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Free Woodworking Plans for Your Kitchen
Build these kitchen woodworking plans and projects, including a maple bread tray, hardwood cutting board, a pair of wine racks and a plastic shopping bag saver. These kitchen woodworking projects are fun to build and not show off your skills as a woodworker, plus they are very practical in the kitchen.

Free Woodworking Plans for Outdoor Projects
Looking for free woodworking plans for building projects for your backyard, patio or deck? Check out these outdoor woodworking plans, including an Adirondack loveseat glider rocker, a set of plans to build a cornhole game board or a board to play washers and more. Each set of free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing and bill of materials.

Woodworking Plans for Your Wood Shop
Free woodworking plans designed for use in the wood shop. Build cabinets, a portable shop table, the ultimate wood sawhorses, a classic wooden toolbox, featherboards and more. Each of these sets of free woodworking plans includes drawings and step-by-step instructions so you can build these projects for use in your wood shop.

Free Woodworking Plans and Designs
Are you looking for some free woodworking plans? We've got plans for home furnishings, patio furniture, toys, cabinets, shop equipment, jigs and more. Each project includes numerous dimensioned drawings to make completing the project easier.

Woodworking Projects: How to Make Various Doors
Door-making is a common woodworking task that takes a good bit of know-how along with the right tools. Here are the basics to learning how to make doors.

Blades & Bits for Your Woodworking Tools
Even the best woodworking tools are only as good as their blades or bits. In this category, learn the types of blades & bits necessary to cut, router or drill as necessary, plus ways to keep those implements in their best working condition.

Woodworking Safety - Using Woodworking Tools Safely
Woodworking can be a dangerous hobby, particularly when using power tools. However, by following some basic, common sense rules, you can protect yourself from injuries when using any woodworking tools.

How to Install a Stacked Dado Blade on a Table Saw
A stacked dado blade set is ideal for cutting dadoes and rabbets, but it must be installed properly. Here are the steps to installing the set correctly.

Plywood is the most common of all man-made wood materials. Learn when to use plywood, and how to select the right sheet of plywood for your project.

Sheet Goods Used in Fine Woodworking Projects
Plywood, medium density fiberboard and particle board are various types of sheet goods used in woodworking. Do you know the difference between them?

About Woodworking - Tips for a Perfect Finish
The difference between an average piece and a beautiful piece of woodwork is the finish. There are many different types of finishes to choose from. Learn finishing tips for putting a beautiful final touch on your handiwork.

Wood Sanding Techniques
When learning how to sand wood, most woodworkers discover that it is a tedious task, but one that is vital to the quality of a woodworking project. Here are tips to learn wood sanding techniques for how to sand wood easier, faster, and most importantly, for making a beautifully smooth woodworking project that is ready for your choice of finishes.

Topcoat Choices for Finishing Woodworking Projects
Protecting a stained finish with a durable topcoat can be the difference between a good and a great woodworking project. Here are some good choices.

Woodworking Joinery: Half Blind Dovetails
There are times when a half blind dovetail joint is the best joinery choice. Here's when to use and how to build a quality half blind dovetail joint.

Popular Species of Wood for Woodworking
There are many species of wood that are commonly used in woodworking. Here are descriptions of some of the most popular woods.

Identifying Plywood Sizes and Types
Buying plywood can be a bit confusing, particularly because the measured sizes don't match the common name for the product. Here's why.

The Use Particle Board in Your Woodworking Projects
Particle board is cheap, lightweight and stable. But should you use particle board in your fine woodworking projects? Here is the answer.

Plywood Grades and Bonding Types - Woodworking Tips
There are many different plywood grades on the market, from marine to exterior and AA to CDX. Here are woodworking tips on when to use each grade.

How to Build Cabinets and Doors
Learning how to build cabinets and the matching doors is one of the most popular tasks in woodworking. Here are sets of plans for cabinets and doors.

Selecting the Proper Saw Blade for Your Woodworking Project
The secret to getting a great cut with a circular saw is knowing the differences in blades and choosing the right blade for the cut you need to make.

Pressure Treated Wood Safety - Woodworking Safety Tips
Arsenic-based pressure treated lumber has been replaced by a copper-based formula. Is this new formula better and safer? Here are some usage tips.

Handheld Power Tools
Getting started in woodworking with power tools doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Just a few well-selected power tools are all a beginning woodworker needs to complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. Here are some handheld power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting started.

Free Woodworking Plans for Outdoor Projects
Looking for a new backyard, patio or deck woodworking project? Here are many free outdoor woodworking plans including a rocker, game board and more.

What Size Screws Do You Need for Your Project?
When designing a woodworking project, how do you determine what size and length screws should be used to join pieces of wood? Here are the answers.

Woodworking Tools - Random Orbit Sander Product Reviews
5-inch random orbit sanders are very popular. In this list of woodworking reviews, find results of our testing on these popular sander models.

Woodworking Fasteners: Nails, Brads and Tacks
Are nails useful in fine woodworking? Here are some benefits of different types of nails and when you should use them in your woodworking projects.

Hanging Cabinets With French Cleat Wedge Brackets
A French Cleat is a type of wedge bracket that can be used to mount a cabinet tightly against the wall. Here's how to incorporate a French Cleat.

Calculating Board Feet - Woodworking Tips and Techniques
When buying hardwood lumber, you'll find that the wood is sold by the board foot. How can you easily calculate board feet? Why would you want to?

Woodworking Fasteners: Working With Wood Screws
Wood screws are strong, hold well, plus they are versatile and easy to use. Do you know what types are best to use in your woodworking projects?

Jigsaws and Sabre Saws: What Is the Difference?
Learn the common explanations of both tools, when you should use a sabre saw as opposed to a jigsaw, and other woodworking tool tips.

Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish - DIY Woodworking
Lacquer finishes have been used for many years, as they are durable, clear and dry quickly and can be hand-rubbed to an amazingly glossy finish.

When to Use and How to Make Sliding Dovetail Joints
The sliding dovetail joint is strong, has numerous practical uses, and can be made a few different ways with a variety of woodworking tools.

Woodworking With Oak - Tips for Getting the Best Results
Building woodworking projects out of oak can be very rewarding. It can also be very frustrating. Here are some tips for woodworking with oak.

Types of Wood Species for Woodworking
Here are woodworking tips for dealing with just a few of the most popular varieties of wood used for woodworking, such as oak, maple, pine and more.

How to Use a Circular Saw - Woodworking Tool Tips
A circular saw is a modern-day necessity on a job site, but there are a number of uses for a circular saw in fine woodworking projects as well.

Using a Panel Saw for Cutting Plywood
A panel saw system can cut plywood as accurately as a table saw, without having to muscle the plywood through the table saw. Here's how to use one.

How to Match Wood Fillers With Stained Wood
Filling nail or other holes on stained woodworking projects can difficult to match the stain color with the filler color. Here are some suggestions.

How to Make a Butt Joint - Basic Woodworking Joinery
The Butt Joint is the most basic of woodworking joints, but it does require precision. Here's how to make a butt joint that is clean and functional.

Creating a Mortise and Tenon Joint - Woodworking Joinery
Variations of the mortise and tenon joints have been used for centuries. Here are some tips for making strong, tight fitting mortise and tenon joints.

Build a Zero Clearance Insert for Your Table Saw
A zero clearance insert is a replacement for the throat plate that was included with your table saw. A practical solution might be to build your own.

Woodworking with Cedar Varieties - Tips
Cedar is more weather-resistant than a many other species, making it ideally-suited for outdoor woodworking projects such as benches and window boxes.

Perfecting a Lacquer Woodworking Finish
A lacquer finish provides a durable, clear top coat that does a good job of safeguarding against water damage and protecting your stained finish.

Best Combo Router Woodworking Kits (Top 5)
A combo router won't handle every task, but they will tackle most woodworking router needs. Here are five choices, based on performance and value.

How to Use a Finish Nailer - Woodworking Tool Tips
In this woodworking tool tip, learn how to get the most out of your finish nailer, plus tips on making adjustments to the nailer when needed.

Gel Stain Finish Application on Woodwork
A gel stain woodworking finish gives you control over the depth of the color that you add. Here's how to apply and work with gel stain finishes.

Wood Joinery - Methods for Connecting Wood with Wood Joinery
Sometimes with wood joinery, the joint between two pieces of wood may depend more on how it looks than how strong it is. Quite often, a woodworker is judged by his skill in wood joinery. While there are many woodworking tools to assist in creating wood joints, a beginning woodworker should focus on mastering a few basic wood joints and continue learning his wood joinery from there.

Woodworking Tip: Wood Joints That Use No Fasteners
There are plenty of methods for joining boards together that use no nails or screws. Here are a number of options for non-metal joining of boards.

Tips for Woodworking with Classic Hardwoods
Some hardwoods are legendary, revered for their look in woodworking projects. Here are some tips for using cherry, walnut, oak, maple cedar and more.

Woodworking Tip: How to Fold and Store Band Saw Blades
A band saw blade can be easily folded into three loops to make the blade much easier to store. Follow these steps to fold and store a band saw blade.

Woodworking Machine Tools
Woodworking Machines, large power tools that are typically stationary, are the backbone of every wood shop. Learn the features and functions of woodworking machines and how you can use them to complete your woodworking projects.

Band Saw Tune Up and Calibration Tips
The band saw is the ideal woodworking machine for cutting curves in wood. Here are the steps to tune up your band saw and keeping it running properly.

How to Remove Pitch from Blades and Bits
Woodworking cutting tools are only as good as their blades or bits. Here's how to clean pitch from your blades & bits, to keep those cutters sharp.

How to Use a Jointer to Square and Flat Surfaces
A jointer is a woodworking machine designed to create a flat surface on one edge of a board. However, the jointer also excels as making a perpendicular edge square to that flat side. Learn how to properly utilize this useful power tool for your woodworking projects.

DeWalt DW618PK Fixed and Plunge Router Kit
Read an in-depth product test of the DeWalt DW618PK Fixed & Plunge Router Kit and discover the features that set this router kit apart.

Hitachi KM12VC Fixed and Plunge Router Kit Review
The Hitachi KM12VC fixed base and plunge router kit is a bit less expensive than other routers. Are there enough features to make it a decent value?

Cordless Impact Driver as a Woodworking Drilling Tool
Cordless impact drivers have taken a prominent place among cordless woodworking tools, mainly because they pack a considerable amount of power into drilling and driving tasks without transferring the impact to the user. While some might consider an impact driver to be more of a construction tool than a fine woodworking tool, there are plenty of uses for one around the woodshop. Learn how to put the power of an impact driver to use on your woodworking projects.

Pneumatic and Cordless Nailer Buying Guide
Is there a woodworking on your holiday gift list? Consider a pneumatic nailer as a present. Not sure which one to buy? This list of reviews can help!

How to Make Louvers for Doors and Window Shutters
In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build louvers into doors or window shutters, including a router jig for consistent reproduction.

Free Woodworking Plans to Make Louvered Doors or Window Shutters
The final step of these free woodworking plans for louvered doors or window shutters is sand and finish the assembly with stain or paint.

Cut the Rails, Stiles and Slats - Free Woodworking Plans - Louvers
The first step to making any set of louvers with these free woodworking plans is to cut the rails and stiles to construct the perimeter frame.

Cut the Louver Slats - How to Make Louvers - Free Woodworking Plans
To make louvers with these free woodworking plans, round over the edges of the slats using a 1/8

Cut the Mortises in the Stiles - Free Woodworking Plans for Louvers
In this step of these free woodworking plans for louvers, cut the mortises in the stiles, which will accommodate the tenons in the rails.

How to Build Louvers: Cut Tenons in the Rails - Free Woodworking Plans
In this step of these free woodworking plans, cut the corresponding tenons using a radial-arm saw or table saw with a stacked dado blade set.

Free Woodworking Plans to Make Louvers - How to Make a Louver Jig
In this step of these free woodworking plans to make louvers, learn how to build a jig for your router to make consistent 1/4

How to Make Louvers - Free Woodworking Plans - Cut the Grooves
Next in these free woodworking plans, finish the louver jig and cut the evenly-spaced, parallel grooves for the louvers with your jig and a router.

Free Woodworking Plans - How to Make Louvered Doors or Windows
In this step of these free woodworking plans for louvers, it's time for assembly. Dry-fit each of the louver slats into the grooves on the stiles.

Free Woodworking Plans to Make Louvers: Completing the Assembly
Next in these free woodworking plans, complete the assembly of the louvers and position clamps to hold the unit while the glue dries before finishing.

Woodworking Tools - Stationary and Plunge Routers
Fixed base and plunge routers are typically considered to be among the favorite power tools used by woodworkers. The main reason is probably the versatility of a router, particularly when considering the variety of edge profiles that can be applied to an edge of a board with one or more router bits. In this article, learn some features to consider when purchasing a stationary or plunge router.

Expansion and Shrinking in Woodworking Projects
Planning for expansion and shrinking in woodworking projects will help eliminate problems later. Learn tips for understanding how wood expands and shrinks, and how to prepare for it.

Boeshield Rust-Free Rust and Stain Remover
Boeshield's Rust-Free Rust and Stain Remover claims to remove rust and stains from cast iron and steel surfaces. Does it really work?

Porter-Cable 893PK Fixed Base and Plunge Base Router
The redesigned Porter-Cable 893PK Multi-Base Router Kit includes improvements such as an improved plunge base for better plunge router action.

MLCS Pins and Tails Half Blind Dovetail Jig Review
In this woodworking review, discover the value-priced MLCS Pins & Tails Half Blind Dovetail Jig used to create half-blind dovetails with your router.

MLCS Pins and Tails Through Dovetail Template Review
The MLCS Pins & Tails Through Dovetail Template is a less-expensive solution (compared to other jigs) for through dovetails. How well does it work?

AKEDA DC16 Dovetail Jig Woodworking Tool Review
The AKEDA DC16 Drawer Construction Jig is an example of engineering working to overcome deficiencies in other dovetail jigs. How well does it work?

Woodworking - Tools, Techniques and Free Tutorials
Get free woodworking tutorials for beginner to advanced woodworkers. Learn about common tools, woodworking techniques and more.

Woodworking Tip: How to Remove Odors From Wood
Wood used for woodworking projects can take on certain odors from the environment. Here are some ideas and methods for removing odors from wood.

Woodworking Power Tools: Random Orbital Sanders
Random Orbital Sanders make sanding a relatively quick chore, without creating scratches in the face of the wood. Here are some features to consider.

Wood Finishes: How to Apply a Paste Wax Wood Finish
Paste wax wood finishes have been used for centuries, but there are better protective finish choices. However, it's great for some rustic furniture.

When and When Not to Use a Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner
A pre-stain conditioner helps soft, porous woods such as pine, fir, birch and maple to absorb stain evenly, resulting in a more consistent finish.

Woodworking Tip: How to Use Biscuit Joints
Wood biscuits are small, football-shaped slices of beechwood used to join wood together. Here is a list of articles on the basics of biscuit joinery.

Woodworking Tool Tip: Make a Circular Saw Measuring Jig
With a circular saw jig and a straight edge, you can make a number of cuts accurately and quickly without a table saw. Here's how.

Wood Finishing: Hand Sanding for a Perfect Final Touch
Power sanders are perfect for most sanding tasks, but for an absolutely perfect finish, try these hand sanding tips before you apply your finish.

Heartwood or Sapwood for Your Woodworking Projects?
As a woodworker, you should understand why most experienced woodworkers will remove sapwood and use heartwood when building their projects.

Woodworking Profile of Ridgid Tools
Learn more about the company in this woodworking profile of Ridgid tools, offered at least in part in Home Depot stores. How do they compare?

Woodworking with Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), is regularly used in mass-manufactured furniture. Why not use real wood? Does MDF have a place in fine woodworking?

Choosing the Right Circular Saw for Your Woodworking
A circular saw is an extremely versatile woodworking tool, as it can be used to rip or cross-cut boards (either with a guide or simply free-hand).

Maintaining and Caring for Your Air Compressor
Does a modern air compressor need maintenance? Here are tips for how to keep this vital tool powering all of your woodworking pneumatic devices.

Wood Tip: Choosing a Sawblade by Teeth Per Inch (TPI)
Learn all of the details on how many teeth per inch (TPI) your saw blades should have for any particular cut in this quick woodworking tip.

Woodworking Tips: Finding Square Using the 3-4-5 Rule
One way to find square of an assembly, no matter how big a project, is to use the 3-4-5 rule. Learn this easy rule for your woodworking projects.

Woodworking Basics: How to Cut a Rabbet Joint
A rabbet is merely a dado cut into one piece of wood at the edge that will hold another piece of wood. Here are the basics for cutting a rabbet.

Pocket Joinery: How to Make Quick, Strong Pocket Joints
Pocket Joints are merely a screw driven through a diagonally placed hole. Learn about pocket joints and when to use them in your woodworking projects.

Woodworking Finishing Tips: How to Fix Paint Drips
Paint drips are often caused by applying to much paint. Here are some tips for fixing paint drips, even if they've dried on your woodworking projects.

Woodworking Tip: Cutting a Mortise With a Drill Press
A mortise is a rectangular hole cut to receive a tenon. Here's how to use your drill press to cut a mortise, then clean up the mortise with a chisel.

Understanding Wood Sizes - Woodworking Tips
Are you confused by the wood sizes sold at your lumberyard? Here's how to find the exact wood sizes of stock you need to complete your project.

Common Woodturning Spindle Profiles
For turning wooden spindles on a lathe, here are the most common basic profiles that can be combined to create some pretty artistic spindle designs.

Top 10 Essential Hand Woodworking Tools List
In modern woodworking, power tools have their place, but for some tasks, you need hand tools. Here are the ten essential hand tools for woodworking.

Woodworking Machines - Power Machinery for Woodworking
Woodworking machines are stationary and too large to be taken to a job site. In this article, learn all about the most common woodworking machines.

Woodworking Tips: Using Your Band Saw
Band saws are ideal for cutting curves or resawing lumber in the wood shop. In these woodworking tips, learn how to get the most out of your band saw.

Sheet Sanders - Palm Sanders for Woodworking Projects
When prepping a wood project for finishing, you have a few choices in power sanders. Here are some advantages of a sheet sander over other sanders.

Select Lumber for Your Woodworking Projects
When buying lumber, can you spot warping, cups, bows, twists, crooks, checks or splits that could affect your project? Here are some tips to follow.

Jigsaws and Sabre Saws - Versatile Woodworking Tools
With the proper blades, jigsaws can cut curves in metal, plastics and other materials. Learn the features you should look for when buying a jigsaw.

Wood Lathe - The One Machine Every Woodturner Needs
Wood Turning is a popular subset of woodworking, and all you need is a lathe and sharp hand tools to get started. Here are some lathe buying tips.

Surface Planers - Thin Your Stock Down to Size
When your boards are too thick, a surface planer can thin them down to size. Learn the functions and features to look for in a surface planer.

Which Hardwood Species Are Best for Wood Turning?
If you're an experienced wood turner, or are just learning, your chances of success are much greater if you choose the right hardwoods for turning.

Cutting the Circle - Using the Rockwell Blade Runner with a Circle Cutting Jig
With the board mounted on the pivot point, turn on the Rockwell Blade Runner and cut out the circle by easing the plywood around the pivot point.

Clamp the Jig to the Rockwell Blade Runner - Woodworking Tips - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle-Cutting Jig
With the pivot nail driven, clamp the jig to the Rockwell Blade Runner table with a pair of quick-action woodworking clamps.

Drill the Center Hole - Free Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig Plans
With the jig mounted to the Rockwell Blade Runner table, prepare the board to be mounted onto the jig for cutting.

Mount the Plywood on the Pivot - Free Plans - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig
With the pivot hole drilled in the board to receive the circle cut from the Rockwell Blade Runner, mount the board onto the pivot nail.

The Circle Cut from the Rockwell Blade Runner - How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner
After fully rotating the board around the pivot point to cut the circle on the Rockwell Blade Runner, turn off the unit and lift the board off.

How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner
The Rockwell Blade Runner is essentially part jig saw, part scroll saw. With a jig, this unique woodworking tool can be used to cut out circles.

Drive the Pivot Nail - How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig
To create a circle cutting jig for the Rockwell Blade Runner, begin by cutting the plywood down to size, then locate the spot for the pivot nail.

Getting Started in Woodworking - The Basics
Woodworking basics to get any woodworker off to a good start, including setting up your workspace, acquiring the basic tools and the skills to use them safely, shop accessories and more.

Beginner Woodworking:Getting Started With a Drill Press
The drill press is the most precise tool for drilling holes. As a beginning woodworker, read this article to learn the basics of using a drill press.

Beginner Woodworking: Getting Started With a Table Saw
The table saw is the most versatile machine in the woodshop. As a beginning woodworker, these articles will help you learn how to use your table saw.

Beginner Band Saw Tips: Getting Started with a Band Saw
If you're a beginning woodworker, do you know the basics of using a band saw? Here are some usage tips for making curved cuts safely and easily.

Beginning Woodworking: Learning How to Use a Router
Are you learning woodworking and want to get a router, but don't know where or how to start? Check out these beginner tips for using a wood router.

Choosing Proper Router Bit Speeds - Woodworking Tips
In this woodworking article, you'll find a chart with guidelines for the maximum recommended speeds for each size of router bit.

How to Reduce Router Tear-Out
Wood tear-out is a common problem when using a router bit. By understanding why a router bit can tear the wood, you can learn to reduce the problem.

Compound Miter Saws - Precise Angled Cuts Made Easy
A compound miter saw can make precision angled crosscuts easily. Here are features to look for when purchasing single-bevel or dual-bevel models.

How to Turn Hammer Handles on a Lathe
Did you know that you can turn oblong hammer handles on a lathe? If your handle breaks, cut a new hammer handle on your lathe using these simple tips.

Woodworking Workshop Lighting Tips
Your woodshop needs to have appropriate lighting, so that you can easily see what you're doing at all times. Here are some tips for lighting your shop.

Measuring Wood by Board-Foot
Hardwoods in North America are measured by board-foot. Learn how to buy the stock you'll need based on this specialized lumber measurement system.

Woodworking With Hardwood Lumber - Wood Working Materials
Woodworking with hardwood lumber is much different than using softwoods. Hardwoods react differently and are measured and sold by a different method.

Spring Clamps as Woodworking Tools
A woodworker can't have enough clamps. Even though it's one of the cheapest clamps to purchase, the basic spring clamp is invaluable in the wood shop.

How to Use a Block Plane - Woodworking Tool Tips
The block plane is among the most versatile hand woodworking tools, because it can be used to shape and clean up so many parts of woodworking projects.

How to Use a Straight Edge for Woodworking
A straight edge is essential for marking accurate lines on a woodworking project, but a good straight edge can be used for more. Here are some ideas.

Drilling Large Holes with a Hole Saw Bit
Hole saws are a common choice for drilling large diameter holes in wood. Are they the best choice? Are there any drawbacks to using a hole saw?

About Woodworking - Identifying Types of Wood
There are many varieties of stock available to woodworkers. Here, we discuss the properties of wood products available to the woodworker today.

Issues with Using Pressure Treated Lumber
Pressure treated lumber is designed to be more resistant to the elements than regular softwood lumber. Are there issues with this wood to keep in mind?

Types of Wood Glues and When to Use Them
Using a wood glue to hold a wood joint is commonplace in building a woodworking project. Do you know how to use any type of glue and when to use each one?

Using Air Filtration and Dust Masks When Woodworking
Can breathing sawdust from woodworking power tools be harmful to your health? Are some woods more toxic than others? How can you protect your lungs?

Finishing and Mounting the Cabinet
The last step of these free woodworking plans is to finish and then mount the cabinet on the wall-mounted French Cleat to attach the box to the wall.

Cutting the Rabbets for the Back of the Cabinets
Once the dadoes and rabbets have been cut to accommodate the cabinet shelves, the next step is to cut a rabbet to support the back board.

Install the Back of the Cabinet
Once the shelves of these free cabinet plans have been affixed to the shelf standards, the next step is to attach the back to the carcase.

Cover the French Cleat Cabinet Mount
The next step of this cabinet project is to cover the French Cleat wedge bracket to hide it from view when opening the cabinet doors.

Cabinetry 101: How to Build Your Own Cabinets
Learn step by step how to build cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room or garage with these free woodworking plans.

Cut the Cabinet Shelves to Size
The first step of these free cabinet plans is to cut the three shelves of the unit to size. The plans may be adapted to various cabinet sizes.

Cut the Shelf Dadoes in the Cabinet Sides
The most difficult step to building the carcase of these free cabinet plans is making the dadoes and rabbets for the shelves and back.

Assemble the Cabinet Box and Shelves
Once the shelves and shelf standards of these free cabinet plans have been cut, it is time for some assembly.

Rip and Mount the French Cleat
In this step of these free woodworking plans, you'll learn how to attach the assembled cabinet box to the wall using a French Cleat wedge bracket.

Apply Trim to the Front of the Cabinet
In this next-to-last step of these free cabinet plans, you'll learn how to apply trim the front edge of the carcase to cover up the plywood ends.

Woodshop Tip: Storing Nails, Screws and Other Fasteners
Every woodworker eventually ends up with a substantial assortment of screws, nails, brads and other mechanical fasteners. How do you organize your supply?

Should You Pull or Push Your Radial-Arm Saw?
When using your radial-arm saw, should you push or pull the saw through the wood? Which direction is safer? Learn the surprising answer in this tip.

Woodworking Manufacturer Profile of Delta Machinery
This Delta Machinery profile outlines the over 90-year history of the company, including information on the four different eras in the company's lineage.

Hearing Protection While Woodworking
An important part of woodworking safety is hearing protection when using loud power tools. Should you choose ear plugs or full coverage ear muffs?

Woodworking Tools - Torx Bits and Torx Screwdrivers
Plenty of woodworking tools use Torx screws, and if you need to do any maintenance on these woodworking tools, you'll be glad you had a set of Torx bits.

Easy Way to Check for Square - Woodworking Tips
Woodworkers need to be able to determine whether an assembly is square. This simple tip is based on Pythagorean's Theorem, and works each and every time.

Table Saw Technology: How the SawStop Blade Brake Works
SawStop has developed technology that stops the table saw within milliseconds when contact is made with the blade. How does this blade brake work?

Woodworking Jigs for Perfect Cross-Cuts and Rip Cuts
Learn how to make a crosscut and panel cutting jig, plus a rip cutting jig with these free woodworking plans with these easy-to-follow instructions.

How to Choose a Cordless Drill - Woodworking Tools
With improved battery life and torque, cordless drills are a viable option for nearly all hand held drilling tasks. Here are the features to look for.

Choosing a Portable Wood Shop Vacuum
What should you do if you don't have the room or the budget for a central dust collection system? Consider a portable wood shop vacuum.

About Woodworking - Review of Wood Magazine
Wood Magazine, from the publishers of Better Homes and Gardens, is a periodical resource for beginning woodworkers. Here is our review.

About Woodworking - Book Review of Understanding Wood
Understanding Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley is a must have for any woodworker who wants to know why wood behaves as it does. Learn more in this review.

Paslode T250A-F16 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Review
The Paslode T250A-F16 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer is a lightweight but durable finish nailer using 16-gauge angled finish nails to help avoid splitting.

Gorilla Wood Glue - Woodworking Review
Gorilla Wood Glue is a high-quality adhesive designed for indoor or outdoor woodworking and carpentry projects.

Porter-Cable 343VSK Random Orbit Sander Review
Porter-Cable built the 343VSK random orbital sander to sand quickly and gave it a very good dust collection system. Just how good is this sander?

Review of the Festool OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router
The Festool OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router is loaded with innovative features that make it well worth investigating when you need a plunge router.

Woodworking Review of Irwin WeldTec Self Feed Drill Bits
The Irwin WeldTec Self Feed Drill Bits come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-inch to 4-5/8 inches in diameter and chew through wood, nails, and more!

Irwin 48-inch Parallel Jaw Box Clamp
The Irwin 48-inch Parallel Jaw Box Clamp is a strong I-beam style bar clamp, but is it any better than using a pipe clamp on a woodworking glue-up?

Lenox Gold Power Arc Curved Reciprocating Saw Blades
Lenox Gold Power Arc Curved Reciprocating Saw Blades have a curved design and titanium coating to dissipate heat. Do they cut better than straight blades?

Irwin 19-Piece Drill/Drive Set Review
The Irwin 19-Piece Drill/Drive Set is a kit with 14 driver bits, four tapered drill bits with counterbores and a depth stop. Are they worth your money?

Irwin FK Series Utility Knives
The Irwin FK Series of Utility Knives may not seem like classic woodworking tools, but there are plenty of uses for these knives in the woodshop.

Bosch Colt Variable Speed Palm Router Kit Review
In the Bosch Colt Variable Speed Palm Router Kit, Bosch engineers have devised a lightweight fixedase router that is truly a joy to use.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool (Review)
The Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating Tool is a 72-piece multitool that can cut, sand, scrape and polish wood, plastic, brick, concrete, metal and more.

Bosch T308B Jigsaw Blades Woodworking Review
It's hard to get excited about jigsaw blades, but frankly, the Bosch T308B jigsaw blades are the best blades I've ever used. A terrific jigsaw blade.

Ryobi JM82 Biscuit Joiner Review
The biscuit joiner has one job: to cut biscuit slots, and the Ryobi JM82 Biscuit Joiner does a good job for a value-priced tool. Here you can read more.

Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review
The Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool is a variable speed rotary tool with a quick collet, along with 30 accessories. How does it compare to other Dremel tools?

Keller Dovetail System (Model 1601) Tool Review
The Keller Dovetail System was the first dovetail jig system to be patented and manufactured for making repeatable, consistent dovetails using a router.

Rockwell Jawhorse SheetMaster Review
The Rockwell Jawhorse SheetMaster is a three-legged sawhorse with an amazing 1-ton clamping capacity. Learn about it in this woodworking tool review.

Dremel MM20 Multi-Max Oscillating Power Tool Review
In this woodworking tool review, learn about the Dremel MM20 Multi-Max Oscillating Power Tool, which is Dremel's version of the popular multitool.

Bosch MRC23EVS Router Kit - Woodworking Tool Reviews
The Bosch MRC23EVS Router Kit is the replacement for the vaunted 1617EVS. Was it worth the wait and the hype? Does it really live up to the billing?

Porter-Cable PC250MT 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Review
The Porter-Cable PC250MT 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool is Porter-Cable's entry into the multitool market. Is there anything that sets it apart?

DeWalt DWD220 Power Drill Review
The DeWalt DWD220 Heavy Duty 1/2-inch Drill is a powerful keyed chuck electric power drill with a stout 10.5 amp motor. How durable is it?

Review of Porter-Cable PCL120DD Cordless Drill/Driver
The Porter-Cable PCL120DD 12v Max Cordless Drill/Driver is a lightweight combo drill and driver with a 3/8-inch keyless chuck and adjustable clutch.

Woodworking Review of Ridgid JobMax Cordless Multitool
The Ridgid JobMax Multitool is a 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery-powered multitool. Does it have enough power to make it worth your money?

Woodworking Tool Review of Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver
The Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver is a compact 12-volt driver weighing just 1.8 pounds, but can it drive three-inch deck screws with relative ease?

Review of Bosch PS41 12v Max Lithium Ion Impact Driver
With the Bosch PS41 12v Max Impact Driver has 930 inch-pounds of torque, but it measures less than 5-1/2 inches in length and weighs about 2-1/8 pounds.

Woodworking Review of Bosch ROS20VSK Sander
The Bosch ROS20VSK Random Orbit Sander has been redesigned, with a 2.5 amp motor for finishing with less vibration. Does it work as well as expected?

Woodworking Review of Micro-Jig GRR-Ripper Push Block
Push blocks and push sticks help with table saw safety, but they have inherent problems that the Micro-Jig GRR-Ripper Push Block tries to address.

Hitachi SV13YA Random Orbit Sander Review
Learn the features, advantages and drawbacks of this power tool in the About Woodworking Hitachi SV13YA Random Orbit Sander Review.

Woodworking Review: Gator Finishing 5-inch Sanding Discs
In this woodworking review, learn about using Gator Finishing 5-inch sanding discs with your random orbit sander to sand your woodworking projects.

Ridgid R3030 One-Handed Fuego Reciprocating Saw Review
The Ridgid R3030 One-Handed Fuego Reciprocating Saw was designed for those who need a reciprocating for use in tight quarters. How well does it work?

Woodworking Review of Delta Premium Saw Blades
While redesigning the Delta Unisaw, the engineers at Delta knew they needed a premium saw blade to match. Delta ended up with over 40 blade models.

Woodworking Review of the Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench
The portable, sturdy Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench is perfect for the job site: strong, durable and heavy-duty, but how easy is it to set up and use?

Woodworking Review of the Bosch BNS200-18 Brad Nailer
The Bosch BNS200-18 Brad Nailer is a well-balanced 18-gauge finish nailer loaded with features such as sequential and bump firing modes. Is it durable?

Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill Driver - Woodworking Review of Porter Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill
The Porter-Cable PC180DK-2 Cordless Drill Driver is NiCad-powered cordless drill. How does it compare in power and price to its Lithium-Ion powered cousin?

Boeshield T-9 Rust and Corrosion Protection
Boeshield T-9 Rust and Corrosion Protection is perfect for preventing rust and lubricating saw tables. Boeshield T-9 contains no silicone or teflon, so it will protect and lubricate your table saw, band saw and other saw tables without leaving behind any finish-damaging residue on your wood stock. Learn the advantages of Boeshield T-9 in this woodworking review.

Bosch 1617EVS Fixed Base and Plunge Router Kit - Review
This tool is a solid choice for the woodworker who needs versatility in a plunge and fixed base router, despite some suggested improvements.

SawStop CNS175 Contractor Table Saw Review
A few years ago, SawStop released their patented safety technology on a cabinet saw. Will it work just as effectively on a contractor saw? Find out here.

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Mini Circular Saw - Review
The Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Mini Circular Saw with Laser is a 3-3/8 inch mini circular saw for precise, small cutting tasks. How well does it work?

Woodworking Review - Bosch GCM12SD Sliding Miter Saw
Sliding miter saws have been around for years. The Bosch GCM12SD Sliding Miter Saw has attempted to change the rules. Do their changes work?

Delta 46-460 Midi Lathe Woodworking Tool Review
Learn the advantages of the Delta 46-460 Midi Lathe in this Woodworking Review, including a discussion of the optional extension and base.

Gator Micro-Zip Sanding Tool - Review of the Gator Micro-Zip Multi-Surface Sanding Tool
The Gator Micro-Zip Multi-Surface Sanding Tool is a handy little device for sanding small surfaces and detail sanding, in 80, 120 and 220 grits.

Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw - Woodworking Tool Reviews
The Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw has useful features that give it an advantage over standard recip saws. Learn those features in this tool review.

Porter-Cable PCL180CDK-2 18v 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review
The Porter-Cable PCL180CDK-2 18v 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver is the latest in the PCL180 series, lighter, more powerful, better balanced than ever.

Paslode Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Review
The Paslode Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer frees you from the tether of an air compressor. Learn the benefits of this nailer in this review.

Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander Review
The Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander is a 5-inch palm sander with a 3.0 amp, variable speed motor. Does the surprisingly low price belie a quality tool?

Rockwell 3rill 3in1 Drill/Driver/Impact Driver Review
The Rockwell 3rill 3in1 Cordless Drill/Driver/Impact Driver RK2515K2 is a 12-volt Lithium Ion battery powered combo unit. How well does it work?

O'Keeffe's Working Hands - O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet
O'Keeffe's Working Hands and O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet are designed for people who are rough on their hands and feet. How well do they work?

DeWalt DCF610 Cordless Screwdriver Review
The DeWalt DCF610 Cordless Screwdriver is a lightweight yet surprisingly powerful cordless screwdriver strong enough to drive 3-inch deck screws with ease.

Ridgid 18 Volt Combo - Woodworking Tool Review
The Ridgid 18 Volt Combo contains a drill-driver, impact driver, portable radio, batteries and charger. Read our review of this 18 volt combo kit.

Delta 18-900L Drill Press With Lasers Review
The Delta 18-900L Drill Press with Lasers is a vast improvement over basic drill presses, with a work light and a cross-laser for drilling accuracy.

Ridgid MobilAir Tri-Stack Air Compressor Review
The Ridgid MobilAir Tri-Stack Air Compressor (Model OF50150TS) is a triple-tank compressor with a pair of functioning options. How will it work on the job?

DeWalt D26453K Random Orbit Sander Review
The DeWalt D26453 Random Orbit Sander is a 5-inch (8-hole) random orbital sander with a 3.0 amp variable speed motor (7000-12,000 rpm). Is it a good value?

Bosch JS5 Orbital Jigsaw Review
The Bosch JS5 Jigsaw is a top-of-the-line jigsaw, with orbital cutting action, a variable speed motor, and a single-handed jigsaw blade change mechanism.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review
The Milwaukee 6955-20 sliding dual bevel miter saw is a very sturdy woodworking machine in the tradition of Milwaukee tools. Is it a good value?

Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander - Woodworking Reviews
Learn the advantages and drawbacks of this versatile oscillating spindle sander in this woodworking tool review with extra links for more information.

Delta UNISAW - Woodworking Tool Review
Since its 1930's release, the Delta UNISAW has been an innovative leader in table saws. Learn more about the saw in this review of the new revamped saw.

Porter-Cable 4212 Dovetail Jig Review
This dovetail jig is well-built and relatively easy to use for cutting. Learn the features and functions of the Porter-Cable 4212 Dovetail Jig.

Grip-Rite GRTBN200 Brad Nailer - Woodworking Reviews
The Grip-Rite GRTBN200 Brad Nailer is an 18 gauge pneumatic brad nailer that is well-balanced, lightweight and is easy to clear in the event of a jam.

Woodworking Review of Duofast DFS350S Framing Nailer
The Duofast DF350S Framing Nailer is a lightweight, durable framing nailer with a powerful motor and features that set it apart from other framing nailers.

Porter-Cable 450PK Compact Fixed/Plunge Combo Router
The Porter-Cable 450PK Compact Fixed/Plunge Combo Router Kit, built with the same quality as their larger routers, is ideal for trimming tasks.

Porter-Cable 560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System
This Porter-Cable 560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System Review covers how to use the jig for cutting repeatable pocket holes in different wood sizes.

Freud D12100X Diablo Ultra Finish Saw Blade Review
Woodworking Review of the Freud D12100X Diablo Ultra Finish 12-Inch 100-Tooth Saw Blade with a laser cut ultra-thin kerf design for your miter saw or table saw

Ryobi 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer
The Ryobi 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer with AirStrike Technology uses a 18-volt battery to power the nailer - no cartridges or air compressor needed.

Dremel 300 Series High-Speed Rotary Tool Review
The Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool is a lot more than just a woodworking tool, with a kit with 55 different accessories. Is this tool worth your money?

Review - Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill / Driver
The Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver is an impressive cordless drill. How does it compare to other cordless drills models?

Woodworking Review of 3M Fuel X2P Safety Glasses
The 3M Fuel X2P Safety Glasses have a grooved temple design and two-tone frame for stylish good looks. Can you really have safety and style?

Milwaukee 5616-24 Router Kit Review
The Milwaukee 5616-24 Router Kit is equipped with a 2-1/4 HP heavy-duty motor and includes a fixed base and plunge base. Is it a good tool value?

Woodworking Review of Bosch PB360S Power Box
The Bosch PB360S Power Box is a power center with four AC outlets, a single DC outlet and a crystal-clear 360-degree sound system with subwoofer.

Irwin Marples 1769179 3-piece Woodworking Chisel Set
The Irwin Marples 1769719 3-Piece Woodworking Chisel Set includes a 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch bevel-edged woodworking chisel. Is this set a good value?

Tool Reviews: Hitachi DS18DBL Cordless Driver Drill
The Hitachi DS18DBL Cordless Driver Drill has an 8-speed brush-less motor capable of drilling in wood, metal or almost any other material.

Woodworking Clamp Reviews
There are a number of styles and sizes of woodworking clamps that can be used to hold the parts of a woodworking project in place while you work. After you read the reviews of each of these woodworking clamps, click on the Compare Prices link to find the best prices on the web.

Woodworking Review of Gorilla Glue Epoxy
Gorilla Glue Epoxy is a two-part epoxy that can fill voids and bond rough or uneven surfaces, sets in five minutes and be weight bearing with 24 hours.

Woodworking Review of Ridgid R7111 1/2-inch Drill
The Ridgid R7111 is a solidly-built heavy-duty 1/2-inch electric drill with an adjustable side handle, variable speed trigger and keyed 1/2-inch chuck

Woodworking Review of Gator Zip Sand-Block Sanding Sponges
The Gator Zip Sand-Block Sanding Sponges have nine different grits, as convenient as they are useful. Does the sandpaper holds up well to tough sanding?

Woodworking Tools - Irwin Quick Grip Clamp Review
If woodworkers can never have enough clamps, one handy addition to the cache might be the Irwin Quick Grip Woodworking Clamps. Are they easy to use?

Woodworking Review of the Delta 50-257 Mobile Base
The Delta 50-257 Mobile Base is allows one person to easily raise and move the 52-inch Delta Unisaw around the woodshop. How well does it work?

Grizzly Model T10010 Wet Grinder Review - Sharpen Your Tools with the Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder
Learn the features and advantages of the Grizzly Wet Grinder for sharpening your chisels, planes, knives and other woodworking tools in this review.

Woodworking Tool Review of Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit
The Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit is one single bit that can drive three popular non-standard screw head types: Phillips, Square-drive and combination head.

Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Woodworking Review
The Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool is a step above previous models. With separate on/off switch from the variable speed control, is this the best Dremel yet?

Woodworking Tool Review of the Alpha-Clamp
The Alpha-Clamp by the Lowell Thomas Tool company from Bozeman, MT, is about as versatile of a bar clamp as I've ever used. Are there any drawbacks?

Book Review: Woodchuckles-Steven Spiro and Dave Sanders
Woodchuckles, written and illustrated by Steven Spiro and Dave Sanders, is a book of cartoons for woodworkers and those who love us. Great gift idea!

Woodworking Review of Bosch NailKiller Drill Bits
If you've ever ruined an auger bit by hitting a nail, you'll love this Bosch NailKiller line of drill bits designed to chew through hidden nails.

Rockwell Blade Runner RK7320 Cutting Machine Review
The Rockwell Blade Runner RK7320 is called The Ultimate Cutting Machine, as it can cut wood, ceramic tile, PVC, and metal. How well does it work?

Attach the Hinges to the Barn Door - Woodworking Plans
With the basic woodworking on the bottom half of the barn door complete, attach strap-style barn hinges capable of holding at least 75 pounds each.

Free Woodworking Plans for How to Build Barn Doors
In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build barn doors using a 2x6 frame, with X-style trim and traditional barn-style Dutch-doors.

Free Woodworking Plans: Attaching Trim to the the Barn Doors
The next step in these barn door plans is to attach the 2x4 trim that was ripped on the table saw and mitered earlier in these free woodworking plans.

Attaching the 1x2 Trim to the Barn Doors - Free Barn Door Plans
To complete the woodworking on these free barn door plans, attach a traditional decorative X on each door using 1x2 trim with mitered corners.

Free Barn Door Plans - Attaching the Remaining Trim
The next step in these free barn door plans is to cut and attach the remaining X trim pieces using a compound miter saw and attach the boards.

Installation: Free Woodworking Plans for Barn Doors
With the hinges attached to the barn door, the final step to building the bottom half of the barn doors is to install the door & the remaining 1x4 trim.

Finish the Barn Doors - Free Woodworking Plans
To complete these free woodworking plans for a set of barn doors, apply an eco-friendly finish in case animals nibble at the doors.

Cutting the Barn Door Frame - Free Woodworking Plans
To begin building these barn doors, the first step is to cut the bevel on the top rail for the bottom barn door, and the bottom rail for the top door.

Free Woodworking Plans for Barn Doors
With the rails and stiles for the barn door frame cut, the next step of these free woodworking plans for barn doors is align the frame & check for square.

Free Barn Door Plans - Connecting the Barn Door Frame
With the rails and stiles cut and clamped into place, the next step to building a barn door frame is to toenail the frame with long wood screws.

Attaching the Barn Door Cross-Member - Woodworking Plans
With the rails and stiles of the barn door in place, the next step of these free woodworking plans is to add a diagonal 2x6 frame member for strength.

Free Barn Door Plans - Cutting the Siding for the Barn Doors
The next step to building these free barn door plans is to cut the T-111 siding with a circular saw and attach it to the frame using a pneumatic stapler.

Attach the T-111 Siding to the Barn Doors - Free Woodworking Plans
The next step of these free woodworking plans to build barn doors is to attach the T-111 siding to the barn door frame centered on the frame.

Free Woodworking Plans for Barn Doors - Rip the Barn Door Edge Trim
The next step of these free woodworking plans is to begin to trim out the doors, and protect the edges of the T-111 siding.

Miter the 2x4 Barn Door Trim - Free Woodworking Plans
With the four edges of the barn door trim ripped in the previous step of these free woodworking plans, next attach that trim with a pneumatic nailer.

Woodworking Accessories - Reviews of Woodworking Accessories
Woodworking has been assisted over the years by the innovation of numerous woodworking accessories that make creating woodworking projects easier, safer and more accurate. In this section, we test and review a number of woodworking accessories available on the market.

Handheld Power Tools
Getting started in woodworking doesn't have to be overly expensive. Just a few well-selected power tools are all a beginning woodworker needs to complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. Here are some handheld power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting started.

Reviews of Blades & Bits
Even the best woodworking tools are only as good as their blades or bits. In this category, read reviews of blades & bits used to cut, router or drill as necessary, plus ways to keep those implements in their best working condition.

Woodworking Safety Equipment
There are a few varieties of woodworking safety equipment that every woodworker should put to use whenever possible. By making woodworking safety a habit, and you'll be much less likely to encounter a problem when woodworking. Try these pieces of safety equipment to help reduce the chance of injury in your woodshop.

Woodworking Accessories to Help Around the Woodshop
Everyone needs an extra set of hands sometimes. Well, accessories in the woodshop can seem like an extra set of hands. Here are some of my favorites.

Pneumatic Woodworking Tools
For today's woodworker, pneumatic nailers and staplers have become as commonplace as the saw and hammer. In these articles, we discuss different types of pneumatic woodworking tools and air compressors.

Which Pneumatic Nailer is Best for Any Given Task?
Do you know what type of pneumatic nailer is the best choice for any given woodworking task? This article will help to answer your questions.

Woodworking Topics: All About Lumber
One of the first steps to building a woodworking project is to determine what species of wood to use. In this list, learn about different types of lumber.

Which Power Sander is Best for Any Given Task?
Do you know what type of power sander to use for any woodworking application? In this article, learn the types of sanders and when to use each one.

Woodworking Terminology: What is Quarter-Sawn Lumber?
Quarter-sawn lumber is a popular milling method, particularly in oak or maple, where look of the grain of the wood is affected by the cutting method.

Find the Right Air Compressor for Your Tools
In order to power most pneumatic tools appropriately, a woodworker needs to have the proper air compressor. Here's what to look for when buying one.

Work Safely with Your Compound Miter Saw
The most common injuries with using a compound miter saw are to the eyes and hands. With these safety rules, you can greatly reduce your chance of injury.

Give a Woodworking Gift for Any Occasion
If your someone on your gift list is a woodworker, here are woodworking gift ideas ranging anywhere from under $50 to over $500.

Woodworking Clamp Reviews from Various Manufacturers
Woodworking clamps are available in a number of sizes depending on your needs. Each review has a Compare Prices link to find the best prices on the web.

How to Match Paint Colors to Print Colors
Print colors use a few different schemas to quantify the exact color. Is it possible to translate any of these schemas directly into a matching paint color?

Jet Tools - Woodworking Profiles of Manufacturers
Jet Tools builds woodworking machines and tools, launching their line in the early 1980's. Learn more about the company in this manufacturer profile.

Chisels - Essential Woodworking Tools
There are many types of chisels, so there is a proper chisel for the every task. Learn the different types of chisels, and how to use them.

Cutting Square Holes with a Hollow-Chisel Mortiser
A mortise can be cut using a power drill and a sharp chisel, but when you have a lot of mortises to cut, a Hollow-Chisel mortiser can be a real time saver.

Woodworking Review of Bosch 1274DVS Belt Sander
The Bosch 1274DVS Belt Sander is a well-built, sturdy variable-speed belt sander with numerous accessories available including a clamp and sanding frame.

Woodworking Reviews of the Best Woodworking Tools of 2010
Every year, a bevy of new products are introduced to the market. Here are some of my thoughts on the best woodworking tools of 2010.

Woodworking Tool Review of Kreg K3 Pocket Joint Jig
The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System has simplified pocket joinery. Learn the features of the Kreg Jig K3 Pocket Hole System to make pocket joinery simple.

Cut the Grooves in the Boards - Maple Cutting Board
The first step in building this hardwood cutting board is to cut the groove for the tongue-and-groove joints. Use a table saw with a stacked dado blade set for 1/4

Plans for Building Table Saw Jointer Jig
The jointer is a very useful woodworking machine for straightening boards. Don't have a jointer? Try a table saw jointer jig. In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build a table saw jointer jig that will allow you to straighten the edges of various sizes of boards with only your table saw.

Using a Bench Grinder for Sharpening Woodworking Tools
You may not think of a bench grinder as a woodworking tool, but it can be used to keep your cutting tools sharp. Here's how!

Woodworking Tool Manufacturers - Profiles of Woodworking Tool Manufacturers
A series of profiles of woodworking tool manufacturers and includes information such as the history of the company, innovations and the types of woodworking tools offered.

Manufacturer Profile of Hitachi Power Tools
Hitachi USA is a manufacturer of a wide line of power tools for woodworking and many other uses. Here is a brief history of the company and their line.

Hitachi Tool Reviews on About Woodworking
Hitachi has been making electric drills and other woodworking tools since 1948. Here are some of their products as reviewed on About Woodworking.

Woodworking Reviews of Ryobi Tools
Ryobi Tools manufactures a value-priced line of woodworking tools. Here are some reviews of Ryobi tools on About Woodworking, to help you find the right tool.

Woodworking Reviews of Ridgid Tools
Ridgid Tools make a variety of woodworking tools for various tasks in the woodshop. Here are a series of Ridgid Tool reviews on About Woodworking.

Gator Sanding Woodworking Accessory Reviews
Gator sanding tools are a line of abrasive products from Ali Industries. These products are designed to make hand sanding easier. How well do they work?

Rockwell Tool Reviews on About Woodworking
Rockwell manufactures a variety of innovative power tools. Here are a few that have been reviewed on About Woodworking. Are they worth your money?

Woodworking Reviews of Craftsman Tools (Sears)
Craftsman Tools, a division of Sears, has been offering power tools for nearly a century. Here are some Craftsmen tools reviewed on About Woodworking.

Woodworking Reviews of Milwaukee Power Tools
Milwaukee Tools are known for making heavy-duty power tools. In these About Woodworking reviews, learn about some Milwaukee tools tested in our shop.

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How to Address Woodworking Problems
Knots, cracks, shrinking & expanding stock and blemishes are just a few of the problems a woodworker may have to deal with. Learn some easy-to-follow tips for avoiding problems before they occur, or address them after they have occurred.

Woodworking Tool Tips
When working with power tools in the woodshop, problems can occur for a variety of reasons. In these woodworking tool tips, look for specific tips on dealing with individual power tools and how to address them safely and quickly.

Review of the Festool CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor
The Festool CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor is a step above any normal shop vacuum. Learn the features that sets this cleaning tool apart from others

PSI Woodworking Portable Panel Saw System PPS-2 Review
Read about this test of the PSI Woodworking Portable Panel Saw System PPS-2 where you can turn a circular saw into a precise panel saw. Is it a good value?

Woodworking Review of the Katie Jig Dovetail Jig System
The Katie Jig differs from many dovetail jigs that require use of a woodworking vise. It also has some interesting innovations that make it worth considering.

Ridgid BS1400 Band Saw - Tool Review
While the Ridgid Band Saw certainly doesn't have the horsepower for production shop work, it may be the perfect choice for the weekend woodworker.

Ridgid Fixed Base and Plunge Router Kit Review
The Ridgid R2900 Fixed Base and Plunge Router Kit is a solid, well-built basic router with some very innovative and unusual features. Is it a good value?

Craftsman Laser Trac 12-inch Compound Miter Saw Review
The Craftsman Professional Laser Trac 12-inch Compound Miter Saw is a 12-inch compound miter saw that is well-built and versatile. Is it a good value?

Freud FT1700VCEK Fixed Base and Plunge Router Kit
Our review of the Freud FT1700VCEK Fixed Base & Plunge Router Kit really revealed two separate woodworking tools. Is one better than the other?

Jet JSSG-10 Slow Speed Wet Sharpener Tool Review
Keeping your woodworking chisels, planes and gouges sharp is easy with the Jet JSSG-10 Wet Sharpener. Learn how in this woodworking tool review.

PSI Woodworking PHJIG3 Pocket Hole Jig Review
Pocket joints are easier to make with a quality pocket hole jig than by hand. In this review, learn about the PSI Woodworking PHJIG3 Pocket Hole Jig.

Porter-Cable PCL180DK-2 Cordless Drill/Driver Review
Learn about the Porter-Cable PCL180 18v 1/2-inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver, and how it measures up with the top cordless drills on the market.

CarveWright (CW001) Wood Carving Machine Review
The CarveWright Wood Carving Machine, also known as the Craftsman CompuCarve, is a compact, powerful counter-top woodcarving machine. How well does it work?

Tool Review of the Bosch SPS10 Cordless Screwdriver
The Bosch SPS10 Cordless Screwdriver is evidence that quality woodworking tools don't need to be overloaded with horsepower. Will it hold up on a job site?

Ryobi Tek4 Audio+Noise Suppression Headphones Review
The Ryobi RP4530 Tek4 Audio Plus Noise Suppression Headphones not only reduce harmful loud noises, but can enhance normal conversations. Do they work?

Craftsman Router Combo 28084 - Woodworking Tool Reviews
The Craftsman Router Combo (#320.28084) is a 2-1/4 HP, 12.5 Amp variable-speed router kit with three bases (fixed base, plunge base and D-handle).

Woodworking Review of Final Cut Circular Saw Blade
The Final Cut Saw Blade is a patented saw blade with a sanding disk attached to each side of the blade to sand as it cuts. Does it really work?

Woodworking Review of the Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN
The Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN Finish Nailer has detachable 45-degree no-mar tips for precision blind nailing into hardwood flooring. How well does it work?

How to Replace Band Saw Guide Blocks
Guide blocks and bearings are used to keep the blade in place as it rotates between the guide wheels. Changing the guide blocks is easy using these steps.

How to Replace a Band Saw Tire
Much like a car, a band saw needs tires in good shape in order to run properly. If your band saw tires need to be replaced, here's how to change them.

Endangered and Restricted Wood Species
Why are some exotic hardwoods considered endangered and restricted (and thus illegal) for woodworking? What are your available options? Here are some tips.

Tip for Cutting Precise Holes with Forstner Bits
When using a forstner bit with a hand power drill, often the bit has a tendency to walk, especially if the tip is worn. Here's a tip to solve the issue.

Methods for Squaring-Up Stock (Woodworking Techniques)
What is the best method for squaring-up stock? Should you use a jointer or table saw? Maybe both? Here are a few methods to try for squaring stock.

How to Eliminate Saw Blade Burns
Saw blade burns can be an ugly, unsightly problem on a freshly-cut piece of wood. Fortunately, this is an easy way to get rid of saw blade burns.

Handy Fraction / Decimal / Metric Conversion Chart
Here is a handy fraction to decimal to metric conversion chart for woodworkers. Print this handy conversion chart for use in your wood shop.

How to Repair a Sticky Wooden Drawer
Wooden drawers can sometimes stick with the natural expansion and contraction of the wood based on seasonal moisture content. Learn how to fix a sticky one.

Straight Router Bits Versus Spiral Router Bits
Learn the differences between straight router bits and spiral router bits, and when to use each for the best advantage in your woodworking projects.

Woodworking Reviews of Delta Power Tools
Delta Machinery has been making quality woodworking machines for years. Here are some reviews of Delta tools posted on About Woodworking.

Bosch Accessory Reviews on About Woodworking
Bosch not only makes power tools, but woodworking accessories as well. Here are a number of Bosch accessories reviewed on About Woodworking.

About Woodworking Reviews of Bosch Tools
Bosch power tools are synonymous with innovation and engineering. Here are reviews of Bosch power tools that have been posted on About Woodworking.

Woodworking Reviews of DeWalt Tools
DeWalt has built professional-grade woodworking tools for many years. Here are a number of DeWalt tools that have been reviewed on About Woodworking.

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How is Plywood Made? Learning Woodworking
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Free Woodworking Plans to Make a Hardwood Bread Tray
In this set of free woodworking plans, we detail how to build a hardwood bread tray. This is a fun woodworking project to build.

Final Hardwood Bread Tray Assembly and Finishing
Now that the cutting is completed, fully sand the pieces, assemble the entire woodworking project and begin finishing the wood.

Cut the Bread Tray Slats - Hardwood Bread Tray
The first step in this woodworking project is to cut the 1x6 to proper lengths. Then, rip the stock and cut dadoes for the base of the bread tray.

Cut Notches in Bread Tray Parts - Bread Tray Plans
The next step in building this woodworking project is to cut the notches in the slats that form the bottom of the bread tray.

Assemble the Bread Tray - Free Woodworking Plans
With all slats and struts having dadoes cut into them, its time to assemble the base of the tray. Use waterproof glue in each notch for assembly.