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Mary Beale
Mary Beale (1632-1697): An English portrait painter known as a teacher as well as for her portraits of children. Her father was a clergyman and her husband a cloth manufacturer.

Women on Posters - War and Other Poster Art Depicting Women
Poster art -- especially war propaganda posters, but also other posters -- has been used to depict and in some ways shape women's roles in society, in war and in peace.

Rosalba Carriera - Italian Pastel Artist
A Venice-born portrait artist who worked in pastel, Rosalba Carriera was elected to the Royal Academy in 1720.

Sofonisba Anguissola
Of noble background, Sofonisba Anguissola was well known in her own time as a painter.

Louisa May Alcott
Known best as the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott was a popular writer of the 19th century, a Civil War Nurse and a part of the Transcendentalist circle of writers.

Anne Killigrew - Poet and Painter
Poet who was also a portrait painter at the court of James II of England. Dryden wrote a eulogy for her.

Jane Austen Index
Jane Austen: British author, early woman writer. Index to resources on Austen.

Aphra Behn Index
Restoration playwright, novelist and poet, Aphra Behn is known as the first Western woman to earn her living by her writing.

Anne Bradstreet Index
Anne Bradstreet, colonial American woman, was America's first poet. She wrote of domestic and religious themes. Find links to great resources on this site and on the Net.

Lydia Maria Child
Lydia Maria Child: an early American writer and abolitionist, she is known for her fiction including imaginative depictions of Native American life, for her domestic advice books and for her anti-slavery writings.

Christine de Pizan: Index
Christine de Pizan, author of the Book of the City of the Ladies, a fifteenth-century writer in France, and an early feminist.

Ephelia - Restoration Woman Writer
The identity of the writer and poet Ephelia, whose writing was licensed by the king's censor in 1678, has long been disputed by scholars. Even whether Ephelia was a woman -- or a spoof or hoax perpetrated by male writers -- has not always been accepted.

Harlem Renaissance Women: Bibliographies
Bibliographies and print resources on women of the Harlem Renaissance.

Marian Anderson
One of the 20th century's best-known notable African American women, opera singer (contralto) Marian Anderson's career was shadowed by racial prejudice, including the infamous incident in 1939 when the DAR refused to let her sing at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC -- and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for her to sing on the Washington Mall, instead.

Murasaki Shikibu
Japanese woman writer who wrote The Tale of Genji - Genji monogatari - in the eleventh century C.E.

Leontyne Price
Information on Leontyne Price, famous African American soprano whose home base was the Metropolitan Opera for several decades until her retirement in 1985.

Eve Queler
A pioneer woman conductor, founder of the Opera Orchestra of new York.

Rachel Speght - 17th Century Feminist
Rachel Speght wrote A Mouzell for Melastomus in 1617 and Mortalities Memorandum, both religious defenses of women's rights based on interpretation of scripture. Although there were a few other feminist writings of the time, Rachel Speght was the first feminist to write in English under her own name.

Sappho - Index
Sappho: The best known woman writer of the ancient world.

Anaïs Nin Index
Twentieth century writer Anais Nin was known for her ten-volume The Diary of Anais Ninas well as for her fascinating love life.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Aviator and author, wife and widow of Charles Lindbergh.

Beatrix Potter Index: Biographies, Drawings
Beatrix Potter started drawing in her childhood, and her drawings and text in the Peter Rabbit books still charm children. Find biographies of Beatrix Potter, some of her writings and illustrations, and information about research and travel sites connected with Beatrix Potter.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox - Popular Poet
Her career spanning the end of the 19th century through the early years of the 20th, Ella Wheeler Wilcox was a popular poet in her day, and many of her poems are still popular today.

Frances E. W. Harper Index
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born free in Maryland and later became an anti-slavery lecturer and poet. She worked for civil rights after the Civil War, and also for women's rights. She was a founder of the National Association of Colored Women (NACW).

Gertrude Stein Index
Writer Gertrude Stein had a strong impact on American literature in the early 20th century, especially around World War I. She lived most of her adult life in Paris. Less known about Gertrude Stein: she studied medicine at Johns Hopkins (though she never graduated).

Jean Ingelow - 19th Century Poet and Writer
Jean Ingelow (1820-1897) was well-known in her own lifetime as a poet, though she's nearly forgotten today. Her Mopsa the Fairy stands as a children's or young adult book, an early fantasy novel.

Sarah Orne Jewett & Annie Adams Fields
The novelist Sarah Orne Jewett, plus a few links on her relationship with Annie Fields.

Anna H. Leonowens
Anna of Anna and the King and The King and I, in her exotic and controversial story.

Selma Lagerlof
Selma Lagerlof, Swedish writer, was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Selma Lagerlof is known for her moral themes in her novels.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author of Frankenstein, and daughter of women's right advocate Mary Wollstonecraft.

Toni Morrison Index
About Toni Morrison: biography, quotations, and links to more resources.

African American Women Nurses
Black women who have served as nurses, often in war.

Alice Stone Blackwell Index
Alice Stone Blackwell was the daughter of Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell, both abolitionists and women's rights activists. She served as editor of the Woman's Journal for 30 years and led the move to reconcile the two branches of the woman suffrage movement into the NAWSA.

Amelia Bloomer - 19th Century American Feminist
Amelia Bloomer, remembered mainly for the Bloomer costume which she promoted as dress reform, was also active in the temperance movement and advocated for women's rights. She founded the woman-published newspaper, the Lily.

Army Nurse Corps - History
The Army Nurse Corps was established in 1901 to provide a permanent active nursing corps. In World War II, the number of Army nurses by the end of the war was 57,000. The Army Nurse Corps has not only served the military by nursing wounded soldiers and reducing the death rate from disease, but has also served as a route for women to make a difference and build a career.

Blackwell Women: Elizabeth, Emily, Lucy Stone, More
Resources for the incredible Blackwell women: Elizabeth Blackwell, Emily Blackwell, Lucy Stone, Antoinette Brown Blackwell and more.

Nellie Bly - Index
Nellie Bly, journalist, real name Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, reported on the issues of the day in her typical flamboyant style.

Godey's Lady's Book and Sarah Hale
Godey's Lady's Book was one of the most influential women's magazines of the 19th century, and Sarah Hale its famous editor.

Harriot Stanton Blatch Index
Harriot Stanton Blatch, daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, continued the suffrage fight into the next generation.

Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
African American journalist with CNN, NPR and PBS, Charlayne Hunter-Gault was the first African American woman admitted to or graduated from the University of Georgia. She's also the author of autobiography, In My Place, reflecting on African American life in the 1940s and 1950s and the civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller, deaf and blind from a very young age, helped change the world's perception of the disabled.

Mary Livermore
Suffrage worker, Sanitary Commission organizer and hospital worker, reporter, editor, and writer, Mary Rice Livermore was married to a Univeralist minister and was active in the woman's rights movement as well as temperance and abolitionist movements.

Mary Seacole Index
Mary Seacole, a nurse from Jamaica, served in the Crimean War, though she is not as well known as Florence Nightingale.

Olympe de Gouges
French playwright and feminist, author during the French Revolution of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Citizen. She was executed at the guillotine.

Women and the Radio in World War II
Radio was used in World War II to entertain troops, keep the home front informed, and raise money for the war. Here are some articles about women and the radio in World War II.

Ida Tarbell Index
Muckraking journalists like Ida Tarbell used their reporting skills to expose exploitation.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett
Journalist, civil rights activist, anti-lynching crusader, Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (1862-1931) was a cofounder of the NAACP and active in women's issues.

Ms. Magazine - Feminist Publication
In the 1960s, the title

Historical Recipes - Fannie Farmer's 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cookbook
Recipes from Fannie Farmer's 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cookbook.

Thomas Aquinas Writes About Women
Writings of Thomas Aquinas about women were the basis of church and philosophical attitudes towards women for centuries.

Mary McLeod Bethune
Founder of Bethune-Cookman College in Florida, advisor to President Roosevelt, and founder of the National Council of Negro Women, Bethune is known as a social reformer and educator.

Boston Marriage - David Mamet Play
David Mamet's play: reviews, interview, information. About Boston marriage: marriage-like relationships among women in history.

Boudicca (Boadicea), Queen of the Iceni, and the Rebellion Against Rome
Boudicca (Boadicea), Queen of the Iceni tribe, organized the Celtic tribes in Britain to stand against the Romans and try to expel them.

Lucy Burns
Lucy Burns was a cofounder of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, a leader in the National Woman's Party, and a militant suffragist working for a federal constitutional amendment.

Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage
The Congressional Committee was a part of the NAWSA (National American Woman Suffrage Association) from its beginnings in early 1913 until late 1913. Then it became the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, and merged into the National Woman's Party in 1916.

Thomas Wentworth Higginson - Women's Rights and Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Remembered as an editor and as a commander of black troops in the Civil War and as an abolitionist, Thomas Wentworth Higginson is also notable as the

M. Carey Thomas, Pioneer Educator
Martha Carey Thomas, pioneer educator, was key in the early years of Bryn Mawr College. She was also a women's rights advocate, a eugenicist, and helped ensure that Johns Hopkins Medical School admit women on an equal basis to men.

Millicent Garrett Fawcett - Index
Millicent Garrett Fawcett was a leader of the constitutional faction of the British women's suffrage movement, advocating more peaceful and gradual means of winning the vote.

Pankhursts - Emmeline - Christabel - Sylvia - Suffrage Activists
This family of English suffrage activists changed the course of women's history with their radical agitation. Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia founded the Women's Party and influenced Alice Paul and other Americans.

Alice Paul Index
Links to resources on Alice Paul, a major leader in the woman suffrage movement of the early 20th century.

In Defense of Women by H. L. Mencken
Etext - In Defense of Women by H. L. Mencken - a 1922 book of essays about women.

Queen Christina of Sweden - Index
Queen Christina of Sweden was queen of Sweden, ruling in her own right, when she converted to Roman Catholicism and abdicated her throne.

Alexandra of Denmark Index
Queen Alexandra, queen consort of Edward VII of Great Britain, was the daughter of Christian IX of Denmark. She was married to the then-Prince of Wales in 1863, while mother-in-law Queen Victoria was still in mourning. She's known for founding Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps.

Empress Carlota of Mexico: Index
Empress Carlota of Mexico was installed in Mexico by Napoleon III, with her husband Maximilian, and removed a few short years later. After talking her husband out of abdicating, she returned to Europe, slipped into lifelong

Catherine the Great of Russia - Index
Catherine the Great of Russia: more resources on Catherine the Great, her relationship to her husband Peter, and more. Catherine the Great ruled as an absolute monarch after the death of her husband Peter.

Amelia Earhart Index
Amelia Earhart was a woman pilot whose disappearance in the 1930s has been one of aviation's great mysteries.

Elizabeth I of England
Bess, the Virgin Queen: Queen Elizabeth I of England. Her life, her writings, her accomplishments and events of her reign.

Empress Suiko - Index
An index of resources on Empress Suiko, ruler of Japan, in whose reign Buddhism became more prominent and China's influence increased.

Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii
Queen Lili'uokalani was the last reigning monarch of Hawaii, displaced by the Hawaii-born citizens of American parents connected to the sugar industry.

Mae Jemison, African American Woman Astronaut
Mae Jemison was the first African American woman astronaut. A physician with interests in the arts and in science, after leaving NASA Mae Jemison became a university teacher and founded her own technology company.

Mary of Teck - Queen Mary of Great Britain - May of Teck
May of Teck (Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes), daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck, she was engaged to marry the heir to the British throne, Edward, and then married his brother when Edward died. As Queen Consort to George V of Great Britain, she was the mother of Edward VIII and George VI. She was popular and known for her intelligence.

Mary Queen of Scots
Biography, images, and documents relating to the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was briefly Queen of France and whose reign in Scotland was brief and controversial before her imprisonment and eventual execution by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

More NASA Female Astronauts
More women who have flown in space: female astronauts who have been selected for NASA astronaut training, most of whom have flown on the space shuttle flights.

Abigail Adams - First Lady 1797-1801
Abigail Adams (Abigail Smith Adams), First Lady 1797-1801, wife of John Adams, second President of the United States.

Louisa Adams - First Lady
Louisa Adams, First Lady 1825-1829, wife of John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States.

Barbara Bush - Index
Barbara Bush, First Lady 1989-1993, wife of George Bush, forty-first President of the United States.

Rosalynn Carter - First Lady
Rosalynn Carter, married to Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter), thirty-ninth President of the United States. She was First Lady 1977 - 1981.

Frances Folsom Cleveland - First Lady
Frances Cleveland: she married Grover Cleveland while he was President, in 1886, and served as First Lady 1886-1889 and 1893-1897 during his terms as twenty-second and twenty-fourth President of the United States. She remarried after his death.

Hillary Clinton - First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, forty-second President of the United States. Hillary Clinton's term as First Lady is 1993 to 2001.

Mamie Eisenhower - First Lady
Wife of Dwight D. Eisenhower, thirty-fourth President of the United States, Mamie Eisenhower was First Lady from 1953 to 1961.

Betty Ford - Index
Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford, thirty-eighth President of the United States. She served as First Lady 1974 - 1977.

Anna Harrison - First Lady
Anna Harrison, wife of the ninth United States President, William Henry Harrison, was too ill to attend his inauguration. He died after 31 days in office, and she never entered the White House.

Rachel Donelson Jackson
Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States. She died in 1828, just before Jackson was elected President, so she never served as First Lady.

Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson
Martha Jefferson, wife of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States (1801-1809). She died in 1782, before Jefferson's term of office. Martha Jefferson Randolph, their daughter and Jefferson's hostess while President, is also included.

Linda Chavez
Linda Chavez, conservative columnist, George W. Bush nominee for Labor Secretary.

Ma Ferguson - Miriam Amanda Wallace Ferguson
Governor of Texas, 1924-1928, and controversial Texas figure.

Geraldine Ferraro
Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to be nominated by a major US political party for the office of Vice President, was a lawyer and Congresswoman.

Women Heads of State - 2001-2010 - Presidents and Prime Ministers
Female political leaders - including presidents and prime ministers - around the world who took office from 2001-2010. Links to biographies, news and more information for many of the women who've led their governments.

Laura Bush - First Lady
Articles and resources for Laura Bush -- First Lady Laura Lane Welch Bush -- on this site, around About.com, and on the Net.

Lou Henry Hoover - First Lady
Biographies, portraits, and other information on First Lady Lou Henry Hoover, wife of President Herbert Hoover.

Carol Moseley Braun
The first African American woman elected to the United States Senate, Carol Moseley Braun's run for US President in 2003-2004 also set records for women in politics. She also served as a United States Ambassador.

Patsy Mink - Congresswoman from Hawaii
Patsy Mink, Congresswoman from Hawaii for 24 years, was a pioneer in working for women's rights, education, civil rights and other human rights. Patsy Mink was a co-author of Title IX and the first Asian American woman elected to Congress.

Lady Bird Johnson - First Lady
Lady Bird Johnson: Wife of Lyndon Baines Johnson, thirty-sixth President of the United States. She served as First Lady from 1963 - 1969.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - First Lady
Jackie Kennedy: wife of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States. She served as First Lady from 1961 until her husband's death in 1963. She later married Aristotle Onassis.

Mary Todd Lincoln - First Lady
Mary Lincoln: wife of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, she served as First Lady from 1861 until his death in 1865.

Dolley Madison - First Lady
Dolley Madison (Dorothea Payne Todd Madison), First Lady 1809-1817, wife of James Madison, fourth President of the United States.

Pat Nixon - First Lady
Pat Nixon: wife of Richard Nixon, thirty-seventh President of the United States. She was First Lady from 1969 to 1974, when her husband resigned from office.

Nancy Reagan - First Lady
Nancy Reagan, wife of Ronald Reagan, fortieth president of the United States. She served as First Lady 1981-1989.

Hannah Hoes Van Buren
Hannah Van Buren died in 1819 before her husband, Martin Van Buren, was elected President of the United States, so she never served as First Lady.

Martha Washington - First Lady
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, married to George Washington. First Lady of the United States April 30, 1789 - March 4, 1797.

Athena (Athene, Minerva) Index
The Greek goddess Athena (Athene, Roman Minerva) in art and literature. Resources for further study of the Greek and Roman Goddess of Wisdom.

Bess Truman - Index
Biographies, portraits, and other information on Bess Truman, First Lady, wife of President Harry S Truman.

Edith Wilson - First Lady
Edith Wilson, second wife of Woodrow Wilson, married him during his term of office to become First Lady. By some accounts, she did part of his work as President when he became ill at the end of his term.

Ellen Wilson - First Lady
Articles and portraits of First Lady Ellen Wilson, first wife of President Woodrow Wilson.

Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy has been depicted in many ways by different writers, from Homer onwards. Helen of Troy was both mortal and immortal, born of the coupling of Leda as swan and the god Zeus. She was twin or half-twin to Clytemnestra, Polydeuces and Castor. Helen's abduction -- whether she was willing or not -- by the son of the king of Troy set off one of history's most memorable wars. These resources explore the images of Helen of Troy -- and of feminine

Hindu Goddesses and Myths
Hindu images of the feminine in deities and myths reflect Indian beliefs about the appropriate roles of women.

Lilith: legendary demon or goddess in Hebrew tradition. Resources on the history of the Lilith stories.

Eva Peron - Evita - Maria Eva Duarte de Peron - Argentinia First Lady
Senora Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, known as Eva Peron or Evita Peron, was an actress who married Argentian Juan Peron and helped him win the presidency, becoming active in politics and the labor movement herself.

Jane Addams - Bibliographies
Bibliographies of Jane Addams' work and life, including library collections of her papers and information on Hull House.

Jane Addams - Biographies
Jane Addams was founder of Hull House in Chicago, an early settlement house, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Biographies, portraits and essays about her personal life.

Jane Addams Writings on Social Work - Sociology - Hull House
Online editions of Jane Addams' works on social work, settlement houses, social conditions, sociology.

Jane Addams on Women's Issues
Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, also worked for women's rights and woman suffrage and spoke and wrote about other women's issues.

Jane Addams - Work and Labor
Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, an early settlement house - her ideas and influence on work, working women and labor.

Women in Buddhism
The history of women in Buddhism: the role of women from early Buddhism to recent times, and the images of women from the Buddha's teachings through today. Includes Theravada, Mahayana, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Hinduism and Women
The roles of women within Hindu religion, including the images of the feminine in Hindu divinities.

Islam and Women's History - Qu'ran through 13th Century
Women in the Qu'ran (Koran or Quran), women in early Islam, and women in Islam through the 13th century. Includes a variety of perspectives on the relationship of Islam to women and to women's rights, so that readers can come to their own conclusions about the different interpretations.

Madam C. J. Walker Biographies
Biographies of Madam C. J. Walker, African American entrepreneur, inventor, philanthropist and social activist.

Madam C. J. Walker - Lists
Lists of famous African Americans, inventors, business women and others on which Madam C. J. Walker appears. Compiled by your Women's History Guide, and helpful in understanding the contribution of Madam Walker.

Ordination of Women - Women as Ministers in the Christian Church
The history of the ordination of women has been controversial -- even the actual history itself is contentious, as different scholars put the clues together in different ways. Here are some resources on this strange and troubled history.

Orthodox Christianity
Orthodox Christianity - notable women. Resources and links for Eastern Christianity.

Rosemary Radford Ruether - Feminist Theologian
Rosemary Ruether, Georgia Harkness Professor of Theology at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston 1976-2000 and Carpenter Professor of Feminist Theology, Pacific School of Theology, 2000-, has been a prolific writer whose analysis of religious faith includes a critique of racism, patriarchy, the domination of nature, and hierarchy.

Salem Witch Trials - Lesson Plans
Lesson plans, curriculum guides and other teaching resources on the Salem Witch Trials, Salem Village witchcraft hysteria, witch craze and parallels to Arthur Miller's drama, The Crucible.

Women and Theosophy - Female Theosophists
Theosophy's founding women. Net links and resources.

Tracing the Ancestry of Berta Josephine Larson - Genealogy and Women
A case study in the genealogical study of a woman in one's family tree: in this case, Berta Josephine Larson, a half-sister of the author's grandmother.

Biographies - A - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with A, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - B - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with B, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - C - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with C, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies -D-G - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with D through G, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - H-I - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with H through I, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - J-L- Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with J through L, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - M-P - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with M through P, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - Q-R
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with Q and R, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - S - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with S, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - T-V - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with T through V, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Biographies - W-Z - Famous Women
Famous and notable women with (last) names starting with W through Z, including legendary and mythological women, most with links to related resources on women's history.

Canada - Women's History
Notable women in Canada, and women's role in Canadian history.

Female Pirates in History: Women Privateers, Adventurers
Women pirates from ancient to modern times: often their stories have been exaggerated or fictionalized, but they've fascinated the public for centuries. Find resources for learning more about women in piracy and privateering.

Women Figure Skaters
Women figure skaters including Olympics medal winners and national and world skating champions.

Althea Gibson Index
Althea Gibson, pioneer African American tennis player, first black player to play or win at Wimbledon.

Jane Addams and Hull-House
Resources on Jane Addams and Hull-House.

Central and South America Women's History
Women's lives and famous women of Central and South America: contributions and lives of notable and ordinary women

Jane Addams - Peace and Anti-Militarism
Jane Addams, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize - her ideas on peace and anti-militarism.

Prostitutes and Prostitution - Women's History
Called the world's oldest profession, prostitution has been a noble or ignoble occupation, and prostitutes -- by many different names -- have been the object of respect or disrespect, depending on the time and culture.

Women Speed Skaters - Olympic Medalists - Female Ice Skating
Women speed skaters of the Olympics - medal winners and world champions in the sport of skating.

Western America: Pioneers, Cowgirls, Wives, Etc.
The history of women in the Western US, as pioneers, cowgirls, wives, and all their other roles.

January in Women's History
Calendar of January events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

February in Women's History
Calendar of February events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

Asian American Women's History
Women of Asian background in the United States: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.

Asian Women's History - More
More resources on Asian women's history - see the Asia menu for major countries within Asia.

South Asia Women's History
The history of notable and ordinary women in south Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh).

European Women's History - More
The history of women in Europe: general links, countries not included separately.

Germany and Women's History
Germany and Women's History.

Japan and Women's History
Notable and ordinary women in Japanese history.

Russia and the former USSR
Russian women's history, plus women's history in the countries of the former USSR: notable women and ordinary women's lives.

Scandinavian Women's History
Women's history in Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Vikings, Norse and modern Scandinavia - includes women of note in Scandinavian history.

Women's History - Southeast Asia
History of women in Southeast Asia: links to more biographies, articles and other resources.

April in Women's History
Calendar of April events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

May in Women's History
Calendar of May events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

June in Women's History
Calendar of June events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

July in Women's History
Calendar of July events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

August in Women's History
Calendar of August events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

November in Women's History
Calendar of November events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

December in Women's History
Calendar of December events, birthdays, and other commemorations of women's history.

Museums Honoring Notable Women
Museums honoring individual famous women and their contributions to history.

National Women's History Museum
News and information on the planned National Women's History Museum, Washington, DC

Presidential Proclamations - Women's History Month
Women's History Month Proclamations, issued by the US Presidents, usually in late February and early March.

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette remains one of the most intriguing figures of the 18th century -- born to power, thrust into scandal, her choices and the forces beyond her control led to the guillotine.

Sitcoms and Feminism
Read summaries of key sitcoms (situation comedies on television) and what they might say about feminism and women.

Salem Witch Trials - Theories
Why did the Salem witch trials -- or as the episode is sometimes called, the Salem Delusion or Salem witch craze -- happen? What led neighbor to denounce neighbor, with more than 20 deaths resulting?

Abortion History - Global Perspective
Links to resources on the history of abortion and the abortion controversy, from an international perspective.

Abortion History - Religious Perspectives
Links to resources on the history of abortion as a religious issue.

Abortion in the United States
An index to articles and other resources on abortion history in the United States.

Clara Peeters
Clara Peeters' paintings include still life depictions, portraits and even self-portraits. (Look carefully at some of her still life paintings to see her self-portrait reflected in an object.) She disappears from history in 1657, and her fate is unknown.

Louise Moillon
French Huguenot still life painter, her father was a painter and art dealer and so was her stepfather. Her paintings, often of fruit and only occasionally including figures, have been described as

Marriage History - 18th Century
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices in the eighteenth century, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.

Marriage History - 20th/21st Century
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices in the 1900s and 2000s, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.

Men's Voices on Women - Ancient/Classical History
Men's writings on women and women's history, from the ancient and classical world.

Eighties/Nineties Feminism
Feminism in the 1980s and 1990s -- pro and con. Is feminism still relevant?

Education and Women - General Information
More resources on women's education: universities, kindergarten, worldwide. Includes profiles of famous women educators and teachers.

Higher Education for Women
History of women's higher education: colleges and universities have not always admitted or encouraged women students.

Marriage History - 16th and 17th Centuries
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.

Marriage History - Ancient World
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices in the ancient and classical world, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.

Marriage History - Medieval
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices in the Middle Ages, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows

Marriage History - Overviews
Marriage, courtship and divorce practices, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows - overviews and general information.

Men's Voices on Women - 18th Century
Men's writings on women and women's history in the eighteenth century (1700s).

Oprah Winfrey
Wealthy businesswoman and entertainer Oprah Winfrey is an American success story. Her popular talk show is oriented towards informing women and changing women's lives.

Woman Suffrage - before 1848 - Women Voting Rights - Women's Suffrage
Woman Suffrage: women struggle for the right to vote. Documents and other resources on the sources of the woman suffrage movement, before the 1848 Seneca Falls convention for women's rights.

Feminist Poetry, Feminist Poets
What is feminist poetry? And who are some key feminist poets of the

Abortion History - Prochoice Perspectives
Links to resources on the history of abortion, especially from a pro-choice perspective.

Abortion History - Prolife Perspectives
Links to resources on the history of abortion, especially from a pro-life perspective.

Sarah Bagley - Labor Union Organizer - Reformer - Telegraph Operator
Sarah Bagley worked in the Lowell Mills, organized the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association, and later left the mills to work as the first female telegraph operator.

Lucille Ball - TV Star and Movie Actress
Lucille Ball is best known for her television shows and as a TV comedienne and pioneer, but she also appeared in dozens of films, was a Ziegfeld Girl and was a successful businesswoman -- the first woman to own a film studio. Learn more about Lucy in these articles.

Linda Chavez-Thompson
Linda Chavez-Thompson, labor union activist, was the first woman of color elected to an executive office in the AFL-CIO.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Index
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the Rebel Girl of Joe Hill song fame, was a socialist, feminist, and later communist activist who worked for civil liberties, women's rights, and worker's rights.

Marilyn Monroe
Movie actress Marilyn Monroe was known as a sex symbol and blonde bombshell. Critical acclaim as a serious actress eluded her, and she fought depression and addictions until her death in 1962 from an overdose of sleeping pills. She's best known for her glamour, her comedic wit, and iconic portrayals of dumb blondes.

Mother Jones - Labor Agitator
Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones) has been called the most dangerous woman in America. Taking up labor union agitation when she was sixty by her reckoning, she continued her activism into her nineties, working for the United Mine Workers, against child labor and in struggles including in Illinois, West Virginia and Colorado.

Nobel Laureates - Literature
Women who have won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Leni Riefenstahl - Filmmaker - Actress - Photographer - Maker of Nazi Documentary Films
Leni Riefenstahl's career included work as a dancer, actress, film producer, director, and also a photographer, but the rest of Leni Riefenstahl's career was shadowed by her history as a documentary maker for Hitler and Germany's Third Reich. Full name: Bertha Helen Amalie Riefenstahl.

Rose Schneiderman
Rose Schneiderman, a Russian Jewish immigrant to the United States who worked in the New York garment industry, became President of the Women's Trade Union League.

Rosie the Riveter - Women in the Factories of World War II
Women's work in factories during the war was essential. They were recruited with images of strong women like Rosie the Riveter. And it wasn't just in America.

Margaret Sanger
Margaret Sanger, birth control pioneer. Providing information on contraception to women was considered scandalous or even illegal. Resources including biographies, writings, and other links.

Women of the WTUL - Women's Trade Union League
Women active in the Women's Trade Union League in America, 1903-1950, an organization which fostered women's trade unions, studied working conditions, and promoted protective legislation for women workers.

Rachel Carson - Environmentalist - Silent Spring
Rachel Carson combined her interests in biology and writing as a college student, young woman and government scientist with the Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C. Her Silent Spring is credited with inspiring much of the late 20th century's environmental concern as she documented the effect of pesticides on the ecology.

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall, chimpanzee researcher, has also worked for chimpanzee conservation. Here are some useful articles and links to find out more about Jane Goodall.

Women in Music -- Ethnic Music - Gospel - Synthesized Music - Female Composers - Women Performers
Music of the spirit and world: gospel music, other ethnic music and even synthesized music. Women composers and performers.

Women in Music - General and Multiple Genres
Overviews of women in music, especially across genres of music.

Women and Music -- Jazz - Blues - Soul - Rhythm and Blues - Female Musicians
Women composers and performers in the world of jazz, blues, soul, rhythm and blues, and related music.

Women of Rock and Pop Music - Female Rockers - Female Pop Stars
Rock and roll, rock music, pop music, other popular music of the 1950s - 1990s: women musicians and women's role.

Nobel Laureates - Peace
Women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Music by Female Musicians - Women Performers and Composers - Singers - Pianists
Find music by women musicians - female composers and performers - in a variety of genres.

Wangari Maathai Index
Wangari, founder of the Green Belt movement in Kenya, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her environmentalist activism.

Feminist Art
How are women depicted in art and what does that tell us about women's place in society? How are different kinds of art valued more highly by society? What has been the role of women in the field of art through history?

Women in Art: Handicrafts
Women's art has often been expressed in handicrafts: quilting, needlework, weaving, pottery, and more.

Women in Art: General
General resources on women in art and women artists, plus resources that include multiple genres of art.

Women in Art: Museums and Galleries
Museums and galleries focusing on women in art.

Clara Barton - Founder of American Red Cross
Clara Barton, Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross.

Elizabeth Blackwell on the Web
Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman medical doctor and pioneer in educating women in medicine.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias Index
Find out about the life and athletic accomplishments of Babe Didrickson Zaharias, a great woman athlete: Olympic track and field medalist, basketball player, golfer.

Dorothea Dix - Social Reformer
Dorothea Dix, an activist who served in the Civil War as Superintendent of Female Nurses, also worked for reform of treatment for the mentally ill.

Florence Griffith Joyner - FloJo - 1959-1998
Olympic winner and known for her long, painted nails and dramatic running clothes, Florence Griffth Joyner was one of the world's greatest athletes. Her 1998 death was a shocker.

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale biographies, common questions about Florence Nightingale, information on nurses and nursing, bibliographies about Florence Nightingale, and other information on Florence Nightingale, the

Nobel Laureates - Medicine and Physiology
Women who have won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.

Women in Baseball - All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and More
History of women's baseball, including the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Women and Basketball - Women's Professional Basketball History
History of women in basketball, including professional women's basketball.

Bicycling in Women's History
Women on bicycles required some rethinking of female roles in common culture: the ability to get places quickly, and often alone; the need and right to be physically fit; the need for clothing that was both safe and modest.

Women in the American Civil Rights Movement
Women activists and the role of women in the American civil rights movement -- how women helped fight for racial justice in the American civil rights movement, and how the civil rights movement affected the role of women in America.

Women in Golf - History of Women in Golfing
Women's golf history: from the 16th century when Mary, Queen of Scots, first coined the term

Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Track and field athlete, Jackie Joyner-Kersee holds records in running, jumping and other events, including the heptathlon.

National Council of Negro Women
Founded in 1935, the National Council of Negro Women works to bring together other organizations representing African American women. Mary McLeod Bethune and Dorothy Height have headed the National Council of Negro Women.

Olga Korbut
Olga Korbut biographies - resources for information on the Olympic gold winning gymnast, Olga Korbut.

Rosa Parks Index
Rosa Parks information, including biographies, quotations, and her crucial role in civil rights including the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Wilma Rudolph
The life and athletic accomplishments of African American track star, Wilma Rudolph. Links to biographies, photos, information.

African American History and Women - Timelines 1492-1863
Find events in African American women's history, from the European arrival in the New World through the end of American slavery.

African American History and Women - Timelines 1865-1899
African American History and Women - timelines for the end of the 19th century include Reconstruction and the institution of Jim Crow laws, the effect of racial issues on the woman suffrage movement, and other events involving black history and women's history in America.

African American History and Women - Timelines 1900-1949
Timeline of African American History and Women: this section, 1900-1949, includes the Harlem Renaissance, the Suffrage Amendment's final passage, World War I and World War II, and more.

African American History and Women - Timelines 1950-1999
African American History and Women: timeline for 1950-1999 includes the civil rights movement, black power, second wave feminism, and arguments about affirmative action, plus much more.

NOW - National Organization for Women
Founded in 1966, the National Organization for Women or NOW was one of the strongest and most-supported feminist activist organizations. NOW remains active in working for women's rights today.

Angela Davis Index
Angela Davis, political philosopher and black power activist, has also promoted women's rights. Angela Davis has written on many topics racism, women, and the prison system.

Biographies - Collections
Biography collections for researching notable women in history

Women and the Holocaust - Concentration Camps - Female Prisoners - Nazi Victims and Gender
Women victims of the Holocaust including women in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II - from Anne Frank to many whose names are forgotten. How did gender influence one's fate with the Nazis and in the camps?

Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman, escaped slave who helped others escape from slavery and was known as the Moses of her people, was also a spy, nurse, and spoke for women's rights. Find all the resources on this site about Harriet Tubman, including a list of carefully selected links to more resources on the Net.

Women's Health in Historical Perspective
Historical view of women's health and other physical, health, medical and body issues. Overviews and general information on women in medicine.

Sally Hemings
Where to find the best Net resources about Sally Hemings and the controversy over Thomas Jefferson and Hemings' children.

Lists - Women of the Century - Women of the Millennium
Lists of

Female Physicians: Women Doctors
Women doctors: women physicians and women's medical education - the role of women in medicine.

Quotations by Notable Women - Quotes by Women
Quotes by notable women - quotations by famous women and some who aren't so famous but perhaps should be. Topics include women's history and women's rights but many other subjects as well, including success, family, love, politics.

Women and Soccer - History of Women and Professional Soccer
Articles and links on women's soccer, including the Women's World Cup and the Women's United Soccer Association.

Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth: preacher, anti-slavery and women's rights crusader, known for her

Nineteenth Century
Women in the nineteenth century: research the everyday lives of women in the 1800s, from domesticity to slave narratives to fashion.

Women in the 1960s / 1970s
Women's liberation movement, women in the civil rights movements, and other involvements of women in the 1960s-70s in the US and the world.

Africa - Women's History
Women's history and gender issues in Africa: resources and links.

American Girls - Books, Gifts, Crafts
Girls in the age range of about 8-13 may find that the American Girls gifts and books are a route to appreciation of history and of women's lives in America's past.

Australia and New Zealand Women's History - Biographies and Events
Women's history in Australia and New Zealand - find resources for Australian and New Zealand women of note and events in women's history.

International Women's Day
March 8 is International Women's Day. What is the origin of this celebration? What have some organizations done to honor the date?

Memorial Day - History of Memorial Day and the Women Behind the Celebration
The roots of Memorial Day in the US lie in the desire of several women to bring the nation back together after the Civil War by honoring the dead of both sides. Note that for many of the histories listed, the only mention is of the men -- and not the women who inspired and lobbied for their actions.

Middle East and Women's History
The role and status of women in the Middle East through history, including notable women.

Pacific and Women's History
Women's history in the Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Pacific Islands.

Women's History Travel Destinations
Travel and women's history: places you might want to visit. Historical sites connected with women's history that you can visit today.

Types of Feminism
A collection of articles about the types of feminism and what the differences are.

Collections of women's history resources, both online and offline. Sites to browse for fun or research. Each has a wealth of resources on women's history, most on a particular theme.

Curriculum - Lesson Plans
Curriculum Resources: lesson plans and assistance with ideas and methods in teaching women's history from elementary school through middle school and high school or for rounding out a homeschooling curriculum.

Early English Costume: Gallery of Images and Descriptions of Medieval Fashions
A gallery of costume from early English history.

Periodicals, Journals, Magazines, Zines
Online periodicals, zines, and web sites for print magazines and journals. Many include online articles. Also information on historical women's magazines and newspapers.

Polls About Women's History - Women's History Polls
Interesting though not scientific polls about women's history, from famous first ladies and interesting woman rulers to most important advances.

Reading Groups on Women's History
Suggested book lists and other resources for reading groups interested in women's history -- through fact and fiction.

Student Tips and How-To's for Women's History
Tips on how to research women's history, how to pick a research topic, how to cite a page on this site (or any other Net page), how to pick a women's studies program, and other useful how-to's and explanations.

Women's History Month: Canada
In Canada, Women's History Month is celebrated in October.

Winter Holidays and Christmas - Women's History
Celebrate the winter holidays including Christmas with About Women's History.

Advice Books - Guides for and by Women
Advice books, like cookbooks, were ways that women (usually) taught other women the right ways to be proper middle- or upper-class women. Sometimes writing advice books was considered a more proper outlet for women authors than fiction would be.

Jewish Women and the Civil War
Jewish women in the United States' Civil War: diaries, biographies, and other resources.

Civil War Nurses
Women played a major role in nursing and sanitation efforts during the Civil War, paving the way for their entry into the nursing profession in greater numbers after the war, as well as paving the way for further professionalization of the nursing field.

Helen Fairchild, World War I Nurse
Helen Fairchild served as a nurse in Europe, and died of an ulcer which was probably a result of poisonous gases used by the Germans against the allies.

Women's Journals Diaries and Letters for Studying Women's Lives in History
Women's lives are recalled in journals, diaries and letters written by ordinary -- or notable -- women. Often these primary source documents are helpful in understanding the activities and thoughts of women in history, but the more intimate aspects of their lives may still be unwritten.

Women's Lives - 16th/17th/18th Centuries
About women's everyday lives, roles and status in the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s. More information under overviews, biographies and other topical subjects.

Women's Lives - 19th Century
About women's everyday lives, roles and status in the 1800s. More information under overviews, biographies and other topical subjects.

Women's Lives - 20th Century
About women's everyday lives, roles and status in the 1900s. More information under overviews, biographies and other topical subjects.

Women's Lives in History - Overviews
About women's everyday lives, roles and status - resources covering many time periods. More information under biographies and other topical subjects.

Mary Custis Lee Index
Great-granddaughter of Martha Washington and wife of Civil War General Robert E. Lee, their home at Arlington came through her family.

Women and the Military - Museums and Memorials
Museums and memorials honoring women's service in the military and in wars.

Tokyo Rose - Iva Ikuko Toguri d'Aquino - Orphan Ann
Japanese-American woman, stranded in Japan at the outbreak of World War II, broadcast propaganda for Japan. She was convicted and imprisoned after the war for her part in these broadcasts, though eventually pardoned by President Gerald Ford. American POWs tell a different story, of how Toguri subtly resisted and undermined the propaganda machine, refused to give up her U.S. citizenship, and cheered American victories. (Tokyo Rose was actually a name used by other women broadcasting propaganda for Japan.)

Trung Sisters - Trung Trac and Trung Nhi - Vietnamese National Heroes - Warrior Queens
Daughters of a military chief and members of the Hung royal family, these sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, led an insurrection against the occupying Chinese, winning national independence for Vietnam in 40 CE, then losing their battle to the Chinese in 43 CE. Find biographies, illustrations, citations from literature and information about the Vietnamese holiday celebrating these warrior queens and national heroes.

Canadian Women and World War II
Canadian women who served in the military in World War II, women in support services, and women back home.

Soviet Women and World War II
Soviet women in World War II - in the military, in factories back home, in concentration camps.

WASP and World War II Women in Aviation
Find resources on women in aviation during World War II, including the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots).

Women in World War II Poster Art
Images of women in the military and on the home front were used for recruitment, to promote secrecy, to raise money for war bonds, and to motivate troops.

Goddesses and Myths - General and Overviews
Goddesses and myths: images of the female divine in history, through female deities and legendary women. Overviews and general information.

Goddess Images - Pictures of Goddesses - Goddess Clip Art
Find images of goddesses and mythological women from classical mythology.

Goddesses and Myths - Pacific Cultures including Hawaii - Pele and other goddesses
Goddesses and myths of Pacific cultures, including Hawaii's Pele, Volcano Goddess, are included on this page.

Queen Mothers
Women who have held the title

Betsy Ross Index
Betsy Ross and the first American flag: her real importance in women's history. She made the first American flag, at the request of George Washington -- or did she?

Ada Lovelace Index
Ada Lovelace was the daughter of the poet, Lord Byron. Ada Lovelace created the concept of a computer operating system and software.

Bible and Women's History
Women and the Bible: from biblical heroines to contemporary analysis of the Bible's treatment of women. Resources and links.

Women and Religion - General, Comparative and Interfaith Views
Information on women and religion: either general information across faith lines, comparing views in several faiths, or looking at women with an interfaith perspective.

Eliza Pinckney Index
Plantation manager in her father's absence and after her husband's death, Eliza Pinckney also developed an indigo blue dye that was important to the economic development of colonial South Carolina. Eliza Pinckney also worked with hemp, flax and silk, and her sons were key Revolutionary War figures. George Washington was one of her pallbearers.

Women and Freethought - Women Atheists - Female Agnostics - Freethinkers
Women who were freethinkers, atheists and agnostics. Articles, resources and net links on women in atheism, agnosticism, and freethought.

Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematical philosopher and astronomer. Hypatia taught at the Neoplatonist school of philosophy in Alexandria. Hypatia was killed by a mob incited by the Christian monk Cyril.

Lydia E. Pinkham - Vegetable Compound
Lydia E. Pinkham converted her home medicine remedy to a major business, and pioneered advertising to women. That her patent medicine had a high percentage alcohol content didn't hurt its attraction -- and some temperance leaders unwittingly lent their names to her advertising campaigns.

Maria Mitchell
The first professional woman astronomer in the United States, Maria Mitchell was also an educator and a reformer.

Marie Curie Index
Marie Curie, whose research in radium and radioactivity won her two Nobel Prizes, was a woman scientist at a time when few women were accepted in the field. Here are some resources on Marie Curie.

Nobel Laureates - Chemistry
Women who have won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Nobel Laureates - Physics
Women who have won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Ancient World - Religion and Women
In the ancient world, the role of women: from queens to ordinary people to goddesses to slaves.

Witches and Witchcraft in Europe
Witches, witchcraft, and the witch craze in Europe, including ordeals and tortures suspected witches suffered, names of 'witches,' from the 12th century on.

Women in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian women: From female Pharaohs Cleopatra and Hatshepsut, to ordinary Egyptian women's lives.

Women in Ancient Greece
Women in ancient Greece: ordinary and extraordinary women's lives.

Women in the Ancient Near East
Ancient Near East women's history: Anatolia, Assyria, Mesopotamia, and other regions.

Coco Chanel - Fashion Designer
Coco Chanel's designs helped set the fashion tone for the 20th century. Find biographies and other information about one of the best-known designers especially in the 1920s and 1950s.

Elizabeth Arden Index
Elizabeth Arden achieved great success with her cosmetics company to great success, though with a less satisfactory personal life.

Marian Wright Edelman
Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund, has been an outspoken advocate for children's rights and for social support for children's well-being.

Mothering and Motherhood - Women's History
History of women's role as mother, and the history of the concept of motherhood and mothering. Includes the history of Mother's Day.

Women and Geology and Geography
Female geologists, geographers and map-makers.

Women and Biology
Female biologists, botanists, ethologists, and other women in the life sciences.

Women Anthropologists
Famous women anthropologists. Women's History.

Canadian Women and the Military
Canadian women who served in the military, women in support services, and women back home.

Female Spies: One Way Women Aided War Efforts
Women have often served as spies during times of war. They were often successful and unsuspected, especially if society assumed that women's proper role was in the domestic, not public, sphere.

Women and the American Revolution: Women at Home and in the War
Women in the American Revolution: the role played by female fighters and women at home during the Revolutionary War.

Women Warriors - Ancient
In ancient times, a few women are known for leading their people in war. Here are a few of the better-known warrior queens and other warrior women of ancient and classical history.

Women and the Vietnam War
Women who served in Vietnam: nurses and civilian support services.

Women Warriors - Medieval
During medieval times, a number of women achieved fame by their participation or leadership in time of war. Notable warrior women include Joan of Arc, Eleanor Aquitaine who accompanied her first husband on crusade, Elizabeth I, and others. Here are the stories of some of the warrior women of medieval times.

Fashion History - 19th Century
History of nineteenth century women's fashions, and how fashions have influenced the lives of women in the 19th century including the Victorian period. Historical costumes, essays and more.

Fashion History - 18th Century
History of women's fashions in the 18th century, and how fashions have influenced the lives of women in the eighteenth century, including the Regency period. Costumes, essays and more.

Women in Science and Mathematics - General Information
Women in science and mathematics: general or overview information on women in the sciences, plus information on fairness and discrimination issues for women scientists.

Employment Discrimination and Employment Rights
Articles on employment rights, job discrimination, work-related women's rights and more.

Women of Medieval and Renaissance Germany and the Holy Roman Empire - Women of Saxony
Women of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire during medieval times - women of the western empire, German women, women of Saxony, and women from other parts of central Europe.

Medieval and Renaissance Italian Women
Women of Italy, in medieval and Renaissance times.

Myths of Women's History - Just Ain't So Stories
Sometimes, in studying women's history, you run across a story that is alleged to be true, but the facts and research just don't back it up or only back up part of the story. Here are some of my favorite myths of women's history, and my assessment of whether they're accurate or not -- or how much of the story is accurate.

Travelers and Adventurers
Women adventurers of the past. From religious journeys to nineteenth century travel, women travelers and their travel accounts.

History of Women at the Olympics -- notable female athletes, women's events, women champions, sports for women.

Sexuality and Sex in Women's History
Articles on the role of sexuality and sex in women's history.

Women and Sports - Fairness, Gender Bias, Title IX
Gender bias in sports and Title IX: justice and fairness in the treatment of women athletes, sexual discrimination in athletics.

Temperance and Prohibition: Women's History
When husbands controlled the family finances, their drunkenness was a threat to women and family. Resources on women's social reform activity, working for temperance and prohibition.

Woman's Club Movement
Beginning in the 19th century, women began to organize woman's clubs with the aims of self-development and social reform. Here are some resources on Sorosis, Woman's Clubs, the General Federation of Women's Clubs, and more.

Affirmative Action - Index
Affirmative Action: history, theory, ethics.

Women in Politics - 1865-1900
The history of women in politics in the later years of the 19th century.

Women and Politics - Twentieth Century - 1900-1930
The history of women in politics in the earlier years of the 20th century.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Resources about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a devastating garment factory disaster.

Women's Work - 19th Century
Women and work in the 19th century, as women's paid work opportunities began to expand.

Women and Work - General - Women's Status - Laws on Women and Work - Females in Occupations
General information on women and work: laws on women and work, status of working women, women in various occupations, curriculum resources, and overviews.

Alice Paul Quotes
Quotes by Alice Paul, a key women's suffrage activist whose more radical approaches brought life back to the suffrage movement.

Angelina Grimké Weld Quotes
Quotes by Angelina Grimké - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Maggie Kuhn Quotes: Gray Panther Leader
Quotes by Maggie Kuhn, aging advocate and founder of the Gray Panthers activist group.

Oprah Winfrey Quotes
Quotations from Oprah Winfrey, television producer, talk show host and actress.

Patricia Schroeder Quotes: Congresswoman, Presidential Candidate
Snappy and wise words from Patricia Schroeder, Member of Congress and candidate for President.

Pema Chodron Quotes: Tibetan Buddhist Teacher
Quotes by Pema Chodron, Buddhist teacher popular in the West in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Adrienne Rich Quotes
Quotes by Adrienne Rich, an American poet who became known for her feminism, in her poetry and in her life.

Anna Howard Shaw Quotes
Quotes by Anna Howard Shaw - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Bella Abzug Quotes: Words from a Fiery Activist
Quotes by Bella Abzug, activist and Congresswoman.

Clare Boothe Luce Quotes
Quotes by Clare Boothe Luce, a playwright and diplomat who was married to Time Inc. executive Henry Luce. She was known for her wit and intelligence.

Coco Chanel Quotes: On Fashion, Women, Life and More

Quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt, Advocate of Human Rights
Inspiring and carefully selected quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt, an active First Lady, her husband's

Emily Dickinson Quotes - Beloved Poems and Short Selections
Quotes by Emily Dickinson, the reclusive poet whose rule-breaking helped create new directions in American literature.

Erma Bombeck Quotes
Quotes by Erma Bombeck, well-known in her day as a journalist who wrote humorously of women's lives.

Frida Kahlo Quotes
Quotes by Frida Kahlo - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Gloria Steinem Quotes
Quotes by Gloria Steinem, a mother of modern feminism. Also: a biography of Steinem and more quotes by famous women.

Maria Goeppert Mayer Quotes
Quotes by Maria Goeppert Mayer - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Martha Graham Quotes
Quotes by Martha Graham - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Jane Austen Quotes
Quotes by Jane Austen - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Magdalena Abakanowicz - Sculptor and Weaver
A profile of the sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Louisa Adams
A biography of Louisa Adams, First Lady, married to John Quincy Adams. She was the only foreign-born First Lady.

Louisa May Alcott Quotes
Find popular and unusual quotes from Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women and a nurse in the Civil War. Including:

Selected Quotations of Margaret Mead
Quotes by Margaret Mead - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Maya Angelou Quotes - Poet, Autobiographer, Activist
Carefully selected words from Maya Angelou, poet and writer. She's known for her autobiographies as well as her poetry. Read some of her most inspiring words here.

Florence Nightingale Quotes
Florence Nightingale is best known for her nursing career. These quotations reflect some of her thoughts on that profession, but also on topics like religion and women's role in life.

Susan B. Anthony Quotes (Women's Rights, Life, More)
Quotations by Susan B. Anthony, one of the best-known workers for women's right to vote in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Zelda Fitzgerald Quotes
Quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald, a writer married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, and known for her wild antics and lifestyle.

Ada Lovelace - Mathematics and Computer Pioneer
Ada Lovelace: a biography of the mathematician and computer pioneer, daughter of the poet Lord Byron.

Mary, Mother of Washington
Mary Washington, George Washington's mother, was remembered for generations as an idol of good and reasonable motherhood. Her influence on George Washington's moral development was stressed. What stories were told about her, and how accurate were they?

The Life and Death of Helen Keller - Brief Biography
A biography of Helen Keller, whose life story was told in the play and movie The Miracle Worker. Learn more not only about her famous journey through education, but also about the radical views for which she was criticized in her day and which have been largely forgotten.

Amalasuntha, Queen of the Ostrogoths
Regent Queen of the Ostrogoths, her murder became the rationale for Justinian's invasion of Italy and defeat of the Goths.

About Aelfgifu
Information on Aelfgifu - her life and work. A biography and carefully selected Net links for more information.

Elaine Pagels - Biblical Scholar, Expert in Gnosticism
Read about Elaine Pagels, a feminist Biblical scholar and college professor, known for her work with the Nag Hammadi documents and about gnosticism in early Christianity.

About Poppaea Sabina
A profile of Poppaea, mistress and wife of Roman emperor Nero and subject of a 17th century Monteverdi opera.

Anna of Kiev
A profile of Anna, married to Vladimir the Great of Kiev -- a marriage that led to the Christianization of Russia

Pauline Cushman
Pauline Cushman was known as a spy in the Civil War for the Union, who was caught and nearly executed. She later toured with P.T. Barnum telling her story.

University of Mary Washington
The University of Mary Washington, formerly Mary Washington College, is named for a woman -- the only public institution of higher education in Virginia named for only a woman.

Anne Arundell
Anne Arundell was married to Cecil Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore, to whom was granted the royal charter forming the colony of Maryland in the New World, created as a haven for Roman Catholics.

Ann Foster (Accused and Convicted Witch in Salem Witch Trials)
Ann Foster of Andover got caught up in the Salem witch trials when two accusers came to her town to try to figure out the fever of another Andover resident.

Ann Foster: Salem Witch Trials Victim Who Died in Prison
Ann Foster of Andover got caught up in the Salem witch trials when two accusers came to her town to try to figure out the fever of another Andover resident.

Ann Pudeator (Victim of the Salem Witch Trials)
Ann Pudeator, a well-off widow in her 70s, was among the last group executed in the Salem witch trials of 1692.

13 Surprising Facts About Susan B. Anthony
Did you know that Susan B. Anthony was not at Seneca Falls in 1848? Or that she was at the White House for her 80th birthday? Or that her grandfather fought in the American Revolution? Find out more about these and 10 more facts that may surprise you.

Emily Blackwell
Learn about Emily Blackwell: sister of Elizabeth Blackwell, they worked together for a few years before Elizabeth moved to England, leaving Emily in charge of the hospital and infirmary they founded together, both of which were famous firsts for women.

John Alden Jr. - Salem Witch Trials
Learn about the real John Alden of the Salem witch trial era. He managed to escape possible execution by the simple act of fleeing the jail. John Alden Jr. was the son of Mayflower travelers Priscilla Mullins and John Alden -- known from the Longfellow poem.

Top Feminist Organizations of the 1970s
What women's organizations in the 1970s were working for equality for women? Here are the main organizations -- including some that would not likely have called themselves feminist, but which represented large numbers of women.

Increase Mather - Salem Witch Trials Figure
Increase Mather influenced the religious, cultural and political climate of colonial New England, including a small role in the events around the Salem witch trials.

Margaret Murray Washington
Margaret Murray Washington biography: she was the wife of, and worked closely with, Booker T. Washington. Involved with women’s education at Tuskegee, she also was involved in promoting solidarity among women of color by creating and leading several African American women’s organizations.