Work-at-Home Moms Sitemap - Page 4 2016-09-26

Clean Up as You Go - Tips for Work at Home Moms - Keeping the House Clean
Keeping a clean house is never easy and so just because you work at home don't expect it so be! For the work-at-home mom, the fact that you and the kids are home all day means that the house actually gets messier than if you were gone. Use these tips to keep the clutter under control.

FAQ on Working at Home
See answers to many of the questions people have about getting started working at home.

Back-to-School Tips - Tips for Back to School
Though the back to school season brings mixed feelings, moms can can always use some back to school tips to ease the transition. Check out these back to school tips on childcare, back to school shopping and school vacations.

Back to Work After Baby – Back to Work After Pregnancy for Work at Home Moms
Getting Back to Work After Baby Is BornAfter maternity leave, getting back to work--even if you work at home--is still, well, work. Going back to work after pregnancy is a major transition, even for those who work at home. Yes, you may not be leaving your baby everyday as those who go back to work in an office.

Tax Resources for Work at Home Moms
No one likes taxes. But for some of us, more than others, taxes can be a real headache. When you work from home home, tax issues--such as home office deductions or self-employment taxes--can further complicate your tax return. Use these resources to make tax time go more smoothly.

Get Organized for the Holidays - Holiday Organization - Christmas Organizing
The holiday season is supposed to be fun, right? Yes sometimes we just limp through the season barely finishing one task before another drops on our plate. Get organized this holiday season! Take control of your time so you can enjoy your family.

Find a Work-at-Home Job - Jobs for WAHMs
Look here for a collection of links to job listings that include work at home employers, business opportunities and telecommuting jobs.

Games for One Child
Playing a game can be an activity for just one child...and the game doesn't have to be solitaire. This is a list of games that can be played alone.

Work at Home Dads - Dads who Work at Home - Fathers Working from Home
Work-at-home dads face many of the same issues of moms who work from -- distractions, child care, balancing home and work in one place.