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Amazing Landscapes and Natural Sites
Looking for the most incredible natural sites on the planet? Whether you're adding items to your bucket list or just need a distraction, read about Earth's weird and amazing landscapes.

The Green Lung of Bangkok
Bangkok is one of the most populous, developed cities in the world. Surprisingly, a totally virgin oasis sits just outside Bangkok's city limits.

Everything You Need to Know About Asian Giant Hornets
If you aren't afraid of bees, you will when you finish this article about Asian Giant Hornets. Read about Asian Giant Hornets before your next trip!

The World's Most Delayed Airports
Airports compete to be on

The World's Most Surprising Beach Cities
When you think of beach cities, you probably consider usual suspects like LA, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. Here are some more surprising beach cities.

Weirdest Lay's Flavors Around the World
From fruit flavors like blueberry in China, to seafood in Vietnam, to

Cities With Dirty Names
From Long Dong, China to Three Cocks, Wales, these world cities' names will sound dirty to all but the most virgin of ears.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The World's Hottest Cities
Residents in the world's hottest cities battle temperatures as high as 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn more about the world's most extreme temperatures.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The Weird and Amazing Ways We Travel
From futuristic airplanes to super-high speed rail, these transportation articles prove the infrastructure doesn't have to be insipid.

Turkey's Obscene Penis Rocks
One of the most impressive natural wonders in Cappadocia, Turkey is also its most obscene. Love Valley is home to dozens of penis-shaped rocks!

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The Most Expensive Cities in the World
These ten cities are likely to take a heavy toll on your wallet.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The World's Weirdest and Most Amazing Structures
From coral castles in Florida to Salt Cathedrals in Colombia and Poland, explore the world's strangest and most incredible man-made structures.

Dallas' Most Opulent Digs
Although everything might not be bigger in Texas, the homes sure are. Check out these opulent mansions located in the Dallas area.

Weird Weather, Astronomical Events and More
From never-ending thunderstorms in the Caribbean, to never-ending daylight at the poles, these weird nature phenomena will amaze you.

Travel Destinations With a High Tsunami Risk
Many people have avoided traveling to Japan since the 2011 tsunami. What they don't realize is Japan is one of many countries tsunamis affect.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The World's Coldest Cities
Temperatures in the world's coldest inhabited cities can dip as low as -60 degrees fahrenheit.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The World's Most Hated Landmarks
If you find yourself in front of any of these seven landmarks, you’ll know both sides of the story.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The World's Worst Cities for Traffic
In the world's worst city for traffic, residents spend as many as 219 hours in gridlock each year.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

10 Cities You Wouldn't Expect to Be Expensive, But Are
When you think of expensive cities, you think of New York, London and Paris. You probably don't imagine Luanda, Angola or any of these others.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

The Most Beautiful Lake Islands in the U.S.
You don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to vacation on a beautiful island. Amazing islands exist right here in the U.S.—and a handful of them are located on calm lakes.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Here's Where to Travel to Find Out How Oysters Are Born
Love them or hate them, you probably don't know how oysters are farmed. Neal from California's Morro Bay Oyster Company sheds light on the process.

Is This The World's Widest Freeway?
Texas is famous for oil, open roads and automobiles, so it should come as no surprise that the Lone Star State is home to the world's widest freeway.

Malaysia's Stunning Crystal Mosque
When you think of mosques, stunning and otherwise, you think of the Middle East. Well, the world's most beautiful mosque is pretty far from there.

Inappropriate and Creepy Travel Destinations
Everyone around the world has vices, so why not travel to explore them? You'll also get your share of creepy travel destinations here.

The World's Most Obscene Airport Codes
It's amazing how inappropriate three letters can be, particularly when you look at these borderline-obscene airport codes from around the world.

Why Is There a Fake Pentagon in China?
China is a hub for all things fake, so the fact that the country is home to a fake U.S. Pentagon shouldn't be shocking, but it is.

The Largest Temple in the World
Wat Phra Dhammakaya, located near Bangkok, Thailand, is the world's largest temple. It also happens to be one of its most controversial.

There's Another New England
The American New England isn't the only

The World's Most Amazing Business Travel Destinations
Think business travel has to be boring? Think again. From Southeast Asia to South Africa, these are the world's most amazing places to dob business.

You'll Never Believe These Countries' Actual Names
From China, to Sweden, to (seemingly) Anglophone Scotland, these countries' official names have almost nothing to do with the ones we give them.

The World's Five Filthiest Coastlines
The good news? Asia's home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. The bad news? It may also be home to the world's dirtiest.

The Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival
The bad news? People in many parts of Asia eat dog meat, and proudly so. The good news: The tide is turning.

The World's Strangest Sweets
From chocolate-covered crickets, to sweet avocado cream, these are desserts you would probably never think to make yourself, to say the least.

The World's Weirdest Travel Tech

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How Do Airlines Make Money off Frequent Flyer Redemptions?
When it comes to frequent flyer programs, who has it worse: airlines or passengers? The answer might surprise you.

No, There Are Not Black Roses in Turkey
An Internet rumor has associated the town of Halfeti, Turkey with black roses, but do black roses really grow there?

The World's Weirdest Drinks and Eats
From $12,000 cocktails to insects served on sticks, the world is full of food and beverage that will shock and awe you.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Weird and Amazing Travel
Weird and Amazing Travel.

Urban Beaches: The Best Beaches in Cities
No ocean? No problem at these urban beaches around the world, including beachside burgers in Chicago, palm trees in Paris, and sunbathing in Berlin.

The weirdest, most amazing events around the world
Looking to have your world rocked? Whether that's by a wild concert or by actual rocks, these are the weirdest events in the world.

Hawaii's Most Terrifying Hike Just Got Scarier
Hawaii's Haiku Stairs hike has long been illegal. Now, it's also one of the state's most terrifying attractions as well, thanks to a crazy addition.

The World's Most Amazing Passport
Which is the best passport in the world? Hint: It allows you to access 173 countries visa free and it's probably not the one you think.

Is This the World's Clearest Lake?
Melissani Lake, located in Sami, Greece, might just have the clearest water in the world. And you might just never have heard of it.

A Few Reasons Not to Visit Eritrea
Eritrea is one of the least-understood countries in Africa. Unfortunately, you probably won't want to visit more once you understand what it's about.

Ethiopia's Door to Hell
Ethiopia's Erta Ale volcano is known as the

The City of Batman, Turkey
Although Batman, Turkey took its name after the creation of the DC Comics superhero of the same name, it wasn't named for him.

Hong Kong's Yick Fat Building
Hong Kong's Yick Fat Building is iconic, having been featured in dozens of movies and TV programs. Even better? It's extremely easy to visit.

The Weirdest Places in California
Just because California is among the most ubiquitous U.S. states doesn't mean it isn't a bit bizarre. These are the strangest places in California.

The Most Amazing Swimming Holes in Austin, TX
From karstic springs to collapsed underground rivers, the Austin, TX area is home to strange swimming holes you won't believe exist.

Amazing Amsterdam Day Trips
From Gothic churches, to quaint towns, to windmills from the time of the French Revolution, these Amsterdam day trips cover the whole Netherlands.

The Most Difficult Countries for Americans to Visit
From North Korea, to Saudi Arabia, to our southern neighbor Cuba, these are the most difficult countries for Americans to visit.

The (Somewhat) Shady Way Some Miles Gurus Earn Free Flights
Do you ever read about miles gurus earning dozens of free flights and think they might be doing something shady to earn them? You're on to something.

Here's How to Party at Donald Trump's Florida Sandcastle
Many pundits have joked that, if Trump wins in 2016, the White House could end up like Mar a Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. But would that be so bad?

This is the World's Worst Airplane Food
Airplane food has never had a sterling reputation, but these mile-high meals are downright disgusting! These airlines serve the world's worst food.

The Longest Road Tunnel in the World
Afraid of tunnels? Here's to hoping you never pass through Norway's Lrdal Tunnel, the longest road tunnel in the world.

Costa Rica's Heavy Metal School
San Jose, Costa Rica isn't exactly known for weird architecture. This building is a notable exception to that rule.

Why is Bhutan Filled With Penises?
Bhutan is best known for its location in the Himalayas and the peaceful character of its people, but male genitals are also quite ubiquitous here.

Japan's Strange Love Hotels
Japan is famous for its conservatism, so it might surprise you to step into one of the country's Love Hotels, which are anything but.

London to Sydney Nonstop – in Four Hours
Flying the so-called

Truly Bizarre Ways to Spend a Day in New York City
New York City is a destination on everyone's bucket list, but that doesn't mean it's all been done. Here are five truly bizarre NYC activities.

A Walk on Ontario's Wild (and Sometimes Weird!) Side
Ontario is mostly uninhabited and somewhat weird. Take a walk on the wild side of Canada's most seemingly ordinary province.

Weird and Amazing Travel Guide
Learn about the world's strangest tourist attractions, including natural phenomena, man-made oddities, bizarre food, and other curiosities.

Surprising (and Not-So-Surprising) Places Your Phone Won't Work
We live in a world that's always connected, or, at least, we believe it is. Here are a few places around the world that challenge this assumption.

The World's Most Amazing Balloon Rides
From the American desert to the ancient temples of Southeast Asia, these are the world's most scenic places to take a hot air balloon flight.

The Coldest Place on Earth
Where is the coldest place on Earth and can you travel there? The answers to both these questions might surprise you.

Here's How You Can Visit Jurassic Park
Want to see landscapes like you do in Jurassic Park? Head to Bajos del Toro waterfall in rural Costa Rica and you will!

Costa Rica's Fluorescent Rio Celeste
Costa Rica is full of natural wonders, and among the most spectacular is Rio Celeste, a fluorescent-blue volcanic river in the heart of the jungle.

The Most Amazing Costa Rica Destinations
It's not shocking how amazing Costa Rica is, but you might be surprised at just how cheap it can be.

The World's Weirdest, Most Amazing Lakes
From pink lakes in Africa and Australia to iridescent ones in Wyoming, you'll never think of a

These Landmarks Are Smaller Than They Seem
From the Alamo to the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, some places' landmarks are smaller than their reputations might suggest.

Japan's Floating Airports
Japan is strapped for land and mostly mountainous, but needs to build airports. You'll never believe this solution!

How to Visit Indonesia's Blue Fire Volcano, Kawah Ijen
Indonesia's Ijen volcano spews blue fire in the middle of the night. Learn about why this is the case and how to visit this extraterrestrial landscape.

The Most Amazing First-Class Cabins in the Sky
From the world's top airlines to one very private jet owner, these are the most luxurious first-class cabins in the sky.

The World's Most Dangerous Airlines
Even if you aren't afraid of flying, chances are you'll want to avoid these unsafe airlines. Hint: They aren't the ones you're thinking of!

Shocking Airplane Designs That Never Made It
Present-day aviation would be very different from how it is, had some failures succeeded. Here are some of the most shocking failed airplane designs.

4 Things You Won't Believe You Can Do in Sydney
Sydney is one of the world's best-known destinations, but that doesn't make it any less extraordinary. Here are four surprising Sydney activities.

Shocking Swedish Architectural Wonders
When you think of Sweden, you think of pop music, cheap furniture and meatballs. But did you know Sweden is also a hub for weird architecture?

Five Unbelievable Philippines Day Trips
Everything's more fun in the Philippines, especially day trips. Here are five incredible Philippine day trip destinations.

The Worst Countries to Travel as a Woman
If you're a female traveler, there are some countries you might want to avoid. Here are the worst places in the world to travel as a woman.

The World's Most Famous Rubber Duck
A huge rubber duck made waves on social media when it arrived in Hong Kong harbor in 2013, but went on to travel all the world's seas.

The Dark Past of Japan's Busiest International Airport
Upon landing at Japan's Narita Airport, you may see signs that say

Glasgow's Creepy City of the Dead
The creepiest place in Scotland is not Loch Ness, not even close. To find it, you won't have to go more than a few steps from the center of Glasgow.

Japan's Mesmerizing Fushimi-Inari Shrine
Japan's Fushimi Inari shrine sits in the woods just outside Kyoto, but walking through its orange Torii gates takes you to a different world entirely.

The Ironic Thing About Vietnam's Paved Beach
The Vietnamese government has paved beaches near the town of Mui Ne due to erosion, but tons of sand are literally just down the road.

The Coldest Temperatures in Texas
Think Texas is always hot? Think again. Winter in Texas is (sometimes) the real deal, as these cold Texas cities illustrate.

7 Amazing Hotels to Stay in Before You Die
The world's most amazing hotels, from a luxurious eco-resort in Africa, to a skyscraping infinity pool, to a hotel in Bolivia made completely of salt.

Japan is Shockingly Cheap Now
Traveling in Japan is shockingly cheap now, thanks to a weak yen and a strong dollar. Here's how to make your trip to Japan even cheaper.

Australia's Got a Sunshine State, Too
Here are a few activities you might not have known you could do in Queensland, Australia's aptly-named Sunshine State. Florida it is not!

The One Place in Israel Where All Religions Live in Peace
Many tourists to Israel miss Peki'in, a small city in the country's mountainous north. Here's why should shouldn't be among them.

Edinburgh's Timeless Hogmanay Celebration
Looking for a unique way to ring in the New Year? Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland combines traditional practices with modern party sensibility.

6 Chinese Cities That Are Bigger Than NYC
China has a huge population, so it's not surprising that many of its cities are bigger than NYC. What might surprise you is how few of them you know.

Dallol, Ethiopia: The Hottest Place on Earth
Belinda Carlisle once declared that

The Strangest Sodas in the World
If you thought Clear Pepsi was weird, wait 'til you check out these bizarre soft drinks from around the world, from cow urine to placenta juice.

California Dreamin': Five Amazing Golden State Adventures
California might be one of the most ubiquitous tourist destinations in America, but all is not what meets the eye in the Golden State.

5 Show Me State Sights You Have to See to Believe
Think Missouri is boring? Think again, from a castle built by actual knights, to a zoo for butterflies, to a museum fit for a Celine Dion serenade.

Five Weird Attractions You Never Knew Were in Florida
From a bar made of ice, to quirky animal sculptures, to mysterious edifices from the Civil and Cold Wars, Florida is weirder than you think.

What's Going On With Berlin's New Airport?
Berlin's new airport was set to open in 2012, but nearly four years later it sits empty and incomplete. What happened to trademark German efficiency?

The Most Amazing Things to Do in Hawaii This Winter
Thinking of heading to Hawaii this winter? Who isn't? Here are five amazing things you can do in Hawaii this winter.

Europe's Surprising Culinary Capitals
While it's true you won't find much in the way of volcano-level spiciness anywhere near the Alps, European cuisine can still surprise you.

Amazing Things to Do This Winter in Southeast Asia
Here are five places to escape the cold and venture of the beaten path in Southeast Asia this winter.

The Bizarre United Airlines Terminal at Washington Dulles Airport
As a whole, Dulles Airport in the Washington, D.C. area is pleasant to travel through. One of its terminals, however, is bizarrely bad.

Catatumbo Lightning – Venezuela's Neverending Thunderstorm
In a world of polar vortices, killers typhoons and years-long droughts, you never know what weather is going to bring. Well, except for in Venezuela.

The Big Banana of Coffs Harbour, Australia
The sleepy Australian town of Coffs Harbour isn't known for a lot, but it is home to a huge banana. Here's the story behind the

5 Amazing Reasons to Travel to the Middle East This Winter
Whether you celebrate Christmas with the Copts in Cairo, or sample French fondue along the coast of Lebanon, winter is the perfect time to visit the Middle East.

Ratchaburi, Thailand's Kitschy Cave Temples
It isn't shocking that you can find cave temples in the rural province of Ratchaburi, Thailand. What is shocking is the kitchiness of said temples.

You'll Never Believe These European Backpacking Adventures
Who said backpacking has to be boring? Check out these backpacking adventures across Europe, from Croatia to Russia and everywhere in-between.

The Most Amazing Foods in the Most Amazing World Capitals
From tasty treats just south of the border to the delights of Far Eastern Taipei, these are the best foods to sample in capitals across the world.

Why You Should Escape to the Caribbean This Winter
Got the winter blues? Forget about winter in the most spectacular way when you camp out on one of this unbelievably idyllic Caribbean beaches.

The Surprising Birthplace of Popeye, the Sailor Man
It's difficult to find somewhere who doesn't know Popeye, the Sailor Man. But you'd be ever harder press to find someone who knows where he came from.

10 Weird, Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on a Plane
If you're like most modern travelers, you see planes as little more than flying buses. You can still do a lot of amazing things in the air, however.

Why Are There Swastikas All Over Asia?
Most people associate swastikas with the Holocaust, so swastikas in South and East Asia might freak you out. Here's why they shouldn't.

This Place Blows Any Other "Summer Home" You've Seen Out of the Water
Think your summer home is nice? Visit the Summer Palace, just outside of Beijing, China, and you'll almost certainly reconsider.

The World's Worst Passports
Five global passports are tied for the title of the world's worst. Can you guess, prior to reading this article, which countries they are?

The Most Ridiculously Amazing Winter Art in Europe
Europe in winter isn't the most hospitable place to travel, weather-wise, but this unbelievable art is sure to warm your frigid heart.

Genocide Tourism in Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia is home to some of the most depressing tourist attractions in the world, from the Killing Fields to the Genocide Museum.

Italy's Creepy Fontanelle Cemetery
Originally built as a makeshift mass grave during a 17th century plague outbreak, Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples, Italy is creepy through and through.

The Other Sleepy Hollow
Although it's often confused for the one of

The Weirdest Weirdo in Austin, TX
Whether or not the phrase

This Quaint, English Town Isn't in England
From its name to its quaint appearance, Thames Town seems like a district of London. But it's actually a bit east of England – nearly 6,000 miles!

The World's Most Expensive Cocktails
How much does the world's most expensive cocktail cost? The answer will shock you, the ingredients of said cocktail notwithstanding.

These Roman Ruins Are the Cat's Meow – Literally
Few things are surprising in the

Visit the White House on Your Next Trip to Atlanta
Who would've ever guessed America has two White Houses? There's no telling, but he'd probably never guess where the second White House is.

A Rainbow of Rivers Around the World
Think you know rivers? Think again. Once you discover these colorful rivers around the world, you'll never want to go to the beach again.

Amsterdam's Least Museum-y Museums
From a stash of human body parts, to a crazy cat lady's paradise, to a flash of fluorescent art, these Amsterdam museums are anything but boring.

The World's Most Magnificent Martinis
Savannah's food scene adds to its street cred as America's hottest city, and these martinis are the icing on the cake, quite literally in some cases.

The World's Most Colorful Beaches
Sand doesn't just come in one color. As you'll see in this list of the world's most colorful beaches, sand comes in a whole rainbow of colors.

Bibi Ka Maqbara – India's "Fake" Taj Mahal
Did you know that there's a fake Taj Mahal? Bibi Ka Maqbara, located just east of Mumbai, is also known as the

Iceland's Penis Museum
When it comes to weird and amazing attractions, Iceland's capital Reykjavik gets the shaft, except for in the case of the Iceland Penis Museum.

The Most Dangerous Cities You Can Visit

The Last Place in the World You'd Expect to See Snow
Think it doesn't snow in Southeast Asia? You'll think again once you visit Snow Town Bangkok...sort of.

The World's Strangest Educational Building
The Stata Center at MIT seems less like an research facility and more like a Guggenheim Museum. It might be the world's weirdest educational building.

Austin's Bizarre - But Ubiquitous - Bats
Hundreds of people watch Austin's bats emerge from under the Congress Bridge every night, but few know their story.

There's a Forest of Glass in the Mountains Beyond Munich
Munich's not the strangest city in the world, but the forest of glass in nearby Regen is odd, to say nothing of the haunted castle there.

Ths Gargantuan Stuffed Bunny Looms Over Piedmont, Italy
If you travel through the mountains of Italy's Piedmont region, you'll see many beautiful, majestic things:

Amsterdam Would Be Underwater if It Wasn't For These
The Netherlands would be underwater, were it not for a sophisticated series of dikes and dams, which you just so happen to be able to visit.

The Most Unbelievable Reykjavik Day Trips
Iceland is a wild land of fire and ice, but you needn't venture too far into the wild to experience its otherworldliness.

The World's Most Dangerous Beaches
You constantly see pictures of beautiful beaches to add to your bucket list, but what about the other side of the coin? Avoid these dangerous beaches.

New Orleans' Spookiest Cemeteries
From the final resting places of voodoo queens to memorials to the modern tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, these are New Orleans' spookiest cemeteries.

The Most Unbelievable Places in New York City
New York City is a well-known tourist destination, but there are plenty of places here even locals don't know. Here are five of the most unbelievable.

20 Shocking Facts About Air Travel
From statistics on passenger numbers and flights, to facts and figures about baggage and meals, you'll never believe these shocking air travel facts.

Spend the Night With Lizzie Borden on Your Next Trip to Boston
If you're feeling brave on your next trip to New England, spend the night at the Lizzie Borden B&B in Fall River, MA, near Boston.

The Weirdest Person You'll Meet in Atlanta
If you're looking for a unique attraction on your next trip to Atlanta, don't look for a strange hike or a bizarre bar. Meet Baton Bob!

New Orleans' Spooky Side
New Orleans is world-famous for its parties, but within its historic buildings, you'll find some truly terrifying things. Are you brave enough to see?

The Otherworldly Ponies of Assateague Island, Maryland
Maryland isn't the first place you think of when you imagine surreal destinations in the U.S., but you probably haven't visited Assateague Island.

5 Amazing Places You'd Never Think to Travel
Tired of traditional travel bucket lists? Check out these five surprising suggestions. Have you ever visited any of them?

You'll Never Believe These Places Are in America
If you think of America is an un-exotic place, just remember what our 50th state is, then think again.

This is the Last Place You'd Expect to Find Such Vulgarity
In addition to being the largest sculpture park in the world, the Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway is perhaps the most explicit place in Scandinavia.

The World's Most Amazing Airport Lounges
These incredible airport lounges frame layovers in a new light. If you've got a pass to access these, you'll wish your flight was delayed!

5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Cambridge, MA
Cambridge, MA is probably not a place you think to visit, even as a day trip from nearby Boston. Cambridge, however, is more amazing than you know.

The Most Bizarre Page You'll Ever See on An Airline Website
Whether it's a mistranslation or a cultural nuance invisible to non-Azeri people, Azerbaijan Airlines'

The World's Most Scenic Airports
The magic of flight doesn't have to begin in the sky, particularly if you're flying through one of these scenic airports.

Rome, the Weird Way
From a lesser-visited catacomb to an actual Egyptian pyramid, Rome is way more than meets the eye. Here's how to see a stranger side of Rome.

The World's Weirdest Banknotes
From the hyper-inflated bills of defunct African currencies to strange money much closer to home, these are the world's weirdest banknotes.

The World's Weirdest Fruits
From the foot-smelling durian of Southeast Asia, to the vulgar-looking ackee of West Africa, these are the world's weirdest fruits.

Savannah's Spookiest Sights
From haunted hotels to terrifying, boo-eries, Savannah is one of the most haunted places in the United States.

And the Winner of "Best Easter Eggs in the World" Is...
Where are the world's most beautiful easter eggs? In Poland (and, in some cases, Ukraine). Introducing Pisanki.

The World's Most Amazing Countries That Aren't (Yet) Countries
From Kashmir, to the Palestinian Territories, to Taiwan, these are the world's most amazing countries that aren't (yet) countries.

Beautiful Open-Air Airports Around the World
Who needs free WiFi when you can feel the wind blowing through your hair? Read about open air airports around the world.

The Weirdest Ways to Die
From so-called Tibetan

The Bluest Cities on the Planet
From northwest Africa to northwestern India, these are the bluest cities on the planet. You'll never guess why these cities are painted blue!

5 Surprising Facts About South Padre Island
Think South Padre Island is just for spring breakers? Think again. From conservation projects to Texas history, there's something here for everyone.

The True Meaning of "Flower Power"
Think flowers are boring? Think again. From deep in the heart of Texas to the Far East, these are world's most spectacular flowers.

The Most Sexually Explicit Scam in the World

The Last Place You'd Ever Expect to Find in Switzerland
Hidden on a wooded hillside in a suburb of Zurich, Bruno Weber Park is Switzerland's answer to Barcelona's Parc Gell in more ways than one.

Is This The World's Most Macabre Bucket List?
From concentration camps to the scenes of vicious murders, these places comprise the world's most macabre bucket list - emphasis on

Is This The World's Strangest Country?
Although it is technically a sovereign nation, no boundary – political, physical or otherwise – demarcates Liechtenstein from surrounding Switzerland.

The Top Address in Surfers Paradise
Q1, perched over the shores of Surfers Paradise, Australia, is actually the second-tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Most Paradisical Places to Retire Early
Want to get around dwindling pensions and skyrocketing retirement ages? Retire early in these idyllic paradises, from South America to Southeast Asia.

Bavaria's Most Amazing Day Trips
From medieval fortresses to viewpoints perched high in the Alps, the German State of Bavaria boasts some of Europe's most amazing sights.

5 Places You'd Never Expect to Find in Los Angeles
From an abandoned Nazi campground to a city sunken into the city, there are plenty of places in Los Angeles you never knew existed.

The World's Weirdest Monuments and Statues
Curious about the world's strangest statues and monuments? Colombia's Shakira statue is merely the beginning.

New Mexico's Strange, Snowy Sands
Whether you saw it in a 1990s music video, or have never heard of it at all, you'll never believe New Mexico's White Sands National Monument.

The World's Highest Airport
Daocheng Yading Airport in Tibet is the world's highest airport, with an altitude of more than 14,000 feet above sea level.

Europe's Most Enchanting Fairytale Castles
Even if you haven't found your prince or princess, these European castles will have you feeling like you've stepped into a fairytale.

Koh Samui, Thailand's Bizarre Buffalo Fights
You might not expect buffalo fights to occur in Thailand of all places, but Koh Samui's buffalo fights aren't what you'd expect at all.

The Biggest Christmas Trees on Earth
Everybody expects huge Christmas trees in cities like New York, London and Paris, but most of the world's largest Christmas trees are elsewhere.

The World's Weirdest Holidays
From viking celebrations in Scotland to Monkey Feasts in Thailand, these are the world's weirdest holiday celebrations.


The Cities Most Under Threat from Climate Change
If even conservative estimates of sea level rise come to pass, several cities around the globe will be underwater by century's end, so visit them now!

New York City's Most Amazing Skybars
Whether you're looking for five-star hotels in Manhattan, or hipster dives in Brooklyn, these are the best skybars in New York City.

The Weirdest Things to Do in Tokyo
From robot restaurants, to cat cafs, to hotels that seem more like drawers at the morgue, here are the weirdest things to do in Tokyo.

5 Places in America You Never Knew Existed
Looking for weird places in America? Whether you're in search of for America's strangest roadside attractions or amazing landscapes, look no further.

The Plastic Beach of East Java, Indonesia
Located at a tropical latitude in Indonesia, the beach at Banyuwangi should be paradise. Sadly, thousands of pieces of plastic cover it.

Thailand's Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm
Although some see it as a source of entertainment, it's hard to see Thailand's Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm as anything other than sheer terror.

Five Hidden Swimming Holes You Need to Find Now
Beat the summer heat like never before at amazing secluded swimming spots from the Texas Hill Country, to the Gulf of Mexico, to the Ionian Sea.

Is Japan's Cruelest Seafood Dish Actually Cruel?
Japan's so-called

Reap the Real Riches of Las Vegas
Las Vegas has become a cheap destination, but for a priceless experience, you needn't look farther than the deserts around it.

Savannah's Creepiest Hotels
Savannah, Georgia is one of the most charming towns in the U.S., but also one of the most haunted Would you stay in one of Savannah's haunted hotels?

The Rise of City Pools and Beaches
Global sea levels are rising, but you don't have to wait until the coasts are submerged to enjoy beach time in inland cities, from Berlin to Shanghai.

The Weird World of Moonshine
Prohibition might be over, but people still make their own alcohol around the world. Here are the world's weirdest home brews and moonshine.

The World's Most Destroyed Places
From China's e-waste city to the Pacific trash vortex, our world is in trouble. Here are the most destroyed places on Earth.

America's Most Haunted Places
From haunted houses to entire haunted towns, these are America's most haunted places. They're sure to make your hair stand on end!

The World of Plastic Surgery Tourism
From gender reassignment surgery in Thailand, to breast augmentation in Eastern Europe, learn more about the wild world of plastic surgery tourism.

Potentially Lethal Foods from Around the World
From Japanese puffer fish, to Sardinian maggot cheese, to a seemingly harmless root vegetable, these are the world's most potentially lethal foods.

The Best Places in the World to Eat Insects
Where in the world do people eat insects? More places than you think. Learn which countries eat which insects – maybe yours does?

Where to Find the Weirdest Food in America
From fried testicles in the West, to

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Where America's Deadliest Creatures Live
From scorpions in the southwest, to alligators in Florida, these creatures are the deadliest in America – could they be in your backyard?

Misplaced Deserts Around the World
From Japan, to Poland, to Maine, to France, the world is full of misplaced deserts. Learn more about the weirdest deserts in the world.