out everything about it.

How to Set Up Billing Operations for a Hosting Company: Part 1
Just launched a new hosting firm, and trying to learn how to set-up billing operations for a hosting company? This comprehensive guide will help you in figuring out everything right from the billing system, order processing, support system, down to accounting, and record keeping.

Hyper-V VPS Hosting vs. Virtuozzo - Which is Better and Why?
When it comes to selection of one among Hyper-V VPS vs. Virtuozzo, it could be a tough call, because both of them come with their own share of benefits, but them none of them are free from fair share of drawbacks either.

3 Common Roadblocks That You'd Come Across in the Process of Starting the Hosting Business
When you try to start your web hosting business as a reseller, you are likely to run into several common roadblocks, which may prevent you from proceeding further; here's an insight into 3 such common issues, and tips to deal with them effectively.

Latest Web Hosting Scams and Scandals that Stunned the Industry
Here's an insight into the latest web hosting scams that have stunned the industry over the past 12 months, and spotlight on some of the lesser known facts about some famous web hosts.

Should You Really Make a Switch to IIS 8 Hosting?
The latest Windows IIS 8 has indeed turned out to be a game-changer

Top Reasons to Focus on Budget Web Hosting
If you want to target the small-to-mid-size businesses, it's essential to offer budget web hosting plans that cater to needs of wide range of users rather than just SMEs and corporate giants.

Google's Drive vs Skydrive from Microsoft - The Clash of Titans
Google's Drive is here to challenge everybody, right from Skydrive, iCloud, Amazon S3, down to DropBox, Box.net, and all the cloud storage service providers. In this article, we'll take a better look at the offerings of Microsoft and Google, to determine who turns out to be a superior contender in the battle of Google Drive vs SkyDrive from MS.

Tips for Offering a Secure Dedicated Server to Your Hosting Customers?
If you want to include dedicated hosting in your portfolio, here are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind.

How to Delete Unwanted Plugins from cPanel in a Jiffy?
cPanel plug-ins or extensions need to be removed when they’re no longer needed or at times, during the process of upgrading them. And, here's how you can do it in 5 simple steps.

How to Run EasyApache via SSH
This article basically briefs on the process of running EasyApache through SSH.

How to Pump Up Your Hosting Sales Figures and Send Them Sky-Rocketing
If you'd like to boost your hosting sales figures, here are 5 sure-fire ways that can come to your aid, and help in pumping up those numbers!

Why Do Some Hosting Providers Build Their Own Data Centers?
Should you choose to outsource your data center hosting requirements, or choose to build/lease your own?

How to Remote Server Monitoring Tools Help in Improving Client Satisfaction Rate?
You ought to use all kinds of tactics to boost customer retention rates in the hosting industry, and usage of Remote Server Monitoring Tools is certainly proven to be valuable, and effective.

4 Aspects to Consider Before Offering Colocation Server Hosting as a Service
When it comes to offering colocation server hosting services, there are a lot of things to be considered, but here are 4 aspects that you simply can't afford to miss out on.

Review of Symantec Hosted Mail Security
Here's a comprehensive review of Symantec hosted mail security solution, and it can help you in assessing how it can help in enhancing security.

What is Ubiquitous Computing?
Ubiquitous Computing, also known as pervasive computing, is a unique computing concept that involves the dream of technology being everywhere and still being virtually inexistent or invisible; in simple words, to turn the virtual reality inside out!

What Is a Data Center?
For those new to the web hosting field, it's natural to seek answer to the basic question

Basic Tutorial to Rebuild PHP in WHM
Here are a few basic steps involved in the process of rebuilding PHP in WHM interface.

Beginners Guide to Restoring Backups to WHM
Here's a quick beginners guide to restoring backups to the WHM. If you're doing this for the first-time, then you may certainly come across a lot of ugly surprises, but with little effort, you should be able to get this done.

How to Customize WHM and Use the Remote Access Key?
cPanel accounts can be customized with the logos, colors, design, and everything as per specific requirements. This post explains how to do it, and even make use of remote access key.

Latest Trends of 2013 and 2014 in Hosting Industry
As 2013 is about to come to an end, we take a look at some of the latest trends in hosting industry this year, and expectations for 2014.

File Hosting Service Can Be Profitable Business If You Know How to Play the Game Right
There are tons of file hosting service providers in the market such as EasyShare, Filedropper, and the likes of them, but most of the customers enjoy their free services. So, file hosting a profitable niche; well you can certainly reap good profits if you know how to play the game - here's how you can do it!

Amazon Introduces Glacier Cloud Storage Solution
Amazon has introduced another new member in the cloud arena in form of Glacier, its newest cloud storage that allows the small businesses and enterprises to archive data effortlessly on the cloud, and to come out of the dark age of tape storage.

Is Cloud Computing a Passing Fad or It's Here to Stay for Good?
Despite the progressive acceptance of cloud technology by small and large businesses of all nature throughout the world, a big chunk of critics have not stopped calling cloud a passing fad. So, let's see why cloud computing has the potential to take over all the in-house applications, and it isn't just a passing fad.

A Quick Look at Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting
The benefits of cloud website hosting are quite evident, and all the big guns in the IT industry are making a move towards the cloud... At the same time, new businesses are also looking at cloud hosting solutions, presenting a whole new realm of opportunities for the cloud hosting providers, which don't need to worry about getting enough clients anymore!

How to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business
Starting a web hosting business can be the best way for those who want to become an entrepreneur, but feel that they don't have enough capital to float their own company, or a full fledged business. Here's a quick guide describing how to start a web hosting reseller business, and make some serious money without really investing a fortune.

3 Major Roadblocks That Can Expansion of Your Hosting Business
If you think about expansion of your hosting business, at times, you may tend to black out, and totally be clueless about the future plans, because perhaps you never paid a lot of attention on creating a business plan with any expansion plans.

Gmod Dedicated Server Hosting – Another Niche Market That Remains Unexplored
Gmod server hosting is in high demand amongst the gamers, but not too many hosting firms offer garrys mod dedicated server, so it might be a good idea to explore this niche market and generate some handsome revenues.

Reasons to Consider Off Shore Web Hosting Operations
Offshore web hosting operations can considerably bring down the cost, and help you expand your business, and company's rapport; here's an insight.

Quick Comparison of Popular Web Hosting Control Panels
Here's a quick comparison of popular web hosting control panels such as Plesk, cPanel, Ensim, Direct Admin, and H-sphere.

What is Network Security Penetration Testing?
If you run a web hosting business, network penetration testing is of great importance to ensure good security levels of your server, and in turn safeguard the data of your customers; here's more to it.

5 Alternatives to the cPanel Web Control Panel
cPanel may definitely be the most popular control panel today, but there are several good alternatives available in the market. Let's take a look at 5 good alternative to cPanel.

What is a Web Server Colocation Center?
A colocation center is a kind of data center where collocation services can be provided. This concept permits more than one customer to find out network, storage gear, and use the common resources, but it's an economical option to dedicated hosting.

Tips for Blog Hosting Service Providers
Blog hosting is becoming popular with every passing day, but blog hosting service providers must remember that the mindset of bloggers are slightly different from corporate customers. So, here are some cool tips to succeed as a blog hosting provider.

Amazon S3 Storage Service and Pricing
Amazon S3 is the simple storage solution provided by the company for its cloud computing users, and just like the Amazon EC2 cloud, S3 has amazingly affordable pricing tariff, which makes it a viable option for anyone, and everyone. However, close rivals like Dropbox and Google storage services offer several benefits, which S3 fails to offer; here's a brief comparison.

Web Hosting Basics - How to Start a Web Hosting Business - Hosting Profiles - Cloud Hosting - Amazon EC2 Cloud - Web Hosting News and Reviews
Web hosting is the most important aspect of setting up a website and building an on-line empire. As a hosting provider, it's crucial to provide everything that your customers want, and keep your business updated with latest web technologies, and know what's going on in the hosting arena.

Review of SmarterMail 7.x Mail Server
Here's a comprehensive review of SmarterMail 7.x Mail Server covering everything that this mail exchange solution, which serves as a superb alternative to the costlier solutions like MS Exchange.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is the most popular form of hosting these days, on account of the enormous advantages it offers.