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'American Horror Story' Review - Powerful Women, Strong Female Characters
Although horror isn't a genre typically associated with female empowerment, the FX TV series 'American Horror Story' which debuted in October of 2011 introduced major and minor female characters of complexity, depth, and strength, and provided strong roles for older actresses like Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy.

Fashion, Passion, Class Warfare and Feminism - Why We Love Downton Abbey
Why is it that everybody's talking about Downton Abbey? How did a British drama about class distinctions, nobility, and the serving class take America by storm? There's a subtle feminist thread running through Downton Abbey despite the fact that it takes place in a society in which women don't even have the right to vote, let alone inherit property. Take a in-depth look at why Downton Abbey resonates with so many of us, especially women.

Fashion, Passion, Class Warfare and Feminism - Why We Love Downton Abbey, Part II
Downton Abbey revolves around the lives of the three Crawley sisters in the early part of the 20th century, and how each of them deals with the pressures of society and the gender expectations that limit their lives. There's a subtle feminist thread running through Downton Abbey despite the fact that it takes place in a society in which women don't even have the right to vote, let alone inherit property. Take a in-depth look at why Downton Abbey resonates with so many of us, especially women. Page 2.

Robyn Hatcher Biography
Biography of Robyn Hatcher, writer, public speaking trainer and coach, communication and presentation skills consultant and founder of SpeakEtc.

Movie Review: "Juno" (2007)
A review of the movie Juno, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. The film tells the story of the title character, a witty, offbeat teenager who finds out she's pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption.

"Four Freedoms" by John Crowley - Book Review
Book review of

"Scared of Santa" Book Review
Book review of

What is child sexual abuse? Definition of child sexual abuse
What is child sexual abuse? Does the abuse always include physical contact, or can abuse occur without touching? Is it child sexual abuse if the perpetrator is another child? A short article on the definition of child sexual abuse.

What is Paul Ryan's position on abortion?
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has clearly defined views on abortion. Here they are, from his first run for Congress in 1998 to his most recent support of anti-abortion legislation.

Abortion Restrictions - Hyde Amendment and Abortion Restrictions
Information on the Hyde Amendment which set in place abortion restrictions that negatively impacted poor women's access to reproductive choice.

What is a trigger food - What are trigger foods?
What is a trigger food? Definition of a trigger food and how it relates to binging and Binge Eating Disorder

What is an abortion rider?
When a potential government shutdown threatened on April 8, 2011, due to partisan bickering over the federal budget, one of the sticking points between Republicans and Democrats was the so-called 'abortion rider' and funding for Planned Parenthood. What exactly is an abortion rider? Explanation of the abortion rider and why the term is somewhat inaccurate.

What is Equal Pay Day?
A description of Equal Pay Day, which marks the point in the year it takes a woman to make the same amount of money made by a man in the previous year

What Top Female CEOs Earn
Despite breaking through the glass ceiling, what the top female CEOs earn might surprise you. And no surprise -- they earn significantly less than men.

Women in Congress in 2009 - Record Number of Women in Congress in 2009
There's a record number of women in Congress in 2009, including the highest number of women senators ever.

Women Candidates in 2008 - How Many Women Ran for Public Office in 2008 Election?
Women candidates in 2008 were smaller in number than years past. How many women ran for public office in 2008? Not as many as you might guess.

How Many Women are Running for Congress in 2010?
With all the talk about mama grizzlies and the Year of the Republican Women, is 2010 a record year for women running for Congress? How many women are running for Congress in 2010, and do Republican women make up a good portion of those female candidates?

Serena Williams, Top Career Prize Money Winner in Women's Sports
Serena Williams sets a new record as the top career prize money winner in women's sports.

Patricia Taub biography
Biography of Patricia Taub, writer, journalist, family therapist and women's issues advocate.

Ways to Avoid Binge Eating Disorder at College
A college student who's faced Binge Eating Disorder discusses ways to avoid triggers at college.

Hunger in America - How Many Women and Children Go Hungry in the US?
Hunger in America is measured by food insecurity, and the group at greatest risk are the families of single mothers. How many women and children go hungry in the US, and how do they compare to other demographic groups? Facts and statistics on how hunger affects women and children in America.

National Hotlines for Domestic Abuse and Rape
Two national hotlines provide immediate assistance to women who have experienced domestic abuse and rape, and can link callers to local resources and help in their communities.

Work Life Balance - Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn on Work-Life Balance
Achieving work life balance isn't easy for anyone, especially not Nobel prize winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn. In an interview she reveals how she was filled with the same doubts and concerns every working mother has over her career, family, and even baking cookies with the kids.

Direct Sales – 10 Facts About Direct Sales and Women
10 facts including statistics on direct sales and women, and why women are critical to direct selling such as home party sales and door-to-door, face-to-face selling.

One Mom's Response to Teenage Pregnancy - Participate in a Reality Show - Baby Borrowers
One woman who's had plenty of experience raising teens and young adults decided to participate in the ultimate teachable moment - a reality show intended to show teens what it's really like to be parents and care for a baby.

Not Rape Victim, But Rape Survivor Part II - Recovering from Rape
Although rape victim Renee DeVesty healed physically from her rape, it took years to overcome the emotional trauma and move from victim to rape survivor on the road to recovery from rape.

Renee DeVesty Biography
Biography of Renee DeVesty, rape survivor and advocate

When Mom Moves In - Statistics, Trends and Benefits of Mom Moving In With Adult Children
When mom moves in, what can you expect? Statistics, trends and benefits of mother moving in with adult children are included.

Hillary Clinton Beijing Conference on Women 1995
One woman's recollection of Hillary Clinton at the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995.

Janice Van Dyck Biography
Biography of writer Janice Van Dyck, author of Finding Frances and The O'Malley Trilogy.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi. Women's Issues. Page 7.

Wives of Unfaithful Politicians
Elizabeth Edwards. Women's Issues. Page 6.

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. Page 4.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Assault
Rihanna and Chris Brown Assault. Women's Issues. Page 5.

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle. Women's Issues. Page 10.

The Talk - Review of Premiere Episode
Will the new CBS show 'The Talk' draw viewers away from ABC's 'The View'? A review of the show's premiere episode with guest Christie Brinkley and a discussion of when to have 'the talk' about sex with your kids.

Virgin Cure - myths about AIDS and STDs - child rape
The Virgin Cure is the mistaken belief that having sex with a female virgin will cure AIDS and/or STDs.

Tweens, Dating and Sex - Tweens More Sexually Active Than Parents Realize
A July 2008 study of tween dating relationships and sexuality finds that tweens are more sexually active than parents realize.

Profile of Madelyn Payne Dunham - Bio of Barack Obama's Grandmother
Profile of Madelyn Payne Dunham, Barack Obama's grandmother

Prostitution and Sex Workers - Prostitutes in the Sex Trade
Statistics, anecdotal stories, and real life accounts of prostitution and sex workers' experiences as prostitutes in the sex trade. What prostitution does to women who work in the sex trade industry, and why sex workers are at greater risk of injury, abuse, rape, and even death.

What is a crisis pregnancy center? What is a pregnancy resource center?
An explanation of what crisis pregnancy centers and pregnancy resource centers offer, along with the findings of the Waxman Report, a government investigation into these centers, many of which receive federal funding.

What is the Healthy Families Act? How does the Healthy Families Act benefit women?
The Healthy Families Act is a bill introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro which provides up to seven days of paid sick leave to employees in businesses employing 15 or more people.

What is pelvic inflammatory disease?
What is pelvic inflammatory disease? How does it relate to sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and can it affect a woman's ability to become pregnant?

Cougar - What's Behind the Cougar Image?
Why has the cougar image come to represent every woman over 40 who dates a younger man? Is it a stereotype or an accurate description of a new lifestyle trend? Here are several perspectives on the cougar phenomenon.

Jobs for Women - Best Jobs, Top Paying Jobs, Jobs Employing More Women, Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men
What are the best jobs for women available? A look at the careers that employ the most women, the occupations that have the largest percentage of women, the top paying jobs for women, jobs where women earn more than men, and more. Plus factors that can have a positive or negative influence on her job and career.

Abortion Clinics - Links to Abortion Clinics Online
A list of websites that provide an online directory of abortion clinics that offer abortion services or referrals to abortion providers including links and phone numbers.

Candidate Clinton: Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign
A look at some of the events of Hillary Clinton's 2008 bid to be the first female President of the United States.