Women's Issues Sitemap - Page 3 2016-02-07

"Daughters of the North" by Sarah Hall - Book Review - Feminist Utopias
A book review of the novel

"Brutal" by Michael Harmon - Book Review
Book review of the young adult novel

Book Review: "Body Clutter" - Marla Cilley & Leanne Ely
A book review of

'American Horror Story' Review - Powerful Women, Strong Female Characters
Although horror isn't a genre typically associated with female empowerment, the FX TV series 'American Horror Story' which debuted in October of 2011 introduced major and minor female characters of complexity, depth, and strength, and provided strong roles for older actresses like Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy.

"Why Don't I Do the Things I Know are Good for Me?" by BJ Gallagher - Book Review
Book review of

Fashion, Passion, Class Warfare and Feminism - Why We Love Downton Abbey
Why is it that everybody's talking about Downton Abbey? How did a British drama about class distinctions, nobility, and the serving class take America by storm? There's a subtle feminist thread running through Downton Abbey despite the fact that it takes place in a society in which women don't even have the right to vote, let alone inherit property. Take a in-depth look at why Downton Abbey resonates with so many of us, especially women.

Fashion, Passion, Class Warfare and Feminism - Why We Love Downton Abbey, Part II
Downton Abbey revolves around the lives of the three Crawley sisters in the early part of the 20th century, and how each of them deals with the pressures of society and the gender expectations that limit their lives. There's a subtle feminist thread running through Downton Abbey despite the fact that it takes place in a society in which women don't even have the right to vote, let alone inherit property. Take a in-depth look at why Downton Abbey resonates with so many of us, especially women. Page 2.

Robyn Hatcher Biography
Biography of Robyn Hatcher, writer, public speaking trainer and coach, communication and presentation skills consultant and founder of SpeakEtc.

Movie Review: "Juno" (2007)
A review of the movie Juno, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. The film tells the story of the title character, a witty, offbeat teenager who finds out she's pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption.

"Four Freedoms" by John Crowley - Book Review
Book review of

Women's Lost Wages - Cost of the Gender Pay Gap
The gender pay gap that exists might not sound so bad when looked at year by year; after all, the typical woman worker earns an estimated $5,000 less than her male co-worker. But when factored over a lifetime, the pay inequity results in a loss of close to half a million dollars. A look at the extent of the gender pay gap and ongoing attempts to close the gap through litigation and legislation.

Gender Pay Gap - Women Earn Less Than Men, But By How Much?
In the U.S. in 2010, women who were full-time wage and salary workers earned 81% of what men earned. While this represents the national average, when measured across all 50 states and the District of Columbia the percentages varied significantly. Here's a breakdown of the each state and the percentage of women's earnings as compared to men.

Abstinence Only Education and Sex Education in the U.S.
The decision whether or not to require high schools to provide sex education, HIV education, or abstinence education to their students is made at the state level and has a significant impact on teen pregnancy and teen birth rates, not to mention contraceptive use. Based on the findings of the Guttmacher Institute, this article examines which states have specific requirements in place and where abstinence only education is all that's offered to students.

Book Review: "The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything" by Melissa Kirsch
A how-to book that's more like a cheat sheet for young women starting out,

Book Review "Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters" by Courtney E. Martin
Book review of

Record Number of Women Running for Congress in 2012
More women ran for Congress in 2012 than ever before. Here's a breakdown by party affiliation and a look at why so many women may have decided to run...and why 2012 offers specific opportunities for new candidates to win.

"Just Like Family: Inside the Lives of Nannies, the Parents They Work for, and the Children They Love" by Tasha Blaine - Book Review
A book review of

"Scared of Santa" Book Review
Book review of

Women, Thanksgiving and Gender Roles
Why is there a gender divide at Thanksgiving? Why are women in the kitchen and men in the family room watching TV? Even the most forward-thinking women revert back to those stereotypical gender roles at Thanksgiving. Read what experts have to say about these roles, why we assume them, and whether or not we can change the dynamic.

What is child sexual abuse? Definition of child sexual abuse
What is child sexual abuse? Does the abuse always include physical contact, or can abuse occur without touching? Is it child sexual abuse if the perpetrator is another child? A short article on the definition of child sexual abuse.

What is sexual harassment? Definition of sexual harassment
Definition of sexual harassment and guidelines taken from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

What is rape? What is the definition of rape?
What is the definition of rape? Although the definition of rape varies from state to state, here's a look at what the U.S. federal government now defines as rape.

What is Paul Ryan's position on abortion?
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has clearly defined views on abortion. Here they are, from his first run for Congress in 1998 to his most recent support of anti-abortion legislation.

What is Mitt Romney's position on contraception?
The Republican nominee for president in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney seems to have carefully avoided nailing down his specific views on contraception, probably because they have shifted over the years. This look at the candidate and where he stands today shows how many of his views on the issue have taken a 180 degree turn in the past decade.

Women's Issues
The Jersey Girls Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Lorie Van Auken -- all 9/11 widows. Page 2.

What is datafurnishing?
Definition of datafurnishing and how the acquisition and use of your personal information affects you and makes you vulnerable to cyberstalking.

Abortion Restrictions - Hyde Amendment and Abortion Restrictions
Information on the Hyde Amendment which set in place abortion restrictions that negatively impacted poor women's access to reproductive choice.

Obama's Position on Equal Pay
What is Obama's position on equal pay for equal work?

What is a trigger food - What are trigger foods?
What is a trigger food? Definition of a trigger food and how it relates to binging and Binge Eating Disorder

Top 10 Occupations That Employ the Largest Percentage of Women
These career fields and occupations employ the largest percentage of women. See what the top 15 occupations are along with links to information on what type of education is required and what kinds of jobs are available.

What is an abortion rider?
When a potential government shutdown threatened on April 8, 2011, due to partisan bickering over the federal budget, one of the sticking points between Republicans and Democrats was the so-called 'abortion rider' and funding for Planned Parenthood. What exactly is an abortion rider? Explanation of the abortion rider and why the term is somewhat inaccurate.

What is Equal Pay Day?
A description of Equal Pay Day, which marks the point in the year it takes a woman to make the same amount of money made by a man in the previous year

Ten Facts About Women-Owned Businesses
Statistics and facts about women-owned businesses and businesses owned by women of color - and how they compare to all firms.

Healthy Weight for Black Women is Higher Than White Women = Black Women, Weight and BMI
Race matters when it comes to weight, as studies show black women can weigh more than white women, have higher BMI and waist circumference measurements, and still be healthier.

Zoe Nicholson Biography
Biography of Zoe Nicholson, author, speaker, and Equal Rights Amendment activist.

Women CEOS - Fortune 500 Companies Headed By Women CEOs
If success is measured by heading up a Fortune 500 company, then these 15 women CEOs are the top female CEOs.

What Top Female CEOs Earn
Despite breaking through the glass ceiling, what the top female CEOs earn might surprise you. And no surprise -- they earn significantly less than men.

Women in Congress in 2009 - Record Number of Women in Congress in 2009
There's a record number of women in Congress in 2009, including the highest number of women senators ever.

Anchorwoman TV Show Reopens Gender Debate
The hiring of a model to anchor a local TV newscast - as depicted by the Fox reality show

Women Candidates in 2008 - How Many Women Ran for Public Office in 2008 Election?
Women candidates in 2008 were smaller in number than years past. How many women ran for public office in 2008? Not as many as you might guess.

How Many Women are Running for Congress in 2010?
With all the talk about mama grizzlies and the Year of the Republican Women, is 2010 a record year for women running for Congress? How many women are running for Congress in 2010, and do Republican women make up a good portion of those female candidates?

2010 Election - How Did Women Do in 2010 Election - Women Candidates in 2010 Election
In a year labeled

Serena Williams, Top Career Prize Money Winner in Women's Sports
Serena Williams sets a new record as the top career prize money winner in women's sports.

Do Women Love Their Bodies?
Do women love their bodies? So much of our culture focuses on what women hate about their bodies that there's little self-love evident on the internet or in the media.

CEDAW - What is President Obama's Position on CEDAW?
The fourth in a five-part series of interviews with Kavita N. Ramdas, an international women's rights expert, on CEDAW and the Obama administration's stand on the UN women's rights treaty that the U.S. failed to sign thus far.

Patricia Taub biography
Biography of Patricia Taub, writer, journalist, family therapist and women's issues advocate.

Black Swan Film Review - Women's Themes Woven Through Black Swan
A review of Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' which examines a number of women's themes woven throughout the film -- themes involving mother daughter relationships, female friendships, the transition from girlhood to womanhood, sexual harassment, women's power, female sexuality and the pursuit of perfection.

Ways to Avoid Binge Eating Disorder at College
A college student who's faced Binge Eating Disorder discusses ways to avoid triggers at college.

Erica Horowitz Biography
Biography of Erica Horowitz. Women's Issues.

A Woman's Perspective - Gender Neutral Language in Obama's Inaugural Speech
A woman's perspective on the use of gender neutral language and inclusive language in President Barack Obama's inaugural speech.

Media Sexism - Does Media Sexism Hurt Female Candidates?
Does media sexism and sexist attacks against female candidates hurt them politically? A study by Lake Research Partners shows that not only does it negatively influence voters and reduce support for female candidates, it impacts their male opponents as well.

Hunger in America - How Many Women and Children Go Hungry in the US?
Hunger in America is measured by food insecurity, and the group at greatest risk are the families of single mothers. How many women and children go hungry in the US, and how do they compare to other demographic groups? Facts and statistics on how hunger affects women and children in America.

Michele Bachmann Announces 2012 Presidential Campaign
Highlights of Rep. Michele Bachmann's announcement of her 2012 presidential campaign bid from her birthplace of Waterloo, Iowa.

Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas - 16 Years after Her Senate Testimony
Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas are in many ways the poster couple for sexual harrassment in the workplace. Her Senate testimony opposing his nomination to the highest court didn't stop him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. But it did open up a dialogue about what constitutes unwelcome advances from a supervisor or co-worker; and why no means no, especially at work.

Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime? Answer Exposes Gender Gap - Prostitution as Victimless Crime
Is prostitution a victimless crime? The answers given by men and women expose a gender gap in opinion. Prostitution does not empower women but exposes them to greater violence and abuse. Opinions and facts provided by women who have studied the sex trade industry, along with quotes from a former prostitute.

Abortion Clinic - How to Find an Abortion Clinic
How to find an abortion clinic that offer abortion services and avoid those anti-abortion websites that appear to be pro-choice but are designed to scare women away from abortion.

National Hotlines for Domestic Abuse and Rape
Two national hotlines provide immediate assistance to women who have experienced domestic abuse and rape, and can link callers to local resources and help in their communities.

Work Life Balance - Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn on Work-Life Balance
Achieving work life balance isn't easy for anyone, especially not Nobel prize winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn. In an interview she reveals how she was filled with the same doubts and concerns every working mother has over her career, family, and even baking cookies with the kids.

Direct Sales – 10 Facts About Direct Sales and Women
10 facts including statistics on direct sales and women, and why women are critical to direct selling such as home party sales and door-to-door, face-to-face selling.

Jobs Women - High Paying Jobs For Women Often Non-traditional Jobs
Despite a very real gender-based wage gap, in some jobs women often earn more than men. High paying jobs for women frequently revolve around non-traditional jobs, and in career fields where women are scarce, they can earn more than their male counterparts.

One Mom's Response to Teenage Pregnancy - Participate in a Reality Show - Baby Borrowers
One woman who's had plenty of experience raising teens and young adults decided to participate in the ultimate teachable moment - a reality show intended to show teens what it's really like to be parents and care for a baby.

Rape Victims, False Rape Accusations and Credibility
A vastly underreported crime, the issue of rape and sexual assault is further compounded by misinformation about false rape statistics and how women behave after being raped or sexually assaulted. Both bring into question a woman's credibility and whether or not rape cases have any chance of moving forward in the legal system.

Women in the Peace Corps - Rape, Sexual Assault in the Peace Corps - Are Women Safe?
An ABC News 20/20 investigation in January 2011 revealed a disturbing history of rape and sexual assault among women serving as volunteers in the Peace Corps. This most recent news is just one in a series of articles and stories about the dangers faced by women in the Peace Corps, a US government agency more concerned with its image than with keeping women volunteers safe.

Rape, Sexual Assault of Women in the Peace Corps - Are Women Safe? Part II
Years before the ABC News 20/20 investigation into the Peace Corps in January 2011, in 2003 the Dayton Daily News exposed the increase in rape and sexual assault cases reported by women serving as volunteers in the Peace Corps and revealed a pattern of denial that the Peace Corps has engaged in for decades. Page 2.

Rape Victim's Behavior and Language - The Strauss-Kahn Sexual Assault Case
The sexual assault case against former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn seemed solid until the credibility of the hotel maid he attacked was questioned. A renowned expert on law enforcement's handling of rape victims discusses how reporting the accounts of rape and sexual assault victims in the victim's own words -- using authentic language and not clinical terms -- is critical to successful investigation and prosecution. Page 2.

Determining Credibility of Rape Victim's Story - Getting It Right, Avoiding Bias
Sometimes a rape victim's account of what happened may seem to change over time. Is it proof that she's lying or that the rape never happened? Not according to a leading expert who's worked with rape victims and law enforcement. Sometimes it's the interviewer's fault, and sometimes the rape victim lies out of fear that her story doesn't sound like a

Not Rape Victim, But Rape Survivor Part II - Recovering from Rape
Although rape victim Renee DeVesty healed physically from her rape, it took years to overcome the emotional trauma and move from victim to rape survivor on the road to recovery from rape.

Renee DeVesty Biography
Biography of Renee DeVesty, rape survivor and advocate

Cyberstalking and Your Credit Rating
Cyberstalking can include a deliberate attempt to destroy your credit rating -- a very simple process that is surprisingly easy and can put your financial future at risk.

ERA Equal Right Amendment and WEA Women's Equality Amendment - Difference Between ERA Equal Rights Amendment and WEA Women's Equality Amendment
Although the ERA Equal Rights Amendment and WEA Women's Equality Amendment work toward the same goal, the difference between the ERA and WEA could mean the difference between ratification and defeat.

After Catwoman - Julie Newmar's Many Lives - Women Changing Careers and Surviving a Divorce
Julie Newmar became a household name when she played Catwoman in the 1960s TV series

When Mom Moves In - Statistics, Trends and Benefits of Mom Moving In With Adult Children
When mom moves in, what can you expect? Statistics, trends and benefits of mother moving in with adult children are included.

Hillary Clinton Beijing Conference on Women 1995
One woman's recollection of Hillary Clinton at the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995.

Child Support Enforcement - Tips on Pursuing Child Support Enforcement When a Deadbeat Refuses to Pay
An expert in child support enforcement describes the ins and outs of the enforcement of child support and tips for parents pursuing child support payments.

Father Daughter Relationship - Daughter Reflects on Death of Parent
An adult daughter comes to terms with the terminal diagnosis and impending death of a parent, and recalls the special father daughter relationship they shared.

Father Daughter Relationship - Death of Parent
An adult daughter comes to terms with the terminal diagnosis and impending death of a parent, and recalls the special father daughter relationship they shared. Page 2.

Janice Van Dyck Biography
Biography of writer Janice Van Dyck, author of Finding Frances and The O'Malley Trilogy.

Moms With Sons - Stereotyping Boys - How to Overcome Boy Stereotypes
Moms with sons have to work especially hard at avoiding stereotyping boys. Here are ways in which you can overcome boy stereotypes and counter the pressure of societal stereotypes.

Eating Disorders - Moms With Sons - Boys and Eating Disorders
A mom with sons weighs in on whether or not boys are influenced by seeing their moms diet, worry about food and self-image, or struggle with eating disorders.

Top 10 Priceless Gifts Mom Wants
Give Mom a gift she really wants - your time and effort spent on something she'll truly appreciate. All it takes is some planning and preparation, and best of all, it's free.

Husband Cheating - If You Caught Your Husband Cheating, Would You Forgive Your Unfaithful Spouse?
If you caught your husband cheating, would you forgive your unfaithful spouse? A Gallup poll reveals that most Americans would not forgive and forget.

Narcissistic Men - Why Women Should Never Date Narcissistic Men
A Kent State psychologist reveals why narcissistic men harbor hostility toward heterosexual women, and why dating narcissistic men may be a very bad idea.

Using Women's Bodies to Sell - Pin-Up Girls, Objectification of Women, and Self-Objectification
To sell clothing, yogurt, acne medication, and even breakfast cereal, women are featured in commercials and TV spots advertising the product. Okay, fine, that

Who is Susan Rice and Why Did Obama Nominate Her? And is She Related to Condi Rice?
As President-elect Barack Obama announces a handful of nominees today, it's good to see capable, competent, highly-qualified women in the mix. Of course we

Women, Rape and the Holocaust - Suppressed for Decades, Truth Comes Out in New Book
Women, Rape and the Holocaust - Suppressed for Decades, Truth Comes Out in New Book

First female four-star general Ann E. Dunwoody
First female four-star general Ann E. Dunwoody. Page 5.

Olympic Moms
The 2008 Summer Olympics saw an interesting phenomenom - more and more women who were mothers competing in the games. Page 8.

Oprah Winfrey, Kingmaker?
Oprah Winfrey's influence on the 2008 presidential race is still being debated. Yet her public support of the Illinois senator helped propel him to the front of the pack and brought large crowds to his rallies. Page 9.

Tina Fey and the Impersonation That Reversed the 'Palin Effect'
Days after Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain's running mate, many remarked on Tina Fey's uncanny resemblance to the VP nominee. The similarities brought the NBC sitcom star back to her former show, Saturday Night Live, to star in a series of political sketches that skewered the VP candidate and in part reversed the 'Palin Effect.' Page 4.

Women bloggers
Women bloggers came of age in 2008 with top mommy blogs like Dooce, corporate advertisers interested in the BlogHer conference, and the rise of citizen journalists. Page 10.

The Women in Eliot Spitzer's Life
In 2008, the women in Eliot Spitzer's life garnered the type of media attention no woman would want. Page 11.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi. Women's Issues. Page 7.

Wives of Unfaithful Politicians
Elizabeth Edwards. Women's Issues. Page 6.

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer of Google. Women's Issues. Page 4.

Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay
Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay. Women's Issues. Page 6.

The Mother of Reality TV -- Mary-Ellis Bunim
The Mother of Reality TV -- Mary-Ellis Bunim. Page 7.

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. Page 4.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Assault
Rihanna and Chris Brown Assault. Women's Issues. Page 5.

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle. Women's Issues. Page 10.

Impact of Sexism on Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign
The impact of sexism on Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign triggered debate on whether media bias influenced the outcome. This on top of a primary season which pitted gender against race.

The Talk - Review of Premiere Episode
Will the new CBS show 'The Talk' draw viewers away from ABC's 'The View'? A review of the show's premiere episode with guest Christie Brinkley and a discussion of when to have 'the talk' about sex with your kids.

12 Facts About Janet Napolitano - DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano
12 facts about Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, that reveal another unexpected side to the former governor of Arizona.

Virgin Cure - myths about AIDS and STDs - child rape
The Virgin Cure is the mistaken belief that having sex with a female virgin will cure AIDS and/or STDs.

Tweens, Dating and Sex - Tweens More Sexually Active Than Parents Realize
A July 2008 study of tween dating relationships and sexuality finds that tweens are more sexually active than parents realize.

Profile of Cindy McCain - Cindy McCain Biography
Profile of Cindy McCain - Cindy McCain bio.

Profile of Madelyn Payne Dunham - Bio of Barack Obama's Grandmother
Profile of Madelyn Payne Dunham, Barack Obama's grandmother

Elizabeth Blackburn Bio, Elizabeth Blackburn Profile
A short bio and profile of Elizabeth Blackburn, the 2009 Nobel prize winner in medicine.

Hyde Amendment - Text of the Hyde Amendment 2009
The complete text of the Hyde Amendment as it was passed in 2009.

Prostitution and Sex Workers - Prostitutes in the Sex Trade
Statistics, anecdotal stories, and real life accounts of prostitution and sex workers' experiences as prostitutes in the sex trade. What prostitution does to women who work in the sex trade industry, and why sex workers are at greater risk of injury, abuse, rape, and even death.

What is a crisis pregnancy center? What is a pregnancy resource center?
An explanation of what crisis pregnancy centers and pregnancy resource centers offer, along with the findings of the Waxman Report, a government investigation into these centers, many of which receive federal funding.

What is Title X
Description of the federal program known as Title X which supports comprehensive family planning by provided funding to community based clinics offering contraception, information and counseling.

What is the Healthy Families Act? How does the Healthy Families Act benefit women?
The Healthy Families Act is a bill introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro which provides up to seven days of paid sick leave to employees in businesses employing 15 or more people.

Obama's Position on Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Obama's position on preventing teen pregnancy

Title IX - What is Title IX?
A description of Title IX which changed the face of women's sports.

What is pelvic inflammatory disease?
What is pelvic inflammatory disease? How does it relate to sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and can it affect a woman's ability to become pregnant?

What is Sadie Hawkins Day? Is It the Same Day as Leap Day February 29?
Is Sadie Hawkins Day a real day, and is it the same day as Leap Day, February 29? How did it start, and why do women ask men out or propose marriage on Sadie Hawkins Day?

About Abortion - Thinking About Abortion - Making the Abortion Decision - Choosing Abortion
You're thinking about having an abortion and you've got questions about abortion and the abortion process. Having an abortion requires a great deal of advance planning, and this list of six items to consider can help with the decision-making and the process of choosing a legitimate health care provider who offers abortion services.

Pregnancy Pact - Was There a Pregnancy Pact in Gloucester, MA?
Did a pregnancy pact exist between high school girls in Gloucester, Massachusetts?

Cougar - What's Behind the Cougar Image?
Why has the cougar image come to represent every woman over 40 who dates a younger man? Is it a stereotype or an accurate description of a new lifestyle trend? Here are several perspectives on the cougar phenomenon.

Jobs for Women - Best Jobs, Top Paying Jobs, Jobs Employing More Women, Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men
What are the best jobs for women available? A look at the careers that employ the most women, the occupations that have the largest percentage of women, the top paying jobs for women, jobs where women earn more than men, and more. Plus factors that can have a positive or negative influence on her job and career.

Abortion Clinics - Links to Abortion Clinics Online
A list of websites that provide an online directory of abortion clinics that offer abortion services or referrals to abortion providers including links and phone numbers.

Lee, Ling - Journalists Lee, Ling Captured Then Pardoned by North Korea
A nearly five-month ordeal for journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling captured in North Korea ended when former president Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il, who pardoned and released the two women.

Female Blogs - Looking for the Best Blogs Written from a Female Perspective
Women who blog are often thrust into categories -- mommy blogger, feminist blogger, geek girl blogger. But any blog written from a female perspective frequently offers thoughtful viewpoints not heard in mainstream media. Add your blog to this list or find new blogs to read...or send your favorite female blogger here to share her blog.

Hyde Amendment - What is the Hyde Amendment?
A description of the 1976 Hyde Amendment restricting federal funding for abortions, and its impact on abortion today.

What is V-Day?
What is V-Day? Learn the meaning of V-Day and why it's associated with

Candidate Clinton: Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign
A look at some of the events of Hillary Clinton's 2008 bid to be the first female President of the United States.