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Inexpensive Snack Bars with Protein
Need an inexpensive high protein snack bar? This one is easy to find, low in fat and low in calories.

Salad Dressing
Weight Loss.

Good Protein Sources for a Healthy Salad
Weight Loss.

Herbs for Your Salad
Weight Loss.

The Best Salad Ingredients to Lose Weight
Learn how to make a delicious, filling, diet-friendly salad with these fun and clever salad ingredients.

How to Choose the Best Healthy Fat for Your Salad
Weight Loss.

Choose Colorful Veggies
Weight Loss.

Salad Greens for a Healthy Salad
Weight Loss.

The Best Beer, Wine and Cocktail Choices for Dieters
Find out how to navigate the bar and the best alcohol options when you are trying to lose weight.

How to Use a Blender to Lose Weight
The easiest way to lose weight is to cook your own meals at home with a blender. Use these tips and recipes to use your blender for weight loss.

How to Buy a Blender to Lose Weight
Learn how to buy the best blender for weight loss and then use your blender to lose weight.

How to Make Low-Calorie Smoothies-Recipes
Looking for healthy smoothie recipes to help you lose weight? Start with this basic recipe and then try these other low calorie smoothie recipes too.

How to Make Low Calorie Soup in a Blender
You can make healthy, low calorie soup at home in your blender with these simple recipes.

Healthy Dip Recipes for Your Blender
These low calorie dip recipes are perfect if you're looking for a healthy snack idea for home or entertaining.

How to Make Ice Cream That's Healthy
It's easy to make ice cream in a blender. Use these simple recipes to make your own low calorie, healthy dessert.

Cooking Tips to Use Your Blender for Weight Loss
Use these cooking tips to make healthy, low calorie foods with your blender.

Cooking Tips to Lose Weight Faster
Get easy cooking tips to help you lose weight faster

Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Does It Work?
Acupuncture can be used to help you lose weight. Learn how to use the traditional Chinese medicine treatment for weight loss.

How to Start a Workout Routine if You're Overweight
What are best exercises for overweight people? These 5 workouts top the list. Choose any of these to lose weight, and improve the way your body feels.

How to Cook Healthy Meals for the Week in Under an Hour
Learn how to make an entire week's worth of diet-friendly, healthy meals in less than an hour with simple ingredients and almost no mess.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Enjoy Healthy Meals During the Week
Weight Loss.

How to Make Low Calorie-Coffee Drinks
These coffee drink recipes and espresso machine buying guides provide all the information and tips you need to make low calorie coffee drinks at home.

How to Make Low Calorie Turkey Stuffing
Make one of these low calorie turkey stuffing recipes to have a healthier Thanksgiving and keep your diet on track.

Biking to Lose Weight: How Far and How Fast to Go
Biking to lose weight can be fun and effective if you have the best bike for weight loss and know how far and how fast you should ride.

Smoothies with Protein
Use these tips and recipes to add protein to your healthy smoothies.

How to Make Weight Loss Smoothies: Dos And Don'ts
Weight loss smoothies can ruin your diet if you don't follow these rules. Check the list and use these recipes to make sure your diet drink stays healthy.

Low Calorie Smoothies
Trying to make a low calorie smoothie? Don't make this common dieter error. Instead, take the time for this essential initial step.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes
Make a healthy smoothie! Experiment with fruit and try one of these creative recipes for tasty fruit smoothies

Make a Lowfat Smoothie
How much fat is in your favorite smoothie? Many drinks contain too much hidden fat and calories. Use on of these ingredients to make your healthy smoothie creamy without the fat

Low Sugar Smoothies
Don't add extra sugar to your smoothie. Make a healthy smoothie with this recipes and by avoiding these errors.

Basic Smoothie Recipe
Use this basic smoothie recipe and these tips to make your own healthy smoothie recipe.

Is Panda Express Healthy? Nutrition Facts and Tips
Many diners think Panda Express is healthy and some of the menu items are diet-friendly, but the calories can skyrocket if you eat the wrong foods.

Healthy Asian Food for Dieters
There are plenty of diet-friendly​ choices when you eat Chinese or Japanese food. Find out what healthy Asian food you should order when you dine out.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

The 13 Best Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food
There are different ways to reward yourself without food. But some diet rewards are better than others. These are the ways that work best.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

6 Things to Expect After Bariatric Surgery
Find out what to expect after bariatric surgery, how fast you'll lose weight after gastric bypass, recovery and hospital stay info for all procedures.

Easy Breakfast Recipes and Cooking Tips
Get easy breakfast recipes, cooking tips, and a shopping list of healthy breakfast foods to make a healthy meal that is low in calories and high in protein.

How Much Protein Should I Eat to Lose Weight?
Are you eating the right amount of protein for weight loss? Find out what researchers have found about eating different amounts.

Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know
Should you try a ketogenic diet? Weight loss may happen more quickly. Find out how to follow a keto diet and see a keto diet food plan.

Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss: Good or Bad?
Find out if artificial sweeteners are safe, if they cause weight gain, and if there is a best option for you during weight loss.

Calories In, Calories Out: How Many to Lose Weight?
Learn how to use this calorie calculator to figure out how many calories to lose weight. Then make adjustments to the number if you want to eat more.

How to Eat Peas to Lose Weight
Did you know that green peas are a good source of fiber and protein? Find out how to eat them to lose weight and get healthy.

How to Eat Jicama to Lose Weight
Find out what to do with jicama so that you get more fiber in your diet to lose weight.

How to Eat Radishes to Lose Weight
Find out why and how you should eat radishes if you want to improve your diet or lose weight.

How to Eat Guava for Weight Loss
Guava is one of the healthiest foods for weight loss. Find out why and how to eat it to lose weight faster.

Pears: A Fiber-Rich Fruit for Weight Loss
Find out why pears are one of the best fruits for dieters and how to pick and store pears so you don't waste your money.

Best Frozen Berries for Weight Loss
Learn how to use frozen berries and how to thaw them properly so that they taste just as good as fresh berries.

How to Cook With White Beans to Lose Weight
Use these white bean tips and recipes to add more fiber to your diet and lose weight.

The Best Natural Foods for Weight Loss
Find out which natural foods can help curb your hunger and help you lose weight without the uncontrollable cravings.

How to Make a Diet Friendly Meal with Rye Crackers
Make a diet-friendly lunch with these crackers instead of bread to get more fiber and fewer calories.

Spinach is a diet superfood and packed with nutrition. Find out what surprising ways you can prepare spinach to lose weight.

Acorn Squash: Why It's Good for Weight Loss
Acorn squash nutrition facts make it one of the best foods for weight loss. Find out how to prepare it if you want to lose weight.

Cauliflower Ideas for Weight Loss
Use these creative recipes for cauliflower to get more fiber in your diet to lose weight.

Why Broccoli Is Good For Weight Loss
Not sure what to do with broccoli? Find out how and why you should eat more broccoli to lose weight.

How to Eat Chick Peas for Weight Loss
Learn the best ways to eat chick peas if you're trying to lose weight.

The Best Ways to Eat Celery for Weight Loss
Learn creative ways to eat celery to lose weight and eat more fiber.

How to Eat Hearts of Palm to Lose Weight
Not sure how to eat hearts of palm? Find out how to cook them or eat them as part of a weight loss diet.

The Best Gifts For Dieters and Exercisers
Need to buy a gift for a dieter in your life? These weight loss gifts are perfect and you'll find ideas for every budget and every lifestyle.

How to Make a Healthy Lunch
Need healthy lunch recipes or tips to create a diet-friendly meal? This 30-second guide will give you everything you need to make a healthy lunch.

Basic Grocery Shopping List for Weight Loss
Find out what smart dieters buy at the grocery store with this basic healthy shopping list and use tips to get the best foods to help you slim down.

How to Use Chicken Broth to Lose Weight
Find out why you need to keep chicken stock on hand if you're serious about losing weight.

The Best Way to Roast Beef and Lose Weight
Love red meat? Learn how to eat roast beef and still stick to your diet to lose weight.

The Better Kind of Popcorn for Weight Loss
Popcorn isn't always a guilt-free choice for dieters. Find out which kind to buy if you want to lose weight.

Yasso Bars: Creamy Dessert for Weight Loss
The best dessert for weight loss? This Sea Salt Caramel bar is delicious and only 100 calories.

The Best Foods for Weight Loss: Frozen Shrimp
Find out why frozen shrimp can help you lose weight and the best way to eat them.

The Best Food for Weight Loss: Eggs
Get nutrition facts for eggs to see why they are one of the best foods for weight loss.

The Best Cake to Eat When You're Trying to Lose Weight
Yes, you can eat cake on a diet. As long as you eat the right kind of cake for weight loss.

Different Ways to Eat Chick Peas to Lose Weight
This is the food you need in your pantry if you want to lose weight.

How to Save Calories by Eating Cucumber
Learn how to use cucumbers to save 200-300 calories at lunch time.

The Best Way to Eat Peanut Butter for Weight Loss
Find out why this peanut butter is the best kind for dieters to eat when they are trying to slim down.

The Best Oatmeal for Weight Loss
Find out which oatmeal to buy and which ones to avoid if you want to lose weight and eat oatmeal.

The Cole Slaw Mix That Can Help You Slim Down
Find out why this cheap, easy to find slaw is one of the best foods for dieters.

The Best Weight Loss Foods (List)
If you're looking for the best foods to help you lose weight, you'll need to look past the fads and head to the market with this list.

How to Eat Cheese If You Want to Lose Weight
What's the best cheese for weight loss. This simple product is easy to find in your grocery and is perfect for any smart dieter.

Why You Should Eat Iceberg Lettuce to Lose Weight
Iceberg lettuce is so unpopular, but there is a good reason that it's one of the best foods for weight loss.

Cauliflower: A Must-Have Food for Weight Loss
Use these creative recipes for cauliflower to to lose weight faster (and more cheaply).

List of Best Weight Loss Foods
If you're looking for the best foods to help you lose weight, you'll need to look past the fads and head to the market with this list.

Why You Should Eat Grapefruit to Lose Weight
There's a reason that grapefruit is popular among successful dieters. Find out what it is.

Why Beef Jerky Is Better If You Want to Get Lean
Guess why beef jerky is good for you if you want to lose weight. Check out these numbers.

Why You Should Try Asian Yogurt to Lose Weight
Find out why Asian yogurt is the next go-to food for smart dieters.

Lower Calorie Healthy Vietnamese Food
Learn quick tips to find healthy Vietnamese food in restaurants, at the grocery store and even make low-calorie Vietnamese food at home.

How to Reduce Dairy Queen Calories: DQ Nutrition Tips
Check your Dairy Queen nutrition facts before you visit DQ. Calories for the best and worst ice cream and menu items are listed to help you eat less.

Healthy Low-Calorie Snacks with Protein
Need ideas for protein snacks that are also low in calories? Use these tips, guides and recipes to stock up.

Potato Skins: Low Calorie Recipes for Loaded Spuds
Love loaded potato skins? If you don't love the calories, try one of these easy recipes for creamy, cheesy low fat potato skins.

Easy Home Workouts to Tighten Your Body
Do any of these easy home workouts to slim down and make your arms, your legs, and your belly look tighter and more fit. No equipment required!

Quick Tips to Make a Salad for Weight Loss
Throw these quick and easy ingredients in a bowl to get a healthy, low calorie, metabolism boosting, meal-sized salad to help you lose weight.

The Healthiest Indian Food for Dieters
Find out which are the healthiest Indian foods to order when you visit a restaurant or choose to cook diet-friendly Indian food at home.

How to Lose Weight With a Fitbit
Find out which is the best Fitbit for losing weight then use these Fitbit weight loss tips to help you slim down and get healthy.

How Much Exercise You Need to Lose Weight
Not sure how much exercise to lose weight? Find out how many minutes per week and how many minutes per day you should exercise for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Without Spending Money
Lose weight without spending money? It can be done! Slimming down doesn't have to mean shelling out on special foods or weight-loss programs.

Step 3: Start Measuring Serving Sizes
Begin losing weight without spending any money by measuring your serving sizes of foods.

Step 4: Sign Up for a Free Calorie Count Membership
Calorie Count, a service of About.com health, will help you assess you caloric needs, track your food and exercise calories, find out how healthy your favorite recipes are, and much more.

Losing Weight by Cutting Liquid Calories
Cutting liquid calories can go a long way in achieving your weight-loss goals. Just giving up two cans of soda a day can spare you almost 300 calories! Let's take a closer look at how to cut liquid calories.

How to Manage Midlife Weight Gain
Want to learn how to stay fit and lean over 40? Chris Freytag shares diet tips and exercise advice to manage midlife weight gain.​

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 2.

How to Choose or Pack Healthy Airplane Snacks
Healthy airplane snacks aren't hard to come by, but if you find yourself using an airline that hasn't improved their offerings, be prepared.

How to Have a Healthy Lunch at the Office
Office lunch doesn't have to be cause for dietary damage. Check out these simple tips on how to have a healthy office lunch.

Why Calories Still Count in Weight Loss
Learn why watching your calorie intake is the smartest weight loss tactic you can use.

How-To Guide to Snacking Healthy at the Office
Healthy office snacks can be within reach with a little planning. Here's how to choose and prepare healthy office snacks.

10 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Weekend
Weekend weight gain doesn't have to ruin your dieting efforts. Here is my advice on easy and effective ways to avoid weekend weight gain.

How to Beat Morning Excuses and Make Time for Breakfast
So ... why do you skip breakfast? Well, that's not a good reason! Here's why!

How to Eat for Weight Loss in 4 Simple Steps
Do you know how to eat for weight loss? Use these four steps to set up your kitchen and create a plan for healthy meals and snacks.

Percent Body Fat—Definition and Examples
Learn the definition of percent body fat and see recommendations for normal levels of body fat percentage. See how your total fat compares to others.

How Many Calories Should I Eat for Breakfast?
Are you eating the right number of breakfast calories? Find out how to get your calorie number correct at the morning meal and throughout the day.

How to Go Low-Calorie at Wendy's
You'll be surprised to see which low-calorie Wendy's food make this list for dieters. There are plenty of healthy options to choose from.

What Is the Cabbage Soup Diet?
Fans of The Cabbage Soup Diet say you can lose 10 pounds in a week if you follow the plan perfectly. Find out if the diet is likely to work for you.

Is Metabolic Testing Helpful for Weight Loss?
Your health club might offer metabolic testing, but is it worth the investment? This is what you need to know before you pay for the test.

The Best Fitness Brands If You're Not Super Skinny
Look great in fitness clothes that are made better for your body. These 7 brands design cool, modern gear for women with muscles and curves.

How to Budget South Beach Diet Delivery Foods
Weight Loss.

How to Choose Approved Foods on The South Beach Diet
Weight Loss.

How to Find High Fiber Foods on the South Beach Diet
Weight Loss.

Ask for Help Before You Quit the South Beach Diet
Weight Loss.

When (Not) to Start The South Beach Diet
Weight Loss.

How to Use South Beach Diet Supercharged for Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

South Beach Diet Tools: Pros and Cons
Weight Loss.

9 Tips to Help You Lose Weight on The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet can be complicated. Following super strict food lists is a challenge. Smart dieters follow these simple tips to lose weight.

How to Print South Beach Diet Approved Food Lists
Weight Loss.

How to Get Rid of Water Weight: 5 Safe Methods
Feeling bloated? Learn the only safe ways to get rid of water weight and what doctors say about popular water loss methods that might cause harm.

Is Fencing Good Exercise for Weight Loss?
Looking for new exercise program to lose weight? Find out why fencing is good exercise and can burn more calories than you might expect.

Are Bananas Bad for Weight Loss?
Find out why some experts say banana calories are especially bad for weight loss and if eating half a banana is any better.

How to Find the Taco Bell Low Fat Menu
There are Taco Bell low fat menu items. Find out how to eat a low-calorie, lower fat meal at Taco Bell and still satisfy your cravings.

5 Exercises to Trim and Tone in Just 10 Minutes a Day
Trim and tone your body in just 10 minutes a day with tips and exercises from Denise Austin—Follow her diet tips too for faster weight loss results.

How to Lose Back Fat - The Best 3 Ways
Tackle stubborn back fat by finding out which exercises to do, how to eat the right diet, and what to do if the back fat won't go away.

How to Get Rid of Cankles: Tips and Exercises
Want to get rid of cankles? Find out why you have them, then use the diet tips and exercises to help define and trim your legs, calves and ankles.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

3 Barre Workouts to Do at Home
Learn to do a barre workout at home even if you've never taken a dance class. Use one of these three barre workouts to lose weight and get in shape.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

5 Ways to Make Your Diet Work Better
Reach your short term weight loss goals to get the body you want for the long term. Experts say these 5 steps make your diet work better.

Indoor Boutique Cycling for Weight Loss May Not Work
Before you fork out the money for a SoulCycle class, read 11 reasons why indoor cycling classes may not give you the body you want.

alli Diet Pill Recall - How to Know if Yours are Safe
A recall on the weight loss pill alli has led to more tamper-evident packaging. Make sure your pill packages are not from the older affected lots.

alli Pill for Weight Loss - Does It Work and Is It Safe?
Before taking the OTC pill alli for weight loss, read these facts about the diet pill's safety, side effects and how much you can expect to lose.

How to Read Nutrition Labels to Lose Weight
Learn how to read nutrition labels faster so weight loss is easier. See both old and new version of the Nutrition Facts label to make shopping easier.

5 Post-Workout Recovery Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix
Are you making one of these 5 common (and stupid) post workout recovery mistakes?

How to Eat After You Exercise
Do you know what to eat after you exercise. Learn how to avoid one of the most common post workout recovery food mistakes.

When to Stretch for Better Health
Find out when to stretch and how to plan this part of your workout for best results.

Post Workout Recovery: Why Rest Matters
Learn how and why you need to rest during your post workout recovery phase.

Workout Journal: How and Why to Keep One
Find out why a workout journal is essential for weight loss and what to include so that you stick to your program.

How to Plan Your Workouts to Lose Weight
Find out how and when to plan your workouts to make weight loss more successful.

Should You Drink Wine When You're Dieting?
Wine calories add up quickly. Find out how many in a glass or red or white, how many calories in a bottle of wine and low-calorie wine choices.

What Are Carbohydrates: Definition and Information
We hear so much about them ... but just what are carbohydrates and what do they do? Learn the good and bad about them.

How to Use UltraShape to Lose Excess Fat
What is UltraShape and can it really help remove fat in target areas such as your belly, love handles, your back, and upper arms?

Gastric Balloon: Cost, Options and Results
Get stomach balloon costs and results for the two different gastric balloons available, ReShape and Orbera. Compare to find the right one for you.

5 Questions That Reveal the Best Diet for You
The best diet for you is easier to find if you ask yourself these 5 questions first. They reveal the weight loss plan that is most likely to work.

Is Twerking Exercise? How to Use Dancing to Lose Weight
Is twerking exercise? It is if you do it on a regular basis. Learn the dance moves that can help you lose weight so you have fun while you slim down.

The Best Weight Watchers Snacks to Buy or Make at Home
Use this list of Weight Watchers snacks and ideas that you can buy or make at home to satisfy your cravings and keep your SmartPoints numbers on track

Meditation for Weight Loss: How to Make It Work
Meditation can be used to help you lose weight. Learn how you can meditate for weight loss and healthier eating.

The Best Cleanse Diet: Change Your Body in 3 Days
So which one is the best cleanse diet plan? The one I use is super simple, requires no fancy foods and can change your body in 3 days.

South Beach Diet Phase 1 Food List and Tips
Download or print out these South Beach Diet Phase 1 food lists then use the food and diet tips to stick to the weight loss plan.

Do Crunches Work (and What Muscles Do They Use?)
Learn how to do crunches better by finding out which muscles crunches work and how to target them to get faster, more effective results.

How Does the Atkins Diet Work Low Carb Diet Plan
The Atkins diet is a low carb diet plan that became very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Find out how the diet works.

Why Induction Is Necessary on the Atkins Diet
Induction on the Atkins Diet requires a strict reduction in carb intake for the first 14 days of the plan. But just what is the purpose of Induction?

Peanut Butter Calories by Brand (List)
The number of calories in peanut butter can add up quickly. See a list of peanut butter calories by brand to see which ones are better.

The Mushroom Diet to Lose Weight
How does the M-Plan diet work? Can Katy Perry's mushroom diet help you slim down with a bigger bust? Get the details.

The 3 Best Ways to Lose Weight
A new study reveals that you need to have all three of these things to get weight loss results that last

How to Sleep Better for Easier Weight Loss
Learn how to sleep better at night for weight loss. It may help your hormones support your weight loss efforts so you can slim down faster.

What Is Overweight and a Healthy Body Weight?
Do you know if you're overweight? Find out how to calculate your body mass index to see if your weight is normal or if you need to slim down.

Why Was Meridia Withdrawn from the Market?
Meridia was withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2010. This article will help you understand what the drug was and why it is no longer available.

Everything You Need to Know About Alli Weight Loss Pill
Learn more about Alli, the first FDA-approved OTC weight loss pill.

What Is Cardiorespiratory Endurance?
Cardiorespiratory endurance is measured in athletes and in regular exercisers. Find out what it is and how to improve it for health and weight loss.

What Are Cross Training Workouts?
Cross training is essential for improved fitness. Find out what it is, how to do cross training workouts, and how it can help you get fit.

What is Body Fat and How Do You Measure It?
Do you have too much body fat? Learn the definition of body fat, find out how much fat you should have and how much fat is too much.

Beer Calories: The Best and Worst Choices
Find out how many calories in beer and find out how to choose one that has fewer calories but still has great taste.

South Beach Diet FAQ: Can I Skip Phase One?
Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet can be intimidating enough that you may wonder if you really need to do it. Learn why skipping it isn't a good idea.

Healthy Weight Watchers Snacks for Point Counters
Want something sweet, crunchy or salty? You'll find a tasty treat here all worth 4 Weight Watchers Points or less!

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

The Sneakiest Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
Do you know the best way to boost your metabolism? These metabolism-boosting foods, diet hacks, and other tips can help you burn more calories today.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

What is Belly Fat and What Causes It?
You'll be surprised when you see the real definition of belly fat. Knowing the facts will help you get a flat belly with this plan.

Best Japanese Food for Your Diet
Japanese restaurants offer a number of healthy options including salads and sushi. This guide can be printed so you can make the best choices for you.

What Is a Calorie Deficit in Weight Loss?
Learn the definition of calorie deficit and the energy deficit needed for weight loss to create your simple and healthy plan to lose weight.

How Many Calories Should I Eat on the Weekends?
Some diets allow you to eat whatever you want on the weekends. But can you really lose weight that way? Find out what matters most on the weekends.

What Is a Bariatric Physician?
Bariatric physicians treat patients with diet, nutrition, and exercise. Overweight or obese individuals may benefit from being under their care.

What Are Polyunsaturated Fats?
Understand the difference between different types of dietary fat with these definitions, guidelines, and examples of polyunsaturated fats.

How to Measure Waist Circumference Diet Information
Waist circumference can be an important indicator of how your weight is affecting your overall health risks. This article will help you understand this.

How to Use Growth Charts to Assess Your Child's Weight
Learn how to use the growth chart at your pediatrician office, or online, to track your child's weight percentile.

Is Skipping Breakfast Best for Weight Loss?
Is skipping breakfast better if you want to lose weight faster? It works for some people, but not for others. Find out if you should eat or skip the morning meal.

The Benefits of Losing Weight
There are important social and health benefits to losing weight. Check this list of weight loss benefits including one reason you shouldn't slim down.

Questions to Ask Before Considering Bariatric Surgery
If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, make sure you know the answers to these key questions to make sure it's the right step for you.

Tips for Eating Out on The South Beach Diet
Eating out on The South Beach Diet is easier than you might think. With a few simple guidelines, you can make smart restaurant choices.

How to Exercise for Weight Loss
You can use exercise for weight loss, but you need to make sure you do it correctly to get fast effective results.

How to Start an Exercise Program to Lose Weight
Learn how to set up an exercise program to lose weight and get the body that you deserve.

How to Get in Shape to Lose Weight
Learn how to get in shape so that you can do the workouts that burn the most fat and calories.

How to Tighten Your Body
You can tighten your body with simple steps to tone your arms, legs and abs. You can even do these easy exercises at home.

How to Boost Your Motivation
Why do you always quit your diet and exercise programs? Learn how to boost your motivation to reach all of your goals.

How to Burn More Fat
Who wants to waste their time at the gym? Find out which workouts help you burn more fat and learn how to do them effectively.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy
Learn what to do at the end of your weight loss program. If it worked, learn how to keep your body. If the diet didn't work, find out what to do.

How to Get a Better Body in 6 Weeks
This free email course walks you through a step by step process to get a better body and lose weight in 6 weeks.

Find Your Weight Loss Learning Style to Lose Weight
Do you know your weight loss learning style? Knowing what it is will help you choose the best way to lose weight.

How to Set Up Your Weight Loss Plan
If you don't set up your weight loss plan correctly, the whole program could fail before you see results. These are the 5 things you need to do.

How to Eat Healthy to Lose Weight
You need to eat healthy to lose weight. Do you know how? Learn how to set up healthy meals, plan healthy activities and make healthy food choices.

The Healthy Habits You Need to Lose Weight
There are five healthy habits that will make weight loss easier. Do you know what they are?

How to Tighten Your Body and Shape Lean Muscle
Get rid of flabby arms and saggy legs. Find out which foods and which workouts will help tighten your body and build strong sleek muscles.

4 Ways to Get Motivated for Diet and Exercise
In a slump? Learn how pros coach their clients to get motivated for diet and exercise. Use their tips to lose weight and get fit.

What to Do If You Didn't Lose Weight on Your Diet
Are you frustrated that you didn't lose weight on your diet and exercise program? It's not your fault. Here's what to do so you get the results you deserve.

How to Calculate Your Energy Balance Equation
Use this simple guide to calculate your energy balance equation. Then if you want to lose weight, simply make changes to the numbers to slim down.

10 Ways to Get Skinny, Healthy and Fit in Your 20s
Are you ready to get the body you want? Use this list of expert weight loss tips to get skinny and fit in your 20s (or at any age!)

How to Start an Exercise Program to Lose Weight
The way you start your exercise program can determine if it fails or succeeds. Do you know how to start a workout program correctly?

Contrave for Weight Loss - Price, Risks, Effectiveness
If you need to lose weight, Contrave might help. Find out how much Contrave costs, side effects and the amount of weight you can lose.

How to Do the South Beach Diet Guide and Information
What you need to know about The South Beach Diet: foods you can't eat, foods you can eat, and each Phase of the diet.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 2.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 3.

Visceral Fat Definition, Location, Tips to Reduce
Find out where visceral fat is located on your body and why it matters. Then learn the best way to get rid of the fat to slim down for better health.

How to Manage Diet Fatigue and Stress
If you have diet fatigue, diet stress, or diet anxiety your weight loss program could backfire. Learn what causes diet stress and how to fix it.

5 Easy Workouts for Beginners
Learn the best workouts for beginners who want to lose weight and improve their health. Use this easy plan to start an exercise program at home.

All About Life After the Lap Band Surgery
Life after lap band surgery will be quite different that before. Find out what life is like following this particular bariatric surgery procedure.

Can a Detox Diet Really Help Me Lose Weight?
Detox diets are always touted in celebrity magazines, but are they legit? Find out if a detox diet can help me lose weight.

Calorie Counts for Popular Alcoholic Drinks
Choose one of these diet-friendly alcoholic drinks when you choose to celebrate. They'll help keep your diet on track so you lose weight faster.

Quit Drinking to Lose Weight: Alcohol and Weight Loss
Do you know how booze impacts your diet? Even moderate drinkers can reduce or quit drinking to lose weight. Learn how and why it works.

5-Minute Guide: What to Expect on the Atkins Diet
Want to know if you'll lose weight on the Atkins diet? Find out what to expect and what researchers say about the way Atkins compares to other diets.

Marathon Training: Weight Loss Tips for Runners
Running expert Dean Karnazes reveals tips for marathon training weight loss and for others who use running to lose weight.

Weight Loss for Young Women: Tips For Your 20s and 30s
Weight loss for young women can be especially hard. Follow these dos and don'ts to slim down in your 20s and 30s and keep the pounds off for life.

The Best Healthy Exercise and Diet for Seniors
Follow these steps to find the best diet for seniors in your life or for you. Learn how to start a weight loss program and exercise for better health.

Free Printable Weight Loss Journal and Instructions
Use this free printable weight loss journal when you're trying to slim down. Then follow the easy instructions to lose weight and keep the pounds off.

5 Things to Do When You're Starting a Diet
Before starting a diet, there are five things you need to do to make sure your program will be successful. Use this list to do all five.

7 Ways to Boost Your Weight Loss Confidence
Learn to improve your weight loss confidence so that exercise and dieting are easier. Start today and use the same tricks that the pros use.

Is It Ever Okay to Say "Fat?"
Do you use the word

5 Factor Diet Plan Details and Facts
The 5 Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak may work for you. Scan this list of facts to see if you will lose weight on the plan or fail.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: Definition and Tips
Many body fat scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis. The definition of BIA will help you to decide if a BIA scale is right for you.

What Is an Appetite or Hunger Suppressant?
Learn the definition of appetite suppressant and find out which hunger suppressants are most likely to help you slim down and keep the weight off.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 3.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 2.

Your Guide to Understanding Nutrition Labels
Learn what the different aspects of the food label mean and what is required to be displayed on them.

How to Tighten Loose Skin Without Surgery
Get rid of loose skin after weight loss without surgery with new painless procedures that reshape and tighten skin.

How to Get the Most from Your Gym Membership
Learn how to use your gym membership to lose weight. Use these tips to go more often, feel better when you're there and lose weight faster.

How to Eat Healthy in a College Cafeteria
It can be tough to think about eating healthy in college. Find out what to eat and what to avoid when you're dining in your college cafeteria.

How to Burn More Calories When You Exercise
Are your workouts effective? Learn how to burn more calories with exercise sessions that are designed to change your body's metabolic potential.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 2.

What Is Percent Body Fat - Should I Lose Weight
Do you need to lose weight? There are several assessment methods that will help you know the answer, including body fat percentage, body mass index and waist to hip ratio. Find out how to determine whether or not you need to lose weight.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss. Page 3.

7 Ways to Make Your Workout Plan Work Faster
If your exercise plan isn't working, check this list of things you can do to make it more effective and get your body in shape faster.

How to Lose Weight on a Budget - 10 Tips
Use these 10 tips and tricks to lose weight on a budget and slim down faster. Learn how to find cheap diet plans and eat healthy for less money.

Functional Fitness Exercises for Weight Loss
Functional fitness workouts are key if you are trying to lose weight or change the shape of your body. Find out why and use these workout routines.

Constipation on the Atkins Diet During the Induction Phase
Constipation is a common, but temporary, issue some face during the beginning of Atkins' plan.

Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Drinking Soda?
Learn how much weight you can lose if you stop drinking soda, the amount of money you'll save each year, and if diet soda is better for weight loss.

Shock Therapy Band Review: Does Pavlok Work?
Should you try Pavlok shock therapy band to lose weight or to change your bad eating habits? I did and here's what happened.

The 3-Day Military Diet to Lose 10 Pounds (Review)
This quick weight loss plan has a catch. Find out what it is before you go on the Military Diet and find out if it's the easiest 3-day diet.

The Secret Way to Build Confidence in Yourself
Learn the simple trick used by the pros to build confidence in yourself and reach your goals. Even weight loss gets easier with this method.

30 South Beach Diet Facts You Need to Know
This list of South Beach Diet facts will help you decide if the popular weight loss program is right for you or if you're likely to fail on the diet.

Ghrelin: How the Hunger Hormone Works
Ghrelin is the hunger hormone that makes you eat. Find out how leptin and ghrelin work together and if ghrelin blockers are effective for weight loss.

Is the Atkins Low Carb Method Right for Your?
Find out if you're willing to make the changes you need to make and if you are included in any groups that should not follow the plan.

What to Order at Jamba Juice If You're on a Diet
Are Jamba Juice drinks healthy? Learn more about Jamba Juice diet and nutrition facts and learn what to order if you want to lose weight.

Counterfeit Version of OTC Alli Sold Online
The FDA has warned consumers about a counterfeit version of the OTC weight-loss drug Alli. Learn how to identify the fake Alli.

Qsymia Diet Pill: Price, Review and Results
Find out if the Qysmia diet pill might help you lose weight. Get a list of side effects, Qsymia costs and benefits of the weight loss medication.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Lose Weight
Many dieters who want to lose weight make one or more of these common mistakes, then don't see results. If you wanna lose weight, check this list.

The 3 Essential Parts of a Balanced Workout Routine
Learn how to create a balanced workout routine with each of these exercises to lose weight. Create your own program or use this weekly plan.

5 Ways to Burn More Calories Without Hitting the Gym
Do you need to burn more calories? Learn the best way to burn extra fat with NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. No sweat, no exercise required.

Jenny Craig Diet Review: Pros and Cons
Get the skinny on Jenny Craig food, Jenny Craig costs and how the diet program works to find out if you're likely to lose weight on the program.

Jenny Craig: Food Review, Cost and Weight Loss Results
Whether you try Jenny Craig at home or in the center, find out how the food tastes, the total cost and if you're likely to lose weight on the plan.

The Total Cost of Jenny Craig Food and Membership
Find out how much it will cost you to be on the Jenny Craig weight loss program each month and the total cost of Jenny Craig food to lose weight. Page 2.

What Is Fat-Free Mass?
Learn the difference between fat mass and fat-free mass to improve your body composition and improve your fat-free​ weight.

What Is Body Composition? Definition and Examples
Body composition refers to the amount of relative fat to muscle you have in your body. Here is what you need to know about body composition.

10 Ways to Stick to a Diet When Others Are Eating
There are solutions to help you stay strong and committed to your diet when at parties or social functions. Use these tips and reach your goal.

Weight Loss Formula for Caloric Needs
This weight loss formula works if you're seriously about slimming down. Follow the 2-step process to calculate caloric needs and lose weight.

Counting Carbs to Lose Weight - Does It Work?
Counting carbs to lose weight works for many people, but researchers disagree about carb counting vs. calorie counting. Get the bottom line.

Healthy Burger King Menu Choices
Healthy Burger King is available if you know where to find it on the menu. Use this guide to find the healthiest thing at Burger King.

The Complete Wedding Workout Plan
Do you want to look fit and radiant on your wedding day? Use this wedding day workout to slim down, tone up and be the most beautiful bride.

McDonalds Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories
Find out what to order to keep your McDonald's fast food meals under 500 calories. Find healthy fast food at McDonalds or any fast food restaurant.

Healthy Mexican Food: Blackened Fish Tacos & Chipotle Sauce
Simple tips and an easy recipe make cooking diet-friendly Mexican food easy to do at home. Page 2.

How to Make Healthy Mexican Food: Tips and Recipes
Love Mexican food? Learn to make diet-friendly Mexican food at home that you and your family will love.

Are Your Medications Making You Gain Weight?
Medications that cause weight gain include the most widely prescribed drugs for diabetes, migraines, blood pressure, depression and bipolar disorder.

Brown Fat for Weight Loss: What The Science Really Says
Learn the difference between brown fat, white fat and beige fat and find out what research reveals about using brown fat to lose weight.

7 Diet Rules to Break if You Want to Lose Weight
The diet rules you're following may be ruining your weight loss plan. Find out which rules you need to break to lose weight successfully.

DASH Diet Pros and Cons
Learn the pros and cons of the DASH diet if you're trying to lose weight

How to Lose Weight After Menopause
Researchers have found that certain steps can help women learn how to lose weight after menopause and maintain a lean, strong body for life.

Home Fitness Equipment: Expert Tips to Buy the Best Machine
Learn how to buy the best home exercise equipment. Use these tips to buy a treadmill or elliptical that will help you reach your goals.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Running a 5K?
The calories you burn running a 5K race are probably lower than you expect. Get your number before you plan a festive celebratory meal after the event.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (Review)
Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle might be the quickest way for you to get lean and fit fast But I only recommend it for certain people.

Dara Torres Diet and Exercise Routine
Learn how Olympic champion Dara Torres' has adjusted her diet and exercise routine to maintain a light strong body in her 40s.

The 2-Step Wedding Weight Loss Plan
This 2-step wedding weight loss plan includes both a wedding diet and a wedding workout plan to help you get a lean, tight body for your big day.

Juicing to Lose Weight: Does It Work?
Juicing to lose weight is popular but there are some reasons to avoid them for weight loss. Find out why these juice diet plans may not work.

Calories in Carrots: Why Dieters Should Beware
Some dieters think carrots are bad for their weight loss plan. Find out how many calories in carrots and why some avoid them.

3 Signs That You Are Addicted to Sugar
Do you have a sweet tooth or a sugar addiction? Find out the common signs and symptoms of addiction then find out what to do to cut back on sugar.

Chick fil A Meals for 500 Calories or Less
Find out what to eat and what to avoid if you want to eat healthy at Chick-fil-A. Full menu ideas and calorie counts for dieters.

How to Keep The Weight Off With Exercise
Guess how many minutes you need to exercise to keep the weight off with exercise? Find out (along with other tips for maintaining your weight)

How to Change Your Body With Workout Variety
Learn how to change your workout program to get more effective weight loss results.

Why You Need to Add Muscle to Lose Weight
Learn why (and how) to add muscle when you're trying to lose weight.

The Most Important Workout Tip for Weight Loss
Workout trends come and go, but this workout tip matters most if you're trying to lose weight.

Why Hard Workouts Are Bad for Weight Loss
Find out what kind of exercise matters most when you begin a workout program for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise
Learn how to lose weight without exercise by using an activity monitor to measure steps.

Why You Shouldn't Exercise When You Start a Diet
Find out when you should start to exercise for weight loss when you're trying to lose weight.

7 Exercise Tips That Make Weight Loss Easier
Follow these easy exercise tips to make weight loss easier and to make sure that you keep the body that you've earned once the weight comes off.

Panera Bread Menu: Low Calorie Foods
The new Panera Bread menu will include fewer preservatives - but not all items are diet-friendly. Use this guide to find low calorie choices.

Healthy Gift Idea: Organized Meal Tote
Need an inexpensive gift idea for a healthy eater on your list? This meal carrier keeps food organized and cold. It's even TSA approved.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Healthy People
Need a small gift or stocking stuffer for someone who eats a healthy diet or exercises? Here's your best list of gift ideas.

Healthy Gift Idea: Shaker Bottle for Smoothies
Need a stocking stuffer for a healthy eater or a gym rat? This inexpensive blender bottle is the perfect gift.

Healthy Gift Idea: Kitchen Tools for Healthy Eating
These colorful kitchen tools make great stocking stuffers or inexpensive hostess gifts.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: ID Bracelet for Outdoor Exerciser
This healthy stocking stuffer will help any outdoor exerciser stay safe while they reach their fitness goals.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Stackable Snack Containers
Need a fun and colorful stocking stuffer gift idea? Check out these colorful stackable containers. Great for healthy eaters and organized folks.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: hipS-sister Smartphone Carrier
Need a fashionable alternative to a fanny pack? Carry your smartphone and other items with this soft, comfy carry-all.

How to Find an Inexpensive Activity Monitor
Looking for a less expensive activity tracker? This monitor from Pivotal Living costs less than $15 and it works like the pricey models.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: LED Lights for Runners, Walkers
If there is a walker or jogger on your gift list, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Healthy Gift Idea: Cookbook for Healthy Eating
This healthy cookbook is a great inexpensive gift for anyone who wants to eat a more nutritious diet.

The Best 300-Calorie Breakfast to Combat Morning Stress
Make this healthy low calorie, low fat 300 calorie breakfast in under ten minutes.

Grocery Shopping List for a Healthy Breakfast
Grab this healthy grocery shopping list and head to the market to prepare a low cal high protein breakfast every morning this week.

How to Make Low Calorie Breakfast Eggs to Lose Weight
Use this Tex-Mex Scrambled Egg White recipe to make a healthy low calorie breakfast in less than 10 minutes.

The Best Oatmeal to Lose Weight
Find out which oatmeal is best for weight loss and what kind of oatmeal to avoid when you are trying to lose weight.

How to Make a Green Smoothie to Lose Weight
Use this recipe and time-saving prep tips to make a healthy green smoothie to lose weight.

Nutrition Facts for a Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast
Make this healthy high protein, low calorie meal for breakfast. It's quick, easy and delicious.

Celebrity Style Squat Challenge
Weight Loss.

30-Minute Celebrity Workout to Do at Home
If you like to exercise at home, do this simple celebrity workout in just 30-minutes. No equipment required!

Celebrity Workout: Cool Down
Weight Loss.

Your Home Workout by Celebrity Trainer JR Allen
Weight Loss.

Warm up for Your Celebrity Workout
Weight Loss.

Lower Body Exercises to Do at Home
Weight Loss.

Sculpt Celebrity Legs with Side Lunges
Weight Loss.

Burn Calories and Strengthen the Total Body
Weight Loss.

Alternating Crunch Curls to Blast Belly Fat
Weight Loss.

Get Celebrity Abs With a Plank Exercise
Weight Loss.

Popular Activity Monitors: Reviews and Advice
Before you buy an activity monitor check this list of reviews and guides to make sure you get the right one.

What Is Calories In vs. Calories Out?
You've heard about calories in vs calories out, but do you know what the calorie equation really means? Get the definition and make it work for you.

Should I Go Vegetarian to Lose Weight?
Should you go vegetarian to lose weight? Find out the pros and cons of becoming vegetarian for weight loss and where to find diet meals with no meat.

The Truth About Belly Fat
If you want to lose abdominal fat, you need to get the facts about belly fat. Find out what you can do and what you can't do to slim down.

Best Body Composition Exercises to Change Your Shape
Body composition exercises help you change your body in less time. Use this guide to the best body composition activities for faster weight loss.

How to Look Young and Sexy - Diet and Exercise Guide
Want to look young and sexy? Diet expert Elizabeth Somer reveals the foods to eat and the habits to practice to feel better starting today.

Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery
Compare the different types of weight loss surgery with this guide that explains the risks and benefits of each bariatric procedure.

When Did Weight Watchers Start? Background and History
Learn more about the background and history of Weight Watchers, including when did Weight Watchers start and who developed the diet plan.

Atkins: Drinks Allowed During Induction
On Atkins, drinks need to be chosen carefully. Find out what to drink, if you can have alcohol on Atkins and when drinks are allowed.

What Is Resting Metabolic Rate?
Learn key facts about your resting metabolism and calculate your RMR to make weight loss happen faster and to keep the pounds off for good.

Stationary Bike Workouts for Weight Loss
Use these stationary bike workouts to lose weight on your bike at home or at the gym. Use the tips to be sure your slim down fast on the bike.

Easy Weight Loss Tips for Beginners
These are the weight loss tips and facts you need to know to make sure that you lose weight successfully and keep the pounds off for good.

The Benefits of Fat in Your Diet
You can and should eat fat when you're on a diet. Learn the benefits of fat in a diet and how to eat the right kind of fat for health and weight loss.

All About Alli: How Does it Work Exactly?
Learn what Alli, the first FDA-aprroved OTC weight loss pill, does.

All About Alli : What are the Side Effects?
Learn about the risk of unpleasant side effects if Alli is used incorrectly.

Loose Skin After Weight Loss? What to Do About It
Are you concerned about loose skin after weight loss? Saggy skin can happen but you can prevent or manage loose skin with these methods.

South Beach Phase 1 Food List: What's Allowed?
Download and print the complete South Beach Phase 1 food list or scan the list of the most popular phase one foods that will help you slim down.

Do Sit Ups Burn Belly Fat?
What's the purpose of sit ups? Do sit ups get rid of belly fat? Get the answers and other tips to get a tighter, leaner midsection.

Gastric Bypass Dumping: Prevention and Tips
Learn about the different types of gastric dumping after weight loss surgery and the different ways you can prevent and treat dumping.

Belviq: Side Effects, Cost and Reviews
Are you tempted to try Belviq? Get facts about the weight loss medication: risks, benefits, costs and how much weight you can lose.

Instant Carbohydrate Counter and Net Carb Counting Tool
The carbohydrate counting tools you need to count net carbs or count total carbs to slim down. Carb counting advice and tools provided as well.

The 7 Smartest Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40
Use these weight loss tips for women over 40 to manage hormones, diet and the right exercise program to make weight loss easier and faster as you age.

Guide to the Weight Watchers Momentum Plan
Weight Watchers Momentum is an old diet program that still sparks interest. Learn what made it work and about the current Weight Watchers diet plan.

8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight
There are easy ways to lose weight that are cheap, simple and fast-acting. Use these 8 ways to slim down without hassle or expense.

What is BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate?
Find out if the definition of basal metabolic rate is different than the definition of resting metabolic rate and how to calculate BMR to lose weight.

5 Ways to Deal With Food Cravings
Learn how to deal with food cravings with five simple but effective strategies to help you stick to your diet, eat less and lose weight for good.

Obesity and Sex: How Weight Plays a Role in the Bedroom
Will losing weight improve your sex life? Find out what researchers have learned when they study obesity and sexuality.

How to Stay on a Diet at Home, Work and Vacation
You can learn to stick to your diet anywhere. Use these tips to stay on your diet at work, at home and when you're traveling or out on the town.

Couples Workout: Pros and Cons of Exercising Together
A couples workout sounds fun, but it doesn't always work. Find out if you should exercise with your spouse before you begin a couples workout.

The 13 Best Cheap or Free Workout Videos and Apps
Find out which are the best workout videos to download or stream on your device. Most on the list are completely free or super cheap.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment - Weight Loss
Weight loss may be a good urinary incontinence treatment for you. Find out how much weight you need to lose to see results.

Why CrossFit May Not Work for Weight Loss
Using CrossFit for weight loss works for some people and you might be one of them. Use this guide to find out if you will lose weight with CrossFit.

2 Easy Workout Routines for Fast Weight Loss
Easy workout routines can cause faster weight loss than hard exercise if you know how to do it right. Use these easy exercise plans to lose weight.

Write it Down! Weight Loss Benefits of a Food Diary
Find out what you need to include in a food diary and how to use the information to lose weight faster and keep the pounds off for good.

How to Eat Less With Family and Friends - 7 Easy Tips
You can learn to eat less when you're with family and friends with these simple tricks and smart strategies to help you stay popular and slim down.

Hard Boiled Egg Calories and Fat
Learn how to keep all the flavor but cut fat and calories from a hard boiled egg with a simple trick you can do with your blender.

The Best Healthy Food at Sonic Drive In (Nutrition)
Find out what healthy food at Sonic Drive-in you should order and which high calorie foods you should avoid to maintain good nutrition at Sonic.

How to Burn Fat All Day With a 5-Minute Workout
Weight Loss.

Tips to Help You Lose Weight with a 5-Minute Workout
Weight Loss.

More 5-Minute Workouts for Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

How to Set Up a 5-Minute Workout for Weight Loss
Weight Loss.

Two 5-Minute Weight Loss Workout
Weight Loss.

5-Minute Exercise Routines to Lose Weight
Got five minutes a day to lose weight? These easy-to-follow mini workouts for weight loss will help you burn more fat all day.