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Wedding Preparation
From selecting the wedding date to choosing traditions to incorporate, the wedding preparation list is long but manageable when divided into actionable steps.

Cultural Wedding Guides
Whether you are a bride, guest or wedding planner, these in-depth guides will help you understand and honor cultural wedding traditions.

Marriage Sayings
Love quotes, biblical verses and marriage sayings to inspire marriage vows, reception toasts, wedding invitations and guest favors.

Wedding Unity Ceremonies
A rich history of cultural traditions is inspiring brides and grooms to adopt unique unity ceremonies that seal the marriage vows. Explore these Ideas on how to make this ritual a meaningful moment.

Cultural Honeymoons
Whether you desire an exotic destination, long for a cultural escape or wish to return to your roots, create unforgettable memories on a honeymoon holiday.

Engagement Traditions
Getting engaged is the first step in a lifelong journey. From rings and dowries to proposals and parties, explore these engagement traditions from around the world.

Guests & Attendants
From traditional duties of the maid of honor to wedding dances and proper attire, every guest should know these age-old wedding etiquette rules and rituals.

Marriage Ceremony Customs
Will you break glass, light a unity candle or exchange vows on the beach? Every culture has unique wedding traditions and customs that date back thousands of years.

Modernizing Traditions
Break out of the box of something borrowed and blue by giving classic wedding traditions, vows, invitations, songs, dresses and cakes a contemporary makeover.

Multicultural & Interfaith Weddings
Blended families and multiethnic, interfaith and gay marriages are changing wedding traditions. These ideas guide you through merging and creating rituals.

Reception Rituals
Alongside the cake, food and music, wedding receptions contain specific cultural rituals, including the first dance, garter toss and toasts to honor parents.

Wedding Date
Spring, summer, winter or fall? These cultural traditions can help you pick the perfect wedding date.


16 Accessories: The Hindu Bride's Ensemble
Hindu brides are adorned in 16 accessories and makeup from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes.

5 Reasons Las Vegas is the Wedding Capital of the World!
Hosting more than 80,000 ceremonies each year, Las Vegas has been a premier destination for weddings since 1940.

What Music Do I Need for My Wedding?
Celebrate the highlights of your wedding ceremony and reception with music selections that represent your love, commitment and personality!

5 Breathtaking Italian Church Weddings
From the Amalfi Coast to the heart of Rome, these five churches in Italy provide a fairy tale backdrop for your Catholic wedding ceremony.

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte
Wedding Traditions.

Cathedral of Monreale
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

The Role of the Wedding Officiant
The wedding officiant, who is responsible for leading the marriage ceremony, holds several important duties before and during the nuptials.

5 Joyous Jewish Wedding Dances
Jewish weddings guests are tasked with doing everything they can to make the newlyweds happy. These five dances are designed to keep them smiling.

Japanese Unity Ceremony: Folding 1,000 Wedding Paper Cranes
The ancient Japanese custom of folding 1,000 paper cranes for a wish is also an important wedding ritual among Japanese American brides and grooms.

Cash Friendly Wedding Traditions
In many cultures, weddings guests are expected to gift cash, but it must be in an auspicious amount to bless the newlyweds with a prosperous future.

Wedding Ring Alternatives: Semiprecious Gemstones
Revered for their mystical properties to bestow happiness and harmony on marriage, these six semiprecious stones are perfect for engagement and wedding rings.

Las Arras Matrimoniales: Marriage Unity Coins
During the Latino marriage ceremony, couples exchange 13 coins to represent their vow to uphold their financial and spiritual obligations in the marriage.

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Wedding Ceremony Traditions and Reception Trends
Learn about the traditional parts of a wedding and get modern ideas for wedding customs. Get tips for incorporating cultural wedding traditions.

Should She Propose? A Favorite Leap Year Tradition!
Following an ancient leap year tradition, modern women are increasingly embracing new gender roles to propose marriage to the men in their lives.

Cultural Wedding Flowers: Marigolds
Affectionately nicknamed the sun's bride, the vibrantly colored marigolds infuse a joyous feel to every special occasion.

5 Captivating Cultural Wedding Flowers
From the fragrant lotus to the delicate orange blossom, these cultural wedding flowers are often used in weddings as a good luck charm.

Cultural Wedding Flowers: Cherry Blossoms
The ornamental Japanese sakura ushers in a sense of renewal each spring. The delicate cherry blossoms are revered for symbolizing love and honor.

Cultural Wedding Flowers: African Iris
Meaning two affinities, the African iris is a hardy, ornamental flower that looks just as beautiful tucked into bridal bouquets or reception centerpieces.

Cultural Wedding Flowers: Orange Blossoms
Brides around the world carry the dainty orange blossom as a symbol of their eternal love and to bless their marriage with children.

Wedding Money Dance: An Anticipated Reception Tradition
A custom in dozens of cultures, newlyweds cherish the tradition of spending a few intimate moments dancing with individual wedding guests for money.

More Wedding Money Dance Traditions
The wedding money dance is an ancient tradition in many European cultures that is still celebrated today, particularly in Poland, Greece and Italy.

Tying the Knot: Modern Handfasting Ceremonies
Suggestions for 5 variations on tying the knot, the ceremonially handfasting that involves binding the bride and groom's hands as they exchange vows. .

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Love Totems: How an Animal Symbol Can Strengthen Your Marriage
From wolves to cranes to butterflies, animal symbols are believed to bless weddings. Find out which animal best represents your spiritual journey.

Love Totems: Animal Symbolism in Weddings
Wedding Traditions.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Unity Ceremony
From locking in your love to folding paper cranes, these 12 traditional marriage unity ceremonies symbolize marriage and express your personality as a couple.

Wish Upon a Lantern: Sky Lantern Unity Wedding Ritual
A unique marriage unity ceremony, sky lanterns represent the newlyweds' dreams and the guests' well wishes for a prosperous journey through life as a married couple.

How Long Should I Be Engaged?
One of the first choices an engaged couple makes together is whether to postpone their nuptials or jump on the fast track to wedded bliss.

Marriage Sayings for a Love Lock Unity Ceremony
Weave in these inspirational quotes, poems and readings to explain to wedding guests the symbolism of the popular love lock unity ceremony.

Japanese Wedding Origami Cranes
Exploring the Japanese tradition of folding origami cranes for weddings.

7 Things to Know About Japanese Weddings
An in-depth guide to celebrating the traditions of Japanese weddings.

Traditional and Trendy: The Bridal Kimono
Tips for buying and wearing the Japanese bridal kimono.

Japanese Wedding Tea Ceremony
Examining the Way of the Tea ceremony in Japanese weddings.

Japanese Wedding Soup
The ingredients in the traditional Japanese wedding soup represents the joining of two separate lives.

Picking a Blessed Wedding Day
The Koyomi astrological calendar is used to determine lucky Japanese wedding dates.

Arranged Marriages in Japan
The traditions and trends of arranged marriages in the Japanese culture.

A Blessing from the Spirits
Wedding prayers are offered to ancestral spirits during Japanese weddings.

A Rustic Wolf Themed Wedding
Wise, loyal and compassionate, the majestic wolf embodies the values of marriage, making it a beautiful motif to incorporate into your rustic or winter wedding.

Wedding Love Locks Becoming Popular Unity Ceremony
Creative ideas for adding a love lock unity ceremony to your wedding festivities.

African Wedding Blessings
A collection of marriage sayings, love quotes, poems, prayers and blessings to celebrate African and African-American weddings.

Love Quotes for a Winter Wonderland Wedding
Winter marriage sayings, biblical readings and wedding quotes that warm the heart.

Marriage Sayings: Sky Lantern Wedding Wishes
Create a memorable sky lantern unity ceremony during your wedding with this collection of wish-worthy quotes and poems that capture the essence of this breathtaking ritual.

5 Enticing Destinations for Weddings
These top 5 adventure-filled destinations are enticing an increasing number of couples to jet away to exchange their wedding vows.

Top 5 Destinations for Weddings
These top 5 adventure-filled destinations are enticing an increasing number of couples to jet away to exchange their wedding vows.

Hawaii Weddings
Wedding Traditions.

Italy Weddings
Wedding Traditions.

Caribbean Weddings
Wedding Traditions.

Disney World Weddings
Wedding Traditions.

Why Some Religions Ban the Wedding Marches
Brides who want the traditional wedding marches to accompany them down the aisle are often surprised that the popular songs are banned by many faiths.

Destination Weddings: Celebrating Cultural Traditions
Couples who are opting for a fairytale wedding overseas are finding creative ways to incorporate the local customs into their marriage celebrations.

5 Steps for Announcing Your Engagement!
After you say yes, follow these five steps to properly share the exciting nuptial news with your loved ones! A must-read before your new status hits social media.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Types of Honeymoons
Let your interests and personalities direct where you spend the romantic days following your nuptials. Which of these six types of honeymoons is right for you?

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

7 Can't Miss Classic Christmas Wedding Movies
Grab your honey and a cozy blanket to snuggle up for a Christmas wedding movie marathon. Here's 7 picks for romantic and funny flicks that celebrate marriage and the holiday season.

9 Things You Shouldn't Give as Wedding Gifts
Before presenting a knife, clock or mirror to the newlyweds, make sure you balance out the negative energy from these cultural superstitions.

Cultural and Religious Wedding Vows
Most cultures have ancient wedding vows that go beyond the typical promises to honor and obey.

10 Winter Weddings: Traditions and Trends
An inspirational look at 10 winter weddings throughout history.

8 Historical Winter Weddings
A look back at 8 winter weddings throughout history.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Traditions
Wedding Traditions.

Multicultural Marriage Sayings that Celebrate Love
Celebrate a multicultural union with these beautiful ceremony readings, marriage sayings and quotes for favors.

Lucky Wedding Gifts
From chocolate to wine to maple trees, these good luck wedding gifts are believed to bless newlyweds with fidelity, fertility and prosperity.

Types of Engagement Proposals
The traditional ways a man can ask the special woman in his life to become his wife, and tips on planning the perfect marriage proposal.

Winter Weddings - What to Wear and What Gift to Give
Tips for choosing the perfect outfit and a meaningful gift when you attend a winter wedding.

Marriage Sayings for Wolf Wedding Theme
A collection of romantic quotes and marriage sayings about wolves.

Registering for Wedding China: Timeless Trend or Outdated Tradition?
Formal fine china is traditionally the centerpiece of wedding registries, but modern brides are questioning the necessity of such an extravagance.

Tips for Multicultural Wedding Planning
Advice to guide couples through negotiating the details of a multicultural wedding.

Resources for Planning a Multicultural Wedding
A collection of books and resources to help couples navigate the complexities of planning multicultural weddings.

Mixed Marriages on the Rise in U.S.
With the number of mixed marriages increasing, the nation's beliefs about interracial couples are dramatically shifting toward an attitude of acceptance.

Until Death Do We Part: Catholic Croats Have Never Divorced
Not one single divorce has been recorded in the history of Siroki Brijeg, a small Croat village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Deities of Marriage
In the Japanese, Hindu and Slavic cultures, supreme deities are called upon to offer protection and provide direction to couples as they get married.

Mazel Tov!: Breaking the Jewish Marriage Glass
Tips for breaking and preserving the wedding glass during Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Wheat is an Ancient Symbol for Love, Marriage and Family
Bless your marriage with prosperity and abundance by decorating with golden sheaves of wheat, a gorgeous good luck charm perfect for rustic and autumn weddings.

Irish Wedding Toast Drinks: Honey Wine Mead
Bunratty mead, a seductive honey wine, is given to Irish newlyweds to bless their marriage with children.

Irish Wedding Toast Drinks: Irish Whiskey
Irish nuptials are celebrated with whiskey toasts and whiskey soaked fruitcake.

Irish Wedding Toasts to Bless Newlyweds
When tipping a celebratory nip of whiskey to the newlyweds, you'll need a great Irish wedding toast to wish the couple well on their journey.

Harvesting Love: Wheat Theme Wedding Sayings
A collection of wheat-themed wedding sayings that celebrate the metaphor of sowing, growing and harvesting a marriage.

A Charmed Cake
A popular tradition in the Southern U.S., the cake pull is a fun game for the bridal party to learn about their fortunes in life. A small charm is attached to a satin ribbon and hidden underneath the cake.

The Marriage Tree
Tips for creating a meaningful and personalized wedding tree unity ceremony, and hardy trees that symbolize marriage.

10 Variations on the Arm Bouquet
Long-stemmed sheaf bouquets pair well with an elaborate dress but also work well in outdoor settings.

Modern Sheaf Bouquet
A modern twist on the traditional sheaf bouquet.

Bridesmaid Sheaf Bouquet
The sheaf bouquet has traditionally been carried by bridesmaids.

A Statement Bouquet
From the bride's arm to the head table, sheaf bouquets make a dramatic statement.

Vintage Sheaf Bouquet
Vintage-inspired sheaf bouquet from the 1930s.

Rustic Wheat Sheaf Bouquet
A sheaf of wheat makes a beautiful bouquet in spring or autumn.

Rosemary Sheaf Bouquet
Rosemary, the herb of remembrance, is beautiful on its own.

Elaborate Bridal Sheaf Bouquet
You can make a sheaf bouquet as simple or elaborate as you like.

Flowers for a Sheaf Bouquet
Long-stemmed flowers and lush filler commonly used in sheaf bouquets.

Vintage Sheaf Bouquet
A vintage-inspired sheaf bouquet.

Simple Sheaf Bouquet
A simple bridal sheaf bouquet. Wedding Traditions.

Newlyweds Embark on Cultural Honeymoons to Lock in Their Love
Newlyweds around the world lock in their love then throw away the key at these famous destinations.

Weddings are a Celebration for Families Too!
Ideas for including immediate family members into your wedding to honor the special people in your lives.

The Role of Siblings
Wedding Traditions.

The Role of Grandparents
Wedding Traditions.

The Role of Parents
Wedding Traditions.

The Role of Godparents
Wedding Traditions.

Bountiful Roses, The Essence of Romance
Wedding Traditions.

Whimsical Tulips
Wedding Traditions.

Readily Available and Affordable Flowers
These four iconic flowers have become staples at weddings. Besides symbolizing love, they are readily available, easily affordable and diversely colored.

Pretty Peonies, A Symbol for Prosperity
Wedding Traditions.

The Versatile Calla Lily
Wedding Traditions.

5 Types of Wedding Vows
Religious beliefs and cultural customs often determine the vows that brides and grooms exchange. These are the five most common types of marriage vows.

History of the Wedding Boutonniere
Adding elegance and style to the traditional marriage suit, the groom's wedding boutonniere is a centuries-old symbol of chivalry.

Who to Be or Not to Be?
From Muslim to Asian to Latino brides, many women throughout the world keep their maiden name after marriage. Here's a look at cultural traditions for changing your name after the wedding.

Wedding Shoe Traditions: Sixpence and Other Superstitions
Shoes are associated with ancient weddings traditions across many cultures. Learn about the origin of the sixpence wedding tradition and other shoe superstitions.

Top 7 Wedding Songs of All Time
A collection of classic songs that are on the must play list at every wedding.

Types of Wedding Dances
Honor the most important people in your life by inviting them onto the dance floor.

The Best (and Worst!) Songs for Your Money Dance
Popular money dance songs you should avoid and some great song suggestions to make this enchanting wedding tradition a success.

Love Quotes for an Autumn Wedding
A romantic collection of quotes about falling in love that are perfect for celebrating an autumn wedding.

Continued: Madrinas y Padrinos: The Wedding Sponsors
The traditional roles and responsibilities of wedding sponsors in Latino marriage ceremonies.

Lucky Weekend Wedding Dates
The luckiest weekend dates in 2015 and 2016 to get married, according to numerous cultural predictions.

Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Traditions
How same-sex couples are adapting traditional wedding customs into their marriage ceremonies.

LGBT Wedding and Reception Traditions
From asking religious officiants to perform the marriage ceremony to cutting the cake, same sex couples hold on to many traditional wedding rituals.

Top Wedding Party Dance Songs
A collection of fun -- and danceable -- songs that celebrate the bridal party.

The Groom's Cake
The groom's cake is a gift from the bride to celebrate her newlywed husband.

Choose a Cultural Wedding Cake
Wedding Traditions.

An Anniversary Blessing: Saving the Top Tier
Sharing your wedding cake's top tier on your first anniversary is a sweet way to remember your wedding day.

The Bridesmaids Ribbon Pull
The cake charm pull is a beloved tradition in Southern U.S. weddings.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper
The wedding cake topper is a fun tradition that allows couples to visually share their quirky personalities.

Cutting the Wedding Cake
Celebrated globally, the cutting of the cake is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding reception.

Can Officiants and Wedding Vendors Refuse Gay Couples?
The First Amendment protects the rights of religious leaders and wedding vendors to choose who they work with.

Wedding Traditions Already Entrenched in LGBT Community
Same-sex weddings are already steeped in modified marriage traditions.

Are Same-Sex Marriages Really Legal Everywhere?
Despite the Supreme Court ruling, same-sex couples may not be able to easily get married everywhere.

A Booming Surge in Gay Weddings
The anticipated $2 billion boost to the wedding industry is likely to influence same-sex wedding traditions and trends.

French Wedding Cake: Croquembouche
The towering croquembouche is the traditional wedding cake in France.

Italian Wedding Cake: Millefoglie
The Italian millefoglie wedding cake represents the many layers of marriage.

Scandinavian Wedding Cake: Kransekake
Scandinavian newlyweds seal their vows over the towering kransekake wedding cake.

Chinese Weddings Happiness Cake
Small, imprinted cakes are given to guests at Chinese weddings.

Cultural Variations on Wedding Cakes
A multi-tiered white cake isn't the only wedding cake tradition in the world. These visually stunning and delicious confections make a statement on your wedding day.

Bridal Shoe Reception Rituals
From wedding blessings to selecting the next bride, bridal shoes are an important part of cultural wedding reception rituals.

Cultural Wedding Blessings
Cultural wedding toasts from around the world.

Meant To Bee
Symbolize the sweetness of your love with these enchanting honey themed wedding favors.

Quotes and Readings for a Honey Themed Wedding
Celebrate the sweetness of marriage with these fitting quotes and readings about love and honey.

Just Married: Decorating the Getaway Car
Tips for sending the newlyweds off on their journey in an elegantly decorated vehicle that lets everyone know they just tied the knot.

Most Romantic Movie Vows: West Side Story (1961)
Six cinematic wedding vows that perfectly represent what love is all about. Maria and Tony sing their vows in

Most Romantic Movie Vows: Sex and the City (2008)
Romantic wedding vows inspired by Sex and the City based on Ludwig van Beethoven's Immortal Beloved.

Most Romantic Movie Vows: The Vow (2012)
Romantic wedding vows between Leo and Paige in The Vow.

Most Romantic Movie Vows: Broken Arrow (1950)
Romantic wedding vows between Jeffords and Sonseeahray in Broken Arrow.

Most Romantic Movie Vows: Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)
Romantic wedding vows between Vanessa and Frankie in Madea's Family Reunion, including Maya Angelou's reading of In and Out of Time.

Most Romantic Movie Vows: In Her Shoes (2005)
Cameron Diaz reads E.E. Cumming poem in movie In Her Shoes.

Wedding Ring Traditions
Traditions and superstitions that surrounded the engagement and wedding rings.

History of the Engagement Ring
The modern single solitaire diamond is a relatively new tradition.

Choosing a Wedding Band Stone
A look at the traditional gemstones used in wedding rings, including diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

The Charm of the Ring Bearer
Tips for involving a young man in your wedding celebrations.

Unity Ceremony: Ring Warming
Readings, quotes and ceremony ideas for the ring warming unity ceremony.

Picking a Sentimental Wedding Ring
Ideas for wedding rings that reflect your love for each.

Wedding Ring Superstitions
Superstitions about wedding rings.

Cultural Wedding Rings
Cultural wedding rings to honor your heritage.

Mangagement Rings
A look at the growing popularity of women proposing and cultural traditions for men's engagement rings.

Essential Wedding Flower Arrangements
Believed to carry blessings, a variety of flower arrangements are used in weddings.

Traditional Bridal Bouquet Arrangements
There are so many options to choose from - what bridal bouquet style is right for you?

Cultural Alternatives to Bridal Bouquets
Cultural traditions that bless a marriage with flowers.

What You Need to Know About Wedding Flowers
An informative guide to help brides navigate the complex -- and expensive! -- traditions of wedding flowers.

Create a Meaningful Bouquet
Tips on how to make sure your bridal bouquet reflects your personality!

5 Classic Boutonniere Flowers
A history of the groom's boutonniere and traditional flower arrangements.

Madrinas y Padrinos: The Wedding Sponsors
Modern Latino couples struggle with how to incorporate sponsors into the wedding festivities.

Planting a Marriage
An ancient symbol of life and love, wedding tree plantings are an important part of many marriage traditions around the world.

Quotes and Readings for Tree Ceremony
A collection of beautiful readings for the wedding tree unity ritual, quotes for programs and sayings for guest favors.

Cultural Wedding Gift Traditions
Horseshoes, crosses and eggs are presented to newlywed couples to protect their marriage and bless them with a healthy family.

12 Types of Weddings
From traditional to quirky, find the type of wedding ceremony that is right for you.

The Role of Groomsmen
What a groom needs from his best man and groomsmen.

The Role of Children in Weddings
From flowers girls to page boys to a fun-filled kid's table, here are some tips on including children in your wedding.

The Role of Ushers
Ushers help your wedding run smoothly.

Who's in the Wedding Party?
The members of the wedding party should be the people who are always by your side. These are the roles loved ones can play in your wedding.

The Role of Bridesmaids
Differences between the maid of honor and bridesmaids -- who handles what?

Memorable Bridal Shower Games
Put a modern twist on traditional bridal shower games.

8 Resources for GLBT Weddings
The rise in GLBT marriages are creating a niche market for wedding vendors and resources to help couples plan their wedding celebrations.

The Journey Begins
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

Whisper Sweet Nothings in Her Ear
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Silhouette
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

With Your Family
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

Arriving in the Car
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

View From Above
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Veil
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

Show Your Personalities
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

A Quiet Moment Together
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Small Details
Wedding Photo Gallery: 10 must-have wedding pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

Gifts for a Winter Wedding
Personalize your wedding gift for the winter bride and groom with these festive yet sophisticated ideas.

Love Birds
Winter Wedding Gifts: Chic bird-shaped bowls crafted from ceramic.

Hot Drinks For Two
A charming wedding gift basket of hot cocoa or tea for two.

Personalized Snowflake Glasses
Festive snowflake wine glasses that imprinted with the newlyweds' monogram and wedding date.

Simple Sweets
Charming cupcake towers offer a twist on the traditional wedding cake.

Romantic Color Schemes
Wedding decor with a romantic vintage theme.

Ornate Vintqage Jewelry
Sophisticated vintage jewelry compliments romantic wedding dresses.

Long, Embellished Veils
Long lace veils pair prettily with sweeping wedding gowns.

Winter 2012-2013 Wedding Trends
Enchant your winter wedding with the latest trends, from lace sleeves and flowing dresses to ornate jewelry and simple sweets.

Choose Your Boutonniere
The flowers in the groom's boutonniere are meant to bless and protect the marriage.

Ring Bearers and Ushers
Young male family members serve as ring bearers and ushers during the wedding ceremony.

8 Wedding Traditions Men Need to Know
Wedding duties and traditions for all men in the wedding, including the groom, groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers and uncles.

Get Fitted for Your Tux
FAQ for renting the wedding tuxedo.

Pick Your Groom's Cake
Help pick out your groom's cake.

9 Duties of the Groomsmen
Essential responsibilities expected of a groomsman.

Walking the Bride Down the Aisle
Traditionally, the father of the bride walks her down the aisle.

Decorating the Getaway Car
Decorating the getaway car is traditionally the responsibility of the groomsmen.

A Godparent's Role in the Wedding
Tips for including godparents in the wedding celebration.

Dressing the Wedding Party in Marsala
Marsala is a great color choice for men and women.

Marsala, a Rich Red Hue to Celebrate Love
Ways to integrate Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year into your wedding traditions.

Marsala, a Color for All Wedding Seasons
Red is a traditional wedding color that often serves as a base color for decorations and attire.

Marsala Inspired Wedding Decorations
Marsala adds a sense of sophistication to traditional wedding details.

Lush Wedding Flowers
Crimson colored flowers make a bold statement in wedding flower arrangements.

Native American Wedding Readings
A collection of Native American prayers, poems, blessings and proverbs for marriage ceremonies.

Game of Thrones Resurrects Ancient Wedding Traditions
The popular Game of Thrones series celebrates ancient wedding traditions, including bedding rituals and cloaking ceremonies.

7 Ideas for Making a Meaningful Marriage Box
Create a marriage box that captures the magic of your wedding day.

Wedding Traditions that Make Mom Feel Special
Wedding traditions that show your mom just how much you value her love, support and guidance.

Make Mom a Wedding Brag Book
Mom will want wedding pictures the next day.

Get Dressed Together
Include mom in the getting ready festivities.

Give Mom a Heartfelt Gift
Thank mom with a gift and handwritten letter.

Honor Mom During the Processional
Have mom walk beside as she has always done.

Dance with Mom at the Wedding Reception
Mom is center stage during the mother-son dance.

Plan a Mother-Daughter Shopping Trip
Bring mom along to pick out your wedding dress.

Celebrate One Tradition from Mom's Wedding Day
Surprise mom by celebrating a tradition from her wedding.

Invite Mom to Participate in the Wedding Ceremony
Give mom a special role in the unity ceremony.

Publicly Thank Mom
Tell mom how much you appreciate her in front of all the wedding guests.

Take My Hand: Cultural Handfasting Traditions
Dozens of cultures around the world incorporate a handfasting ceremony into the wedding festivities.

13 Wedding Time Capsule Quotes and Readings
Highlight the meaning of your wedding time capsule with these quotes and readings.

By Season and Hobbies
Four traditional methods to figure out your best wedding date.

Choose a Meaningful Date
Pick a date that commemorates a special time or person.

Find a Lucky Date for Marriage
Cultural predictions for lucky Friday, Saturday and Sunday wedding dates in 2015 and 2016.

Married Under the Light of the Lucky Moon
Check the calendar for the next lucky moon.

Traditions for Giving Wedding Gifts
Cultural traditions and taboos for buying wedding gifts.

Giving a Lucky Wedding Gift
Bless a newlywed couple with these lucky wedding gift ideas.

Be Mindful of Wedding Gift Superstitions
Gifts you should never give a newlywed couple.

Cash Helps Newlyweds Build a Nest Egg
A guide to knowing how to give money to newlyweds.

Celebrate the Couple's Culture
Wedding gift ideas that honor a couple's ethnic and religious heritage.

Etiquette on Buying an Engagement Gift
Discover the rules about buying an engagement gift and which types of presents are appropriate.

Pick a Blessed Day
These 8 lucky superstitions can bless your wedding day.

Tuck a Token in Your Shoe
Brides around the world carry lucky tokens down the aisle.

Have Guests Throw Something at You
Wedding throws are meant to bless the couple with abundance and distract evil spirits.

Pray to the Ancestral Spirits
Send a wedding prayer to ancestral spirits.

Have an Odd-Numbered Guest List
Wedding Traditions.

Serve Your Guests Jordan Almonds
Jordan almonds are served to guests to bless a marriage with health, wealth, happiness, children and a long life.

Decorate with Lucky Colors
Discover which colors can bless your wedding day with good luck.

Select Lucky Wedding Flowers
Certain flowers have magical properties that can bless your marriage with good luck.

Traditional Elements of the Wedding Reception
There are endless ways to personalize your event, most wedding receptions have these eight elements in common.

Lucky Foods Served at Chinese Weddings
Auspicious foods served during Chinese wedding receptions.

Chinese Fortune-Tellers Choose Lucky Wedding Days
Chinese couples consult fortune-tellers to determine their luckiest wedding days.

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony
Toasts, prayers and gifts to honor the Chinese wedding tea ceremony.

8 Things to Know about Chinese Weddings
Learn what you need to know about the customs and superstitions that surround Chinese weddings.

A Lifetime of Double Happiness
Wedding Traditions.

Chinese Weddings are Radiant in Red and Gold
Red and gold are the most popular color choice for Chinese weddings.

Chinese Wedding Dances
Common Chinese wedding dances are the Groom's Procession and Lion Dance.

The 3 Letters of Chinese Marriage
Chinese families exchange three letters before their children get married.

The 6 Etiquettes of Chinese Weddings
Pre-wedding requirements for Chinese weddings.

Chinese Wedding Gift Traditions
Lucky and unlucky wedding gifts in the Chinese culture.

Turning 1,000 Wedding Cranes into Art
After folding 1,000 paper cranes, Japanese brides, grooms and their families create beautiful works of art.

Wedding Rings: Precious Gemstones
Less expensive but equally stunning, sapphires, rubies and emeralds have a long history of being included in wedding ring settings.

Colorful Wedding Gowns
Throughout much of the world, brides choose colorful wedding dresses to celebrate their love.

Wedding Tea is Steeped in Tradition
These cultural wedding tea ceremonies will infuse your festivities with culture, sophistication and good luck.

Wedding Day Superstitions
From exchanging vows under a growing moon to dropping the wedding rings, these timeless traditions and omens are believed to determine the success of a marriage.

Wedding Throws Bless Newlyweds
Wedding throws that shower the newlywed couple with blessings are a timeless tradition throughout the world.

Traditional Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet
Trendy twists on the bridal bouquet, from herb and vegetable bouquets to cultural crowns and garlands.

Marriage Beliefs
From the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah to the Muslim Quran and Hindu Shastra, many couples turn to the scriptures to understand the sanctity of marriage.

Quotes and Readings for a Handfasting Unity Ceremony
Inspirational poems and quotes to honor the handfasting marriage ritual.

The Meaning Behind Wedding Cake Charms
Traditional and trendy cake charms meanings, even the unlucky ones like thimble, button and penny.

Winter 2012 Wedding Trends
Winter wedding trends, from lace sleeves and flowing dresses to ornate jewelry and simple sweets.

How to Pick a Lucky Wedding Date
Many cultures and religions employ ancient traditions to determine the best and worst dates and times to get married.

Chinese Fortune-Tellers Choose Lucky Wedding Days
After consulting a fortune-teller, Chinese couples may hasten or postpone their plans to secure a lucky day.

Tasteful Wedding Money Tree Poems
Tasteful ways to let your wedding guests know that they can help you plant the seeds for prosperity.

An Enchanting Wedding Money Tree
Tips for creating a tasteful money tree centerpiece.

Tactfully Seat Guests at the Wedding Ceremony
With extended, blended and uneven families, seating guests at the ceremony can get tricky.

The Wedding Cantor in Catholicism
During the Catholic Mass, the cantor is responsible for leading the congregation in singing prayers, including the Nuptial Blessing.

The Best Wedding Traditions on Pinterest!
Find the best Wedding Traditions on Pinterest that inspire and guide brides in designing exceptional ceremonies that celebrate their heritage.

The Kissing Games - Wedding Traditions
A list of fun games guests play to encourage the bride and groom to smooch during the wedding reception, including Chocolate Kisses, Charity Box, and more.

5 Cultural Wedding Gifts for African American Couples
Meaningful wedding gifts that celebrate the traditions and heritage of African and African American couples.

Christian Covenant Wedding Vows
Engaged couples return to the roots of Christianity in order to strengthen their commitment to each other and to God.

A Godparent's Role in the Wedding
Tips for meaningfully including godparents in the wedding celebration, and suggestions for how godparents can support the bride and groom in their marriage.

5 Pieces of Funny Advice for Brides
Ease a bride's stress and jitters with these comical quips that also offer wise advice.

5 Best Boutonniere Flowers
Classic flowers and traditions for creating an elegant groom's boutonniere.

Quotes and Readings for Blended Family Weddings
A collections of vows, prayers and quotes that represent the beauty of blended families.

3 Symbols of Korean Weddings
Faithful Mandarin ducks, colorful paper lanterns and harmonious reds and blues are often present in Korean weddings.

To Honor and Obey
Few modern brides opt to keep the traditional word

Wedding Vase Unity Ceremony
The wedding vase is a Native American unity ceremony that unites the bride and groom for eternity.

A Superstitious Wedding
Find out what it means when it rains on your wedding day or if you pass a funeral procession on your way to the chapel.

Love is Sweet as Honey
Since the earliest days of civilization, honey has been an essential ingredient in the fertility rituals of marriage.

Ceremonial Quotes for Jumping the Broom
Highlight the meaning of the broom jumping ceremony with these quotes and readings.

Ceremonial Sayings for 13 Marriage Coins
Readings to honor the meaning of the 13 Marriage Coins ceremony.

Religious Wedding Gifts
Celebrate the spiritual meaning of marriage with these attractive yet practical religious wedding gifts for Jewish, Christian and Muslim newlywed couples.

Jewish Wedding Gifts
Spiritual wedding gifts for newlywed Jewish couples. Page 2.

Christian Wedding Gifts
Spiritual wedding gifts for newlywed Christian couples. Page 3.

Muslim Wedding Gifts
Spiritual wedding gifts for newlywed Muslim couples. Page 4.

Buddhist Wedding Gifts
Spiritual wedding gifts for newlywed Buddhist and Hindu couples.

Hindu Wedding Gifts
Spiritual wedding gifts for newlywed Hindu couples. Page 2.

Blessing a Marriage with Eggs
Incorporating decorative eggs into the wedding celebration is customary around the world.

An Eggcellent Wedding Gift
Presented to newlyweds worldwide, decorative eggs are given to bless the couple's new start in life.

Wedding Prayer Shawl
Embodying comfort, shelter and solace, the wedding shawl enfolds the couple in the protection of each other and God.

Chinese Wedding Dances
Both the Groom's Procession and Lion Dance are performed to ensure Chinese couples are blessed with good luck in their marriage.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Kiss
From the United States to Belize to Norway, the ending ceremony kiss is part of nearly every wedding across the globe.

Traditional Scottish Wedding Dances
An overview of the traditional dances and modern interpretations of Scottish wedding dances.