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Are Your Career Goals Hurting Your Family?
As a working mother you simply can't focus on your career goals alone. You also have a household to run and children to care for. However, that doesn't mean you have to stop chasing your career goals. Instead, follow these tips to reach your career goals.

5 Ways to Improve Your Marriage
Who wouldn't like to improve their marriage? It may seem like a lot of effort on top of working and raising kids, but ultimately we all hope to ease into the golden years with our spouse as a companion -- not the career or the children. So it's worth it to find ways to improve marriage now, so that you have that connection when you really want it.

8 Ideas For Finding Time For Your Spouse
As working mothers, we are constantly balancing our job and family responsibilities. Sometimes, the relationship with our husband or partner can suffer while trying to juggle the kids and our career. If you're having a hard time finding time for your spouse, try doing the following so he doesn't feel neglected. Don't think that finding time for your spouse is something to put off.

What Is Active Listening
Active listening is a terrific tool in your parenting arsenal. It can also be used to improve your marriage or any other relationship. There are three elements to active listening.

An Easy and Healthy Turkey Taco Recipe -- Try This Healthy Turkey Taco Recipe
Who doesn't love healthy tacos? This healthy turkey taco recipe works best for your family dinner at home or a small group of guests, since you have to assemble each taco individually. This healthy turkey taco recipe can provide a delightful entrée for hosting a dinner or going to a relative's house for potluck.

Organize Your Briefcase - How to Organize Your Briefcase
Use this step-by-step solution to organize your briefcase. Learn how to organize your briefcase in one hour. Organize your briefcase and make a great impression with clients and business partners.

Advice for Saving Your Marriage
Whether you need to save your marriage today or you're simply hoping to ward off problems, the same basic advice applies. Research shows that marriages last when the couple can resolve conflicts, build on their friendship and work together to solve problems. Here's how to fix a marriage or even how to make a good one better.

How Working Mothers Should Prepare for an Annual Review
Preparation for your workplace annual review can be stressful as you hope your boss's review will be favorable. For this reason, working mothers need to take time out of their busy schedules of juggling work and motherhood to prepare for an annual review.

What Is Day Care? -- Understanding Day Care for Your Children
When you first become a parent there are a million new things to learn, and day care is one of the most important. What day care is may vary depending on your geographical location, work hours and other factors. The most important parts of day care remain the same for all working moms.

A Guide to Part Time Employment -- Make the Part Time Employment Dream Your Reality
Many working moms dream of part time employment as the answer to the work-life balance dilemma. Part time employment, you think, would give enough time to bond with your children and manage the household, while not abandoning your career and the financial security it brings. But some paths to part time employment can lead you straight down the dead-end that is the mommy track. Here's how to make the part time employment dream your reality, while keeping your work life vibrant and lucrative.

Let Children Sleep in Clothes - For an Easier Morning, Put Kids to Bed in Clothes
Alleviate your morning scramble by putting your kids to bed in clothes. Whether you have an infant or a second grader, if your child gets into bed in clothes, it'll make the morning easier. Sure, you'll have an occasional accident, but it'll be worth it on all the mornings when you can pick your kids out of bed in clothes and go straight to daycare, preschool or elementary school.

What Is the Motherhood Penalty? -- Explanation of the Phrase "Motherhood Penalty"
You may have heard the phrase motherhood penalty and thought it sounded pretty grim. It is. Social scientists call the pay gap between working moms and child-free women -- after controlling for every other variable besides parental status -- the motherhood penalty. The motherhood penalty can't be explained away by assuming that working mothers cut back their hours or take time off for maternity leave, because statistical analyses of the motherhood penalty include these factors.

6 Ways to Streamline Kids' Homework -- Make Kids' Homework Fun and Easy To Complete
It's many working mothers' pet peeve: homework. As parents, we often dread homework time, especially after a long day at the office when we have to juggle dinner preparation and homework help. In many cases, you're arriving home well after your kids have finished their homework, and need to provide detailed instructions to caregivers about helping with your kids' homework.

5 Steps to Finding the Best Child Care Services
As a mother you want to make sure you're getting the best child care services while you're at work. Faced with a myriad of options for child care services, working moms need to weigh all options. There are several ways to find the best child care services for your child and yourself. Based on your salary, decide how much you can afford to pay for child care services. If you have a smaller budget for child care services you may want to tap into lower-cost options.

How to Organize Your Office - 5 Tips to Organize Your Office
Learn how to organize your office and increase productivity. Refer to this article for 5 tips to organize your office.

Do You Waste Time? - 5 Ways Working Moms Waste Time
Refer to this article for the top 5 ways working moms waste time. Ways working moms waste time include multiple trips to the grocery store each week, poor use of email, other online diversions, too much television and not delegating. Use these tips and suggestions to help you break habits that cause you to waste time.

FAQ's About Job Sharing and Its Benefits -- What Are the Benefits of Job Sharing and More FAQ's
It's easy to see why overworked employees might want to job share. But FAQ's about job sharing also include what are the benefits, what are the pitfalls and how to implement job sharing. Read on for more FAQ's about job sharing and answers.

Blended Family Fun - How to Help Older Kids Make a Blended Family Fun
Blended family fun. It may sound contradictory. Certainly, anyone with children (or siblings) from different relationships knows the complications that can arise. The focus of a blended family often is drawn to the youngest children, who require the most hands-on care and supervision. How can you make sure your older children or stepchildren get the attention they need and deserve, and stay connected to other family members? Here are 6 ideas to get you started making your blended family fun.

Tips on a Happy Marriage for Working Moms
After working all day, feeding the family and putting the kids to bed, the last thing on your mind is building a happy marriage. But a happy marriage is the foundation for your family's well-being. If you take a few minutes every day to focus on keeping your marriage happy, everyone will be better off -- including you. Here are six tips for a happy marriage.

What Is a Breadwinner Mom?
If you've heard the term breadwinner mom, you've probably guessed what it means: a mother who makes all -- or the majority -- of the income in the household. But this simple phrase underlies a more significant change in our society, in which women are gradually eroding the gender pay gap and shouldering more of the financial burden at home. Learn more about a breadwinner mom.

How Working Moms Find Emergency Child Care
In an ideal world, you'd never need emergency child care. But this is reality. There are snowstorms, sick kids and power outages that disrupt any working parent's carefully laid child care plans. That's why it's important to know what emergency child care services are available in your area before you need them.

Parents' Involvement in Children's Education
We all know the parents role in child education is important, but exactly what should that entail? It's good to strike a balance when it comes to parents involvement in children's education. You can point the child in the right direction, but ultimately the kids -- and their teachers -- will be steering the ship. Here's how to walk that tightrope.

Find the Right Alternative Work Schedule for You
You may have heard about alternative work and wondered what it meant. An alternative work schedule is anything that varies from the 9-to-5 grind in the office. That can include telecommuting, flex time, job sharing, compressed work week or a part-time schedule. Explore all the choices for alternative work to find the right one for you.

Don't Let Motherhood Derail Your Executive Career
Many working mothers are quite successful before becoming a mom. In many cases, we've already had an executive career. But once motherhood duties start to take over, it can become hard to keep up with an executive career. But it can be done. Follow these tips to help you maintain an executive career while juggling motherhood duties.

Hassle-Free Kids Lunch - Make Your Kid's Lunch With Ease
Making your kids lunch doesn't have to be a last-minute scramble as they walk out the door to school. Eliminate the hassle by fixing lunch for your kids at night. Follow these quick tips to take the kid's lunch off your worry list.

5 Signs of the Best Work from Home Job -- Finding the Best Work from Home Job
Many working mothers loath their long commutes, getting stuck at the office when the work day should be over, and simply being out of the house for eight or more hours a day. In many cases, working mothers may have to reinvent themselves when it comes to choosing the best work from home job. It starts with understanding the signs of a good work from home job.

Flexible Executives Finds Projects for Work-at-Home Moms - Flexible Executives Profile
Flexible Executives, based in Atlanta, matches work-at-home projects with executives who have 10 years experience or more. All individuals work for Flexible Executives as independent contractors. Flexible Executives handles client billing and provides a Web-based platform for communicating with clients. Flexible Executives charges a hefty, one-time application fee to cover a background check and resume verification.

The Do's and Don'ts of Mentoring
Whether you're a mentor or a mentee, you may have preconceived notions about how to best succeed at the new relationship. Let's cut through the myths and identify the do's and don'ts of mentoring.

Improve Your Morning Routine
The morning is so often a chaotic, frantic time of washing, dressing, eating and finding lost items before heading out the door. It doesn't have to be. You can improve your morning routine by planning carefully which tasks you want to tackle. Indeed, author Laura Vanderkam argues that the most successful people create morning routines that include high-impact activities, such as exercise, deep thought and nurturing your family.

Homework Organization for Students
In most families, homework can be stressful for both parents and children. You can help ease that burden by creating an efficient homework center. Refer to this article for homework organization tips for your student.

Kids' Bedtime Methods that Work
From birth through the teenage years, your kids' bedtime will go through a myriad of rituals. From reading bedtime stories to demanding they turn the television off and get to bed, these are just two scenarios that may sound familiar to many parents. So what exactly are the kids' bedtime methods that work? Read on.

How to Tell the Boss You're Pregnant
Ah, the moment you tell your boss you're pregnant. After one expectant mom broke the news of being pregnant, her boss went into a rant about how he could never replace her during her maternity leave. But then you have the boss who sees being pregnant as a normal phase in the career of many women, and welcomes the opportunity to support his employee. Whether your supervisor falls in column A or column B, or somewhere in between, this article will help you tell the boss you're pregnant.

Organize Your Paper Files
Are your paper files overstuffed and disorganized? Maybe they're full of papers you never should have filed in the first place. Refer to this article for six questions to ask yourself before you file a paper document.

The Pros and Cons of Reduced Work
Some women assume that they'll want a reduced work schedule when they become parents. To be sure, reduced work can be vital in the immediate days after giving birth, especially if you don't have an extended maternity leave. But think about the pros and cons of reduced work before you jump into it.

The Working Moms Resume - How to Write a Resume
Are you a mom updating your resume for a return to the work force? How do you handle the mom part? These tips and suggestions will help you decide and craft the best

Co-Worker Gifts For Every Occasion
Need a gift for a coworker? Afraid you’ll get the “wrong gift?” You want to buy something your co worker will like, yet you don’t want it to be too expensive or too inexpensive. Use the following suggestions to buy the perfect coworker gift for every occasion.

Understanding the Dependent and Child Care Tax Credit
All working parents should understand the dependent and child care tax credit, which reduces the amount of federal income tax you owe. If you paid a caregiver or daycare center so that you could work or look for work, you probably can claim the child care tax credit. This article will explain who qualifies for the child care tax credit and how to file.

Are You Missing a Child or Child Care Tax Benefit?
Have you checked out every possible child and child care tax benefit allowed under federal law? To make sure you're getting every possible child care tax benefit, educate yourself. From the dependent tax deduction to the child care tax credit, here's a rundown of the major dependent and child care tax benefits.

Win Cooperation from Children for Household Chores
You may have a chores chart, but how do you win cooperation from children for household chores? Before you start handing out jobs, understand how to establish them. You need to pick age-appropriate chores, teach them thoroughly and stay positive as you get into the routine of children helping with household chores.

Age Appropriate Household Chores List for Kids
What are the best chores for children at every age? It's important to know before you start handing out jobs, in order to establish a successful routine and cooperative household. This chore list gives some guidelines for chores for children of all ages and how to establish them.

Child Discipline - How Working Moms Agree With Caregivers on Child Discipline
Maybe your child's preschool uses time-outs, while you're a fan of positive parenting and gentle redirection. Or the nanny tolerates your toddler throwing food from the high chair, which you utterly forbid. No matter what your care situation is, at some point your ideas of discipline will differ from your child's caregiver, at least a little. It's clear you need to have an uncomfortable conversation about child discipline. But how?

How Working Moms Achieve Work Life Balance - Answer to the Work Life Balance Question
Achieving work life balance is the ultimate question for working moms. Finding work life balance begins with learning to say no. It's not easy, but it's worth it to aim for work life balance.

How to Find a Profitable Part-Time Job -- Launch Your Part-Time Job Search
A part-time job is an appealing option for many working mothers who want the ability to continue their career on a part-time basis, and have more time for parenting. Finding a part-time job may be more difficult, but it's certainly possible. This article will help you land that dream part-time job.

Wake Up Earlier - Wake Up Earlier and Reduce Stress in the Morning
Working moms can reduce stress in the morning by waking up earlier. Learn how to use the extra time in the morning to get focused, to get moving, to get ready and to get a head start on the rest of your day. Wake up earlier and improve your entire day.

Job Sharing Secrets -- A Guide to Success at Job Sharing
Job sharing is often touted as the solution for working moms -- or dads -- who want to pursue a high-powered career while raising a family. But putting job sharing into effect is more difficult than it might seem. Successful job sharing requires a supportive supervisor, effective communications and the right fit for a job-share team.

CV vs. Resume -- What's the Difference?
You may have heard the terms CV and resume used interchangeably. In truth, they really refer to the same document: a written statement of your accomplishments. But there are some differences in understanding of a CV and resume that will help you

How Do I Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night?
More than anyone, working moms need their baby to sleep through the night. Unfortunately, wishing hard doesn't make it happen. There are some things you can do to improve the chances of baby sleeping through the night, but try to accept that there are limits.

Efficient E-mail Management -- How Can I Make E-mail Management More Efficient?
American professionals spend up to 40 percent of the workday on email management and information storage, according to one study. That leaves little time to get the rest of your work done, much less to care for yourself or manage your family. Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend on email management -- without becoming less effective at work -- by following some simple rules for efficient email management.

Organize Your Paper Clutter -- Get Your Paper Clutter Organized
A household with children seems to create paper clutter out of thin air. Between kids' art projects, letters from school and the endless bills, organizing paper clutter could be an endless task for many working moms. So instead, become ruthless about keep paper clutter under control. Start with these ideas to organize paper clutter.

Book Review of how Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: and Other Adventures on Parenting
A review of the book How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And Other Adventures on Parenting must note that the elegantly written book isn't a how-to guide or instructional manual. Rather, the How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm book reviews parenting practices in a dozen-plus countries, from Argentina to Kenya and China, by way of author Mei-Ling Hopgood's own parenting struggles with her young daughter. The book is designed to open your mind and engage your curiosity.

Checklist of Return to Work Forms
If you're a new mom getting ready for the end of maternity leave, you're probably wondering whether all your return to work forms are in order. There are enough important things to worry about right now; let's get the return to work forms off your plate. You can ease back into the workforce more smoothly with this checklist of return to work forms.

Make the Most of a Career Coach
If you're considering hiring a career coach, that's just the first step. You also have to make the most of working with a career coach and understand the red flags that indicate you may have signed on with the wrong person.

What Is Flexplace?
What is Flexplace? You've heard of flexiwork. Flexplace is similar. Read on to learn what is flexplace.

What Is Flextime?
Human resources managers use lots of jargon. You may have heard this one and wondered: what is flextime? It's simple in one sense: changing your schedule from day to day in order to accommodate personal and family needs. But flextime means much more to you. Read more.

Back-to-School Organization
Back-to-school is a very busy time of year especially for working moms. Start the year off right with this back-to-school organization guide. You'll learn how to help your child get organized, how to create a homework center, how to shop for school supplies and how to avoid late-night trips to the store for last-minute project supplies.

Easter Ideas to Save Your Holiday From Disaster
Do you need stunning Easter ideas to help your family and community honor the holiday? My best Easter ideas involve chocolate cream eggs and lamb dinners, but my colleagues at About have plenty of fabulous tips for both the religious and secular parts of Easter. Read on for Easter ideas galore.

Improve Your Time Management at Work
Improve your time management at work and have more time at home for family and friends. Refer to these articles for tips and suggestions for improving your time management at work. You'll learn the definition of time management, how to use a time log, how procrastination may be negatively impacting your performance, how to better balance work and home and how to organize your work space.

Understand Your Paternity Leave Options
The concept of paternity leave used to be foreign, when every mother stayed home with a new infant. But now, at least three states provide partially paid paternity leave to new dads, and some forward-thinking employers offer fully paid weeks of paternity leave. Even if you don't have paid paternity leave available, consider patching together time off from options provided by your employer and federal law, to bond with your new baby.

10 Ways to Get the Work Promotion You Deserve
Working mothers have the challenge of balancing childrearing and work, and sometimes that leads to not getting recognition for the work they deserve.

Do You Know Your Father's Day Trivia?
Do you know your Father's Day trivia? The first official celebration of dads was in 1910, and dad-boosters have been collecting Father's Day trivia since then. Father's Day trivia includes the number of dads in the U.S. (64 million) and the number of preschoolers whose father cares for them while mom works (2.9 million). Read on for more Father's Day trivia.

Six Reasons Working Mothers Choose Dual Roles
Working mothers say thanks to their kids' teachers, the neighbors, the babysitter and more. But sometimes working mothers say thanks to be fortunate enough to work outside the home while also raising children. Here are just a few reasons working mothers say thanks for their dual roles.

Using LinkedIn for Networking - Using LinkedIn
Using LinkedIn for networking can seem daunting. It shouldn't. Getting started using LinkedIn is as easy as picking a password. You'll truly see its power once you build your list of connections. But using LinkedIn effectively requires you to observe some basic courtesies such as not spamming strangers and doing your homework before making a career contact. If you approach it right, you can use LinkedIn to network your way to a new job - or stay networked during a lull in your career.

Who Qualifies for the Child Tax Credit
Claiming the child tax credit can significantly reduce your family's tax liability. You may be able to reduce your income taxes due by up to $1,000 for each minor child who qualifies for the child tax credit. See if you meet the tests to be eligible for the child tax credit.

Eight Tips for Taking Cheap Family Vacations
When many families set out to take cheap family vacations, they often find they've far exceeded their budget at the end of the trip. However, you can take cheap family vacations by applying the following planning and budget tips.

The Negative Side of Part-Time Jobs
If you're an exhausted working mom, it's easy to look at friends working part time jobs and think they've got it made. The world of part time jobs, you think, would let you finally have enough time for your family, household management and a career. But before you jump into a part time position, think seriously about the negative side of part time jobs. Believe it or not, part time jobs can end up being a trap, where you lose the respect and advancement of a full-time position, earn less money and end up working almost as many hours as your full-time counterparts.

5 Steps to a Perfect 'Bring Your Child to Work Day'
Bring your child to work day is the fourth Thursday in April, a time when offices around the country open their doors to their employees' sons and daughters. While bring your child to work day began with a focus on empowering girls, most workplaces now welcome boys and girls equally. If your employer has an official program for bring your child to work day, you're in luck! But even if there's nothing formal planned, you can still enjoy bring your child to work day, with some forethought.

How to Organize Your Purse in 6 Easy Steps
Tackle the problem of a messy purse. Learn how to organize your purse in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize your purse and keep it organized.

How to Organize Your Car
Tackle the problem of a messy car. Learn how to organize your car in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize your car and keep it organized.

Valentine's Day Trivia -- Fun Trivia About Valentine's Day
Here's some Valentine's Day trivia for you. U.S. jewelry stores sold $2.6 billion of merchandise in February 2008. About 6,000 marriages take place each day in the U.S. Chocolate manufacturing is a $14 billion industry. Each American eats nearly 25 pounds of candy a year. There are towns called Valentine in Texas and Nebraska. Read on for more Valentine's Day trivia and history.

Fun & Interesting Facts About St. Patrick's Day
Here are some fun St. Patrick's Day facts that will surprise and amuse you. St. Patrick's Day facts from the Census Bureau.

Great Easter Gifts for Children of All Ages
To mark Easter each year, you may find yourself scrambling for the yummy goods the Easter bunny delivers. The easy way out, of course, is the pre-made basket filled with Easter gifts that you can buy in every store. But there are a myriad of other Easter gifts, depending on your children's ages.

Is Progress on Female Gender Roles Slowing?
When asking about female gender roles, it's helpful to look at the most recent research. Surveys point to America's notion of gender role and also illustrate the gender roles women and men hold in the family and external world. In 2012, the Council on Contemporary Families held a gender revolution to explore the question of differences in gender roles.

Guide to Planning Your Maternity Leave
Planning maternity leave can feel overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. Start planning your maternity leave step by step. Whether you're sure you're returning to work or hoping to quit your job, you can benefit from developing a flexible, thorough maternity leave plan. Planning your maternity leave frees you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your new baby.

enjoyable maternity leave
enjoyable maternity leave. Working Moms.

How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant
tell your boss you're pregnant. Working Moms. Page 4.

Explore Your Schedule and Flexible Work Policy
After you've learned about your basic rights as an expectant mother, let's take a step back and imagine what kind of mom you want to be and how work will fit in. Does your employer have a flexible work policy? If not, maybe you can help them develop a flexible work policy!

out of the office
out of the office. Working Moms.

How to Organize Your Messy Refrigerator
Are you harboring science experiments in your refrigerator? Do you know what's been pushed to the back of your refrigerator? Refer to this article and learn how to organize your refrigerator in one hour. Use this step-by-step plan to organize your refrigerator and keep it organized.

7 Steps to Earning Extra Income -- How Working Moms Can Earn Extra Income
Whether it's to pay the outstanding bills, or provide the luxuries your family desires, earning extra income is many a mother's dream. With a few skills, marketed correctly, working mothers can turn a few hours per week into extra income for the family. Follow this step-by-step plan to land an extra income producing job.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss
Of all your work relationships, your boss probably has the biggest impact on your career path, work schedule and happiness at work. So it's important to take the time to find ways to improve your relationship with your boss. Don't take for granted that the boss employee relationship will run smoothly -- take these steps to build it.

10 Ways Working Mothers Can Find Jobs From Home – Jobs From Home that are Perfect for Moms
Most working mothers dream about being able to work from home, but don't think it's possible, due to lower pay and fewer career options. However, there are many jobs from home that are suitable for working mothers. In fact, finding jobs from home isn't quite as difficult as you may think—especially in the digital age.

3 Times When You Should Avoid Using Email
Using email to communicate is quick and efficient, but it's not always the right thing to do. Refer to this article for three times to avoid using email to communicate. Follow these guidelines and avoid using email to resolve an issue, when you are upset, or to communicate bad news.

Declutter Your Home - Declutter Your Home With Decorative Storage Boxes
Looking for a creative storage solution for those things you need regularly but would rather not have to see? Use decorative storage boxes to declutter surfaces in your home. Refer to this article and learn how to declutter your home by using decorative storage boxes.

Quick, Easy and Healthy Dinners
Dinnertime in a hurry doesn't have to mean takeout or fast food. Refer to this article for quick, easy and healthy dinner options. You don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in order to serve your family a healthy meal.

Quick and Easy Dinners - Recipes with 5 Ingredients
When you're in a hurry, you need a recipe with the fewest ingredients possible. Refer to this article for quick and easy dinner recipes with only five ingredients.

Quick and Easy Dinners - Recipes with Only 3 Ingredients
Some days, even dinners that are quick and easy sound too hard. Refer to this article for dinner recipes with only three ingredients. They practically cook themselves.

Quick and Easy Dinners - Make Ahead Meals You Can Freeze
Save time and your sanity by serving quick and easy meals you can make ahead. Refer to this article for tips and recipes for make ahead main dishes. Learn how to cook once a month and pull your weeknight meals from the freezer.

Quick and Easy Dinners - Free-For-All Night
Too tired to even think about dinner? Announce it's free-for-all night and let each family member pick what they want. Refer to this article for tips and suggestions for free-for-all night. It's sure to become a favorite family tradition.

Declutter Your Home - Use Baskets to Declutter Your Home
Baskets are a great home storage solution. Refer to this article to learn how to use baskets to declutter your home.

Declutter Your Purse - Declutter Your Purse With Zippered Pouches
Is your purse full of small or odd-sized items that always seem to fall to the bottom? Refer to this article for storage solutions to declutter your purse. Learn how to declutter your purse with zippered pouches.

Declutter Your Home - Declutter Your Home With Storage Ottomans
Looking for storage solutions for your living room or den? Refer to this article and learn how to use storage ottomans to declutter your living room or den.

Figuring Out What Maternity Pay You Can Claim
A large majority of U.S. companies will provide four to six weeks of maternity pay. If your company doesn't, there are other avenues to pursue.

Be Productive - Are You Busy or Are You Productive?
Are you busy or are you productive? Learn the difference between being busy and being productive. Consistently apply these three techniques and turn busy days into productive days.

Increase Productivity - 5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work
Why do you seem to get so much accomplished in the days leading up to a vacation? Increase productivity at work on a regular basis with these five vacation-mode suggestions. Apply these techniques and increase productivity year-round.

A Checklist of What to Pack for Business Travel
Refer to this article for what to pack for business travel. Use this checklist as a guide to know what to pack for business travel. Learn what to pack for business travel and what not to pack.

The 10 Commandments for Telework Success
The biggest challenge in working from home isn't getting approval to telework, success is. To ensure the future of your work from home arrangement, be sure to stay in touch with your boss and colleagues and show your face sometimes. Telework success is about more than a working Internet connection and metrics to demonstrate productivity. Follow these 10 commandments to ensure your success at telework.

How to Be the Perfect Mom
When your baby was born, you probably had the best intentions of being the perfect mom. But hopefully you realized not only is it impossible to be a perfect mom, it wouldn't actually be good for your kids. Here are five things your children need more than your perfection.

Design the Best Kids Routines for Working Moms' Families
Working moms need to keep the trains running just in order to make it through the week of school and work. A kids routine is a must for any family with dual working parents. Whether it's the kids morning routine or a special book and cuddle at bedtime, having the same pattern of activities from day to day gives everyone in the family security and improves the likelihood of winning cooperation from children.

Plan a Successful Take Your Dog to Work Day
If you have a canine pet and want to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day, it can be done successfully with some aforethought and planning. For a winning Take Your Dog to Work Day, first communicate with your supervisor, human resources representative and co-workers about possible obstacles. Then, prepare your pet for Take Your Dog to Work Day

7 Ways to Deal with Bad Bosses
We have all dealt with bad bosses at some point in our career. Whether it's the old-fashioned boss who doesn't think telecommuting works, or one who is jealous of your success, there are many types of bad bosses. However, having a bad boss shouldn't affect your job performance. Below are 7 scenarios and solutions to problems that may rise out of bad bosses.

10 Reasons Working Moms Need to Take Time for Reflection
As working mothers, we're often so busy juggling work and motherhood that little time is left over to think about ourselves. From our performance in the workplace to the best way to run a household, there are many reasons working mothers need to take time for reflection.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance -- How to Create Work-Life Balance
The secret to work-life balance will differ depending on your career, family structure and finances. But some work-life balance principles are universal: saying no, prioritizing, banishing guilt. Understanding these work-life truths will help you find your own work-life balance -- and then keep it.

5 Easy Crafts for Kids – Make These Easy Crafts for Kids at Home
Whether it's reserved for a Sunday afternoon rainy day, or to keep the children occupied and entertained while you complete after-work household duties, easy crafts for kids can provide hours of fun for the whole family. The next time you're looking for something to do, try one of these 5 easy crafts for kids using household items.

Save Time - Save Time on Weekday Mornings
Refer to these articles to save time on weekday mornings. Learn how to save time and get everyone out the door on time. Apply these tips to your morning routine and save time.

Increase Productivity - Increase Productivity at Work and at Home
Refer to these articles to increase productivity both at work and at home. Learn how to stay focused, increase productivity and get more done. Apply these tips and suggestions to increase productivity.

Get Organized - Get Organized at Home
Is your home the soothing sanctuary it should be or are you overwhelmed by the clutter and mess? Refer to these articles and get organized at home. Learn how to organize your paper, your kitchen, your bathroom and your playroom.

Personal Organization Made Easy
Do you struggle with personal organization? Are you embarrassed when people see the inside of your purse, briefcase or car? Refer to these articles for step-by-step solutions for organizing your personal belongings.

End Clutter at Home
Are you overwhelmed by clutter at home? Do you cringe with embarrassment when someone stops by your home unannounced? How much time do you spend searching through stacks of paper looking for what you need? Refer to these articles for tips and suggestions for controlling clutter at home. You'll learn how to eliminate bathroom clutter, junk drawer clutter, paper clutter and junk mail clutter by putting small daily habits into place.

Organize Just About Everything With 3M Command Hooks
Home organization is easy with 3M Command Hooks. Refer to this article for the top 10 uses for 3M Command hooks. You'll learn how to use them to organize your closet, bathroom, necklaces, keys and purse collection.

Get Organized - Get Organized at Work
Is disorganization sabotaging your career? Refer to these articles and get organized at work. Learn how to organize your office, your briefcase and your day.

8 Great Ways to Spend a Snow Day
Many working moms are faced with a dilemma on a snow day: how will you occupy the kids? Even if you can work from home, you'll need something to keep them busy. There are many ways to engage your kids on a snow day.

Book Review of Paul Tough's "How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character"
We all want our children to succeed. In

Book Review of "What the Most Successful People Do at Work" by Laura Vanderkam
In this book review of What the Most Successful People Do at Work by Laura Vanderkam, learn the core advice on how to advance your career and make the most of the hours you spend on the job. The book What the Most Successful People Do at Work offers succinct wisdom on time management and strategic career planning with carefully chosen anecdotes and statistics to illustrate each point.

A Book Review of Katrina Alcorn's Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink
The book Katrina Alcorn wrote about her nervous breakdown amid competing demands of mothering three children and pursuing a demanding career stands as a stark warning to other working parents to listen to their own physical and psychological needs, rather than giving everything to work and family. A book review of Katrina Alcorn's Maxed Out must state that this powerfully written account is intensely personal, and doesn't offer new research or a fresh framework for work-life balance. It succeeds beautifully as a memoir.

How to Set Up a Lactation Room
Most U.S. employers must provide a lactation room to their staff in order to comply with federal law. There are specific lactation room requirements that should be incorporated into any corporate lactation program. The lactation room law sets out the basic minimum lactation room guidelines, but in your design you may also want to consider how to make new moms most comfortable.

Sabre Holdings' Flexspace Experience Cut Costs, Improved Innovation
In trying to make the case for your employer to try telework, it can be helpful to point to case studies of companies saving money and improving output through flexible work innovations. Sabre Holdings' experience with Flexspace can provide such a case study, given that the travel technology company cut real estate costs and operational expenses while fitting more employees into a smaller real estate footprint. The travel technology company also experienced more collaboration and innovation thanks to the workspace overhaul.

Guide to Negotiating Maternity Leave With Your Boss
Negotiating maternity leave may be necessary if your company doesn't offer it. Don't be afraid -- maternity leave often is up for negotiation. Start by arranging time for negotiating maternity leave with your boss.

Olympic Mom and Cyclist Kristin Armstrong
Olympic Mom and Cyclist Kristin Armstrong

Take Efficient and Effective Meeting Notes
Do you take effective notes at meetings? Do you get assigned meeting tasks done in a timely manner? Refer to this article for a step-by-step approach to taking effective meeting notes. You'll learn what tools you need, the proper note format and what steps to take immediately following the meeting.

What Is Hoteling?
You may have seen the term in your company's human resources or corporate real estate literature and wondered, what is hoteling? This article explains what hoteling is and how it can impact your work experience.

What is Reflective Listening?
Reflective listening isn't just for your therapist's office. It can be a very useful tool in parenting or in communicating with anyone. But you need to know what is reflective listening in order to put it in practice. (Hint: it's more than just repeating what the person said to you.)

What Is Positive Parenting
Positive parenting may go by other names, such as positive discipline or gentle guidance. At heart, positive parenting rests on a philosophy of respect for children as growing individuals who will make socially useful choices when given an environment of respect and encouragement. This optimism contrasts with discipline methods that emphasize punishment and rewards as the primary way to influence children to

What Is the Thinking Brain?
You may have heard people talk about the thinking brain and the feeling brain (also called the emotional brain). What does this mean? And how can knowing what is the thinking brain help your parenting? Read on.

What Is Elder Care?
You may have heard of elder care and wondered what the term means. What is elder care? The simple answer to what is elder care may hide the many facets of this stage of life.

When Is Take Your Dog to Work Day?
When is take your dog to work day? If you don't know about the annual canine-love day, ask your human resources department whether you can observe it this year. It's an opportunity to celebrate everyone's pets by taking your dog to work, but also to promote pet adoption and even raise money for local animal shelters.

What Is a Backpack Station?
You may have heard other moms talking about it and wondered, what is a backpack station, anyway? Put simply, a backpack station keeps your home organized and takes your kids one step closer to school success. Read on to learn more.

Slacker Working Mothers? - 4 Reasons Working Mothers Should Skip the Field Trip
Few working mothers or fathers have enough vacation or personal time to attend all the parent-teacher conferences, music and dance performances, athletic events, Mothers and Fathers Day parties, award ceremonies, and field trips, especially if they have more than one child. Here is an idea: do not even try. Yes, you should attend the events important to your child's academic future or personal goals, but there are four good reasons to skip your child's school events, once in a while.

Halloween Facts - Fun Halloween Facts and History
Here are some fun Halloween facts you probably don't know. The celebration of Halloween dates back thousands of years to Celtic rituals. The demand for jack-o-lanterns contributes to the 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins, worth $117 million, that major pumpkin-growing states produced last year. Read on for more fun Halloween facts and traditions.

Help Your Child Get Organized for School
Arguments over missing assignments, low test scores and daily meltdowns? If this describes your home during the school year, a disorganized child could be the culprit. Refer to this article for tips to help your child get organized for school. You'll learn how to create a school zone in your home, how to create a homework hub, and how to begin and end your child's day with a routine.

Cozi CEO Robbie Cape on Family Organizer Software
If your big wall calendar is packed with notes and addresses, so small that you can hardly read, you may want to consider family organizer software. In this question and answer with, Cozi CEO Robbie Cape describes the family organizer software that Cozi makes. If you're looking to coordinate family calendars, grocery lists and even a child care provider's routine, consider learning more about the Cozi family organizer software.

Mistakes by Dr. Laura in Her Book In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms -- Top Dr. Laura Mistakes
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a smart, articulate, persuasive woman. But sometimes she's just plain wrong. The mistakes in Dr. Laura's In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms could cause heartache for many working moms if left unaddressed. This article enumerates Dr. Laura's mistakes and challenges the idea that working moms aren't full-time mothers. Read on for the top Dr. Laura mistakes.

Brenda Barnes - Exclusive Interview With Former Pepsi Executive Brenda Barnes
Brenda C. Barnes discusses her career break in an exclusive interview. Brenda Barnes stunned corporate America by quitting as president of PepsiCo North America to be a stay-at-home mom. 7 years later, Brenda Barnes joined Sara Lee Corp. as the chief operating officer and became chief executive officer a year later. Any working mom worried an employment gap will end her working life need only look at Brenda Barnes' journey from Pepsi to the ninth highest-ranking female CEO in the Fortune 500.

Interview With Richard N. Bolles, Author of Parachute -- What Color Is Your Parachute? Interview
How better to get job search advice than to interview Richard N. Bolles, author of the job search bible, What Color Is Your Parachute? Coming with the publication of an edition of What Color Is Your Parachute? on job hunting in touch times, the interview covers staying motivated and how job searching has changed in 40 years. Read the interview with What Color Is Your Parachute? author Richard N. Bolles.

6 Questions to Ask Nanny Agencies – Arm Yourself With Questions When Interviewing Nanny Agencies
One of the most important interviews you'll ever do isn't the one for that big promotion or new job at a better paying company. Instead it's the interview you'll conduct with nanny agencies for your child care needs. To find the best person for the job you must first make sure you're dealing with a reputable nanny agency that can provide the best candidates. When visiting a nanny agency for a consultation, ask the following six questions:

7 Tips To Make Business Travel Easier for Working Moms – Business Travel Made Easy
Business travel for working moms can be stressful, especially if you have to be away from your children for extended periods of time. However, business travel is often an integral part of a working mom's job. It's a time when she needs to be best prepared and most focused on work. How can working moms focus properly when their kids are miles away?

Quick and Easy Dinners Your Family Will Love
Looking for quick and easy dinners? Refer to this article for countless ideas for weeknight dinners your family will love. You'll always have the answer to

Declutter Your Home - 4 Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home
Are you overwhelmed by a messy home? Use these four storage solutions and declutter your home. It's almost impossible to eliminate clutter; instead, never let them see your clutter by decluttering your home.

Working Mother Best Companies -- The Best Companies According to Working Mother Magazine
The Working Mother Best Companies help guide working moms who want to know which employers have family-friendly policies on the books. While your individual experience will depend on your job, work group and supervisor, the Working Mother Best Companies list will at least give you a starting point. For 2009, these are the Working Mother Best Companies for working moms, according to policies for flextime, wellness, job-sharing and other work-life balance benefits.

Working Mother Best Companies for 2010 -- The 100 Best Companies According to Working Mother Magazine
The Working Mother Best Companies list helps working moms know which employers include family-friendly benefits in their human resources policies. Ultimately, your work-life balance depends on your position, work group and boss. Still, the Working Mother Best Companies list gives a starting point to find an employer with the right work-life fit. For 2010, these are the Working Mother Best Companies, based on maternity leave, flexible work, flextime, elder care and other work-life benefits.

Hillary Rodham Clinton photo
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been named the most admired woman 14 times since 1993, in a Gallup poll of Americans. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been First Lady of Arkansas, U.S. First Lady from 1993 to 2001 and U.S. Senator representing New York State. Hillary Rodham Clinton took a post in the administration of President Barack Obama (who beat her in the Democratic presidential primaries.) She and former President Bill Clinton have a grown daughter, Chelsea. Page 2.

Olympic Slider Noelle Pikus-Pace photos
Olympic Slider Noelle Pikus-Pace photos. Page 2.

Skier Sarah Schleper and son Lasse
Skier Sarah Schleper and son Lasse. Page 4.

Gwyneth Paltrow pics
Gwyneth Paltrow pics. Working Moms. Page 6.

Tina Fey photos
Tina Fey photos. Working Moms. Page 7.

Sandra Bullock bio
Sandra Bullock bio. Working Moms. Page 8.

U.S. Curler Natalie Nicholson photos
U.S. Curler Natalie Nicholson photos. Page 7.

Sarah Palin picture
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gained national fame as Sen. John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Sarah Palin and husband Todd have five children, including Bristol Palin, who was a pregnant, unmarried teen during the campaign. Three days after Sarah Palin's youngest child Trig was born, she returned to work. Page 3.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger photo
Talk show host and author Dr. Laura Schlessinger has one adult son, an active duty Marine. Laura Schlessinger famously wrote that all moms should stay home while they have minor children. Page 15.

Lisa Jackson picture
President Barack Obama chose working mom Lisa Jackson to be the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. In January 2009, Lisa Jackson took the oath of office and became the first black EPA chief. Page 18.

Melissa Joan Hart with son Brayden in March 2009
Actress Melissa Joan Hart gained fame as the star of the television show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Melissa Joan Hart has two sons, Mason and Braydon, with husband Mark Wilkerson, the lead singer of Course of Nature. Page 14.

Picture of White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett
Picture of White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett Page 17.

Brenda Barnes photo
Brenda Barnes stunned corporate America when she quit her $2 million-a-year job as president of PepsiCo North America, leaving a 22-year career at the company to spend more time with her three children. After seven years at home, Brenda Barnes joined Sara Lee Corp. and quickly rose to chief executive officer, where she is spearheading efforts to help other moms balance work and life. Page 19.

Maria Shriver
Journalist and author Maria Shriver has four children with husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, two boys and two girls. When Schwarzenegger became California governor, NBC considered it a conflict of interest to continue to employ Maria Shriver, so she was forced to end a quarter-century career as a television journalist. Maria Shriver wrote Just Who Will You Be about grappling with that transition.. Page 16.

Dara Torres picture
Dara Torres photograph. Working Moms. Page 20.

Kelly Cutrone photos
Kelly Cutrone photos. Working Moms. Page 13.

Actress Ellen Pompeo
Actress Ellen Pompeo. Working Moms. Page 9.

Singer-songwriter Amy Grant
Singer-songwriter Amy Grant. Working Moms. Page 12.

Christina Aguilera pics
Christina Aguilera pics. Working Moms. Page 11.

Kate Gosselin picture
Kate Gosselin is the mom of eight children -- one set each of twins and sextuplets. Kate Gosselin stars on the reality television show Jon & Kate Plus 8 and has written books about mothering multiples. Page 10.

Photo of Madonna and Lourdes
It's been a long time since Madonna made waves crawling across the stage in a wedding dress. Now Madonna has an almost-grown daughter, Lourdes, and a little boy named Rocco. While Madonna's children have different fathers, they're often photographed together. Page 4.

Actress Angelina Jolie and son Maddox
Movie star Angelina Jolie mothers a brood of six children, three adopted and three with actor Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie is often photographed with her children and is the perennial subject of speculation over the state of her relationship with Brad Pitt.. Page 5.

JP Lizzy Cate Bag -- Review of the JP Lizzy Cate Diaper Bag in Black Tea
Who knew a diaper bag could combine classic beauty with functionality? JP Lizzy's Cate diaper bag is a delight to carry and use, with a trim silhouette and ample interior space for baby gear. It would draw compliments in the boardroom, yet contains all the essentials for changing baby after your work day ends.

Steamfresh Singles – Review of Steamfresh Singles Sweet Peas
Steamfresh Singles are billed as a healthy and tasty way to prepare frozen vegetables quickly. This mom found them convenient, but costlier and no tastier than regular frozen peas.

A Book Review of Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky -- Mind in the Making Book Review
Ellen Galinsky's Mind in the Making synthesizes a variety of research on child development and learning into clear advice for helping children develop into happy, high-achieving adults. Mind in the Making identifies

On-Ramps Aims to Place Stay-at-Home Moms -- Profile of On-Ramps
On-Ramps is a New York-based recruiting and consulting firm that places individuals, often stay-at-home moms. You register via the On-Ramps Web site and upload your resume. On-Ramps will contact you about potential opportunities. Registered users can also search the job postings and apply for interesting positions to be considered by On-Ramps' recruiters.

Telescope Craft Idea – Learn to Make a Terrific Telescope Craft
Is your child a budding explorer or would-be Harriet the Spy? Try this craft idea: a simple telescope craft that will encourage your children to learn more about the world around them. A telescope craft is easy to make and a terrific accessory for your child's expeditions.

How Can Work Travel Be Less Disruptive to Family? FAQ on Making Work Travel Easier
How can I make work travel less disruptive to my family? Work travel invariably means a different set of routines for your children. You can make work travel easier by leaving a framed photo of yourself and calling from the road. But if work travel is seriously impacting your home life, you might want to try something different.

How You Can Get Organized -- Help for Working Moms to Get Organized
Answer to the question of how working moms can get organized. A working mom (and stepmom) who's pregnant writes in to ask for help getting organized. She has a needy husband and shared custody of two stepchildren and wants to get organized now, before the baby arrives.

How Does the Dependent Tax Deduction Work?
If you're a new parent, you may be wondering about the dependent tax deduction. This valuable tax deduction for a dependent can reduce the amount of taxes you owe, if you qualify. A person can only be named a dependent, for purposes of the dependent tax deduction, on one tax return. Here's how the dependent tax deduction works.

Photo Gallery of Female Athletes With Children - Photos of Female Athletes Who Are Moms
Photos of Female Athletes Who Are Moms

Fortune Best Companies for 2011 -- The 100 Best Companies According to Fortune Magazine for 2011
The Fortune 100 Best Companies list helps working parents know which employers pay well, offer fun perks and worker-friendly benefits. Ultimately, your work-life balance depends on your position, work group and boss. Still, the Fortune Best Companies list gives a starting point to find an employer with the right work-life fit for you. For 2011, these are the Fortune Magazine Best Companies, based on pay, benefits and work environment for employees.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama
In photos, Michelle Obama always seems so confident, strong and real. Michelle Obama is the kind of celebrity mom you feel you could sit down with and gab about everything from the kids' tantrums to your husband's smelly socks. Michelle Obama balanced her legal career with raising her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, until her husband Barack ran for (and won) the U.S. presidential election.

Photo Gallery of Celebrity Working Moms -- View Celebrity Mom Photos
View a Photo Gallery of Celebrity Moms Who Work, From Angelina Jolie to Michelle Obama

Photo Gallery of Celebrity Working Moms -- View Celebrity Mom Photos
View a Photo Gallery of Celebrity Moms Who Work, From Angelina Jolie to Michelle Obama

Managing Your Child's Education - Tips for Working Moms to Manage Your Child's Education
From preschool choices to college applications, working parents need reliable information about our children's education and development through the school years.

Working Moms Toolbox -- Must-Haves From Kids Lunch Boxes to Organizational Charts
Kids lunch boxes made of safe plastics. Calendars that synchronize home and work obligations. Every working mom has a slightly different set of tools to make it through each day and each week. Here's what's in our cupboards and briefcases.

Relationships for Working Moms - Fine Tuning and Nurturing Relationships
Working moms rely on a network of relationships to keep our lives moving smoothly. We need to nurture our friendships, children, spouses or partners, and extended family members. And sometimes firmly but lovingly enforce boundaries.

Special Challenges - Working Moms Tackle Divorce, Single Parenting, Special Needs
Working momhood is hard enough, and now this? You'll get through it and you'll be stronger. Whether it's a new divorce or a longstanding special circumstance, you'll find support and community here.