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Here are practical and realistic tips to help you deal with your grief, the numerous decisions facing you in widowhood, and advice on moving forward.

Things the Widowed Need to Know About Continuing Bonds
Learn more about the grief theory that is consoling to many widowed. It is the notion that having continuing bonds with your late spouse is healthy.

24 Mother's Day Coping Tips for Widowers and Widows
For both widows and widowers, Mother's day can be a bittersweet family occasion that can be painful. Here's help in getting through the day.

After the death of your spouse, there may be a temptation to just not care. Don't fall into this trap. You know how to take care of yourself, both emotionally and physically. Do it. Now. Here's a refresher course in self-care to help you.

Why the Widowed Need to Be Aware of the "Shoulds"
After the death of your spouse, you will probably be hit by the

What the Widowed Need to Know About Remarriage
When it comes to getting married again for the widowed, what matters is what you think. Here's help in having a successful remarriage.

What You Need to Know If You Move In With Your Kids
Sharing a home is a big decision, so here's what you need to know if you are thinking of living with your kids.

Do You Know These Travel Tips for the Widowed?
Taking a trip can help heal your grief after the death of your spouse. Here are travel tips and why some widowed won't travel and why they should.

Daily Living / Coping With Being Widowed
Here's answers to your questions about living and coping with being widowed.

About Widowhood and Grief
The journey of being widowed is a complex one with myths, expectations, and facts that can confuse you. Here are the basics through thoughts and commentary.

Managing Special Days and Occasions
The loss of your spouse can make holidays and special family days bittersweet. Hiding away or trying to act as if the day doesn't exist isn't a good strategy. It's okay to not enjoy these occasions, but you do need to acknowledge them and face them head-on.

Resources and Book Reviews
Here are more resources, reading lists, support group information, and book reviews for widows and widowers.

How to Deal With Your Loved One's Personal Belongings
Sorting through what is left behind after your spouse dies can be heart breaking. Here's practical advice on how to make the task a bit easier.

Don't Forget How to Take Care of Yourself
Take care of yourself after the death of your spouse. You need to be both emotionally and physically healthy to cope with all that is facing you.

Reasons Celebrants Can Help You Plan a Memorial Service
A way to lessen the stress you feel after the death of your spouse is to use the services of a celebrant in planning and leading a memorial service.

First Calls to Make After Losing Your Loved One
Your heart breaking news about the death of your spouse needs to be shared with your family, close friends, and authorities right away.

How to Focus on Getting Practical and Emotional Help
After the death of your spouse you will realize you need emotional help and practical help. Here's how to get the help you need and deserve.

Great Books About Loss and Grief That Comfort and Help
Here are books I recommend that can help you with your grief and loss. They represent differing points of view about grief.

What You Need to Know About Grief Overload
Losing another person you love after losing your spouse can trigger waves of grief. Here are tips to help you if overwhelmed by grief overload.

Financial Realities You Need to Face if You're Widowed
Losing a spouse and financial stability at the same time is an incredibly difficult reality for widows and widowers. Here's help.

How Your Spouse's Death Impacts Your Friendships
When you lose your spouse, you may lose friends too. This happens for many reasons - some of which you can't control and some you can.

Funeral Checklist: Quick Decisions You Must Make
While it helps you face the reality of the death of your spouse, planning a funeral can be extremely emotional. This checklist can help ease worries.

What You Need to Know About Bad Moods and Grief
Bad moods and grieving go hand-in-hand. A key to getting yourself out of grumpy, crabby days is understanding what caused your moodiness.

The Most Important Things to Know About Grief Triggers
Suddenly brought to tears by a memory of your late spouse? Here's what you need to know about common and normal grief triggers.

Don't Let What Ifs and If Onlys Cause You to Feel Guilty
Feeling guilt after the death of your spouse due to the what ifs and if onlys in your head is normal. But the reality is you did the best you could.

Honor Your Spouse on Special Days and Holidays
The loss of your spouse makes coping with holidays and other special days difficult. Here are suggestions on how to get through these milestone dates.

The Real Reasons Father's Day is So Hard
For both widows and widowers, Father's Day can be a challenging day full of emotions. Here are suggestions for dealing with the day.

Valentine's Day is a Painful Holiday for Many Widowed
After the death of your spouse, Valentine's Day may be a very difficult holiday for you. Here are ways to make the day special in spite of your loss.

What You Need to Know About Widowed Resolutions
Making New Year's resolutions is important for many widowed. You need to make sure that the resolution is not one that adds stress to your life.

How to Face Thanksgiving Now That You Are Alone
Thanksgiving can be difficult for the widowed. It can turn from a day of rejoicing to wanting the day to be over. Here's coping advice for the day.

How to Handle New Year's Without Your Loved One
The New Year's holiday is difficult for many widowed. Here are some New Year's options for you and suggestions for resolutions for the new year.

Smart Ways the Widowed Can Overcome Being Overwhelmed
If new responsibilities and all that you now have to do after the death of your spouse weigh you down, here's help in conquering feeling overwhelmed.

Moving On
Moving forward with your life after the death of your spouse is a huge decision and an emotional decision that should not be rushed into. Here's help in dealing with this important transition.

What You Need to Know About Widowed Firsts
They can make your heart literally hurt, but here's a list of firsts you need to recognize. Don't try to avoid these experiences. Most will happen.

Widowed Questions
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about being widowed.

Is Widowed Grief Different for Men and Women?
Widowers can falsely think men should hide their grief. Here's help in dealing with friends who have different grief expectations for men and women.

Legal Concerns
Quick, uninformed decisions about your finances, wills, insurance, credit, and more can impact your finances and life for years to come. Handling these choices on your own is not easy, but necessary.

What to Do First and Checklists
What do I do first? That's a question most asked by widows and widowers. Here is help and some checklists so you can effectively deal with the numerous tasks that you discover need to be done after the death of your spouse.

Inspiring Words & Quotes About Being Widowed
Here are collections of inspiring words from others who experienced the loss of a spouse. I trust these quotes will give you hope, encouragement, and comfort as you cope with your grief.

Tips and Information for Family and Friends
Not sure how to help someone you care about who is grieving the loss of a loved one? Here are suggestions and tips to help you know what to do and what not to do for the bereaved.

Check Out These Quotes About Crying and Tears
These quotations about crying and tears show that the belief of the importance of having a good cry has been around for many years.

How to Know and Fill Your Emotional Needs
When it comes to your emotional needs, you are responsible for filling them. One way is to stop being so self-sacrificing. Make time for yourself.

Inspiring Quotes About the Importance of Grief Rituals
Your personal rituals may help you connect with your late spouse can also help you cope with your grief. Here's what others have to say about rituals.

What You Can Do to Cope With Holiday Grief
Try some of these suggestions to help you deal with holiday grief and to make the season meaningful for you. Remember to do only what is good for you.

How to Honor Your Loved One in Lasting Ways
If there is no grave to visit or it is located far away, here are suggestions for how to memorialize your late spouse in lasting and meaningful ways.

Healthy Ways to Deal with Your Holiday Grief
After the death of your spouse, holidays can hurt more. To cope better with holiday grief here is what you need to accept and consider.

How Daily Routines Can Help You Cope With Grief
Daily routines are beneficial to widows and widowers because they can actually improve your life and help with you coping with grief.

Practical Ways to Sort What's Left
When you are emotionally ready to go through your late spouse's belongings, here's a method to make the sorting easier.

How to Create Private Rituals to Cope With Your Grief
Simple rituals like chasing a rainbow or lighting a candle ​can comfort you and help you cope with your grief.

Do You Know the Best Way to Handle Painful Traditions?
It is normal to have mixed feelings about traditions you shared with your late spouse. Here's help in ending or revising painful traditions.

How You Can Best Handle the Wedding Ring Dilemma
A painful dilemma after the death of your spouse is what to do with your wedding ring. Wear it or remove it? Here are alternatives to consider.

Learn How to Choose the Best Sympathy Flowers
Your condolences can be expressed through the meanings associated with flowers. Here are the best sympathy flowers to send to your grieving friend.

Grief 101: Realities and Definition of Grief
Learn the definition of grief. Understand the realities of grief that most everyone encounters while grieving.

What You Need to Know About the Second Year of Grief
It is hard to accept that the second year of grief may be more difficult, but it is that way for many widowed. Here's help for the second year.

What You Need to Know About Grieving Secondary Losses
Secondary losses after the death of your spouse can knock you off your feet. Here's how you can recognize unspoken losses and what to do about them.

What I Did and Didn't Do My First 24 Hours as a Widow
Throughout the first 24 hours after the death of my husband, I felt numb and in a haze. Then I began to get glimpses of my new normal.

A Simple Truth For Living With Grief
The moment your spouse died, your life instantly changed. Here's how to live with your grief as you take two steps forward and then one step back.

How to Reduce Your Worry List in 18 Easy Ways
Being widowed, you worry. It's normal to worry, but don't let it interfere with your daily life. Here are ways to handle and lessen your worrying.

How is Being Alone Different From Loneliness?
Loneliness and aloneness are different. Learn what sets them apart and find solutions for your loneliness.

How the Widowed Can Avoid Common Mistakes
As you maneuver your way through unknown territory after the death of your spouse, you may make mistakes. Here are common mistakes made by those widowed.

Happiness After the Death of Your Spouse is Okay
If you have moments of happiness in the midst of your grief, that is good. It is a healthy sign. It is what your spouse would want for you.

Find Out How Music Helps You Cope With Grief
There is a connection between your brain and music that can help you better cope with grief and loss. Here are songs you could add to your playlist.

What is the Etiquette When Addressing a Widow?
If you are unsure about the etiquette of how to address a widow, you are not alone. The best way to find out is to ask her.

How to Know If You Should Move After Your Spouse Dies
Making the decision to move after the death of your spouse can be a big mistake or the right thing to do. Here's help in making that decision.

How to Acknowledge Sympathy Cards and Condolences
Do you think you have to write a thank you for condolence messages? If there was no personal note included with the sympathy card, then you don't.

Check Out These Condolence Note Samples
If you are at a loss for words about the death of the spouse of a friend or family member, use these examples to get ideas for a condolence note

What You Need to Know About Spousal Memorial Tattoos
Memorial tattoos are ink tributes to your late spouse that require you to consider many options. Don't make this decision in haste.

Learn Ways a Pet Can Ease Your Grief
Your life after the loss of your spouse can be enriched by letting a pet own you. Here are ways pets can be helpful and help you cope with your grief.

Helpful Changes to Make When Your World is Upside-Down
When your world is turned upside-down after the death of your spouse, making these small changes in your life can help you cope with the loss.

Checklist: First Things to Do After Your Loved One Dies
You may just want to hide, but you can't. There's too much to do and many people, businesses and agencies to contact. This checklist can help you.

Checklist: First Things to Do After Your Loved One Dies
You may just want to hide, but you can't. There's too much to do and many people, businesses and agencies to contact. This checklist can help you.

12 Things I'm glad I Did My First Year of Being Widowed
The first year of widowhood is one that will be full of challenges, decisions, and mistakes. Here are twelve of my better decisions.

Learn How to Write a Letter to Your Deceased Loved One
Writing can be therapeutic. When you write a letter to your late spouse, you may get a glimpse into your past and a look forward to your future.

8 Financial Facts You Need to Face if You're Widowed
As a widow or widower, you must take stock of your financial​ situation. Here are eight facts about monetary concerns of the widowed.

What the Widowed Need to Know About Finances
After the death of your spouse, you are faced with many financial decisions and things to do. Bottom line, don't rush. Here's help.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How to Stop Blaming Yourself For Your Spouse's Death
If you ever blamed yourself or others blame you for your spouse's death, know ​you don't have to take on these outbursts of blame and guilt.

How to Avoid the Drama-Queen Persona in Your Life
If you, as a widow, think you are a drama queen, you're probably wrong. Here's how to avoid hurtful and exaggerated behaviors that may annoy others.

7 Facts About the Beginning Experience You Should Know
Attending a Beginning Experience has many benefits for anyone widowed. Here are seven important questions (and answers) about the weekend program.

How to Cope After the Senseless Death of Your Loved One
After the senseless death of your loved one, your grief may be intense and long-lasting. Here's what you can expect and what you can do for yourself.

Widowed Definitions That Start With the Letter B
Check out this continually growing glossary of terms starting with B that provides a wide range of widowed related words and phrases.

You Need to Know Your Social Security Benefit Options
Know what Social Security survivor's benefits you are entitled to. Making uninformed decisions could hurt you and your family for years to come.

Ways to Prepare Yourself for Holiday Grief
Holidays after the loss of your spouse can lead to deep loneliness and depression. Here are ways to better cope with holiday grief by being prepared.

Books With Helpful Tips on Surviving Holiday Grief
Unrealistic expectations of the holidays after the death of your spouse may intensify your grief. Here are books to help you get through the holidays.

Why You Should Observe Your Late Spouse's Birthday
Knowing what to do on your late spouse's birthday can be a challenge. Here's help in facing the realities of the day and ways to honor your spouse.

Forgiving After the Death of Your Loved One
You will know in your heart when it is time to forgive yourself and others. But don't rush this process or force yourself to forgive.

Confused About How to Use Widowed Terminology?
Here's help about terminology used to described the widowed. And yes, a man can be a widow, but he is more commonly referred to as a widower.

Books With Practical Advice for the Widowed
After the death of your spouse, you are faced with so many decisions and feelings. These books will give you practical advice and help.

13 Ways to Make Eating Alone Easier
With no social stigma to eating alone, it is becoming more normal. Here are suggestions to make eating alone easier and more enjoyable for you.

9 Things You Can Do When You Get Annoying Advice
Here's help when well-intentioned family members and friends give you unwanted and annoying advice.

How to Get Answers to Questions You Don't Want to Ask
Widows and widowers have questions throughout their grief journey. You can ask them here.

How to Rebuild Your Life After the Death of Your Spouse
The decision to rebuild your life after the loss of your spouse is one only you can make and one you must make when you know you are ready to make it.

Things Often Missed by Widows and Widowers
Reflecting on what you miss after the death of your spouse happens to all of us who are widowed. Here is what I so deeply miss about my husband Bob.

Things You May Not Know About Hummingbird Messages
Receiving a sense of your late spouse's presence or a message through a hummingbird can be a comforting and calming experience.

Post-Death Encounters Contribute to Healing
There is comfort and healing that the bereaved often feel after receiving a sign from their deceased loved ones.

How to Help and Support the Bereaved in Times of Grief
If you're not sure what to do when a friend loses her spouse, here are suggestions for things you can do to be supportive during this difficult time.

Here's Help in Understanding Well Known Grief Theories
Although there are several theories about grief, they have the same message. Remember that grief takes time and is unique for each individual.

More Practical Ways to Give Bereavement Food
Here are answers to questions like what to take and when to take it when providing a meal or a basket of food for someone who has lost a loved one.

Reading List of Memoirs of Widows and Widowers
You can receive inspiration, support, and practical advice from these memoirs written by widows and widowers.

Betrayed By Your Dead Spouse? What You Need to Know Now
Grieving a spouse is hard enough, but learning later that your spouse cheated on you makes it a double nightmare. Here's what you need to know now.

Gain Comfort From What Others Have to Say About Death
After the death of your spouse, you may find comfort in this assortment of thoughts and opinions about death that others have written.

Widowed Definitions That Start With the Letter C
This continually growing glossary of C terms provides definitions of a wide range of widowed related words and phrases.

What You Need to Know About Crying and Tears
Crying and shedding tears is not a sign that you are weak. Rather it is a normal and natural release for your intense feelings after losing your spouse.

Quotes About the Senseless Death of a Loved One
These quotes may be of help if you are feeling lost, angry, and questioning the why after your spouse dies in a sudden and unexpected senseless way.

Comforting Quotes About Grief to Help You
Here is an assortment of quotes about grief. The common thread in this collection of quotations is that grief is different for everyone.

How to Say the Right Thing and Console a Grieving Heart
When you want to console someone, you want to say the right thing. Here are comforting things to say so you don't make awkward comments.

Widowed Definitions That Start With the Letter A
Check out this continually growing glossary of A terms that provides a wide range of widowed related words and phrases.

Move On in Your Life With These Inspiring Quotes
Don't let anyone tell you when to move on after your spouse dies. The timing is up to you. These quotes may help you deal with moving forward.

Why You Need to Part With Sentimental Clutter
Here's help in dealing with the sentimental clutter your spouse left behind. These items can be difficult to part with even if they weigh you down.

Use These 7 Popular Balloon Release Alternatives
Balloon releases in memory of your loved one can harm wildlife and the environment. Here are seven alternatives to using balloons.