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Home Organization Tips - Household Organization for Working Moms
Home organization is vital for working moms. An array of timesaving tips and routines make up your home organization. Ruthless efficiency is the watchword from the time you wake up until you collapse into bed at night.

Working Moms' Schedule - Getting It Right for You
Achieving work-life balance depends on your specific schedule. Working moms may feel stressed whether they're full-time, part-time, telecommuting, or using compressed workweeks. Getting the right schedule is tricky, but possible with flexibility and some guidance.

What is Carpooling and How You Can Manage One
What is carpooling? Use it to get to work, for long trips, or for your family. Here are some simple apps you can use to manage one!

Support for Working Moms - Survival Skills to Support Working Moms
Today's working moms come in all stripes. We may have part-time work, a full-time job, or a career that demands more than 40 hours a week. We may mother babies or teenagers. What we share is our love for our children and the desire to balance work and home. You'll find support for working moms here.

Working on Mommy Energy
Time management and energy management tools

How to Change the Working Mom Culture
The working mom culture has been based on bogus goals. It's time for a change and you, the working mom, can play a big role. Here's how.

Mindfulness is Like Hitting Pause in a Working Moms Life
Begin your night time routine by becoming mindful. This ensures for a peaceful night without thoughts of worry or stress. Here's more benefits!

9 Ways A Working Mom Can Advance Her Career
How can a working mom advance her career? Be prepared, be able to talk about yourself and also bring your whole self into the office. Here how.

News of Interest to Working Moms
Read about the latest news and issues that are important to working moms and their families.

Working Parents Rank Work Flexibility Higher Than Salary
Would you rank work flexibility higher than salary? That's what a good percentage of working parents told Come read what else they said.

How to Figure Out How Much Maternity Leave to Take
It's the big question on everyone's mind including yours, how much maternity leave should you take? Need help figuring out this complicated question? Follow these guidelines to help you decide.

What You Need to Know About Maternity Leave Laws
Don't be surprised that maternity leave laws differ from state to state and there are no federal laws for maternity leave. Get in the know quickly with this cheatsheet.

Must-Read Guide to Maternity Leave
Planning your maternity leave takes time and aforethought, but it can be done! You'll thank yourself later, when you're too sleep deprived to even write a to-do list.

Support the FAMILY Act and Learn Why It's Important
Working moms would have more energy if the FAMILY Act passed because they wouldn't have to decide between family and career. Here's why...

What You Need to Know About the FAMILY Act
Have you heard about the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FMLI) or FAMILY Act? Here’s the scoop and the latest update.

A Gaurenteed Yummy Baked Quesadilla Recipe
Looking for a quick meal and some family bonding time? Recruit your kids into the kitchen to make this oven-bake quesadilla recipe.

Advice for Working Moms from
A resource for working moms offering tips on work/life balance, maternity leave, returning to work, time management, career advancement, and meal planning..

Your Career - Working Moms Can Climb the Ladder While Juggling Kids Activities
Working moms negotiate office politics while keeping tabs on pediatrician appointments and soccer games. You can climb the ladder and still be a good mother, with some strategic thinking, relationship building and awareness of your boss, co-workers and workplace culture.

How to Get the Nerve to Go for Flexible Work Opportunities
Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of shared her advice for new Working Moms considering flex work, the challenges she sees, and where flex work is headed.

Kids Activities and School - Working Moms Manage Kids Activities and School
Kids activities and school. They present a special challenge for working moms to fit children's activities around their jobs. From playgroups to the high school debate team, the trick is to let your children's interests guide kids activities and school curriculum without overscheduling.

Quick and Easy Ramen Stir Fry Recipe
Want a quick meal (that could be made gluten-free) that the kids can help you with? Then check out this yummy Ramen noodles and leftovers recipe!

How to Get an Awesome Response to "How was your day?"
It's hard to be present with your children when all you hear is either crickets or everyone talking at once when you ask how their day was. Check out these tips on how to get passed

Boost Your Energy with These Night Time Games
Playing with your kids guarantees laughter, love, and positive energy. Here's a few ways to start your 2nd shift with some fun night time activities.

How to Answer "What's for Dinner?" With Ease
The repetitious question what is for dinner can be answered by following these organizational tips.

A Guide for How to Pay the Nanny Tax
Yes, you need to pay the nanny tax but don't be afraid of the process. Follow these instructions to feel competent come tax season.

Top Picks of Professional Diaper Bags
Working mothers who are professionals need a diaper bag we can carry from the boardroom to the playroom. Here are five bags that don't scream baby!

Quality Child Care - How Working Moms Find Quality Child Care
Child care. It's a minefield of emotion and guilt. Smart working moms know that the quality of child care can make or break a career. So take the time to choose wisely, and be alert to problems that may develop with your nanny, babysitter, daycare center or other child care provider.

7 Ways to Prepare to Go Back to Work
You will have an easier time integrating back into the workplace if you're prepared. Here's how to be that well-prepared working mom.

How to Handle Maternity Leave and Other Life Transitions
Life transitions can throw a wrench into your work-life balance. Whether it's a new baby, a promotion or changing your child care arrangement, it's important to manage life transitions well for you and your children.

Keep a Work-Life Balance - How Working Moms Keep a Work-Life Balance
Talk about work-life balance makes it sound like a one-step process: you get balance, and move on. But the reality is a more complicated evolution of ever-shifting routines and schedules, sometimes balanced, sometimes not. Working moms know if we've got the right work-life balance by tuning in to ourselves and our internal measure.

7 Quick Tips to Clean and Purge Your Office
In a funk at work? It may be because of a cluttered office! Your personal space at work is critical to your career success. Clean it! Here's how.

Working Mom: How to Boost Your Personal Energy
Managing your personal energy, aka Mommy Energy, is helps you make brave work/life choices. Learn what Mommy Energy is and a few tips on how to manage it.

8 Fun Kid Games for Long Car Rides
Do you want to keep your kids entertained on your next road trip so fighting is kept to a minimum? Check out these eight car games to keep the peace.

Career Opportunities - Successful Executives Manage Career Opportunities
Your career opportunities can be limitless, if you manage them well. Our career information will help you open and explore new career opportunities. Learn from other working moms' paths to the executive suite.

Corps Team Offering Working Moms Work Flexibility
Why you should work with Mom Corps, now Corps Team. One of the first companies to see the potential in mothers working flexible and part-time jobs.

A Toddler Daycare Packing List
When your baby graduates to the toddler daycare room there's new gear that needs to be sent in. Check out this checklist to help ease this transition

How to Get In the Mood to Meal Prep for the Week
Food prep should be enjoyable so you that you want to do it every week. Here are a few suggestions on how to find your rhythm and enjoy chopping.

Working Mom, Do You Know What To Make For Dinner?
Working mom, wouldn't it be nice to skip grocery shopping and takeout? If you agree, then check out what a Meal Delivery Service has to offer.

Work-Life Balance - Working Moms Strive for Work-Life Balance
Struggling with balance? The right solution for you may be part-time, reduced hours, full-time, a job share, telecommuting, flextime, or some combination. Remember to tend your internal balance and home life. Some days you feel sane and in control, and others like a failure as a mom and worker. Join the club!

How to Create a Stupendous Support System
Do it all with a stupendous support system! It takes a village to raise a family so take some time to grow yours the way you see fit.

Designing Your Morning Exit Strategy
Start the day off on the right foot by forming an audacious morning exit plan. When the whole family has created the plan everyone has a better chance at a happy morning.

New House, New Baby, New Working Mom, What Now?
New house, new baby, new life as a working mom. That's alot of change to handle all at once! How do you make it all work? Here's a few tips.

Family Relationships - Working Moms Nurture Family Relationships
Working moms rely on a network of family relationships to keep our lives moving smoothly. We need to nurture our friendships, children, spouses or partners, and other family relationships. And sometimes firmly but lovingly enforce boundaries in family relationships.

6 Tasks to Do at Night to Relieve Morning Routine Stress
As a working mother you likely have a very rushed morning routine. Cut at least 20 minutes from your morning routine by following these night time activities!

Create an Irresistible Self-Care Plan
You can avoid burn out by practicing self-care. When you take good care of yourself you can take good care of others. Check out this article to learn how.

How Journaling Can Stop Working Mom Stress
As Working Moms we are trying to juggle it all. To relieve some pressure start journaling! Suffering from writer's block? Check out these tips!

How a Purge-Fest Will Give You Time, Energy, and Joy
Living a minimalist lifestyle can make things easier on a Working Mom. Check out these tips on how to purge your home and make someone's else happier.

When There's Not Enough Time Focus on Personal Energy
It doesn't matter how much time you have if you lack personal energy to get things done. These stories show what personal energy is all about.

Here's What Maternity Leave Is Really Like and How to Enjoy It
The abrupt change from work life to maternity leave is a shocker. If you're struggling with this transition there's ways to cope. Check out these tips.

How to Define Your "New Normal" After Maternity Leave
We crave normalcy, but after you become a mother everything changes. Check out these experiments and tips that will guide you to successful results!

Product Reviews - Sanity, Time, and Career Savers for Working Moms
So many products claim to save busy moms time and money. Here's our take on the best bets for making your dinner table and home more efficient and your career more successful. Not to mention book picks for the time-starved.

Time Saving Products for Working Moms
So many products claim to save busy working moms time and money. Here's our take on the best bets for making your home and life more efficient.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Product Review
Are you a working mom who detests cleaning floors with a mop and dirty water? Then a Shark Steam Pocket Mop may be a wise investment. Here's why.

Where to Find the Most Popular Father's Day Gifts
Whether you want to stick out from the crowd or pick a safe choice for dad, it's helpful to know what Father's Day gifts are the most popular.

How Pinterest Can Energize Working Moms
Here’s how to make Pinterest part of your support team. It won't drain your Mommy Energy, it'll boost it and make you a bit happier.

How a Sleep-Away Camp Can Change Your Kid in a Good Way
Is your child showing interest in going to a sleep-away camp? Here's how this experience could change your child in a way you couldn't dream possible.

Stay Connected to Your Baby While at Work
We can connect with people whenever we want. Why not connect with your children? Here's five ways you can stay in touch with your daycare and child.

Working Moms
Working Moms.

Working Moms
Working Moms.

Working Moms
Working Moms.

Working Moms
Working Moms.

Working Mom, Are You Afraid to go Back to School?
Working mom, are you afraid to go back to school? Try these six tips to overcome the jitters and make a good judgement call on your scholastic future.

Working Moms
Working Moms.

How to D.E.A.L. with being a Working Mom
Working moms D.E.A.L with the disease to please, energy exhaustion, lack of assertiveness, and no self-care plan. Here's tips on how to fight back!

What's Better, a Daycare or a Preschool?
When your child enters toddler years you may start to wonder whether preschool would be better than daycare for academic and social development. Check out these questions to help form your opinion.

It's Time to Thrive, Not Just Survive, as a Working Mom
It is time to thrive, not just survive, as Working Moms. Sure you have many responsibilities that exhaust you mentally and physically, but you can thrive!

Get Over Mommy Guilt Regardless If You Love/Hate Your Job
Whether we love or hate our jobs, most working moms feel mommy guilt. Learn how to shed working moms guilt and be a happier mom at work and at home.

How to Organize Your Bill-Paying Process
Are you a working mom in charge of paying the bills in your home? If so, check out these six steps to organize your bill-paying process.

How to Organize Your Paperwork
Do you detest all the paperwork scattered throughout your house and the energy spent looking through them? Then get organized with these six steps.

School Break Child Care Solutions
School break! Two words that cause working moms and children to shriek for totally different reasons. Here are child care options to ease your stress.

The Advantages of a Nanny versus a Daycare Center
When it comes to child care, one of the hottest debates is a nanny versus a daycare center. Here's a rundown of the advantages for both.

An Exercise Plan for a Busy Working Mom
Are you a working mom struggling to fit in time to exercise? These tips set a great foundation for making exercise an awesome self-care habit.

Think About Your Flexible Schedule Needs - Step 2 is to Think About Your Flexible Schedule Needs
Maybe it's time to stop wishing that you could have better work-life balance. Start with these six steps to negotiate a flexible schedule, and see if you can make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you!

Implement Your Flexible Schedule - Step 5 is to Implement Your Flexible Schedule
Maybe it's time to stop wishing that you could have better work-life balance and flexible hours. Start with these 6 steps to negotiate a schedule with flexible hours, and see if you can make it happen. Nobody else is going to implement flexible hours for you!

Tips to Get a Work Schedule With Flexible Hours
It's time to stop wishing that you could have a better work-life balance with a flexible schedule. No one is going to make this happen for you! Here's how:

Make Your Flexible Schedule Pitch - Step 4 is to Make Your Flexible Schedule Pitch
Maybe it's time to stop wishing that you could have better work-life balance. Start with these six steps to negotiate a flexible schedule, and see if you can make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you!

Succeed With Flexible Hours - Step 6 is to Succeed With Flexible Hours
Maybe it's time to stop wishing that you could have better work-life balance and flexible hours. Start with these 6 steps to negotiate a schedule with flexible hours, and see if you can make it happen. Nobody else is going to implement flexible hours for you!

Think About Flexible Hours for Your Employer - Step 3 is to Think About Flexible Hours for Your Employer
Maybe it's time to stop wishing that you could have better work-life balance. Start with these six steps to negotiate a flexible schedule, and see if you can make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you!

9 Personal Things to do Before Your Business Trip
There's is more planning to do other than what will be covered during a business trip. Here are 9 things to do beforehand to feel confident leaving.

Manage Your Finances - How Working Moms Manage Finances
Managing your finances responsibly has never been more important than when you become a parent. You'll explain coins and allowance to your preschooler, teach your tween to manage finances, and save to send your teenager to college. You'll also learn to stretch a dollar and save money on everything from commuting to work clothes.

Family Holidays - Fun and Information for Family Holidays and Birthdays
Family holidays and birthdays are a bonanza of fun and chaos. Working moms can make the most of family holidays or birthdays with planning and an easy-going approach. You'll also find fun facts and information about family holidays and their origins.

Defend Your Personal Boundaries and Get What You Want
When you become a Working Mom it's important to have a strong personal foundation. If someone threatens your foundation use boundaries to defend it! Here's how...

Your Values and Priorities Helps You Make Brave Work/Life Choices
Balance is not the goal. Making brave work/life choices which leave us feeling good about our decisions is! Here's Part 1 on how you can start being braver during decision time.

How to Enhance the Relationship Between You and Your Daycare Provider
It's a tough choice to stay at your daycare or go after there's been a few red flags. Follow these four steps to help ease the transition on yourself.

How to Become a Confident-Joyful Working Mom
If you want to become a Confident-Joyful Working Mom you'll need to write. Answer these 16 questions to start creating your ideal working mom image.

Working Moms, Here's How to Get What You Want
When you want to stick up for what you believe in but aren't sure how to go about it, try this assertiveness skill set, the A-E-I-O-U model.

How to Stop Dreaming About Rest and Relaxation
It's no joke that Working Moms wish for more sleep. How can you rest when you keep feeling pushed to work? Follow these tips to learn how to stop.

8 Ways to Help You Thrive After Maternity Leave
Returning to work after maternity leave is a motherhood transitional challenge. To help you thrive check out these 8 tips for your first week back

5 Important Questions to Ask an Infant Daycare Center
Give a daycare center a shot to see if they would be a good fit for you and your family. Ask these 5 questions to get a good feel on what they offer.

Daily and Weekly Daycare Packing List for Baby
Use this packing list for daycare to reduce morning stress and avoid return trips home in the morning because you forgot something important.

How to Feel Good About Your New Home Daycare Provider
It takes time to build trust in your home daycare provider. To get a good picture of the kind of person you're hiring answer these 38 questions!

Your Personal Values Can Save the Day!
Do you know your personal values? You're missing out on a huge time saver! Here's 8 reasons why knowing your personal values can save you time and energy.

How to Manage Time Wisely for the Busy Working Mother
Many working mothers agree there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. If you agree check out these Time Management 101 tips.

5 Ways Working Mothers Can Make Extra Money From Home
Even though we work hard for a living, working mothers often find themselves searching for ways to make extra money. Here's 5 ways to earn extra cash

Now That You Have A Baby, What Is Preschool Really?
How do you choose between the dozens of preschools out there? To start your research here's what your child will learn and 5 special types of schools.

Want to Make Competent Work/Life Choices?
When you know, understand, and believe in your values and priorities you become confident, competent, and courageous. Here's four steps to follow.

How Coaching Can Give Working Moms Courage
Do you have a boulder standing in your way and wasting your time? Learn how coaching helped me move my boulder and how it gave me courage.

How to Fight the Disease to Please
The disease to please happens when you try to make everyone happy because you believe pleasing others will please you. Here are ways you can fight back!

How Can Emotional Intelligence Can Save Time for Working Mom's
Emotional Intelligence is a time saver and can only make a Working Mom's life better the more it's practiced. Come learn about an energy management tool.

Learn How to Balance Work and Life While on Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave is for resting, but most find that hard to do. To help fill this new 9-5 void start a quadrant to-do list about work/life integration.

Successful Working Moms have this.
Working Moms need more personal energy and practicing self-awareness will give you just that. Here's what self-awareness is all about and how it will protect your precious personal energy.

How Mind Mapping Can Help Working Moms
To avoid being overwhelmed about

How to use Pinterest as an online recipe box
Tired of asking yourself,

10 Tips on How to Avoid Working Motherhood Burnout
Working Moms take care of so much it's easy to suffer burnout. Read on for healthy living tips that will make a big difference without much effort.

What to do When You Struggle with Work/Life Balance
Check out our Q and A series where we are dealing with uncomfortable situations with your boss and family challenges.

Part II: How knowing your VPs helps you make brave work/life choices
Decide what your priorities so that when you have to make a tough choice the decision is easy to make. This saves you time and energy! Here's how.

Managing Your Personal Energy Gives You More Time
You manage your time, but how about your personal energy? If you manage your personal energy you find more time to do it all. Here's how to start.

Nontraditional Families - Blended Families - Stepparenting - Stepfamilies
Nontraditional families are practically the norm these days. Nontraditional families can be led by a single working mom, two moms, or a parent and stepparent due to divorce or death. Nontraditional families may bring special challenges but they also bring unique opportunities for joy and love.

Parenting Advice for Working Moms - Parenting Advice
Parenting is our most important job, no matter how much we value our career. How we succeed at parenting is the ultimate test. Here are road-tested ideas on parenting.

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Maternity Letter
A maternity letter is a prime example of integrating your career into your life. Here's how to take advantage of this opportunity to set expectations and boundaries.

How to Set Your Sights on an Audacious Goal
Setting audacious goals helps Working Moms move their focus from taking care of others to taking care of themselves. Here are some tips to help jump-start your goal setting!

Serious Job Perks that Can Boost Your Career
Serious career advancement perks is the best short cut a Working Mom can search for during a job hunt. Check out these perks to learn what to look for.

There is a Better Way to "Have It All"
Working Motherhood has this awful goal of

5 On-the-Job Perks that Supports Working Motherhood
Are you looking for a new job or career? Check out these perks some of the best companies offer that have Working Moms skipping off to work.

How to Make Housework-Guilt a Thing of the Past
Housework-guilt is real and needs to stop.There are other ways to make guests feel at ease in your home and it starts with you. Here's what you can do.

How to Conquer the New Working Mom Nerves
Are you about to become a new working mom? Have no fear! Check out these 7 tips to help you overcome your case of nerves.

How to Make a Choice About Work/Life Balance
End the search for balance by looking inside of yourself for the answer. Balance is not the cure for chaos. The cure is making brave choices about work and life.

How to get control over you nerves when interviewing
Interviewing can be nerve-wracking but it's also an awesome opportunity to find something that fits YOU! Here's how you can take control over your nerves and enjoy the interviewing process.

The Truth About Why Becoming a Working Mom is so Hard
When you become a Working Mother there are big changes that happen in and around you. It's hard to put your finger on what that is, but here's the simple truth...

Manage Your Child's Education - Tips to Manage Your Child's Education
Managing your child's education isn't easy. From preschool choices to college applications, working parents need reliable information about education and development to manage your child's education in the school years.

What to Expect at a Parent Teacher Conference
When your child begins school, you may wonder what a parent teacher conference is and what you can expect? Here's a quick recap of the experience.

How to Develop a Positive Mindset About Homework
At the end of the day, when personal energy levels are low, homework can be a drag, literally! Here are a few tips on how to create a positive mindset about homework so that you and your kids finish strong!

Help Your Middle School Student Get Organized
The transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult. It's even harder when your child isn't organized. Here's how to organize them.

Helping Your Middle School Student to Get Organized
The transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult. It's even harder when your child isn't organized. Refer to this article for tips on how to help your middle school student get organized. Page 2.

How to Stop Apologizing for Taking Time for Yourself
We apologize for taking time to decompress at the end of the day. Why is that? Check out how you can stop apologizing by focusing on your needs.

8 Ways to Make Household Chores Fun For Kids
Kids often despise doing their chores but we want their help so can catch a break! Teach them how chores can be a group effort and fun with these 8 tips.

The 10 Commandments for Working Motherhood
Motherhood is hard enough before throwing in work, self-care, housework, guilt, and more. For some guidance on working motherhood see these commandments.

The 10 Commandments for Working Motherhood
Motherhood is hard enough before throwing in work, self-care, housework, guilt, and more. For some guidance on working motherhood see these commandments. Page 2.

Working Moms Research -- Studies of Interest to Working Moms, Research on Flexibility
Read working moms research and studies related to women in the workplace to shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing working moms. Research on work-life balance and the benefits of flexibility can bolster your case for flexible work.

20 Quotes to Help you Defeat Mommy Guilt
You can choose to not feel mommy guilt with time and will-power. Want to feel guilt-free for the rest of the day? Make one of these quotes your background screen.

4 Things That Will Make You Happy to go to Work
When you become a Working Mom your perspective on many things change, like on your career. If you've lost that loving feeling here is four ways to rekindle some passion so you're happy to go off to work.

How to Halt Negativity and Get More Motivated
Are you feeling unmotivated at work? Do you want to get back into a groove at work but unsure how? Check out these seven steps to get started.

How to Clear Out Your Clutter Now
Clutter can feel like chaos. Want to get rid of it? Follow these 5 steps to get clear on clutter starting NOW.

How to Stop the Working Moms Struggle Between Work and Life
Knowing your personal values can save you time, energy and make it easier to say no others and yes to what is important to you.

How to Take a Body Lunch Break
Yes, your lunch break is for eating, but instead of also squeezing in items on your to-do list, make your body feel good. Check out these tips to learn how!

Do you want to know the best time management tool?
When your Working Mom life is too chaotic it’s time for more than just a mommy timeout. Instead use this awesome time management tool so decompress.

Tricks for Improving Your Self-Care
Follow these secret tricks to convince yourself into taking good care of your body and mind.

What is a Gender Role and Why is Everyone Talking About It?
What is gender role is all about and why is it such a hot topic? Well our roles are changing and it's high time to break out of the mold. Here's why.

What Is The Disease To Please And Its Cure?
Why do we make ourselves sick from overly please others? I playfully call it the

How to Excel and Enjoy Social Networking Events
Do networking events make you cringe? Do you dislike answering how you do it all? Check out these tips to help you feel more prepared and in control.

How to Survive When Your Support System Fails
A strong support system empowers you to do it all but what can you do when you don't have one? Check out how I supported myself through some tough times.

Working Mom, You Have NO Energy left. Now what?
You have no personal energy left but you have TONS of work left to do. What do you do? Check out these 5 tips to bring your energy back up so you can what you need to get done, done!

How to Successfully Integrate Your Work into Your Life
Put the book down this vacation and escape into your own mind. Self-discover can be just as exciting and even more rewarding. Check out these adventures you can take!

What Would Life Be Like If You Left Your Job?
Can you imagine leaving the workforce? There's a lot to be done before you make the leap. Learn how to start creating your new life with these tips

How to Write a "Return from Maternity Leave" Letter
When you return to work craft a letter with these suggestions and sample letter to help ease into working motherhood easier.

Working Moms
Working Moms. Page 2.

How To Make a New Working Mom's Transition Smoother
Returning from maternity leave can cause vulnerability for a new Working Mom. Help make her transition smoother by following these tips!

How Knowing Your Personal Values Empower You
Becoming a Working Mom can affect your personal values. Before you must make those tough work/life choices, get reacquainted with your personal values to feel empowered and confident.

Do You Want To Learn The Scoop About Your Childcare Options?
Child care makes or breaks a working mom's career. Let's talk about the pros and cons of the five primary child care choices available to working families in the U.S.

4 Ways To Direct Your Child's Diet At Daycare
What can you do if your child doesn’t have an allergy plan but you want to control what your child eats? Check out these 4 tips on how you get in control of what goes into your child’s mouth while at daycare.

A Packing List for Summer Day Camp
Is your child enrolled in a day camp for the summer? Use this day camp packing list to help ease the transition from the school year to summer camp.

What to Pack for Travel With Toddlers
Have you made a list of things to pack for your toddler? If things are too busy at work, no worries, we've got you covered! Use our list to help you pack!

How to Showcase Your Volunteer Work on Your Resume
Whether you're reentering the workforce or simply hoping to showcase all your experience, should you put volunteer work on your resume? Read on to find out!

10 Companies Who Find Working Moms Part-Time Work
Are you thinking about cutting back your hours so you can better manage work and life? If so, start by checking out these sites to start your part-time job search.

How To Make Your Dream of a Clutter-Free Home Come True
Clutter is exhausting! We can't stand it! It's time to take action. Check out these tips to get motivated to make a change.

Creative Ways to Negotiate a Severance Package
Think you're about to be laid off? Prepare for the worse and then hope for the best by following these three steps to negotiate a severance package.

Sample Letters for Working Moms
Sample letters for work are a great way to start writing a proposal to your supervisor. Browse these sample letters to see what might work for you.

How to Tell Your Company About Your Maternity Leave
After you've figured out how much maternity leave you want use this sample maternity leave letter to inform your company. It's a great conversation starter!

How to Write a Pregnancy Leave Letter
Fill in the blanks of this professionally worded maternity leave letter before submitting it to your supervisor or human resources department. Page 2.

How to Stop Wasting Time at the Grocery Store
Are you tired of wasting time at the grocery store because you're disorganized? Follow these 7 steps to food shop efficiently and get home to your family.

The 11 Top-Paying Jobs for Women - Working Moms
Curious if your current role makes the list for top jobs for women? If your job isn't listed what experience do you have and what do you need? Get curious!

Why You Need to Think Before You Speak to a Working Mom
Here's 15 remarks that prove that some people do not think before they speak to a working mom. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all!

How to Avoid these 8 Common Pitfalls of New Working Moms
Returning to work can be a tough transition for working moms. Some ask

FMLA Leave and the Working Mom - Understanding FMLA Leave
Do you know what FMLA is? Here's the meaning, what you could be entitled to, how you could take FMLA intermittently, and what members of the military receive.

What to Pack for Vacation With Baby - Checklist
Working moms, don't letting packing for your baby stress you out. Here's a great checklist made to make vacation planning easier!

Why Changing Your Habits Is the Best Advice for Working Moms
Good habits can be a working mom's saving grace! Before diving into advice examine your good and bad habits. Then read this to learn what habits are and how to change them.

What Is a Live-In Nanny?
If you've never heard of a live-in nanny here's what they are all about, the pros and cons for hiring one, and tips on creating their contract.

Trivia About the Celebration of Mother's Day
Mother's Day trivia must begin with the date of Mother's Day -- the second Sunday in May. To learn the holiday's history and more check this out!

4 Reasons Why Self Care Is Critical For Working Moms to Succeed
Of all the tips for working moms, the top of the list has to be taking care of yourself. if you are unsure about this check out these four reasons why self-care is important.

7 Ways Working Moms Can Improve Parenting Skills
There's no parenting manual that's perfect for everyone, but these tips will leave you feeling you've improved your parenting skills. Check them out!

6 Tips for Choosing Professional Maternity Clothes
When purchasing maternity clothes working mothers need to be conscious of the appropriate attire for work. Keep these tips in mind while stocking up your closet.

Use This Letter To Share Your Lactation Plan with Your Employer
If you are breastfeeding you'll want to create a lactation plan and share your intentions and requests with your employer. Check out this sample letter!

What Is a Rideshare or Ride-Hailing?
What is ridesharing or ride-hailing? Check out why they are so popular, how to behave in one and how to plan one for you and your friends!

The Best Work from Home Jobs For Moms
Many working mom dream of finding a job where they can work from home. If you are one of those moms check out these types of jobs you could search for.

10 Ways to Deal with Problematic People at Work
There will inevitably be a person who is problematic at work. If someone has a problem with how you manage your Working Mom lifestyle check out these tips.

9 Tips On How To Juggle Pregnancy and Work
One big challenge for working mothers is juggling pregnancy and work. With these 9 tips you'll feel more prepared and will hopefully enjoy your pregnancy more.

Here's a Sample Client Maternity Letter
If baby brain is making your thoughts fuzzy use this sample Client Maternity Leave letter. You'll feel good setting their expectations and they'll feel taken care of.

How To Overcome The Challenges of Telecommuting
Have you experienced some of these challenges while telecommuting? Working from home isn't always easy! Be in the know with these 4 keys to working from home.

7 Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Quit Your Job

Separation Anxiety - How to Ease Child Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety can hit at any stage of development. Maybe your 8-month old baby suddenly wails when you leave for work, or your 2-year old child sobs during daycare drop off. Separation anxiety is emotionally draining for your child and you. If you develop comforting rituals and act confident, you can ease the pain of separation anxiety. Here are 8 ways to combat separation anxiety. Page 2.

6 Ways Working Moms Can Help Ease Separation Anxiety
If you develop comforting rituals and act confident, you can ease the pain of separation anxiety. Check out these six techniques so you can feel prepared.

Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Grandparents Babysit
Parents love the idea of having their parents watch the kids but be weary of these 5 pitfalls to be sure your relationship stays healthy.

Celebrating Valentine's Day Is As Easy As Pie
Valentine's Day ideas don't have to be complicated. Check out these easy and fun idea to show the people in your life the love!

Research Shows Changing Gender Roles
Gender roles are changing at work and at home, according to Families and Work Institute research done back in 2009. Check here for the scoop.

12 Interview Questions To Ask Your Future Au Pair
Do you know the right interview questions to screen candidates for au pair jobs? Go beyond the questions you receive from the au pair agency with these 12 questions.

Prepare to Wow the Crowd with These Easy Potluck Recipes
When the potluck sign up sheet is posted don't freak out! Find your signature recipe with one of these recipes that will please your co-workers and your family!

How To Feel Relaxed Before Tax Day
Use this step-by-step solution to organize your tax documents. This way April 15th won't be as stressful and you can feel in control of your taxes.

Breastfeeding and Working - Pumping Secrets and More
Working is possibly the biggest obstacle to a long-term breastfeeding relationship between a new mom and her baby. But you can succeed at breastfeeding and working, with these pumping secrets, milk storage tips, and other guidance. While not every mom nurses, many aim to keep working and breastfeeding up to -- or beyond -- the one year recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For working moms, that means figuring out how to keep breastfeeding and working.

Mom-Tested Techniques to Increase Your Milk Supply
For many moms, pumping is simply not as efficient as a baby nursing to increase milk supply. So don't be surprised if you pump less than your baby is drinking during the day. There are specific techniques that can increase milk supply. But don't let a quest to increase your milk supply prevent you from enjoying your baby. Page 3.

How to Pump Breastmilk at Work
Working is possibly the biggest obstacle to a long-term breastfeeding relationship between a new mom and her baby. But you can succeed, with these pumping secrets, milk storage tips, and other advice. While not every mom nurses, many aim to breastfeed up to -- or beyond -- the one year recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For working moms, that means figuring out how to make nursing compatible with your job. Page 2.

How Mamas Can Connect With Kids in 5 Minutes a Day -- 5-Minute Bonding for Working Mamas
Working mamas don't have time for endless afternoons at the pool or playing in the sandbox. But mamas who work can still connect with their kids in a meaningful way. Check out these ideas for mamas to bond with children in 5 minutes a day.

Cheap Date Ideas for Parents - 5 Ideas for a Cheap Date That's Fun
Once you're a parent, a cheap date is no longer a bad thing. After all, it's the family money you're spending when you shell out for a babysitter, drinks, dinner and a movie. So for all the moms and dads out there, here are 5 cheap date ideas that you're guaranteed to enjoy. The money you save on your cheap date can go straight to the college fun!

Five Ways to Make Time for Mom's Sex Life
Moms' sex life may seem like an oxymoron - who has time for romance and intimacy amid dirty diapers, school homework and children's activities? But moms' sex life is one of the important sources of rejuvenation to get you through the daily grind. Here are 5 ideas for making time and energy for mom's sex life.

Tips for Packing a Suitcase - Eliminate Travel Stress With These Tips for Packing a Suitcase
Refer to this article for 6 tips for packing a suitcase. Learn how to eliminate travel stress with these tips for packing a suitcase.

The 10 Biggest Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them -- Say Goodbye to Time Wasters
Working mothers always seem to be short on one thing: time. We're trying to juggle all our parental responsibilities -- from helping with homework to making dinner -- with our career demands, and we often find ourselves wasting time trying to complete routine tasks. For this reason, we need to replace time wasters with tasks that do the opposite: save time.Try substituting the following time wasters with time savers.

Money Saving Tips - 5 Easy Money Saving Tips
Money saving tips so often sound difficult and no fun. But you can save money without making yourself or your family miserable. Here are some money saving tips for working moms that will keep a smile on your face. There’s no better time than now to start saving money.

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Being Laid Off
Being laid off is traumatic. So to start your journey to career recovery avoid making these five mistakes after being laid off.

Does My Child Love the Babysitter More Than Me?
When my one-year old child is sleepy or hurt or hungry, he cries for the babysitter he loves. Does my child love the babysitter more than me? Read on for the answers!

Non-Sugar Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids
There's no a rule that says Valentine's Day gifts have to be chocolate, or even edible. In fact, there are many creative Valentine's Day gifts for kids to mark this special holiday that's all about love.

Will the Mommy Track Lead You to Paradise or Purgatory?
What does Mommy Track really mean and is it meant for you? Ask these 5 questions to get clear about your company's culture and what your options are.

How to Juggle Work and a Sick Child
Flu season means anxious days for working parents because a sick child can wreak havoc with your work flow and even your career success. Check out these ideas to stay ahead of the game.

"Having It All" A Documentary Working Moms Must Watch
A documentary film

How a Working Mom Can Take The Day Off To Do Nothing
You JUST want to have some time to yourself and not feel guilty about it. Here's how to do just that.

5 Reasons to Skip Saving for College in a 529 Account
Worried about saving for college tuition and thinking about investing in a 529 plan? Here are 5 good reasons to avoid opening one for your child.

What is a Lactation Room?
Whether you're a working mom of an infant or simply curious, you may want to know what is a lactation room. Here are the details.

What Is a Compressed Work Week?
Check out how some people find a compressed work week allows them to complete their job responsibilities while also having time for their families.

Essentials for Working Moms Returning to Work
Returning to work after maternity leave raises a million questions. Check out this road map to help you get on track when you head back to work.

How to improve your Career Agility
Career Agility is about nimbly responding to changing life and career circumstances. How agile are you and how can you improve it?

What Is the Date of Mother's Day?
You don't want to miss the Mother's Day date. This article lists the date of Mother's Day for the next 10 years.

How To Take A Good Snapshot of Your Self-Evaluation
For your next self evaluation learn how to cite your good points, examine your bad points and find ways to improve your overall job performance.

Organize School Papers With Hanging Files - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn how to organize school papers using hanging files. Organize school papers in one hour using hanging files. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers using hanging files and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn to organize school papers using hanging files. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers using hanging files and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn to organize school papers in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn how to organize school papers in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers you want to keep. Learn to organize school papers in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers - How to Organize School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn to organize school papers in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Organize School Papers in a Filing Bin - How to Organize School Papers in a Filing Bin
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers using a portable filing bin. Learn to organize school papers in a Filing Bin. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Use this System for Organizing School Papers
Tackle the problem of how to organize school papers. Learn to organize school papers in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize school papers and keep them organized.

Dream Dinners Review for Busy Moms
Dream Dinners promises to save working moms time in meal preparation by providing a commercial kitchen and all the fresh ingredients needed to assemble multiple dinners at once. You freeze the Dream Dinners meals for later use and follow simple cooking instructions when you're ready to eat them. Spice it up by inviting a few friends to share a moms' night out at Dream Dinners.

Try These Holiday Season Games for Kids
During the Christmas season, you’re busy buying and wrapping gifts, and decorating your home. To keep the spirit of season alive, play the following Christmas games for kids in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

Riding Your Bike to Work
Whether you want to help make the world a greener place, or simply need the exercise, bicycle commuting is an appealing idea. However, if the mere thought of pedaling all the way to work makes you tired, then bicycle commuting may not be for you. If you're wondering whether bicycle commuting is the right option for you, weigh the pros and cons.

Fun Trivia About St. Paddy's Day
How much St. Patrick's Day trivia do you know? Probably just that St. Patrick's Day falls on March 17 and relates to the saint who legendarily chased snakes from Ireland. Here is some fun St. Patrick's Day trivia to surprise and amuse you and your family. St. Patrick's Day trivia from the Census Bureau.

The Maternity Leave "Out of Office" Message
You don't want your manager or the IT admin composing your maternity leave

The Positive Side of Part-Time Work
To some people, part-time work means having your hours reduced against your will or settling for part-time work after a long job hunt failed to land a full-time position. But there are plenty of positive aspects to part-time work if you look at it the right way. With the right part-time work, you generate an income but still have enough time for family. You can even switch careers or pursue a degree while also maintaining part-time work.

Which is better a Nanny or a Home Daycare?
Here are some factors to consider as you weigh the pros and cons of a nanny versus a family daycare. There is one piece of advice that trumps it all though! Check this out.

What is a Nanny Tax and Do You Really Have To Pay It?
Do I have to pay nanny taxes? Generally the answer is yes, you do but there are a few exceptions that may allow you to avoid it. Here's the scoop.

Research About How Work-Life Benefits Improve Productivity
Effective work-life benefits encourage employees to work harder and stay with an organization, according to research done back in March 2009 by the Corporate Executive Board.

What Does "Leaning In" Mean for Working Moms?
In early 2013, the term

5 Easy Dinner Recipes Everyone Will Love
Families rely on quick dinner recipes to make it through the busy work week and school. Check out these 5 dishes and the gluten-free tips!

Shape The Right Job Share With These 12 Questions
Before you commit to a flexible schedule, such as a job share, find out what you're getting yourself in to. Check out what a job share is and get these 12 questions answered.

When Is "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work" Day?
Do you know when the next

10 Organizational Tips That Will Save You Time and Energy
Could you use some new organizing tips? From the moment you wake until you collapse into bed at night, these organizing tips will make your day easier and give you more time for fun.

How To Truly Take A Sick Day
Everyone will survive if you take a sick day. So why is it that when we truly try to take one it's hard to do? Check out these 3 tips to help you get better QUICK!

Assertive Techniques That Strengthen Your Backbone
Assertiveness techniques can save you time and energy. Here are a few tips.

What To Do When You Need to Re-Choreograph Your Juggling Act
When life throws you a curve ball it's time to take a step back and reset. What steps do you take to reset your body and mind? Check out these tips.

How to mentally prepare for the holidays
When the holidays begin to approach take some time to mentally prepare for them with these suggestions!

What to do when worry keeps you up at night
Want to stop worrying in it's tracks when your head hits the pillow? Enjoy the feeling of being un-needed with these tips to get you to slumberland.

When is the right time to take sick time?
We don't like to be sick, but sometimes facing the truth that you are really sick takes courage. Next time you're unsure about taking a sick day ask yourself these 4 questions.

How a Working Mom Can Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet
Dealing with Celiac disease and being a working mom is a hard combination but it can be done! Check out these 8 tips to help the transition to a gluten-free diet (without cursing in the supermarket!)

Must-Have Tools and Office Supplies for Organization at Work
Are you trying to improve your organization at work but overwhelmed by all of the supply options? Refer to this article for 10 must-have tools and office supplies. You'll learn what you need and what is a waste of your money.

How to prevent your Mommy Energy from falling
The more you want to get done (aka “do it all”) the more Mommy Energy you’ll need. Here are three ways to keep your Mommy Energy in check.

Are you using these 7 sensational online time savers?
Working Moms are looking to save time and energy. Check out these 7 companies that are trying to do just that.

Watermelon slices
Sliced watermelon slices for a quick and easy snack. Page 6.

Sliced tomato with mozzarella cheese and olive oil
Sliced tomato with mozzarella cheese. Page 4.

Celery and cream cheese
Slice up celery stalks and spread in the cream cheese. Page 5.

Sliced Cucumber slices with sea salt
Sliced cucumber with sea salt for a delicious snack

Avocado slices with sea salt
Sliced avocado slices with sea salt. Page 2.

Baby Carrots with Ranch Dressing
Baby carrots, wash and serve! Working Moms. Page 3.

Snacks to stop the hunger pain before dinner
You rush home from work, start to make dinner, and you just can’t make it quick enough to stop the whining! Try some of these snacks to ease their (and your) pain!

What are some motherhood transition challenges?
An honest recap of some of the motherhood transition challenges I've been through and how things worked out for me in the end.

Our kids will turn out fine, but we already know that
Harvard Business School conducts a survey that reports what successful Working Moms already know, our kids will turn out just fine.

Save your time with these 6 simple strategies
Working Moms hunger for more time so with a bit of help from these life hacks you will ace time management in no time.

Relaxing Is Hard To Do When You Need To Do It All
It can be a challenge for Working Moms to slow down enough to relax. So here are 5 quick tips to help you mellow out ASAP.

5 Ways Working Moms Can Benefit From Coaching
Curious how to “do it all”? Then hire a coach to find the answers that’s part of their job description! Come learn about the magic coaching has to offer.

Jobs for Pregnant Women
When you're pregnant, everyday activities may seem to require more energy than ever before. In fact, jobs that keep you on your feet all day might get difficult for pregnant women. However, there are many jobs for pregnant women that have certain appealing characteristics. Believe it or not, you can even find a job while pregnant.

Best Jobs for Moms - Flexible, High-Paying & Enjoyable
The best jobs for moms are flexible, high-paying and enjoyable. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Not if you are strategic about your career. With some planning and research, you too can land one of the best jobs for moms. First, you need to think through what exactly goes into the best jobs for moms.

More valuable parenting skills that are resume worthy
Follow the new trend and update your resume with some of these parenting skills.

How being a parent is resume material
Here’s why you should update your resume with your top parenting skills as well as some skills to choose from.

Prepare for Spring Sports and Networking Opportunities
Follow these steps to prepare for your child’s sporting events and get the best out of networking opportunities.

Spring Cleaning Pact for Working Moms
Spring cleaning can mean overwhelm for Working Moms so team up with each other to create a Spring Cleaning Pact! Here is the game plan and rules.

How You Can Energize Your Morning Commute
Working Moms search for time to spend on themselves. Use your commute for daily

How to Stand Up for Working Mom Justice
Katharine Zaleski's Fortune article brings to light injustice on Working Moms. Here are three tips you can follow to help prevent this kind of treatment.

22 Reasons Why You Want More Mommy Energy
There are so many reasons why Working Moms need more Mommy Energy. Here is just 22 of them to start.

6 Tips to Manage Your Mommy Energy
Many unexpected things can alter our energy in an instant. Having a few Mommy Energy tips can help you regulate your energy levels so you can keep going!

How to Get The Whole Family Excited for Date Night
If Date Night seems like more work than fun check out this article for some motivational tips to get the entire family excited about Date Night.

Building your emotional intelligence is the answer to having it all. Do you feel it?
Enhancing your emotional intelligence is an answer to how to


Working Mom Books - Reviews of Books for Working Moms and Their Children
Book reviews for working moms and their kids. From work-life balance books to children's books on working mothers or separation anxiety, we give advice on how working moms should stock their bookshelf. Check out these reviews to see which books to skip and which to order today.

High-Profile Working Moms - Working Mom Profiles
Read profiles of Michelle Obama, Sara Lee CEO Brenda Barnes, and more working moms who lead high-profile lives in government, corporate America or the media. Please suggest working moms to profile.

Home Management and Child Raising - Working Moms
After leaving the office, working mothers come home to more work raising children and managing the home. Even working moms whose partners share chores equally often find that mom is the default child raiser, household manager, information officer and decision maker. Here are working mom-tested tips for raising children and managing your family more efficiently.

Flexible Work Arrangements - How to Find Flexible Work - Flexible Work Schedule
You know you need flexible work to balance your career and children. But what flexible work means in practice depends on your family, stage of parenting and job situation. You may not have to propose a formal work schedule change if you're blessed with an understanding boss. Whether you’re interested in part-time work from home or a high-powered career in corporate America, we'll help you get the flexible work schedule you need.

Advance Your Career - Career Advancement for Working Moms
You deserve career advancement after becoming a mother. Don't let your employer assume that working moms aren't interested in seeing their careers advance. You don't have to be a superwoman to succeed at work while raising kids. You do have to actively manage your career. Think about career advancement from the moment you learn you'll be a mother, through maternity leave and as your children grow. Here's a helping hand to ensure your career advances.

10 Ways Working Moms Lower Their Child Care Cost
The cost of child care shocks many new parents. In some cities, the cost of a full-time nanny or two kids in a high-quality daycare center is over $30,000 a year -- rivaling annual college tuition. Even the Saturday night date starts to get pricey when you include 4 or 5 hours of babysitting. Here are 10 ideas for lowering your child care cost.

10 Ways for Savvy Working Moms to Lower Their Child Care Cost -- Part 2
The cost of child care shocks many new parents. In some cities, the cost of a full-time nanny or two kids in a high-quality daycare center is over $30,000 a year -- rivaling annual college tuition. Even the Saturday night date starts to get pricey when you include 4 or 5 hours of babysitting. Here are the final 4 out of 10 ideas for working moms to lower your child care cost. Page 2.

How to Stop Sibling Fights
Wouldn't you love a magic wand to stop sibling fights? This article is as close as you'll get. Check it out!

Plant Seeds to Stop Sibling Fights
Sibling fights may seem a completely intractable problem. But you can take steps to end sibling fights long term.

Give Nice But Cheap Gifts This Holiday Season
Cheap gifts often seem so, well, cheap. But your loved ones don't really want you to bust your budget buying an extravagant present. Sure, it can take more time and effort to find perfect, cheap gifts for everyone on your list. But you may find that the recipients are just as happy - or more so - with cheap gifts.

Interesting Veterans Day Facts
On Veterans Day, Americans honor all living military veterans, including the many working moms who are veterans of military service. Indeed, the 1.5 million female veterans are more likely to work full-time than their civilian counterparts. Here are some other Veterans Day facts you may not know.

5 Ideas for Surefire Working Mother Gifts
Great working mother gifts include pocket camcorders, professional-looking diaper bags, babysitting help and more. This article gives ideas for working mother gifts that are surefire winners. Try these working mother gifts!

10 Easy Steps to a Carpool Solution for Working Moms
Working mothers have little free time, and anything that can help women better balance motherhood responsibilities with work is a huge plus. One way to give working mothers one less daily task is to arrange for a carpool with other mothers to get the kids to school or after-school activities. In addition, carpools can help reduce costs associated with working mothers' commute to work.

Do I Need a Career Coach?
Do I need a career coach? It's a question many of us have asked at one time or another. Before you decide whether you need a career coach, consider these common reasons that people have for seeking out an executive career coach.

10 Ways to Find a Baby Sitter
When your child is first born, you can't imagine how you will find a baby sitter capable of caring for the most precious creature in the world. But it's easy to find a baby sitter, especially as your children grow older. Follow these easy steps for finding baby sitters who will give you the time and space you need for work, date night and other important adult responsibilities.

Your Road Map to High Paying Jobs
Everyone, especially working women, desires high paying jobs. While some working mothers are stuck in low-paying careers, there are ways, even in the current down economy, to find high paying jobs. You can earn more for your hard work on the job through a high paying job.

7 Great Ways to Spend Paid Time Off From Work
We all want –- and deserve -- paid time off from work to take vacation, spend time with our families, or simply kick back and relax for a change. Because working moms are so busy juggling family responsibilities with work, when we have the opportunity to take paid time off we need ideas for spending this long awaited time. Whether you have two weeks off per year or a month stored up, use your paid time off wisely. Here are a few suggestions for spending paid time off.

Back-to-School Transition Tips
Are you dreading the start of another school year? Not looking forward to the structure homework and after-school activities require as you transition to school from summer? Refer to this article for back-to-school transition tips. Go from laid-back summer schedules to structured school routines with ease.

Help Your High School Student Get Organized
Organization is even more important once your child reaches high school. Think it's too late to help your child with basic organizational skills? Refer to this article for tips and suggestions to help your high school student get organized.

Master Your To-Do List
Do you have multiple to-do lists for work, home and personal tasks? Consolidate all of your to-do lists into one and get more done. Refer to this article and learn how to create and use one master to-do list.

Stop Junk Mail -- How to Stop Junk Mail
Are your countertops overflowing with junk mail? What's the best way to manage this mail? Refer to this article for a step-by-step guide to stop junk mail from ever arriving in your mailbox.

Organize Your Earrings - Outside-The-Box Storage Solutions for Earrings
Organize your earrings with these outside-the-box solutions. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for earrings.

Organize Your Earrings - Outside-The-Box Storage Solutions for Earrings
Organize your earrings with these outside-the-box solutions. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for earrings.

Organize Your Necklaces - Outside-The-Box Storage Solutions for Necklaces
Organize your necklaces with these outside-the-box solutions. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for necklaces.

How to Organize Bracelets and Rings - Storage Solutions for Bracelets and Rings
Organize your bracelets and rings with these outside-the-box solutions. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for bracelets and rings.

Outside-The-Box Storage Solutions to Organize Jewelry
Organize your jewelry by thinking outside the box. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for your jewelry. You'll learn how to keep your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ring organized.

How to Organize Your Necklaces - Outside-The-Box Storage Solutions for Necklaces
Organize your necklaces with these outside-the-box solutions. Refer to this article for creative storage solutions for necklaces.

Simple and Fun Kids' Birthday Parties -- How to Avoid Kids Birthday Party Overload
A kid's birthday party should bring joy and excitement, not stress and financial strain. In some communities, a kid's birthday party is an excuse to spend too much money on a lavish event that your child won't even remember. You can avoid kids' birthday party overload by following these five guidelines for keeping your kid's birthday party simple and fun.

How Do You Motivate Children?
Parents often wonder, how do you motivate children? They seem interested in soccer but then refuse to go. They dawdle and procrastinate over homework. The answer to how to motivate children is fundamentally the same as how you motivate adults: read on for the answer.

Secrets to Finding Part Time Work
Many working mothers have the luxury of being able to work part time. Ideally, working mothers can work part time while their children are in school, and be home in time for school dismissal. Other mothers arrange part time schedules where they can work three or four days per week, or on the weekends. NOTE: don't include any time references