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Host a Wine Tasting Party
A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather friends and family together to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varieties. Find eight unique wine tasting ideas and themes here.


A Beginner's Guide to Selecting Italian Wines
Interested in trying Italian wines, but not sure how to read the labels, determine the DOC or figure out who makes what where? Look no further, here are ten reasonably priced, easy to find Italian wines to get you started.

Spirited Wine Picks for Mother's Day
This Mother's Day shake things up and give mom the gift of wine based on a nod to her particular wine personality. Have an adventurous mom? Snag a wine that's completely off the wine radar. A modern mom? We've got you covered...

Why Oak Matters in Winemaking
Oak has been an important asset in winemaking for centuries. Learn the ins and outs of oak's remarkable influence on a bottle of wine.

Wines - Selecting, Tasting, Enjoying and Learning About Wine's wine guide offers a user-friendly wine reference tool, full of wine recommendations and pricing, wine reviews, wine tasting tips, food pairings and serving suggestions. Covering topics from how wine is made to what distinguishes one type of wine from another and wine country travel. Complete one-stop wine site designed for the beginning wine adventurer to the seasoned wine enthusiast.

Getting to Know the Wines of France
The wines of France, especially through the lens of Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley and the Loire, have given rise to the most famous wines in both the old and new world. Learn more about the basics of these prestigious wine regions here.

Best Kid-friendly Napa Valley Wineries
Find the best kid-friendly wineries in Napa Valley, where families are welcome and parents can squeeze in a few tastings.

Sauternes Wine - Bordeaux's Sweet White Wines
Sauternes is Bordeaux's exquisite answer to the sweeter side of the vine. Built on the back of botrytis-infected Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, Sauternes delivers stunning food-pairing potential. Learn more about this popular dessert wine, including producers, pairings and top serving tips.

Malbec Argentinian Wine Food Pairings
Malbec is Argentina's signature red wine grape. This spicy red wine brings plenty of black fruit, a decent dose of tannin, and a knack for pairing with all things meat. Find fun, flavorful dishes to complement Malbec's gregarious personality here.

Pairing Food and Wine
An overview of how to pair food with wine. Balancing flavors, acidity and overall compatability is easy once you know the basics.

Sparkling Wines & Champagne
Sparkling Wines & Champagne

White Wine Basics - Grapes and Pairings
With key contributions from all over the world of wine, white wines made from green grapes, often bring fresh flavors, lively acidity and exceptional food pairing versatility to the table. Learn all about the grapes, regions, influence of oak and more.

Sweet Wine - Top Picks
Sweeter styled wines are available in both red and white wine variations. We've rounded up some of our favorites in both categories to satisfy your sweet wine search. Check them out here.

Champagne and Sparkling Wines Basics
Champagne and celebrations go hand-in-hand. Find out how Champagne is produced and grab a few suggestions for buying and pairing Champagne with your next celebration.

Best Wines for Sangria Recipes
Check out top wine picks for making delicious sangria recipes, all under $10. Start with good, budget-friendly wine, add fresh fruit and you're well on your way to super sangrias.

8 Things to Know About Ice Wine
Ice wine is an ultra-rich, super sweet dessert wine made from the intense liquid of naturally frozen grapes. Need to know more? Check out how ice wine is made, where to try it and how to buy it here.

Wine Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Wine
Learn how to select a bottle of wine, distinguish between wine types, taste wines like a pro, and store wine for future enjoyment.

The 1976 Paris Wine Tasting - The Judgment of Paris
Discover the historic wine tasting that effectively put Napa Valley on the international wine map. Dubbed the

Storing Wines
A look at how to properly store wine for optimum drinkability. Temperature, humidity, light and bottle position are all key factors in determining where to store your wine. With an overview of how to serve various wines. Take a look at serving temperatures, pouring wine and glassware options.

Wine Grape Types
Check out the various red and white grape varieties that come together to create the wines of the world.

Wine Basics for Beginners
New to wine? We've got the quick start wine topics here to get you up to speed and buying good wine ASAP.

Learn How to Taste Wine
Learn How to Taste Wine

Understand the Key Components of Red Wine
Red wine grapes, producers and regions, learn the ins and outs of selecting and tasting red wines here.

White Wine Beginner's Guide
Learn the lingo of the white wine world, from which grapes go into making white wines on the global market to what to buy and pair with your favorite dishes.

Rose Wine - A Dozen Wines to Try
Check out a dozen delicious rose wines to fill your glass all year long. Summer sipping or versatile holiday pairing partners, rose wines are distinct, often dry and extremely food friendly.

Natural Wines
Natural wines tend to fall into one of three consumer categories: sustainable, organic, and biodynamic all of which have their own distinct set of standards. Learn the difference between organic and sustainable wines here.

Petit Verdot Wine - Flavors and Food Pairings
Petit Verdot hails from Bordeaux, where it is most often used in the region's famous red blends to impart concentrated fruit flavor on the palate. Today, this rowdy grape is grown all over the New World and shows up in blends as well as stand alone bottles. Learn more about Petit Verdot here.

Learn the Art of Washing Wine Glassware
It sounds simple enough, I mean you wash juice and milk glasses all the time, what could be so special about washing a wine glass? Truth is, wine glasses do need just a bit more care in the washing arena. Keep in mind that the liquid in the wine glass is typically a bit pricier than your jug of milk or orange juice, so the extra measures to ensure a clean glass could be viewed as merely protecting your investment.

Cooking with Wine
Learning to cook with wine adds another dimension of flavor (and fun) to many recipes. Check out our top tips for using wine in your favorite recipes.

Value Wines
Everybody loves a

Jacob's Creek - Great Australian Value Wines
Three of Jacob's Creek wines are reviewed and recommended as great

French Wines for Under $15
Looking for a cheap, but well made French wine with plenty of character? Bargain hunting for the best of the French vineyards? Here is a list of recommended value-priced French wines for under $15.

The "Patriot" Sangria
The beauty of the

California Wineries
California Wineries

Champagne and Sparkling Wines
Champagne Brut vintage Sparkling wines

How Wine is Made
From harvesting the grapes to fermentation to bottling the final product, the process of making wine is both a science and an art. Get an overview of the process start to delicious finish!

Wine Recipes
Wine Recipes Sangria Recipes White wine sauce

Mimosa Recipes
easy mimosa recipes. Wine.

Mulled Wine Recipes
Mulled Wine Recipes

Red Wine Recommendations and Reviews
Find tried and true red wine recommendations at all price points from Pinot Noir to Cabernet Sauvignon, and Bordeaux to Burgundy.

types of white wine
types of white wine

Washington Wineries
Washington Wineries

White Wines
White Wines Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Gewurztraminer Riesling

Wine Marinade Recipes
Wine Marinades & Dressings recipes

Wines of Italy
Wines of Italy

How to Taste Wine
Look, Smell, Taste and Record - with these four steps in place you can fully experience everything a new wine has to offer. Wine tasting is not reserved just for the wine masters and experts, by simply paying attention to your senses as you savor the wine, you will enhance your overall wine sampling experience. Also features host your own Wine Tasting Party ideas

How to Store Wine
How to Store Wine

French Regional Sparkling Wine
Cremants offer stellar pricing and quality if you are looking for a French sparkling wine.

Wine Recommendations by Price
Wine recommendations categorized by price.

Mimosa Recipes
Mimosas are often associated with special occasions or brunch events, bring your special occasion to a new level with a few new Mimosa recipes. From the traditional OJ and champagne to the Mama Mimosa, these recipes promise to add a festive flare to any occasion.

Best Wine Sangria Recipes
Traditionally, red wine has been the base wine for sangria recipes. Here you will find a collection of sensational red wine sangria recipes (along with a few of our favorite white wine sangrias) that are sure to become staples in your party repertoire.

Rosé Wine Sangria Recipes
Rosé wines make for a more delicate sangria recipe, still full of fresh flavor, but offering a subtlety that really showcases the appropriate fruit components. Here you will find some tasty sangria recipes all based on rosé wines.

Sparkling Wine Sangria Recipes
Sparkling wines turn up the festive factor for sangria wine recipes. Maybe its the bubbles, maybe its the Champagne tradition, but either way a sangria recipe featuring a sparkling wine base certainly ups the

Types of Fortified Wines
Types of Fortified Wines: Port wines, sherry wines, Marsala Wines, Madeira wines

Wine Terms
The world of wine is a culture itself, so it is not surprising that it even has its own

White Wine Sangria Recipes
While red wine is the traditional wine used in authentic Spanish sangria recipes, white wines have proven that they can hold their own when it comes to handling fresh fruit, ginger ale and a wee bit of sweet. Here you will find some top notch white wine sangria recipes.

Wine and Health Benefits
Moderate wine consumption and potential health benefits - fact or fantasy? There is a growing body of scientific research that indicates the polyphenols found in red wines may offer significant antioxidant protection. This translates to chemicals found in red wines, have the potential to overcome free radicals that are bound and determined to cause cellular damage, which is a root cause of various forms of cancer and heart disease.

Wines Around the World
Wine countries - France, Italy, Germany and parts of the U.S. come to mind when one thinks of wine-producing countries. However, today there are new players in the wine game - Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa have all come on the scene with exceptional wines. Learn more about Old World verse New World wines and the diverse countries in which they are produced.

Wine Book Reviews

Wine Gifts
Wine as a gift itself, or wine-related accessories are among the most sophisticated gifts one can give! There are a myriad of choices to fit all budgets and wine interests. Whether giving a hostess gift or a wedding gift, Father's Day or graduation - the gift-giving opportunities are limitless and thankfully, so are the wine gift options themselves!

Australian Wineries
Australian Wineries

Wine Country Travel
wine country travel, napa valley sonoma county, carneros, russian river valley, wine train, bike through wine country, wine country tours, california wine country

Holidays Wines - Winter Wine Ideas
The holidays are perfect for breaking out an unusual or new wine to celebrate the season. Make a batch of mulled wine, winter's perfect wine, for your next gathering. Forego the standard holiday parties this year by hosting a holiday wine tasting party. Take a peek at this year's top ten gift ideas for the wine lover on your Christmas list.

Italian Wineries
Italian Wineries

An Overview of Red Wines
A look at the styles or red wines available, vintage pricing and recommendations, producing regions, appropriate food pairing ideas, storing and serving tips and a bit of demystifying vineyard vocabulary that often accompanies red wines.

An Overview of White Wines
A look at the styles or white wines available, vintage pricing and recommendations, producing regions, appropriate food pairing ideas, storing and serving tips and a bit of demystifying vineyard vocabulary that often accompanies white wines.

Wineries of France
Wineries of France

Wineries of Germany
Wineries of Germany

Wineries of Spain
Wineries of Spain

Sangria Recipes
The best Sangria recipes are made with fresh fruit a favorite, budget-friendly wine and an overnight stint in the refrigerator to let the flavors fuse. From red wine Sangrias to white wine Sangrias recipes, we've rounded up 20 of our favorite sangria recipes that are easy to make and even easier to drink.

Fortified Wines - Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala
Fortified Wines - Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala, Vermouth

Wine Clubs
Wine Clubs are a unique way to explore a variety of exceptional wines with the convenience of regular door-to-door shipping. There are clubs geared for a variety of wine enthusiasts: Red Wine Clubs, International Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs and the list goes on.

Wine Recommendations to Fit Every Occassion
Grab a helpful recommendation on specific types of wine to fit every occassion or get a suggestion for pairing a wine with a variety of meals.

Best Wines for Easter Dinner
Easter Dinner themes typically center around the traditional glazed hams, roasted lamb or prime rib specials. These classic dishes are picture perfect for pairing with a variety of regional wines. We've made the picking even easier with a dozen wines that promise to deliver exceptional pairing potential at your Easter table this year.

Pairing Refreshing Riesling Wines With Food
Riesling may be white wine's most versatile, food-friendly grape. Available in a variety of styles from dry to off-dry and sweet, from just as many regions, Riesling rocks with or without food. Discover best bets for pairing here.

Wines That Pair Well With Lobster
Butter. Lots of butter. Lemon. Lots of lemon. Lobster's top culinary companions tend to be melted butter and a twist of fresh lemon. But don't forget the wine.

Brut Champagne
Brut Champagne refers to a French sparkling wine that is decidedly dry in style. Sugar levels in a brut Champagne must be 1.5% or less.

Sherry Wine 101
Sherry is Spain's famous fortified wine from the sunny Jerez region of southern Spain. Carrying a variety of styles and price points, Sherry delivers ongoing interest in the fortified market.

Moscato Wine
Moscato wines enjoy a sweet palate profile, making them perfect for pairing with spicy foods, dessert or mixing in wine-themed cocktails.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

What Are Wine Sulfites? (And How Can I Avoid Them?)
Sulfites are a top pick for preserving a wine and while there are naturally occurring sulfites, most are added during the winemaking process. Learn more about sulfites - why they are added, which wines contain the lowest levels, and more.

Letting Wine Breathe
The whole concept of letting wine breathe, or aerate, is simply maximizing your wine's exposure to the surrounding air. By allowing wine to mix and mingle with air, the wine will typically warm up and the wine's aromas will open up, the flavor profile will soften and mellow out a bit and the overall flavor characteristics should improve.

Wine Spritzers
Wine spritzers were the most likely precursor to the wine coolers of the late 80s and early 90s. Today, they offer up an easy way to mix and match fruit, soda and wine in a no-fuss cocktail theme.

White Port and Tonic
White Port and tonic delivers a rich, yet refreshing regional take on the typical gin and tonic. As Portugal's premier wine export, Port wine surprises with its versatility and fresh face in this classic cocktail twist.

Tempranillo - Spain's Premier Red Wine Grape
Tempranillo offers up a soft, jammy mix of red and black fruit that echoes elements of Pinot Noir, but substitutes acidity for a spicy, often oaked character. Food-friendly and versatile, Tempranillo is a popular grape forming the backbone of wines from Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

Types of Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wines bring a festive flare to a variety of occasions, and not only do wines with bubbles tend to be versatile with all sorts of favorite fare, many are wallet-friendly. Find out how you can grab some Spanish Cava for under $10 and Italian Prosecco for under $15 here.

20 Quick and Easy Sangria Recipes
Easy to make and even easier to drink, the fresh seasonal flavors of sangria are

Why Climate Matters When Buying Wine
Climate zones, temperatures and ripeness levels all make a dramatic impact on wine grapes and the resulting wine. Higher alcohol levels in a bottle typically reflect the distinctly warmer growing conditions of a particular region. Read more...

Madeira Wine - Styles, Aging Classifications & History
Madeira wine - find out how it was discovered, why the American colonists raved about it, how it's made and the wild place that it hails from.

White Wine Sangria Recipe - Easy and Tasty
A white wine Sangria recipe that takes the key components of favorite white wines and amplifies the citrus, apple and tropical fruit profile with fresh fruit additions. Our top reviewed white wine Sangria recipe.

Paso Robles Wine Country: Where to Eat
Paso Robles wine country has built an initial reputation based on prestigious Rhone Valley blends and expanded its base significantly from there. Today, Paso Robles' foodie scene is just as vibrant and lively as the wines themselves. With stellar restaurants, bistros and a remarkable farm-to-table vibe, Paso Robles is a food lover's dream.

Valentine's Day Wines
Looking for a few Valentine's Day wine options? We've got you covered with a dozen red, white and rose wine themes for easy pairing options.

Valentine's Day Wines
Looking for a few Valentine's Day wine options? We've got you covered with a dozen red, white and rose wine themes for easy pairing options.

Valentine's Day with Wine
Valentine's Day wine themes abound, whether its wine and chocolate, wine for a special dish or opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Cupid's cause. Need a wine gift, pairing ideas or a bottle to top of the day? Then check out our quick guide to Valentine's Day with wine here.

Super Bowl Wine Pairings
It's time to shake things up. Super Bowl pub grub has a long and storied history of pairing with all things beer, so we've gathered our favorite Super Bowl party foods and spruced them up with a wine pairing makeover. Find our best wine matches here.

Spanish Wine Classifications
Spanish wines represent some of the best values on the market, but many don't know how to interpret the labels. Understanding what's behind the label terms of

Types of Wine - Discover the Five Main Styles Wines
Discover the various wine types by color and style and then take a peek at what specific grape varietals fill your glass. From red wine to rose, and sparkling to dessert wines, there's plenty to learn, see and taste.

Types of Red Wine
From Cab to Merlot and Shiraz to Pinot, there's plenty to buy and try in the wide world of red wine. Check out our favorite types of red wine according to grapes, regions and producers here.

Bordeaux Wine - Beginner's Guide
The French wine region of Bordeaux is home to over 10,000 wine producers and close to 70 million cases of wine per vintage. Discover how Bordeaux sets the stage for red wines around the world.

How to Run a Comparative Wine Tasting
Comparative wine tastings allow wine enthusiasts to discern the key style, flavor and aromatic profiles of a wine in an easy (and educational) side-by-side format.

Washington Wine Regions - The Lay of the Land
Washington Wine Regions. Page 2.

Washington Wine Regions
Washington wines offer up plenty of variety in terms of grapes and styles. With a wide range of producers, price points and grapes, Washington's wine scene continues to wow!

Beaujolais Nouveau
Meet the famous merry red wine made from Gamay grapes just south of Burgundy in the stunning French region of Beaujolais.

4 Spanish Wine Regions Every Wine Lover Should Know
Spanish Wine Regions Wine Regions of Spain Wines from Spain. Page 2.

List of Recommended Mosel Rieslings to Try
German Wines: The Mosel's Steep-slope Rieslings. Page 2.

German Wines: The Mosel's Steep-slope Rieslings
German Wines: The Mosel's Steep-slope Rieslings

Loudoun County, Virginia is DC's Wine Country
Virginia Wine Country Travel Spotlight: Loudoun County - DC's Wine Country

Screaming Eagle Wines - California Cult Wine Clubs
Screaming Eagle has made its mark as the premier cult California wine. Find out why and how you can snag a sip of the sister winery here.

Find Good Merlot Under $10
Top ten reasonably priced (and good) Merlot wines for under $10 from the likes of 14 Hands, Clos du Bois and more.

Organic Wines
An introduction and review of Organic wines that are available to today's savvy consumer.

Virginia Wines to Try
Virginia wines to try, Loudoun County Wines

Harvesting Wine Grapes - Food
Wine Grape Harvest

Alto Adige Wines - Key Grapes and Producers
An Overview of Alto Adige Wines. Page 2.

Top 20 Alto Adige Wines
Top 20 Alto Adige Wines

Top 20 Alto Adige Wines
Top 20 Alto Adige Wines

Is Red Wine Good for You?
Red Wine and Resveratrol

Portuguese Wines
Portuguese Wines

Malbec Wines
Malbec wines defined.

Best Selections for Boxed Wine Varieties
Best Bets for Box Wine

Top 12 Thanksgiving Day Wines
Take a peek at 12 of our top Thanksgiving Day dinner wine picks, perfect for pairing with traditional family favorites and bringing out the best from high profile appetizers to turkey and stuffing or seasonal pies.

Top Pick Lodi Wines
Top Pick Lodi Wines

Wines of Chile: Carmenere Online Tasting Notes
Wines of Chile: Carmenere Online Tasting Notes

Virginia's Monticello Wine Trail
Virginia's Monticello Wine Trail

Getting Around the Monticello Wine Trail
Virginia's Monticello Wine Trail. Page 2.

Where to Eat on Virginia's Monticello Wine Trail
Virginia's Monticello Wine Trail. Page 3.

Italian Wine Classifications
Italian Wines Classification systems.

Italian Wine Guide for Beginners
Get the lowdown on Italian wines by understanding the regions, grapes and food culture that surrounds the Italian wine scene.

Spanish Wine Regions
Get a grip on the most popular Spanish wines and regions, with this go-to guide on Wines of Spain.

French Wine Growing Regions - an Overview
There are seven primary wine-producing regions in France. Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Rhone comprise the dominant French wine regions, with particular tribute paid to the red varietals of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley.

French Wine Regions
There are seven primary wine-producing regions in France. Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Rhone comprise the dominant French wine regions, with particular tribute paid to the red varietals of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. Page 2.

French Wines
Take a look at red and white wines from the famed French growing regions. Find out which wines hail from which regions of France, along with reviews and recommendations for key wine varietals and much more. French wines are an adventure in themselves!

Wines From Chile
Wines from Chile, Chilean Wine recommendations and wine reviews

Wines From Chile
Wines from Chile, Chilean Wine recommendations and wine reviews

An Overview of Alto Adige Wines
An Overview of Alto Adige Wines

Top 10 Ways to Tour the California Wine Country
Planning a trip to Napa Valley or Sonoma for some serious wine country touring? Then, check out some of the top 10 ways to travel or trek the scenic roads and rails of California's prized wine country scene.

Visiting Alto Adige Wine Country
Visiting Alto Adige Wine Country

Driving through Alto Adige Wine Country
Visiting Alto Adige Wine Country. Page 2.

Beyond Chardonnay
Beyond Chardonnay

Beginner's Guide to Kosher Wines
Looking for a kosher wine to celebrate an upcoming holiday? Need to know what makes a wine kosher to begin with? Then check out our Beginner's Guide to Kosher Wine and learn about the two main categories of kosher wine, which kosher wine producers to find and where to buy kosher wine.

Wines of Israel - A Beginner's Guide
Wine has been made in Israel for thousands of years, but recent years have seen a surge in quality and international distribution. Like many up and coming wine regions, the marriage of expert winemaking knowledge and increased access to technology have made Israeli wines something to seek.

Cabernet Sauvignon for $10 and Under Per Bottle
Recommendations for a bottle of this wine known as the King of Reds, priced from $6-10. e.g. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon (CA) $10

Woodbridge Winery
Woodbridge winery

How to Choose the Right Wines for Weddings
When the subject of weddings come up, visions of meaningful wedding toasts and wonderful, bubbly champagnes often come to mind. But which champagne should your offer at your wedding? What about the best wedding wines to serve and savor on your special day? If you are a Wine Lover and are hoping to incorporate your passion for the vine into your big day there are plenty of unique and creative options to do just that!

Top Chardonnays For Under $15
Affordability, availability and flavors that bow to most people’s palates, make Chardonnays an exceptional wine to have on hand for all occassions. Recommended Chardonnays are available in most states for under $15.

Good Value Chardonnay Under $10
Good solid everyday Chardonnay recommendations priced under $10.

Wine of the Week: Cocoa di Vine $12
Ok, so this week's. Wine.

Bordeaux Wine Country Travel
Bordeaux Wine Country Travel

3 Ways to Find Organic Wine
Looking for organic wine options? Find out what makes a wine organic and why sulfites matter when it comes to organic wine labeling lingo. Need a few organic producers to try? We've got you covered.

White Wine Mojito Recipe
The white wine mojito offers up a tasty wine-themed alternative to the classic rum-based mojito recipe. Keeping the lively flavors of lime and mint, this wine cocktail is perfect for summer sipping!

Best White Wines for a Comparative Tasting
When it comes to running a wine tasting, whether it is a grape-inspired tasting or organized in a comparative tasting format, these three white wines can hold their own. Learn more...

Best Red Wines for a Comparative Tasting
Need to find a few red wines to host a wine tasting party? Then check out these solid, ultra-easy to find red wine options. Learn more...

Shiraz / Syrah Wine
Shiraz and Syrah defined, flavors profiled, food pairings suggested and producers recommended.

What Is Pinotage Wine?
Pinotage is South Africa's signature red wine grape. A gutsy cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, and rarely taking root anywhere else, Pinotage is a one-of-a-kind rustic red wine that is earthy, fruit-driven and perfect for pairing with all sorts of barbecue.

Gewurztraminer Wines
Gewurztraminer, tricky to say, but ultra easy to drink! Spicy aromas, fuller-bodied styles and versatile for pairing with Asian fare, Gewurztraminer is a white wine delight. Read more...

Carmenere Wine - Color and Flavor
The Carmenere grape varietal was originally from France, but has since found favor in Chile, where it is grown with gusto. Perfect for pairing with barbecue themes and all sorts of meat lover's finds, Carmenere wows with its decidedly food-friendly nature.

Malolactic Fermentation - Wine Glossary
A form of secondary fermentation, malolactic fermentation plays an important role in most red wines along with a handful of popular white wine options.

Prosecco Wine - Well-priced Italian Bubbly
Prosecco, Italy's famed dry styled sparkling wine, offers a festive, food-friendly wine carrying versatility and value. Find out how it's made, what to pair it with and which labels to keep an eye out for.

Sauvignon Blanc Wine
An extremely versatile, highly aromatic white wine grape that is grown all over the world, Sauvignon Blanc wows with delicious citrus, lively acidity and easy food pairing options.

Online Wine Buying Guide
Buying wine online is easier than ever, with competitive pricing, solid selections and ongoing inventory updates. We've rounded up some of our favorite online wine retailers here...

Discover Garnacha (Grenache) Wines
Grenache and Garnacha are the same red wine grape that hold plenty of acreage in both France and Spain, with popularity extending to Australia and California as well. Creating a dry style, with fruit-driven aromatics and low level tannins, Grenache is often blended with Syrah and Mouvedre. Learn more...

Good Wine Books
Need a little extra info. on some of your favorite wines and regions? Want to learn how to taste like the pros? Grab a glance at our top pick wine books and make 2016 your year for wine education!

Sparkling Wine Production: 4 Ways to Make Bubbles
Sparkling wine is created in virtually every wine-producing country, but how the bubbles are built varies from region to region. Discover four most popular ways sparkling wines are crafted here.

Why Vintage Matters
A wine's vintage year is a reflection of the weather patterns, vineyard management and state of the vine in a given year. Learn how vintage may impact a wine from year to year.

3 Sparkling Styles Every Wine Lover Should Know
Discover three styles of sparkling wine from Italy, Spain and the U.S. - all easy on the budget, food-friendly and downright delicious.

What is Terroir?
Terroir, meaning

Chenin Blanc Wines
Chenin Blanc is an extremely versatile white wine. Grown predominantly in France, South Africa, Australia and the U.S. it comes in a range of styles from bone dry to dessert wine sweet. Learn more...

Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer
Discover a delicious (and ultra easy) holiday wine spritzer that includes the festive flavors of pomegranate and rosemary.

Santa Margherita Winery Profile
Santa Margherita is one of Italy's best-known and most well-distributed Pinot Grigio producers. Tucked into the fairy tale foothills of the Italian Alps, the winery is a destination in itself.

Best Paso Robles Wines
Paso Robles, tucked between San Fran and L.A., is a wine region on the rise. With a reputation built largely on Rhone Valley blends, Paso Robles wines bring a heady diversity to the table.

Wine Aromas and Scents
The aroma of wine is a key component of the total wine tasting experience. Learn how to distinguish between the variety of smells coming out of the wine glass.

Understanding Riesling Wines
Riesling wines, derived from Germany's greatest grape, enjoy a considerable following in the modern wine market. Ultra-easy to pair with a wide-variety of foods and relatively easy to grow, give this white wine some serious leverage with connoisseurs and consumers alike.

Esporao - Portuguese Wines and Tourism
Esporao is a well-distributed Portuguese producer that builds their best brands from the Alentejo and the Douro River Valley. Making tasty, well-priced red and white wines along with Port and regional olive oils, Esporao delivers the diversity of Portugal in a variety of bottles.

Beef Burgundy Recipe
A classic Beef Burgundy recipe to make the most of the region's famous red wine. Easy to assemble and delicious to boot, this recipe is a traditional favorite.

Chardonnay - The World's Favorite White Wine
Chardonnay is a popular white wine internationally, with significant plantings in California and its native homeland in Burgundy.

Best Champagne and Sparkling Wines for New Year's
Whether you are looking to bring in the New Year or toast a marriage, there are plenty of options for sparkling wine and Champagne at just as many price points. Find our top sparkling wine and Champagne finds here.

Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers
Find easy stocking stuffers for wine lovers - from our all-time favorite corkscrew to trendy wine glass markers, and quick clean up options - we've rounded up our favorite wine accessories for easy gift-giving (and getting).

Wine Gift Ideas
Check out this year's top ten wine gifts for the oenophiles on your list. From gear to gadgets and more, there's plenty to gather the giddy attention of your favorite wine lover!

Rose Wine
Rosés are perfect for spring and summer, as they are served chilled and can be a refreshing accompaniment to a variety of warm weather fare. Rosé wines also top the charts for food-friendly versatility. Read more...

Five Wine Varietals to Have on Hand for the Holidays
The holidays present a delicious opportunity to enjoy all sorts of tasty treats, special meals and fancy foodie favorites. Why not have some tried and true wines on hand that can tackle all sorts of food with ease and crowd-pleasing taste? Find our favorite holiday wines to have on hand here.

Mulled Wine Recipe
The vine's version of a classic hot toddy, mulled wine is a traditional holiday treat in many Old World countries. This warm spiced wine recipe is easy to make and delicious to drink.

Holiday Wine Guide
Holidays and wine go hand-in-hand, find ways to bring wine into your holiday entertaining by checking out a basic cheese pairing guide, quick tips for pairing wine with Christmas Dinner and how to host a holiday wine tasting party.

Wine Faults: When Wine Goes Wrong
While the vast majority of wines make it to the consumer happy, healthy and ready to pour, a small percentage of wines are afflicted by some sort of wine fault. Whether it's corked, carrying Brett, oxidized or showing some serious sulfur-induced side effects, catch six wine faults you need to know.

How Alcohol Levels Change a Wine
A wine's alcohol level, or ABV, plays a critical role in determining the wine's overall body, style and concentration. Find out how alcohol plays a role in scouting for the

Semillon Wine
Semillon is a low-maintenance white wine grape with some serious roots in Bordeaux's white wine and dessert wine scene. Leaving its trace in Australia and Washington, Semillon is a top-pick grape for blending and dessert wine finds.

The Pomegranate Cava Martini
This ultra-easy Cava-inspired cocktail is perfect for holiday gatherings. Simple to make, inexpensive to drink, darling and delicious - what more could you want?

A Guide to the Best Wines for Thanksgiving
A quick guide for selecting the best wines for your Thanksgiving feast.

Wine Corkscrews and Bottle Openers
Wine gadgets are a dime a dozen, but if you are in the market for a new bottle opener. Then check out our beginner's guide to corkscrews.

Best Party Sangria Recipe
This Sangria recipe is perfect for big summer parties and holiday festivities - brimming with fresh fruit, red wine and an optional shot or two of gin. This Sangria is always a favorite, a you may consider doubling the recipe.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival - A Foodie Playground
Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Page 2.

New Year's Eve Toasts
Gather some quick-witted toasts, phrases and quotes to ring in the New Year with savvy sentiments and winsome words. From Tennyson to Franklin and Sir Walter Scott to Eleanor Roosevelt, there are plenty of inspirational thoughts to share come New Year's Eve.

Christmas Dinner Wine Pairing Guide
A quick guide to Christmas Dinner wine pairings - whether you're serving ham, turkey, goose or prime rib - there is a red and white wine recommendation that is sure to please the guests gathered around your table.

Basic Sangria Recipe (With Red Wine)
The beauty of the basic sangria recipe is that it's as delicious as it is easy and it only gets better as you spice it up with your own creative culinary additions! Citrus, berries, peaches, kiwi and of course red wine (or easy to opt for white wine) make this a true crowd-pleaser.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine
Wine Folly's clever and creative, graphics-based education style has come together in a remarkable book format, designed to give new wine lovers and old oenophiles a witty way to navigate the world of wine.

Wine Guide: Nebbiolo
The red Nebbiolo grape gives rise to two of Italy's most prestigious red wines, Barolo and Barbaresco. Learn how this fickle grape thrives in Piedmont and what to expect in both youthful and mature renditions of this burly red grape.

Wine Guide: Petite Sirah
Petite Sirah carries significant plantings in California's wine scene, where instead of slaving as a blending partner it snags some serious limelight as a single varietal wine. Hearty and concentrated, Petite Sirah rocks with well-established tannins and often elevated alcohol.

Discover Cinsault Wine
One of 13 regulated traditional grape varieties of Chateauneuf du Pape, Cinsault grapes make their way into regional rosés and Grenache-inspired blends. However, in the heady ripening heat of California, Cinsault is making a second debut as a stand alone grape often stemming from very old Lodi vines. Learn more...

Bellini Wine Cocktail Recipe
A Venetian original, the Bellini Cocktail delivers simplicity and elegance via the light-hearted bubbles of Prosecco partnered with peach.

Wine and The New Sonoma Diet
While diets trends are in constant flux, eliminating carbs and fueling fats and then reversing themselves, the Sonoma Diet takes a Mediterranean approach (wine included!) to long-standing health and balanced nutrition. Check it out here.

Navigating the Restaurant Wine List with Ease
Restaurant wine lists are a dime a dozen, but what makes a wine list stand out and how can a budding oenophile navigate a wine list successfully (as often defined by finding a delicious, reasonably priced wine)?

Morning Glory Mimosa
The Morning Glory Mimosa takes the rich, plush textures of pineapple and marries them with the fresh citrus leanings of orange juice all amped up with a splash of sparkling wine.

Port Wine - A Beginner's Guide
Learn the basics of Port wine, by understanding the various types of Port, best brands to buy, how and why it's fortified, along with top tips for storing, serving and pairing Port with food.

Caramel Apple Sangria
Autumn's best wine cocktails swirl around the warm spice components of apple cider, seasonal apples and caramel. Enter the Caramel Apple Sangria.

Washington Winery Spotlight: Hogue Cellars
Washington Winery Spotlight: Hogue Cellars

Hogue Cellars - Discovering Washington Wines
Washington Winery Spotlight: Hogue Cellars. Page 2.

Paso Robles Wine Country Guide
Paso Robles Wine Country Guide

Paso Robles Wine Tasting Guide
Paso Robles Wine Country Guide. Page 2.

8 Must-try Languedoc Wines
Wines from the Languedoc region of France bring value, adventure and out-of-the-box tasting experiences by relying on lesser known grape varieties and Rhone-inspired blends. Check out some of our favorite Languedoc bottles here.

Tour Spain's Wine Scene with 6 Featured Wines
Affordable, out-of-the-box wines with regional character and unsurpassed food-friendly natures, the wines from Spain offer a whole lotta bang for your wine buck. Discover six Spanish wines to traverse Spain's wine scene tonight.

Sake - Japanese Fermented Drink
What is sake? How is sake made, served and paired with food? Grab the answers to these questions and more.

How to Read a Wine Label - New World and Old World
How to Read a Wine Label

Jacob’s Creek Wines - The Heritage Range
An interview on Jacob's Creek new wine series, the Heritage Range, with chief winemaker, Philip Laffer.

Philip Laffer, Winemaker for Jacob's Creek - Interview
An interview on Jacob's Creek new wine series, the Heritage Range, with chief winemaker, Philip Laffer. Page 2.

4 Must-try Pinot Noirs from Around the Globe
Thin-skinned, susceptible to disease and demanding low yields to really shine, Pinot Noir can be a tricky grape to grow. Yet, producers from Burgundy to Chile and Oregon to New Zealand continue to nail this grape with clarity and varietal vision.

Chateau St. Jean Winery
Chateau St. Jean is a must-stop estate on Sonoma's ever-evolving wine trail. Gorgeous grounds, delicious wines and a welcoming visitor's center make for remarkable memories.

Swanson Vineyards Chardonnay and Cab - A Delicious Fall Duo
Swanson Vineyards lies in the heart of the Napa Valley and produces classic regional wines with a talent for telling the story of both the grape and the ground. Check out the latest releases of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

3 Signs Your Wine Has Gone Bad
What makes good wine go bad? Learn the look, smell and taste of a bad wine so you can steer clear, along with how to store wine well.

Wine Lover's Guide to Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is a delicious red grape originally grown in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, Producing a red wine with significant spice and structure, its international appeal is on the rise and today Cab Franc is finding footholds in unexpected regions.

Vanilla Prosecco Splash
Love Prosecco wine? Then spice it up this holiday season with a splash of vanilla and a dash of dazzle. Check out this ultra easy wine-themed cocktail here.

Bodegas Montecillo - A Rioja Alta Winery
Love the spicy, fruit-driven character of Tempranillo? Then get to know Bodegas Montecillo, a unique producer tucked into northern Spain's Rioja region.

Riesling Wine Regions
Riesling is one of the most versatile white wines around, with deep roots in Germany and France and more recent plantings in dynamic New World regions.

How many ounces in a Champagne flute?
How many ounces in a Champagne flute? Not many. Check it out here.

White Wine and Mushrooms
Easy white wine and mushroom sauce that's versatile enough to top summer salads, noodles or rice pilaf.

Gruner-Veltliner Wine
Gruner-Veltliner is Austria's number one white wine that promises exceptional food-pairing potential and dry, crisp, citrus-infused flavors.

Botrytis and Wine
Typically rot is a bad thing, but not when it comes to the

Wine Club Review: The California Wine Club
Wine clubs are a dime a dozen these days, most offering a variety of wines that may or may not be all that up to snuff. In blows a fresh breeze...the California Wine Club. Read a full review of the California Wine Club.

Biodynamic Wines
If you think organic wines are the bomb, then wait until you get the goods on biodynamic wines. Check it out here.

Wine and Wedding Gift Ideas
Wine as a gift itself, or wine-related accessories are among the most sophisticated gifts one can give! Weddings are synonymous with both elegance and romance, so it's fitting that a

Phylloxera and Wine
Phylloxera is a nasty insect that attacks the roots of grapevines, effectively destroying the vine's ability to access water and nutrients from the soil.

6 Wines to Try When You Know What You Like
Find delicious alternatives to your favorite wines! If you're always buying Chardonnay and Cabernet, but would like to try something off the beaten path, then look to new grapes and varied wine regions. We'll show you how here.

Wine Refrigerator and Wine Cabinet Reviews
Wine Refrigerator and Wine Cabinet Reviews

Wine Flavors and How They Are Created
Wine flavors depend on the type of grape the wine is made from, with white wines steering towards yellow and white fruit flavors and red wines often claiming black and red fruit derivatives. Find out what influences a wine's flavor profile in the vineyard and cellar.

8 Outstanding Napa Wines to Find this Spring
Premiere Napa Valley brings the region's vintners together to showcase truly unique, small lot wines that define and reflect the best vineyards and barrels in the area via a live auction extravaganza. While Premiere wines may be tough to get your hands on, we've gathered some of the latest wines poured at Premiere preview tastings alongside the auction wines, as a sneak peek of Napa's latest ambassadors.

Wine Cocktails
From festive bubbles to white wine spritzers, there are plenty of tasty (and easy) wine-themed cocktails to delight guests no matter the season!

The Banshee - Mulled Wine Recipe for Halloween
Mulled wines are a traditional favorite, no matter what the occasion, but Halloween presents a terrific opportunity to introduce others to its appeal.

Piedmont Wine Region
Piedmont is one of the top dogs in Italy's wine mosaic. Bringing the heavy-hitting wines of Barolo and Barbaresco to the world via the Nebbiolo grape, Piedmont also embraces the softer styles of Barbera and Moscato. Read more...

Local Foods & Local Wines
Local food and local wines have been historic pairing partners for centuries. Check out favorite matches from Italy, Germany, France, Spain and beyond.

Wine Body
Light-bodied, medium-bodied or full-bodied - wines come in a variety of weights and concentrations.

Basil & Lime White Wine Sangria
This particular wine sangria starts with white wine and shakes things up with a dazzling dash of lime mixed with thin slices of mature basil leaves. Add a touch of sweet, a handful of ice and this easy summer mixer is ready to roll.

Wines of Portugal
Portugal's wine scene has long since been based on the fortified favorites of Port and Madeira, but today the country's red wine scene continues to claim international attention and devoted fans.

Best Wines for Winter
The best winter wines tend to show big, bold styles, more palate weight, elevated alcohol levels and significant oak influence. From reds and whites to sparkling and fortified, there's a winter wine in every category.

Wine Accessories, Tools, Gadgets
Wine Accessories, Tools, Gadgets

6 Well-priced Reds from Ribera del Duero
Spain's Ribera del Duero region is known for producing dynamic red wines built primarily on the back of the Tempranillo grape. We've rounded up six of our favorites here.

Citrus Meets Mint and Rum - White Wine Sangria
With heavy mint-laden Mojito themes, this particular white wine sangria recipe leans heavily into zippy, lemon-lime motifs and adds a bit of palate sparkle with a generous dash of seasonal coconut rum. Delish!

How to Store Wine (Cool, Dark, Still and Sideways)
Storing wine is a snap, just remember to keep it cool, dark, still and sideways to successfully store wine for both the short and long term with confidence.

5 Snazzy White Wine Sangria Recipes
White wine sangrias offer remarkable creativity, merging fruit and flavor, spirits, sodas and teas along with your favorite white wine to craft the quintessential wine-inspired summer cocktail.

Raspberry Mint Rose Bellini Cocktail
Check out this delicious twist on the basic Bellini, with a touch of raspberry sorbet, frozen berries, a dash of Vodka and a splash of Cava, Spain's well-priced sparkling wine, this easy cocktail is sure to please all season long.

Best Wines for Beer Lovers
Discover five popular types of beer with their corresponding wine styles with this user-friendly list of the best wines to offer your beer drinking buddies.

10 Tips for Winery Tasting Room Visits
Snag ten tips for making the most of visiting a winery's tasting room with hints on how to taste, what to wear, when to tip and how to spit.

Petite Sirah Wine
Petite Sirah is a red wine grape that is named for its

Tenuta Rapitala Nadir Syrah 2012
This rugged Sicilian Syrah from Tenuta Rapitala captures the essence of southern Italy.

5 Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipes
Sangria is the wine world's answer to the cocktail question. Originally from Spain, the world over has taken the fresh fruit themes mixed with red wine and tailored it to individual regions and tastes. Always a summertime hit, the sweet vibrant flavors of these red wine sangrias woo even the staunchest palates.

White Wine Calories
Wondering just how many calories are in a glass of white wine? Find out here.

Calories in Red Wines
Curious about how many calories are in a glass of red wine? Find out here.

Wines of Argentina
Argentina enjoys the status of being South America's #1 wine producing country, with production numbers that rival the U.S. They are also the fifth largest wine producing country in the world, crafting quality, flavorful wines that fit virtually any budget.

5 Cheese Wine Pairing Party
Often it's the hard cheese finds that are the most versatile (and reliable) wine pairing partners, while softer cheese themes can experience more evolution on the palate pairing. We've rounded up some of our favorite, tried and true, wine and cheese pairings for easy party planning.

Spicy Sangria Recipe
Hot and spicy this Sangria adds a touch of Cholula sauce to the mix, a super summertime delight!

Ultimate Frozen Berry Red Wine Sangria
The Frozen Berry Sangria is an easy and wildly tasty take on a wine-themed margarita. By mixing up a decent dose of fresh or frozen fruit with a favorite (albeit inexpensive) red wine and adding a dash of ice, this refreshing summertime sangria makes the case for ... Read more.

Very Berry Red Wine Sangria Recipe
This is a red wine sangria recipe built on ripe, juicy berry-based fruit often found in many red wine varietals.

Barcelona Mule - Cava Cocktail
This stunning wine-themed take on the famous Moscow Mule delights with ginger-infused vodka, a sweet swirl of simple syrup and the festive bubbles of Spain's delicious sparkling wine, cava.

Looking for Lighter-Bodied Red Wines?
Lighter-bodied red wines are the perfect food wine, with less mouth-drying tannin and color extraction, friendly, forward fruit and easy access to acidity and typically lighter streams of alcohol. Also a favorite for those ready to tackle the heftier palate presence of a red without diving deep into concentrated, tannic beasts.

Wine Poached Pear Recipe
The recipe maximizes the pear's natural sweetness, combining it with a fruit-forward red wine and highlighting both with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Truly decadent!

Basic Mimosa Recipe
It doesn't get any easier than this, the basic Mimosa recipe calls for a bottle of your favorite champagne and orange juice. Two dashes of each and you are in business to celebrate a wedding, Mother's day, whatever the occasion - nothing says fancy brunch like a Mimosa.

Which Wines Should Be Chilled?
Grabbed a bottle of wine and aren't sure whether it needs to be chilled or not before serving? A wine's serving temp affects the innate aromatics and flavor profiles. Served too warm and the wine will come across overly alcoholic (aka

7 Sassy Sauvignon Blancs for Summer
Incredibly aromatic with bright citrus-themes and powered by racy acidity, Sauvignon Blanc is an easy-to-love white wine grape. Grown with enthusiasm in both Old World and New World vineyards... Read more.

Wines of Portugal
Catch a glimpse of Portugal's wine landscape, where grapes that have historically been used to build Port are also finding their way into the latest regional reds.

Thomas Jefferson’s Wine Legacy
Thomas Jefferson was ahead of his time in terms of his vision for wine in America. Among the many hats that he wore, oenophile was certainly one of them. Learn more about this remarkable man and specifically about his lifelong interest in the vine.

Thomas Jefferson’s Wine Legacy
Thomas Jefferson’s Wine Legacy. Page 2.

Strawberry Citrus Moscato Sangria
Leaning heavily into the sweet sensations of modern Moscato, this strawberry and citrus-themed sangria rocks out with fresh fruit and amps things up with a splash of Strawberry Schnapps. Check it out.

Best iPhone Wine Apps
Find the best iPhone wine apps for easy tracking of recent wine finds or searches of wines to try based on grapes, regions and styles.

How to Serve Champagne and Sparkling Wines
Find out the best ways to chill, serve, pour and store Champagne and sparkling wine.

Torrontes Wine
Torrontes is Argentina's white wine ambassador. An intensely aromatic wine that delivers exceptionally food-pairing capabilities especially with ethnic dishes ranging from Asian fare to Mexican heat. Learn more...

Wine Fermentation
Wine fermentation is the process of taking the innate sugars found in grapes and converting them into alcohol via active little yeast cells. Fermentation is what gives a wine its distinct aromas (violet, cherry, fig) and flavor compounds along with the addition of alcohol.

Sangiovese Wine Grape
Typically Sangiovese grapes make medium to full-bodied wines with tannin structure ranging from medium-soft to firm.

How to Use a Corkscrew
Gather quick tips for using the traditional corkscrew like the pros. Opening a basic bottle of wine can get tricky if you forget to cut the capsule or cover the cork. Learn more...

Best Drinks with Thai Curry
Find out which drinks pair best with the full, spicy flavors of today's Thai Curry creations. From beer to cocktails and wine, there are plenty of fresh and versatile options for bringing out the sweet and savory components of your favorite curry.

Screw Caps - The Wine Bottle Closure of Choice?
Screw caps on wine bottles, were once a sign of inferior wines, but they are on their way to becoming the wine bottle closure of choice for many winemakers.

Best Value Wines by Varietal
best value wines

Wine Bottle Sizes
Glass wine bottles come in over twelve sizes, though we are most familiar with the standard 750 ml or .75 L wine bottle. Here is a list of sizes.

Blueberry Moscato Mojito
Taking the fresh factor of mint, the cool berry profile of blueberries and the merry-mixing capacity of Moscato wine, this easy (and tasty) Moscato-based mixer is downright divine.

Strawberry and Lime Moscato Mixer
Taking full advantage of the sweet synergy between strawberries and lime, then turning up the volume with a sprig of lively mint, this sangria-like mixer is summer-ready.

The Languedoc Wine Scene
As the largest wine producing region in France, the Languedoc promises variety and value with exposure to numerous grapes, sub-appellations and close to 3,000 regional producers.

Carignan Wine
Carignan is a red wine grape with considerable presence in the Languedoc region of southern France, though Spain, Italy, North and South America all play host to this rugged, wildly prolific grape. Most often found in blends, Carignan delivers high tannin and acidity along with considerable color components. Learn more...

Sweet Tea Sangria
A staple in the South, sweet tea, is one of summer's tastiest sips. We turn all of the southern charm that sweet tea offers and turn it up a notch with this screamin' summer sangria recipe.

Lodi Wine
Lodi Wine

20 Good Value Wines Under $10
Check out our updated 20 best value wines, under the $10 mark. These are good cheap wines that won't break the bank and offer exceptional value for everyday wines from around the globe.

20 Good Value Wines Under $10
Check out our updated 20 best value wines, under the $10 mark. These are good cheap wines that won't break the bank and offer exceptional value for everyday wines from around the globe.

Moscato Wine Punch
Moscato brings so much to the table: sweetness, lighter alcohol levels and loads of fresh fruit-driven flavor. The Moscato Wine Punch leans heavily on this palate trifecta, promising (and delivering) some serious fruit all wrapped up in a seasonal, summery sipper.

Dry Red Wines
Dry red wines tend to be the preferred style of wine in today's foodie-driven wine frenzy, but what determines whether a wine will be dry or sweet on the palate? Find out here.

Sweet Red Wine
Sweet red wines come in a variety of wine styles ranging from low alcohol to fortified wines like Port. Find out which wines, producers and regions make sweeter styled reds with this quick guide.

Moscato Wine Slushy - Strawberry Mango and more
Moscato wine is made for mixing. With a sweeter palate profile, lighter-bodied style and its own innate fresh fruit factors, this popular wine offers a great base for all sorts of wine-themed cocktails.

Moscato Wine Pink Lemonade
Sweet and sassy, Moscato wines are ultra easy to embrace. This fresh Moscato mixer is a simple take on a spritzy summer lemonade. Always a crowd-pleaser, we recommend doubling the recipe.

Best Moscato Wine Reviews
Sweet-styled Moscato wines have gained a considerable following in recent years. The Moscato mania continues with consumers scouting for the best Moscato wines around. We've gathered our Top 10 Moscato picks here to get your party started.

Grenache Wine
Meet Grenache. A gregarious, spicy red wine grape that carries dual citizenship in the Southern Rhone and Northern Spain, Grenache delights with ripe, fresh fruit and savory, smoky aromatics. It's the perfect barbecue wine.

8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover
Gather wine-themed gift ideas for the mom in your life! From wine club memberships to snazzy wine aeration gadgets and ultra-easy cheese-making kits to Sonoma

Cava Coconut Cocktail
Cava, Spain's ultra hip sparkling wine, brings the bubbles to a variety of cocktail themes, though in this particular recipe the bubbles are quickly overcome be creamy coconut cream!

Cava Cocktail with Strawberries
Cava cocktails are an easy option for Mother's Day celebrations. Perfect for mixing with ripe berries and other liqueurs, Cava can easily (and cheaply) amp the bubbles and the fruit to toast any occasion.

Red Wine Spills on Carpet
Gather quick tips for cleaning red wine spills and stains. Whether its carpet or clothing, we've got easy tricks for taking the angst out of red wine accidents.

5 South African Wine Stunners
South Africa is bringing the beat to many new release wines, carrying serious flavor, lovely textures, and incredible food pairing versatility to the glass. Find out favorites here.

Zinfandel - Definition and Examples in Wine
Zinfandel defined. Wine.

Aging Wine Well
What's the difference between bottle aging and barrel aging when it comes to a wine? How much should an age-worthy wine cost? Is a 20 year wait really required to flaunt a wine's ageability or can an aging wine shine with less time?

How to Pair Wine with Salmon
Gather quick tips for pairing a variety of wines with your favorite salmon dish. Old school wine pairing rules dictate that white wines go with white meat, red wines with red meat and that's all there is to it. Yet by all accounts, salmon steaks, filets, and patties are pretty pink. What's the wine pairing protocol for

Griller's Guide to Red Wines
Grilling season often means farm fresh fare with plenty of pork, poultry, beef, game, fish and veggies to go around. It also means you may have to shake up your wine picks to cater to the laid back styles and savory seasonal flavors that skip off the grill.

7 Must-try Malbecs
Meet Malbec, Argentina's signature red grape that packs plenty of power alongside dense, dark fruit and smoky spice. Food-friendly, well-priced and ready to roll around the globe, this red grape is always a crowd-pleaser.

Wines for Easter
Looking for easy Easter wine pairing ideas? We've gathered a few of our favorite wine picks to tackle both ham and lamb. Check it out here.

Raspberry Lemonade Sangria Recipe
This raspberry lemonade-inspired Sangria is a delicious summer delight marrying citrus themes with fresh raspberries and adding your favorite white wine.

Wines for Summer Grilling
Gather some top tips for matching wines with grilled foods and barbecue for summer fun.

Blood Orange Mimosa Recipe
Taking a twist on the traditional Mimosa, this festive Blood Orange Mimosa recipe is built on a healthy squeeze of flaming ruby-colored juice from a ripe blood orange.

4 Tips for Finding a Wine that Ages Well
Only 10% of today's wines will get better with time! A wine's ability to age is based on its innate levels of tannin, acid, and alcohol. Every wine brings a different set of structural components to the glass, influencing whether the wine will shine or decline given more time. Learn more ...

3 Steps for Evaluating Wine Quality
Can you tell if a wine falls into the pricey premium wine category or leans towards the cheaper side of the vine with a single sip? Gather some quick tips for evaluating wine styles and pricing clues here.

Best Wine Quotes
When wine is flowing, words are not far behind. Clever comments crafted over a bottle of wine... from philosophers to founding fathers to popes and poets, there has always been a place for wine... and words to praise its attributes. We've rounded up some of our favorite wine quotes from the likes of Plato to Home and Jefferson to Napolean. Check it out here.

Champagne and Chocolate
Find a few quick tips for pairing Champagne with chocolate. A tricky pairing, but one that can be achieved with a little sweetness on the sparkling side and a bit of flexibility in the chocolate itself.

Best Homemade Irish Cream (and Whiskey)
Homemade Irish Cream is easy to make and even easier to drink! A tasty cream-based liqueur that spotlights fresh whipping cream, Irish whiskey, coffee and a dash of sweet, it's perfect on the rocks or in a cup of coffee.

The Basics of Wine Tasting
Learn the basics of wine tasting - look, smell and taste, it's that easy. Then dive a little deeper and gain an understanding of how a wine's flavors are influenced by key components from the grape to the winemaker's preferences.

Best Napa Valley Wineries to Visit
A quick guide to Napa Valley's best wineries for tastings, tours, picnics, sparkling wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and much more. Get insider tips and enjoy up to date winery perks.

5 Must-try Mead Recommendations
Mead, or honey wine, while widely available in the Old World, is becoming increasingly popular in the New World. Here are some tried and true Mead recommendations. If you have a Mead suggestion or two that you'd like to share, let us know.

St. Patrick's Day - Irish Toasts and Blessings
A collection of the best Irish toasts, blessings and proverbs for St. Patrick's Day or any day!

The Road to Premiere Napa Valley - Finding the "One" Wine
The stories of how vintners arrive at the “one” wine for Premiere Napa Valley, the best of the best, are as varied as the vines themselves. For some it’s spotlighting a favorite clone, a top block or a single vineyard row. For others, the wine seems to find more.

Best Boxed Wines
Boxed wines are better than ever, but are not necessarily vying for the position of

Strawberry-Kiwi Sangria with White Wine
A downright delicious strawberry and kiwi-themed Sangria built on the back of your favorite white wine. Perfect for summer sipping and backyard barbecues and ultra easy to make, the Strawberry-Kiwi Sangria delivers fresh flavors in a hurry!

Premiere Napa Valley Wines Score Record $6 Million at Auction
The Premiere Napa Valley annual trade auction, showcasing some of Napa's rarest wine finds, was held on Saturday, February 21, at the historic Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. The auction raised a record $6 million dollars for 225 lots of extremely limited edition Napa Valley wines.

Top International Dessert and Ice Wine List
Best bets for a wide range of intriguing dessert wines, we've picked 11 wines that lean on the sweeter side of the vine. Ranging from ice wines to Sherry and Port to Moscato.

Red Wine Clubs
Red Wine Clubs

5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wine Lovers
We've collected our recent wine-themed favorites to help procrastinating Cupids everywhere this Valentine's Day. Check out top Valentine's gifts for wine lovers here.

What to Drink with What You Eat Book Review
A must-have book for wine lovers, What to Drink with What You Eat is a tabletop reference for reliable and creative food and wine pairings.

Best Mulled Wine Recipes
We've gathered six of our favorite Old World-styled mulled wine recipes with easy adjustments for kid-friendly versions, crock pot creations and more.

Freixenet's Black Luxury Cava Cocktail
This creative cocktail from top Cava producer, Freixenet, is classy and clever with bright flavors and optional eye candy in the form of edible gold flake encrusted blackberry garnish. Perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day celebrations and beyond.

Pairing Wine & Chocolate
Some say it cannot be done, pairing wine with chocolate, but if you have the right wine to complement the right chocolate it can be a match made in heaven! Whether you are pairing a delicate white chocolate or a lively dark chocolate with wine, there are a few pairing tips to keep in mind. Below is a selection of fine wines to serve next to your favorite white, milk or dark chocolate. Wines were reviewed and recommended based on taste, pairing compatibility and price.

What Is a Fortified Wine?
Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira - all forms of fortified wines. Learn how fortified wines are made, aged and foods to pair them with here.

Passion Fruit White Sangria Recipe
Use pineapple and passion fruit juice mixed with a sweet white wine, to make an unforgettable Sangria.

Which Wine Has the Least Sugar?
Still in New Year's resolution mode? Watching sugar intake and tackling the gym? Want to know which wine has the least amount of sugar and why? Find out here.

Beginner's Guide to Port Wine
For the better part of two centuries, Port enjoyed the same rockstar status as the best of Bordeaux. All the more significant because of Port wine's ironic roots. Learn more here.

What Drinks Pair Well With Chili?
What Drinks Pair Well with Chili? Find out here.

Beginner's Guide to Riesling Wines
Riesling is one of the world's greatest white wines. Learn about the grape itself, key Riesling regions, how the wines are classified and what foods to pair Riesling with here.

Layer Cake Wine
What do Layer Cake wines and Hundred Acre have in common? Layer Cake Wine - a legendary winemaker crafts the best for both ends of the wine tasting spectrum - cult wine and wine for the masses. Read more...

Selecting Wines
The three

Sonoma's Alexander Valley Wine
Sonoma's Alexander Valley wine scene dominates with world class Cabernet Sauvignon. Tucked into the northern end of Sonoma County, the Alexander Valley carries considerable wine country charm and well-built Cabs. Read more...

High Flyer Chardonnay
The 2012 High Flyer Chardonnay from California's Central Coast brings a big wine to the table with some serious citrus themes and full-bodied character. Nice price for such a remarkable wine.

Traditional Glogg Recipe
Sweet, warm and spicy, traditional Glögg is Sweden's seasonal mulled wine gift to chilly souls around the globe. Check out this easy recipe based on red wine, rich spice and a touch of sweet.

Easy Mulled Wine Recipe
Super easy mulled wine recipe carries the cozy comforts of cinnamon and clove combined with the head-to-toe warming power of wine and brandy.

Champagne: Flute vs. Glass
Is it better to serve Champagne and sparkling wine in a flute or a regular wine glass? That depends on your palate priorities! Do you prefer bubbles or aromas?

Rosé Glogg Recipe
This Rosé Glögg recipe delights with fresh citrus, warm spice and pink wine. Versatile and festive, this sweet twist on traditional Glögg may be served steaming or over ice.

Non-alcoholic Mulled Wine Recipe
This non-alcoholic take on mulled wine is a hit with both kids and adults. Like Christmas in a cup, the warm spicy aromas combine with the sweet tinge of apple and grape juice to bring good cheer all season long.

Traditional Mulled Wine Recipe for the Crockpot
Crock pot perks can be put to work in no-time for super tasty, seasonal mulled wine recipes. This particular crock pot mulled wine creation is made for a crowd with red wine, citrus and some serious spice.

Why Acidity in Wine Matters
A wine's innate acidity is what brings the bottle vibe. Responsible for fresh aromatics, food pairing compatibility, color intensity, even tasting tantrums and much, much more, acidity carries the core of a wine. Find out how...

Columbia Crest "H3" Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (WA) $10
Columbia Crest H3 is a top pick Washington red wine with an exceptional quality to price ratio. At just $10 per bottle, this wine is an easy everyday wine that promises to please a crowd.