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Popular Species of Wood for Woodworking
There are many species of wood that are commonly used in woodworking. Here are descriptions of some of the most popular woods.

Woodworking with Ebony - Hardwoods for Wood Turning
Ebony is a jet black wood that provides an amazing contrast in segmented wood turnings, but it is rare and very expensive. Are there any good alternatives?

Woodworking with Sycamore - Hardwoods in the Woodshop
Sycamore trees are steeped in American history, but are they good stock for woodworking? Find out if this tree is good for furniture building in your shop.

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About Woodworking - Identifying Types of Wood
There are many varieties of stock available to woodworkers. Here, we discuss the properties of wood products available to the woodworker today.

Woodworking with Ash - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
While ash may be known as a hardwood commonly used for baseball bats, it is also a great furniture building stock. Learn some tips for woodworking with ash.

Woodworking with Rosewood - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Rosewood is a group of hardwoods that have a deeply reddish-brown color that is hard to find in other hardwoods. It also has a very controversial history.

Woodworking with Beech - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Beech wood is used to make beer barrels for a popular American lager, but is beech good stock for woodworking or furniture building?

Woodworking with Elm - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Elm trees were once revered for their hearty hardwood which made for very durable projects. Is elm still a viable hardwood for today's woodworker?

Woodworking with Mesquite - Building Rustic Furniture
Mesquite is a hardwood often used for flooring, but its also well suited for Southwestern-style furniture. Here are some tips for woodworking with mesquite.

Woodworking with Mahogany - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Mahogany is one of the most revered hardwoods for furniture builders because of its beauty and durability. Here are some tips for woodworking with mahogany.

Woodworking with Hickory - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Few hardwoods are as tough as hickory, but that doesn't prevent it from being beautiful wood. Here are some tips for woodworking with hickory.

Woodworking with Brazilian Ipe - Wood Qualities
Brazilian Ipe that is sold by fine wood suppliers can actually be as many as ten different, but very similar Brazilian species, all of which are sold as Ipe. Learn how to work with Ipe, what types of woodworking projects are best suited for this type of wood, and what safety precautions you should take when using Ipe.

Tips for Woodworking With Pine
Pine is one of the most common softwoods available at home centers. Pine is often though of as a construction material, but it can also be used for building fine woodworking projects. Stable pine, particularly old long-leaf pine, is quite beautiful in fine furniture. Learn tips for getting the most out of pine in your woodworking projects.

Woodworking with Bald Cypress - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Bald cypress is a weather-resistant wood used in outdoor furniture as an alternative to teak. Learn some tips for woodworking with bald cypress.

Tips for Using Poplar Wood in Woodworking Plans
Poplar wood is one of the most common types used in furniture making, boat-building and other woodworking projects because it is inexpensive wood, fairly workable, will take paint well and is moderately durable. While Poplar wood shouldn't be used for every set of woodworking plans you intend to build, it is a versatile material and can be used for a number of projects.

Woodworking With Oak - Tips for Getting the Best Results
Although there are numerous varieties of the species, one of the most revered types of wood used in woodworking is oak. Building woodworking projects out of oak can be very rewarding. It can also be very frustrating. There are a number of considerations one should remember when woodworking with oak. Learn some steps for getting the best results out of your oak woodworking projects.

Woodworking with Teak - Hardwood for Outdoor Projects
Teak is a hardwood that is commonly used for outdoor projects such as patio furniture, due to its noted weather resistance properties. Learn how to get the most out of teak when building your woodworking projects.

Woodworking with Walnut - Hardwood Properties
Walnut is a hardwood that many woodworkers love, while others avoid using it. Learn the properties that make this hardwood loved or hated for woodworking.

Tips for Woodworking, Sanding, and Finishing Cherry
Cherry, specifically American Black, is one of the most revered species used for woodworking. Learn tips for getting the most out of this favorite wood.

Woodworking with Cedar Varieties - Tips
Cedar is a type of wood that encompasses a variety of species. When woodworking with cedar, one needs to know the wood's limitations and it's strengths. Cedar is more weather-resistant than a lot of other commonly-available species, making it ideally-suited for outdoor woodworking projects such as benches and window boxes. Some species of cedar, Aromatic Red Cedar in particular, are used for lining closets. Learn the advantages of woodworking with cedar.

Woodworking with Maple Tips
Along with cherry, walnut and oak, maple is one of the most popular hardwoods for woodworking. It's tough and looks great when finished properly. Woodworking with maple can also be somewhat trying, as it can be temperamental, particularly in the finishing stage. In this article, learn some tips for woodworking with maple, to get the most out of your maple furniture projects.

Woodworking with Chestnut - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Chestnut was the hardwood of choice of American pioneers, but it is in far shorter supply in modern times. Here are some tips for woodworking with chestnut.

Woodworking with Birch - Hardwoods for Furniture Building
Birch has been used by American woodworkers for centuries, and can be used to simulate other woods. Here are some tips for woodworking with birch.


Jigsaws and Sabre Saws: What Is the Difference?
Learn the common explanations of both tools, when you should use a sabre saw as opposed to a jigsaw, and other woodworking tool tips.

Calculating Board Feet - Woodworking Tips and Techniques
When buying hardwood lumber, you'll find that the wood is sold by the board foot. How can you easily calculate board feet, and why would you want to calculate board feet when the lumberyard has already done it for you? Learn how to calculate board feet the easy way.

Finding Square Using the 3-4-5 Rule - Woodworking Tips
One of the simplest ways to finding square is to use the 3-4-5 rule, no matter whether you're creating a small project or are building a house. The 3-4-5 rule is based on the Pythagorean Theorem, but you don't need a calculator or need to do any complicated math to employ the rule. Learn how to put this easy rule into practice in your woodworking projects.

7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have
Getting started in woodworking doesn't have to be expensive. With just a few well-selected power tools, a beginning woodworker can complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. In this list, find the seven power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting started.

Top 10 Essential Hand Woodworking Tools List
In modern woodworking, power tools have their place, but for some tasks, you need hand tools. Here are the ten essential hand tools for woodworking.

Getting Started in Woodworking - Basics for Beginners
Getting started in woodworking can seem like a daunting task. From the expense of buying tools to determining the different types of wood, there is so much to learn that even the old-timers are still learning. However, learning woodworking isn't difficult. If you master the basics by following beginner woodworking tips, the rest will fall into place as you go along.

Tips for Applying Polyurethane for a Perfect Finish
When finishing a woodworking piece, a good way to protect the wood is by applying polyurethane. While available in both oil-based and water-based polyurethane versions, by applying polyurethane, you're giving your piece a durable, easy to apply finish that provides protection to your piece. Learn methods for applying polyurethane properly to ensure a smooth, beautiful polyurethane finish to your woodworking projects.

Understanding Wood Sizes - Woodworking Tips
When you visit your home center or woodworking supply house, you'll notice that stock comes in varying wood sizes using terms that may not make sense to the beginning woodworker. Learn how to find the exact wood sizes of stock you need to complete your project.

Identifying Plywood Sizes and Types
Buying plywood (and other sheet goods) at the lumber yard can be a bit confusing, particularly because the actual sizes (as measured with a tape measure) don't actually match the common name for the product. In this article, learn how plywood sizes are sold and how to discover what plywood sizes or products are best for each of your woodworking projects.

Tips for Applying Wood Stain - Woodworking Finishes
Applying wood stain onto a woodworking project should show off the woodworker's skill rather than cover any imperfections, as paint would do. Learn tips for staining your handiwork and how to get the best color and protective finish you can.

Perfecting a Lacquer Woodworking Finish
Lacquer has been used for literally thousands of years to protect woodworking projects. A lacquer finish provides a hard, durable, clear finish that does a good job of protecting against water damage. A modern lacquer finish is designed to be applied either by spraying or by brush. Learn the advantages of using a lacquer finish to protect your woodworking projects.

How to Apply a Paste Wax Wood Finish
A paste wax wood finish is a woodworking finish that has been used for centuries, but today, there are better protective finish choices. However, a great deal of rustic furniture, particularly Mexican furniture or hacienda furniture utilizes paste wax over raw, rustic wood.

How to French Polish a Woodworking Project
Back as far as the Victorian era, French Polishing has been a effective, although time-consuming method for finishing woodworking projects. While it is seldom used today, few finishes offer such a remarkably beautiful shine as a french polish. Learn how to french polish a finish, and put so you can put french polishing to the test on your next furniture set of woodworking plans.

Plywood Grades and Bonding Types - Woodworking Tips
There are many different plywood grades on the market, from marine to exterior and AA to CDX. Here are some woodworking tips on when to use each.

How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole - Woodworking Tips
One of the most problematic experiences when dealing with older wood furniture is when a screw hole becomes stripped and will no longer hold the fixture or accessory it was designed to hold. Learn how to fix a stripped screw hole using a few different simple methods for tackling this aggravating woodworking problem.

Choosing the Right Sandpaper For Your Woodworking
The finish on a woodworking project is only as good as the sanding job underneath. Choose the right grades, grit and abrasives of sandpaper for the job.

How to Build Cabinets and Doors
Learning how to build cabinets and the matching doors is one of the most popular tasks in woodworking. Many woodworkers want to learn woodworking solely for this purpose. In this series of articles, learn basic cabinetry and how you can adapt that knowledge to almost any type of cupboard. Additionally, find free woodworking plans for building a variety of doors that will fit and enhance the look.

Getting a Beautiful Woodworking Finish With Shellac
A shellac finish has been a popular choice for woodworkers since the early 1800's. Shellac is actually derived from a secretion from an insect, which, when processed and mixed with alcohol, makes an amazing finish for woodworking projects. Learn the history of shellac and how to properly apply and refinish with shellac.

How to Cut a Dado - Basic Woodworking Joints
The dado is a common woodworking joint, one particularly well-suited for building cabinets. Learn how to cut them and when to use one in your projects.

Pre-Stain Wood Conditioners - When to Use Them
When working with soft, porous woods such as pine, fir, birch and maple, stains often are absorbed unevenly. To help combat this problem, apply a pre-stain wood conditioner. Learn how this one extra step will yield much better results in your stained woodworking projects.

Advice for Removing Odors From Wood
Wood used for woodworking projects can take on certain odors from the environment. On occasion, these odors can become so embedded into the wood that the piece is no longer usable in its current state. Here are some ideas and methods for removing odors from wood.

What Size Screws Do You Need for Your Project?
When designing a woodworking project, how do you determine what size and length screws should be used to join pieces of wood? A lot depends on how the parts will be affixed. In other words, screwing into end grain is far different than inserting a screw across the grain. How do you know what size and length to use? Learn the answers in this article.

Best Combo Router Woodworking Kits (Top 5)
Combo router kits, a single 2-1/4 HP motor with both a fixed base and a plunge router base, represent a great value for budget-minded woodworkers. A combo router won't handle every task, but they will comfortably handle most woodworking projects. Learn our top five choices for the best wood router kits, based on performance and value.

Staining or Painting a Woodworking Project
After putting in all of the time to build a great woodworking project, you need a beautiful wood finish to show off your woodworking skills. A good wood finish is the difference between a good woodworking project and a beautiful woodworking project. Whether you choose to paint, stain, lacquer, shellac or French Polish your project, in this list you can find tips for great wood finishes.

Tips & Tricks for Joining Stock with Biscuit Joints
Biscuit joints are ideal for gluing boards together to make a table top. In this article, learn tips for making strong and even biscuit joints.

How to Make a Butt Joint - Basic Woodworking Joinery
The Butt Joint is the most basic of woodworking joints, but it does require precision. Here's how to make a butt joint that is clean and functional.

Pressure Treated Wood Safety (Woodworking Safety Tips)
For years, pressure-treated lumber was treated with an arsenic-based substance to help protect against moisture. In recent years, health concerns caused the United States' Environmental Protection Agency to convince lumber companies to change to a new, copper-based formula. However, is this new formula better? Learn about pressure treated wood safety using this

How Do I Know Which Band Saw to Use? (Woodworking)
A band saw can do a lot more than cut curves. In this article, learn features you should consider when choosing a band saw for your woodshop.

Box Joints - A Simple Alternative to Dovetails
Dovetail joints are beautiful and strong, but aren't always practical. Would you use dovetails when joining two pieces of plywood? Not likely. However, a box joint would work fine, and have some of the qualities of dovetails. In this article, we discuss how and when you should use box joints instead of dovetails in your woodworking projects.

Creating a Mortise & Tenon Joint - Woodworking Joinery
Variations of the mortise & tenon joints have been used for centuries. Learn tips & tricks for making strong, tight fitting mortise and tenon joints.

Best Table Saws for Woodworking & Wood Shops
Table saws are the among most versatile of all home woodworking machines. Learn how to find the best table saw for your workshop.

Half Lap Joints - Basic Woodworking Joinery
Half lap joints are easy to make with a table saw or a radial-arm saw. Simply remove half of the material from two boards and fit them together.

How to Make Shop-Built Woodworking Jigs
Some woodworking tasks can be handled easily and safely with a jig. Here's how you can make many of these woodworking jigs right in your wood shop.

Free Woodworking Plans for Furniture
Do you need a set of free woodworking plans for building a furniture project or accessories for your living room, bedroom or office? Check out this list of woodworking furniture plans, including a pair of modular coffee tables, a set of plans to build an under-window bookcase, an Adirondack loveseat glider rocker and more. Each set of free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing and bill of materials.

Woodworking Tools - Stationary & Plunge Routers
Fixed base and plunge routers are typically considered to be among the favorite power tools used by woodworkers. The main reason is probably the versatility of a router, particularly when considering the variety of edge profiles that can be applied to an edge of a board with one or more router bits. In this article, learn some features to consider when purchasing a stationary or plunge router.

Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish - DIY Woodworking
Lacquer finishes have been used by woodworkers for many years, as they are durable, clear and dry quickly and can be hand-rubbed to an amazingly glossy finish.

Selecting the Proper Saw Blade for Your Woodworking Project
The secret to getting a great cut with a circular saw is knowing the differences in blades and choosing the right blade for the cut you need to make.

How to Use a Brad Nailer - Woodworking Tool Tips
Brad nailers are similar to finish nailers, except that they use much smaller nails and are designed for very delicate work. Brads used in brad nailers are made from 18-gauge wire, and are seldom longer than 1-1/2 inches. In this article, learn how to use a brad nailer, and when this should be your choice for fastening pieces in your woodworking projects.

Getting the Most From Your Router - Woodworking Tips
With a woodworking router and a few router bits, using either the full or partial profile, you can apply hundreds of shapes to the edge of a board.

Will a Stacked Dado Blade Fit on Your Table Saw?
Many small and medium table saws have relatively short arbors onto which the blade is mounted. This can be a problem when trying to use a stacked dado blade on one of these table saws, as the arbor isn't long enough to safely accommodate the dado blade and chippers. How to you work with this limitation? Learn how to cut dadoes and rabbets when your table saw or radial arm saw has a short arbor.

How to Make Mitered Butt Joints - Woodworking Joinery
The mitered butt joint is often better than a standard butt joint for square joints, because the end grain of the two pieces of stock are hidden.

Hanging Cabinets With French Cleat Wedge Brackets
One sturdy method for hanging a cabinet on a wall is to use a French Cleat. This type of wedge bracket can be easily made using a table saw and a long piece of dimensional lumber. When properly installed, a French Cleat wedge bracket will support a considerable amount of weight and hold your cabinet tight to the wall. Learn how to build and incorporate a French Cleat in your cabinet designs.

Compound Miter Saws - Precise Angled Cuts Made Easy
A compound miter saw can make precision angled crosscuts easily. Here are features to look for when purchasing single-bevel or dual-bevel models.

How to Use Pressure-Treated Lumber in Woodworking
Pressure-treated lumber is typically dimensional lumber that has been treated with a solution to help the wood be more weather-resistant. For many years, pressure-treating used a process called wolmanizing, but in recent years, this formula has been replaced with a copper-based formulation, which has made it less toxic but more susceptible to corrosion. Learn how to use pressure treated lumber in your woodworking projects in this article.

Gel Stain Finish Application on Woodwork
When staining your fine woodworking projects, one option is to employ a gel stain. A gel stain will give you some control over the depth of the color that you add. Learn how to properly apply and work with gel stains.

Paddle Bits and Spade Bits for Drilling in Wood
Spade drill bits (also known as paddle bits) are designed for drilling large holes in wood, typically from about 3/8-inch up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. These spade drill bits are commonly used in construction by electricians and plumbers for quickly drilling holes in studs to accommodate wiring and pipes.

Router Bit Profiles - Woodworking Tools & Accessories
Woodworking routers, both fixed-base routers and plunge routers, as well as shapers are all woodworking power tools that are commonly used for applying profiles to the edge of wood. The particular profile applied to the edge of the wood is based upon the shape of the router bit installed into the router. With a single bit or a combination of two or more bits, a woodworker can apply innumerable shapes to the edge of a board. In this article, learn about the ten most versatile router bits.

Woodworking Tips and Tricks To Fix Problems
Learn some woodworking tips and tricks to help solve even the trickiest of problems. While there are literally countless ideas for solving wood working problems, here are a few of my favorite woodworking tricks that I've learned over the years. If you have a problem, perhaps one of these woodworking tips will work for you.

How to Remove Table Saw Rust - Woodworking Tool Tips
Many woodworkers live in climates with high humidity, and cast-iron table saws don't mix well with humidity. In these locales, the saw's table will rust easily. How should one go about removing the rust and then preventing its return? Learn some steps to removing the rust and keeping your table saw rust-free.

How to Sand Wood - Woodworking Tips
When learning how to sand wood, most woodworkers learn that it is a tedious task, but one that is vital to the quality of a woodworking project. In this list, learn wood sanding techniques for how to sand wood easier, faster, and most importantly, for making a beautifully smooth woodworking project that is ready for your choice of finishes.

Radial Arm Saws - Unparalleled Versatility
While the table saw is the king of the woodshop, the radial-arm saw is probably more versatile. Here's tips for using one on your projects.

The Use Particle Board in Your Woodworking Projects
Particle board is cheap, lightweight and stable. However, should you use particle board in your fine woodworking projects? In this article, learn the advantages and disadvantages of particle board, to help you decide whether you should use it to complete your woodworking plans.

Choosing a Sawblade by Teeth Per Inch (TPI)
A common question among novice woodworkers revolves around the number of teeth per inch (TPI) a saw blade should have for a particular cut. As a general rule, the more teeth per inch, the smoother the cut, but the fewer teeth per inch, the faster the cut. Learn all of the details on how many teeth per inch your blades should have for any particular cut in this woodworking tip.

What Is Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)?
Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), is regularly used in mass-manufactured furniture. In many cases, MDF has a veneer glued to its faces, making it appear to be finely grained wood. Why not use real wood? MDF is cheap, and can be built from scraps of other woods. It also contains formaldehyde, which can be hazardous to your health. Does MDF have a place in fine woodworking?

1/4" vs. 1/2" Shank Router Bits - Which are Better?
Many woodworking router kits include both a 1/4-inch or a 1/2-inch collet, allowing the same router to accommodate either 1/4 or 1/2-inch shank router bits. In many cases, the same router profiles are available in either size of shank. Which shank is better? Learn the advantages of 1/4-inch vs. 1/2-inch shank router bits on your woodworking projects.

Free Woodworking Plans for Outdoor Projects
Looking for a new backyard, patio or deck project? Here are many free outdoor woodworking plans including a rocker, game board and more.

Woodworking Fasteners: Working With Wood Screws
Wood screws are strong, hold well, plus they are versatile and easy to use. Do you know what types are best to use in your woodworking projects?

Types of Wood Joints
Without wood joints, a woodworking project would need to be carved from a single piece of wood. Learn the basics of joinery and when to use each type.

Types of Wood Joints
Without wood joints, a woodworking project would need to be carved from a single piece of wood. Learn the basics of joinery and when to use each type.

Can You Use 8-Inch Dado Blades on 10-Inch Saws?
Most stacked dado blade sets have a pair of 8-inch dado blades and a series of chippers in between, but why, when most table saws and radial-arm saws use 10-inch blades? Are there 10-inch stacked dado blades available? If not, can you use an 8-inch stacked dado blade on a 10-inch table saw or radial-arm saw? Learn the answer to this question in this woodworking quick tip.

How to Match Wood Fillers With Stained Wood
Filling nail or other holes on stained woodworking projects can be a source of frustration for woodworkers. Learn strategies for matching wood fillers with stain colors to get the best results from your woodworking plans.

Doweling as Woodworking Joinery - How-To Guide
Doweling as a method of joinery is simple: a few dowels are glued into matching holes in corresponding boards. The joint is clamped until the glue dries, which yields a strong, durable, classic woodworking joint. Learn how to incorporate doweling into your woodworking plans.

SPF Lumber - Softwoods - Spruce, Pine and Fir
Most of the dimensional softwoods sold at home centers and lumberyards today consists of a variety of spruce, pine and fir species (referred to as SPF lumber). These softwoods are great for construction purposes, but can SPF lumber be used for fine woodworking projects? Learn the answers in this woodworking article.

Woodworking Tools - Random Orbit Sander Product Reviews
5-inch random orbit sanders are probably the most popular woodworking sander on the market today. These sanders typically have swirl-less patterns to avoid scratching, dust collection to keep sawdust off of the stock, and easy hook-and-loop fasteners for connecting the disks to the sander's pad. In this list of woodworking reviews, find results of our testing on these popular sanders.

Learn the Basics of Woodturning 101
Woodturning can be a very enjoyable hobby (one that is often considered separately from fine woodworking), and if the novice focuses on developing the fundamental basics of woodturning, it can be a very safe hobby too. The same woodturning techniques used to turn spindles such as table legs, bed posts or finials can be applied to turning bowls, pens, bottle stoppers and more.

Random Orbital Sanders in Woodworking
Technological advances have made Random Orbital Sanders almost a necessity in the wood shop. The random action of the sander makes most sanding a relatively quick chore, without creating scratches from the sanding action.

How to Use a Biscuit Cutter (Plate Joiner) for Joining Boards
A biscuit cutter (also known as a plate joiner) is designed for cutting biscuit slots into pieces of stock. A biscuit is then inserted into the slots with a little glue to hold the biscuit joint securely in place. Here are some tips for using a biscuit joiner as well as some features to look for when you buy one.

Dovetail Joinery in Woodworking Projects
Of all woodworking joints, the through dovetail is one of the strongest and most attractive. Dovetail joints can be challenging to cut, but dovetailing jigs and routers have made this joint much easier to perfect. Learn the keys to a quality through dovetail joint.

Hand Sanding for a Perfect Final Touch
Power sanders are perfect for most sanding tasks, but for an absolutely perfect finish, try these hand sanding tips before you apply your finish.

Seven Free Woodworking Plans for Your Wood Shop
Download free woodworking plans for cabinets, a portable shop table, the ultimate wood sawhorses, a classic wooden toolbox, featherboards and more.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Table Saw
The table saw is the center of the modern woodworking shop. It is the most versatile tool, the one around which all of the work in the shop is centered. If there is one tool that woodworkers need to buy the best that they can afford, it is the table saw. Learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of your table saw.

How to Buy a Table Saw - Woodworking Tool Buying Tips
Do you know how to buy a table saw? What features should you make sure the table saw has before you buy it? Are there features that you may not need, and can save money by avoiding those features? Learn the ins and outs of buying a table saw in this woodworking tool buying tip.

Top 6 Kitchen Woodworking Plans and Projects - Free Woodworking Plans for Your Kitchen
Build these top 6 kitchen woodworking plans and projects, including a maple bread tray, hardwood cutting board, a pair of wine racks and a plastic shopping bag saver. These free woodworking plans show that fine woodworking isn't just about building furniture or cabinets. These kitchen woodworking projects are fun to build and not only show off your skills as a woodworker, but also are very useful in the kitchen.

Learning the Basics of Wood Turning
Learning wood turning can seem like a daunting task. Seeing experienced wood turners take a square chunk of wood and turn it into an exquisite bowl, spindle or other turning can be an inspiring and perhaps intimidating sight. Learning wood turning basics isn't difficult. Once you understand how to use your lathe safely, it only takes practice. Learn wood turning basics in these woodworking tips.

10 Woodworking Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know
There are a few simple woodworking safety rules that every woodworker should always follow. Make woodworking safety a habit, and you'll be much less likely to encounter a problem when woodworking.

Rockwell Blade Runner RK7320 Cutting Machine Review
The Rockwell Blade Runner RK7320 is marketed as The Ultimate Cutting Machine, because it can cut wood, ceramic tile, PVC, aluminum, steel and more. Think of the Rockwell Blade Runner as essentially a scroll saw that uses common T-shank jigsaw blades. The result is a very effective tool for cutting almost material you might need to cut on a construction site. Learn about the advantages and drawbacks to the Rockwell BladeRunner RK7320 in this woodworking tool review.

How to Use a Belt Sander - Woodworking Tools
A belt sander is ideal for removing substantial amounts of material quickly. Belt sanders are larger than palm sanders or random orbital sanders, and require a bit of muscle to use properly. The belts are typically much more coarsely grained than finish sanders, and can grab and pull very easily. Additionally, they can rip through skin easily, so caution is required. However, few tools are better at removing stock quickly. Here's how to safely and effectively use your belt sander.

Wood Shop Accessories Every Woodworker Should Have
While every shop should have an assortment of woodworking tools, there are many woodshop accessories that are just as useful. Here is our Top 10.

Using a Compound Miter Saw - Woodworking Tool Tips
A compound miter saw is ideal for making clean crosscuts on wood. A standard miter saw can cut any angle up to 45 degrees left or right (and sometimes a little greater of an angle), while a compound miter saw can cut the same miter angles, but also be beveled up to 45 degrees left or right while cutting the miter, hence the word compound. Learn how to get the most out of your miter saw, whether it has compound miter saw capabilities, or is just a basic miter saw.

How to Use a Jointer to Square and Flat Surfaces
A jointer is a woodworking machine designed to create a flat surface on one edge of a board. However, the jointer also excels as making a perpendicular edge square to that flat side. Learn how to properly utilize this useful power tool for your woodworking projects.

Four Methods for Covering Exposed Plywood Edges
Building with plywood? Don't leave the unsightly edges uncovered. Here are four attractive methods for dressing up the exposed plywood edges.

Expansion & Shrinking in Woodworking Projects
Planning for expansion and shrinking in woodworking projects will help eliminate problems later. Learn tips for understanding how wood expands and shrinks, and how to prepare for it.

How to Fix Paint Drips - Woodworking Finishing Tips
Paint drips are often caused by applying to much paint. Luckily, there are steps you can take to eliminate the problem. Here are some tips for fixing paint drips on your woodworking projects.

Types of Wood Species for Woodworking
There are numerous species of wood that are used for woodworking around the world. Each species has different rules for getting the most out of that particular type of wood. In this list, learn woodworking tips for dealing with just a few of the most popular varieties of wood used for woodworking, such as oak, maple, pine and more.

Boeshield T-9 Rust and Corrosion Protection - Woodworking Review of Boeshield T-9
Boeshield T-9 Rust and Corrosion Protection is perfect for preventing rust and lubricating saw tables. Boeshield T-9 contains no silicone or teflon, so it will protect and lubricate your table saw, band saw and other saw tables without leaving behind any finish-damaging residue on your wood stock. Learn the advantages of Boeshield T-9 in this woodworking review.

Forstner Drill Bits - Woodworking Accessories
Forstner drill bits produce smooth, flat-bottomed holes perfect for fitting dowels into the holes. Learn how you can use them best in your projects.

Cordless Impact Driver as a Woodworking Drilling Tool
Cordless impact drivers have taken a prominent place among cordless woodworking tools, mainly because they pack a considerable amount of power into drilling and driving tasks without transferring the impact to the user. While some might consider an impact driver to be more of a construction tool than a fine woodworking tool, there are plenty of uses for one around the woodshop. Learn how to put the power of an impact driver to use on your woodworking projects.

Woodworking Tool Review of Kreg K3 Pocket Joint Jig
The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System has simplified pocket joinery. While pocket joints have been used for many, many years in woodworking projects, the Kreg Jig is the woodworking tool that has made repeatable, consistent pocket joints affordable. Learn the features of the Kreg Jig K3 Pocket Hole System that make pocket joinery simple.The original Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System revolutionized pocket joinery. The Kreg Jig K3 Pocket Hole System takes it a step further. Sure, pocket joinery has been around for a long time, but pocket hole jigs have made it simple and repeatable, let alone affordable. Learn the features that make the Kreg K3 Pocket Hole System a breeze to use on your woodworking projects.

Types of Dovetail Joints - Woodworking Tips
Quality dovetail joints are a hallmark of fine woodworking. Learn the various types of dovetail joints, and how to create tight-fitting dovetail joinery.

Table Saw Tune-Up Tips - Woodworking Tool Tips
The table saw is the workhorse of the wood shop. However, a table saw occasionally needs to be tuned-up in order to keep it working in optimum condition. Learn how to determine whether your table saw needs to be aligned, what adjustments to make and how to make them. Once your saw is tuned, you'll see better results on your woodworking plans.

Pocket Joinery - How to Make Quick, Strong Pocket Joints
Pocket Joints are little more than a screw driven through a diagonally placed hole. While pocket joints can be difficult to create by hand, with a special pocket hole jig, they are very easy to use. Learn the benefits of pocket joinery and when to use them in your woodworking projects.

CarveWright (CW001) Wood Carving Machine Review
The CarveWright Wood Carving Machine, also known as the Craftsman CompuCarve, is a compact, powerful counter-top woodcarving machine. This impressive machine allows the woodworker to design a carving on computer, download the file to a memory card and carve the design on the machine. Learn the advantages and drawbacks of this very interesting woodworking tool, and how you can use it on your woodworking plans.

Bosch 1617EVS Fixed Base & Plunge Router Kit - Review
This tool is a solid choice for the woodworker who needs versatility in a plunge and fixed base router, despite some suggested improvements.

Using Your Woodworking Band Saw Safely
Among woodworking power tools, the band saw is probably one of the least dangerous. That isn't to say that you can't get hurt using a band saw, because without following proper safety precautions, you can absolutely be seriously hurt by a band saw. However, if you follow the safety precautions outlined in this article, you should greatly reduce the chance of injury.

How to Use a Skew Chisel - Woodturning Tools
A skew chisel is a woodturning tool that is sometimes used for making square-shaped grooves in a spindle and one of the more dangerous turning tools.

How Much Pressure to Use When Gluing Wood Together
How does one know when enough pressure is enough? Learn some ideas on how much pressure to apply to a glue-up in this woodworking tip.

How to Cut with a Band Saw - Woodworking Tips
To think that a band saw is only for cutting curves is to sell the tool short. Learn a variety of cutting techniques when using your band saw.

How to Cut a Rabbet Joint - Woodworking
A rabbet is a very useful joint for connecting two pieces of stock, particularly when building cabinets. A rabbet is merely a dado cut into one piece of wood at the edge that will securely hold another piece of wood.

Handheld Power Tools
Getting started in woodworking doesn't have to be expensive. Just a few well-selected power tools are all a beginning woodworker needs to complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. Here are some handheld power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting started.

Electric Power Drill Buying Guide
If you have a craftsmen or contractor on your gift giving list, check out these tool reviews and give them an electric power drill for a holiday gift.

Power Sander Reviews - Woodworking Reviews of Power Sanders
Comprised primarily of hand-held sheet sanders, palm sanders, belt sanders and random orbit sanders, these hand-held sanding tool reviews will help you make an informed decision on buying a sander that can prepare your project for finishing much easier and faster.

Random Orbit Sander Buying Guide - Great Gift Ideas
Looking for an inexpensive power tool gift idea for the holiday season? Check out these random orbit sander reviews. Each would make a great gift idea!

Cordless Drills - Woodworking Reviews of Cordless Drills
Cordless drills have become more powerful, with batteries that last longer, deliver more power and charge faster. These cordless drills are loaded with features that makes one ponder whether there is a need to have a corded drill any longer. Read these reviews of cordless drills, to find one that is right for you.

Woodworking Router Buying Guide
For the woodworker on your holiday gift list, a new router kit might be the perfect present. Do you know which one to purchase? This buying guide can help.

Cordless Drill/Driver Buying Guide - Great Gift Ideas
If you need a gift idea for a homeowner or craftsman on your holiday gift giving list, check out these pocket and impact driver reviews.

Dovetail Jig Systems - Woodworking Reviews of Dovetail Jigs
Dovetail Jig Systems have been around since the 1970s, but have undergone some major development in more recent years. Here, we review numerous dovetail systems to help you find the unit that's right for you.

Dovetail Jig Buying Guide
Dovetail jigs can be a great gift idea for the woodworker on your holiday gift giving list. Do you know which dovetail jig to buy? These reviews can help!

Woodworking Accessories - Reviews of Woodworking Accessories
Woodworking has been assisted over the years by the innovation of numerous woodworking accessories that make creating woodworking projects easier, safer and more accurate. In this section, we test and review a number of woodworking accessories available on the market.

Handheld Power Tools
Getting started in woodworking doesn't have to be overly expensive. Just a few well-selected power tools are all a beginning woodworker needs to complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. Here are some handheld power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting started.

Reviews of Blades & Bits
Even the best woodworking tools are only as good as their blades or bits. In this category, read reviews of blades & bits used to cut, router or drill as necessary, plus ways to keep those implements in their best working condition.

Woodworking Clamp Reviews
There are a number of styles and sizes of woodworking clamps that can be used to hold the parts of a woodworking project in place while you work. After you read the reviews of each of these woodworking clamps, click on the Compare Prices link to find the best prices on the web.

Woodworking Safety Equipment
There are a few varieties of woodworking safety equipment that every woodworker should put to use whenever possible. By making woodworking safety a habit, and you'll be much less likely to encounter a problem when woodworking. Try these pieces of safety equipment to help reduce the chance of injury in your woodshop.

MultiTool Buying Guide
Do you have a woodworker or homeowner on your holiday buying list? Maybe someone who loves gadgets? Consider an oscillating multi-tool as a gift idea!

Pneumatic Woodworking Tools - Reviews of Pneumatic Woodworking Tools
Pneumatic tools, from air compressors to finish nailers and brad nailers, are a real work saver in the wood shop. Find reviews of various pneumatic woodworking tools, plus links to compare prices.

Pneumatic & Cordless Nailer Buying Guide
Is there a woodworking on your holiday gift list? Consider a pneumatic nailer as a present. Not sure which one to buy? This list of reviews can help!

Cordless Drill Buying Guide
Would a cordless drill make a great present for someone on your holiday gift-giving list? Check out this cordless drill buying guide to find some great options!

Woodworking Tool Reviews - Fixed Base & Plunge Router Kits
With the wide range of profiles that can be routed onto the edges of stock, routers may be among the most exciting of woodworking tools for a woodworker to use. Read our reviews of these fun and useful woodworking tools.

Choosing Proper Router Bit Speeds - Woodworking Tips
In this woodworking article, you'll find a chart with guidelines for the maximum recommended speeds for each size of router bit.

How to Cut Curves in Thick Stock - Woodworking Tools
Learn which woodworking tools are the best choices (after the band saw) for making the curved cuts necessary to complete woodworking projects.

SawStop CNS175 Contractor Table Saw Review
Ever since SawStop released their patented safety technology for woodworking equipment a few years ago, numerous woodworkers have been saved from debilitating table saw injuries. Now, that technology has been brought to a very well-built contractor saw! In this woodworking tool review, learn the features that make the SawStop CNS173 a world-class contractor saw, including the safety features.

How to Build Super-Strong Shelves - Woodworking
When building a bookshelf for a lot of books or shelves for heavy electronics, you'll want to build super-strong shelves, much stronger than a single thickness of 3/4-inch plywood or other stock will provide. In this article, find some woodworking ideas for building super-strong shelves to help support a set of encyclopedias, a lot of big books or other heavy items.

Stacked Dado Blade Sets - What to Look For & How to Use
Using stacked dado blades would likely be the easiest and most accurate method for cutting dadoes and rabbets, particularly in plywood. While there are other types of dado blades (primarily wobble dado blades), a quality set of stacked dado blades will give the cleanest cut with edges that will be square to the foot of the cut.

Woodworking Jigs for Perfect Cross-Cuts and Rip Cuts
Learn how to make a crosscut and panel cutting jig, plus a rip cutting jig with these free woodworking plans. These are easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that allow even a novice woodworker to build and use them within minutes. Download the detailed drawings today!

How to Close an Open Mitered Corner - Dealing with Woodworking Problems
When two mitered corners don't match evenly, how should you close the open mitered corner properly? Mitered corners can be caused by a number of issues, and if the corners don't match precisely, the joint will stand out like a sore thumb. In this woodworking tip, learn some ideas on how to close an open mitered corner when the joint doesn't match perfectly.

Choosing the Right Saw for Woodworking - Circular Saws
A circular saw is an extremely versatile power tool, in that it can be used to rip or cross-cut boards (either with a guide or simply free-hand).

How to Replace Your Radial Arm Saw Table
If your radial-arm saw's table becomes damaged beyond being usable, what type of sheet material should you use to replace the table? Is plywood the best choice? How about aligned pieces of dimensional lumber? Perhaps OSB or MDF? In this woodworking tip, learn what materials work best for replacing a radial-arm saw table.

Recipro Saw Tips
Nearly every homebuilding site, whether a new home or a remodel, has a recipro saw in use, by carpenters, electricians, plumbers or HVAC installers. The recipro

Porter-Cable PCL180DK-2 Cordless Drill/Driver Review
Learn about the Porter-Cable PCL180 18v 1/2-inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver, and how it measures up with the top cordless drills on the market.

Gator Micro-Zip Sanding Tool - Review of the Gator Micro-Zip Multi-Surface Sanding Tool
The Gator Micro-Zip Multi-Surface Sanding Tool is a handy little device for sanding small surfaces and detail sanding, in 80, 120 and 220 grits.

Woodworking Air Compressors - Maintaining and Caring for Your Air Compressor
Does a modern air compressor need maintenance? Learn how to keep this vital tool powering all of your pneumatic devices in this article.

Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw - Woodworking Tool Reviews
The Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw has useful features that give it an advantage over standard recip saws. Learn those features in this tool review.

Safety Glasses - Woodworking Safety Equipment
The most important safety rule of woodworking is to always wear safety glasses, no matter what task you're performing. What type should you use?

Porter-Cable PCL180CDK-2 18v 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Review
The Porter-Cable PCL180CDK-2 18v 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver is the latest in the PCL180 series, lighter, more powerful, better balanced than ever.

Grizzly Model T10010 Wet Grinder Review - Sharpen Your Tools with the Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder
Learn the features and advantages of the Grizzly Wet Grinder for sharpening your chisels, planes, knives and other woodworking tools in this review.

Reciprocating Saws - Types of Woodworking Tools
Reciprocating saws are commonly used in remodeling projects, but can they be used for woodworking? Find out in this woodworking article.

Paslode Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Review
The Paslode Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer frees you from the tether of an air compressor. Learn the benefits of this nailer in this review.

Computer Monitor Riser Woodworking Plans - Free Woodworking Plans to Make a Riser for Your Computer Monitors
Learn how to build this neat hardwood computer monitor riser, equipped with two dovetailed storage drawers for better ergonomics at your office desk.

Final Assembly and Finishing
The last step of these free woodworking plans is to finalize the assembly, sand and finish the project to complete your computer monitor riser.

Complete the Drawer Assembly
In this step of our computer riser woodworking project, we'll assemble the drawers, clamp them up and set them aside to dry.

Begin the Carcase Assembly
When the half lap joints are completed, we'll cut a couple more pieces before we glue and screw the carcase of the computer riser together.

Complete the Assembly of the Carcase
To complete the assembly of the carcase for the computer monitor riser, affix the side and back pieces of hardwood to the unit.

Add Hardwood Sides to the Assembly
Before we can attach the top to the computer monitor riser, we'll add some trim pieces to give this woodworking project a finished look.

Trim the Table Top to Length
With the carcase of the computer monitor riser plans complete, prepare the top of the unit by removing it from the clamps and trimming it to length.

Ease the Edges
In this step, we need to ease some edges. We'll use part of a 3/4

Begin With the Drawers
To begin building this computer monitor riser, start with the dovetailed drawers. I used poplar, but you could also use pine for the drawer parts.

Prepare the Parts for the Carcase
To build the carcase of the monitor riser, create a couple of frames using half-lap joinery for strength and to guide the drawers.

Woodworking Safety Equipment - Using Your Woodworking Safety Equipment
Woodworking can be a dangerous hobby, but the danger can be diminished with consistent use of appropriate woodworking safety equipment. In this user answers, read and respond with any close calls that you might have had when you weren't wearing your woodworking safety equipment. Page 2.

Woodworking Jigs - Work More Consistently with Woodworking Jigs
Not all woodworking tasks are cut and dried. Woodworking jigs can make a number of tasks in the woodshop much easier and more consistent. With jigs for cutting box joints, featherboards to hold stock tightly against a table or fence, jigs for cutting panels or circular forms on a band saw, there are plenty of woodworking jigs to make woodworking easier. Have a favorite jig? Tell us about it!

Reader Submissions: Woodworking Clubs and Guilds in Your Area!
Woodworking clubs have sprung up in all corners of the world, as woodworkers have found that one of the best ways to improve their skill level is to rub elbows with other woodworkers. Woodturners have formed their own clubs, too, which seem to be independent from woodworking clubs. In this page, learn about woodworking clubs in your area, or submit your own woodworking club to the list!

Dowel Joinery
Using dowels to join boards is an old-school method of creating a solid connection between pieces of stock. The concept is simple: drill matching holes into

The Importance of Moisture Equilibrium
A tree consists of a series of veins through which sap travels up and down the trunk from the roots to the outer branches. Once the tree is cut into lumber,

Before and After

Freud Diablo Saw Blade Review
To the uninitiated, one saw blade looks pretty much like another. The generally competent carpenter might look at a few different saw blades and understand how

How to Hang Level Artwork
We have a tradition in my family. Every few months, my wife decides to move everything in the house to a new location, whether it needs it or not. This, of

Build Your Own Woodworking Jigs

Using a Jointer

Tuning-up Your Air Compressor

Plans for Various Kitchen Cabinets
When budgeting for remodeling or building a kitchen, the cabinets can be a source of sticker shock. What's really frustrating is that kitchen cabinets are

Tips for Removing Nails from Wood
Recycling lumber is a great way to build projects with a ton of character. Some woodworkers specialize in finding old buildings that are destined for demolition

Use Your Table Saw Safely
Study after study has shown that more injuries from woodworking tools are attributed to the table saw than any other tool. By a wide margin, too. I think it's

Plywood Edge Treatment Options
Plywood is a very stable material for making cabinets, bookcases and table tops. However, the exposed edges of plywood is rather unsightly if left uncovered.

How to Make a Built-In Bookcase Cabinet
A tall built-in bookcase cabinet is a great compliment to any set of cabinets if you have extra wall space, because it allows you to display not only books, but

Build a Large Picnic Table
As winter turns to spring, many woodworkers start to think about projects that they can build to use outside during the warm weather of spring, summer and early

Avoiding Drilling Blowouts
Some drill bits, particularly large-diameter bits, tend to cut very aggressively, which can lead to a blowout on the back side of the board being drilled when

Basic Slab Cabinet Doors
If you're wanting to make a dramatic change to the look of your kitchen, few things can be as effective as replacing the cabinet doors. One of the most basic

Raised-Panel Cabinet Doors with a Table Saw
As with the slab-style cabinet doors mentioned in an earlier post, new cabinet doors can dramatically change the look of a kitchen. In North America, the most

Build a Kitchen Pantry Cabinet
Continuing with recent articles on building individual kitchen cabinets, today's post focuses on building a kitchen pantry cabinet. This two-section cabinet can

Make the It's (Not) Complicated Garden Tomato Cages

Setting Your Router Speed Correctly
Router bits are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Each bit has a specific task, but in order to operate properly, the bit must spin at the proper

Growth Rings and Wood Grain

Band Saw Blade Installation Steps

Using a Radial-Arm Saw

Wood Fillers and Stains
When wood is stained, the stain soaks into the outer fibers to dye the wood and give it a different color. When glue seeps out of a joint and fills the pores of

Using a Miter Saw

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

Gel Staining
Gel stain finishes are like some overly abrasive television personalities - you either love them or you hate them. There seldom seems to be an in-between

Free Barn Door Woodworking Plans

Finding Sandpaper

Woodworking Safety Habits
Every woodworker knows they should follow safety rules, but do they always do it? I've had enough close calls in my time that I have learned to try and make

Using Your Router Bits

Table Saw Feature Checklist
If you're going to buy a table saw, the best advice I could give is to buy the best table saw that you can afford. No one machine is more important around the

Drilling with Forstner Bits
When building a project that requires drilling a flat-bottomed hole, you don't have many choices. A standard twist bit leaves an angled bottom to the hole. A

Use Your Router Bits Wisely

Build a Blind Corner Base Cabinet
One of the trickier parts of building cabinets is dealing with corners. There are a number of approaches, including Lazy Susans and diagonal drawers, but the

How to Build a Kitchen Sink Cabinet
Building cabinets for your kitchen can be one of the most rewarding tasks a homeowner can undertake, and it is one that should increase the value of the home

The Last 2 Woodworking Shows of the Season
The last two shows for the 2013-2014 season of The Woodworking Shows are upcoming quickly. These two shows will wrap up the 17 city tour for the year, with more

Nail & Screw Storage Ideas

Short Bookcase Plans

What is SPF Lumber?

Woodworking Safety - Using Woodworking Tools Safely
Woodworking can be a dangerous hobby, particularly when using power tools. However, by following some basic, common sense rules, you can protect yourself from injuries when using any woodworking tools.

Woodworking Machine Tools
Woodworking Machines, large power tools that are typically stationary, are the backbone of every wood shop. Learn the features and functions of woodworking machines and how you can use them to complete your woodworking projects.

Make Accurate Miter Cuts on a Table Saw
Can a table saw cut miters and bevels as accurately as a compound miter saw? What if you were to learn that it could be even more accurate? Here's how!

What are Anti-Kickback Pawls?
Do anti-kickback pawls really help to prevent kickback, or are they more difficult to use than the benefit they provide? Learn the details on how to use them.

Can You Remove Safety Equipment from a Radial-Arm Saw?
Radial arm saws can rip, crosscut, make miter cuts and more, but does the safety equipment on these saws help or cause more trouble than they're worth?

Should You Remove the Blade Guard on a Table Saw?
Is a blade guard on a table saw more of a help or a hindrance? Are there times when you can get away with removing the blade guard?

Where Should Your Hands Be When Using Your Table Saw?
Do you know where to place your hands when ripping a board on a table saw? How can you keep your hands safe and secure when ripping stock? Here are some tips.

When Should You Remove Your Table Saw's Riving Knife?
The riving knife is one of the most important safety features of a table saw, but are there times when using one is inappropriate or dangerous?

Free Woodworking Plans for Your Kitchen
Build these kitchen woodworking plans and projects, including a maple bread tray, hardwood cutting board, a pair of wine racks and a plastic shopping bag saver. These kitchen woodworking projects are fun to build and not show off your skills as a woodworker, plus they are very practical in the kitchen.

Free Woodworking Plans for Outdoor Projects
Looking for free woodworking plans for building projects for your backyard, patio or deck? Check out these outdoor woodworking plans, including an Adirondack loveseat glider rocker, a set of plans to build a cornhole game board or a board to play washers and more. Each set of free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing and bill of materials.

Woodworking Plans for Your Wood Shop
Free woodworking plans designed for use in the wood shop. Build cabinets, a portable shop table, the ultimate wood sawhorses, a classic wooden toolbox, featherboards and more. Each of these sets of free woodworking plans includes drawings and step-by-step instructions so you can build these projects for use in your wood shop.

How to Use a Circular Saw - Woodworking Tool Tips
A circular saw is a modern-day necessity on a construction site, but there are a number of uses for a circular saw in fine woodworking projects as well.

Woodworking Magazine, Book and Media Reviews - Media to Learn Woodworking Tips
There are plenty of ways to learn woodworking tips if you don't have a mentor to ask questions, such as web sites, woodworking magazine and books.

Woodworking Machines - Power Machinery for Woodworking
One difference between woodworking and carpentry is that carpentry is done on a job site where stationary woodworking machines that can't be taken.

The Circle Cut from the Rockwell Blade Runner - How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner
After fully rotating the board around the pivot point to cut the circle on the Rockwell Blade Runner, turn off the unit and lift the board off.

Drive the Pivot Nail - How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig
To create a circle cutting jig for the Rockwell Blade Runner, begin by cutting the plywood down to size, then locate the spot for the pivot nail.

Clamp the Jig to the Rockwell Blade Runner - Woodworking Tips - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle-Cutting Jig
With the pivot nail driven, clamp the jig to the Rockwell Blade Runner table with a pair of quick-action woodworking clamps.

Drill the Center Hole - Free Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig Plans
With the jig mounted to the Rockwell Blade Runner table, prepare the board to be mounted onto the jig for cutting.

Mount the Plywood on the Pivot - Free Plans - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig
With the pivot hole drilled in the board to receive the circle cut from the Rockwell Blade Runner, mount the board onto the pivot nail.

How to Cut Circles on the Rockwell Blade Runner - Woodworking Tool Tips - Rockwell Blade Runner Circle Cutting Jig
The Rockwell Blade Runner is essentially part jig saw, part scroll saw. With a jig, this unique woodworking tool can be used to cut out circles.

Cutting the Circle - Using the Rockwell Blade Runner with a Circle Cutting Jig
With the board mounted on the pivot point, turn on the Rockwell Blade Runner and cut out the circle by easing the plywood around the pivot point.

Packaging the Sanding Belts - How Sanding Belts are Made
Once the sanding belts have been cut and stacked (inside one another) in the appropriate quantities, the belts are packaged and prepared for shipment.

How Sanding Belts are Made - Woodworking Tools - How Sanding Belts are Made
Sanding belts are specially constructed from long strips of sandpaper, and then are cut to the appropriate width.

Making Special Sandpaper for Sanding Belts - Making Sanding Belts
The first step to making sanding belts is to create a special type of sandpaper with a cloth-like backing, just for belt sanders.

Cutting the Sandpaper for Sanding Belts - How Sanding Belts are Made
In order to make sanding belts, large rolls of cloth-backed sandpaper are cut into strips that are about twelve inches wide, cut to the desired length.

Applying Glue to the Sanding Belts - How Sanding Belts are Made
Once the sandpaper has been cut, the next step is to apply a special glue that will help hold the ends of the belt together.

Applying Kevlar Tape to the Sanding Belts - How Sanding Belts are Made
After glue has been applied to the edge of the sanding belt strips, a worker applies a strip of bias kevlar tape to the edge of the unfinished belt.

Connecting the Ends of the Sanding Belt - Making Sanding Belts
With the kevlar tape applied to one end of the sanding belt, the two ends are then connected using a special vulcanization machine.

Cutting the Sanding Belts to Width - How Sanding Belts are Made
After the large 12-inch wide sanding belts are formed, they'll be cut into appropriate widths on a single cutter into three or four finished belts.

Apply the Finish to the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Woodworking Plans for a Knick Knack Shelf
You can finish these free woodworking plans in any manner you desire, whether you choose to paint, stain, varnish or shellac the stock.

Cut the Dadoes for the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Woodworking Plans - Knick Knack Shelf
In this step of this woodworking project, cut dadoes to accommodate the shelves in the shelf standards.

Round Over the Edges of the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Knick Knack Shelf Woodworking Plans
Once the dadoes have been cut, round over the front edges some of the pieces to give this woodworking project a finished look.

Knick Knack Shelf Plans - Cut Notches in Knick Knack Shelves - Free Woodworking Plans
Depending on how you cut the dadoes in the standards of the knick knack shelves, cut notches in the shelves so they will sit properly in the dadoes.

Assemble the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Woodworking Plans - Knick Knack Shelf Woodworking Plans
With all of the parts sanded, you'll need a few large clamps, woodworking glue and finish nails to complete the assembly of the knick knack shelf.

Mark the Curves of the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Knick Knack Shelf Woodworking Plans
To begin this woodworking project, mark the curves with a compass before cutting them on a band saw or with a jig saw to give the unit its character.

Cut the Knick Knack Shelf Curves - Free Woodworking Plans for a Knick Knack Shelf
After you've marked the curves, cut those curves using your band saw or jig saw before sanding the curves smooth with an oscillating spindle sander.

Sand the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Woodworking Plans for a Knick Knack Shelf
The final cutting step of these free woodworking plans is to sand all of the parts completely before assembling the items.

Insert the Shaker Pegs in the Knick Knack Shelf - Free Knick Knack Shelf Woodworking Plans
The final woodworking step of these free woodworking plans is to drill and insert the shaker pegs into the bottom back of the knick knack shelf unit.

Knick Knack Shelf Plans - Free Woodworking Plans to Build a Knick Knack Shelf
In these set of free woodworking plans, follow step by step through building an attractive knick knack shelf that will show off your craftsmanship.

Cutting the Sandpaper - How Sandpaper is Made - Cutting the Sandpaper into Finished Product
The final step to making sandpaper is cutting the finished products and packaging them for shipment.

Adding Grit to the Sandpaper - How Sandpaper is Made - Applying the Grit to the Sandpaper
After the resin is applied to the paper, the grit is applied using an electrostatic process that embeds the heaviest part into the resin.

How Sandpaper is Made - Woodworking Tips - How Sandpaper is Made
In this woodworking tip, learn how sandpaper is made at the Ali Industries factory where they make their Gator Finishing abrasive products.

Choosing the Grit for the Sandpaper - How Sandpaper is Made - Choose the Sandpaper Grit
After the sandpaper backing is printed, the next step is to determine the grit to be applied to the sandpaper.

Dipping the Paper in Resin - How Sandpaper is Made - Applying Resin to the Sandpaper
To add the grit to sandpaper, a resin must first be applied to the paper, depending on how the sandpaper will be used, based on material and durability.

Drying the Sandpaper Resin - How Sandpaper is Made - Drying the Resin on the Sandpaper
Once the grit is applied to the sandpaper, the resin needs to be hardened in a huge oven, bonding the grit to the paper.

Repeating the Resin Application - How Sandpaper is Manufactured - Adding a Second Coat of Resin
After the resin has dried in the oven, the sandpaper is given a second coat of resin and is dried again, to give the sandpaper much longer life.

Adding Flexibility to the Sandpaper - How Sandpaper is Manufactured - Flexing the Sandpaper
After the sandpaper is given the second coat of resin, it is rather tough, so it is loosened up by running the roll of sandpaper through a flexer.

Applying the Backing to the Sandpaper - How Sandpaper is Made - Applying the Sandpaper Backer
Once the sandpaper is flexed, the final step before cutting and packaging is to apply any required backer, such as a hook-and-loop system.

Printing Packaging - How Sandpaper is Manufactured - Printing the Sandpaper Packaging
Ali Industries prints nearly all of their own packaging material in house, which lets them create any new packaging that any customers might require.

Transform the World in Shop Class
Even though many schools no longer teach shop, for those that do, it is a chance to teach skills like woodworking to kids that will stay with them for life.

Getting Started in Woodworking - The Basics
Woodworking basics to get any woodworker off to a good start, including setting up your workspace, acquiring the basic tools and the skills to use them safely, shop accessories and more.

How to Install a Featherboard
Do you know how to install a featherboard onto your saw table to keep your work piece firmly against your fence or table? Here are the details!

Where Should You Stand When Using a Table Saw?
Do you know where you should stand when operating your table saw? Here are some tips you can use to stand safely out of harm's way, should a kickback occur.

About Woodworking - Free Woodworking Plans
Are you looking for some free woodworking plans? We've got plans for home furnishings, patio furniture, toys, cabinets, shop equipment, jigs and more. Each project includes numerous dimensioned drawings to make completing the project easier.

Woodworking Projects Using a Router
The wood router is a great tool for applying edge profiles to woodstock. Here are a number of woodworking projects you can build using a router.

Woodworking Projects using a Circular Saw
The circular saw is commonly used for construction projects, but one can be used for woodworking projects as well. Here are some projects you can try!

Woodworking Projects Using a Drill Press
A drill press is far more precise than one can drill holes with a hand operated drill. Here are a few woodworking projects you can build using one.

Ridgid JobMax Multitool Review
The Ridgid JobMax Multitool is the company's entry into the oscillating tool market. Learn the features of this tool and whether it's worth your investment.

Why Isn't a 2x4 a 2x4?
When buying lumber, do you understand how dimensional lumber is measured? In other words, why doesn't a 2x4 measure 2-inches by 4-inches? Here's why...

Rockwell BladeRunner RK7320 Review

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