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Fees for Not Having Health Insurance
How do you know if the IRS sees you as being self-employed? If you are, you need to file self-employment taxes. See if you meet the IRS criteria for being self-employed.

FAQs About Mystery Shoppers And Mystery Shopping
Millions are working as undercover shoppers and getting paid for it. Here are FAQs about mystery shopping, what you do and certification.

Facebook Users Worldwide in 2013
2013 Global User Statistics for Facebook - Information about Facebook users worldwide including the average number of posts, updates, logins.

Enlarge Text Appearance on Websites That Use Small Text
This article outlines how to enlarge or reduce text in web browsers without having to purchase or download special software.

How to Manage High Call Volume
Tips on how to handle busy phones while working from home. High-tech solutions, using caller ID, blocking, and the do-not-call registry. Also, cell phone, telephone and telemarketing laws you should be aware of.

CEOs Who Make 1000 Times More Than Workers They Lay Off
Too many companies make the mistake of treating higher-level employees with greater concern than they do their lower-level employees.

Simple, But Important Grooming Tips for Business Women
Personal grooming tips for business women on hair, makeup, perfume and jewelry in the work place. Learn how to dress to impress clients and investors.

Overcoming the Challenges of Working Women
Here are seven challenges of working women and moms including work/life balance and overcoming gender discrimination. Here's how to overcome them.

Tips On How To Become A Freelance Writer
Become A Freelance Writer: Want to be a freelance writer and work from home? From proofreading to sample writing to pricing your work, here are the basics to help you get started freelance writing for profit.

Definition of Web Spidering and Web Crawlers
Spiders, also referred to as 'web crawlers' search the Web and not all are friendly in their intent. Here are tips on how to protect your website.

4 Things to Consider About Using Twitter For Business
Twitter can help you grow your business but Tweeting the wrong information can hurt it. Here are some important considerations for your business.

How Much Should I Spend on a Gift for My Boss?
You are not required to give your boss a gift, however, if you want to, WIB offers guidelines on how much to spend on a gift for your boss.

Copyright Laws - How do I Show My Work is Copyrighted?
This article covers information on copyrights - how to show work is copyrighted, what symbols to use, what format to put it in, and more.

RHOA Stars - Their Real Jobs and Net Worth
How much do they make? Net worth of RHOA stars including Nene Leakes, Phaedra, Kenya, Kim, Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burress, Porsha Williams and more.

Sexist Comments and Quotes Made by the Media
While Fox Network program hosts often make racist, ageist, and sexist remarks, Fox is not the only culprit. Here are public personalities who have made sexist remarks about women.

SEO Company Lies and Tricks You Should Know About
A red flag should go up anytime an SEO company makes certain claims or promises. Here are 12 warning signs to avoid help you SEO scams. Page 5.

Review of 123RF.com Royalty Free Photos & Stock Images
Some stock image providers make it tricky to find and understand the type of licenses you are purchasing. Learn more about using www.123rf.com.

Business Ideas, Supplemental Income Businesses
Business Ideas for the Reluctant Entrepreneur - This article is intended to help the

Abby Lee Miller Biography and Contact Information
Abby Lee Miller, star of Dance Moms: marital status,children, age, contact information, email, phone, Twitter, and Facebook for Abby Lee Miller.

List of Famous Women College Dropouts
Think you have to be a college grad to be rich, famous or successful? These women did not think so and dropped out of college. See our list of women college dropouts who went on to become anything but failures.

Microloans: How They Work and Where to Get One
What are microloans? Information about repayment terms for microloans and where you can apply to a microlender.

Copyright Laws - What is the Difference Between Copyrights, Patents, &Trademarks
What are the differences between copyrights, patents, and trademarks? What do they protect? Know the difference and protect your intellectual property, inventions, corporate identity, and products.

Can I Ignore a Getty Settlement Demand Letter?
Can I Ignore a Getty Settlement Demand Letter? Do you have to pay the amount they are demanding for using an unlicensed image? Find out!

June is National Month Calendar - Celebrated in June
June is National Candy Awareness month. The United States is particularly prolific at creating

Motivational Playlist of Songs for the Office
Need a non-caffeinated kick to begin your workday? Try listening to these motivational songs to start your morning at work on a high note.

Marla Rausch - CEO and Founder of Animation Vertigo - Part 3

Marla Rausch - CEO and Founder of Animation Vertigo
Marla Rausch, CEO of Animation Vertigo talks about her business, motion-capture animation, video game graphics, and women in the industry.

Marla Rausch - CEO and Founder of Animation Vertigo - Part 2
Animators can be forced to work long days during crunch time, sometime upwards of 18 hours a day, but Animation Vertigo's people primarily work in shifts around the clock so they don't get over-worked and aren't 'widows' to the profession. Page 2.

Joanna Chiu - Inspiring Women by Joe Hefferon
A young girl born in Hong Kong moves to Canada after the crushing of a student rebellion at Tienamen Square. Twenty years later, she returns.

10 Things to Do Instead of Giving Up
Some things really are hard; others just seem that way. You will not improve your resolve by giving up, but you can by following these simple steps.

Ideas for Branding Your Business: Energize Your Enterprise
Business Branding Ideas for Women in Business: 10 easy tips to start you on you way to invent your brand and make it your own.

July is "National Month" Calendar
July is National Month Calendar - Is there a way your business can benefit by promoting itself during

U.S. Laws That Negatively Impacted Women
SCOTUS decision allows employers to refuse to offer contraception coverage under Obamacare. Here are 9 other laws that have denied women their rights.

Am I Too Old To Ride Horses?
Am I Too Old To Ride Horses? No, But Here Are Reasons Why You Need A Trainer. A good trainer will try to pair you with a horse that is suitable to your skill level and help you reach your riding goals safely and faster. If you are looking for better work-life balance, it is not too late to start riding.

How Will Employers Be Effected By The New Health Care Reform Laws?
On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed a health care reform bill (

Overcoming Challenges Facing Women in Business
Women in business face the same challenges as all small business owners. But they also face discrimination and obstacles that make it harder to succeed.

Statistics on the Number of Women Surgeons in the US
According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (11/09/09)

Fun Ways to Play with Infants, Babies and Toddlers!
If you are still at home with a new baby and need to go back to work, you may be feeling a little guilty. Kaylea Simbeck, childcare expert, offers tips for moms on how to get the most out of their time with their babies.

Challenges Women Face Today in an Unstable Economy
Women make less money than men but have more expenses. Learn about challenges women face today, and find resources surviving during a recession.

Set Up Caller ID to See Who is Calling You at Work
Caller ID stands for

How to Stop Procrastinating And Work More Efficiently
Are you a habitual procrastinator? Lean why we procrastinate and when it is okay to put something off and when it is not.

Super Cheap SEO Prices Usually Means Bad SEO Work
Cheap SEO prices usually means bad search engine optimization. Here's why it pays to hire a reputable SEO company even if they cost more. Page 4.

Do Men Make Better Bosses Than Women (No, and Here's Why.)
Gallup polls and Harvard Business Review report that at all managerial levels women outscore men in leadership skills and competency even disproving some antiquated notions about stereotypical traits that define men as being superior to women in business.

Places to Donate Office Equipment, Supplies, Furniture
Here are places where you can donate used computers, monitors, and TV sets. Get a tax receipt and be a green business at the same time!

Tax Benefits of Sole Proprietorships
Here you will find a few tax and financial benefits of establishing your business as a sole proprietorship.

Inspiring Women Series - Meet Jennifer Lea
Jennifer Lea, Performance Coach, Director of Client Training, Johnson & Johnson and her team at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute have trained C-level execs, entrepreneurs, special forces, hostage rescue teams, as well as, professional and Olympic athletes.

Working Moms of Special Needs Children
A 2009 study found that mothers of adolescents and adults with autism experience stress very similar to the stress felt by combat soldiers.

Knowing When it's Time to Shut Down Your Nonprofit
The story of iPump.org, Inc., a 501(c)3 charity that provided financial assistance and free diabetes supplies and insulin pumps to people in need.

Amelia Boone, Winner of the Spartan Race 2013
Everyone expected her to win Spartan Race 2015 and when Amelia came in fourth she felt as though she had to apologize to people. Page 2.

Amelia Boone - Profile, Training Tips
After winning the 2013 Spartan Race World Championship, I went down, sat in the lake, I looked around and said, 'this is going to change everything.'

3 Things You Should Not Do at the Office Christmas Party
Office parties can be fun, but too much fun can ruin your reputation. Here are tips to help you have a good time and not regret it in the morning.

Where Mitt Rommey Stands On Women's Issues In 2012
Where Mitt Rommey - 2012 Position On Women's Issues. In the thick of the race to seek the Republican presidential race nomination, the GOP stands accused of engaging in a

Inspiring Women Series: Profile of Doctor Ivana Dzeletovic
Dr. Ivana Dzeletovic is a board-certified gastro with special training to perform delicate endoscopic procedures to remove cancers and cancerous lesions.

Inspiring Women Series: Profile of Doctor Ivana Dzeletovic
Doctor Dzletovic's brain is agile, almost maddeningly so. She makes decisions rapidly, intuitively, but not without knowledge aforethought. Page 2.

Interview with Maya Talit, Co-Founder of BabyTV
Maya Talit had no media background when she thought up BabyTV. Today, BabyTV is now broadcast globally in 20 languages through 750 affiliates.

Interview with Maya Talit, Co-Founder of BabyTV - Part 2
“Decide right now. This is going to be just the beginning. You need to be able to be 100% focused on work when at work or not.”. Page 2.

What Ever Happened to iPump.org?
I do not regret iPump. We did amazing things! But I also do not regret walking away when I did, and that is the real point of my story. Page 2.

How to Create Demand for Your Products or Services
How to Create Product Demand: Before scrapping a product that is not selling, try artificially increasing demand for the product or service. Tips on how to apply

Business Tips to Learn From Patti Stanger
Learn how Patti Stanger started and built the Millionaire's Club, turning it from a home-based weekend operation into a multimillion dollar company.

Famous Female Celebrities High School Dropouts
List of Rich and Famous Celebrity High School Dropouts - What do Julie Andrews, Lucille Ball, Erin Brockovich, the founder of the first American college for women, and Delaware's first woman governor have in common? They all dropped out of high school and made it big on their own.

The Double Standard of Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance is a double-standard, unfair term directed at women that suggests we can have careers, babies, and a clean house if we just prioritize and work harder at

Get Your Work Groove Back - Depression vs Losing Your Groove
Have You Lost Your Groove? Or Are You Depressed? In short, getting your groove back means putting pleasure back into a duty-driven life. Some might say getting your groove back is just a more poetic way of referring to

How to Work Faster and More Efficiently
Work too hard? Need to be more efficient? It is important to remember that

Setting Goals - Think Small To Accomplish Big Things
How setting small goals can help you accomplish the big things in life. If you are having trouble meeting certain goals read this article.

Where Mitt Romney Stands On Women's Issues & Rights
Where Does Mitt Romney Stand On Women's Issues & Rights? Here is an historical account of Mitt Romneys words and actions regarding women over the decades. From feminists to reproductive rights, read what Mitt has said about women over the yeras.

Hilary Farr: Designer, 'Love It or List It' - Biography
Hilary Farr, co-stars of

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Business Tax Changes for 2009
Important changes in federal business taxes for the 2009 tax year.

Reactive Hypoglycemia or Afternoon Slump?
Causes of Fatigue - Reactive Hypoglycemia or Afternoon Slump?

Causes of Afternoon Fatigue, Slump or Pre-Diabetes?
Do you suffer from afternoon slump? Here are symptoms and causes that you may want to discuss with your doctor to rule out a metabolic disorder.

Is PCOS Fatigue the Cause of Your Afternoon Slump?
Is PCOS fatigue the cause of your afternoon slump? Feeling run down and tired in the afternoon? There may be another silent culprit to blame.

Advice for Single Parents Balancing Work and Life
If you're part of the community of solo parents, these work-life balance tips will help you learn to focus on your happiness and health.

Morning Motivation - Tips to Get You Out of Bed
Need some morning motivation? Read on for some tips that will help tempt you out of bed including making your bed and a morning shuffle.

Love Babies? Why Not Start a Baby Shower Business?
Specific trends in popular gifts for baby showers may fade in and out, but the demand for baby items in general is an evergreen market.

Baby Shower Gift Business Ideas - Mom 'Survival' Kits
Imagine you are shopping for a special friend who is having a baby. You want a gift that shows thought and seems expensive, but you do not have a lot of money to spend. What would you buy for her?

Business Etiquette - When to Use Miss, Mrs, or Ms
Do you know when to use Miss, Mrs or Ms in a business setting? Here's how to show respect by using proper gender titles when addressing women.

What Is ERISA Law and What Does It Cover?
ERISA establishes minimum standards for certain employers who offer retirement, health, life or disability insurance, and apprenticeship plans.

States with Health Insurance Group Purchasing Arrangements
Health insurance options for small business owners.

Sample HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Statement
Sample HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices. HIPAA law requires that all persons you collect medical information from either directly or indirectly be notified of their rights to privacy and receive a “Notice of Privacy Practices.”

The Business Attitude of Successful Women Entrepreneurs
Considering alternative approaches to overcome challenges is an example of sticking to it, an element of how to become a successful woman in business. Page 2.

How to Become a Successful Woman in Business
Do you know how to become a successful woman in business? Self-assessment tests can be boiled down to 3 very simple things entrepreneurs should have.

Kate Gosselin's Net Worth and Income
Despite her drive for success, in 2015 Kate Gosselin's net worth was only $200,000. How much does she earn per episode on Kate Plus 8?

Advertising and Marketing: The Pleasure Principle
The Pleasure Principle can be used to develop advertising and marketing strategies. It is important to understand the Pleasure Principle in order to understand how your customers think and to reach more customers.

Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers You Should Never Give
Giving the wrong gift can convey the wrong message or even seem offensive. Don't worry. Here are goodbye gifts for coworkers you should never give.

Business and Social Etiquette - How to Make Eye Contact
How and when to make eye contact depends entirely on the customs of where you are, who you are with, and the social setting. For example, some cultures consider making direct eye contact aggressive, rude, or a show of disrespect.

Low-Cost, Work-at-Home Business Opportunities for Women
Find a niche market and be the first one to get the jump on things! Here are five cheap small business ideas to get you started.

RHOA Net Worth, How Much Are Stars Paid Per Episode
Real Housewives of Atlanta Salaries - How much do the RHOA cast stars get paid per episode / season? Find net worth and how much they make here.

How to Write an Organizational Feasibility Study
The purpose of an Organizational Feasibility Study is to define the legal and corporate structure of the business. Here's how to write one.

What Is a Triple Net Lease? - Definition
What is a Triple Net Lease? Also known as Net Net Net Lease or NNN Lease, this is a type of net lease in which the tenant pays for more.

How to Write a Technical Feasibility Study
A technical feasibility study calculates materials require and assesses the details of how you will deliver a product or service.

How to Write a Technical Feasibility Study - Part 2

How to Write a Financial Feasibility Study
Here's part one of a lesson on financial feasibility study and start-Up capital requirements for small businesses.

Financial Feasibility Study: Investor Returns, Disbursements
How to write a financial feasibility study for a small business: Investor Returns and Disbursements. Lesson four in a free online course on how to write a comprehensive feasibility study for small businesses. Page 2.

Examples of Gender and Sex Discrimination
Gender discrimination is the unequal treatment of someone based on their sex, and it encompasses a lot more than equal pay for women.

Chart Comparison of Commonly Used Commercial Leases
Types of commercial leases. Compare the types of commercial leases commonly used in commercial real estate in an easy-to-read chart.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO is (Still) Kicking Butt
In 2011, Forbes named Sheryl Kara Sandberg, the Chief Operating Office of Facebook the most powerful woman in business. How is she doing today?

Getty Image Settlement Demand Letter: Scam or For Real?
Getty Images Scam, Hoax or Real? This is not a hoax, but it is a scam. Getty Images does send out (outrageous) settlement demand letters; if they are from Getty, they are for real, even if they are what many refer to as

How to Set Financial Goals That Drive Your Business Forward
Solidly built businesses have staying power based on their reputation -- not just their financial reserves. Here are tips on how to set goals that will help you make your first million!

Will Using Groupon Hurt Your Business?
Groupon can be a great way to generate new leads for your business, but if you are not careful you could end up losing a lot more money than you earn.

RHOA Birth Dates, Where They Were Born, How old is ...
Ever wonder when / where the RHOA cast members were born? How old they are? Here's birthday dates, age, and place of birth 411 for Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burress, Porsha Williams-Stewart, DeShawn Snow, Marlo Hampton.

Love Books? Why Not Become a Book Reseller?
Looking to start a business in a bad economy? Think used. Think frugal. Think timeless. Think book resellers.

How To Make Bookmark Hyperlink on WordPress
Steps to Create A Bookmark Hyperlink In WordPress on a Page Or Post - It is easy to create bookmarks on pages and posts in WordPress here are step-by-step instructions and examples.

Need Some Extra Income But Don't Want To Run A Full-Time Business?
Business Ideas That Can Help Supplement Your Day Job Earnings - Even if you are not interest in, or ready to start your own business, most of us could use a little extra income. Here are some creative ways to supplement your current income that won't take over your time or life, but that could, over time, turn into full-blown business ventures.

More People State Preference for Male Boss
The glass ceiling is a reality in the corporate world, but that does not mean all men in the corporate world will refuse to promote, or fairly compensate women

Part 3: Interview with Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer, AVG
Part 3: Interview with Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer, AVG. Let's talk women and STEM. What can we do from the corporate side to reach out to women when they are younger to encourage their participation? Page 3.

Q&A with Judith Bitterli - CMO of AVG
Judith Bitterli is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the on-line security company, AVG. From rigging tanks for parachute drops in the Army to running the marketing arm of a global tech firm, Judith Bitterli has perfected the capacity to build upon past experiences.

Profile of Holly Birkett, Online Editor of Splash 24/7
Part 2: Meet online editor of maritime news site, Splash 24/7, Holly Birkett, a feisty young journo from the north of England, currently living in Athens. Page 2.

Holly Birkett, Online Editor Maritime News, Splash 24/7
Meet online editor of maritime news site, Splash 24/7, Holly Birkett, a feisty young journo from the north of England, currently living in Athens.

The Real Definition of Digital Publishing
Digital publishing is taking anything that could be done in print and putting into a format that can be accessed by computer device technologies.

Emily Wiedemann, Senior Executive Producer Greencard Pictures
Greencard Pictures is a film production company helping to shape our culture from its base in lower Manhattan. The company produces both short and feature-length films but also enjoys a growing list of commercial clients from tech and retail clothiers to food and cars. This creative cohort is led by founder and executive producer, Emily Wiedemann

The 50 Million Missing Campaign, Rita Banerji
The 50 Million Missing Campaign, Rita Banerji Part 1. A baby girl is abandoned on the streets in my city, before police to respond, street dogs kill her and start eating her. Joe Hefferon interview with a brave human rights activist.

Horrors Of India's Female Gendercide Exposed
The Horrors Of Female Gendercide Exposed - Even female infanticide in villages are more likely to happen among families who own farms or land, instead of those who are absolutely poor. Also, it’s why men and the in-laws kill the woman when dowry stops coming, instead of divorcing her. Page 2.

Part 2: Interviw with Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer, AVG
Part 2: Interview with Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer, AVG, by Joe Hefferon. Most of us protect our PC or laptop but then walk out the door with a mobile device in our hand and get into our connected car and we lose sight of security. Page 2.

Diana Zuluaga

Diana Zuluaga - Co-Founder of Jet D'Or

Helen Lao Baxter, President/Chief Talent Officer, ClearPath Solutions

Inspring Women Series, Helen Lao Baxter by Joe Hefferon
When I first went out on my own I was over-confident. Ignorance was my best friend.

Part 2 - Emily Wiedemann, Senior Executive Producer Greencard Pictures
Women in Business. Page 2.

Part 3 - Emily Wiedemann, Senior Executive Producer Greencard Pictures
Emily Weidemann has a quiet intellect, a grace underpinned by faith in her own abilities. She has a vulnerable quality about her that makes you want to look out for her, yet she is patently confidant; clear-eyed about what's necessary to build an effective company. Page 3.

Georgina Gavin, Sales and Marketing Director, VesselValue.com UK
Our journey to find inspiration from successful women in business brings us to the London offices of VesselsValue.com, where Georgina Gavin leads a team of shipping industry experts helping to automate the complex and often obscure world of billionaire ship owners, banks and international commerce.

Part 2 - Georgina Gavin, Sales and Marketing Director, VesselValue
Women in Business. Page 2.

How is IBM's CEO Virginia Rometty, Doing?
Reported annual income for IBM since Virginia (

Will Abby Lee Go to Jail for Bankrupcty Fraud?
Abby Lee Miller filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has been charged with 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud. Will she go to jail if she is convicted?

Create a Daily Plan To Work More Efficiently
Need to get more done? You need a daily plan. Knowing what is on your own plate for the day, and having already determined a budget for your own time for specific tasks can help you meet deadlines, get more done each day, and be more realistic about taking on additional work.

Whitelist an Email Sender in Hotmail, Windows, and MSN
Step-by-step instructions on how to whitelist an email sender in Hotmail Live, Windows Live and MSN.

How to Find A Freelance Writing Job Online
List of freelance writing jobs online, leads and legitimate sites that offer real opportunities to help get you started.

Meet Dr. Deborah Berebichez, The Science Babe
Dr. Deborah Berebichez the

Tips For Dealing With Distractions at Work
Dealing With Distractions at Work - Three of the greatest distractions at work are the computer, other workers, and your personal life. Each of these distractions can be best addressed by following one simple rule: remove the distractions. Here is how.

Why Microsoft's Diversity Ad "Girls Do Science" Is Offensive to Women
Microsoft's ad campaign

Are Freelancers Contractors or Independent Contractors?
Although the terms are often used interchangeably, freelancers and contractors are different from each other; here's how.

How’s Your Brand Working For You?
Building your brand will happen whether or not you are being proactive about it. When you sell a product or service, a large part of your brand’s identity will be built based on your consumers’ experiences and how they interpret your marketing efforts.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping vs Single-Entry Accounting
There are two main types of accounting methods to consider for your business. It's not that hard, but learning bookkeeping isn't a breeze.

Tips for Surviving Your First Year in Business
First Year Business Start-Up Tips: Few small businesses make a profit their first year. You need to plan for unexpected expenses and temporary lost income. Here are tips to help you start a business without going bankrupt or losing all your family and friends.

Marketing Tips: How to Put a New Spin on An Old Product
Marketing Tips: Putting a new spin on an old idea or product that is not selling well can help you increase sales. Tips for upselling, pairing products, creating product demand, and when you should and should not offer something as new and improved.

Contact Info for Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker)
Information About Patti Stanger, Millionaire MatchMaker, CEO, Millionaire's Club.Iincluding, agents, booking contact information.

Commercial Eviction for Rent Delinquency
Steps involved in commercial eviction for nonpayment of rent. Federal and state laws differ when evicting a tenant who files bankruptcy.

CMS Basics: Types of Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems 101: The basics in laypeople terms! What is a CMS, what are the different types and options, which one should you use? WordPress, Joomla, Drupal discussed.

How Many People Use Facebook?
Facebook Statistics, Number of Users, People Logging In, Growth Rate. Information about the number of people using and logging into Facebook each day.

Resources for Starting a Business in Delaware
Tips and resources for Starting a Business in Delaware including choosing the right business structure, filing a fictitious name statement, franchise taxes, and corporate formation in Delaware.

Why Work-Life Balance Sucks for Women
The very term work-life balance implies that there is balance to be had in the first place (there is not) and if we do not have it something is wrong with us.

Facebook vs Twitter: Privacy Issues
Comparing the privacy settings of Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter vs Facebook for Business - Which Is Better?
Do I Need To Use Both Facebook and Twitter for Business? Yes! Facebook users tend to be more interested in keeping close tabs of family, friends, and their favorite brands by

Hyperlocal Marketing: It's Here to Stay (As in Forever)
Hyperlocal marketing will be around long after the term itself,

Tips When Working With Your Spouse
The three most important tips on how to work with your spouse. How to make things work and when to keep your husband out of the business.

What is H.R. 5050 - The Women's Business Ownership Act
H.R. 5050, aka,

Choosing The Right Business Attire For Working Women
Tips On How To Dress For Success At Work - Work-at-home moms and women business owners still need to dress for success. Read how to dress for business functions and meetings.

When Does Christmas Holiday Sales Retail Season Begin
When does the Christmas holiday season retail sales season begin? Is there an official start date for holiday shopping and sales?

Dealing With Angry, Hostile Employee Questions
How should you respond when some unhappy employee asks a question that is off-topic, related only to their own situation, or tries to push another agenda? Here are tips on how to respond to angry or hostile employees who try to stir up trouble in meetings by asking tough questions.

How to Answer Employee Questions - Meeting Tips and Strategies
Business meetings can run on endlessly if you open the floor and let employee take control. Here are strategies to keep your business meeting upbeat and on track!

Quotes to Inspire Women in Business - Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance Tips - Inspirational Quotes for Women in Business and quotes from famous women authors, celebrities, and women leaders.

Statute of Limitations - Sexual Harassment Claim
Statute of limitations on filing sexual harassment claims and sexual harassment lawsuits.

Are open toed shoes okay with a business suit?
Is it okay to wear open-toed shoes with a business suit? Don't make the mistake of ignoring the rules for pairing shoes with a business suit.

Dress Code for Interns - What to Wear to Work
Interning and not sure what to wear to work? Here are tips on why and how interns should adhere to business dress code where they are interning.

How to Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition Tags
Hate it when your face is automatically tagged in photographs? Here is how to turn off Facebook's facial recognition automatic tagging of images.

Gender Discrimination in Society
Gender discrimination in society is when there is a bias based on a person's sex, that leads to defining the roles he/she should play in society.

Workplace Gender Discrimination Against Men and Women
More women are subjected to the illegal practice of gender discrimination but men are also fired or denied opportunities based on their gender.

Tips for Working With a Bitchy Female Boss
Tips For Working With A Bad Female Boss Who Discriminates Against Other Women - You can forget counting on the bonds of “sisterhood” in the workplace to help you get ahead because women are more likely to back-stab and undermine other women than are men. In fact, multiple studies show that female bosses can be some of the most difficult to work for, much less advance under, especially if you are also a woman.

When Should I Wear a Business Suit?
When Should I Wear a Business Suit? Why should I wear a suit? At any business networking event not specifically mentioned as “business casual.” Or “casual attire.” The term “informal business attire” does not mean casual and may still require both men and women dress conservatively.

Which Is Politically Correct: Latino or Hispanic?
Which is Politically Correct Latino or Hispanic? The terms Hispanic and Latino define a region of origin, not a race. So which should you use?

Business Etiquette Tips - Do I Have to Put Money Into a Tip Jar?
Will co-workers or clients see me as “stingy” if I do not stuff bills into a tip jar on a counter? Do I have to put money into a tip jar?

Business Introduction Etiquette for Men and Women
Etiquette rules of introduction in a business setting are not much different than the accepted customs of personal introductions in a social setting.

Business Etiquette - Protocol for Introducing People in Business
Etiquette rules of introduction in a business setting are not much different than the accepted customs of personal introductions in a social setting. But there are some differences when it comes to men and women. Page 2.

Business Introduction Etiquette - Responses and Tips
Etiquette rules of introduction in a business setting are not much different than the accepted customs of personal introductions in a social setting. But there are some differences when it comes to men and women. Page 3.

Tips for Naming Your Business
Your business name creates a first impression so choose wisely and make it a good one using these tips for naming your business.

Affiliate Ads - 6 Tips on How To Make Money From Affiliate Ad Programs
Affiliate programs can be a great way to supplement your income but to make them work for you, you must also be willing to spend time and effort into building an affiliate network. Here are 6 tips to help you get started with the right approach.

Easy Steps to Start an Online Used Book Store
If you could gather enough books to fill an eStore and start an onlinesbusiness for less than $100 would you do it? WIB tells you how!

No Start-Up Costs Business Ideas for Women
Earn extra income with these no start-up cost business ideas anyone can try. Don't let a lack of cash keep you from becoming a female entrepreneur!

Wedding Business Ideas for Products and Services
Wedding planners are always in demand but here are other great wedding business ideas for products that every bride and groom will appreciate.

Business Ideas for Undecided Women Entrepreneurs
Here are great business ideas for women entrepreneurs who want to start a small business, but are not sure what they want to do.

Help with Writing a Business Plan or Feasibility Study
Your business plan and business model need to consider many aspects of your business. Here are questions to get you started in five areas of focus for building your business.

Business Plans - A Brief Overview of Small Business Plans
A brief overview of small business plans. A business plan is a dynamic marketing tool that contains important information about your business. Business plans should be updated as often as necessary to reflect the current focus and long-term plans or your business, and whenever your business experiences noteworthy growth.

How to Develop an Outstanding Customer Service Policy
To be competitive, all businesses must have outstanding customer service policy. If you do not have a customer service policy, create an outline.

Why Equal Pay for Women Would Benefit the US Economy
Women do not receive equal pay for doing the same jobs men do. Not only should women receive fair pay because they deserve it, but because it would be good for the U.S. economy.

Gender Discrimination Against Women, From Cradle to CEO
Discrimination against women starts at birth. Gender lines are drawn early, and exclusions for women continue throughout adulthood. These constant messages may lead to a false belief that women do not belong in the corporate world.

Advantages of Forming a Corporation
Two advantages of forming a corporation are limited liability risks to their owners (shareholders) and tax advantages over other business structures.

How to File a Complaint Against a Collection Agency
What to do if your rights are violated by a debt collector. How to file a complaint against a debt collector or collection agency.

April is What National Month Calendar
April is “National Month” Calendar

List of February is National Month Calendar Events
Find out all the events celebrated in this convenient February is

Cultural Calendar for November National Awareness Month
November is “National Month” Calendar

Cultural Calendar - October is National Month Calendar
October is “National Month” Calendar.

FAQs About Overtime Pay for Nonexempt Employees
Here's what you need to know about federal and state employment laws that require employers to pay overtime to nonexempt employees

Nonexempt Employee Status and Overtime
The term “hourly employee” is often used in place of “nonexempt” to describe an employee but this is not entirely accurate. A nonexempt employee is one who is eligible to receive overtime pay but not all hourly workers are nonexempt.

About Self-Certification of Women-Owned Businesses
Can I self-certify as a women-owned business? Yes, but here's why you might not want to self-certify your WOB.

WOB Contract Opportunities for Women in Construction
Now that the economic stimulus package has been passed they may be more opportunities for women-owned construction businesses.

How to Determine Ordinary Necessary Business Expenses
Definition of ordinary and necessary business expenses, how to determine if business expenses are tax deductible and other small biz tax questions.

FAQs About American Business Women's Day
Information about American Business Women's Day, sometimes referred to as American Business Woman's Day. How it began and when American Business Women's day is celebrated each year.

How to Find a Female Business Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs
It would be a gross generalization to say that all women

How to Write a Market Feasibility Study
Not sure where to begin with a marketing feasibility study? This free online course will help you write the best marketing study for your business!

How to Write a Market Feasibility Study for Small Business
Tip and examples on how to write a market feasibility study: Market Analysis and Research; Identifying Your Business Competition. Page 2.

Market Feasibility Study - How to Calculate Sales Projections
How to write a market feasibility study for a small business - Competition in the Industry, How to Calculate Sales Projections. Page 3.

Small Business Feasibility Study: Customers, Clients, Contract Sources
How to write a market feasibility study for a small business: Identifying Potential Customers, Clients, and Contract Sources. Page 4.

How to Write a Feasibility Study for Your Business
Use this free online business course with step-by-step instructions to learn how to write a feasibility study for your business.

Working Capital - Definition and Description
Working capital is the of liquid assets a company has. A lack of working capital makes it hard to attract investors, get business loans or credit.

Assessing Your Business to Develop Better Strategies
Better Business Strategies - How to Assess Your Business. The most important rule when assessing your business is to completely separate the business from yourself. A business assessment should look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business – not yourself.

An Example of a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Statement
This free sample HIPAA privacy practices statement is not intended to serve or substitute as a legal document or as legal advice for your own medical services organization. Page 2.

Business Law - How Not to Get Sued in Business
Every woman in small business should take steps to prevent from being sued. Learn the most common reasons business owners are sued and how you can protect yourself from exposure to business liability risks.

Promises Made by Scam Artists and Bad SEO Companies
Do not do business with an SEO or marketing company that promises a particular page rank, or page ranking at all in a short time frame. It's a scam. Page 2.

Blackhat Link Building Will Damage Your Website
SEO Companies that claim copyrights to meta data they create for you could be bad news. Here's why and how to protect your website. Page 3.

Meta Titles and Common Mistakes to Avoid
A meta title shows the name of a web page, is displayed by the browser, and are also seen by search engine robots so are an important part of SEO.

3 Key Elements in Effective Internet Marketing
Just as you cannot get by on social networks without a website, the reverse is also true: you cannot get by with just a website and no social networking. Here's why.

Where to Find Open Source and Public Domain Software
Is there a difference between open-source applications and public domain software? Yes. Open source applications are not under public domain.

Unsolicited Email Marketing Campaign Tips
Tips to running a successful email marketing campaign.

Signs of a Bad SEO Company, Free Trials Can be a Scam
A red flag should go up anytime an SEO company makes certain claims or promises. Here are 12 warning signs to avoid help you SEO scams.

What is Debt Financing and Should You Do It?
Debt financing involves selling bonds, bills, or notes (loans) and simply means going into debt (borrowing money to be paid back).

Nonprofit Organizations 101
Nonprofit Orgs 101 - Basic steps and information types of nonprofit organizations, forming nonprofit organizations, their purpose, and business structure.

Fines and Criminal Penalties for Sending Spam Email
Under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, a spam emailer can be fined up to $11,000, additional fines and criminal penalties may also be imposed for spamming.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Fees in Leasing
What are CAM Fees in commercial leasing? Women in Business.

CAM Fees - Purpose of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Fees in Commercial Leasing
What is the purpose of CAM fees

CAM Fees - Unreasonable Hidden CAM Fees - The Importance of Understanding CAM Fees
Quick-reference summary of CAM fees to help you avoid getting taken. Also, my personal story of signing a Triple Net lease and got stuck with a $5,000 improvement fee my first month of occupancy. Page 3.

Common Area Maintenance Fees in Commercial Leasing
Quick-reference summary of CAM fees to help you avoid getting taken. Page 4.

Don't Be Impulsive When Checking Out Commercial Space
Making impulsive decisions about leasing commercial business space can be costly. Here are tips to help you avoid making a big mistake.

How to Negotiate Commercial Leases
Tips on how to negotiate the best commercial lease deal: submit a counter offer; sample offer letter; negotiable commercial property lease terms.

How to Make An Offer or Counter Offer to Lease Commercial Space
Need help negotiating a commercial leasing? Making a counter offers is easy if you know how and what to include in your leasing terms offer letter. Page 2.

Listing Your Leasing Terms in an Offer or Counter Offer
Tips and information on what you should ist in an offer letter when negotiating for a commercial lease that favors tenants. Page 3.

Commercial Lease Sample Offer or Counter Offer Letter
Instructions and sample letter to help you write an offer or counter offer letter to a landlord for leasing commercial property or space. Page 4.

How to Negotiate Commercial Leases to Favor the Tenant
Learn how to negotiate commercial leases to favor the tenant. The key to negotiating a commercial lease is understanding commercial lease terms. Page 2.

What Lease Terms Are Negotiable? How to Negotiate a Better Deal
Understanding commercial leases are negotiable and how to negotiate leasing terms to help you get a better deal when renting space for your business. Page 3.

10 Year Lease Agreement and Commercial Lease Red Flags
10-year​ lease agreement? Before you sign a lease make sure you understand the terms of the lease. Watch out for these commercial lease red flags.

Five Tips to Follow When Letting an Employee Go
Tips to help you layoff employees. Severance pay, how to tell an employee they are being let go, and why you should never let someone go on a Friday.

Downsizing - Alternatives to Consider When Downsizing
Before laying off employees, be explore all your options, including asking your employees what they would be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the company. Employees can show surprising loyalty and flexibility for the good of the company – and to save their jobs when being faced with downsizing or layoffs.

Sell More Using the Scarcity Principle in Marketing
The Scarcity Principle describes the urge to purchase, gather, or obtain something that a person feels that they may not be able to get in the future.

2 Types of Customers No Business Can Afford to Lose
Attracting customers is half your goal in business. You also need to focus on developing strategies for customer retention because repeat and referral customers are vital to sustain and grow your business.

Understanding Commercial Leases
Understanding commercial leases means knowing the types of commercial spaces you can rent for your business and how to find the right office space.

Sexual Harassment Laws and Valentines Day
Valentine's Day is a day to express love and romantic feelings so it is easy for a coworker to misunderstand your intentions.

What, How and When -- FAQs About Press Releases
FAQs: What is a press release? What information should and should not be included? Here are tips to write a winning press release about your company.

Invest Time If You Don't Have Money To Start a Business
Starting a new business often takes a lot more time than it does money. If you are short on cash you can still take initial steps now that won’t cost you anything but time.

Important Guidelines for Giving Your Boss a Gift
Do you have to give your boss a gift? No. But if you want to, these guidelines can help you decide what to get and how to give the perfect gift for your boss.

Rules for Xmas Gifts for Coworkers
Have to get your boss a gift? How much to spend? What to get? Relax. Here are rules for Xmas gifts for coworkers to help find the perfect gift.

Low-Wage Workers - What to Spend on Gifts For Your Boss
Spending guidelines on how much to spend on your boss if you are a lower wage worker or in a non-supervisory position, or on a very tight budget. Page 2.

Spending Guidelines for Gifts From Upper Management
You are not required to give your boss a gift, however, if you want to, WIB offers guidelines on how much to spend on a gift for your boss. Page 3.

Fundraising Ideas and Resources for Small Businesses
Fundraising can be fun and a wonderful way to expand your brand and you don't have to publish a naked calendar!

SBA Definition of Socially Economically Disadvantaged
Are women considered socially and economically disadvantaged under the Small Business Act (SBA)? Find out it woman are automatically included or not.

Humor in the Workplace Is Restricted by Law
Legal exposure to women business owners for inappropriate humor and harassment in the workplace.

Privacy Laws: Can My Employer Record My Phone Calls?
Is it illegal to record phone conversations of your employees? The answer is yes and no. Here are state and federal privacy laws you should know about.

The Most Important Skill for Women Entrepreneurs - Networking
If you isolate yourself and your thoughts, you isolate your business as well. Here's why networking is how to become a successful woman in business. Page 3.

Most Important Personality Trait of Women Entrepreneurs
Listen to new ideas and actively solicit the opinions of others. Having thick skin can help with how to be a successful woman in business. Page 4.

Marketing Children and Baby Products to Increase Sales
Here are tips to help you get parents to feel good about buying your products.

What is Automatic Copyright Protection Under the Law
Copyright Laws: What is Automatic Copyright Protection? Under U.S. copyright law, a work is automatically protected by copyright when it is created. For this automatic protection to exist you do not have to register with the U.S. Copyright Office, or even have published your work.

The Duration of Copyright and Public Domain Works
Copyright Laws and Public Domain - How long do copyrights and automatic copyrights last? How do I know if something is in the public domain?

Intellectual Property Laws and Copyright Protection
What do a copyright laws protect? You do not have to formally register a copyright to have some protection for written works, artwork, and many other forms of expression

Networking Skills Needed for Success
When networking, you must give something back. And, to sustain good business relationships, you need to. Here are networking skills for success.

Networking Skills - How to Ask the Right Questions
When networking, you must give something back. And, to sustain good business relationships, you need to. Here are networking skills for success. Page 2.

New Years Resolutions for Your Business - Network Your Business More Aggressively
Business is all about making the right connections and getting the word out about your company, services, and products. Advertising and marketing campaigns are only one part of the success equation, to really make a splash in the business world you need to build a solid network.

Subtenant Rights - Can a subtenant sue a landlord?
If the master lease agreement did not grant the tenant the right to sublease you cannot sue the landlord. Be sure that the master lease allows for subtenants before you sublease from anyone.

Business Lunch Tips - Guidelines for Standard Tipping
Tipping is often an optional choice, but if you are picking up the tab for a business meal with a customer or client, tipping is mandatory.

Trends and Statistics for Women in Business
Trends and statistics for women in business. Study industries, sales trends, and other important business statistics to make better business decisions now, and develop viable plans for future growth of your women-owned business.

Small Business Certification for Women-Owned Businesses
What is small business certification? Women who own businesses may be able to have their businesses certified as a women-owned business (WOB). There are many advantages to being formally recognized as a WOB.

How To Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire
Accessories are an important part of creating a successful business image. Women should use accessories to their business attire as tools to make a good impression.

Amercians Who Work From Home - How Many Americans Work From Home
Statistics for the Number of People Working From Home at Least Part-Time. How many Americans work from home? Read on for statistics on how many Americans telecommute. How many Americans telecommute? Read on for statistics on how many Americans work from home.

Copyright Image Laws, Flickr, Creative Commons, Facebook
Do you know when you can and cannot use images found on Flickr, Facebook, under Creative Commons? Copyright laws are confusing enough without seeing conflicting policies on social networks, search engines, and even on YouTube.

Can I Send An Email Cease & Desist Letter Order? FAQs
Is it legal to send an email cease and desist order to someone, or do you have to send it through regular postal service mail?

Do You Need a Lawyer to Send a Cease & Desist Letter?
FAQs About Cease & Desist Letters: Can you write and send your own cease and desist letter to someone else, or do you need to hire a lawyer to send one for you?

Getty Copyright Infringement Settlement Demand Scam
Copyright Infringement Scams - How some companies, lawyers and photographers are setting up scams to trick consumers into violating copyright laws.

Do I Have to Pay Getty Images Settlement Demand Letter?
Is the Getty Images Settlement Demand letter a scam? If you are being harassed by Getty Images and what to know if you have to pay the demand settlement amount, read on...

Brother Professional Series MFC-6490CW Color Inkjet
Review of the Brother Professional Series - MFC-6490CW Color Inkjet All-in-One with Wireless Networking.

5 Legal Advantages of Registering a Copyright
Are automatic copyright protection laws enough to protect your copyrights? What are advantages to registering a copyright? Learn how the best way to protect your copyrighted works,

Review Constant Contact Review - Pros, Cons, Features
Constant Contact is an online email list management service with more than 400 free templates to create newsletters and email list mailings.

Biography of Angelina Jolie
Jolie's personal information, family life, education, information about her humanitarian efforts, business investments, books, and stock index.

Glossary of Legislative Terms - Bills and Filibusters
What is the definition of a bill (as in bills passed into law)? What are the types of bills introduced to the House and Senate?

Review - HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer
Review on the HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer

Profile of Kay Meredith, Biography of Dressage Great
By Chris Cervantes. Kay Meredith, one of the greatest influences in classical dressage, is also an accomplished writer. From a humble upbringing in WV to becoming an international equestrian force to be reckoned with, Kay still enjoys life, her family, and, of course, horses.

Kay Meredith - Biography of One of Dressage's Greatest
By Chris Cervantes. Profile of Kay Meredith, Part 2. Encore, Engarde, and Domino were her international horse soul mates. Kay continues to offer seminars, conferences, and train students in classical dressage. Page 2.

Michelle Cochran and the Heroes of HiCaliber Horse Rescue
Michelle Cochran, founder of HiCaliber Horse Rescues talks about horse rescue, the Fallen Horses Rescue case, and offers sound advice to other nonprofits.

Michelle Cochran and the Heroes of HiCaliber Horse Rescue (Continued)
On Valentine's Day 2015, HiCaliber Horse Rescue took in 31 starved and emaciated horses from the now crumbling Fallen Horses Rescue. This was an enormous logistical task and the financial burden of caring for what amounts to a large herd of horses, none of which were healthy upon their intake, will remain long after the media storm surrounding this case has died down. Page 2.

Biography of Carol Bartz, Former CEO of Yahoo
Biography of Carol Bartz, former CEO of Yahoo! Bartz has turned her battles with life's challenges into personal strengths and victories.

Biography of Lilly Ledbetter, Husband, Children
Personal biography of Mrs. Lilly McDaniel Ledbetter. Her husband, children, grandchildren, and the amazing personal story of how she helped to change the law to make employers who discriminate against workers accountable for unfair wage practices.

YWCA - The History and Impact of the YWCA
The YWCA advocates for women, offers havens for women that suffer domestic violence, rape crisis counseling, and job training and career counseling.

About Joe Hefferon, Author, Blogger, Speaker
Joe Hefferon is a writer and retired police captain living in Toms River, NJ. He has recently completed a novel, The Unlost, due out in 2015. Hefferon is a regular guest writer and has published a series of articles featuring inspiring women.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Viral Video Marketing - How to Make Your Videos Go Viral
Gone are the days where a great video can go viral on its own. With billions of videos on YouTube and other video sites, how can you get yours to go viral?

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Hairstyles for Black Women in Business
Here are great hairstyles from high-power black women in business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Women in Business
Women in Business.

Branding Strategies - Why MySpace Logo Branding Falls Short
Of all the better-known social networking platforms, MySpace is the only one that never quite caught on as a business tool. Business owners are exploiting Twitter, Flickr, Facebook,and even building their own social networks using platform like Ning. So why not MySpace? Page 2.

Branding - Successful Branding Tips
Branding tips. Study corporate logos, lingo, and jingles and learn why some logos work better than others to maximize your brand power. Page 8.

Examples of Successful Branding - Nike Logo
The creator of the Nike logo was a graphics art student who earned $35 for her creation. Introduced in the late 1980s, the

Branding - Two Design Concepts for Creating a Logo Brand
The majority of the most widely and easily recognized logos in the world are simple concepts, common colors, and use initials rather than the full name of the company. Other examples of primitive but powerful logos include Nike's

Examples of Successful Branding - Twitter Branding
Twitter is well-branded and has become a powerful branding tool for other businesses and individuals world-wide. Page 9.

Branding Tips - You Tube Logos - Branding That Works
You Tube is a good example of powerful branding through simplicity. Like many other successfully branded company logos, You Tube sticks to basic colors and and a simple geometric design. Page 10.

Logo Branding - Examples of Bad Logo Branding - The IRS Logo
The IRS doesn't need to brand itself; even if you don't know about the IRS chances are they know about you. Their logo is a good example of what not to do.

Branding Tips - Flickr Logo - Simple Branding
The Flickr logo uses only two soft colors: blue and pink (both

Business Attire for Women - How to Wear a Business Suit
Business attire for women. Tips on how to put together a professional business look: choosing the right undergarments, tips for choosing a business suit, the right top, makeup, jewelry tips, and selecting the right business accessories.

Business Attire for Women - The Classic Pant Suit
Business attire for women. Pant suits are comfortable, fashionable, and appropriate for meetings, presentations, and the business world in general. Page 2.

Business Attire for Women - What to Wear to Wow
Business attire for women. If you wear sheer or clingy clothing, don't forget the ever important support undergarment. Always wear a good bra and make sure it does not show through.

Business Attire for Women - Shoes for Business Women
Business attire for women. The right shoes can add color pop to a conservative business wardrobe. Here are tips on choosing shoes appropriate for the business world. Page 7.

Business Attire for Women - Matching 2 Piece Suits
Business attire for women. Buying separate skirts and jackets is a great way to build a versatile business wardrobe but be sure to have at least one matching two piece suit in your clothing arsenal. Page 3.

Makeup Tips for Work - Makeup and Perfume Appropriate for the Workplace
Too much makeup can make you look gaudy, older, and like you are on the prowl. Send the right message to others by keeping makeup light (heavy makeup under office lighting does not do any woman justice) and fresh. Page 6.

Business Attire - Jewelry for the Workplace
Jewelry should complete a look - not compete with it. Page 5.

Business Attire for Women - What to Wear to Wow
Business attire for women. Here are great business outfits to wear to the office. Wow with a power suit, wear read, and put your best dressed business foot forward. Page 8.

Business Attire for Women - Blouses and Sweaters
What you have to say is important and you do not want your audience being distracted by trying to imagine what is under your clothing because you are showing too much cleavage. Here are tips for selecting the right blouse or sweater to wear with a business suit. Page 4.

Branding - Brand Marketing Tuips
Branding tips. Study corporate logos, lingo, and jingles and learn why some logos work better than others to maximize your brand power.

Brand Marketing - Branding Strategies Targeted Towards Kids
Follow your nose; listen to Snap, Krackle, and Pop; and everyone knows Trix are for kids, silly rabbit. Here are four iconic examples of branding targeted at children. Page 4.

Examples of Successful Branding - Apple, Inc.
An Apple a Day Made Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Very Rich but when Apple Computers, Inc. changed its name in 2007 to Apple, Inc. it wisely kept the Apple logo. Page 6.