Women's Issues Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Woman on the Rise: Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow is a television news anchor and liberal political analyst, and the host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. Maddow’s incisive journalism has changed the face of contemporary news programming.

Women, Voice Pitch Authority and Gender Bias
It's commonly accepted that women should pitch their voice lower to convey authority and be more successful, but is this true? Does voice pitch influence perceptions of authority? Are women's voices more irritating than men, and is there a gender bias? Do we respond differently to female voices? A professional voiceover actor looks at bias and gender discrimination in the voiceover industry and what it takes to get to the top.

Voice Pitch - Women, Voice Pitch and Authority - Women's Voices and Gender Bias
It's commonly accepted that women should pitch their voice lower to convey authority and be more successful, but is this true? Does voice pitch influence perceptions of authority? Are women's voices more irritating than men, and is there a gender bias? A professional voiceover actor looks at bias and gender discrimination in the voiceover industry. Page 2.

Military Women - Women in the Military - Women Veterans
An overview of women in the military and women veterans who served as military women in World War II, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and more recent conflicts such as the Iraq War and the surge in Afghanistan.

Biography and Profile of Susan Rice
A biography and profile of Susan Rice, named by President Barack Obama as the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Controversial Bratz Dolls To Stop Production - Bratz Dolls Off Store Shelves
The controversial Bratz Dolls, which many moms oppose, has been ordered to stop production and will be removed from store shelves in 2009.

Politics in the Social Mix: Women Discussing Politics
Many women remain hesitant to engage in political discussions, perhaps because we've been told

Women Talk Politics: Friends Influence Friends
Many women tend to feel they don't know as much about political issues as others, and are uncomfortable expressing their opinions. Studies indicate that not only do women get social cues from other women about political decision-making, but seek validation for their own beliefs. Page 2.

Women Who Discuss Politics Serve as Role Models
The way women vote and think about politics - and speak up or keep their opinions to themselves - is directly influenced by their mothers. Women who engage in political discussions model positive behaviors for the future voters and leaders of this country. Page 3.

The Role of African American Women in the Black Church
What is the role of African American women in the black church? In a typical black church the majority of the congregation is female and the pastor in the pulpit is male. Black women have long been recognized as the backbone of the church, yet they are rarely spiritual leaders. What do black women think of this situation?

V-Day and "The Vagina Monologues" Controversy - V-Day and "Vagina Monologues" Spark Protests
Controversy often surrounds V-Day and

Why Powerful Men Behave Badly, Why Powerful Women Don't
Every time a sex scandal rocks the headlines, a powerful man is involved. What is the connection between men, sex and power, and why do powerful men behave so badly towards women? How does politics play into sex and power?

Black Girls Under Attack
While much has been said about the dangers young Black men face in school, Black woman and girls face similar trials. The recent assault on a student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina reflects how dangerous “safe spaces” such as school can be.

Michelle Obama’s Platform for Girls’ Education
First Lady Michelle Obama’s latest platform is promoting girls’ education.

Marissa Mayer Bio / Profile
A biography of Yahoo CEO and former Google VP Marissa Mayer including details about her family, childhood and early influence, high school and college years, personal life, and her achievements and successes during her 13 years at Google.

Ten Facts About Child Brides and Child Marriage
The number of child brides and child marriages worldwide is 51 million and is expected to double in the next ten years. And the social and economic impact of child marriages is widespread and overwhelmingly negative.

A Review of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
Cheryl Strayed’s Wild is more than a memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, it’s a story of one woman’s journey towards healing and empowerment.

Tess Holliday Breaks the Glass Ceiling in Plus-Sized Modeling
Plus-size model Tess Holliday (formerly known as Tess Munster) is breaking boundaries. At 5’5 and a size 22, she is not your average model and her new contract with Milk Management is an exciting move for plus-size modeling and popular depictions of fat women.

Woman Upends Convention and Marries Herself
Yasmin Eleby vowed that if she was not married by age 40 that she would marry herself. Eleby did just that earlier this month.

New Looks for Barbie
Barbie has a new look these days, one that reflects a new progressive attitude towards dolls. But is it too little, too late?

Remembering the Legacy of Octavia Butler
Newly released papers by fantasy and science fiction writer author Octavia Butler reveal something awesome.

When Saying No Kills
Saying “no” to men can kill.

Women and the Zika Virus
The Zika virus is a rare disease but possibly poses a big threat to pregnant women.

Daniel Holtzclaw Sentenced to 263 Years
Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw has been sentenced to 263 years in prison today for the rape and sexual assault of 13 Black women. Does this mark a new era in accountability?

Shonda Rhimes Says Yes to Life in New Memoir
Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes is the self-help book you never knew you needed.

Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby
In the case of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court has sided with the craft store chain in a decision that will great impair women’s reproductive choice.

Woman on the Rise: Mo’Ne Davis
Little League pitching phenom Mo’Ne Davis is taking the world by storm and making history. Her grace under fire, athletic prowess, and killer fastball has made her a household name.

Nigeria Makes Female Genital Mutilation Illegal
Embattled outgoing Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has signed a law banning the violent practice of female genital mutilation.

Spike Lee Takes on Lysistrata in “Chi-Raq”
Spike Lee takes on Lysistrata in his latest film, Chi-Raq. Yet rather than an enlightening take on the violence that plagues Chicago, the film misses the mark in a big way.

Top Women's Issues of 2015
The top women's issues of 2015, from politics to pop culture.

Maternal Mortality on the Rise in the United States
Women are twice as likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth causes related in the United States than in Canada. But why?

James Deen and Rape Culture
Porn actress Stoya has called out fellow performer and former partner James Deen for rape. Deen, the fallen poster boy for male feminists, exemplifies the problems with rape culture.

Women Fighting for Freedom
Women are at the core of the new civil right movement--which is how it should be and always has been.

Saudi Women Win the Vote
Women in Saudi Arabia are under a lot of restrictions in the notoriously conservative desert kingdom. However, Saudi women have made a major stride: they can now vote and run for office.

The Rising Tide of Anti-Choice Violence
Attacks on abortion are nothing new. But 2015 marked new highs, and lows, in anti-abortion rhetoric and violence.

SCOTUS Bans Buffer Zone at Abortion Clinics
The Supreme Court’s recent decision to ban buffer zones between protestors and patients at Massachusetts’ abortion clinics paves the way for even less protection in a women’s right to choose.

Barbara Walters Retires
Barbara Walters retires after more than 50 years as a pioneering and prominent television anchor and interviewer.

Doulas Explained
Doulas work alongside midwives and doctors to support mothers during pregnancy and birth. But what exactly are doulas?

New Surprising Benefits of Breastfeeding
New studies claim that breastfeeding can lower chances of cancer and diabetes.

Romeo and Juliet Laws – What They Mean for Teens
Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare's famous teenage couple - are more than star-crossed lovers. They're lending their names to Romeo and Juliet laws - legislation enacted by states that attempts to legally define the difference between child molestation and sex between consenting teenagers.

Woman on the Rise: Siza Mzimela Makes History
South African entrepreneur Siza Mzimela is making history: she’s the first Black woman to start an airline.

Why are Sanitary Products a “Luxury Item” in Some Countries?
Tampons and pads are considered “luxury items” in the UK, and other parts of the world, and, as such, are taxed. But some people are fighting back.

Gambia Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation
Gambia joins other nations in outlawing the practice of female genital mutilation.

New White House Initiative for Women and Girls
The White House Council on Women and Girls announced several new initiatives focused on women and girls at a summit centered on advancing equality and elevating the status of women and girls in the United States.

Gifts That Give Back to Women - Socially Responsible Gifts
If you want to give a distinctive gift with special meaning, why not shop for gifts that give back to the women who produced them? These gifts 'give twice' by benefiting both seller and recipient. Often handmade by artisans who work within a women's collective, these socially responsible gifts provide financial support and economic independence to women, their families and communities. Browse this list of over a dozen resources for online gifts -- all benefit women, and many qualify as fair trade gifts.

After 'I Am Woman,' What is the Top Female Anthem?
Ever since Helen Reddy's 1972 hit

Christy Mack is a Survivor
Adult film star Christy Mack is a survivor of domestic violence.

Women and Affirmative Action
What does affirmative action mean for women?

Words of Wisdom by Grace Lee Boggs
Legendary activist Grace Lee Boggs spent the majority of her 100 years of life trying to make the world a better place.

Big Changes at Playboy Magazine
For decades Playboy Magazine has been known for its titillating nude centerfolds. However, a new era is upon us. The magazine will no longer include nude photos. What does this mean for women?

China Ends One Child Policy
China ends its infamous one child policy after more than three decades? What does this mean for women in China?

Problematic Purity
A bride’s doctor-approved “purity certificate” for her father has gone viral. She claims it’s her choice but is this a purity pledge gone wrong?

Divorce Advice from Authors Mittenthal and Reing
What do you do if you think your husband is cheating on you? Advice on surviving divorce, dealing with infidelity and cheating, and how to get back into dating when you're newly single after a divorce.

Single After Divorce - Surviving Divorce - Self-Esteem After Divorce - Back in the Dating Game
Finding yourself single after a divorce doesn't have to be traumatic. The two women behind the divorce guide

A Mother Reflects on Losing an Adult Child
On the one-year anniversary of her son's death, a mother looks back on her journey of grief, loss, and healing. Linda Siniard tells how she learned of Owen's death - just shy of his 21st birthday - how she endured the months that followed, and her memories of a son whose time with her was far too short.

Remembering the Life and Death of Owne Riley - Aftermath of Unexpectedly Losing a Child
After her adult son Owen died due to unexplained circumstances, a mother comes to terms with his loss, the unique difficulties of unresolved grief, and remembering him on the anniversary of his passing. Page 2.

Overview of Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign
A look at some of the events of candidate Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign to the first female President of the United States.

Primary Concerns: Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign Hits Snags
A review of key events during the January and February 2008 caucuses and primaries, and candidate Hillary Clinton's 2008 bid to become the first female President of the United States. Page 2.

Taking it to the States: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Fights for Delegates
From Super Tuesday to the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton's 2008 bid to become the first female President of the United States goes nationwide as the campaign takes it to the states, fighting for delegates every step of the way. Page 3.

Clinton Comeback: Hillary Clinton' s Campaign Resurrected at Eleventh Hour
With a string of losses in February's primaries and caucuses, it seemed the end was near for Hillary Clinton's primary campaign. Yet the March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio delivered wins for the candidate, sparking a Clinton comeback and a vow to fight on until the April 22 Pennsylvania primary. Page 4.

Why Sarah Palin is Most Dangerous Woman in America
To understand why Sarah Palin may be the most dangerous woman in America, the decades-old story of another powerful woman - now lost to history - may hold the key.

Sarah Palin - The Most Dangerous Woman in America - Part 2
To understand why Sarah Palin may be the most dangerous woman in America, the decades-old story of another powerful woman - now lost to history - may hold the key. Page 2.

Sarah Palin - The Most Dangerous Woman in America, Part 3
To understand why Sarah Palin may be the most dangerous woman in America, the decades-old story of another powerful woman - now lost to history - may hold the key. Page 3.

Will Crying at Work Hurt Your Career?
When women cry at work, is it a career killer? Is crying a sign of weakness? We all believe we won't be taken seriously if we're seen crying in the workplace. But is this true, and is there ever a situation in which crying can be beneficial?

Women Who Cry: When Crying's Okay
Though we've been taught not to cry at work, sometimes it's okay for a woman to cry, and can actually elicit sympathy and positive feelings. Page 2.

Sarojini Sahoo Discusses Feminism in India
How different is feminism in India from feminism in the West? Author and Indian feminist Sarojini Sahoo explains how Eastern feminism has an additional hurdle to overcome - tigher restrictions on female sexuality - and why women are the victims of cultural practices such as bride burning and dowry killings.

Author Sarojini Sahoo Explores Female Sexuality
When discussing Eastern feminism, Indian feminist author Sarojini Sahoo emphasizes that understanding the role female sexuality plays in traditional patriarchal societies is essential. Page 2.

"Juno" Avoids Real Issues Faced by Pregnant Teens
The Academy Award-nominated comedy

Is "Juno" Anti-Choice?
The teen film

Starting Over - Women Starting Over - Starting Over for Women
For women starting over, four types of beginnings describe the reasons why we seek out a new start. An executive coach and corporate change specialist examines those beginnings and what's involved in successfully starting over.

Part of Starting Over is Saying Goodbye
For women starting over, saying goodbye and letting go of the past is an essential first step. An executive coach and corporate change specialist explores why grieving loss helps lift the burden and why change can be life-affirming. Page 2.

Pregnant Man: Transgender Husband Becomes Pregnant Dad
A pregnant man? A transgender husband becomes a pregnant dad in the unique story of Thomas and Nancy. The couple wanted a baby, but Nancy's hysterectomy made childbirth impossible for her. So the married couple decided that Thomas - born female and but now legally male - would carry the baby.

Women's Issues
Women's Issues. Page 2.

Rape in the Military - One Woman's Story, Part II
Years after she was raped while serving in the military, a wife and mother recalls the traumatic assault, the trust she placed in the officer who betrayed and raped her, the lack of support from the priest who counseled her and her superiors, and the family that refused to back her when she sought to press charges. Page 2.

One Woman's Horrifying Story of Rape in the Military
Years after she was raped while serving in the military, a wife and mother recalls the traumatic assault, the trust she placed in the officer who betrayed and raped her, the lack of support from the priest who counseled her and her superiors, and the family that refused to back her when she sought to press charges.

Military Rape - Rape in the Military - One Woman's Story of Rape in the Military
Years after she was raped while serving in the military, a wife and mother recalls the traumatic assault, the trust she placed in the officer who betrayed and raped her, the lack of support from the priest who counseled her and her superiors, and the family that refused to back her when she sought to press charges. Page 3.

FlyLady Takes on Body Clutter
The FlyLady, Marla Cilley, helped followers of her online website declutter and organize their homes for good. Now, teamed up with nutrition counselor Leanne Ely, she's applying that technique to conquer what she calls body clutter. Page 2.

Interview Marla Cilley - Organize and Declutter With Flylady
Known to her fans as Flylady, this internet phenomenon helps women organize and declutter. Meet Flylady Marla Cilley, the woman behind the buzz.

Restricted Media Access of Sarah Palin Feeds Gender Bias
Frequently portrayed as plucky by naive, this image of Sarah Palin, 'girl' candidate, is due in part to McCain's enforcement of restricted access to Palin, which feeds the media's gender bias and diminishes the candidate's credibility.

'Girl' Image Harms Sarah Palin's Candidacy and Diminishes Women
Unlike Clinton in the 2008 race, Sarah Palin's been saddled with a frothy 'girl' image which harms her candidacy and diminishes women who strive to be taken seriously. Page 2.

Interview with Novelist Sarah Hall - Global Warming and Female Utopias
In a future devastated by global warming, in the heart of England's Lake District lies an isolated female utopia - an eco-feminist farm that may be the last free place in the British Isles. That's the framework for

Defying Gender Expectations - Sarah Hall on Feminism and Female Leadership
In her novel

Women's Issues
Women's Issues. Page 3.

12 Crucial Tips to Protect Yourself from Cyberstalking
Learn the 12 tips to protect yourself from cyberstalking.

12 Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking - Part 2
Learn the 12 tips to protect yourself from cyberstalking. Page 2.

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women Playing Golf
Executive women have been slow to embrace what men have known for years - playing golf is good for your business and your career. For professional women intent on breaking the glass ceiling, learning how to golf helps them break the grass ceiling first.

Fairway to Success: Women Play Golf for Career Advancement
At upper management levels, a successful career path frequently leads to the golf course. Playing golf is an essential skill for business professionals, and women who don't know how to play golf often find they're excluded in other areas of business. Playing golf is the right course of action for many executive women. Page 2.

Women Find Friendship, Camaraderie and Balance Playing Golf
Knowing how to play golf is essential for professional women in many career fields. It's a good business move, and helps women find friendship and camaraderie with colleagues. But if you've never played before, where do you start? Here are some suggestions. Page 3.

Business Tips and Lifelong Benefits for Women Who Play Golf
Professional women who take up golf later in life may be unsure about playing with business associates, not knowing if they're good enough. Here are a few tips to consider before you accept an invitation to a round of golf. Even if you're never going to play to impress, the game has lifelong benefits. Page 4.

Effect of Viagra on Women and Female Sexuality
Although men take Viagra, women experience its effects since it takes two to tango. A drug intended for men, the impact of Viagra on women and female sexuality has been enormous. Viagra, women, and the drug's effect on women's sex lives is the focus of an interview with Meika Loe, author of

Viagra, Women, Sexual Abuse and TV Commercials
Viagra enables men to enjoy sex again. But there's also a link between Viagra and sexual abuse. And how does a society so conflicted about sex allow Viagra commercials on TV? Page 2.

How Cyberstalkers Get Your Personal Information
Learn how cyberstalkers obtain your personal information, and why legislation is needed that is current with the technology that enables cyberstalking to occur without repercussions.

How Cyberstalkers Obtain Your Personal Information - Part 2
A determined victim successfully lobbied for a cyberstalking law to be passed in Seattle - one of the few places that has such legislation. Page 2.

10 Crucial College Tips for Freshman Girls
Freshman year of college is one of transition, change, and growing independence, especially for female students. These 10 tips -- advice from a graduating college senior -- are geared to girls entering college for the first time and will help you to know what to expect and how to handle the challenges ahead.

10 College Tips for Freshman Girls (continued)
While the freshman college experience can be both exciting and intimidating for both guys and girls, certain issues are specific to female students. These tips from a college senior are based on experience and can guide you to having a successful and safe freshman year. Page 2.

Don't Call Me a Cougar: Rejecting the Cougar Stereotype
Women who say,

The Execution of Kelly Gissendaner
The state of Georgia has executed Kelly Gissendaner for the murder of her husband in 1997. She joins a short list of women of executed in the U.S.

#ShoutYourAbortion Seeks to Destigmatize Abortion
The online campaign #ShoutYourAbortion seeks to destigmatize women’s abortion experiences.

Hillary Clinton on Women's Issues
The frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination is bringing women’s issues to the forefront of her campaign.

Miss America Apologizes to Vanessa Williams
Over three decades since the scandal that took her crown, Vanessa Williams has returned to the Miss America pageant.

The Life and Times of Candida Royalle
Candida Royalle is a feminist icon that changed the world of pornography with her progressive films that unapologetically centered women’s pleasure. She has died of ovarian cancer at age 64.

Serena the Great
Serena Williams is one of the greatest—if not the greatest—athlete, man or woman, alive. Despite her talents, work ethic, and sharp business acumen, she is paid less and often afforded less respect than her rivals. Still, throughout this Williams continues to win and to reign on and off the court.

No Combat in Sight for New Female Army Rangers
The first two women have graduated from the grueling Ranger school but still cannot join their peers in combat units. When will female soldiers break through the brass ceiling?

The Role of an Abortion Doula
A doula is generally understood as someone trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born. But what about a woman getting an abortion? She just might need a doula too.

The Wisdom of Amelia Boynton Robinson
Civil rights pioneer Amelia Boynton Robinson championed voting rights for African Americans, particularly in the state of Alabama. She died at the age of 104.

Who is Carly Fiorina?
Although the current crop of Republican presidential candidates is overwhelmingly white and male, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina stands out from the pack. But who is she, where does she stand on women’s issues, and can she win the GOP’s nomination?

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week
Black women have some of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the U.S. However, every August 25-31 marks Black Breastfeeding Week, which seeks to educate the Black community on the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage the practice.

Rejecting Broken Narratives About Black Womanhood
Tamara Winfrey Harris’ new book The Sisters Are Alright pushes back against the harmful stereotypes about Black women and offers up a compelling take on why Black women are doing just fine.

8 Things You Need to Know about Misty Copeland
The once unlikely ballerina has catapulted into critical acclaim and mainstream fame with her poignant journey to becoming the first African American female principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theatre.

Bill Cosby, Rape, and Victim Blaming
The Bill Cosby rape scandal is an ever-present reminder of why we need to believe women and trust survivors.

The World of Femvertising
Femvertising refers to ads that aim to celebrate and empower women and girls. Now while femvertising seems to be good for business, is it good for women?

Women and Police Brutality
The recent case of Sandra Bland in Texas has highlighted a harsh truth: despite the emphasis on men and police brutality, women—particularly women of color—also face violence at hands of or in the custody of law enforcement.

Women’s World Cup Highlights Sexism in Sports
The US women’s soccer team is on top of the world after beating Japan to secure the FIFA world cup. But why are the female winners being paid less than the male losers?

Is Magic Mike a Feminist Film?
Magic Mike XXL probably won’t win any Oscars, but it doesn’t have to. It’s a winner because of its surprising feminist politics.

What is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day?
On average, a Black woman would have to work an additional 208 days into 2015 to make what a white man earned in the 2014 calendar year. Black Women’s Equal Pay Day highlights this disparity.

Supreme Court Rules that Gay Marriage is Legal Across the United States
June 26, 2015 is a day that will go down in history. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is legal in 50 states.

Can you Become a Black Woman?
Washington-state resident Rachel Dolezal has made her living and life for the past several years as a Black woman scholar, artist, and activist. The problem is Rachel Dolezal has not always been a Black woman.

The Persistent Dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome
A recent case of toxic shock syndrome, a bacterial infection that can be caused by the use of materials such as tampons, has reignited the debate over tampon use for women’s periods.

Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Sexual Violence
Actress and activist Angelina Jolie speaks out against sexual violence in her role as special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Woman on the Rise: Caitlyn Jenner
With a spread in Vanity Fair and an upcoming docu-series of E!, the former Olympiad Caitlyn Jenner has come out as transgender, becoming a part of a cadre of famous transgender women and men redefining gender.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

10 Teen Pregnancy Facts
Current statistics and facts on teenage pregnancy in the United States.

States With Highest Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Rates
While the teen pregnancy rate has been declining overall over the past two decades, rates of teen pregnancy and birth can vary wildly from state to state.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin. Women's Issues.

Taylor Swift: Feminist
Pop megastar Taylor Swift is feminist and proud. Will she influence other young women to become feminists?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Wish for the Class of 2015
During a recent commencement address at Wellesley College, award-winning Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie challenged the graduating class of 2015 to transform their ideas about gender as they went forward to change the world.

New Pro-Choice Measures Passed in California
Recently, the California State Assembly passed FACT, which stands for the Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act. FACT will make it harder for pregnancy crisis centers to lie to women and requires licensed reproductive health clinics to inform patients of California programs to help them access affordable family planning, abortion services, and prenatal care.

Scott Walker is Wrong About Transvaginal Ultrasounds
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has the wrong idea how transvaginal ultrasounds work when women are seeking abortions.

The Duggars Scandal Exposes the Worst of Rape Culture
Josh Duggar, part of the reality-tv juggernaut Duggar family, has admitted to molesting several women, including some of his sisters. However, the combination of his family’s cover up of his misdeeds in addition to their own dubious politics, reveal the worst of rape culture.

Sofia Vergara’s Ex Sues Her for Embryos
Television star Sofia Vergara is being sued by her ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb over some embryos that they created together. What does this case mean for reproductive justice?

Hundreds of Boko Haram Captives Rescued
Nigerian authorities have rescued hundreds of women captured by Boko Haram. Now 214 out of nearly 300 women and girls who were recently rescued are visibly pregnant. How are these women being supported?

“Girls” Star Jemima Kirke Opens Up About Her Abortion
Jemima Kirke is a star of the hit HBO series “Girls.” Most recently, she’s making headlines because of her candor about a subject that is far too often taboo: abortion.

Jes Baker is Pushing Back on Plus-Size Fashion Industry
Plus-size blogger Jes Baker is pushing for more body diversity in depictions of fat bodies in advertising. First stop, Lane Bryant.

Loretta Lynch is the New U.S. Attorney General
After months of wrangling, Loretta Lynch is finally the new attorney general. What’s on Lynch’s agenda?

Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Transgender
Olympic gold medalist and reality star Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender in a revealing one-on-one interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s 20/20.

Will A Revenge Porn Conviction Make the Internet Safer For Women?
In an unprecedented criminal case, a purveyor of “revenge porn” was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Will this change the face of “revenge porn” and make the Internet safer for women?

Lane Bryant Launches #ImNoAngel Lingerie Campaign
Plus-size fashion retailer Lane Bryant has recently launched their #ImNoAngel ad campaign in an attempt to expand notions of what is beautiful. But does the ad miss the mark?

Hillary Clinton: “I’m Running for President”
Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it official: she’s running for president.

Deadline Cries Foul Against “Ethnic Casting”
Deadline magazine has a severe case of “foot-in-mouth syndrome” after a columnist lamented the recent rise in so-called ethnic casting on television. Can increased diversity, with women of color at the center, really be “too much of a good thing”?

Why Rupi Kaur’s Period Photo Was Censored on Instagram
Rupi Kaur is a poet and artist. However, she has recently gained attention for an innocent picture on Instagram. Kaur posted a picture of her pants and bed soiled with blood from her period. Instagram reacted by removing the picture more than once. Why did Instagram censor Kaur’s photo?

Review: Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist
Roxane Gay is the bestelling author of the novel “An Untamed State” and the critically acclaimed book of essays, “Bad Feminist.”

Kerry Washington Gives Fiery Acceptance Speech at the GLAAD Awards
Kerry Washington, star of the hit TV series Scandal, received the 2015 Vanguard Award at the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards. Her fiery acceptance speech underscored the importance of intersectionality for marginalized peoples.

Emma Watson: Feminist Advocate
Emma Watson, perhaps most famous for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise, is now making a name for herself as a fierce advocate for feminism and women’s issues.

Ashley Judd Fires Back Against Vicious Online Trolls
Like many women who dare to simply share their opinions in the public sphere—and in social media in particular—actress and activist Ashley Judd has faced her fair share of backlash. However, after she engaged in some March Madness trash talk on Twitter and was faced with a flurry of violent responses, she is fighting back.

Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk
Monica Lewinsky is notorious. The former White House intern is (in)famous for her affair with former president Bill Clinton. After a decade long hiatus from the national spotlight, Lewinsky is reemerging and she has a lot to say.

Freida Pinto Takes A Stance Against Rape Culture
Frieda Pinto is an actress and model, best known for her role in the acclaimed film Slumdog Millionaire. Recently, Pinto wowed audiences with a powerful speech promoting equality and women’s rights at the U.S. premiere of the documentary film India’s Daughter.

Inspiration from Angela Davis
Angela Davis is more than the iconic afro she wore in the 1960s and 70s. She is a living legend whose radical activism in areas ranging from economics, to feminism, to prison abolition, continue to make her a sought after speaker, author, and advocate.

Issa Rae: Woman on the Rise
Issa Rae is perhaps best known for her critically acclaimed web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Now this Internet innovator is a bestselling author of a book of the same name and is gearing up for a comedy series on HBO.

Loretta Lynch Confirmed as New Attorney General
Loretta Lynch has been confirmed as the nominee for the position of attorney general of the United States. She would also be making history as the first Black woman to hold this powerful and prestigious position.

The Essential Audre Lorde
Feminist writer and activist Audre Lorde (1934-1992) described herself as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” Here are some of her most powerful words.

Gwyneth Paltrow Promotes Vaginal Steaming
Gwyneth Paltrow swears by the latest trend in vaginal rejuvenation: vaginal steaming. But is this a safe practice?

Pop Star Zendaya Blasts E Host Giuliana For “Outrageously Offensive” Remarks
Disney Channel star and rising pop singer Zendaya made heads turn on her recent stunning red carpet appearance at the Oscars. However, it is the off-color remarks about her hair that are now making headlines.

Ava Duvernay is a Woman on the Rise
Ava Duvernay, the Hollywood publicist turned powerhouse director, is a woman breaking down barriers and setting forward new paths for Black women in the notoriously exclusive world of filmmaking.

Marissa Alexander is Finally Free
Marissa Alexander, whose story of domestic violence and unfair imprisonment has become a lightening rod in the national arena, is finally out of prison.

Bestselling Author Colleen McCullough Dies
Colleen McCullough, bestselling author of novels such as The Thorn Birds, passes away. She was 77. She will be remembered for her sweeping, epic novels that captured audiences for decades.

Happy Birthday, Oprah!
Oprah. She doesn’t need a last name and no introduction is necessary. She’s a billionaire journalist who changed the face of television. Here are some of Oprah’s most inspiring words, on her birthday!

Abortion Squabbles in the GOP
Republican leaders in the House of Representatives abruptly dropped plans on January 28th to vote on an anti-abortion bill after several women GOP lawmakers rejected the legislations restrictive language over concern that the bill would help to alienate young voters and women voters, two constituencies that often feel left out of the Republican party.

Coming out as Feminist
The “f-word” often gets a bad rap. Here a few famous women who reject the stigma and unabashedly embrace the term “feminist.”

Women’s Issues at the Movies in 2014
Despite the rampant sexism in Hollywood, 2014 has been quite the year for women in film. Check out some of the best films by and about women from this year!

Leelah Alcorn, Trans Girl, Commits Suicide
Leelah Alcorn was 17-year-old trans girl from Ohio. After enduring years of hatred and transmisogyny, Leelah decided to end her young life.

Happy Birthday, Nichelle Nichols!
Legendary actress Nichelle Nichols turns 82 this week! The acclaimed actress is best known for her groundbreaking portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura on the original Star Trek television series.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?
What is an ectopic pregnancy? Here's a brief answer with resources for more in-depth information.

Fitness Tips - Fitness Tips for Women in Their 60s
How can women in their 60s achieve and/or maintain fitness? A fitness expert offers advice and guidance for women looking to be fit over 60.

10 Ways to Help and Support a Binge Eater
Tips from a recovering binge eater - 10 ways to help a binge eater including specific ways in which you can offer support to help them from binging.

Reasons Why Teens Choose to Have an Abortion
A look at the reasons why teens choose abortion, and the role that parental involvement and access to abortion services play in the decision-making.

Why Teens Choose Abortion
A look at the reasons why teens choose abortion, and the evidence that children of teen mothers are at a significant disadvantage as compared to children of mothers who delay childbearing. Page 2.

Definiton of a Cougar - Celebrity Couple Examples
What is a cougar, and how old are cougar women? What is the age difference between a cougar and the men she pursues? Definition of a cougar woman, plus several real-life examples of Hollywood cougar couples.

What are the Different Types of Abortion?
What are the different types of abortion and how far along can you be to have an abortion?

Women Turning 50 - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Although it's a number many women dread, turning 50 isn't the end of the world. A look at the good, the bad and the ugly of turning fifty for women including increased self-acceptance, menopause, an empty nest, and that inevitable underarm sag that resembles fish bellies.

Leadership Qualities Unique to Women
What are the qualities of women leaders? Is there a gender difference between male and female leadership? Are there leadership qualities unique to women?

Friendship Sites Enable Women to Make New Friends
Female friendships often suffer due to moving, marriage or motherhood, prompting many women to seek out new friends. But meeting new people isn't as easy as it once was, and many women are going online to make new friends.

Make New Friends -- Online Friendship Sites Enable Women to Make New Friends
Female friendships often suffer due to moving, marriage or motherhood, prompting many women to seek out new friends. But meeting new people isn't as easy as it once was, and many women are going online to make new friends. Page 2.

10 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Your College-Bound Child
Sending your child off to college is never an easy process. Here are 10 tips on what to expect, how to make saying goodbye easier, and ways to support your child's growing independence.

10 Facts About Teen Dating Violence and Abuse
Ten facts about teen dating violence and statistics on dating abuse in adolescent relationships.

10 Facts About Child Sexual Abuse (Statistics)
How common is child sexual abuse? Is the typical perpetrator more likely to be the stranger in the park looking for his lost dog, or a trusted friend or family member? Facts and statistics on the prevalence of child sexual abuse and who's at greatest risk of becoming a victim.

Teenage Pregnancy Pact - Teens Choose to Become Pregnant
At Gloucester High school, an alleged teenage pregnancy pact has resulted in 17 pregnancies at the school this past year. Why do teens choose to become pregnant, and what are the other issues that complicate the situation?

What Is Cyberstalking? - Forms of Cyberstalking
Definition of cyberstalking and examples of the forms it can take.

Who votes more? Men vs Women Gender Influence on Voting
Who is more likely to vote, women or men? Are there gender differences in voter turnout between women and men?

Low Self-Esteem Linked to Domestic Violence
A link exists between domestic violence and low self-esteem, compounding the difficulty experienced by victims trying to break free from partner abuse.

The Value of Female Friendships
Is there value in female friendships? As women we are more social, more community focused, collaborative, and less competitive than men - and the need for girlfriends is part of our DNA.

Why Do Men Cheat? (It's Not Just About Sex)
Why do men cheat? According to one marriage counselor, it's not just about sex, and the other woman may not be any better looking.

Maxine Hong Kingston: Woman Warrior
Maxine Hong Kingston, most known for her memoir The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, recently turned 74. Her words and wisdom have inspired generations of writers and readers.

Men, Sex and Porn - One Guy's Candid Opinion
Why do men behave the way they do when it comes to women, sex and porn? Evin M. Daly, one of the guys behind the website the Butler Report, sent a link to a

After 50 Years, What is Barbie's Impact on Girls and Women?
If Barbie were real, she'd be eligible for AARP membership today. On this, her 50th birthday, she doesn't appear to be ready for retirement yet. Like a true

Is the Peace Corps Dangerous for Women?
Like the majority of Americans, I've always had a good impression of the Peace Corps. My husband had contemplated doing a stint with them when he was fresh out

Trans Women and Domestic Violence
Despite facing violence at alarming rates, trans women are often left out of the domestic violence discussion.

Facts About Domestic Violence
Although domestic violence affects the lives of 1 out of 4 women, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about this unfortunately common part of society. We’re here to separate fact from fiction.

The International Day of the Girl
Every year October 11 is International Day of the Girl, a celebration of girls’ issues around the world.

Woman on the Rise: Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner has been making headlines since her undergraduate days at Baylor. Whether it’s her impressive athletic prowess, her sartorial moves, or love life off the basketball court, the world is intrigued with Griner’s every move.

Things You Need to Know About the Big O
It goes by many names, like “le petit mort” and the big O, or simply as an orgasm. What’s your women’s orgasm IQ?

Film Review of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
Does the film 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' promote female empowerment? Is it feminist? Those questions may actually be irrelevant if the answers are measured against previous images of what strong women in film were like. Rooney Mara's portrayal of Lisbeth Salander, the title character in the film, breaks all previous assumptions of how a heroine should behave and who saves who in the movies.

"Girls Like Us" by Sheila Weller - Book Review - Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon
Book review of

Planned Parenthood Susan G. Komen Funding Flap - Controversy Over Defunding Decision and Repercussions
The decision by Susan G. Komen For the Cure to defund Planned Parenthood in February 2012 has become a textbook example of how a non-profit organization with a flawless reputation imploded overnight and lost much of its grassroots funding. Also key in the controversy was the role of social media which pitted pro-choice supporters against those who oppose abortion. This look at the Komen / Planned Parenthood controversy examines both organizations along with Komen's ill-fated plans, the fallout and its aftermath.

Rush Limbaugh on Women - Rush Limbaugh Comments and Quotes About Women
Quotes from conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on women and women's issues taken from transcripts of his radio show. Comments include Limbaugh's take on women, feminism and feminazis, political figures, political scandals, and more, all in Rush Limbaugh's own words.

Rush Limbaugh / Sandra Fluke Controversy - Limbaugh's Women Problem
For years Rush Limbaugh has targeted women on his radio show, attacking Hillary Clinton and other female politicians, promoting the term 'feminazi' and making derogatory statements about women he has issues with. Labeled by critics as a misogynist, he crossed the line in calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute and may have permanently damaged his career.

Marissa Mayer Quotes
Quotes from Marissa Mayer, the driving force behind the look and design of Google's user interface and current CEO of Yahoo, on technology, being female in a male-dominated field, achieving success, gender bias and life as a geek.

Fortune 500's Record Number of Women CEOs
July 2012 saw a new milestone for the Fortune 500 -- 20 women are now CEOs, fully 4% of the most powerful group of business leaders in the country.

Key Battles and Issues in the Republican War on Women
The 'Republican War on Women' hinges on several controversial issues which have become key battlegrounds in the struggle over women's rights. Here's a look at what those are.

A Girl's Guide to College Life - If I Knew Then What I Know Now
There's a short, steep learning curve to college life and many of us only get it right at the end of our four years. Get a head start on what you need to know about college life from a senior whose own experiences and mistakes lend weight to her advice.

10 Tips for Women to Avoid Thanksgiving Stress
They call it Thanksgiving, but for most women the day is filled with dozens of tasks -- many of them thankless -- all in preparation for the Thanksgiving meal. It's no wonder that many women feel stress at Thanksgiving. These 10 tips can help take the pressure off Thanksgiving and remind us that the day is all about celebration and time with family and friends, not the impossible pursuit of a Norman Rockwell-like ideal of holiday perfection.

BBC America's "Body Image" Documentaries
Girls, teens and women confront body image issues every day. With the U.S. premiere of five separate documentaries, BBC America explores Hollywood-style extreme weight loss, teenage obesity, breast enlargement, breast reduction, and gender identification through the eyes of a teen dealing with transsexuality.

"I Was a Victim of Cyberstalking" - One Woman's Story
A victim of cyberstalking, one woman tells the story of how she eventually became an expert and advocate for others.

Gabrielle Giffords Shooting - Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting
The January 8, 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a horrifying event that reverberated on so many levels. Here's a look at the events surrounding the shooting and the aftermath of the tragedy that claimed six lives.

Record Number of Women in Congress in 2013
Who says 13 is an unlucky number? In the 113th Congress convening in January 2013, a record number of women in Congress, as well as in both the House and Senate, will change the way things are run in Washington, DC.

'The Hunger Games' Book Review - Is It Feminist? Katniss as Strong Female Character
A teenage girl who's the primary breadwinner for her family and survives on skill and intelligence -- that's Katniss Everdeen, the lead character in

The Netherlands' Sarah (Fiftieth) Birthday Tradition
When a woman turns 50 in the Netherlands, she becomes a Sarah -- old enough to have seen the biblical figure of the same name. The Sarah 50th birthday celebrates older women and has many unique traditions associated with this special birthday.

Beijing Conference on Women & Beijing Declaration 1995
An explanation of the Bejing Declaration and Platform for Action, approved by participants at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China in September 1995.

Why We Need Reproductive Justice
These quotes underscore why reproductive justice—the right to parent when and how we want—is vitally important to all women.

Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome
When a child leaves for college, it's particularly hard for women who see themselves as friends first, mothers second, to let go.

Condoleezza Rice Profile
Perhaps the most powerful woman in the Bush Administration, Dr. Condoleezza Rice has never forgotten the lessons of her upbringing. A profile of this influential Presidential advisor and Bush Cabinet member.

Myths About Domestic Violence
A survivor of domestic violence who escaped after 23 years of abuse debunks myths about domestic violence with examples drawn from her own experiences.

Teenage Birth Rate Statistics by State
Look at teenage birth rates by state and you'll see a wide disparity between the states with the highest rate and the one with the lowest. What state has the highest teen birth rate? Which one has the lowest? And is the recent nationwide decline in teenage births reflected in every state?

Michele Bachmann Biography - Profile of Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann has worn many hats in her life -- U.S. Representative from Minnesota, founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, and presidential candidate running for the Republican nomination. But before she entered politics, she started out as Michele Marie Amble in Waterloo, Iowa. Facts, dates and details of her life from childhood through high school and college, and her career in politics.

After Seeing Sexy Images, Men View Women as Objects
Men are more likely to view women as sex objects after seeing sexy images such as photos of women in bikinis, according to a study by psychologist Susan Fiske.

Polygamy - Review of TLC's 'Sister Wives' Polygamy Reality TV Show, Part II
Is TLC's polygamy reality show 'Sister Wives' worth watching? A feminist takes a look at the family dynamics between Kody Brown and the sister wives, and wonders if a polygamist can be accused of cheating on his wives. Page 2.

Keeping Your Maiden Name After Marriage
Who are the women who keep their names, and why do they make this choice? The personal and political implications that shape the decision.

Meaning of Sarah Palin Children's Names
What's the meaning behind Sarah Palin's children's names? Why do they have such unusual names?

Why Won't the U.S. Ratify CEDAW for Women's Rights?
If CEDAW - the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - is an international bill of rights for women, why won't the U.S. ratify CEDAW? A look at the reasons why, the presidents who supported it, and the groups that oppose it.

Cyberstalking and Women - Facts and Statistics
Facts and statistics on cyberstalking and women

Trying to Escape Domestic Violence - Victim of Domestic Violence Unable to Break Ties With Abuser
Trying to escape domestic violence, a victim finds she's unable to break ties with her abuser after the courts keep providing her ex-husband her contact information.

Top paying jobs for women
Want to land one of the top paying jobs for women? This list of the top ten -- according to Forbes magazine -- will give you an idea of where the money is.

Girls and the Juvenile Justice System
The fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system, girls are underserved and their specific needs unmet in a system designed for boys. The issues that often drive girls toward delinquency -- such as sexual and physical abuse and neglect -- are made much worse.

The Definition of the Phrase "Slut Shaming"
What is slut shaming? What does slut shaming involve and who is targeted? Why does slut shaming happen?

What Is the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)?
The Equal Rights Amendment or ERA, proposed and passed by Congress but never ratified by the required number of states, guarantees the equality of rights of both women and men under the Constitution.

Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates in the United States
Drawing from the most current data available from the Guttmacher Institute's February 2012 report on teenage pregnancy, teenage abortion and teenage birth rates, here's a compilation of statistics and facts on teen pregnancy in the U.S. and comprehensive national trends from the most recent year available, 2008.

History of Women on the Supreme Court
A look at the history of women on the Supreme Court, including the first female justice Sandra Day O'Connor and the second female justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

First Woman Nominated to the Supreme Court - How the First Woman Was Nominated to the Supreme Court
How the first woman was nominated to the Supreme Court had a great deal to do with a presidential campaign promise made by Republican candidate Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential race. Page 2.

Sandra Day O'Connor, First Woman on the Supreme Court - Bio and Profile of Sandra Day O'Connor
Bio and profile of Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman and first female associate justice on the Supreme Court. Page 3.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Second Woman on the Supreme Court - Bio and Profile of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Bio and profile of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman and second female associate justice on the Supreme Court. Page 4.

Katie Couric's Career on the CBS Evening News
As TV's first permanent female solo evening news anchor, Katie Couric broke the glass ceiling in a field that women had made slow progress in for decades. Yet her time at the top was marred by controversy and speculation although a few buzzworthy moments -- like her interview with Sarah Palin -- proved that Couric had the right stuff.

What is a Millennial and How Are Millennials Changing the Workplace?
What is a millennial? Definition of the term and how millennials are changing the workplace.

When Stalking Goes Online - Examples of Cyberstalking
Advances in technology have allowed stalking to go online, with perpetrators accessing personal information. Read about examples of cyberstalking and individual stories.

What is a prophylactic mastectomy
What is a prophylactic mastectomy? Definition of prophylactic mastectomy

Top Ten States with Highest Teenage Abortion Rates
A list of the top ten states in the US that have the highest abortion rates among teenagers age 15-19.

Employment Discrimination Prohibited by Title VII
What is Title VII? An explanation the types of employment discrimination prohibited by Title VII, including gender. Special focus is given to the concerns of working women.

Gender Bias and Its Impact on Society
Though subtle, gender bias exists in every aspect of society - from the workplace to the political arena. The gender gap affects our children's education, the size of the paycheck we bring home, and why women still lag behind men in math and science careers.

Voiceover and Speaking Tips From Lora Cain
A lot of women don't like the sound of their own voice and want to improve speaking skills and lower pitch. Lora Cain, a nationally known voiceover talent, offers 10 voice tips for women to be heard more that include strategies to sound better and to improve speaking skills, and speaking tips on how to get your point across and make people listen to you.

Cyberstalking, Spyware, and Privacy Protection
Cyberstalking is surprisingly easy, thanks to readily available spyware sold online. To ensure privacy protection, here's what you need to watch out for.

Online Communities for Moms - Social Networking Sites for Moms - Websites for New Mothers
Becoming a mother is one of the major events in a woman's life. Online communities for moms and social networking sites for moms give you the opportunity to connect with other women going through the same thing you are - raising a child. And websites for new mothers offer support, advice, and answers to the many questions of motherhood.

Cougar Women - Deconstructing Cougar Women
Why do we label older women who date younger men 'cougar women'? A look at the stereotypes and misinformation about cougar women from a woman who just happens to date younger men and resists the label.

Female Circumcision, Female Genital Mutilation - What is Female Circumcision?
An explanation of the terms female circumcision and female genital mutilation including a look at where it's practiced, statistics on how many women are affected, why this cruel act of violence against girls and women continues, and the organizations fighting to end the practice.

Title IX - History of Title IX
History of the passage of Title IX including the stories of Patsy Mink and Edith Green who co-authored Title IX, and their experiences of gender discrimination which led to this groundbreaking legislation.

'Nickel and Dimed' by Barbara Ehrenreich Book Review
First published in 2001 and rereleased in 2011, Barbara Ehrenreich's groundbreaking book

Is the U.S. Ready for a Female President?
Is the U.S. ready for a female President? Some say America is ready for a female president, while others disagree.

Obama's Position on Abortion
What is Obama's position on abortion?

Alternative Crafts and Craft Communities - Creating, Sharing, Buying and Selling
Modern alternative 'alt' crafting is very different from what our mothers or grandmothers created, yet it comes from the same impulse - to make something by hand that is enduring and unique. Craft communities, both online and offline, have evolved around the alt craft movement, and offer helpful advice, free patterns, and a place to meet others who share the same interests. Some even offer opportunities to buy and sell handmade goods.

Confidence Rx for Women - How to Boost Your Confidence
First impressions are critical in our personal and professional lives. Here are 10 tips for women to boost confidence and project presence in any situation.

Top 10 Abortion Facts and Statistics
Abortion facts including annual abortion statistics in the U.S. Essential facts for pro-choice and pro-life advocates.

Women and Thanksgiving - Annual Holiday Revolves Around 'Women's Work'
If there's one American holiday that's synonymous with women's work, it's Thanksgiving. It's a day steeped in so much tradition that it's no wonder gender equity often takes a back seat in its celebration. Granted, there's enjoyment in preparing a meal for those you love. But does it always have to be the women who bear the brunt of the workload?

Fiction Books - Women's Issues Fiction Books
Recommended women's issues books covering friendships and mother/daughter relationships, issues facing teenage girls, historical fiction, science fiction and female utopias, and more.

Tina Fey - Political Satire on Saturday Night Live
Tina Fey brought political satire on Saturday Night Live to new levels in 2008 with her spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin and her pro-Hillary Clinton sketches.

Cyberstalking and Women - Cyberstalking and Cybercrimes Against Women
Facts and statistics about cyberstalking and women. A look at cybercrimes against women and advice for women on how to deal with cyberstalkers.

Teen Pregnancy in Pop Culture and Media Images of Teen Pregnancy
Pop culture and media depictions of teen pregnancy are everywhere - in film, television, documentaries, and in the news.

Significant Issues Facing Women and Their Impact
A look at the major issues facing women and the impact these issues have on women's lives.

Political Pundits Commenting on Political Pundits
Some might say it's like sharks feeding on each other. But when political pundits lampoon each other instead of the usual elected officials and public figures, even if you're squeamish, it's hard to turn away.

Suze Orman
Suze Orman is an author, columnist, and TV personality, and her wit, wisdom and advice have made her a household name. Many consider her the personal wealth guru because she knows what to do with money and how anyone can make the most of it.

Book Clubs For & About Women
A book club can be a social gathering, a serious critique of fiction and non-fiction, or a starting point for discussions about relationships and life. Find suggestions on how to start and maintain book clubs and choosing selections that focus on areas of interest to women.

Arianna Huffington
Author, nationally syndicated columnist, and public radio co-host, Arianna Huffington has made her mark on the political scene through her news and blog site,

Billie Holiday legendary jazz vocalist
Many consider her the most important and influential female vocalist in the history of jazz. Yet Billie Holiday's life could be described as the intersection of talent and tragedy. Learn more about her contributions to jazz, and her significance in African American history.

Cindy Sheehan - Mother Turned Peace Activist
When Cindy Sheehan received word that her son Casey had died in the Iraq war, she didn't just grieve. She turned her grief into a fierce and dedicated one-woman campaign against the war. By camping outside President George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch, she launched the anti-Iraq War movement.

Stitch and Bitch - Knitting Groups
This isn't your grandmother's knitting circle! A formerly sedate social event has been reborn under the guise of guerilla grrl handcrafting. For women who like to get together, knit handmade items to donate to charitable organizations, or simply meet new people, Stitch and Bitch is a fun way to connect with others who share your interests.

Ann Coulter
Controversial author and syndicated columnist Ann Coulter is best known for her outrageous statements and inflammatory remarks which she has directed at progressives, Democrats, and 9-11 widows, among other targets.

Cancer Support Groups and Finding Community with Others Facing Cancer
Cancer support isn't just about treatment and medical care - it's also about finding community with others who are facing cancer or are survivors willing to share stories and advice. Talking to someone who's been down that road can be comforting, a light at the end of a tunnel that seems all too long and dark.

Peggy Noonan
Former special assistant to President Reagan and speechwriter for then Vice President George W. Bush, this versatile and multi-faceted woman is an author and columnist who writes from a conservative perspective.

Weight Loss
Women seem predestined to gain weight as we grow older. Pregnancy and menopause create hormonal changes that can add pounds over time. Yet a healthy body weight reduces many health risks women face as we age. If you want to lose weight, you'll find resources and guidance here.

Women Architects & Designers
The accomplishments of women in architecture and design are overshadowed by a majority of men who dominate the field. Yet the achievements of these women are significant and varied, and worth a closer look.

Political Punditry - Observations & Writings By and About Women
The world of politics wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the sharp-tongued, sometimes snarky, always entertaining commentary offered up by political pundits, columnists, and other Washington observers. A look at the major female players and those caught in the media glare.

Puberty Issues Facing Girls
There's pressure on girls today to grow up fast and be more sexually aware at a younger age. And mounting evidence suggests that environmental factors are causing girls to enter puberty at a much earlier age. Learn what you can do to counteract these trends.

Women as Volunteers
Those who make volunteering a priority in their lives will tell you that they get back just as much as they give.

Yet the changing roles of women enable fewer and fewer to give volunteer time as many are overwhelmed by work, family, and other obligations.

Once the backbone of the volunteer community, women have to carefully pick and choose their volunteer roles these days.

Loss of interest in things you enjoyed doing, changes in appetite or sleeping habits, a feeling of tiredness or lethargy, inability to focus or pay attention - all are symptoms of depression. Almost everyone experiences some form of depression at some time in their lives, but if these feelings persist for more than two weeks, it's time to seek help.

Top Women Financial Advisors
Women often prefer to turn to other women for advice. And some of the top experts in the field of finance just happen to be women. Why not learn who they are and take a look at their suggestions for effective money management?

Plenty of jokes have been made about hot flashes, power surges, and private summers. But there's nothing funny about night sweats, irritability or mood swings, memory lapses, hair loss or weight gain. All are symptoms of menopause. Learn more about what changes menopause brings about and how you can lessen their effects.

Support Groups for Women
We all long for understanding, compassion, and respect. And sometimes it's easiest to find this among others who share our situation or outlook.

That's where a support group comes in.

Whether you're coping with a health issue or trying to change your life for the better, there's nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others on the same path.

Women's Groups - Groups for Women
Women's groups are often built around shared interests or concerns. Groups for women can focus on hobbies, parenting, knitting, books, or a desire for mutual support.

Investing for Women
Women tend to be more cautious than men when it comes to investing and financial planning. Tips and suggestions on how to invest wisely and where to start.

Second Marriages - Making it Work the Second Time Around
A second (or third) marriage differs from the first one in many ways. The good news: Both partners are often wiser and know what they want and don't want this time around. The bad news: It's often tougher to blend families, finances, households, lifestyles, and expectations. What are the qualities of a successful second marriage, and how can women avoid making the same mistake twice?

Widowhood - Losing a Spouse
After years together, it seems as if you can't possibly continue on without your partner. How can you pick up the pieces of your life and begin again by yourself?

First Wave Feminism - 1848-1920
It all began with the Seneca Falls Convention - the idea that women should be granted the right to vote. Envisioning a future in which gender equity would be a reality, these forward-thinking women established the foundation from which all other subsequent feminists movements have arisen.

Second Wave Feminism 1960s-1970s Women's Lib
Feminism was reborn in the 1960s as women sought to liberate themselves from the traditional roles of wife ad mother. Iconic images such as bra burning and women's encounter groups made Women's Lib a powerful movement, but the second wave crashed with the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s.

Women and Bankruptcy
More women than men file for bankruptcy each year. And recent changes in U.S. bankruptcy laws put women at even greater risk than before. What are the situations that arise that compel a woman to seek bankruptcy, and how can women avoid making these costly mistakes?

Negative Media Coverage of Sarah Palin
Negative media coverage of Sarah Palin's campaign and significant gaffes made by the candidate in the first month have led to a disastrous slide in the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate's popularity.

Teen Pregnancy in the United States
A look at teen pregnancy in the U.S., including facts and statistics and media coverage of teen pregnancies making headlines.

Alexis A. Moore Biography, Founder/President, Survivors in Action
Biography of Alexis A. Moore, cyberstalking expert and Founder/President of Survivors in Action, a national victim's advocacy group.

"Brutal" by Michael Harmon - Book Review
Book review of the young adult novel